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Or, a Pi AIM 



' • >. of the 

* .. ^^ ncccffary to be 

K^(mn, "Believd & 9raUifed 

* in order to Salvation. 
Drawn up, and Principally intended 

for the life and Benefie of 

^^ la 


^^SAMiifiL GaADocK,B.D. & PAiToi thcrcj "c 
Sofflccimcl^diow of Emmdnuel CoUedge 

Aiiguft.lib.1 ^. dc Triflf. cap %lt^. 
tHmveViun^ flHacunq\ dixi de tuo^ agnofcnnt & tii$ Sujiu di 
nu9^ fSf tu ignofce ^ ChK r ^ 

% \t0 Np a N, 

fifinrcd by hHaj<^ iotfohji RfithwtU^t the Fountain 
. inGoldrtriiths-row inCficapfide. t.$i9- . - 

' ~ DigitizedYy Google f 


r ?f tt779tt79v779?97977? 






j.^ - THE- ■ • . '-•-'- 

^ cSMa/lety ^tidhisv9otthf '^ 
X Friends the /vi?o«'ei C^' 


j^ :. in. :-,... . >: ;: 

cZ G A MBR lb G E. " '3 

H9H$med Sirs, - ^^ 

} j|ut(Mg|9T may (eem (kapgc thfitj 
^ SsrS fliould adventure to dedi- 
cate fo plain 4 Difeourfe 
( calculated iot this meridi- 
an[) lo^o If earned a So(;Ufjfy Buttbe 

^ -Sj |n|igitized by Cobgl^" 

' Tie EfiBle De&etttfj^ 
^roifidencicf ^Oiihzvia^ by)Outfm 
,^o^place<i>ine in this Charge wherein 
Iftaod, r^K*"?y .^1^ obliged to ren- 
der an account, to ji0^.( above any o- 
thers) qfthi^mfunderpakiffg.. I have 
foun^ by iad experience , in thofc 
j[cw years I have here lived., what ex- * 
j^rn/ tit&Afnf_p€afU have of fd|nfe 
/uch help as this,;. tQ be ready at hand | 
to 4/fki^^/kihctn o£thoic v6/^/« they > 
^rc to JCnovf^Btlieliiei and PpaCiife in . 
order to t'helf ISilvati^n : As alfoto 
^pauaint thcni whMfych Scriptures 
^'cblic^iNf t6gedjefr.»uW^ef fcvcraH . 
Heads ) as declare Gods mind and viQ 
Coacctiiia^^pf^partieMUrs. Icopld 
not therefore fatisfie my fclf, without 
endeavouring to minifier to their ne~ \ 
^ceffities intffit kind.Accot^n^ as i was 
^'atSt, e^cdalily being perfwaded that 
a Book afthit natureMt iti every f ami- \ 
J^mi!ght(thrbagh tlic bjcsfing dFGod) • 
be a very proper peam oftheirinftru- 
6xonfoftbeprefemi anfi^ pight t^acK , 

^ them 

will beilopp^d wiekdoft. ..TiMSctonr 
jdoodoa X anea^ <ftii^s.)j cngjdgy 
mein cytff/wQBik • iftwoieh a^firS I 
did itdt ffitenck to. be Gir ^i^gCf buc 
hftsiiyfig fiick TMTktj^ of Sui>jf<il$y ic 
hMbfweUcdtathe ^»4^y<)tt iecu: Toa 
may ^rcci\cl>y the vboU thacthej^r^ 
Mafier-BuileUr hath appointed me to 
labouriathe/o«»iftiri(7J9f. And bleiled 
(yea £ur.ieMefibfeired) be his Holy 
Name , that he hath accounted me 
worthy to be employed anyway about 
hii ^irituaU kuildini, KhzW n0tp:ecd 
to make any apology for thie.plain' 
nefeof my work, if it be hut fur e 
and weB latd. Suc& as it is I hum- 
bly prelent ante yoU) as an evidence 
of the great defire I have ( accord- 
ing to my poor ability) to feed d^e 
people committed to my care, with 
kwmUdge antd underfianding^ and to 
guide tbemin the wof wherein tbeyfBouU 
S9V K% alfo to teftifie to the world 

A Digitized by ^ ' 

4 my 


psj gnat OHigMions to ihut iuU^tom 
and iminettt Society. God Almighty 
blef& yoiii Q^Uidge with his choicett 
blefsings, and grant that ReaU Piety ^ 
^ti^all^M^LMmingrnxf flourifli 
within your wals from Generation 
to Genef atio^v I This is the earnefl; 
prayer of ■ 

Honoured Sirs, 

Nordi-Cadl^ury, ' . ■ 

May J'^ 


5d by Google 





vr.'-.'-'^--' ■.'. ■,-..ta ■ ..." • t 

^^ M E R 5 E T S H 1 R E. 

.*B . V 

. Nly ipvitig Neighbours and FrB^ncky * > 

Ugive Vcias chmrge 0fbii 
Ldmbs 09kl.S\m^-€minirts^ 
I ^^^fi cmcrning ^iir (thccte lovt 
to hitn, ^§bf^:zi.\^y i^j^T* 
Simoafoo of Jonas, lavdl: 
.tfaou me iQorethan tbcfe f 
be7(aufa. onto Um^ y^ Ix)cd) ihp^ knowcft 
thatllovetfa^rBe.&rih i^ntohinivftedmy 
Lam^. V. 1 6. Hh fakli co him ^igaln th^ftconii 
time^ SiiDOD fonn« df Jooa$ , loveft tbou me f 
he laith onto hitfi^Iyba Lord ; thou knoweCt 
that I iove tbee> b^ &iih ante him; ieedmy 
Sbeept F. 17. He faid umo him the third time^ 

. ' Digitized by ^ 5|JUQj| 

The Eptftle Dedicator/. 

Simon foone of Jooas, \orei thqa me i Peter 

was griered, bttaofe hefaid ontohim thethird 

time, loveft^oame? Aodbefaidu^ohini, 

Lord , tboH Imoweft all chiogs, thoa knoweft 

that I love thee; Jcfiv^th qato him , fe«J my 

Sheep. wMcb wtrJs fUinfy iatimMe thmmiulk 

uHti m , thit Mielfters who »t ct&ti n take 

chtrgt «/ Chrifts VifS^hai meitf mucbUve 

mrtthmi mfamc9^0ii$thtmiei»izffiirov9dy 

ifUfiomnittftm this fooatain ( butfeniuleruken 

fvt by-refpe^ ) W thtre hting n* ftffiUlity 

withoat thi§ lore tteS u enda^c tie maHy blaflis 

Mkl ftorms the J will meet mthXStomvntbom) 

in the Mfcbdrge jtf their uBing » Mtrthcsanidti 

toil they mi hsve, evenfiom thejieeks tbemftlyes. 

The truth is, the |>aiaes and laboer WfufreriDgs 

efthe Mi)/^io*dfiut0iniiJreiagee^ 

'<«» cmfeitmiiM^j d^diMtgedymJihtrfsrt] 

§ther wMt$ wiareitt^meim^^mh if»rt^i^ , 

e»mf»tshUi^ to \imridlyC8^tc4c(ixnt9^ir h* 

$m^ tueds be 439Mm «/greai i|npniois^e4'ri^%^X' 

perience (»r imetids mtt$ie §Wf'iUigcm;Mi 

ftkhfnl in bit UUmi^ > thtt takes on btmtbat 

facredCdBingi menhf fev tetnftrd aJvJaitiges, 

Smwbeever l^*» up bk hemita ibinkbw nt»dt 

iiuri^M^LerddndSmtieMrbMb dine fir bim.^vAia 

endnred the .Cnifle , aod de^nfed the fiui)Kto 

cedeem mtnlsliid ) ' and^ftnfidtt. whatghri' 

tmrevuardt he fnfuinds u tiefe. who tan manjp 

to righteoafoefle, /ktA^. umtttgrn^eteieem- * 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

Tbi; EpiftJe Dedicatory . 
flt/^cdin the mrktff0gr4Ci$mdKedtemer^ tr u 
fpeod wd^ fpenk' in his fervite. rbu cMfide^ 
fMtim bah i^wn me eftem i9 think vrith my (elf 
f)f v^hat mnm J mt^k be ft fremeU jnur everfafi* 
ingw^^^trc. j!t$d0pir msnjjemus tbeugks^ . T 
fodrsim if ddifcewrfe ^f this oatttrc,!^^^/ ugiiie t9 
tv«ri.Ym^\ydtkofi^fm > one 0fthem^ ^ndl 
bkffiij^dilMbdthfift'ii iniomy hem tofetabeut 
ity Mni krtb indiid imhHprfitfm ft* "Twm 
pwrhnefit^ ^mdihe w^nhg pfjeurfmthu Chrifi 
jb^iM ihi gr>«d olptive r« this underuking. 
Anaiftbatgrmhifintffe ( tbr^tfghtbe bleffing 9f 
iSid ) Mmj bf My w^j dd^dnctd ihtrtby^ I (ball m^ 
njer refM 9$ inf fms^ b^t ji^U very much r^- 
jfjfi^ wa thcl^dbsih tfubUdme ( in any meA- 
fyti ) U h jtrwccMeU y^ in the furthering 
^ ymr fdk^iip^ And t bat yen mgj the be^ 
f» knew bpv tt tknki nft §f tki$ Trratifey l /kdM 
dcqudint yen ill hrkf mth the whele deiigne 

In the BxSi part > I bdvt embed together in 
itiree Chaf^ets i^ chief and neeeffary things 
tlhit are tp be knovra and believecl ammning 
God» oar felyes^ and the Mediator bet^cti 
€iod and man. That fa tbofe that have amind to 
knWy may (injbert) be inf^med of the mam 
skkkgs they are fa deeply concerned to be acquaint- 
ed prith. And brcanfe V^i/exceeding sreat cohfe- 
qaeoee^ tba people Jbonld vteU imerfiand how 

The Epiftic Dedicatory; 

the things tbcffr^fef to believe ^e grbad^ed #» 
Gods Word, iki^e c^Befffd'tigether moft qf 
ibofc ScriptaVes f^ii* arefcdtfemi'Uf 4ni down in 
rijf Book (ff Gdi 'X «lp<» which the Articles of out 
Taith are founded^, mJ hdve rednced them /^fe* 
^efalheadf, dOdfrinted themsthvgCy tkufo 
tier msj be as fevetal coriftellarion^^ «r ckifters 
\>i Stars, giinng jQn the mire light ^ mdckmiP 
dfurdnce v? ihe things ihtj are S^pnghtUoftwa 
This cQwfe lkipe\t%ktn dlfiiinthe fccobd Part, 
'in reference t0 rAr ihjhgsriw/ Jpr^^^pradifcd. 
^intent herein being,' thdtnijBfdkfi^nidfnB), 
inform yon n^y Gods m\h&4ndti^^^Am\^ 
<0»cermng ihefefMrficddfs ymMt'$f^ which Wta^ 
^ i/fingtjlanifc' r^ j(?« injei^efMl rej^e&s. 
- T. r^'ftreogtheii4;f^coiifom)iir^iirii belief 
\cfthe Articles efthechriftidn'Fditb •; tiZvrtjHor 
Consciences with rA^ authority "nf Gods ivord^, 
jmdiotnpgt your hearts to the pradife efthitft 

4. TitTiZ\Atj0n to \n^xM&,jour children nnd 
'fervdnts in the Princrples ^/Fait;h'ji^ obedience 
pent the Scri^mtsherefet downtoyom^hdndi^ 
which every one is not Mi rcddilj to ^nd out that 
has not fom^ Hich help. 

- 3/ T0 fecure fon dgdinfi Errors now fo rift 
^among tis. Seeing you may hereby defend the 
Faith once ^hVered to the SaiptSf ansi confute 
the enemies oftruth^ as our Smonv did theDe- 
vih iy \Bedgif3g the Sacred Scriptures /^r ^Af 

skngs jf^iibelicve.Wpraaife.^^^^^ Google ^^ 

The Epiftle DcdrcsrtoryJ 
In tbt Second Part J treat $( the thinzs. 
ihdt concern jroar.praftife. AndbtCMfc confi- 
deracion if §m wuts^ Mi ex3n;iining tht fiatP 
$f$itr fouls to God' ward is d matht of(o exceeding 
great afe, tb^Jcme mj thingmdocs Mdnkiad 
tmre ^bdn the' ne^lcA of it, 1 begin with that^ 
Anioh ibdf J tudf frevail with jou todconfcien- 
tidM frdStifeofit. ihd/veheardofdGentlemdJ^^ 
thdt ufon bis Dedtb bed- laid this one command up* 
on bis mid Son, dnd engdgd him t(h the perform^ 
ance if it tjafolemnprom^e, that he (hoiild eve- 
ry day of his life be half an boor alone : Which 
this joung man confiantlj obferving'i^ andjpending. 
his half hoars recircTnent (otfirB) in any kind 
ofofain thoughts; ac laft he begau ti fonder with 
mmfelft tohj his Father fbouldenjojn him this pe* 
nances^ and the Spirit ofGod/tiggeSiingtjobim^ 
that tus intenr tberei^t could 6i no rther but 
to bring him to conficfer of his evil waies, 4«|^ 
whither they ttnded, Wwhat would become 
of him hereafter if he went on ; it f leafed tbt 
Lord fa ti fet thofe thoi^hts bime ufon Ins heart, 
thMM became a $Hvg man : of fa much advantage 
is canfiderdtioni and,^ fiesfuent takinganrfelvcs in 
frivj^ita think pfihefiateafotsrfouli. 

In |i&<r three ncyt Chapters 7 handle the Do- 
£triues #/^RepentaRce, Faith, and a new oa* 
cure. W reformed: \ife, being indeed the, matn 
things wherein t%e fmer andJife of Godltnefk 
can0ii . iJind therefore 1 intraat jau give, tie 

Digitized by LjOOQIc 

Tbc Epiftie DcdKlitoiy. 
mvrt hc^d um§ them. 

In tb£ Fifth Chafer I treat ^/maintaiiili^ * 
daily, clofe comnraoion with God ^ Md\ 
[hew, ^ 

1. ffmtpe iioMUimkcmth Cod htBem^r-/ 
ningy And f^bigin the daj well. ^ 

2. How we IhouU pour forth ohr fouls in <tM 
cret prayer and thanklgiving ante him ; pimte* 
ptaycr heif^ even enetdtnj^ mJ a^e4th6^t0 \ 
tieline^. And that feofle maj mt be flight sm:!^ 
fproial in thefe dnties, andfoeffend inthemsati^ 
net ofd0ing them j I give feme Qircdlioos /^ the 
right ferfcrmanu efthim. * 

y Ifhew how wejhonld diltgeQtly read che 
Scriptures, the OncV^ of God ^ which are MC^ 
( through the operation of the 3piri; ) to make'^ 
cswife unto £i^9(ion* 

'4, Howweitold livcconiinualfyasuithe 
fight and view of God. 

5, Howwelhouldlivel^yFaitb , in ten par-* 

6. How we ftould be diligent obfervers of 
«fee Providence of God , thatfi we mtj order our 
fervices #^prayer and ptaifk 4cc(^dingtj. 

7.. How w ftould ttraftJfc thegreiat duty 
of daily watchfulneif^^ continnaflj "waicb- 

, 1. Overour thoughts/ fit^J w lodge not fn- 
fiiflthonzhts\inoar vinds. \ . ' ' ' 

' it Om bac kik&msi that wt aB«» not 
'• ' ^ 4n] 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

9j fii^iii mtUnty *nd Smiagsin tiirbetrtf, 

J. Ovcc oor words; thgt wetfaultut (m 
re Mrejxeeaiin^dft) mthmrtrngMs, 
'' < 4. Over oor adliofis^ tha they miff befath m 
^rocted from a fight Prttic«ple, mtc ntdmifi 
•0 M right Rale, ' mtJ 4tt dirtShd u 4 rignt end. 
tbefe itrt tbt thhgriH mufl watch over. ' 

Nextl fet dtwB vtha m the things ivem«:9 
^\itd\ agaiaft. Tn the gtmrMl^ a)l fin what- 
s:vet. j«r in ptrticQiar, 
^ 1. Thofe fins we are inoft inclined unto bf 
^^"iar own temper and natnrall ccmftifdtion. 

a^ The fins we are raoft expored to by rea^ 
l^n off oor calling , condition, ftate atodcoorfe 

-of life. 

J. The fins of the times aodphcesf^ete 

we live. 

4. Agafnft all occafions and temptattoni , 
dtat we foreiee are like to endanger oor fouls. 

5. Againft diihononring God by the immo- 
derate and undue afe of lawful things. 

6. Againft Errour $ vfhtre the danger oftt 
ulhetKJy Md ftme ft^etva&fes m given 4- 

m the next fldee U fiewedy hm vn fhtpld 
watch for opportumties of doing and receiving 
good: jtndftmeMomestetMtcifidtt^Mrefrt' 
fmdti» and the ChMfterJhnt nf with thefe two 

2. JThst , 

Digitrzed by VjOOQ IC 

^•qe irpittie JLiCBicarory. x 

. . I, Thft^ m jbo»ldbeft4cs^0i$r fpUm$ p^m, S 
fen J tip trequervc, mental, cjacolacoiy prayers ^-i| 
jinto the Lord '£ot his Gracc> help, a/ij #ft-^ 
ante. , \., .■ '•. \ *\- * .' *»' . . 

. V that every night we (honld retire, and f J 
refled: upqaall our adions, and whole bebayi- , 
owin the (jajK^paft, and foftt all atnghtsbe: 
tween God f?od x)Br. fook before we go to 

And be€4uf€y whoever dffires to grow in 
Knowledge and GxzCt^-muJfififiienihulljfpdkc 
.ufepf) W improve fi&^ n^qans offSrace tbilt^ God 
Aj^crds Mm^ thertfire vf the Sixth ckiftn -J 

.1. pCthe carefol obferyatioo of the Lords 

day, shewing why m JhouU $hjerw itj^ and 

.how. F&r wj fart I never fav» true ^eligibn 

. and the power of Godlincffe tkive in mj pctr 

foBj family, -^PariQ), mhefe. //S« religious W 

conicientious cifervance ef that day was neg- 

Mifcd. . . . /. 

2. Con<:ernlng hearing thf:,Woi:d i v^herc 
43ktQi\ms art given s 

[\ J . Maw we are to prcpar* our felvcs before 
we go fo hear. 

'^ T. Howwearerobehaveour felvesiocime 
cfhcaringi. \ ^ 

; J. What wc are to do after we haveheard* 
(Andohthi^I.mgk prevail mfhjpn to reddthfc 
Dirc(ftions c/ieA ( ejpecidffy en Saturday-nigbtO 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

. ThcEpiftlclJcdicatory. 
t6ii fi yp0 might cdme prepared. Tht grm 

tha Sermons di no moxtpid^ is, bitaujef€ofU 

}k Seeitigthai ffiavcfil) duty p/fingiogPfalms 
fW lifting up the praifes of the moft ni^h^ i 
ni9 ty fmt qoeftion'd ( as indeed what i n§$ 
ikt tends t0 Cods Glinj and ffidnsgeodi) Ifnr^ 
nfclj handle that fab)«ftf ank prove ie to be4 
QQtyoaderthe Gofpel, an(wer thcObje^ons 
againft it ^ and give feme Directions for the 
.right performing of it. 

4« Forafmncb 4S Chri^ians might efsadsngtj 
benefit one another ^Religioas. conference; 
thereby warming imienlivening one another^ and 
ptovoklng one anriher to love and to good 

Jn the next flace 1 ^eak §f that duty, and fa 
;down fotne Rules concerning it. 

Lafil% Becanfe without meditation 'tis not to 
heexfeSfed the iVordjhould do much good, Mr 
that the (onlfbould e^er thrive in Knowledge and 
Grace, Jfhei» the excellency 4;m/ benefit there- 
of, and give fome Uixt&xoasfor the fra£fifc^ 

The Seventh Chapter treits ofthedmgetof 
frequenting. 4ik/ unneceflirily converting with 
bad company, whereby many have been everlafi* 
inglf undone^ A mai^ that frajet to be delivered 
from temptations, ntnfi not mlfuByxxixk himfclf 

* Digitized by CjUUgk 

xncispiuicx/caiuicaiy* . 
into them. Aad iicanfe 'tis tht duty of aUtm 
CbriflUns bitb for their own peace fake, dnd 
tbatthejmdj^ovn tbeGofpel of Cbrift^ tofervc 
their generation infome booeft and comtaeodable 
way ( avoiding Idlenefle , chat great fnare of 
the Devil. ) 

Jn the eighth ChdPter Idifcotn^feofdlYxgcact 
4M^ confclentioufiiefle iti our particular places 
and callings. ^ 

And that the Name of God may not ^r blaf- 
phemed h the ill lives and praAifes of fuohoi 
profeffe themf elves Chriftians ; 

In the l^inth chaffer /rr^iTof )uftandup-* 
right dealing in Trading and Commcrce^^mVr^ 
fomoKvAts both to buyers m^ fellers, andjhem 
the neceffity of making reftitution of, or fatis* 
faAion for ill goccen goods. 

r^ Tenth Chapter contains the duties of GO'^ 
vemours of Families, tohich I dejire aBtbat are 
in that relation often to read overy andferiouflj to 
meditate iv^M. there i$ a great duty /i^j ii^m 
them^ and ^atcr than thef nfuaij are aware of . 
Tbej may be exceeding io(b umenc^d of the falva- 
tion t/ thofe under their care , if they dif charge 
their duties aa they ought. But through their ncg- 
l(r& oft he IVorfhip if God in their houfes, and their 
ill lives Md examples they prow too often an occa- 
fion of the mine of many in their Families. And 
becaufe very much of the life of Godlineflc confifts 
in a faithful difcharge of relative duties, 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

• The Epiftfe Dpdfcatoiy,' 

' the EIcvcRch Chapter fljeflrs the dUtirfsof 
Husband and Wife. 

tAt Twelfth of Mjftersahd Servants. 
; STi&r Tbirtecoib of Paredts and Children* 

Tii Foiif t^etich of fiicb is are in office and of 

Tk Fifteenth of People towards their Par 
fior$ and fpifitiial Guides, a whif m honour 
iPte/iw hu Chriftiaii Religion > ifidl thtj tkat 
all themfelirea ChriAians^ mM cndtw^r t$ 
w4k uprightly M»d Eaichfull]^ i» thw refpedive 

And feting it ua real kincbieile^ Mdantx- 
ccUcBtcxpveSxDueftriieCh'i/iiMfri/tpM^^ $p 
Jteep one mother oS fremthe jpiti^de^piffw^ 
lind to helpboe another on Uwitrds Heavm^ 
In the Sixteenth ctidpter ItreM of that %rcai0id 
hard duty ir^Chriflian reproof and adtnonKion , 
ipiii:h if it nfereptudeailyatid faitb£iJly Mfeh^tr 
ged, would {bj the UeffipgofGod) mu^^t^ 
iin //^ tk worlds arid exceedi$fglj advanq; Piety. 

The Seventeenth Chapter cofitains the dotief 
of rich Md poor. Many dudes heJofig tfithem 
both ^ md both hdve great temptations, there* , 
fore they had need he careful to difcb^rge thf m^ 
^jn^ avoid the other. 

• The Eighteenth chapter {peaks ofthedxkxx^ 
of Young and Old. Minivers findby experi- 
ence that the Word )&4/i /Af greateft operation 
OH thofc that are youv^^soho hav£ not contraded 

a % Digitized by (BKO^le 

The Epiftlc Dedicatory* 

Aichftrong habits of fiO) n0rfiloo2ttMtdtht 
Grace oiCod^n&rfr much provoked him to gii)(b 
them up to their own heans lufts> 4i m^j anci- 
tntfcpfle hdve dine^whe have livd a great tfhiU 
in an anconverted ttzit^nder the Hgm oftbeGc- 
fpel. I have therefore fhemd young per fons the 
danger of delates, the advantages of turning to 
God betimes, Md anfwered theObjedioos 
that many are apttomakeagainftit/ And be- 
canfe a Minifter isalfitehofve aearerftheCovAs 
rftieABcitntf and {to huatmoH skiU) totn^ 
deavour their falvation, / have laid dwn (cvmk 
jlwdkeningconfiderations/^ them to think upon. 
I have Jhewed them the danger of vain prefumpti* 
ons and grbundlefle bovcs of Heaven. I have 
fet down fome of thofe ialfe grounds and fandy 
foundations wmeon many jmcient feofU build 
their hopes efhaffineffe^ that fothey may be unde- 
ceived, and may look better abont them to fecnre 
their fouls, while there is time^. 

7/9 /it^ Nineteenth chafter there are Dirc<ai- 
ons given for the healthy and the fick. To deal 
"wifely and faithfully with fick perfom in order 
to their fouls welfare> is one of the hardeft fieces 
#/ the Miuifterial mrk^ and requires much skill 
to ferform it aright. Jnd feeing a Minifter tf 
Mt ever at band to vifitfadi fick perfons as may 
need hu help (and many times they ftand in 
need of much help and inftruAion) I have 
drawn uffucb direAions as Ijuiged needful for 

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. The Epiftle Dedicatory. . '' 

Cbems wbkh they maj mikeore of, vih(n they 
csmttP lueve the help and afltftance cf 4 Mini Aer» 
■J have fiemJ hm they /hnU examine tbem- 
felves: jind$hat$he}m4y Mt.(Lub\ietovettJI>dt 
ffta hfin^e, hm may e«$ne C in fome meafure ) 
t§ difcern the multitude cf their f/ts^ dtid the 
manifold wai$s, wherehy tbty have ofToided 
God: Ih*vlfH4^naCsxs^og\xtofthfAvii\ti 
commanded W iiones forbidden in the ten 
Commandments, as djt the i^ns agaioft the 
GpTpel .* ThM ft fetfU may Mt only in general 
{ny they are finners, (^*nd ye$ when they ttm 
' andfrtfeffeti hnmhUthiirfmlsl 4nd t» confef^ 
their fins mit9 God* can find ievr they ^re giulty 
•f) bm may fee them(<dves to be exceeding ?ile 
andfinful.* Iknm'tuveryxa^^fu^tefeofle 
tofeaxch their tpm Confeiemtf f^ aiadfindtbemr 
fehes greM finners : They hdrsther fit dovvfi 
with 4 falfc peace, t/&4«i arraign 4m/ terrifie 
^hemfehes in thit manner. Snt who that it in hie 
right wits, wenU toiitent Inmfejffvithaiiiidovr 
«f repentance , 4r 4 ihadow «/ Faith , mthetft 
findnig the fobftaoce anA a:uth of thefe Gracts in 
hiffoidf when hit fverl^ingioelf are defends Mf on. 
it. Thofe Dire dtions there mentioned mdy he of 
Vi& alfs to all perfons » who dtfm at any time 
<Mr« folemnly to hambte then^elves before the 
lf»d f«rthe(\t& of their life paft, and more e^eei- 
aSy before the receiving the Sacrament of the 
Lords Supper. • * 

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TheEplfae Dedicatory. . 
rk€ T weficieth cbufter ettiuins a difeourfe of 
iheiovx hjK tbmgs, Death, Judgmertt, Hellj 
Heaven. There 1 fkvf the tKctjIftj »f Learning 
( fven in tifne ofhtdtb ) that great art and skill", 
how tb dift well. Next, what the Scriptafe 
declares concerhing ,thc day (it jijdgrtieijt, hh/I 
the cverlafting ftate both of the lighteons and 
the wicked : C^nd metbinks the ferious cooi?- 
dtftation i>/ thefe weighty mattes, JhouIJ httgeh 
Mf€0 ttt. o didfitfle bftener think mdconftdet ff 
thofe things , thij wonld live at another ratfc 
than iifitally they d9. All the infitkjjes of this lift 
fHxHtldfeerk fmall W little {even tik< childrem 
fUy.) in cotnparilfen of fecming thi foul ioaU 
tternitj, • 

Thus i My Loving Ntlghboiift ahd Friends) 

/ hAvtgiven-yeu A (feort drJught and ftheme ( as 

it mrt ) ofrnj i»k9le mk. WhifitritetxumtRitk 

it %H find with jon , / hnMt n$fr 1 S4$ in fmc 

■meafute offinteHiy faf, thdt^ M ke^ty dtftte ^ 

pur eteriMf hgpfimf friffetm Ufonthu work, 

x^ndnow (throw the njjtpnUe^ffGod) itisft- 

' iiifked > my prayersj^i? »^ U lifting thii kmwj 

iio yen %ood, jrM> muchgoodi • Jf^nyofyonwiU 

m alfijrd leifure totead it,- iWr titni to cohfider 

flfthe things therein containitd, A»r »fteryou 

have hid it a iittU while ^ JhAUihrow itafide, 

thin I defhre yon ferronfly tdtYahk beifcre band, 

what account yon wH he Me to give to God of this 

y0ttr wllft}! iftglea » vHien yon jball pndahis 

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The Epiftic Dedicatory. 
drid^Ml trUmmil. Fir mjfdrtt I bdve mo other 
defignn^many of ytn^ ht tint j$u may attMn 
iternsl life. lMj great defire is tbsa true Piety 
4md GodltneiTe^ that that Religion thatfavcs 

ie0V9mu tka where /If faving work of Grace 
is began iiMfi^iqr^jrMr heMrts^ ic may be carri- 
ed 00 daily > mul tha j$u rmaj encreafe Mfui^^ 
boondmore tad more in the fruits of bolioefle 
and ri^iteonfoeflfe) to thepraifeand glory of 
God* tj49d fAerethk blefled vvork of con- 
verfiond mf yet begun» mj hearts defire and 
prsqrerto God is fh^t itmsyhewreughtyifithe 
his hsij mt, T$u fee the plot mmsI defign 1 have 
mf$n feu is efCo innocent a natare> tbdtjeu hwe 
m reafm i» the werld tege sAeut t$ defeat me in 
it. *Tif my ditty tefhew^mrs the evil Wdan^^ 
ger ^ignorance and angodlineile. Yir my du- 
/j^f^perfwade, intreac*, dndkeuMOt wit kt hem 
te /f4a;f liit cents di fin and Satan^ Wt^came 
in to Chrif); ^ thaby him they msy htm pardon 
Wlife^ And O that I oonld even compel them 
to com« in^ Lnke I4.i3« Were ittmrij fetter , 
nei dM (tmong yen jbeuld refufe er fidnd eut. 
Butif(ttitmthfldMding attmyfrdjers, itttrtdties^ 
MdetkbdveMTt) mdfPf dtttettgieumM ftHlfrefer 
sMe of timitiih fenfusdity , iefere the life that 
confifts \A, i^teoafnefTe^ peace ^ and joy in 
tbehdyGhoft: //^[itfM that curfed murderer 
ifi^hlM hm labours co r nine you foul and bo- 

• d A Digitized by VjOC , Qf» 

ThcBpifttePedicatoryf, . 
4y for ever ) muB fiiU be ptfen'd htfvrt tbH 
blefTcd Saviour 9 wbe (ufiered Wendor'djf^ 
much t0 redeem mankind, and offers you (al vati'^ 
ODonfo'fatr terms: if neither tbe]oyaef ffes^- 
ven^ i$&rtbe loxmcntsefHeBckn i^e€ij$n, but 
the pleafores snd profits of this werUtmnftftiU 
ingrofle yoor minds and hcisr cs ^ re9$ember what 
jfajuntojeuy it will one cfiay cat you to the ve- 
ry foul to confider that yen were fiiewed the way 
to eternal life, and invited/ perfwaded and 
intreatedftf wdk init^ bnt you would noc^ 
Keigbbenrs ^:t)Ank with your fdves ( Ibefeecb 
jm) /i&jt 'tis but !i fliort time, andyoar fools 
mn^ be either among Saints or Devils* Ddes it 
fM cencern me therefore te be earned wHbyen^ and 
fnall ferioufiieflfe to caB nfonjoni to workout 
your falvation,now while you havetime/ Fortbe 
Lords fdhyite aver yon intend to fee Gods face with 
MwjM^remtmber tUefe few following diredi6s. 
^ I. Takeheedofabofecoaveriation, ofli*^ 
vine to the flefb, to fulfill thelufls thereof. If 
ye live aftdr the flefli ye (hall die, MomXis. 
Now the works of the£efli are manifeft, G^i 
S 19, Which are thcfe, ^Adultery, fornication^ 
Bncieannefie, lalciviouToe^e^ idolatry^ witch- 
craft > hatred, variance, emulattoos^ wrath j 
ilrife^ feditions^ herefies, envyings, murderst 
drunkeBneiTe, and fuch like: Ot rtiewhichi 
tell you before, as I have told you in rime paR*, 
that they wbicfa do fuch things iballnot inherit 

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^^^^^^^^■^^ ' " ' " J ' '■ 

The Epiftlc Dedicatory; 
tbe Kiogdom of God. Never c^^t jf«ir 
/elo/f 5 witb the iepes^fCods mercy in Cbrift, if 
jelivejM known 4^ m^itifats. 7i&^ holy na- 
ture if G$d wiB never be reconciled tefint$ers^ 
whiletbej%o on in their fins. And ChriH CMm^^ 
to dcftroy the works of tbe Devil. Ht came 
mttefave men , by bringing them to Heaven 
in their ongodlineiTc, ^ to Clory in their fins, 
bm CO deftroy their uns, th^t weuldkeefthen$ 
§m ef Gl^rj. If%efiftfe u*t his Grace ina(( 
havedottiioion in our hearts. Without bdineife 
00 man flidl fee tbe Lord, Heh. \%a^ 

t. Take heed of worldly-mindcdncffe. / 
Jpn^ gi J^ont toferfwddiyfu to idlenefTe «r neg- 
ligence, in yonr Callings ^^^t//^ take you ofif 
frmtbetz%tt snd inordinate love of this mrUy 
which duis 40^ deads tie heart to Heavenly 
things. Beware left ye be the thorny ground, 
Lock tp itt that the cares of this life do not choak 
tbe good-feed that is weekly fown among you« 
Some fee fie give up themjelves wholly to the 
world ^ ond thrufi God cm of their hearts and 
houfcs )' "Talie' you heed of that. Bdieve ity 
that man that hath the main benr of his heart fet 
iv^MpleafingGod, andwhofegttat tad is to be 
happy with him for ever; wiffhe carefnl only fo 
tocohverfe with this worlds afid'onlyfo to mind 
thingrcempOral^ as he may not lofe chiogs eter* 
nail. fftfiPi^fiiftWchicflyfeektne Kingdom 
of God, and his righteoofneflTe. He mUlook 

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TheEpUUe Dediatoiy; 
i^alloatwared things m acc«»iiodatiofiS m/j 
in hk paflage, ^at Heaven 4irjMr home 4W 
lappinefle. He wit ctrMtUy (bifire /aulemhsm 
nHmrft t§ wdlk in hif particular Calliiig, mU 
ptji* fiuthfiil alfo in hisgeoend> Mdmijftf 
emt hkf$d to etarmU Ujfe^, 

3. BecarcfaitogcftadiftiodMK^clearkoow^ 
ledge of the things that concern yoor falvatioa. 
Jgtmttut mUnotCTECak mj mMwhat'titedi^ 
ei by hs own nq;ligeiice. The maio thin^ 
thst cmuern filvMtieity ^m mdj knm^ if im wii 
give jeur minds to it, Ged bdth net UfiyHtin 
darhn^ey tdke hted iff Jhrntit^ fear efts, 

4. Take heed of aeg^e&ing or flighting the 
poUtck Ordkiances, and means of Grace. T0 
have 00 appetite to the IVerd, teapfrebetid 00 
great need eftt^ and f find no pt ont by it, it 4 
i»4ri( #/4 dead 4Mf gracaielle heart. 

$. Take heed of fivmalit^ and reftiogiaa 
racer outward performance oJTreligious fervices. 
Learn te dijiingnijb betvfeen ReHgion the end, 
4m/ Religion the means. Religion the end «r» 
To attain a gracioosframeof Spirit, to eiqoy 
Cod, to fear him, love him, and have oaroa- 
tiires conform'd anto him. Religion the means 
fir> t6 perform fach religious daties and fervices 
as God hath appointed for the attaining this end • 
Newif»ete(t in the means, ue. in a bare per- 
formance of religious duties,- withnt defirit^ to 
enjoy God in them , 9r Ijitmifg cq get our 

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Tiie Epiftle Dedicatory. 

hearts iAttf«bilfttetff4m«k^tbem, Walftiiog 
4t tboft tiightt ends* to Whfth ^ey were »j>* 
|)iokitt9) . M firtHtis tre rather a moAittg of 
Qo^^ihttn * true »«»</ fiftcere worftripping of 
iiiiti. It iPiBJ0 mmgwdttheftheftght Rdi. 
gioOiiy /* external profeflion, */wf ^r flight, 
g»d formal, aiui perfanftory m the Anics <A 
that Rdigion. , Ttake heed tmreftre ef havitt^ 
^/y/f afdttt oF GodiiaeiTe, 4;7^deDying, ^rfe- 
ctvtly hating the power thereof .W&i«f wHlit pn/ft 
any mMit ti be tboaght godly ^^ireHgioos, ifcii 
jcn&ift him uhe diiiodty 1 OurSAvionrhath tcld us 
that ejteept ouf righteoufnefs exceed the rightCr 
outliers of the Scribes and Pharifecs(4»</jf« theirs 
ifdi tntffirdlj a verjfiriSf religiiufne/)we ctonoc 
enter into the Kingdom of God, cMst. y. 2 o. 

tf . Take heed of contenting your felvcs with 
dieer civil honefty , and a fair , joft ootward 
fcOrtWrfttk)n. ThA U *vttj cotnmeodaWe , jeA 
Wrf ntcelTary, ' iftt this is not Efficient tfifshati' 
vn,' WiihoMt regeneration Wtrocconveifion 
ihtte ien« [stvaibn tp he txpSfed, Nst only 
loofe livers, hut thetr civfl petfons need a fut- 
. 'tiher chapge. there dre wah) fttfle that applaud 
the^fehes inthiir tPm ri^hieottfiie^e -, they give 
iivery one their 'own 5 they deftaod no man 5 
they pa;^ What thiy owe to all men. Dtthey 
fi ? / am glad */ // . tut let us a little examine 
rtfhether thej be Jo juft as they pretend. Pajffbli 
ihey^ive every man his ine^and would net detraud 

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The EpifUe Dedicatonr. 
fW] mm willingly «e knowingly tf mj thhg, i 
emmiiJ tiem^ f*r*^i Bm d§ they give God bit 
duef They tme their hearts /# l^m.\ 'Theytme 
^ncere obedience W fpiritnalwcvthip /«««■.' 
theinte hnmiu lore him above all, am delight 
incommoaibnwithhim, Mixa makeConfci- 
imce of the duties tmA fetvices he requires. 
1* hey o\ight to fear and reverence his holy 
>]ame, to delight in his Wordj to (andifie his 
iday, to attend upon his Ordinances, to be ten^ 
jder of his honour, to decline all wales of fin- 
ding againll hira, either by wicked thooghts> 
' irregular afifcdions, finful words, evil adioos. 
Their whole life ought to be a living onto God, 
and his Glory ought tp be their cm and aim ia 
all their undertakings. They ought to renounce 
the devil, the world and the fldh, and to ferve 
him faithfully all their dales. JUmtheuumt^ 
dml let us cdnfider^ 1)0 they i^ thttt ? Dt they m^ 
deed give every taeUnt own? Vtibeygivenmg 
God, wbaffrigbtiiAwiim$}o\mf Tbeymtke 
Cetifeieace ef being juffc t»pnards men ( 4ff/ tbey 
d» vtei intt) but MretbeycMfefiddlfuffsyittg 
God wbMt tbey me to himf Andwhak^ndi^ 
righteoufne0e ^4// jfM fhk^ /« le rigkem tp- 
ivMrdf men, Mtd imrighteiitf Mid unjuft ttwia'd 
God ? Is tbis s righteoufiieire My mm dwtt 
ftandupon, sttd^<aAf»r bit j»ftfficitth» befere 
Cods TrihuHd ? T»» fee tben there is mere requi" 
redtbM»4mh(mctt^ oatwardi fair coavecfatioa^# 
fovttbefwU ' o',,.e.Xo(f. Take 

Th^Epift]e Dediatory. 

7. Take heed of decei\nog and ilUgroundcd 
hopes of Heaven. Seevre jmt ftate in Grace, 
imitkm jtitr title to Glory «r trnqMefiumitlc^^ 
Zjtkt0yt»cndcncts/tr Heaven, TtAe heedif 
miflakes ab^ the great mrk ef repeoting «n/ 
bdievii^ in Chrift. Umj think they have 
tbofeGraceS) when indeetl they have onAyzQaai- 
dow of them. Examine your felvet whether 
yebe in the Faith : Prove yoor felves. Who- 
ever is inChriftisanewCreatore^ oldthin^ 
are palTed away, »U carnal priociples* cUftO' 
fai inclinations, tU witked (nradifes, MvD%od» 
ly company are palled away andUfiij them that , 
4rrtroe<;onverts. Asky0nrfehet nmethiecyoiat 
repentance be a repcQtance onto life ^ whether 
yoor Faith be a faving Faith f What the true 
charaders ef Repentance and Faith are, ytn may 
find in the %'^ and $^ Cbafters if the fecond Part «/ 
thit Treatife. 

'Tit carnal hopes that decdve the world, and 
hinder fetfUfitm ktking ttfter a faving etnverfi" 
an. Content n^ytnr felves thereferetfi fay, yoa 
hope you (hall be faved, Artf prove W try whe- 
ther yoa are foch perfbns as God hath promiied 
falvation to. Pnve by marks of Grace tnyenr. 
fmii that yon are true converts, Mdthenho^ 
ftrfidvatitn, and j^are ntt, and the Lmdcfuoe- 
Btm jtnr hefes. Great things and tfeverUfiin^ 
eenfeqiunte , fbonld he made ntfnre m itfcfAle. 
Ask ym ftlvtt whatvndcactsytit have yen art 

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icmvirfid. "l^U^tooinm^cmj it^ and mot ^im^ 
idmt prefam^tMMp Take God in Cbrtft for 
yoorcnly hsp^iiiefleaiidcnd: And Cfac^ft « 
Mediacoar , for joor only Lord and Sa^kmr. 
Accept him for ybar Sovereign, as well as for 
yoar Sav^idif. Be fenfible of your codrinutfl 
need of his Bloud^ S^Mric and incerceflion, and 
give ap yofir (etvvs fincerdy to him, tobejur 
ftified, TanAified i guided , direded and ever* 
laftingly faved by bim; Let his Inteteft be up* 
permoft m your ibals^ and you ace bleiTed for 

8. Pray cameftly unto the Lord to be efta- 
bU(hed in the ttHch, and to bepreferved from 
Erroar, giddtnefle, and apoftacy, which is the 
fin and (hime of theCe times. Let mt thi diffe- 
rent OpinioiB tbit arenow geing^ hidnoSmce 
tmtp^ ym. Remember thM thughxtx^n are muta*'' 
ble, dnd change fi$m one 0pni$i$ todnethtty M^ 
gr§m wanton and wild-beaded , ^H God and 
CbFift,4M^iiteScripttire, W HeaveQ, Wtbe 
way thither ) are ftill the fame: Thcfe change 
not : Mind von thefe things. Tdke heedoftbdt 
threefold Apoftacy thdt this j^e is tob guilty 
of. JUdmelj^' 

I. Of Judgment, j^^iff ihe Truths efcpi. 

St Of Aflfeftion,. from the Ordinancts §f 

•J. OfConveriSition, Jrpm thdifoher^ i0h^ 
Wr, nvd- eirwmjfelf mdkhgy xphichiitrut 


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the Hi^ftle DedicaioryJ 
CkrifiiMs fMd nuke Conjcknce tf. Let mt 
the treadiay of faUe brecbfcn dtfleMrkn yt»g 
Heittiengbt Sooldier /i&4f » mt JifeMr^edij 
th»[etlMttm zwtyy htftiBfreffeth§n t$ vi^ory, 
I»4mrdy Uf mt Ht yMr^sM/M externals, tr 
opiDkns 4md the finaNer matteis tf Religitn, 
LMkt&it, tha there he i»jm 4»iiaiei^ed 4ttd 
fervenc love to God, his Truth and children . - 
Lamtfidf-fmtdMlytarebeiAoitt the right erder- 
tngrndgtverttb^ ef jwr hearts dud^^t&hm t 
LatKr t§ wmtife mfts^ Mnd sivatiu CtMe. T9 
temUiU thity feparace (peedily from the fins of 
Chriftians, but nevec from the Offitinaoces of 

9. Count thofe your beft friends that loving' 
ly and iaichfally admonifii yon of any fin or 
evil they fee you going on in. ifjenfmegriwg 
igimMtly iMt d h§itfe infeStetlmth the fldgMy yett 
vmld think thamdnjmr friend tbs flutkt yen 
hsek, dnd MeaMmtaedyMwith ymtr dtnger, Wbst d 
madoefTe then it it ftr dm nun tt be trended dad 
ddgry mtbhim^hdtMtt/tne good will dud cha- 
rity mAkt/m^ defkresttfrtfewebimfrtme'vier- 
i*jting ftr^Mtn. Cdn H be th»gbt by My fiber 
MS d malieitnt thing tt tndedwnr tt ftve d ftal 

10. Take heed of prejddTtces againft a flrid: 
tad holy walldog mth God, ne LorddeU' 
vtrynfftm thdt toad ofisAeatf the mrld,thdt 
Uke nof rerving God ib much* nor nakipg fo 

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> i«c JCrpiluc jL»cuiuiuiy« 

ItiQCh ado CO be Ciwcd.Cirffiifir i there mj tkip^ 
in the world Jioth better defertfe jewr czre And dik* 
gcnce, and mO better fdf yen fer it ? Ikn^wcar^ 
ndfeofle think the my of Religion n melancho- 
itck and fad waj ; Bta ImuH not f^aretotei 
them the trkth 5 TbejwiB ne^er lpi)e a truly fafCf 
peaceable and comforcable Kfe> till they are cod- 
verted , and have engaged theif hearts in an 
hncnble^holy walking with God.Tkey ignornntty 
fieejrSm GodlineiTe as fom forrow and trouble , 
tnt thetrnib a.tbeyfleejrom joy Mndpace^ Wha 
fbould tronbU that man that U 4 men^ber of 
Chrift, andbdteffaped ontofthe^vtctoiSi- 
tzUj and it^eed front the vrmh of Cod^ dndthe 
danger of everUfiing mifery f 

o Neighboais / let not the ignorant fcoros 
Axi^ienielefTe reproaches of wicked men difconrdge * 
yon. He that hath good grounds to believe that 
heJbaBlive for ever in Glory with God 4im/ bis 
holy Angels nsfoon di his fanl farts from hie. hosfy^ 
I think it a happy man^ and Jo wiM be acknom- 
liigedby every one that hns not loft his reafon and 
underftanding. There it 4 time coming t^ben the 
proudeft^iii/inoftib^bomfinnermi? be glad to 
change sanditi&n with the tntm^Smu Let me 
therefore intreat all thofib that hirUe entertaia'd 
any hard, thoughts pt tbiwaies of GodlineiTe^ 
, bnt to make trtall ishat a holy life is 5 and if they 
donoifindmocecomioct m jferious turnii^ unto 
God, andin eL fineere endeavour to approve 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

The Epiftle Dedicatory, 
khcii hfetm ftut^Hm, then h /i^waiesofftb' 
In thm tske their cmfe, ler Heaven go. . 

f I. Nonriih and maintain atenderneiTe of 
ConTdeoee: BeixrfdtcfimfpeQiiftj0»rjl4ilf 
mtliag.Litk wfmt Hax mtbe greateft evil. Makv 
up every breath between God and yoar Touls 
bedmes. Pr^emnfify fir thcfMuUttee 0/ thi 
Sprit t^QU^ MdH he hff fm Temptatt- 

It* HaveacareofyoorFainiHes^.that trae 
I^ety and GodUoefle may be co90tenanced ^ 
cQCooraged md promoted in thcnif Let jour 

dttties^Matbe rd^toos o&fovatton df the 
Lords day, Md private inCtrv&aoayuiltMifaict 
tbefe under yonr care hsmzicd 1^ in ignorance, 
pra(AiaaeDwe and u^odiincfle, frtvideieaa- 
fweric to God mheM heJtktBeMSfir yea, iefrttm' 
kr, IfaidifiiUy wamra yea if the fin 4iifldaxifi 
ger effieb iuik0u J(4u^M <x^^Rel^brf 
ybiwM ever mmh thrive 4m^ «Vy tit- Gover- 
noors ofFamilies h uerefnl t$ tmn «f the^e mtdef 
tbeirG9Unment intbe Princif^ of twe IHety, 
4tiidi»tbe Norcort and Adiaonition of to^ 
LmBIp Labour to inaintata fiieace aid Wie 

among yoar fdves^ Murk 9, ^6. Ha^e fait 

in your felves^ aiid peace one i»ith ainotW/ 
iMtm teg0 jem btme feiKbaed wit^tk graces^. 

if <^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

'Tb« Epidle Dtdicatwf . 

this will' hi f j04 4» fOft mumii^ JHr feiH/tSt 
t^ ^(htr< k no htaft-barniogi* contentions, 
bntt^lwgs , b^Iitbitings or ifeSttniagi hutd-^ 
iirrmg ii». H«lpdn^aiiotiiitro0tMrir<|i Ims* 
veft; Imitate that ivbich is gocid whtrever jm 
find It, bttt learn e\rilafiio man. "•Encoorage 
one«o3Cher in ititWaiesof (!^lidr(&/. Abhor 
to draw or intice one another to^ any finfi^ 
fiourfe or prtatfe. I» all'dffi^ o( iindaeire 
40/ humanity on« for aA(kber. Asyoo have 
oppb^^ity;- ttre it beyoar deiite andendeavoor 
to d(» |<>od to every bddy» hufc to obJsodf, 
beam <that bard ieifmoi rorgtvingf^^moogs and 
ifijdritf, arid praying for^ aaa tviftitftg iml to 
thb^ that are yoofr e/temies. '*Ttf a bard lefibftr 
bat G6ds Spirit caiMeeacb it yoa, <Bieffiett4)er 
oar Siivioar) Words ^ Matth.)5i 14; 15. 
Fdf if yi forgive .ineW^tieirtfdpaficSj your hea% 
vehly -Faihet wiH • alfb forgive yoi^'^feiii if ye 
fo^^i*<e-fhdt men their ^tretpaflej, neither will 
ydar^her fofg!wyDttrtfe(j):^i' XJltdfkt 
words if the 'Afi^UiiSx^i^ii^i Psc-on thcve- 
ioih{^ the eteA o( Cod,* holy anA beloved) 
bbWels* (rf Ttiercy , kiiidneflc , Irairibiftlelfc -of 
mind, meeknefle, long-fufFering. r.13. •tor- 
bearing one artotheri' aAd fo%iV4hgb«e4notfe«r, 
if 'ariy manirave a <3piaftel agaitiftitt5^,':e7'«n» 
Cfirlft forgave yoo, fealfodoy».-'y;^-.<l. And 
abdviall thefc thingfs^frdo Charity^. Wbic*»w 

'^ r- I the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

the boad of pcrfean^iT^.,^. |^ nd lec the pe^ce 
Qf<»odfQkinyour4ieanSj t^^cfoewhictiidirpye 
arecalfedin one body,. ye tbankfol , / 

bmtaimflf\Hj0n 4f»filiy?i^A'^. F-naHy 
btetiiroi, wh«d[befertb»(ig^^retriic> whaclcv- 
erec thif^-Wbopeft, wjEUKfoever cbingsare 
juft. wfa|$M|iW thiags am puce, wfaac&ver 
dines are love^, whatibover ihiiiags are org<>9d 
report i iC iliere bea^ vecmej aodif iher^bp 
«^ pr«(fe, xbinfc 0Qtne(f tbifigs. 

Aad now O Lord, thflvi who hafipiit into 
die heart of ttiyiiawDrtly fetvanc to witAcheie 
chines fpr the good qk ttvs people , t« thoti 
pleated by the gradoss fad dTeduaU 3v^|cif|g 
of thy holy Spirit, to make them liiefuf to 
them, ( and to all others into wbofe bands they 
fliall cooQi; J for the pc|0g|oting knowledge , 
Faith , and obedience amoi^ them* and the 
farthering of their (alvation. What is here 
agreeable to thy hdy Will, write upon their 
hearts. O let ic not be in vain that this help is 
affinrded chem. Grant fucceffe (I humbly be- 
feech thee) to this poor endeavour, and take 
thoQ all thp Glory. Good Lord give this peo- 
ple a right nnderftanding in all things. Guide 
them in the way wherein they flionld go, to at- 
tain eternal life. Open the eyes of the ignorant 
among them, turn the hearts of theprophane, 
reduce the erroneous, and encreafe thy Graces 

b % Digitized by i 03'*/ 


The Epiftle Dedidtocy.' 
daily more and more in the hearts of thofe 
whom thou haft (avii^Iy wroogbt npco. Olet 
thyUeifingbeon this people: God Almighty,; 
blefle them. Let Truth and UoUnefle, reau 
Piety and the power of Godlinefle, Let found- 
' nefie of mind, and uprigbtnefle of heart and 
lifc) let true Faith and ferveotiove^ let charity 
' -^ and good works ( through tbeq>eratiooof thy 
^^ boly Spirit) abound among them. That u» 
' livii^herein thy fear, and lerving thdr gene- 
ration according to the Will of God, they may 
at laft ( through thy iifinite mer^, and the 
merits of our blefled Lord and Saviour) bere- 
ceiVed bto thy Heavenly Kingdom. Thir «r 
•t^eameft and hearty Prayer ^, 

Ttm' very Mffleffitiuite , 
thctgbumiirtbj PaBoTy 

Samuel Cradock, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Dn K^wo/i/f his Epistle 


in bamane jbodies , fome parU 
are vital, oclicrs oiuy integralL, 
fome neceiTary to the being, 9^cr$ 
to tiK wdlboDg, int^ricy,-^aod 
beauty of them : So it is in Tbeolo- 
gic«ll Poftcioes » ibme are more fundamental, 
and inunediatly aecieCpuy to life and Qodlineii ) 
.ochcrs fach as do gready accompU(b and adorn 
Oviftjans that haye attained unto them, and 
are of fiogiilar ufe for the edification of the 
Church, though not fepimarily belonging to 
tbe very vitals and (flentuds of Faith and Holi- 

Now beotafe multitudes of ordinary Cbri- 
ftians, either through the exigence of tt^fpar- 
ticular calling or through tbe narroisvoefre of 
their capacities, want both time and ftrength 
to procure fuch ploitifnl mpalures of kno\y- 
k^ge^ asiQanyotpers, wbofelciforei$ greater, 

p 2 Digitized by CjOCJ^JH 

Dr. Reynolds Us Efifilc 
and lntelle<ftua1s ftrooger, havreatuifleduatot 
Therefore the Lord hath from time to time ftir- 
red ap zealous aodfaitHhil men iocomna|e unto 
writing thofe primary and moft neceflary Do- 
A(ines. pf F4itli ifl/i'Dutj which are 4;mafeM0 
to great airi frndl^ 'and o\ principal ufe for order 
ring their conversations' aright in every relation 
wherein they (lah^ tbmrds'Godandroen. 

Of th3 fort wt& gajfl's M«r4Sf(^MegMU , 
Ambrfft his Book m tffiiisi At^ir^^nchi' 
ridt0»^ Bernards 'Xvz&zts pe tnt_trme jdmt , 
T)e CoufcientM, ife'ordi'ne ^/',' ibi^mii 
i)ei^ t)i nudp brnvktenii^ a'ndtit^/'yiej 
Wririrtgsoftiie AAd^bts. ' ' ^^C' ■ ■■/. 
~ Amxjngfk out fc!v« in tiitf ;age^ jfefcvd 
Books of this natnfe'liavie been tt^r itten . . Mr. 
lexers his fcven -TTearffts, }i/(r:f^r%dmk& 
Dirc<aions for a godly \xKyM^,' ■f4^1>&mf- 
hdin his Ci^atde to Godtlneflc* ^d ChHfHan Vrai^- 
fare, the th^d^fc of Kery / M?; 5«fttf4»'i 
Chrlftians daily ^k^ Mr. Bi*W iJiredtonij 
. for comfortable trafttffe, with (Sbd »• with di- 
vers^ others oftbi feme kind. ^ OFiifhtchrome 
polfibly may be of too great 9 pric^for every 
poor man to^ procure'^ and too Iwge^cMr him to 
read ' quickly o w. However ', t^% hta«i vcA- 
tcrialfi managed bv the differenrgi?il» of icVerdl 
iftftruments , and pre^Ted byrjetf -AlgtimenB 
and Motives, do brii»g to the Confcienceii 
fuller evidence , tttid awaken the beinntuofl 

Digitized by GoOglcIIlOrC 

fQwefcEioRSjCpDiiiikracioiiofclie iinpQrtiVBGe o| 

.. -Anpogll Books ot tbi^ N^tiu^) l^inmy^^i 
ufttotheQtn|t^n^«adi^ (bi{iM«H}i),.w^<;t) 
Ituverea4 with, ^ent Catbra^of^ a^d. cf(»ligbr» 
It bath many thipgjs toieod^icaccj^pt^Meti^ 
fiicb judicious |^fs asme>#.plca^:;^tfc 
ii(Vioiiry and ftrious thingp^. »• Tb9.««imf^ 
aoQ oeoQfl^cy; of the- naac^ci^, i;ber9i9 h^M^ 
;Si|^ ^. 9fe)(et(-lKaowI^4ffi.^ ¥X3(ni(ia(iQ0i'- 
ilc{»(QC«9(;fr ^f^lf judgiag, Uvipg by jFilth •, 
vnt<^blblff;iji; tpy^: oiir. \m^ib words,: an^ 
wamv-a^mawQBiwitbiC^ in fpiritvaldu- 
jpcs.i ^^(v^QiA pof^j^fijcaljir (ailing; and 
|plf!M«'>**i«^'.!*i Tha por^ipcncy ofitbc 
Saiptares produced f(x Confirmation oi ibf 
Truths which they refer unto. 5. Thegraci' 
ca^n^t , ^^rifteflTf , ^ wbolfomnefle of 
tneJt^g«^u{x;^aMn^ the weight and holi- 
neife of the matter. 4. The ftrength of the 
Argnmencs whereby the duties are preifed. 

y. The Brevity ot the whole, which rendreth 
i(i;hf fiqcetfior-fn^niory, meditation, andpra- 
^e: In dl which the Reverend Author hath 
l^wed bimfelfe a workman, which needeth not 
tobe aihamed. 

Some Learned men have chofen feme one 
or other Book /which they have refolved to 
read over once every year. I could wifb that 
j^ofis Cbriftians would fingle out fome one 

i 4 or 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Dr.KeytuMs bis Efipe, . 
jsr other choice Book, ftaughcwiA variety of 
moll wholfom and necepry Do^ine to read 
fireqaeotly over, iox dai^ 4|uidaiiiig and pre^ 
fenHfig tfidr hearts ia an healthy ao4.rpiic>ua^ 
frame; Of whidi fort I fhouU commtadi 
1. Stttnmaries and Compendiams of foand 
DoAnne^ fuchas Mr. Cr$iks guide to tni^ 
bicflednede, and others of chat f(M:c. %•. Snm* 
maries of the inoft wetghnr ai^ necelfary d«- 
ties.' AniixnireofbotfaMiif:bwrbaye^this 
little Book. By this means , with Qods btdfise^ 
the hearts of oien might be eftabliflied intK 
love and obedience df toe Thlth, and be pre^ 
yed from Mingtoffed abehit with every «i^nd 
of Doarine, the great fin and flnme of the(^ 
flai«. ' ' ' . ; 

f$m Servian ^nthefrnthetriu^ \ 

^b^ R-BTM pisf. 


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of this 


■1 . ■ > j t . n y- 

OftheTrimtf. ; .. -^4 

Ofthemfrks^G^i. .1^ 

Of Cnmion. : ibii 

Of good jingels. I^& 19 

OfUdAf^ls. l6ic^^ 

OfFravUence. 2$ 

Of tie hofj omditM in wKchht wMS made. 30 

' OfhupSl. ^ 35 

^^tbeUifMiKMjfpfhisncirjtryh^ 41 

Chajnj. CemmA$gthcMeiiMinrbet»mj^^ 

Wbenm mrttimei thfefcvtnthingsi / ' ' 

I- Wik^mimftrof Pfrfmh^wAs^ '•' " 44 

Ciit' ibid. 

'^^f 45 



'i^HmhUvtd,;, ., .u::-._ ■.-•.■•'■5* 

4. HwbedUd. „ , , , 54 

5. Wirnktcme if himifter.lfu death. 61 

Sits4t GoismhfM^ 70 

^ fffctf ir«'r«f tndapdmeiit ifhtscmttigtmom 

.A wU .i / V vi ^I - J* 

^jwi tepoi^'J'' '**"■ «««»w« °4 

-- Ttf thif W -heeo mmuM the G^f^^mllbe 

freachtd' -V , . . ' . ^Z 

, ^ l^md B/iftlfm^a»^M Suffer, ^ 

•"■ \'^EfecbuUCMli«£. •■ • •' 9<J 

^'•l:'BkevingthcGoffcL ^.'V. -. 100 

; " ^Repentance. *o* 

FaithmChrlft. ,• . ' '?! 

Ho/«»# otdfiwereOedieMfit. ^ : ' • "* 

' The Members tfChrifi. . _ ' »^i' 

• • rbeffUte.ifiheM tfter ifa*«S«»*» ''JJ*^^*?? 

aftliem;thed^4P^g»^'i '^J'fi 

T-,. everl4i»i, either in jo^Pf**^ • "M 


'!'♦* •* • Digltzed by Google *"^ 


TJie Contents of the S&i6h<fPat. 

Cii^U Of Cmfjfderati^f ^ ??ag.ijy. 

Chap-2. qf Rtfemmcc. ^ I2< 

Chap.j. Of Faith in Chfrl/t. - \\ J^J 

Cittp4 Of lAr /fAP Mtftre anfr^crfnii' Hf^^ 151 
Cb:rp.5. OfdaUj cA^MMtki mth ©irf; • ' ^; ' 
1. OfJtm^ng^WiSfd ihpfft mftning. " 1^0 

t. Off^crnfr^eraffdtloKl^hff^. *. ^ x6^ 
J. (Jfreadixgtheho^\Scripruitfs. ' • • .jW 

4^ OfHyingcaminHi^jiasin tj^vifp^efGod* Ipo 
5. Of living bj F^/Vift, /V /^ fmiciitdr^. tp^ 

• Bir^ims cop^mn^it. ; ' f i 
^i OfSUgmohfervtn^ the Pf^jidtn^s ifOpJ. ' ^ 1 9 
7. 0/ iir*^ watcf^uMcJ?. ' ' ^i 229 

OfWmchingy . . ^ 

I. OvfrottrThonghs. ; ^^JX 

Remedies ^gmfi fififtUthcn^s. ibi(^ 

2. Oyer^gtjfg^kiiviis^ ' 3W 

HirelKonrhtptogotfCFnthim ^'rgh. *5* 
,3. OverMTfyhrdls. , / ' ^/U 

TAemmfiUfinrrf thivniptit: ^^o 

DireSlions forth ^overmng^th tilPffie^ ^47 
4* OveroMT Aclums. \ ^6o 

RnUsforpht^righ crdtriwofthq^n 263 
OffV4tchingy • . : • 

X. ^g^fffi the fins we are m^.tneljnfdtobjtemfft^ 
andnaturat mJKimm. '^^ 267 

J. Agiu^thefi^s on^fmiadar cattin^t and ctmifi^ 
onsefltfemofiexftfetesto. . ^ /^ ' 165 
^ 3. jigainfi the fins tf the times and flacf:^ tphereinjep 
' live ' '^ "' • . "' . ' " i^»a* 

4. jigainfitemftatiofis tending tp fin. ' 2(5^ 

5. Agm^ difiwhmng odd in the ufe of/amGJ 

« . Digitized by 

The Contents. | 

tbhff. Pag.27a 

6. ji^Mift Errmr. 271 

Prtfervmhes iigiunft EfTimr. ^ 272 

Of jMtchi»i[ frr ^fpmunmes of d^in^^ re- 

ceivifig Ijfod. 288 

Motives to wmc^kcpy ibid. 

Of Perjfivermtce. 289 

OfmematojdcftUtor;fr4;fr. . »9? 

, Ofrwiemk^Mnigkwtdre/USihiMfMallth 

4iBmioftheiajf^. 296 

Chap^. Ofimfrovmi the ^prtumties tmd me^ of 

V Ofthokfervmen^helj/rdsiof. ibid. 

Ofhewrmgdie ivort Horn we m-e to frefm^eatr (elves 

- hfetc we bear J horn totehgveottr felvesintimeof 
hearingy what to io after miktve heard. 319 

Offingin^ Pfelms. 34© 

- Of rellgtom Conferaice. 34P 
* Of Meditation. 354 

Piap.7. dffreaueming good companjf. 3 58 

Chap.8. OfdUigencej imd confclemtoaffiejfe In our fam^ 

euUrCdtlhigs. . . 3*5 i 

Chap.9, Concerm^jtt(t deaGnghttrafid^y tradings and 
commerce. 37* |j 

DireSlonstobajerSy ... 373 

To Sellers. 375 

Motives to righteeuc dealif^. . 377 

Ofrefiimi^. - , .. 378 

Cbap.xo. Of thedtuies of Govcnionrs of Families. 382 
OfFamiljhPrajrer. 387 

Chap.i K Of rAf JWiV/ ofHmband andfVife 397 

.Clu5>*X 2. Of rie i^rir/ (^Ma&ers, nnd Servants. 41 J 
Chap.13. Of thednties of Parents and Children. 4-8 
Of Infmtt-taftifm. ibid. 

Chap.i 4. Of tl}e duties tffuch atare'vtOffcey^andthe 

Digitized by Google tUStlCS 


Ch2p.x^0ftbe dmia ifr^Utmmistl^Tti^ 
Mmd Afm^ers. ^ 4^-^ 

Chap.i5. OfX:hrifumand Bmhirly nprmf. JJtf 

Chap.17. Oftheimm $ftheRklimijm. 

OfRtcreMtims. ^^ 

Of the dmies tbm cmxrnthefmrj, 498 

ThchrTtmfMmimi diPtHrs* 594 

Ci»p.i8. Ofthedmits fffrmtgmdOU. 
Oftbefe that cmtam thjomg. . . - • 509 

TketUitijarifJieUks. . jio 

The advaatMgesaftmwrgt^G^dktimis. SiJ 
Ohi^tiomni^iif^kimfmtrid. 515 

I>ir€SioHs t9tbeymiffr{i>rt,n : 5X9 

Of the dmies tftheAjtcwit. . ibid 

Seriomconfidcratwgs f^r the Aticiem. 514 

The danger tfill-grmuUd hefeseflUmm. .52S 
^4r thefe dicehmg aadfmidr foHt^ms itrey . 
whewH mmy mtdrnjeeifU imi/d their h^ 
tfHeavm. 529 

f Dlrel^afis to the Awlent. 5 34 

^^*'^* P"^^^^ ^^ thfheidthj midte tbepd^ 

Thcdmles rftbefetimate in heakh. 5 ^9 

J>ireaioM(itttdcomfelt9the pd^ 54X 

Ifoy ^tf exmmm tbemfehes. 54} 

OftbedmUscommn^ mlJtmfirUdden intheLitm 

er ten Cemmandments. 545 

Ofthefinsagainjlthe Geffel. / 555 

Further dtrediem totbeSkk* 5^4 

r^r Z^/««f 19 fc /Mnsrir mtiii School ef^l^ 

en. 567 

^4r Mngs me refiir§d ef ^m whetit Ged 


i'f '-^hvjgs om tf trouble smi af^iSimi^ - Rig.?70 
••^\ HeU^He^cn. —577 

Dkt«!pmim0i^ ftepftrtfarduuh. • . . ^ ib. 

ifwyiw w*7 thofifthmjore. &tdfyfi»M0at'vper- 
^ \^- much fear death. ... * j8a 

^:^. Of the Ufi Jfiiffifem. ■•- . . '^87 

^•''•*> inwWb • *v > "f88 

^^^ }yhowiMlfet6e^^idp* 5yi 

716^ »*Mr^ W f tfm kr^ ^f tUf jitdgmem. $$a 

^ ' ^ thfeefold R^thatmH^itmie afeaetL 4M 

Thec(mfef$ems(f'flm piipmm. 59^' 

I ^ * Of the daMm^^ferfmeyf^ Jamttedt ib. 

-:*" Ofthedteratieififtkririfam 6c6 

• -^ • • O/^Ae dreddfulneffi wf^r foim ami tmrmms. 

f ' . . . " . 608 

*^*0/|ft«^/"^i • > ^17 

^^ ' ' 0/rAf bleffedaeffe ofthefaaU \' 6i% 

^ * * . r • 


-■..• . . \ .v.. ..- 

y^\ '\ Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 



THc Reader is aciucd co Corrcft chdc Mfrnti^s with ku pe% 
due the Icxife be noc cfiifairbed. 

Page i7.Hne If. of him is ivanting afcer utvi/EMriWjHtj^i. 
the laft.Scripciirc vl\. Gu 48.16. {hould have been left ouc^ai 
being fpoken noc aT a creaud .Aitgeiy but tbe Angel of die Co* 
Tenanc.p.43.Lio.<(clc«/*GM/. p.7 1.1.3. after tf^rei/, read ^"'^ '-^^ 
tLftcrfinsj[Jl9revsr. p.ioi L»7.after ciwri/l, r.v.8. By gr«re jp«4?< 
faved^hreu^hfauhtMdthanoi»9LC.pj%9 l.i.the 47uof M4r.9. 
tt left oucp. 1 3 2 1.1 1 .for M^^r.cvA". p. 1 374I » i . for CMUnder.iXi' 
iC4diV.p.t4^iXi^.dclcthree. p.i44«l a7iocrllie/.r^. p. 146.1.45* 
for tibir ts tbcfoul^ x.Thttt isthifoul. p.i6f , I.1 i.delc thertfm,^ 
}.4.^ix and four ffeafts r. and tbe four bealb, p.i40.Li3.for /pirir/. 
/j»Mj. p,t46.i 3.aftcr unlgwfHt, v.Mid eufiouunry. LiSSoijcunih 
lous^x^fcwrritom. ^^$i• 1.4.tor perfooswhomy r. p<r/!nri iOwhM, 
f.^^sX^6jixwMebyr.wAf^.fioiA i^.UnmwdiioifSf t,m* 
dkaiion. p. 109. 1. 10. for the firfi ofthe^ r.tbefirfidi^oftbi, 
9:346. lioSoT pfams^ r.ffdlm- p.3^0. i. 6. fotto Hwf, r. toits 
^id. p. 415, 1.29. for (Iretcbedy r.ftretcbeth.}^. 4J^.Lio,ft»rito 
ibathefdok^€, for that they do ( at OMi faks.) p.4U.Ki.for 
kemretby r. ikoreiiF. p. 5 1 a.* L 19. for ifi^ rMJl^^ r. doft not reatlj. 
p.f 14.I1 5. for tiirf/jfi:/? ><M»r,r. tievmh hour. p.$z5.Li tf. for jj^^, 
yio,r. pm ft I. p. fi^wl. 18. for peefumfgy r. frefumini* 
p.f4i.l9.tor j^«t/V, t.pnrncs Utj.for CM.r.f4«. p. 5f i»l.i.6or 
vifiiini.r, ofv'tfitiag. p%i^7 lt.fix\jCore£left^r. cofreileft, p. 5^9. 
p. 589.1.4. after w;f/oc»«,r. Mjp.p.6<^^^I.i7,dek,«:tf*6*7* ^.7. 
forir.r.tfiML • * 

KmOWL 100 I 

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Knowledge & Practice ; 

o R, 
A Difcourfe of things neccflkry to be 
. Known, Believed and Pradiicd in 
Older to Salvation. 

TWo chlflgs are naioly neceflary to Sal-^ 

Xigk Knowle^e. 
Sight frdBict. 
The chief things CO be Koowh and Believed 

H . . . •' 


' '^ ^ Tb^edidttrbttmen G^d/indMahi 
CoDcenuog God we are to Know three 


t, HiNdture. 

1. Hit Prtperiia or Atirihufes. 

}• fffSfVOrkCS, ' V Digtzedb'GoC^le 

ConcerniRg Mao three things : 

I ; The hdfpj C edition m iphicb be wai made. 

2. His Fall. 

3. The wajofhis Recovery ty Chrifi. 

Concerning the Mediator between God and 
Man^feaven things : 

1. WhdtmannerefPerfMhewai* 
a. Hm he cdme into the World. 

3. HotP he lived here. 

4. Hofvhedied. ' 

5. What became of him after his Death. 

6. What was the end and intent of his coming 
into the World. 

7. What thej are ejfeStuaUj CaSed m«9, and 
through the afijtance of the Sfirit ^ God enabled 
to perform, toho JhaS receive Mermpon of fins bj 

CHAP. 1. 
Concerning God. 

Concerning God w'c are to know three 

1. His Nature. 

2. Hie Properties or Attribfftcs. 

3. HisWorkes. ' 'oigtized by Google 


tM, His Nature. 

That there is one Onely ttiie 6od, who is i 
Spirit infinitely Glorious^ and-being One id 
Hatiire,is yet Three in Perfons or Sabfifteoces $ 
The Father, the Son, and The Holy Gtioft. 
Thefe are Three and One after a woaderAiU and 
myfterioos mamer. The father God, The Son 
Odd, And the Holy Ghofl God, and yec not 
ttttee Ctis, but o6e God. 

Secondly, His Properties or Attribtitesi 

f£temal, or ^thciat any Sq^inmigolr 
i End. 
God isf Omnipotent) or Almighty. 

lOmniprerent, or every where prefent; 
^Omnitdeat, or AB*km>wiog. v.^,., 



thirdly. His Works which iee priacTpatiy 


i. Crettiin, 
.a. Providence^ 

I. Creation : Concenung which we mnt! 

i. Th« God nwde the woiM, ani all the 

3z " Cfsa- 

Creatures thereioy (both vifible, and iorifible,) 
by his Almighty poweo and Created them all 
very good. 

r Angela 

3. The chief of hisCreatnresare{ 


3. All the Angels were at firft made hciy 
and happy Spirits : Some cominaed in their 
obedience to God, and are fiill Angels of Light* 
Others fell from God through Pride, orfome 
other Ga, and are become Devils of Darknes. 

Coneermng the Creation of lianifee fmhtrim 
tie next Cbdpter* . 

II. Providence. 

As God Created the World, and all she 
Creatures therein by his Almighty Power, So 
heiipholds, direds, difpofes, and governs them 
all b]^ his Providence. Nothing fo Cafaal, twc 
he difpofes of it ; No Agent fo free,as to be ex- 
empted from his Controule ; No afRlftion (X 
Evil of PoniAiment, bat he hath a hand in it; 
Bdt asfor fin* he ndther is, nor poffibly can be 
the Author, or i^pprovcr of ic. 


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Concerning LMdn. 

COncemiog Man we are to know and mitt^ 
ftand thcte three things. 

1. The hdfpj Condition in whiih he was fn^dct 

2. HisFaL 

J. The pay of his Recovery bj chrifl. 

1. The Holy and happy eftate in which 
God created man at firft» Namely, after his 
own linage^ in Knowledge, HoUnefTe^ and 
Rigbteonfnefle, with Dominion over the Crea- 
tures here below, writing his Law on mans 
hearr, requiring perfedl obedience from him^and 
giving him power to perform it, promifing the 
continuance of him in that happy eilate if he o* 
beved, and threatning hiix> with death if he 
difobeyed •, which is caOedtbe Covenant of works. 

2. The miferable Condition into which m^ri 
thr?w himfclf by fin : Oar firft Parents (by the 
temptation of Sathan) difobeyed God, broke 
hii righteous Law and Coramandement 5 md 
thereby call themfelves out of the Favour of 
God, became the Slaves of Satan, and liable td 
the curfe of the Law, and brought a great de- 
pravation of foul and body upon themfelves 5 
And fuch as our firft Parents wcre^ fuch muft 

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their poftcrity needs bexVotwh cah Mngt 
fleM things nittj sn uoele/w, fays ^et^ Chap. 

They haviim left dbe Image of God them- 

felves, the hGOineffe and h^ppinefle in which 
they were made, coaid not coiweigh it to 
their pofterity. So that the nature <^ man is 
now become <orrapt, prone to eviU backward 
to good. And this miferable condition is derived 
to ns from Adam by our iiQinediate Par^ts; 
and as tnen come to be bominfeveral Ages, 
and geafr^tiofi^, £b they a^iiaily participate of 
iheupthaccoaips fjmn the fk^root ) we be- 
ing therefore 9II of us in fo bad a Condition by 
Batare, and by cQftome and praifticeinfinhih 
jnng madeow feives mn^ worfe, and inort ar 
bomin^ in the fight of Cod, moreg^tyan4 
liable to his wrath ; we are to Imow and coofider 
that this woful ftaie «f fin and roifery is by no 
means tobe rcfted in ^ B^t feeing we are fallen 
into fo lam^table a condition, we muft fpeedi- 
}y endeavour to get 9at of it. And therefore 
let us rstnember that without Converfion there 
is no hope of Salvation^ Sxeeft amsnjfebtrn 
AgMrtt 4nd m4de d aew Crtttmtt he (annet enter 
into the Kingdom cfGtd, 

3. Tte blefffd !)tray found QQt and appointed 
by God for mans Kecov^ry out of this mi- 
^raUef^ate, which is by the nndertakiog and 
tncdiatioa of his onely Spn. 

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C«»cerm»g tie UUtMattr betveen Gcd 4n4 


C'*Oocernu^ the Mediator between God 
landman, Chrift Jefus*, We maftknoiy 
andanderftand thefe feaven things. 

I. What maoaer of perfcMi be vtras ; He was 
God and Man in, the fame perfoo. The Eternal 
Sen of God, The fecondPerfoninthe Trinity 
took to himfelf oer tiamane Nature (a liumane 
fool and body) and onited it after a wonderfull 
manner to his Godhead ; And fo God and Man 
became one perfon. 

i . How he became man •, He was born (about 
fixteen hnndred and odd years ago) of the Vir- 
gin JtfiCr^, who was of the feed ot i^braham, 
and of tihe Family of David, as was fore- 
told in the Scriptares, being Coaceived in her 
by the Almighty power of the Holy Ghoft, 
without the help of man> and without iin; and 
was Called Jefus Chrift. 

3. How he Lived 5 He Lived about three 
' and thirty years here upon Earth, a moft holy, 
ionocent, finlefs Life, performing perfeA obe- 
dience to the Law of God. And as t)M great 
frofkt of God (who was promifed, Deuf.iS, 
15* A^s 3, 22.) he declared his Fathers will 

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in his heavenly diicoarfcs^ and Sermons^ and 1 
wrought many miracles co confirm his doArinc, 
and to prove himfelf the true Meflias, and the 
Eternal Son of God. 

4. How he pied 5 Being betrayed by gpiw/^y, 
forfaken by his Difciplcs, fcorned andrejcdcd 
by the World, through the malicious profecu- 
tion of the Jews, and unjuft fentenjceof^pi/4/^ he 
ivas Condemned to be Crucified ; and being 
tormented by his perfecutors^ and having con^ 
ili(fled with the Terrors of Deaths and felt and 
born QQds wrath ^ He endured the painful^ 
ihameful) and curfed death of the Croffe; there 
04 4 Priefi offering up himfclf a Sacrifice to God, 
and a Ranfome and Propitiation for our fins* 

5. What became of him after his Death 5 He 
being buried, rofe again the third day, and af^ 
ler Fourty days continuance on the earth (in 
which time he frequently appeared to his DiC- 
ciples, and others ^ teaching the things ap* 
pertaining to the JCingdomc of God,) heafcen^ 
ded into Heaven, and is now in Glory with the 
Fathet, where he intercedes for, andprefents 
the Merits of his Death and Sufferings, in the 
J3ehalf of all them that uafeignedly repent of 
;hcir fins, and do truly belceve on him. And 
being made /(^/V;^ and JitAdoi his Church, and 
Lord of Angels and Men, he fliall come from 
Heavcq again in great (Jlory, to judge the 
d uicl(; and the dead at the Lafi: day, 

6. What 

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6. What was the End and Intent ofCbrifts 
'Coming into the world. The chief End and 
Intent of his Coming into the world was to fave 
Loft and andone finners,to procure their pardon 
& reconciliation with God by his Merits ;Sc to 
Sanftifie their Natures by his Holy Spirit •, and ~ 

! to bring them to everlafting Life. And to this 
, end he ^pointed his Minifters to preach the 
GoTpd nnto the world* and inftituted the two 
Saaaoaems, Baftifm, and the Lords Suffer, 
to fi^fie and keep in remembrance the great 
and ineftimable benefits of his Death and Safie- 

7. What they are cfieAoaiiy Called untcand 
through the affiftance of the Spirit of God ena-^ 
bled to perform, that fliall receive Remiflion of ' 
fins by Chrift : They that (hall be madeparta- 
kersof thatgceat and ineftimable benefit, the 
Remiffion of all their fins by Chrift, are efifeda- 
ally called and enabled by the affiftance of his 
Grace, unfeignedly to believe the Gofpel, hear^ 
tily to repent of all their fins, forioafly to give 
up their foals iinto him, refling and relying 
on the Redemption and Ranfome of his Blood 
for their Pardon and Reconciliation with God. 
And taking him for their onely Lord & Savionr, 
and yielding themfelvcs up in fincere obedience 
to him, and to be guided and governed by his 
Grace and Holy Spirit*, they ^0 depend on him 
alone for Juftincation, SanAification, (Irength 


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to perTcvere in the ways dP Holinefle, and at laft 
CO be broaghc to eternall Life. And to as many 
as are dins drawn by die H<Ay Ghoft faTioj^y 
to repent of their fins, and bdieve iaChrift, 
being truly united to him, and made tvaiichcs 
in him the trne Vine, and members of hismyfti- 
caibody the troe Church, (whereof himfelf i$ 
the Head)) God hath promtfed pardon and Ke^ 
m^on cMf idl their fii^, to write his Law iq 
their Hearts* to fitbdue thrir Corruptions by 
his Grace, that fin (hall not bare Dominion o- 
verthem, tobefiovr on them all rucfaoatward 
blelfings as he in his infinite wifdotneihall fee 
good for them •, And when they die, their fouls 
Siall be received into everlaffing blifle, and 
their bodies (hall beraifed aeain by the ^ower of 
Chrift at the laft day, and made panakersof 
thefame Glory, i^tul tbk is CsBidtbeCtvt-' 
pdMtefGrdce. Bucrnchasgoonintheirfins,re- 
fafing to accept of Chrift, for their Lord and 
Saviour,Redeemer and Sanftifier^aad ^o give up 
diemfelvesin fincere obedience tohim$ when 
they die, their Souls (hall be adjudged to ever- 
laftiog pnnifbment} and their bodies (lull be 
raifed again at the la(t day, and made partakers 
with their Souls of Everlafting Torments. 


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Of the chief things to be Known and 
Believed in order to Salvation. 

They are itdacible tothefe three Heads, 

Conceraing^Man. (Man. 

i The Mediator between God and 

Cfineermt^ OOD- 

jOncerning God we are to Know 
three things : 

Firft, His Nat HR p. 

That there is One onely true God, who a a 
Spirit, infioitclxS^otioas, add being one in na- 
ture is yet threein P«rfoBs oc Subfiftence$,Thc 
Father, The Son^ and the Holy Gboft : T neie 

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1 JUght Kiuwledie, 1 

are three aitd one after a wonderful and myfl 
rioDS manner. The Father Qod, the Son Go 
and the Holy Qhoft God. And yet not thn 
Gods, hat One God. 

Pral.14.1. Thef«olhahfittdin jiis heart fken 

W God, 
Pfal. xo. 4. The meied through the pride efH 
CeuntenMfe wiB mt feek t^ter G$d, G«di 
1 Cor. 15. 34. — Some have not the KnowleJf^ 

ofqod^ jj^eakthtfto^j/ourjliame, 
Heb. II. 6. But wHhotit Faith it is impo^ibUit 

fleafehim. For he that tomethto CodmttStk 

lieve tha be it, and that hfis arewarderi 

them that diligintly feek him. 
Ifaiah44.6. Thais faith the Lord the King eflj- 

rael, and his Redeemer the lordofHofis, Jsn 

the frjl, and J am the lafi, and befides m 

there is no Go4. 
Ifai. 4 J. y. J am the Lord^ and there is none elje 5 

There is no Go^ befides me. 
I Cor. 8.4. x^sconarning therefore the eatim 

of thofe things that are offered in Sacrifice n 

Jdols, we know ^ that an idol is nothing in tk 

World, and^hat there is none other Cod hat 

V. 5* Fbr though tkh be that are called Gods, 

whether in Heaven, or in Earth, as there be 

Gods many, and Lords many. 

^ y.6. Bnt 

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Might KMwUJge. 3 . 

V'6. Bfftti us there is ha sne Gdd, the Fdther, 
pfvhm are A& things ^ and we in him, and 
em Lifrd^efus Chrtji, by tph^m are aS things, 
DeDC4.^5» Unto thee it was fhemd that thou 
mightefi knm that the Lord he is God. And 
there it none elfe befides him. Mear O jfrael, the Lord our God is 

One Lord. 
Jff.iaio* 3nt the Lord is the true God. He& 
the living God^ and an everlafiing King. At 
his nrash the Earth JhaS tremble^ and the 
Nations fhaB not bedhle to abide his Indigna- 
itheCi.^. FortheythemfelvesJbe$Pof$ss; what 
manner of entring in we had unto jou. And 
horofs turned to God, fi'om Idols, to fervc^- 
the living and true God. 
Job 11.7. Canfi thou bj fearshingfind out Godi 
canft thou fnd out the Almighty unto perfect- 
, fn? 
Joh.4.24. God is a Sprite and they that worfhif 
him^muft'worfhif him in Sfirit and in Truth. 

: Luke 24.3^. A Sfirit^ hath not Jfefi and 

bones * 

Rom. 1.23. And tbei change^ the Glory of the 

Jncorruftible Goa^ info ar^ Image made like 

HMO QorrupibU man^ andto-birds^ andtofowr* 

footedbeafis^ and Creeping things. 

• y.2y, -^ndwor^ffidandfervedthcC^^^ 

My < ■ ■■■gPWlF^^liW 

^ jRi^iSff Kmtfledgel 

turemore thMtheCreapr^ rvh is blepd f^t 
every Amen. 

Concerning the Triflicy ^ 

Mat.28.1^. Goje therefore^ and teaeh aS Nsti^ 

^ 0ns, bApizingiheminthensme 0fthe Fdtber^ 
MdeftheSeny mdcftbe HdljGh$p. 

1 John 5.7. There ire three that bearRecifdin 
Heawn^ the Father^ tbeWfrd^ and the Mj 
Chcjtj and thefe three are One. 

Mat«^.i6# jind ^efm when he was bMtited 
wentftraightwaj nf cut of the water ^anaLp the 
Heavens were opened unto him, and he Jaw 
the SfMt&f Cm defiendingtike a thve, aisd 
lighting uf on hhw. ' 

V.17* A^ LOy a voice fkom Heaven faying^ 
this is Mj beloved Son in whom I am weU 
f leafed. 

2Cor^ij,i4. the^ Graci of the L&rd ^efns 
Chrifiy and the Love ofGod^ and the Com- 
munion of the Bolj Ghofi, be with jon aB 

Concerning God the Father 

Lokc 13.34. Then (aid ^efuSy father forgive 
' them, for thej know not what they do. 

£ph.i«3. sMed be the God and father of our 
Lord ^ejm Ckrijt^ who hath He^edus with 


4ff ^kitMoU tlefingf in htwenlj places in 

Epb J.14. For thit tstrfe 1 bmim knees to the 
tMior of out Lord f ejus Chrifi. 

Cooccrnuig Go(^ the Son. 

Jcba 1.14. And the pmd vas mode jU^t and 
dmeU among w, andm beheld hit Glory y the 
Glory M oftbeOiulf begotten of the taher^ 
fiA of Grace andTrntb. 

V.18. NonumhMhfeen tSod at any time. The 
Onehf begotten Son tohich k inthebcfome.of 
the Father he hath declared him. 

Hcb.i.3. Be hath in the fe lafidaysfioken n»to 
nsifhit Son, whomhehatb afpouitedheirof 
att thikgSy by whom alfo he made the mrld. 

V. 3. Who being the br^knefe of his Glmjy and 
the exfref Image of his prfon; and uf> 
holding ai things by the word if his fower, 
when he had by himfelf f urged oitr jinnes, 
fate down on the rigat bdndtf the Majefiy en 
V.8. Mnt unto the Sonne he faith^ thj Throne 
O God is for ever and ««r, a Setfter of 
righteonfnef is the Sceftarof thy Kingdeme. 

Joha 10.30* / amlmy Father are one. 

I Joba S.22. Vfbo is a lyar, bnt he that denieth 
that Refits is the Chrifif HeisAnoi-Chrifi 
that denieth the Father andthe Son. ^ * -- ^^ Google who-. 

6 Right Kyimlidgel 

V.iJ. Mtf^ver denirthtkSonjthe fafiuk 

ntt the Father^ but he that MknmUdgethi 

So» hath the Father dff, 
Rom.9.5. Whofe are the Fathers, t^ndofprh 

as concerning thefiejh Chrifi came, wh0 is #« 

all, GodhlejfeJfor ever. Amen. 
Phil.2.«. Who being inthefwm iff God, thaa^ 

it Wft rcl^erj tote eefMolmthtiod. 
h&s 7.59. Andthej fioned Steph9h eattin^uft 

God, and [*jingt Lord ^efus receive » 

V.60. And he kneeled dotvn% ami cried mtbi 

loud voice. Lord lay not this fin to tbd 

charge. — • 
a Tiieff.2.i(5. Now our Lord ^efm Chrifi bm 

felfe, Mid God even our Father, which bd 

loved us t and hath pven MseverUfiingC» 

folation, and good hofe through Grace 5 
V.17. Comfort four hearts, andfiablilhioun 

CoDcerning God the Holy Ghoft. 

Afts5.3* But Peter fiddy Ananias, iphj bd 

Satan fiSidthim heart t0 lie t9 the Mj Ghdl 

V.4. Thoti hajl not lieduntotnen but unto God. 

Johni4*i<. ImU fray the Father, andhefhd 

give you another Comforter that he waydik 

wth you for ever. 

V.i6. But the Comforter fvhieh H the tid] 


:i^gbt Knowledge, 7 

Gho^^ »hom the Father mil fe rid in mjnime^ 
he jh/ii teach pu all thw^s, and bring att things 
tejm rememranee^ vfhatjotver I have f aid 

John 15.26. But when the dmferter is conie ' 

^hml miU fend toj^eufrom the Father^ even 

the Spirit tf trttth which froeeedethfimf the 

F other i be JhaB tefiifie of me. 
C^Lf 6. K^nd UcAufe ye are font Gedhathfent 

fmhtheSfiiritaf his fenimoy^nr hearts, crying 

Abbdi Father. 
Phil. 1. 1 ^. F(^ Iknw thdS thisjidO turn t$mi 

fdvatien^ through your ft oyer and the fuffty 

h^m.9. 9. Bui ye are not in thejlefh hui in thejpi- 

riti iffo be that the Sfirit of God dwell in you. 

'^w if any man have not the Sfirit of Cbrifti . 

be isnoneofhii. 
^^•4.30* And grieve Hot the tiolySftrtt of God, 

whereby ye arejealedto the day of Redeniftioitm 
iCor.a.ij, Which things alfo we fieakf nottft 

the words which mans wifdome teacheth\ but^ 

which theHoly ohofiteachefh^comfariug ffiritud 

things with ffiritual. 
Afts 7.51. re fiif ^necked, and uHcircunici/ed in 

heart and earSy ye do dwaies refiji the Holy 

Ghojl. Asyonr Fathers did jo do ye. 
^Pct.i.2i. For the Profhecy came not in old 

time by the wiS of Man % but holy men of God 

^ake as they were moved by the Holy Ghoji. . 

e Rom.». , 

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S Migk KmwUige. 

Rom 8.itf« Likemfe the Spirit slfo helfeth « 
infirmities, f^ tvc kn^w n$t what we ^0mUfi 
for as wt ought ^ but the Sfirit itfetfmdt 
intercefionfor us mth grosnirgs vmch €m$ 
be uttered. 

V 17 Andhethatfeanheth the hearts kacm 
iphatisthe mind of the Sfirit^ becd$ife hem 
keth intereeponfor the Saints according^ to i 

Afts 13.1. Asthejminiftredto the Larddndfi^ 
ed^ the Holy Choji f aid f Separate me hsnish 
dndSva\far the work wheiountolbaveCaSi 

Titus 5.5. Not by works of righteoufneffe wik 
we have done, but according to hu Mercy heji 
ved fis by the wafhing of Regeneration^ and it 
newingoftbe UoljGhofi. 

I Cor. J. 1 6. Know ye not that ye are the Temfk^ 
ofOod^ andthJathe Sfirit of God dweHetha 

iGor.^.ip. W'/&j/, know ye not that your boJji 
the Temple of the Holy Ghofl^ which is in yn^ 
which ye have of God, and ye are not your awn ? 

Rom.y.S. Arid hofe maketh not afl^amed^ becat^t 
the Love of God isfhed abroad in our hearts k\ 
the Holy Ghofl which is given unto us. 

MaM2.3i. Wherefore I fai unto you aSmamer 
of Jin and bUfphemf fhall be forgiven unto men^ 
hut the blaffhemy againft the Holy Ghofi fhd 
not be forgiven unto men. 

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Eight KmwkJge, • 9 

V.32. And vfhofKverj^e^eth 4 nmd/igMtifi the 
fin tfmm it fiutU te/crpven him, hut vfhofi" 
evtr Jpedketh 4 nwa 4^Mnfi the H»ly Ghtft U 
fbtdl tut heftrgiven him, neither in tbit world, 
neither in the world tt come, 

SeeontSy,HisPaop est i b i or k-ixttiVLtnfQ 

fEcemal, or without any BegiaRingof 
) End. . ^ 

God isf OiiHiipDt«ni> or Alniigtuy. 

jfOnmiprefent, or every wheripirdinf^ 
^Omnilcient, or AU-kaowing, 





' FfaLsiib.i. iefori the Mountains were irtugM 
forthy or ever thonhadfi formed the earth or the 
world, even from everUfting, to tverUt^ing 

i)ear.33.27. Thi Eternal Godtt mjrefttge,, and 
nmkrmath^ethe everUfting armes. 


^P.17.1^ jfnti when Ahram was Ninetf jedrs 
Ga old 

lo ^^ Knmleige. 

tU Mdnine, tbt Urd ^femd t0 Ahrsm ud 
(Mdmittbim^ lM»the Almigbtj G§d, wdk 
htfmm^ Andb€tb*»perfea, 

ID.40. 17. All NMitns heftrc him tre M lutbm^ 
Mdtiejdrec0Mfed w him kjfe thM Mthi^g, 
Md vanity, , # . 

Rev.i.«. / M> Alpbd, Mfuiomgdy the keg» 
nittgMdthe ending, JsHh the Urd, whcbt 
dndtPhichvM, snd whUh ktt eemty the A 

Rev.lpJ. Andlhetrd, a it were the vtkei, 
A great mnUHude, and a the vme »f m^ 
waters i .and at the voice ef mighti thnndersnp, 
faying, Allelnjah, f(>r the LordGcdOmm/t 
tent reigneth, 


X Kings S.»7. Snt will Ctd indeed dwell 0ntk 
earth f iehtUthe Heaven, and Heaven efBu 
vejucannet ctntain thee^ hew mueh lejfe tH 
heufe that J have huilded ? 

Jct.13.a4. Can any hide himfelf infeeret flaa 
that iJhaUnstfee him, faiththe herd ? d$t^ 
1 fdl Heaven* and Earth, faith thelerd? 

Pfal.139.7. Whither Jhall I go frmtby Sfirit\ 

§r whither Ibsll I flee from thy frefence ? 

V.?. Jf J ajcendnfint* Heaven, thon art then 

Jfl make my hedinHell, behold thon art there. 

V.i I. JflJ^yfnrehjibe darknefleJbaU cover m 


Right KnoTKpUdge. 11 

€n;en the night Jhallhe Light abota me. 
V.I 2. Tea» the Jarkneffe hideth Mtfimtthee^ 
bta the night Jbineth at the diq : the dsrknefs 
and the light are hoth dike t0 thee. 


I Chron,i8,9. And th^ttSoUm^nmjSony know 
thou the God ofthj Father^ andfervt him with 
a prfeB hem^wd with a willing mind, for the 
Zordfearcheth allhearts^&Hnderftandetbdllthe 
Imaginations of the thoughts, ifthoufeekhim 

. he will he found of thee, M if thouforjake him 
' he wiUcafi thee off for ever. 

I King.8.39. Then hear th§u in Heaven thy dwel- 
ling place, and forgive 5 and do, and give to 
ever J man according to his ways ^whofe heart thou 
knowefl, for thouy even thou knowejl the hearts 
of 4lthe children of men. 

Heb.4.1 3. ' Neither is there any creatine that is not 
mamfeft in his fight ^ bta all things are naked and 
Of en to the eyes rf him with whom we have to do. 

Pra).i39.2. Thou knowefi my down fitting and my 
uf-rifingy thou under fiandefi my thoughts afar 

^f • 

V.J. Thou fomf^efl my fathy and my lying 
downed art acquaintedwith all my waies. 
V.4. For there is not a word in my tongue^ but 
Lo^ O Lord, thou knoweft it altogether. 
ACtsi^.iZ. Known unto God are alibis works 

G 3 ^-^^^6 by^^i>QlQ 

12 Higk KnmleJge. ^H 

f^m the beginning ^f the mrld^ t1 

Infinitely Wife. 

I Tim.1,17. 2^ unto the K,ing eternal^ im^ 
mortal^ invifible, the Only mfc GeJ, be Ho- 
noury and G lory ^ for ryer and ever ^ Amen. 

Rom. 11.33. O^f'^ ^^ph of the riehes both of the 
mfdom and knowledge of God i, Hoio nnjearch- 
able are his judgements ^ and his nodes paB 
fin ding out. ^ 

jR0Tn.16.a7, To God Only f^ife be glory through 
^efm Chrip for every Amen. 

Infinitely Holy. 

I&.tf.3. And one cried unto another^ and faid, 
hohfy hotyy hoh^ is the Lcrd of Hop -^ the 
tobole earth is full of bis Glory. 

Rev4.S. And the four beafls had each'of them fix 
mngs about him^ and they vserefull of eyes with^ 
in^ and they reft not day and nighty faying^ Ho- 
lyy Holy^ Holy^ Lord God Almighty^ lohich 
was^ andis^ and is to come. 

Ifa, 57.15. For thus faith the high, and lofty One, 
that inhabiteth Eternity^ wboje Nhme is holy^ I 
dmllinthe high and holy f lace, with him alfo 
that is of a contrite and hmfsblej^iritj to revive 
fhe^irit of the humble, andto revive the hoart 
fftbecpntritcfnes, ' ' 

rf ' " • Digitized by CjOOg^P^J 

f sight Knowledge. 13 

I Pet.1.16. Becaufe it is mittem be jcholj^ for 


V J^^^ Therefore hearktn nnto meyemenof 
wider fiandingj fur he it from God that he fhould 
^ d0 wifkednefley Md from the Almighty that he 
fhomld commit iniquity. 
V. 1 1 . For the work of a man fhaS he render unto 
himy andcauje every man to find accordingto 
V. I «. T>4, furely God mil not do rviekedly^ nei^^ 
ther will the Almighty pervert judgment, 
Jcr.9.?3. Thfis, faith the Lord^ let not the wife 
mdn glory in his wifdome^ neither let the 
mighty man glory in his might,^ let not the rich 
man glory in his riches. 
V.24. But let Mm that glorieth glory in this^ 
that he under fiandeth and knowetb me^ that ^ 
am the Lord^ which exercife loving kindnejje. 
judgement y and Righteof^neffe in the earth ; 
for in theje things I delight faith the Lord. 
Pcut.32.4. Be is the Rock^ his work is ferfeSfy 
for aB his waies are ^udffnent^ a God of truth 
and without inicfuity ^ jup and right is he. 
Qm.\%.^%.— Shall not the judge i^ all the earth 
doe right ? 


74 Mt^^t KnwleJge. 


pfa\.ii9^6S. Thou art gpod and doefi good^ ttdch 
methj Staftaes. 

Pfal.147.11. 7ke Lord takeih flcafur^ in them 
that fe4r him^ inthofe that hope in hifimrcy. 

Ncb?m,p,i7. Andrefufcd to ohey^ neither were 

' mindful of thjmnders^ that thou did fi among 

them^ but hardened their nefkfp and in their 

jebellion appointed a Captain to rpturmo their 

bondage •, but thou art a God ready to pardon^ 

graeiout^ and mcrcifpl^ flow to anger ^ and of 

great kindneffey and forfooltefi them not. 

y*3i. Neverthelefje 5 for thjgre^ mercies fake 

thou didfi net utterly confuipe them^ ffor for fake 

th(mj for thou art ^grafioifs and ^ mtrcifd 


^^.^. The Lord is merciful and gracious^ 
flow to anger and flenteofss in mercj. 

j€%3, i^. Go and proclaim tbefe words towards the 

' Norths and fay return thou backfliding Ifrael, 
faith the LofdyandlwiU net cauff mine anger to 
fan upon you, for I am merciful faith thf 
fordyandj wilt not keep anger forever^ 

E?;od,; jind the Lord pM by before him *^ 

' and phflaimed, the Lord^the Lord God, mer- 
yifulandgracfoHS, long-fujfering, ^tid abtfndant 
fngoodneffe and truth. 

V^J^'J^eeping meircy fir thoufands, forgiving 

Digitized by GoaglC 'W* 

r ' ' ■■ "' •" • '' 

f Kiiht Knmledge. j^ 

itiiqmty,dtiJtrMifgre^ftfiuu$J fiff^d that mU 
bjiu means clear the guiltj 5 vifitingthe inU 
^ rfthe Fathers uftn the Chikb-w 5 and uf. 
m the Childrens children mito the third and 

. PfiU45.7. TheyjbaBahndantlymer the menu- 
rjofthy great getdneffe andjhaSJfng cf tbi 

1 John 4.8. He that Uveth mtt knnreth net G$d, 

for Gad is love t 

V.16. And m have knmn and heUeved the love 
that Cod hath to us ; God is love» and he that 
dmlleth in love, dmeBeth in God, andcodin 

Micah 7. 1 %M¥ho is a God like unto thee, that far* 
doneth iniquitj, andfaffeth by the tranfgrepons 
^ the remnant of bis beritart, he retainethnot 
his anger for ever becaufe he delighteth in tner^ 

Ifa. a8.2 1. Tor the Lord JhaU rife uf utin Mount 
feraxdm, he fbaibe moth at in thevaUeyof 
Giheon, that be may do his worky hisftrange 
Vfork, and bring to faffe his aif, his pange 

2 Cor. 1. 3. Ble/ed be God^ even the Father of 

our Lord ^efus chrifi, the Father ofmerfies, 
and the GodifaU Contorts, 
lfa.30.18. Andtberefm mU the Lord loastthat 
bemaybegraiious jimtpyou, and therefore mil 
he be exalted^ tha he mty have mercy upon^ 

' , Digitized by ^ Jf^^f 

10 . light Knmvki^. 1 

<f4Ut,f0rtheLcrdisAGod9fi»dgememt hleffed ' 
gre Mthej that vKotfw him, 

Pfa.78.38. But he being fiUl(ffcmfdf$*»f0tgave 
their ini^iutf, and eUjhtjed them mt, j»a, 
mam 4 time turned he his anger awajy and did 
ntit phrnf aUhis wrMh, 

Lake 6.16, Beye thtrefwe merciful^ ftrytnt hea- 
venly Father is mereifid. 

Thirdly, His Works, which arcprincipajly 

^ X. CHotien, 
a. Pftvidenee. 

I. Creation : Concerning which we muft 

I. That God made the world, and all the 
Creatnres therein, (bothvifiUe^ andinTiffl>le,) 
by his Almighty power, and Ci^cfited them all 
very good. 

. cAngek, 

4. The chief of his Creatures are^ 


3, AU the Angels were at firft made holy 
and happy Spirits : Some continued in their 
c^ience to God, and are ftill Angeis t>f Light; 
Others fell from God throogh Pride, orfome 
other fin, and are become Devils of Darknes. 

Cenetrnit^ the Creathn tf Han, fee farther tie 
tie neift chaffer* 

Digitized by CjOOQ lfe#rCU* 



Col. i,i6. F«r ij him were ABthit^s Cremithat 

mia Hemxtm^ W that art in Earth, vifihU 

sifdiavifibU^ whether they he Thrtrtes, trDo* 

mmns M' Prmifalities^ erPtnfers, allttat^s 

are Created hj him, and far km. 

V.K. Attdbe a beftre aS things, and hy him 
ai things sMJi^ 

Kehcaa.9^^ Tim even than art Urd abne^thim 
A«/f made Heaven, the Heawn ef Heavens, 
witk aU their H»fi^ the earth and all things 
that are therein 5 the Seat, and aS that is there- 
in, stndthon frefervefl them aB, and the He^ 
ef Heaven vfcrflnffeththee. 

Rom. 1.20. F» the inwfhle things fr»m the 
Creation tf the wertd, are eiearl} feen^ being 
nnder flood by the things that are made, even 
his Eternal power and Godhead, jo that they are 
wthont exenfe. 

Rev, 1 5.3. And they png the fong of Mofei the 
[trvant^god, and the for^ of the' Lamb, fay 
ingt great and marveBom are thy works t Lord 
Cod Almighty t jnftandtrne are thy waies, thon 
King of Saints, 

Heb.3.4. For every honfe is bniltby fomeman^ 
bnt be that built aU things is God,. 

Pfal.145.10. AU thy works lhaBfraifethee,0 Cod, 
and thy SaimsfkaUblefe thee, . 

' Digitized bjQ^Pgle 

1 8 Jiigit KnmkJi^e. 

Rev.4,ii. Thudrt mrtfrf (0 Lord) toreceh 

Glorjf dnJHonMr^ and Piwer^ for thorn hA^ 

Crested all thin^s^ and for thy fleafure tl^\ 
. are and were Created. ' 

Heb.ii.3. Through Faith we underfland^ that 
the worlds were framed bj the Word ofOod^ ft 

that things which are feen were not made oj- 

things which do appear. 
Gen. '.jr. AndGodfaw every thing that he had 

made^ and tehold it was very good^ and the 

evening and the morning were thefixthdaj. 
PfaL.! 04.24. manifold are thy works ! 

inwifdomhaft thonmade them 4// 3 the earth 

isfnll of thy riches. 
Pfal.19.1. The Heavens declare the Glory of God^ 

and the Firmament Jheweth his handy work. 
Job 26.13. By his Spirit he hath gar nifhed the 

Heavens ^ his hand hath formed the crooked 

Job 33.4. The Spirit of God hath made me^ and 

the breath of the Almighty hath given me life. 
Jer. I o. 1 2. He hath made the earth by his pofper^ 

he hath efiablifbed the world by his wifdom^ and 

hath flretched out the Heavens by his difcretion. 
A&s 17.24. God that made tpe world^ and all 

things therein^ feeing that he is Lord of He^ 
ven and Earthy dwelleth not in Temples made 
with hands. 


it^ Knowltdge, i^ 

Good Angd$. 

Job 38.7. When the mmih^ Stars fai$g together, 

(Mi all the Sons ofGodjbimedfor joy. 
Heb.1.7. And of the Angels he faith, wh»md' 
kethhis Angels Sfirits, and his Minifiers 4 
flame of flr<^. 
lake X, 1 3. Andfuddainly there was mth the An- 
gel a multitude of the Heavenly Hofiyfraiftng 
God, and filing 
V. 14. clory be to God in the higheji,a»dontarth 

feace^ good mil towards Men. 
V.I 5. Kytnd it eame to P^e m the ^Atigets 
were gone away front them into heaven, the 
^e f beards f aid one to anether. Let utnfiw'ff 
evert nnto BetUehem-y and fee this thii^ niifh is 
cemeto faffe, which the Lord ha$h made known 
mnte ne, 
AAs I0.21. And they faid, Cornelittt the Cen- 
tnriony a juB man, and one thatfeareth Gut, 
and ofgoodrefort among all the Nation of the 
^ews, wot warned from God by an holy Angel, 
t» (end for thee in$o hit honfe, and to hear voords 
Pfal.103.10. bU^o the Lord ye hit Angels^ that 
exeeBin ftrength, that do hit Commandmenh, 
hearkening nnto the voice of hit word. 
I Tim. 5.3 1, ichakge thee before God, and the 
Lerd ^efns Chrii, and the Mleif Anzels,, 


t6 Rigbt KnwkJge. 

that thou ehferve thefe things , mthotttprefi 
fingonehef(fr4 anotbtTj doing nothing hyp^r^ 
Lake 15.7. I fay tmto you that Ukeivrfe J4fy ^i 
he in ffe^ven, 9ver one finner that reftntetby 
tnip^e^ than ovfr ninety dnJ nimjufiftrfaoSy ' 
which needfio repentdnee: 
Dw«7*lo« JferyPredm iffueJ^ Mndcamcfmnh 
frtm hefort him : thonfamds of thmfands mi* 
nifhii unto him, and ten thmfand times ten 
thoufand ttood before him^ tht\udgmtm wms 
fety and the hooks were optned. 
Pfal.34/7 The Angel'efthtLord^encamfeth round 
uhout them that fear him, and delivereti 
Heb.1.14. Are^hey not oB nuaijiring Spirits, 
fern forth to minijkr for them sAoflmBheieirs 
^ Salvation f 
Pfalpi.ii. For he JhaSgive his JngdsChargi 
rver thee, to keep thee in aB Hsy vmeo: ' 
V#i2. They ft)dB hear thee up in their bunds, 
Uafi thou dajh thy foot ^aiufi a fiane. Take heed that ye define notoneof 
thefe little ones,, for ifay unto you that in Hea- 
ven^ their Angels do amaies behold the face of 
my Father which is in Heaven. 
Gen;48.i6. The Angel which redeemed tnefrom 
aB evil bl^e the Lads, and let my name be 
named on them, and the name of my Fathers 
Abrabamy andlfaac, and Ut themgrawinto^ 

Digitized by ^. Mf tfZ« 

Right KnMledgf. 2X 

midtHMde in the tmdjl of the tmh. 
[ Aifts 12. 1 5, And thtyfaid unto her ihou drt mad^ 

hajbe confiantlj affrmedthat it v^as evenfoy 

thenfdd they it is kis Angel. 
Pfati4S.2. Prrf//e je himaS hi Jngeis,fraife 

jeAimaShig Hcjts. 
1 For this saufe $Mgh the woman to 

have power on her heady hecaiye if the Amtels, 
Mat.4. 11. 1 hen the Devil luveth himtandlehold 

Angels Cdme and mirnfirkd unto him. 
Luke 2 2.43. And there af f eared m Angel fiom 

Beofuen jhengthning him. 
Luke 16.21. And it came to fn^ethdt the beggar 
died, and $oas carriedhythe Angels inti Abria- 
. .^ hamsiofome : the rich man alfo died and was 

Mh.4&2. Andhehotd there wot agreat earth-.* 

qiiake^ for the Angel of the JLord defcended 

from Heaven, and came and rolled hack tiff 

ft^nefrom the door, and fase s^ponit^ 
V.J* Hif ekfun^enance toas tikt Lightnings and 

his raiment white asfrnw. 
V.4. Andforfearofhim, the Keeprsdidjhake, 

andi^ecame asdkadmen. 
Mat^24.3X. And he p>allfendhis Afmlsy with 

agreatfoundofatrumfety andtheyfball gather 

together his ele&from thefonr winds^ from ant 

endof Heavento theother. 
Lilke^o. g5. 3nt they which ^aU he accounted 

wmhytoohtmnthat world, and therefmreifi- 

Digitized by CjO®8 IC 

as Might KtmvUdge, 

. M frtm tht ^dd, neither m^rrj, nw »t^' 

V.3<- Keither e/m they die mi mtret for tk ^ 

Are eqnd unto the AngelSt am ,»e the ehildrett] 

of God f beingthe children of the re[Mrre£tion, 
Mattk.a2.30. ForintherefnrreSfionthej neither 

marrjt nor are given in marrii^e, hntdredtthe 

Anffh of God in heaven. 


2 Pec. 2.4. For if God ^ortd not the Jngels that 
fiimd* bm cafithem downtoheU^ anddelivef- 
edit hem into chains of darknef to be referved 
p y\adgenMnt, 

Jadev.6. And the Angels which kep m* their 
frjk ejlate, bnt left their omn habitation^ he hah 
referved in tverlafiing chains under darknejfe, 
unto the judgement oj the great dot. 

Mattb.25.41. rhen JifaU be fay alflt to then* on 
his left handy, depart fiom me ye cmfed into 
everlajhng fire, prepared for the devil and hit 

t Tina.3.6. Not a novice, Ufi being lifted uftoith 

pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil, 
2 Tiin.t.itf. And that they may recover them- 

filvesontofthefnareoftbedevily wboaretakem 

captive by hm at his mB. 
Ephef 6.12. Forme meftle not againfl flejh and 

blood, bnt i^nft principalities, agatttftpomrs^ 

Digtzed by GoOgle^^^V 

m t^Mtifttberider;s0fth^d4rknejc9fthtt mfUi 
F . agmfif^irituallwickednei^einlrtgbfUeesi 
r V»t4. Stand thtreftre, hmnng jpm kitfs ^iri 
'■ dm itith tmb,andhiiwiiig o» the brefi fl^te tf 

: rigbte»»fnef, 
{ JabiSwf4. Te^^efifygttrf^er, the devil. Mud 
tk lufis <ifjm father ye wiU di% He x^m d 
^ * murderer frtm the hegtmAngy mii ahde.mti^ 
tbetriab $ beeat^e there is notrmhm him, when 
be (pedketh a Uf^ befieMketk »f hit owit, fir he 
a a Liar t and the Father of it,, . , , 

i Cor. 4.4. In whent the Gtdvf thit worldhdtk 
bUnded the minds «f therii, which beUeve 
net, lefi the Ligk if the ghrifus Gt^el ef 
Chrifiy vfht is tk Image efGedfttddJhine io»- 
tethenf. ,' 

Bpb,a.2. wherein* in time fafi ne walked^ ac- 
emrJing to the eonrfe ef this, wfrld, aeeprditig to 
the Prince ef the f&wer of the Aire, the Sprit 
that now worketh in the Children ofdifobedlz 
I Mac.iv.24« But when the Pharifees beard iti 
iheyfaid, thk feUow doth not eaft out Devils^ 
butbyBeelxabubtbe Prince of f he devils^ 
ijohn 3.S. He that eommittethjinifoftkde^ 
vil, for the devil finnethjrent the beginftingl 
for this furpofe the So^ of Godwasmtnifefied^ 
that he might deftroy the works of the devil, . Inthisthe CUUrenofGodareman^efii 
wd the children of the devil, whomever doth 

D ^ Digitized by G^fegle 

94 ^^ Kn§wUJgi>. 

* tm rigkeoutnifi kMt ofOod,mhh€r he th^ 

R«r.W*p. And thi grea pragi^ tM$ uft 4Mt^ 
t^4t did SsrfefH Calkd thi mwl^and Sdtan^ 
which deeeheth the tfhole mrU, hewa$'€4ji 
*utinf0 the Marth^ and hU Angfh were ufi ent \ 

i Got.ii.j. m Ifi^j iefi tf Mi meMs^ m 

the Serf em k^ikd Eve tkenghhi^fiAtikj^ 

pjottr minds jb^tdd he cmnpedfiM^thtJim- 

tlicitj that is in Cbrifi. 
Jfo^ r.7. And the L^d fnidnnto Idtan, whence 
' 'come ft then f then Sd^M Anfwetedthe Lmrd, 
' and fiud, fim ^ding to andfr$ in the Earthy 

^dfrem walking nf ajid kwn in it. 
Luke 22.3 !• Ana the Lord faidy SimM^iimn% 

heboid Satan halh dt fired to harve jou^ that he 

xPet:5.t. Be fobtr^ be vigilant;, heeanfe jonr ad^ 

verfdtj the divily as a roaring lion walketha^ 

bouty [ceking whom he maj devour. 
Mat.8.29. And behold they cried out^ fiyif^g 5 
f iphat have m ta do mth thee ^ef$ts\ then Son of 

Cod f ^ then cM^e hither t$ foment us before 
'the time. 
y.jl;. So the devils btfought him, faying, if 

thou cafl us out, Jnffer us to go away imo the 

|ilat.4T. Then was ^efus led uf oftheSftritint0 

jhi mtderneife^ t^be tempted of the divel. 

uzedbyCOC^ J COfrf 

y aC«,i$. Andvba conmdhdth ChriJiM 
Stludf or wfi/tt f/trt hdtti lif thdt heUevetb 
. mthdnlnjidetf 

1^.3.1. jind he fiiimi me ^ofnah the Wgh 
frie^ JiduMng hiftrt the Angel dfthe Lord, 
t^SdtdHfiZuUng dt his ri^ hdndtorefif 

V.f, And the Lerd [did unie Sadn, the Lord 
rebuke thee 6 SMdo, even the Lerd thdt hatti 
thfen ^eri^dUm^ rebuke thee, is not this d 
brdndfiuch Ota tfthe fre t ' 
James 2.ip. thou beleevefi thdt there is due Gody-^ 
thattdofimSf tbtj&vels alftbeleevedodtrent* 

I4iks4.33. Andin the Sjud^ogut there wot drndti 
t^hich hddd spirit ofdn uncUdn devU^ dndcri* 

V.34. Sdjingy Let us dlone, whst bdve tie to do 
witbthee^ then ^efus of Udtdreth? drt thdii 
cometodefirojtts? ,t knofetke, who thou drt^ , 
the bolj One of God. , 

kSss I9.iy. And the evil Sfirit dufvoered dnd 
ftxd, ■ fefus I knopf, d»d F^l I knoto, but jvbt 

. drejei 

Eph.4.4^. Bejedngrfdndfinnciy letnotfheStn^ 
go down tipoff your rordth 5 , 

y .»7. ' lieither give flace to the deviU 

Afts5.g. And Feter /did, Andniai\ why h/itff 

' Sdtdn fiUed.tby hedrt to He totbeHolyChfi» 
iadto keef bdck fort efthe price of the Un^f, 

"Jy 2' Digitized by i. jTlil* 

i6 Sight KnMledge, ^ 

Pfal.78.49. Jft csjf ufoff them the ftercfiufe^ 
hU*tiger^ wrMh, Andin^gMtton aitd tr0dit^ 
t>>l fending evil Angeh mong them. 
iC6(!it6A%. t« Open their ejes^ 4ndt»ti$r»tbem 
f-mtUrknefletinttt Light, andfrem theftnm 
tfSatdn nnta God, tha$ tbejtMj receiytftf 
givenejfe cffinty and inher^ante smoiigthem 
nUch are [anStijied hj fiiih tha U kt 


The next of Gods works cobecoofidered 
and underftood by us is 
. II. His Providence. 

As God Created the World, and all the 
Creature therein by his Alniighty Power, So 
he upholds, dire^s, difpofes, and governs them 
all by his Providence. Nothing fo Cafaa), b« 
he difpofes ofit^ No Agent fo free,as to be ex* 
erapted &om his Controule •, No afflidioo ot 
Evil of Pqnidimerit, bat he hath a hand in it; 
liut as for fin, he neither is, nor poffibly can b$ 
the Author, or Approver of it. 

Heb.1,5. who being tf)€ hrightnefe if hie cUrj, 
and the expreQe -Image of his Perjon^ anduf' 
holding att. things bj the word of his fowtr, 
nhen he had by himfelf f urged eurfins, fttt 
dtmn on the right hand of the majefy on high. 

Col. 1. 17. Anihe is before att things, and 6j 
him all things Confffi, 

Digitzed by Google Pfu. 

Pftl.35.5. Tbj Ei^ktMfntfe is like the gnat 

LtrdthtupefetvejtwuamndhtTfi. Art ntttv)$ Sf arrows foUfor afdr- 

thingt and ane •fthem JbaB mffiStn the 

ntusdvnthmjm Father ? Bat the very hairfs ^joar head are aU 

I V.3 1 . Fear ye n$t therefmye m if more value 
I tbMm^Sfdrroms. 

Dao.4.34. AnJde theendefthe dates in'ebu' 

ih/idfiezzar lift wf mine eyes nm Hem)en\ and 
i fnini underfismdin^ tetwrned unto me^ m4 I 

hiejjed the, mofi High, And t fraited^andho- 
\ HOh^rtd him tkot Uvethfor ever, mfofe dominie 
! Bn u M everUfiiflg dominion, and his Kihg- 
\ dome kjromgeneratlontogenerit ion. 
I V*5 jr* Arid nhtbe Inhahitants of the Earth are 

rePnted 4S nothings and he doth according to 

hts wiU in the army of Heaven^ and among the 

inhohitants of the Earthy and none eon Jlaj his 
i hand, or fay unto him what do ft thou ? 
^ Prov,i6.33. The Lot is caftinto the Lap, hut the 

tohole dij^ofing thereof is freint the Lord. 
Pfal.103.19. The Lord hath frefared his Throne 

in the Heavens y and his Kingdome rulcth over 

k&s 17.15. Neither is mrfhifped with mens 

hands as though he needed any things feeing he 

gtveth to all life, and breathy and aft things. 

*^ ■' Digitized by LiOOgle 

.2^ Might Ktfvflcige. 

.y.Si^.. And'hAthmaJtcfont hltai^ ^tuti^mif 

f»e»to dmBon aH the face efthe e^rth^ ui 

hatkdetermined the times hefwt ^f^imt^Mi 

. the hetntds af their iuihitatioff. . 

y.28. For iff him life live, dfidrnvt, 4»dbdvt 

«ur heingy tu certain, alfe efffiMT Mm Fpets 

• hAvefAid,.fmrmeare4tfohif9pj^i^. ■ 
JeMo.23. L(trd, I kmw that the vf*j tfmm it 

fipt in. himfelf^ it is not in man tfutitwalhetb it 
Mre£fhisfieps. ■ 

to.5,37* Whifk he.that faith and it e{fmc$b$f 

• t^^^ffhenthelordcontmandrthkn^f 
|f?.45.<f. rbdt theimflykpdfvjhmtit rifin^ej 
'' the Sunt'i that then t* mm 

kefidesmty i mjie Ltrd, and therrts?uin 
.y.7. I form the Light and create dnrine/e^ 1 
make f ease, and preate evil^ t the lord do 4 
thefe things^ ' f ' 

^LmSs 3.61 shaS 4 truMfet be Uomn in the citu 
•'. and thefetifle not he afrdd i jhail.thert k^vil 

in a City, and the Lord hath not done it f 

VCiLi'iS.^.Wkatfoevtr the Lord pttafed^ tha 

didht^ in He4ve9 and in Earth, in ti^ Seas 

. oTid in aff deep places, * 

Proy,i5.3. The eyes of the Lerdareinever^plofie, 

' hehoUing the evil and the good. 
Jcr.iuss. Thus faith the Lord, ivbickgivttk 
the Smfor a Light hj. day^ and t(ie ^dw^es 
oftheMoon^ andthe Stars for a jUght hj ni^^ 

^ .micb 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

which divideth the Set^ v^ben tiepfovesthtre^ 
^9m.Mi,s3,OtkJeftk ifthimhtstftbt wit. 

d0me smd im^kdgi cfQitd I hm wtfem^a^ 
. ble are hit jitdgemMSy mlJm nfMesfafijiad- 

E^. i.i I, /» vfhm^i wejfdafe. thdnedj^in- 
heritdnce, being fredefiintited 4ccordifigi»4he 

• ptuf^fe ifJum,.iph mrkeih sit thirds j^er 
thtConniftlitfJikhmifi^, x^ 

Prdv.2 i.i. rhtX«igs hem^&imtheiMds^fthe 
L0rJ, M fhiivtrs ^-n>0er, hctumeib it 

Ezra 7.27. Bleffedhe the Iprd Godtfm Fathers^ 
pfhich hatbpMtffKh a thi»g4f this in the kings 
heart, to bedaHfii the kafe efthe Lord which 
if in ^ernJaUm, 

Ban.y.aj. Btit th§u hdfi lifted nP thyfelfagMnf 
the iMdefU^h/en^ andthey have brM^t the 
nn^eU »f his hen^ before ihee^ andtben, and 
•thy terdty th^ipives, Midfk .Consid>ig^s have 
drunk wine in them, and thou bafi fraifed the 
Godsoffilvjef^andGold.tfBrafey Iron, mod, 
and Stone t which fee not, nor hear, nor knoWy 
andtbe (Sod ift'mrfe band thy breath if, and 
wbofe art jdLtby waui, ba^. tbou.not gtarified^ 

'1 SaiD. 5. li. Aim Samuel uld him every pfbit^ 

■ Ktfi hidMtbim^fmm bimy and he (aid it n the 

^'»5?P. txtm-^ditmbi Lofmed not my mentK 

t> 4 bccaufi 


^0 Migit Knop^kdge. 

fiecdufe thou didft it. 
Jobi*xi* Andfdid, naked cofni r eut of mjmeA 

fhers fPPmhy d$$d naked Jbali Iretmrn thither^ thm 
* iMd gave, and the Lerd kasb taken awaj |1 

Sliced te the name of the L^di' 
Pfelipy.i. The Lord reigneth. Let the earth re* 

mce. Let the mdtiinde of ifles he glad^ 

Jutui.ij. L»nomanfayt»henheiftefnfted^T 

am tempted of God^ for God cannot he temftH 


V«i4, But every man is ttmPted when be u 

drawn moaj of his own linfiankmi(ed. 


Concerning UHan. 

COaceraiog Mw we are takeofviuid iinder- 
ftatidthefe three things. ; ^j 

I , The happj Condition in which he was made^ 

a. tlisFalL 

3, The way of bis Recovery by Chrifis 

I. The Holy and happy cftate in which 
Cod aeated man at firfti Naoieiy, after hi$ 
own Image, in Knowloige, HounefTey and 
Righteoafoefie, wirfi Dominion over the Crea- 
tures here below^ writing his Law on mans 
heart) reqairing perfed obedience from him jiaad 

Digitized by GoOglC g^^^^g 

jmg Um power to paform it, promifing the 
wiriwwnce of Bin in that iiappy eftate if he o- 
ffa9^e^> and thredtaiog htm with death if he 
^obeyed % whieb it eoBed the Ovenam ofmrks. 

, ' « * • ♦ 

Pfid.S4. Whst kmm tbM thou 4rt mindfnlof 
Urn, Mdtbt Son ef man that thou vifiteji him f 

V.j. For thou haB made him Ihtle lower thorn 
the Angels f and hajterowmd him witk Glory 
rndBommr.» Thou madefihimto have dominion over the 
mrks ofthj Inmds^ then haft put all things, nh- 
der hie feet. 

Geo»i.26* jinJcodfaid^ let us make man in our 
Image 9 after our Ukeneffe t, and let them have 
domimonoverthefiJhoftheSea*^ and over the 
fomle oftheaira, and over the Cattle^ and over 
ai the earth% and ovef every Creeping thing 
thdt Creefeth ufon the Earth. 

V27. So God Created man in his ^pt.n Jmage^ in 
the Image of God Created he^y male^fe-^ 
male Created he them. 

V.iSj K^itdGodbleffed them^ andGod faidms^ 
tothem^ hefrnitfalandmidtiplj^ andrefUnifh 
the earthy andjnhdne it^ and have dominion o^ 
verthefijhofthe Sea^ andoptr the fowl of the 
aire^ and over every living thing thatmovefh 
wfon the earth* 
Eccldl7»i9. Lo this only have ifonnd^ that God 
hath made man upright, ht(f (ktj h4vefoi^ht 

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^Mt mwf itmaitMns, 
C9I.5.10. i^mdbtmefutwtht nemnu»\ 

itrtnemdhknnpledget t^tbe Imagt^.i 

tiwtCreMttdbim. . 
Eph.4.a4. Andtluujefut mtthe nemmMwk 

dfitrGtiitCHMttd, inr^kem^fufe /unit 

Mimffe, . 
Gai.t.j. Atid the lord Otd famed nun oftk 

dnftifthegnmd, 4Uuil>ri4tkfdiMtfidi}i^l 

the mah eflife, sad mut heemie d Uoi» 

fid. ■ 

Ya6, AndiheLtftdGed C$mmmdtdtht\ 

f^ffifigyef every tree if the Garden ihtBmaij 

Vii7. inttfthetree ^hnmkdgeBfgeedmd e- 

vUy thmfUt »»t eetif *t> ftrmtheda^ tbet 

thetieAtepftereefthpttflult jmtifdie, 
Oal.3.i». Jindthe Lmw itmoffuthi hit the 

man thdtdeth them jb^iiwmtmm. .. 
Ronfl. lo.f . fir Mefes deferibnkfhi righttegfneffe 

Vfhich k tf thelMv t, that the mm which doth 

thefe things JhdU live by them, 
Rom.1.14. F^vfhentheGentOes ipktebhavevii 
^the Lm do hj natwe the things (Mttdinedinfhe 

Ld», theft having not the Law, are a Law 

V. 1 5. WhieifpHw the werk tf the Law mitteit 

in their hearts., their eenfciences Alfa hearing 

wknefs, and^their thenghts theme<»tfhiieac' 

cnfiffgtrelfe'tficnfingene another ^ 

• ' DigitzedbyG00g[(^» ThC 

n.Tiieauferabte Condition ifico nrbkb nan 
fern jMeVby &» : 0«r firft Pavcan (by the 
bp«tik!» of SMbm) fU>'ob«y«d God, broke 
Mni|it«)ws> iMTdfid CommttdemcsHt ; and 
inereby caft tbq«(«lfe5 <ni^Q^«faie FaviHir of 
God, bequne the Slaves of Satan, and liable to 
Ik cttfc of die Iaw, aid brbiigbta greatde* 
juMtioi-of forfl «ad body ii|»«icfaeairekc$ $ 
lad fiKb 9is oar M Parttts wore, fuch muft 
Nr..t0A«rity nm^. h^iVotitln cm Mtg s 
\tmfhH^ Ht^ mumU^* (iys^, Ciiap. 

They ti0v»g ktft th^ Lmageof God them, 
ilre^.tfae holiiidle, ;lnd happiacflriniifhich 
lifjr -w^re foad^. could oot ooavd^ it to 
heir pofterity. So that the nature oif aaa is 
ow becoiDecorr«i{»t> psttwetqcWl, hadtward 
ogaod. Aod this JBai(erabU condition is derived 
OS fyiim Jdtm by oar iaunediat« Parents ^ 
od aK, jAcn «Qin9 to be botn in iioreral Ages, 
Kvd generations, fothey a^ually:)^articipateof 
Ik up.tbat coQito firoo the firft tooc ^ ire be- 
ag ^r4&re all of ui in fobad k Coididon by 
utvre^ and by coftomie «id mdice in fin ha- 
nogmadsovr &l«es jnoch worfe^ and more a- 
l^oaiiDable in the fight of God, mcirc guilty and 
li^ to bis wrath ^ «e areto knoiraiKi coofider 
^ this wofd ftat« of. itn aad intfery is by no 
fMUK tobevefted^^ Bntfeetngi^e arefaUen 
^vu^fohuneotaUeacondioon, ivemoftfpeedi' 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

34 ^*i^ KiiiwUt^e) 

ly endeavour to get ont of it. Aad 
let us remen^r that without Cooverfion l 
is no hope oTSaivatioR^ EMceft dnun te* 
dgidn^ mJ mdde a mw CrtHwri, he e4fn$^ < 
i/ito the KiHgJmi^fGtiy Job^J.S* 

Gen. 3. 6. And when the pumdtt fm thdt the 
tree i»»sg«edf»foei , gftdth/it it wm fltuftm, 
to the eyes, andd tree tt he defired to mUce mc 
mfttjhe tnke efthe frmt thereof > trndJUdtrnti 
. 4ndg4n}tAlf$imtoherhmhA$dmthber,4lnd* 

V. 7. A»dthe eyes of them htth were t^gfui 
Midthn knew thst thy tme naked, dnJ th^ 
. fewedpg'leaves together, andmsdethemfetvet 

V. 8. Andthej heard the voyee of the Lord Cod 
walking in the Garden in the coole of the day. 
And adorn and hit wife hid themfelves from 
the prefeme of the L^dCod, amoi^S the treas 
of the Garden. 

V. 13. AndtheZordGodpid nntpthemwooM, 
what it tbit that thon hafi done? And the womoato 
faid, the Serpent hegnilednu, and I Meate. 

V. \6. Unto the woman hefaid, I wiU greatly 
multiply thfforrowpondthf conception: in forr0» 
Jhalt thon iring forth children; and thy defire 
fbalhetothy hnthand^ he Jhall rale over thee,\ 

V. 1 7« And unto Adam hefaid, hecanfe thou haft 
hearkened to the voice efthy wife , and haft aM- 

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Hrxr »ftb€ tree, tfnhieh I tmnMndedtbee, faj- 
f ifBg^beu fbdt ntt este vfit $ curfcdis tbegrotmd 

fw tiyfake^ Mfemmjbalt thtu eate of it all the 

V. 18. rhmus dlff titid tUfiles fkaS. it hring 

\ fmht§thee,Midt1mhtUeate4heheArbofthe 
pld. . ^ 

V. 1^. Jttthejvfeat ef thf fm ^dt tho» eate 

ireMd, till thm return.wit» the ground » for m 

afit Pfdfi then taken, for dufi thou 4rt , W*»- 

tuetufijluh thou return. 

t Tim. a. 13. For Adm was firfi formed then 

V. 14. And Adam was not deceived, but the wo- 
man being deceived was in the tran^eSion, 

V. 15. Notwithfiandiug Jbe JhaU be faved $}t 
child-bearings if/he continue in faith, andcha' 
ritjt and hoUneft withf^ietj. 

2 Cor. 1 1. 3. Forlfeare^ leanbyanymeanes ao 
the Serpent begdudEve through his fubtiUy, 
foyour minds fiould be corrupted from the Jtn- 
pUcitj that it inChrifi. 

Goi. 5.3. And Adam lived an hundred and thir* 
tyneares, and begat a Son in his own likenefs, 
^ter his Jmim, and called his name Seth. 

CeD.6.5. Jnd God Jaw that the wickednefs of 
man was great inthe earth, and that every ima- 
ff nation of the thoughts of his heart was onely 
eviieentinuatty, . . . 

Geo. 8. »t, Andtht UrdfyftUi *f«t<t favour, 

' " ■ and 4^ 

anddiiprdfidiin his tiedrt, £ iHiB ntd^ 
curfe the^MitddtifmrtfirffMiisftke^fir 
imi^vudioH »f mam iieoft^v rmfi-mt 
youth, neither mi I AgMnjmtc MfnUrex 
tlhg Uvif^dS I hvi dbitf^" '' 

Rom. 5. 1 J. Wherefore ^ 1^ one nign pit tjt^t. „ 
into the ptfU , And imkbj 6,n^ aidfp iettb 
Pdj^i Mfw uS men for HhMtm'havepnttfed, 
T.1I8. fUereftre^hiiheoftAcevfontyfii^ 
mnt cum upon aB men toaim^^Aim* even 
jfoby therighuoufnefs of iM^tht freeze dm 
upon iU men nntojnpjicafion^iflrf^, 
V. ip. for at by-one mans di/obedienfr msiq 
»eremaieRnners , .fo tiy the mdience ifOfK^ 
flioUmanybe made righteous, 

Pial. 5i.y. "Behold, inmsjh^n ihJniqnitfy nnd 
in fin didmfmother conceive me. 

Job 15. 14. What isman, thai he paiddieelekn^ 
' and be winch is borne of a iioman, that hepnld 
be righteous f 
V. 16. Hoto much mere Jidminobie andfltiy it 
many whith drinketh iniijnity tike water t 

Job 14. 4.. Who can bring a Clean thing Mt tf 

' an unclean f Jiot-one. 

Rom. 3. 9. What then are i^e better then thtfyt, 
no in no wife^Jer we ha've before proved nth 
^ewes and Gentiles,, that (hey 4re aU dnder 
fin,, Jsitismittenythert ii none rightepusy 
n» not onc^, u,m.e,t,GooQ\e „ , 

K Bight KtMmUd^e. 37 

j%afe2tf.ig r9»fentheirejes,4mit0turnthcm 

} r^d4rkneffet» light, 4indpm the fmtr of 

SMMmftt God, tEf ihij m0j. receive forsivi. 

^'^^C'; V^^^'^'^^^f^them which 

jfrtftnBtfitdbjfiiththt U in me, 
* Tim. 1. %$, And'thitthtf m*l newer theth- 

fchesomofthofiwe of the DeviB , ifhi Are 

takin CMftive hj him at his mH For to he ejtrMSj minded b deaths 

hit to bef^iritmltj minded it life and fence 
V. 7. Beeanfe the earnall mind is enmity dn^n/l 

God', for it is not/nijea to the Lm J God, 

neither indeed eanle, ■ 

X Cor. ». 14. Bnt the natnraB man rteeivethnot 

the things of the Sfirn of God, for they are foo' 

liflfmfitohim, neither can he know them, tg- 

oanfe they are^iritnoBy difeerned, 
Rom. 7. 14. for toe know that the Law isfpri- 

tnaS, hut I am earnall, fold under Jin. 

1^^' ^^^ *»» that in me, that is in myfte/b 

dweBeth no good thing/or to will is frejtnt with 

mtyhnthow to ferforme that which is good I 


V.23. Bat 1 fee another Law in my members, 
warring againft the Law of my minde^ and 
hnngingme into Captivity to the Laso of fn ^. 
mch is in my members, V. %^ ^ 


38 Migtft Kn§wUJ£e. 

Vi 14* O metchedman tba I am^ fpi0 Jhi 
li^er me jr$m tke My of this de4th. . 

Jcr, 17. 9. The Hem is deceitful above oBtH 
and Defperately wicked^ who cm kmw it f , 

Jam. 4^5* Do ye think tha the ScriptMref^ith 
vaifte^TheSfiritthdtdmllethiMns Infiesh 
. envy? 

£ph«2. 1. And you haxhhe fuickned, tohp were 

dead in trefp^es and fins. 
y. 2. wherein insime fafi ye walked aec§rJim 
to the courfe of this tporldf according to the 
Prince ofthefowerof the Aite^ the Spirit tbat 

^ now fporketh in the children ofdifobedience. 

V. 3* Among whom alfoweaU had our Cowotr- 

fatten %n times Pafi , in the lufls of our flefb^ 

fulfilling the dejtres of the flejh^andof the mi^, 

and were by nature the Children of wrath , even 

. 4S others, 

Gsl* 5* 10. For 40 many as are of the works of the 
Law are under the curfe *yfor it is mitten. Cm- 
fed is every one that continueth not in aB things 
which are written in the book of the law to do 

Gal. 5. 1 7. For theflefh lufleth againfi the Sfirity 
and the Sfirit againfi the flejh^and the fe are con- 
trary the one to the other Jo that ye cannot do the 
things that ye would. 

Eph. 4.18. Havingthe mtderfianding darkened^ 
being olienMedfiom the life of God through the 
ignorance that is in them iecMfk of the %linat* 
nefs of their heart. ^^^8^^ i John 

10 i.S. 7/ $9e fay that ^ite h^^emfin mde-^ 
^, feive mjehesy Md the truth ^ not in as., 
Viio. ifwefity^ thM m have n$t finned^ wc 

nt^ehimAliary anJ his word is not in us, 
la^J.i. For in many things^ roe offend aU^ if , 
snjmdH offend not in word^ the fame tsaper- 
feff mdn^ and Me alfo to bridle the whole io\ 

£ccIef.7«to. For there is not ajnft man ttf0^. 
.. earthy that dothgoodoftdfinneth note 
Hof. 14. 1 . o J frail, return unto the Lord thf God, 

for thou haft faUen bf thine iniquity. 
Eph.4.22. That ye put offsineerning the former 
Comverfation, the old man^ which is corritpt^ 
hording to the deceit fdlufts^ 
V.Z3. %^nd be renewed in the Spirit of jour 

V.24. 4ndtha$ fepfUon the new man^ which 
after God is Cre^id in right eoufnejfe and true 
1C0r.15.49. And as we have born the imoige:^ 
the earthly^ we jbaS alfo bear t\e^;I$iMg;el^m V:.; 

. heavenly. *>^■.\^/"^V^^''"'^*.■./' ' 

^JohA^.j. ^efus anfweridi ifh/faidiyo hinii 
verily^ verily^ ifdf into theeytxcept dmaur. 
fe born again^ fe cannot fee the kingdomc of 

I V.4. Nitodemns faith ftnio himy how can a man 

\ he bom when be is old f can he enter thefeconM 

Hmeintohis mothers wiombe and he born? 

I . P " * Digitized by^^tf^Qle 

40 Riglrt: KmipUdgel 

Vj. ^tjus Mfweredy. verily^ verity, I fay 

thee^ exceft a man be b^rn 0f water ^ aM&fi 

Sfirih hi cannot etttfr into the kingdmi 

W.6. That whichis born 0f the flefk isflefb, 

that which is born of the Sfirit is Sfirit. 
V.7. LMarvel not that I faid unto thee, ye' 

muft be born again. 
Col. 1 . 2 1 • And yon that were fomtimes alionsted, 

and enemies inyonr mind by wicked wotks^ yet 

novo hath he reconciled. 
X John 3.4* Whofoever committeth fin, tratef-^ 

greff'eth alfo the Law, f of fin U the tranfgre^imo 

of the Law. 
lam.3.39« Wherefore doth a living man emto- 

flain, amanforthefunifhmem ^ his fins ? 
}am.i. i4« But every man is temfted^ when he k 

drawn away of his own Lufi, and enticed. 

V.I 5. Then when Lu/l hath conceived it brifh' 

geth forth fiuy and fin when it is finijhed, hrin- 

geth forth death. 
Itom.6.23. ¥ or the wages of fin is deaths hut the 

gift ofGod is eternal Ufe^ through ^efmCkrifi 

our Lord. 
Rom.7. 5. For when we were in the fie/h^ the mo^ 

tions of fins which were by the Law^ didworkin 

our members to bring forth fiuit unto deaths 
Mac.)$.4i. Then fhaUhe fay alfotothemon the 

left hand, defort from me ye curfed into ever^ 

lading fir e^ fre fared for the devil and his 4n- 

geh^ aTbcf# 


JBJght KMwUJgf, 4t 

^heC. X .p. Who Jh*B he funijbed with everlajt^ 
' ^flg elcfirM^hn pom the prefence of the Lord, 
sndfrom the Glory of his fomr. 

3. The bkded way fopnd out and ap|x)inte4 
>y God for inan$ Recovery oacof c^is mi- 
erable liate, which is by the ondertaldog ao^ 
nediacioa of his oaely Son. 

iaCi^^^. 6 Jfraoi^ thou hafi jefirojed thj felf, 

hmt im me u thine helf» . ^ , 
lom«7.24. metched matt that I dm ; whoJhdS 
■ elelitfernufiomthehodft of thi$ death? 
V.a$. J tbaitk God^ throng ^eftts chrifi iamr, 

Xordi fo them with the mind I my feifferve 

the Lam ofGod,hnt with thejUJh the Law of fin. 
[901.5,15. And 1 wiB Put enmity between thee 

diwd the wpman^ and Mweenthj feed, and her. 

ftedy itfiaB krnife thy heady and thoHJhali 
. ^niife hit heel, . 
i Tim.2.5. For there is one God, dnd one media-^ 

toriiiwieii God and man, the man cbrifi ^e* 

]<»Mi3..i4- Jnid niMofes lifted uf the Serf enttn 

the wilder neffe, even fo mnfi the fin of man he 

.Uftednf^ . , . :. .,. J that wh»foevir ttUeveth in hiiii, fhoitld 

a^perifhint have etern4 life, . . . . For Godfo loved the worldy thatlif ^avi, 

hUotdjhtgiiienSon, that whofoen^rheUeveth^ 

lft% Eight Kn90Udgi. 

iff hinfy fhonldnct ferijh, ht bdve tn)trhA 
life. ' 

A^4.i2. Neither is there fdhstioif in any ^ 
for there is none other name tsnder Hea^ven^ I 
"ven among mefffoherebj we frmfi be failed, j 

X John 4.14. And m havefeeny sna deftefi^ 
that the Father fent the Son to be the Ssirimi 

6aL) . 1 3* Ckiji hath redeemed m from the en 
of the Lavf^ being made 4 cnrfe f§r ua^ fm 
is written^ Cur fed is every one that banj^etii 
a tree. 

John 6.35* And^efus fatdutsto them^ I am I 
bread of lifey he that cometh to mefhaBsM 
hunger^ and he that beUen/ethonrmfhaineo 

' thi^. 

V.51. I dm the Uving breads which comedo 
from Heaven, if any man eat of this bread, k 
fiaB live for ever : and the bread that Ii^ 
give is myfltfh •, which I wiU give far the lifti 
the worlds 

C6I.1.20. An^ having made peace thraugh rf 
blood of.hisCn^'e^ l^himto reconcile aU tbiM 
urito himfelf^ by him I fay, whether tbeylt 
things in earthy or things in Heaven, 

John4.42. And faidnnto the woman, ffowmk 
le4ve notbtcaufe of thy frying for we have Aesri 
him oar [elves, and know that this is indeedik 
Chrijf the Saviour of the world. 

Aite I j.5*t Sc ft known itmo jM;hfrefm nut 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC StU 

dndBrethrtn^ thatthrctighthismAnisfriichd 

unt0j0u the ffirgiveneffe tf fins. 
abfi 1.29. The mxtddj ^ghn fetth^efHs e$m^ 

hg unto hinif and fait h^ behold the LanA of 

God which taketh away the fin of the world. 
John5.11. And this is the record that God hath 

given so us^ eternal life, and this life is in his 

^,11. ffe that hath the Son bath lifoy and he 

that hath not the Son of Godhath net life. 
bboi.i7« Forthe Lawwoijiven byMofes, bnt 

Grace and Truth eame by fefnsChriJl. 
John 2.2. And be is the frofitiationfor our fins] 

dnd not for ours only ^ but alfo for the fins of the 

whole world. 
Uh 9-1 5* And for this caufe he is the mediator, of 

the newTefiament^ that by means of death for 

the redemption of the tr4nfgrepons that were 

under the prfi Tefiament^ they which are caHed 

might receiw thefromife of eternal inherit ami. 


Csffi^emt^ the iMtdiator between Ged and 

eQocemiag the .Mediator between God 
aadmip, Chrift Jefiis^ Wc moftknow 
E 3 and 

44 Rtsf>t KnowUdff. 

aHdimderftand thefe feaven things. 

I. Wha^ maoQer of pcrfoo he was j Hew 
God and Man in the fame perfon. The Eccn 
^n of God, The fecond Perfon in the Trini 
took to himfelf oar humane Nature fa huma 
fool and body) and united it after a wonderfi 
manner to his Godhead s And fo God aad I^ 
becimeone perfpn. 

jTira.|.i^. Jti4 mtktiit cpntrtvtrfig, grui 

■ tkmjIferjifCtMifUp, gUwm tmm^ejii 
thefiefi, ]Mpifiedintke Sfirii, Teen •fAt^ 
peachidumo thg GthfHts^ belteve4 9mi»i 
vorldt received uf ffitp Gkrf* 

|lom.9..5. Wbejesre the fJitkers, And ofik 
' atcfioeeriiin^thefliJhchrificMmei whpistft 

John 17.5, '4tidfw» a Fdther, glorife tbmi 

■ mth thine own jetft with tbcGhrj ^kifi^lk 
mtktkfe before the vwfdvdt, 

Chrift <3od. 

Heb.1.3, vyho being the brightneffe ofhisGy 
And the expreffe lm4^e of his Person, Mndi\ 
holding 4Sthit»ef bjithe word e^ bit fower^ «fc 
he h4dby himfelf purged our fias^ fatetUm»i 
the right hand of the Majejfy on high. 

'Reh.i$,9.^efus'Chrifi the fame jefierd/tf, 4 
todaj, and for ever, r^^^r, ' 

^ xjo! 

Digitized b 

F J^ght KtuwUdge, ' ■ 4; 

r X JdbD $Ao\ And m ktmvtha$ the Sen tfoU 

\ is ctme, and hah then ut m underjlaMtag: 

thawe may know Mm that is true : atidm tare 

i» him that is true^ evett in his $on ^efue 

Chrifis T^hisisthetrneGedt ani eternal life, 

Jofan X0.5*. landmf Father are one. 

JabaS.58. Refits faidnntp th^y verily^ verily, 

I fay nnteyMy hefere Ahrtham Vfott I am. 
John 17.11. And nm Jam n» mere inthtPforld, 
hnt theft are in the werldy andleemetethee^ 
b»ly Father^ keef thrtn^ thine awn name 
tb§[e vthtm thenhaji given mee» that they may 
heone,atve are. 
John 17.11. While I vtae with them in the vterld^ 
1 keft them in thy name : Tktfe that thengaveS 
melbavekeft, andmneefthem itUfibutthc 
fonafprditsantbattbe Serif tnre mgbt be fid' 
John I.I. In the beginning wot the wordy and 
the word wot with God, and the word wu God, 
V.». The fame wot in tlfe beginning with God, 
V.?, All things were made by him, and without 

him wot not any thing made that was made, 
1C0r.15.47. The frfi man it of the earth earthy, 

thefecondman is the Lord from Heaven, 
CoI.».9. For in him dweSeth all the fulnefeof 
the God' head bodily^ 

£ 4 Chrift 

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^$ Might Knowledge^ 

Chrift Man. 

Htb.2*^4* PoTAfmnch then as the Children ^te 
partakers cfflefh and blood t he alfc himfelfhke^ 
fpife took fart of the fame : that through aeath hf 
rmght deproj him that had thepmerofdeatb^ 
that ii the devil. 
V. 1 5. For verily he to6k not on him the natme of 

Angels Jbitt he took on him thefiedofAhrdham. 
V.I 7. wherefore in at things it hehoovcdhim 
to he made likepnto his brethren^ thai he might 
be a tnerciful and faithful High trief^in things 
pertaining to Goa, to make reconciliation for tb^ 
fins of the people. . 
l(^.9*6. For unto us a child is born^ unto m sfon 
is given f and the Government fhall be upon his 
Pofflder^ and his name fbaB be called^ Wonder^ 
ful^ CounceBor, the mightif God^ the evtrUfi- 
ing Father^ the Prince df peace. 
Pbil. 2 .6. If ho being in the form of God, thought 
y.y. But made him/elf of no reputation *y ani^ 
to k upon him the form ofafervant-^ andwaf 
p^adc in the likene(fe of men. 
V. 8. Aifd hein^ found in fafhion of a nun^ 
he humbled himj elf and became ched^.tnt unto 
d^ath, even the de4t^ of the Croffe. 
% John 4,3. . And every Spirit that tonfejTetb not 
that ^ejns chrifi is come in the fiejb is not 

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i tfGfJ, M$d this is that Spirit fifAtitl-chrifi 
f whereof ye have heard that itflmUeme, and 

even new already it it in the werld, 

_ » John 7. Far many deceivers are entred into the 

j tmU, 9h§cenfe§mtthat^elmiscemeinthe 

peflitbk is a deceiver^ and an Anti'Cbrift, 

John 5 .27. And hath given him antherityta exe^ 

tote judgment alfo-, hecanfe he it theSenneef 

Joho i.i4..^W the werd was made fiejb^ and 

dwelt dmng Its, and we beheld his Glen ^ the 

Glory as tf the Oneh begotten of the Father fu^ 

^ Grose and Trash. 
I TiiB.9.5. fertbete it one Cody a»d one Medi- 
ator tetween G$d and Man. the man Chri/l 

^efm, ^ 

Mat.itf«i5. VFben^efta came into the Co^s of 
Cefarea PbiUffi^ he asked hU DifcifUs,(ajing^ 
wkm do men fay that I the Son of man am f 

V.14. And they faid^ Some fay th^t then art 
^ohntbeSapi^, fime EUof, and others ^e- 
remiasy oroneoftheProfhets, 

V.16. He Jofth nnto them^ hnt whom [ay ye 
tbaitla^nf , 

V.I 5. Artd Simon Peter anfmrtd, and Jaid^ 
then art Chrifithe Son of the living Ged, 

V.I 7. And^efus anfwered Md fiid nmohim^ 
iltfjed art then Simon Barjo/ia, for fi^ 4»i 
bleod hath not reveled it mt%thee, batasyPaf 
th^ which it in tfeavtift. 

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s. How he became man $ He was bom (abao^i 
fixteeobandred and odd years ago) of cheVir- 1 
gin Wurjy who was of the feed o(<>#^4i&«w, 1 
^d of the Family of\ZXiVM/, as was fore> | 
tpld in the Scriptures, being Conceived in her 
by the Almighcy power of the Holy Qhofi, 
V without the hdpofniaB, and^thoucfiaj sod 
wasCflUed Jefos Chrift. 

Gal.4.4. M0 pfbetttht fiUn^e rftstnewMe»me, ■ 
C4JfentfmhbitS00,mMetf4W0mm, muk | 
MfuUr tie 1,aw, i 

V<5. tt redeem, them that. mreimder tlxLaw, 

that vfe mi^ receive the aJkpiw tfStnt* 
Mat.1.18. Ntif the Birth $0efti* Chrift WM m 
this wifey when m hit mnher M^rf WM efioufsd 
te ^efefK hefore they <4me tether, fhe wm 
fhMdwith child ef the Ihlf Ghift. 

V. »o. But while he theitght M theft thhigSy he- 
holdy the Angel »f the Lerd iffeared to him h 
d dreamy fajtnfy ^ofefb, then feotf David, 
fear ntt tit take mite thee Uarj thfmfe^ ftr 
that which is cweeived in her it ef the H^j 

V.2Z. New aU this wat dene that itmgbtbe 
fulflledphich wasf^oken of the Lwdhphe Ire- 
fhety ftjing^ 

y.i3, Behcldy arirginfiaihe with ehildy and 

JbaS bring forth a Sent and they jhaB CaUhis 
ligme Emmannelf which itin^ interfreted is 
God with us, - Luke 

I Right Itntfpk^e, 4^ 

BLiikei.atf. Andhtbefixth mmth the Angel 
f GdArielpf/ufetrtJrm Gody unto a City efGMli- 
l», mMtua?(az^eth. 
V.«7. T9 4 Firgin elftnfeJ to 4 m4», whofe 
ume wM ^ofefky »fthe h»fe of DdvH Md 
y,x%. And the Angel utM in unto her, and 
fdd, Hait^ thou that irt highly fa^tomred, tht 
Ltrd it with thee: Sleffed 4rt thou mong 
y.30. And the Angtl ftid unto her, fe/irnot 

M^t fsrthou hd/tfoundfavoMr with God. 
y.31. Atidheholdy thoujhalt eoneeive in thy 
wm^y dttd kring forth 4 Son^ 4ndfidlt CdS 
V»32. BejbaM he great, 4nd he Called the Son 
of the Bighef ) dmdthe LordjkaUgive unto him 
the Throne ifhk Father David, 
V.35, And he ^aire^n over the ffouft of ^ar- 
cob for ever^ and of hit Kingdome there fb/mbt 
V.34, Ihenfdd Mary uatotht Angela hotofhaB 

thuhiy feeing Ikntitf not ama»f 
V.3;* Affd tue Angel anftoered, attdfaidmito 
her, the Holy Gh^ fhaU come upon thee^ at$d 
the fewer ofthe Himft^aM ovtrjbadowthee ; 
therefore afo that hph thing phichfiall he bono 
ofthecy ptaUhecaSedthe $onefGo4^ 
jLoke 2.7. And Otehrought forth her fir j^ horn Son, 
and wrafud him in fwadling clothes, and 


|4| Might Kmpfkt^f, 

l/udhm i» d m4Mgert betMfe there wst m ni 
f0r them h the Jmte. ' 

V.8. -^iJ there vf/uin the feme Cemnfrejjk^ 
her is dhidin^ i» the field, keefing Mcb m^ 
their flock hj night, I 

V.9. JftdLe, the Angel ef the Ltfiesme t^ 
them% {Htdtbe^hrjeftheLvifbenerennidt 
hetftthem, Md they iferejferedfr aid, 
Vjo. And the Ai^elfeid mat them, fe^wmt; 
jf^ieholdt I ^ingjtngeed tidings ^greatjn^ 
which fhdi he teMfeefle, 
V.zi. FtrpnteyeuuhvnthisddjintheCitj^ 
D/lvidf 4 S4viei^t vHch i$ Cbrift 
imd, And thUfluA iedftgn nnteyen^ yejU 
findthehdie mapfed infrddUxg Chthes, If 

V.13. Andjuddenlj there vfdt mithtbeAitgi 
dmnUitfdeef the heavenly Hefl, frdiJhgGd 
V.14. Gkryte Gedinthehigheflt sndenedrA 

feace, gpedmUtewardsmen, . 
V.I 5. Anditcdme tofdfi, 4(the Angels, wot 
gem dwayjreif them vite Hcifven, the fief berJi 
j4d ^ne te dn$ther\ Let tu nmgf.even am 
BethUhem, detdfefthit'tlung, wRehiftemn 
faffe^ wtnch the L$rd hdthmdde knepn ^ntt 

V,i6, Andthettdme fnth hsf, dadfenadit^ 
ry dad 3^*f*f«i nadthe Me lyin^i»4mm 

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«i,i.^^ Ctneermng hitSpn.^efiit chnfi m 

V.4. And duUrtd u he the S$» of coct with 

Pfr MtirdiiigtttheSfiritofhoiweS.bjthi 

C0L1.3. J» whom »e bid MBtbitrtAfuresffirif' 
dme Mi$dkM§0Udge. . 

John 3.34. Ftr he i»hm G*d bath fent fiedketh 
the iPgrds efGeJ, for Gnt givcth m the Sfiri$ 

Hch.1.9. Them hdBhvedrighteMfref^tnd bated 
iniqmtj, therefm Ged, eventU G*d, hath a- 
fwimedthu mththe pie rfgMtuJfe abtvc tbj 

C0I.X.19. FerittUdfedtbe titbertbat in him 

hSa 10.38. ff&m God dneinted ^e[m efN^a- 
reth wHbthe Helj Ghefi, and with ffinrer, wbt 
went dbe$a doing geed^ and bealinig all that were 
mrefed with the pevil, fir Ged wot with 

3. How be Lived $ He Lwed .aboat three 
and thirty years here upon Earth, amoftholy, 
iuioceot, finlefsLife, performing pcrfe<^ qbe- 
(iknce to the Larr of God. And as the greait 
frtfhet of God (who was promifed, D«m9. 
2$. A3s 3. aa.) he declared his Fathers will 
ia his beavcaly diftoisles^ aod Sermons, aix^ie 


52 , J^jr K m U i J ^ 

frcoogbc xanuf miradcs cocon^imhisdoAi 
HbAxoftcfft hi»rclftlie troeMeSa^ aili 

i Per.2.41. Wh» Md n$ /up, itrtflvr wm§ 

founim bis m»tL 
Heb.7.»4?. ftrfrekMSighffielHeeJtmemji 

, ntrSj indmaM hi^r tbgn tk Hemum, j 

tM>.4. 1'i, Ftr we hsve t$tt in High fritfk^ m. 

iMimht imhedwththtftttiKgtftmii^ 

mtia, Jrmwitin at fHnttt^iifUd likes 

Kal.4GC7. ThenfudJ^Lticme^ii^tbenftk 
. ffthe hnk it it written if me, 
V.8. 1 delight tede thf wiid mf Cad, pi 

Law if witbin my be/irt.. 
(}aL4.4. jr«r wien tbefidtttjfe ef time i»M H 

Ctdfentfmb hit Son, made efd wmmei K 
^ uMtrthe L0W, 
Mac,f . 17. Think nettbit lam cmm i\ Jefin^ 

Law «r the Pre f bets y lam net come t$ df 
. bnttefulfiB, 
itoin.5.1^. Per at bj ene mans difebeditni 

manrwere madefiimers, ftbjtbe ebediettH 

enejbaU many be made rigitteut: , 
DeuciS.!;. TheLerd t^ GedwHraifeMfi^ 

thee a Frephet freni the midf ef thee, m 

kretbreiilitit thtH ^e,' nnte bim'jieJMy 


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I Migkt KtuwUdgi, 51 

m }.»«. J^» Mtfes tridj faidmitt'ttfe Fathtrs, 
Urrtfbet Puitht Ltrd^om Gtd mfe up unt4 
fj$» *rr«w ireth-eit Bkttmt^mejnmfluiyeheiit 

h a things ^fbdtfffvtr heftdifdj mt» yta, 
John 15.1 5 . Heneeftrth 1 edl m »tt fervMi^ 
fmtbefervattknmethntt tfM hit LirJdetk, 
sht I hmx cdikd j$» fritnds 5 ftr 4il thi^gt 
^ I hmHhemi$f mfj Fttber I hsvt msdc 

M» *»i 1 • Tkk hegimhg if tiHrMlei MJ^tfm 
i» Cdms tfGdUUe, mtd tmmftfttd fmb hit 

Gkry, MdhitI>ijeifUsbtUevei$nhim, 
V.13. Htm when he wot m ftt^ufshm 41 the 

f^0vn in the Fedft day s iMty beUevedin 

hie name when thet fam the mirdeles mhieh he 

](tek6.x4. Then thefe men when they hUfeen 

the wnmk that ^efm did, {did, this is rf 4 

trmk, that Frtfhet that fhtidd eeme into the 

John 10.41. And many refined nnti him and 

feid, ^ehn didne mtratle, hit aB thijigs that 

yehnfiake efthu man were tr»e» 
5<mn 15.24. Jf I had net dene ameng them the 
, ^erkswhiehna ether man didt they bad not had 
j fin, hntnow have they both feen andhatedbotb 

me and my Father, 
\ Jdiii 5 .^6. 3nt 1 have greater witnefthan that ef 

^hntfvr the works that the Father hath given 
I m tofmfh^ the Jame works that I do» hear wit* 

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peffetfmey th^t the Father bah femsU 

Johnio.i5. ^efutanfweredthem, ItcUji 

keheUeveintt^ the Mrkr thMldo i»t^ 

then nme^thej bear mtpeffevf me, ' i 

V.37. If I demit the Uterks if my father, M 

mene^. . ; , 

V.jSi tifi if I de» thengb ye heUeve mt 
ieleei;e the werki, that ye may knm aMiM 
thattbe Father it inmeandlinhim. 

John 14.11. Beleeve me that I am in the Fa 
ind ihe Father in me, tr elfe beUeve -^ 
the very mrks fake. 

A^2.2«. Te mt» of Ifraely hear thefe 
^efm ff Noicareti, a man afpomtd ef{ 
ommyMbymHracles and pnuders^ a»d& 
vhiehGtddidby bimin the midft a/yeu,. 

41 How he Died} Being betrayed by ^ 
forfaken by his Difciples, fcomed andiqed 
by the World, through the malidoos frofa 
tioft^ the Jews, andoniuftrentenceof^i/li, 
was Condemned to be Crodfied^ and hi 
tormented by his perfecatois, aodhanngca 
fiiaed with the Tenors oC Death, and feki 
bora Gods wrath ^ He endured the p^ 
ihameful, and curfed death oi the Croft 1 dtf 
4W.4 Arff/ offering up himfelfaSaciifice to Gfl( 
soda Ranfome m Propitiatiaa foroocfift 

r^ I Msik 

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^lAAttiu26.s. Then apmhied together the Chief 
friejis^ 4nd the Scribes ^ Mndthe Elders of the 
rۤfU^ umothePdaceoftheHighPriea^ who 
Wik Called CdiapbaS.. 

Y.4^ And Confultedthdt then might take %fifs 
ijfidniltj, dndkiRhim. 

y.4f7^ K^tnd while he jetff^ake, Lo ^tsdas one 

rftbe twelve Cdme^ andwitb kirn a great muf- 

Mmde^ whhjwords, and fiaves^ fromthe cine f 

Priefis^ andf Elders df the feofle. 
Vufi. Now he thattetroyed him^ gave them a 

^^> fyfingy whomfofver I JhaH (ijfe^ that 

V«49. i^nd forthwith became io^efne^ ana 

faid^ Hail L^afier^ andkiffedhim. 
¥•5 o. And f ejus f aid itnto ^*j Friend^ where*, 

f^t art thou come ? then came they and laid 

hditds on ^efntfy a^dtook him^ 
S.i6. Bktallthii was done that the Serif twres 

efthe Frofhets might be fulfilUd : then aff the 

liifciflesforfobk him^ and fled., 
V.57. And they that laid hold on ^fns, led 

1^ awaj to Cdi fhas the high Priejt, where tife 

Scribes and the Elders were off emhled, 
V S9. How the, chief Friefis, and Elders, and 

ai the ConnciBfo^ihtfalfe witnejfe againji ^e-^ 

ftfSt to fi^ him to death. 
Y.60. But found none, yea, though nidnyfdfi 

witmfes came^ yet found they none ^ 4/ the lafi 

cometwofalfs witneffa^ \ . , , 

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55 Jtighi KnMledgty. 

V.6i : And faidy i}iis (cRbw fdid^ I am sAli 
. deftrdythi Tcmfte of Ged^ and U build f^| 

thfeidajs. ' 

MarJc 14.^1^ But hebtldhis ftaiedndmj 
* nothing, againtheBigh pAtf uskedhim^ 

faid mto him. art thou the €hrii^ the Sntf 
V.I52V Andftjmfaidlam, dudfe Jbailfeethe 

Son 0f Mm fittrug on the right hand ofHwtr^ 

and coming in the Clouds of Hemffn. 5* 'then the High Prieftrem **r Ckthes^ 4nd 

faith^ \phatneedma$ijfurrherwitntffes? 
, y.64. Te have heard iUUafpkmj^ whu think 

ye ? and the] aB condemneahimto heguiltjof 

Mat. 26.57. Then did they in hiffjce, and 

buffetid him^ and others fmoti him wkh ihc 

f dimes of their hands, 
V.68. S/^ingj Profhecy unto m^ thou Chrifi, 

who is he that f mote thee^ 
tQkex2»55. Jndmdny other things bUffibemou^ 
I fllJP^ke they againfl him, 
Mac.iy.t. when the morning wdiiomo^ uMihe 
. chiejf^ Priep, and Elders of the foofle took 

Co^ncel arainft ^efns^ how to put him to death. 
V.-2 . Ana when they had bound him^ they led 

him away, and delivered him to Pontius Filat 
f th^Governour. 

V . 1 7. Therefore when they were gathered toge- 
ther, Pilate faid untothtm^ wbmpiSjetM 

.isioBedckif? tm the elnefPriefis^ MdMlders ftrfwd-^ 

diJ the mtbkiukjtbat they JIumU *sk S^irMhta* 

MMddefinf^fmy • PfMI path nmt them, whatjbdll I dt then 

mth ^efm^wbieh is caUed.Cbttfif they mU 


V.tZ* ^ftd the Gtwmtur faid^ vhyy t^hdt e- 

vil bdth he dmu f but they cried 4m the nwe, 
> r^n^, Ut kimhe trmjud. 
\jasit%i,\y And they mere inftaitt vnth htd 

tmces tet^mrin^^ thtt he mght he crM^ed^ 

mdtheveiees ef them^ Mdrftbe ebeif Friefis 
, freimled,' 
Mat. 1 7.47. Tfienthe SMleSers eftheGeve/wur^ 

toik ^ejfiuifete the eemmen BmB^ snd gathered 

.mit4 them the wh^k bind ef Setters. 

V.iS. And they firif fed him, Mtdfnienhim 


S,t9. And whtn they hsd pUued a Cremef 

themes, theyfniitnfenMhcsd, dndareed 

in his right hand : snd they bewd the knee be- 

fere him-, Mndiheckedhim, dndfsid^ Hdl King 


S.yy: And they fiit ufen him» ind teek the 

reed 4nd /mete him en the head^ 
lilark.15.15r And fe Pilot wiiing ieeententtbe 

feefUy reiedfed Bar Mas unte them, uddtr. 

Wvered sttfnsyffhen he bad feu$rgedhim»tebe 

'tfifd. T * DigtzedbAjOOSle 

t € 

Liike.4j,i4. jpd Filitt f^mtt jtntenct d 
fhaitldte at thejre<\mred. 
V.25. Af!dbenle*fed.itnt0tbemhimtbdtfi 
t^itifft Afidniurdtr was cart imt Tri^ ; i 
the J had de fired, but he delivered ^ejt 

M it.47.31, Aitd4f$er they had mQck€dbim,[ 
took the robe tffim him, anlled bimm 

• •crucifehim, 

Joim \9. 17. And he , iwri«f bit Cr^L 
went forth into atlaee, called the flau\ 
skdSt which if called in the Hebrew, (k 

Lttke 23.33. ^"'l *^'« thej were comeu 
place which is Called Calvary, there thtji 
cified him^ atid the rnalefa^erSy me mi 
right hand, and the ether an the left, 

Mark 1 5.24 And when they had crneifed fa 
thej farted his Garments, eafiing Lets* 
them, whatever/ /nan fhonld take. 

Mat. S7.45. And about the ninth horn- ^efma 
with a load voice, faying. Eli, Eli, Lam^ 
hachthany. that is f fay, U^y God, MjQ 

John 1 j».3o. when ^efus therefore had recm 
thevtnegar, he [aid, it it flnifhed, andheh 
ed his head, and gave uf the Ghofl. 

Luke 23.4*. And when Mu had cried wAi 
lend voice, he [aid. Father,, into thy had' 
commend my ^irit, and having jaiithm, \ 

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Right KnwUdgt. 59 

givt'nf the GhofiJ ' 

ihn 19.^1. BtK when they came to ^efui*^ drni 
fm that he wm deadalrede^^ ihejbrAktmthis 
kgs, . .^ -' . 

7.3^. But one of the Sotddiers mihd 'f^^hr^ 
fierced kit fide^ and fonbmth eame thefe itif 

^•5?*3- H^ is dejpifed^ and peje/led of men, a 
Bin of farrows^ and acquainted with grit fi^nd^ 
m hid'dkit were ow faces fr^m him 5 he fvac dl^- 
J^ftdy and we efieemed him nct^ 
^-5. Htwmwoundedformrtrsnfgrepomy he 
was hrnifedfcf om intimites ^ the ehA/tifemeat x 

efomrpeace-waenfonbimy and with bis firi^f^ -^ 

wearthtaied. -/ ^ ' f 

/.lo* 'ret it f leafed the Ltn^d to brmfe him, he ''V 

hath ptl Mm to grief : whe^ hffou {halt make bis 
joulan offering for fin^ he jhaMfee hisfeed^ he 
fhai fnrolmg bis daies^ d^^ihe^ fUaftsre of tht 
V.ii, JHe fbalff€eaftbe:traf&el of his foul. And 
fluB he (aUs^a-^ by his kno^ed^jhall my righ^ 
teom fervopt jujiifie many rfor he fbaU bear 

their imtjuhits. 

Pct,2 24. Who his own felf bare our fins i^his 

own body, om the tree, that we being deadtc 
fins J jb0tdd live unto righteoufnejfcy by whqfe 
firifes we are healed. 
?UUa.8. And being found in fafkon as aihai, 

he humbled him felf, andbeame obedient unto 

F 3 . dc^hy gl^ 

ieaiby even the detth efiht C^t^ 
AAs And wi kre mtnefes tf Aiti 

which k Jm, httb in the Ldnd iftbt S 

andin^ernfalem, tvbmthejfiev, dndhtngei 

en a trie. 
A(as»,35. Xkt^firi lei»Bthe HMe tf ifr^ 

know ifuredlj that God bath nuk thMjA 
. ^efm nthmya have umii^ed both Lni 4 

Beb.9.28. Sa Chfifi was tnceoffmd ttbea^tk 

ftns of many, ami nnto them that look far bk 

ptaBht affear thtftconi time mthmfinnm 

He'j.xi.i. LookHig mtta ^efm the author aiklji 

nijher of our Faith, who for the joy that wmft 
. before him* aniwred the Croffe, de fifing tk 

jhanHt andit fet tlown at the right kmdeftk 
. Throne if God, ■ 
iCor.15.3. For J delivered rnnto yon firB of ai 

that whict> I alfo reeeivfed^ hulf that ChriB oUeA 
\. for otv fins accordtngta the Seriftwrts, j 

Gal. 3. 13. chriiihathredetmedm fiamthecmfi 

fft^e LaiOy being made a cnrfi far nt, far it it 

written> Car fed is every one that bangethem a 
> tree. 
Heb.^.22. Jnd almoB aU thhgt arebi the Law 

forged with bloody and withtnt fiedding; of 

blood is nor emifiion. 
y,A6.—lioiai ante in the end of the worUhath 
. ht appeared to pst aiwaj fin by the faerifiu of 

bimfclf» ^ Hcb, 

Mi^ht Knowkdgi. (Si 

\fk>^% o« 1 2« Jttif thkmdmAfter he hdd $fftred one 
CAcriJMjorfins^ for twrfa down on the ri^ht 
hs^nd of God. 
V.i«* fi4(^iMg therefore brethren^ boldaeffe ta 
\ -emicr it$t^4he holier bj the blood of ^t^s. 
V«ao« Sfd^emdnd living way^ which he heth 
€0n(€crdtedforuSi throng the ^vaU^ thst is to 
. y .^^^ jf pi fin wilfnUj^ after that m k4ve re^ 
eewidtbf^kmoUdge of.thetruthy there remei- 
netb no more fofr^cefor fine. 
; Cor. 6. 20. For ye are bought tpith a price, th^re^ 
foregloeifie Gfdin yam body^ andinypur ^irit^ 
which are Geds. 
|Pet,3.i8. For ChriH alfa hath once fuffered for 
fins^ the juiffor the unjufi, that he might 
brifig^fjtoGod^ being ^/tt to death in the fiejb, 
hut ijnicl^fted by the Spirit. ^ 
Ej?h,5.2. 49^ vp4k inhve^ 04 Chriff alfo hath 
i0'ved us ^ hath given himfdf for m^W^ 
nnd a Sacrifice to Qod for a fweet [meUingfa - 

^Pol.i.i^. Intohomwe have redemption through 
hie bleed ^ ' ev(n theforgivenejfe ofji/is. 
y , 1 o . And having m,ade peace through the blood 


y^.w 17. In n^hom we have redemption through 
'''^' his^loody theforgiveneljeoffins, according to 
''the riches of hie (^race^ , 
X3oiKi.l4. timing out tke hand writing^f CSr- 
' ^ ' i F 4 dinanc^Xz 

pi iigf^ Knmkdge. 

dinAmes ihdt was MgainH us^ pfhichtfdscmii^- 

irarjio hs, 4nd took it wf of the waj^ nailing 

|lc7. 13.8^ Jnd all that dtveS nf$n the earth /hoM 

rvdrfhif him, rvhofe names are nit \vtitten in the 
. hook of life, of the Lajnhflainfi'om thefaom. 

'dathn of the world. 
A6l5 a 0.2 8. Take heed therefore unto jonrfelv^s^ 
[ ' and to all the fkock^ over which tl^ p$lj clfoft 

%aihmadejou Overfeer^ to feed the church ^ 

God which he hath purcha/ed with hk owne 

I John a.i . ^Hdhe is the tnfitiMimfifrow Shs 
Andnotftrmcsonlj^but ^ofir'tUfmsiffhe 
■ iPhsle world. , ..•'.■•' i. 

y.Whatbecamcolhimafterhisbeathi He 
bcmg boned, rof« again the third day, aiul af- 
ter Fourty days cominuance on thfc earth (in 
which time hefrcqaently appeared to his IHf.«,.and others, teadhing^he things V 
pertaining CO the Kingdomc of God,^ beafiX 
^edin^pHeaven, ^pd is now inm^^SS 

b^Lf or n'^J'^ PfathandSufferingsftaTte 
behalf of all then, that unfeignedlylcnent nf 

t^^:. '^^ ^? '^^'y WeeveWhS^^ 
^ordof A«|el? and Men, he/bai| coipe fr^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

F Sight Kwiv^hige, 6% 

fHeaven again in great Glory, to jadge the 
qiKk an4 the dead at the Laft day; . 


Mtfk«i5*4i« And mm mhen the even wsueimt 
(he^Mfe it W4S the frtfarationy that is the day 
VuV}. — ^efefhef Arimathea^— 
Um.i^^^j.—J richman — 
Mark.15.43.- Jn hpnimrdlrleCeMftiUur— 
Luke %'^.%o.—Agp$dmdnandapst^ 
V.5 !• *rh€ fame bdd ni^ confenudio the Coukftl 

Mnddeed ^thtm\ who-dfff himfelf waited/^ 
' the Kingdome^efG^d.-^ ' '— 
John 1- /^S, SeinpdDifciple' 0f^efmi h^ 

cretly for fear oj the ^em*-'^'-^ 
Mar'c 1 5 .43.— Cme and went inhldiy unta Ft- 

lat^ dnd€fupuedthii$djef^efiu. 
V.*i4, And Pilot mArvAiled^ if he tperealrea- 

dj deddy dnd cdlin^ unto him the Centurion^ 

he dsked him^ whether he hdd been any while 

V45* jd^dwkfnheknewit&fthec^nturion^he 

gdve the body toi^opfh. 
\^46i A^dht brought fine linnen, dndtoek him 

downp -^^ — " ^ 

John I9-39. And there came dlfo Nicidemmf 

whieb dt the firH cdme^ to ^efus by night, dnd 

hcnght d mixture ofnsyrrhe^ dnddUesy dbeut 

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f 4 ^*S^ Km»h^i» ^ 

M hmtdrtd fmtd weigh. 
V.40. Then tttktbey, the htdi rfftfiity mi 


V.41. Andin the fUcevhere he wacrmtfU 
there ttM * Garden, miiiuthe Gmdf ^nem 
Sefidthre, n>here$iiwsitmvertiMyetUf4, 

Mark.15.46. whiehw4sbe»eit$i0ef4M¥k,-^ 

John i5>.4*- ^*«'« ^ *^ ^fuftherefm^ Pe- 
caufe if the ^exu fttfrnitrnds^ % pftht St^ 
f»lehrewMm^ith4»d^ ^ , , , 

Mar.»7.6o. AiidniUddgreMfim HtHmttf 
theSeftdcke, MtddefHrud* ' 

fifmM he tbrie daks and three mghts, t»tke 
heart ef the earths 
1 Cor.15.4. 04iid that he ma hmed, andm 

RoTc again. . 

Mat.17.21. And while they tbede i» GaUUt^^e- 
■ fgtfaid Mtt4 them, the Sen^nutk^heht- 

trdied into the hands tfmett. ■ - 

V.t3. Andthej MLHUhim* and the third 4af 

he fhaa be raiftdagdn^ and they mre exeeeding 

. ftrry, • . 

John %A9, ^fm anfmred and (aid me tbem, 

Aijlrey thu Tfmfkp dndM ihree dates Jwti 

'. raifettuf. Digged by Google^^^'** 

fMllwihkfey 4»y tkcfirji begmUn^fthidiMdj 
Mdihi trinct §f the Kings of the earth, mto 
Urn thM /n^ ae^ andn^sfbcdusfrcmourjws 
i9^hkmmhhdi^ ^ 

V.iS. 1dm hetksi livetb^ mifmdfMd^ and 

btkildl Mmdivt f$r evcrpmtf Amen. ' 
Rom*4.25. Whi f9m delivered far mtr effemes, 
4ml wmrMifedsgmnfor $ttr ]iifiifcdtim. 

hJBt&%J^ Ifhom Gild bath rajfed 9fj having 
Ucfedibe tidmr $f deatL Uemh it wm pot 

Luke 34.39^ Miholdmj hdndfy dndmyfett^ thue 
itiolmyfilff hdndte me^Mdfee, fir d^rit 

. kgtb nrtfleft andhones^ asjefeo mebwe. 

V.40, And when he had thus fpaken^ beJhiAped 
tbembifbdndsy and tia feet. 

V.46» And faidsmo them^ fbmif is written^ 
andtbm it behooved Chrift to fnfer^ andforife 
fromthe dead the third day. 

Rom.6.9« Knowing that chrilt beingraifedfom 
the deadt dietb no more^ death bath no more 
dominiwn over him. 

Adh I J*S3« And we declare nmo ym glad ti- 
dings, bow that the fromife which was made un- 
to we Fathers^ 

y .33. God bath fulfilled the fame unto their 
children, in that he hath raifed uv ^efus again^ 
as it ifalfo written in thefecond Pfalme^ thou 
artmjjon^ tbitdayhave ibegmon thee. , 

V.95- WhertfmhefMhalfoindMtberFfJm, 
thBJbdlt mtfi^tr thine My One to fee c^rrmfu- 

W.$6^ Ffir DmU dfttr he hsdfervtd hkm 
generatioHy by the mB efGcdfet $n fleep, sai 

wdslMdnvto ha Fdtbers\ Mdfaw Cmnrm^Un. 
V.^7. Siaheviimn God rgifed Agjin fsm m 

A^4^33* AihI wkh ffreMfswergifoe tke dfe 
files mtiteffe iff the refurrt&iomM. the Lord ft- 

(my . ankgreai Grdce ntai^Mprnthem Ml. 
I Per. 1.3. Hefitd he the Godimid Pstber ofmt 

lord^efnschri^^ which Mc$rdingt$ km ohm- 
. dant nkrcj hath begotten 1^ dgdn^tp alivdf 

hofe^ hj the refwreifion of^cJusChriHfrom 

the dead. 
A^ 26.22. Having thetefore obtained kelp d 

God, J contikae nnto this day^ vMneffinjgboth 

tofmaS and great 9 faying none other things tha$ 

thofe which the Prof bet $ ondMofesdidfayfhnU 


V*33* That Chrilf jbould iomi^ and that h 
* jhouldbethefirif that Jhsfdd rife fiomthedead, 

andJbonU fiew Light unto the ftofle^ amdte 

the GentiU^.^ 
John 20.2^. But Thomas^ one. of the Twelve 

caied D't4iniHSyW4S nHf wUh'them when ^ef as 
• came. * ' . • • 
V.Z5. The other Vifcifles therefore faid unt$ 

him toe have feen the Urd\ bnt hefoidnnto 

Digitized by GOC^ fjf^^^ 

High Knmitdge, $^ 

th/fy (xctft IfbaB fee in his hands the print 
tfthe Nsilsi and thrnfl nrftiMdintt his fide, 

\a6, Akd after eight ddu agun* Ins notifies 
were witinn, and Thomas mthtbenty then came 
^efiMythe doors being fhnt, and fiaedin.the 
nndfii Md faidyfeaee be nntopn^ 
V.27. Thenjaishhe.nmoTh^nnSi ieackhither 
fh finger, andbehold my hands, andreaehhi- 
ther thy band, M»d thrnBitinte rnyfide, and 
be notfaitbkffe, hmieleeving, 
V.iS. And Thmu anfmered, and f'ud nnto 

him, JdjLord, and MjGod, • 
Ads 1,3. To hit AfofUsdfthe fhewed himfelf 
alive, after his fafiion bj many infallible proofs, 
beingfeenof themfsnrtydaies^ and peaking tf 
the things fertaimng to. the, l^ingdome- of 
R0(n.i.4^ And dielaredtobeibe Sonof God with 
fimer, accordingtatihe Sfirk of HoUn^e ; by 
the Btfmre6fion of the dead, 
I Cor. 1 5.4. And that he wm batiefi, and that he 
rofe again, the third d^, atarding to the Serif- 
tnres, \ 

V.5. AndthathewasfeenofCefhat, thpn,ofthe 

y.6. After that he was feen of siove five hund- 
red brethren at enee\ ofwbm the greater fart 
renudnnnto this fnnjenti bntfome are f den ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

V.J, Afiif thahe wMJetn tf^mts^ thett^ 

sUtheAf^s. . , i, , 

V,u. i^«» if Chrifi be friMhedilmt hi rsfe 

fsm tk tUad^ bmfdjfme Hm^g, ;*», ***» 

V.t4. And tf chrifi h lutfMttk, then it $m 

freaking vm> mk ytnrfMit M vdn . 
V.KK sntm0i(CinsfrlfeffJrmthede4d^a9d 

tThieC4.«4. J^^r if m hektvetha^utdkd, 

a»drofe4gaifh evenfitUmJuft whifkfieefin 

^^My mUGtdkring vfkhhm. 
Cbl.5.1. Ifje then he rifen mth d^st-, feek 

thtfe things which drt 4hve, where Chrilffih 


Albenikd toio HtaVed • 

Mark \6.\9. S§ then after the terd hJ. f^eken 

nntfithem, he wm temved nf into Heeven, 

/md fet en the right h/mdef God, 
Luke 24.5°* -^^ ^ kdthem eet a f» aiu 

Betheny, Mfdhe lift «f hit hands endUefled 

them* . 
■' V,5(. A/MlitcemetefepwMeheUepdtbemi 

he wdt ferted jrem them, end carried nfinte 

Ads 1.9. And whAt hehad^eken thefe things, 

t^hilethejheheU, hewptMennf^ a)$dd eland 

teeeivedhim ent if their fight: 

DigitzedbyGoOgle''*'®*» jMpMe they Mudfeif4^ljtm»dt 
Hewtn^tshtmntMf^ behtldtmmenjlmlbj 

V-ii. Wkkhdf^jdd^jt men ffCalHee, wfiy 
fiMdje gaziHjg »f im Itameif f Tkit fime 
^efmwbitk ittdm uf^»mjHtimeHt0ven» 
jhiifecmeiniihmiiiimr*s jehMefteabim 

iPet.5.a9. Ifhtit f(me inte Httvern, tniispn 

the rifht bsiul tfG^i^ Angels^ W Aaheri" 

ties, 4)uifwmitt0gmulefdj€amit»him, 
Co!l.%.i5. Andhdvin^ foiled frincifdities taU 

P»9in^ ifemuksfim»ffbem^9lj, trimm- 

fking ever tbem ink. 
|oha X4.S. In my Fatben imfif m may mifi^ 

ems, efitwerenefJelmnUbtNK teUyen, Ige 

Heb.^.»o. Wmber the forermmtr it ferns tmt' 

teeL, even ^^e/m made en high frkStfer ever 

i^er the Order tfiMekbie^dek. 
Eph.4.S. Hrberefire be fekb, when he efcended 

np en high, be led Ceftivity Ceftive, eindgevc 

gifts nme men. 

V-y. Kewtbat-be efcended, whet « it, bntthet 

be MdtfeendeJfrB me the Umrferts efthe 

eerjh? ffe tbet defftnded it the feme atft that 

afcended np^ far abeve all fieavens, that be 

might f Sag things. 
(ial.68.x8. rbenMfafttjkUdenbigb, thenhaft 



70 Migtit Kmwlidgi. 

led Cafiivitj Capive^ tha haff reci 
gifts for men. ' • 

Johni5. 7. Nevertheleffkl teMjouthetrmt^ 
u ixftdienf fw jott that Ige dp^sf^ fir ifl^ 
n§tAW£j^ the Cmfmer mflnot c$mt nmp 
bfttifl defdrt I mi (end him unt0 jfM. 
\.^%. Icume fmhjrom the Father^ m»i 
C9me into the xoorldj lleavithe tvorld, 4m/^ 

Sits ac Gods right Hand. 

, ^the ex fre{[e Image dfhkPerfon^ and n^nUing 
oB things hi the mrd of his fimer ^ wbenie M 
by himfelf fnrged onr fins, fit domne §n the 
right hand of the Majeftj on high. 
V. 1^. But to fPhi^h of the Angels ^aU htatOM^ 
timeyfuon mj right handuntill I moke thine 
enemies thy footjfoole. 
PiaL 1 10. tjThe Lordfdid nnto mj Lord^Sit thon A 
mj right hand^ tmtilll make tlnne enemies tbj 
Heb.i2.2. Looking nnto ^efns, the At^borand 
Finijber of onr Fdithy who for the Joy thai mas 
fet before him^ endured the Croffe, deffijl^g 
ihefbdmey and is Jet down at the right hand of 
the Throne rf God. 
Heb.S. T . Now of the things which we hdvejpoken 
this it thefimmt ; }Ve bavefnch an high Prieii 

Digitized by GoOglC ^^ 

Right KmvfUJgei yt 

^ i^ti§kfct »n the right hdndtftbeThfdnt of the 

peb. I o I a Bm this mAn,' dfttr he had offered 
f funficeftr fins ^ fat ihmn 9tttht right hindnf 

Godi . .'■ . 

take 22.^9. Hereafter jbai the So* of mitt fit 6» 
1 the right hand of the fower of God, 
^<ft* 7^5 j. Mut Stephen king fuHofthe Htlf 
Gho/f, lo'ked nf fiedfafllj intt Hedven^ ind 
ftw the Glory ofOod^ and fefni fidndiit^ tn the 
. right hand of God, 

V.56i Andfdd, heholdlfeeihe heavens of^-i 
ned^ and the S4n of man ftandint on the rithi 
h^ofGod. ^ ^ ' t 

tph, 1 . 1 p. — According ti the ioo^iing ofhii 

mightjfoioer. Winch he wrought in chrifif vthenbefai' 
fed bim from the dead^ dndfet himtahittini 
rijfe hand in the ffeavenlj flaeet, 
V .« i . Fm^ above oB frincifalitj^ andjiioer, auM 
Mighty ani Dominion, and every Name thai 
it named, m inly in thit ptolrld, bat aifo iio 

Vii. Aad hath Pat aS thingt nniir his ftet,, 
■ ind gave Mm to he Headtver aS thifigs to ihtT 
hikt J4 16 Ought not ftfns' io hdve fujered 

^^ethingt, and to enter into bit Glory. 
"^^^9. Snt wefee^efni vdjo^v^at madealiiile 
. ^erthanthe Angels^ fot the ft^erin^ of Jedtfr,^ 

. C Cromud :g\Q 

7* Kig^ KfimU^i. ^ 

Crcwmdwith Glor^f Md Vnfour, thst h$lj 
the Grace of God jho/$ld tsft destb for every 

Rev, 3 21. To him that ovfrcometh mlllgrsmt] 
to jit mth me in my Throne, evenns Jstf^o- 
njerionHi and am (it down with mj Father in 
hit Throne. 

Kom 8,Ur ^h if he that eondemneth? i$ it 
Chrift th4t died, yfa, rather that it rifen again, 
who ii even at the right hand ofGod^ whdlfo 
maketh intercef/ionjor us. 

HcUp.t4, f^ Ckrittis not entred into tbekfff 
f laces m4de with hands 7 mhtchare thefigmres 
of tie true , bnt into Meaven it f elf now to ^ 
pear in thf fre fence of God for ». 

Heb.4. 1 4. Seeing then that we have a great high 
Priefi^ that if f^fdtnto the Heavens f ^ejns 
theSonofGody letnsholdfafionrprefeffon. 
V* 16. Let us come boldly to the Throne ofGrace^ 

' tba^ we may obtm mcrcy^ and fi^^ Gr4ce to 
belfintin^eof need. 

H^b.7.2 s • Wfhmfore b( if able tofave them to the 
ntmofi, that come unto God by him^ feeing be 
ever livetbto m^keinterceffion far them. 

John i7.»4. Fafber I wtBy that tbeyalfowbom 
thou hafl given me, be with me, where laspt 
thatthj may behoUmy Glory which thou bafi 
given me^ for then hajl loved me before the 
foundation of the world. 

d by Google 



Sph.i 2i. And hath fHtaU things tmit^hitfut. 

Mid^Ave hm uk htad o-i)er all things t»tiu 

V.»3. which it his body, thfutnde ^fbim 

^atfignh4lli»4/L . 

iP*U5. aj. For the hu^dnd is the headoftht x^ift^ 

tvtn ^ chrift is the head of the Church ♦, ani 

he is the Saviour of the body. < 
Y**7; That he might frefent it to himfelf 4 

gioriam Chxrchy mt having f^et^ or wrinklet^ 

•rany (wk thing, bdt thdt itfinitld be holy, and 

without Memijb. 
V.Jo. For we are membeft of hithoiy^ tfhU 

fiefh, and ef his bones. 
V.J2. This is agredtmyHery, butt ^eakmeer^ 

ntngChri^ andthecharchi 
«€or.*:i7. m t hap it joyned tti the tordit mi 

»Cor.ii.j7. Nopfjeare the body of chrifi, and 

^mhminifarticulari . 
Co).r.r8. And^ he is the head of the btdjf, the 

Cbmrch, who is the beginnings the fir ^ borit . 

JNmi the^dead^ that iaaU things he vtighlharvt 

the freeminence. 
Cttl.Lt^ AndtiotholSng t'he^ hcadt from tnhiiii 

all the body by jojnti^ hands , having now 

r^hmtnfi wm^redy and knit together, ittred- 

^ * Digitized by*?froS[e 

74^ Righ KffwleJgt, 

fcth with the incredfe of God. 

£ph.4.i5» But'Jpcakin^ the truih in love^ mgj 
grow up into him in sB things^ which if the btsd 

/ ivtnChrift. 

^ V.I 6. From whom the whole hodj fitly jojmi 
together^ dni compared, bj that which everj 
joynt (upplieth^ Mrmding to iheeffeSfudl W0rk' 
}ng in the mcdfu^e of every part, maketh increaft 
of the body ^ untptbe edifyuigofitfelfinlofve. 

Judge of quick acd dead, 
J. ' ' ' • 

John 5. 2 2« Fcr the Father judgeth noman^ ha 
hath committed a& fhdgemenp to the fon, 
V.27. And hath given him authority to execnte 
■i judgement alfo^ brcaufe he u the (on of man. 
Rom. 1 4.9. For to this end ChriH both died^ nmd 

• roft^ and revived, that he might be Lord both 
of the dead and living. But why doB thou judge fky brother, we 
Jhdll all ftand before the judgement feat ef 
; sChrilf. 
Afts 1. 1 u Which a/Jofaid, ye men of GaUIee^ 

• whyjta^dyrgazingupinto Heaven? thisfdme 

• ^efmwhtchis talcen up from youint4 Heaven^ 

• jhaifo come in like manner as ye have feen him 
go into Heaven. 

A<its I0.41. And he comrnandeisa to preach mnto 
the people, and tote fit feythattt ie be which wm 
ordained of Cod to be tbt judge of quick atrtd 
' ^^ ^ , Mat 13. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Right KmwUdge. 7j: 

if it. 1^,40. As there fort the tares are gathered^ 
^ni burnt in the fire y foJhaBit he in the end 0/ 

V.42. The Son pfmanfhaH fend forth his An- 

gelSy andtheyflyjffgdther out of his Kingdome 
all things that offend^ and them ^hichaoini- 

V*4i. And/ball eafi them into a furnace of pre ^ 
there jhai he mailing andgnufhing of teeth 

Qdt 6i And the Angels which kift not their fir Ji 
tfiatey hut left their oton habitation^ he hath re- 

ferved in ever la fling chains t under d^rknefe^ 
unto the judgement of the great dajl 

V.14. And Enochs the fevonth from Adam\ 
frofheciedofthefe^fdjiugy behld the Lord Com- 
eth wkb ten thonfands of his saints, 

y.i5. To execnte judgement upon aB, and to 
convince all that are nngodh among tbem^ ofaH 
their nngodlj deeds^ which they have ungodlih 
committed, and of aU their bardf^eeches which 
ungodly finners havejpoken againk him. 

iPec.1,4 ^^ ifCodfjparednot the Angels that 
fianed; but caf them down to heUy and de live- 
f fd them into chains of darknefi^ to^henferved 
imto judgement. 

Wat.26.64. ^efmfaithunto him^ hereafter fhaU 
jefee thefon of man fitting on the right hand of 
Pmer, and coming in the clouds offfeaven. 

lTbcf.416. For tlkLordhimfelfjhilldefceiid 
fiomBem^n^ with afhout^ with the voice ^f 

. ' C 3 Digitized by do^Qle 

f6 jLt^'KiWpltiit. 


V.I 7. then ive rvhich are dlive, 4^dtem»n^ 
fhdB he cAttgh up trgfthtr mh tkm in rhe 
CUuds^ u meet the LprJ in the me^ iind{% 

^aB m^e ever he p^khtbe Uri. 
»Thef.!,7. And unto jou which are trpnbleid refi 
i»ithMs^ when the jUrd ^fHsfhaUhereveMlei 
from HeAven, with his migmj Angets. 

V.8. Infiamingfire^ takitfgvengeaff^ Mthem 
that knm not God, Mdthat ohey not the G^^i 
9fourLord^fu(Chrift^ , 

y.9 who fhaU he funded mh tvfrUfiing de- 
fimWonftomth€frtJenc4 ^the Lord, and from 
tbt<ilorj ofbisjfow^r. 

Rev.20.12. An/lfawthrdeAd.ffnallandgreMt, 
fiandlkjfore God^ asod the mks were ofemd^ 
^nd another bookwat oftntd, phithisththook 
of life : and the dfod were judged out ofthofe 
things whtch were written in the hooks y accord- 
ing to their works. 

pan. 7.10. Afierjfream ifuedy and crnne forth 
fo/h before him, thoufand thousands mimjhed 
itnto him^ an^ ten thoufand times ten thou fond 
fiood before him, the judgement wof fet^ and 
the books toereofencd^ 
y.13. / (aw in the night wfons^ and behold 
'one like the Jon of man came with the Ctoiods of 
Heaven, and came to the ancient of daks y attd 
they ^ongkimtuerbrfmkim^ 

* ' '" s> * V *■' ' Digitized by Google V I4, 


V 14. AfidthertwM ^ivenhink HmhnMy Mi 

Gkry, 4mdAKutgdm, ihitt *llf«»pU, mtkns^ 

,MdlMig»agtsfh0»Uferve bim: bk Oomttibn 

*»tff^ Md his Kingdom thdt which fhtUmt 

A*$ iT'jo. ^^nd ibe timi §f$ku ignttsnee 

G§d winked a^ b$it$t§wbec»miU9deth*llmn 

every whtri u reftitt, 
v.? I. BtCMfe he huth dffoiitied d day i» the 

Mfkiih be wia judge the ttfUin irigbteeufneffey 

by thse m4» whm he hath trd4nedy ithere^he 

Mth given MffmrdHce nme mU men, iA that he 

bstbrMfedhimfrem the dead/ 
iCor.i5«5i. BehtldlfbewyiudmjfieryytifeJhdB 

mt sBJleeft but mfballMltbecbMged, ' , 
V.5X. indmemettty in the tmakUt^ef Mteye^ 

«f tin U^trmufy fir tb^trmttfet jhdBJinndy 

dndtbe dedd fidU be rdifedinctrruftibUt dnd 

RoniiS.5. Bitttboity dfierthj bdrdnef^ dndim- 

fenitent bedrt, tredfmef »fiM$thj[elf vfrdthy 

djgMinB the dej §f wrdth, and r&ueUuien effhe 

righte^m judgement ffGedi 
V.5. WhevtiU render t$ every mdndeeerJ^tt 

V.7. TethemifhebyfMtienectmHMdneeinweB^ 

ilnMgfeekftr Glerj, Mtd BenuTy dad immof 

tdUtjy eterPdi life, 
V.S. 3nt mit§ tbemmldth are eenttntietu, dnd 

%.','■ G A Digitized by CjOQmIC 

■^ St^ KfimUdge, 

dp nrtfhej the truths hit tbej wmgUtanfii^l* 

indigntxitnt mi mah^ 
V.9, TriMdtiM, and aftguijhaptfi every ftdtf 

tHM thai dttB tyiiy ^ the ^ew firB, dud alfi 

ef the Gentile, ' - < Bttt Glory, Httteurt Pedcete every ma/r 
' thit worketh g$ody U the few frFt» Mddfk 


V.n. Ftr there is n» refe(f tf ferfms mth 
' God. 
V.16, In the ddy when God fhall jitdge tbefe- 

erets of men J/y feftts Chriff^ aceordiiig tffjity 

Go^el. ' 
£cclcf. 11.14. For GodjhaB hring every work uit^ 

judgement, with every feeret things vrbetherk 

hegood, or whether it he tvH. 
aTim.4.1. / ChArge thee thtrt/tre hefmGod^ 

Mtdthe Lord fefus Cbrijl, who^*ti»dgethe 

amik, and the dead^ At hit offemng* dnd im 

his Kingdotnt, 
^X Hentifmh there itUid up for me 4 crown 

ofrig^eonfnefe, whieh the Lord^ the righte- 

' '.out ^ndgeflkdlgive me nt thtt agy» and net to 

me only hnt nnto them dfo that love hit tffea- 

aCor.5.9 wherefore we Ubonr that whether fre- 
fent, or ahfent^ wtmayheacceftedofhtmu 

■ For »e mnff all affear before thejm^^e' 
mentfeat ofchriB •, that every mte mayreceivt 
thethingt done in the hidj, attordtngto that he 

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V.ii. Knowing thi Urrof$rs pf the Lwd, wt 
jftrfivMde men. * 

I Vtt.i^io. Bnt the dAj$f the Lord wilhme dig 
thief in the nighty in t^ rpkchtbe HeAvtm 
/bjUpaffediPdywith AgreitMije^ dndtheEie^ 
mentsfhdlmek with fervent hot ^ theemhdU 

' fi sndthe tP^ks that sre therein jjfdll he hstrnt 

V.I I. Setitig thenthdt all thefe things fiiotlhe 
J^dvedy what manner ^ ferjpns ought j(i$ 
be^ inaUbaly Converfation ana GodUneffe. / 
V«i4. wherefore tehved, feeing thit je hak 
for Jwch things, he diluent, that ye may he 
fonndofhim in Peace pithput ^ot^ and blame- 
Uffe. ' . 

iCor.i5;i5. For he tnnit reign till he hath f a 
all enemies tmdtr hit feet. . 

Mit.i^aS; And ^efm faid^nnfoihemj verily I 
fay nntoyon^ that ye. wbiehhave follopted me in 
the regeneration^ whenthefonofmanjballfitin 
tbiTitromof hi Gforj^ ye alfr jball fit nfon 
twelve Thrones 9 judging the twelye Tribes of 

Maw.i6.27* For the Sonefmanjhallcomeinthe 
Ghry^ hit Father, with hit Angels, and then 
heJbaU rewttrd every man aceording to hie 
works. ' . 

Hcb.9^28. SoCbriHiOM Ofmeogeredt tobeartbe 
fins of many, ami nntothe0 that lopk for bmsy 

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Mac.a^.^i. Whe»thef0infmMlk»Ut9mtmhi 

iihrj. duddU ibihli AngtUirith him, tbn 

fldU kfit «P»n thl Tbrine tfhit Glarf, 

y.jt. Jttdhefire him flail ie gitbeted dills' 

tiinSi 4n4hefl*ll fefat4ii %htm onefmtMf' 

. thtTy MS $ fltfhtrd dhfideth hkfltef frtm th 


V.Si, AndhiJhMfst thefletf tn hit right hdnd, 

hftthtgMs tft the left, 
V.J4. ThtnflM the t^ingftj »ltt$'themtMbit 

right hittd, Cttiuye, hlefid &fmj fither, itt- 
- herii the Kihgdtme frefUlted ftr jfM frmmthe 

fotntdathfufthi »»id, 
y.jy. Fcr J»at M hmgred^ Mttd ye gave w$t 

mesty I VfMi thif^f;^ atiayegdu medriide, I 
. WM 4 fir divert Mdje t$»kmti»» 
V.^<?. H/Atdt undyeelithdme^ ivtMfick^ 

ye>vifittd mi^ I nm i» FfiftM, imd ye eime 

nnt» ttti,. 
y.41. rh^ft flail he fay alfl » them$n the left 

band, dtfartfrMt me, ye^ Cmfed, inte ever^ 

Ufiijtgfre, freforedftrthe Devil and hit jiJh 

6. What W9S the find and Intnc oi CbrHb 
Coming into the world. The chief End and 
Intent df his Coming Into the world was to iate 
tbfl; atkd irndoae fiffiieis^to pracotp their pardon 

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afid f eCbAtiliiitibn tv!th Cod by his Miftt&',$t to 
Saofttfie theit Nattires by hit Holy Spirit ; and 
tobrin^ tbetn t^ ejnerUfting Life. And, to t^if 
end be appointed his Minifters to prieath the 
CoTpel onto tb^ world, aiAd inftituted the t^iVo 
Saaamehts, SMftiJiu^ and ttit toris Supftr, 
to fignifie and fccepm renfieiiibrattce the great 
and ineftim2A>1c benefits Of bis peath and Safe- 

Luke x^.to. Tifrthe Son tfnunis cmefifteky 

And ttfave that which was lo!t. 
iTitn. 1.15. rhU is dfatthfulfr/ingi dnJ wmhj 

tf mU McttftattMt thMt ChriB ^tfus cdme iiit§ 

Mat.i.31. jfnJ fbeJhaU hing forth 4 font W 

thoujhdlt caBhk name^ejntt for k jhaBfdve 

his peoflef-om their fins. 
Aotn.^.i^. ming jupfed jeeefy by hit CrMo^ 

thongh thekedempioiithaisin ft[m Chrijt. 
El^.1.7. In whom m hdve redemftion through 

htsbUod, theforgivent^e ofjins, ucordingto 

therkhes of his Grace. 
Jer,|3.6. In hit doits ^udtthJltsBhefdvedt *f*^ 

ifrMipiai dvteUftftl% und this is his Ntme 

wherehj heJhdS he csied^ the Lord our tiif/t^ 

X Cor.15.3. For Ideli'vertd unto ion frH^dB, 

jhdt which fdlfo received, how tMtChri^diod 

for onr fins, Mccordingto the- Scriptures, 

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% Cor«5. ip* ^ God wds in ChriH r€c§HciIingA 

fforld um$ himfelfj not minting their trrffift 

nnti them, ans( hath committed unts m the i 

V a I • for he hath made him to hefimfar /w,»4j 

knew nofin^ that we might be maii^e rights 

John I J 1. Bnt 40 many ai received him, uthm 

gave be fewer to become the Sons ofGody eva 

U them that believe on hie name . 
1 Per. 1. 9. Receiving the end of our Fditb, eva 

the falvation of onr fouls. 
BrOni.5.19 FoTdsbj one mans dijobedience m 

were made fianers, fo by the obedieme §f ootj 
* P^aB many bf made righteom. 
|lofn.4.2 5. who was delivered for onroffeuca^ 

and Wdcraifed again for our juJl{fica$i-on. 
I Pct.j.lg. For ChriB alfo bash once fuffcredfs 

fins ^ tbejuBfor the unjuB'^ that he might brh^ 
. ' mtoGod^ being futto death in thefiefh^ ha 

quickned by the Spirit. 
lltb.T.2^^ And they truh were many Priefis^ k* 
. caufe thej were notfu/ered to continue by reafrt 
' of death. 
y.a4. But thisMonbecaufe he contlnuethfor ewr, 

bath an unchangeable triefi- hood. 
y*^!?. who needeth not daily as tbofe hi^ 

Priefis to offer up facrifice first for his ownfinSy 

and then for the peoples^ for this he didonfty 

when he offer eduf himfeff. 

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Gaf. ^ \i.Chri^ hah rtiitmdmjrm iht €ufjt$f 
the Lmjkeing msde a Curfef$r miyf^ it is wfiu 
teny CurfeJ if every om thai hdngeth$nM tret. 
C0I.1.14. InwhpimbsvtfiifemPtipntJkiMgb 
bistUod, even ibeforgivenefdf fins. Awd jpMtha were fmetmes dUenMidy 
dndemmies inpnrmind, bj wicked wcrh^jef 

V.12. In tbe b$dy df buflefk tbr$iigb deMbyt0 
frefem jpn nmamedU and umrefnvedbU h 
: biefi^bt. 

Col.2.i4. Shtting aa tbe band writing if Ordi- 
tUMCis^ tbat WMf'Mgainfi us^ wbicbwMantM^ 
fjtim^ dndroibit iutiftbe waj^ nailingi^ti 
y.i5* And buving f^iiled Pfin6ifdlitPt^4fui 
ppwers, bemddtdpew iftbemifenfyy tftiitB^ 
fhittgivertbeminit. . rJI 

Heb;io.ii« An4weri Fri^jtkndab di^fymi- 
miftrin€snd firing effen tmes^the f^me fmi- 
pes tmcb €09^ never tdkenw/ij^ns. . V 

V;ia. Bmtbk num after be 'hsd^ered&iiifa^ 

* crifce f$r finspir iver^ ftu d$wn m tberpj^bt ' 
bandf/GM, o 

• Va4. Fir bj Me iprin^ be bdtbferft^dfB 

ever them that arejanffsfied, v^ 

V.18. Niw wbtre remfimrftbefe U, tbm i$ 

n§ nwe offering f$r fin. ^ 

V.19. Having tberefcTiy JBretken^ boUmffeU 

intn imer the boUefi^bjtbe bind rffefmp: 

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S4«> $igk Kvn^ki^ei 

Y^^o* My4tt^.4adli&jig^mi^t mbiskkehitii 

}1*%X» Iti- m i^m met vtkh'A tmt heirf, in 
kledjrttif mi evil CttifdnlKt^ muI mt Mies 

To fan^fie their Nacnreb 

aTboCiiii^ JM w^jfikmnitAi'iffftlHmkes 

dtfi^ttqfUi fttf9»iretf*i»^ Mtv^teftie 

, Ufit bet/mfeG9dtuttbfrmthebegimii^ch$- 

Roin.S.i.. T6ereAthereftirtmmm^tmhimui9im 

V^. Btit jtf>M mtiM tktfitjh, ittintiuSfi- 

. fiki if ft ht^Mt th9 Sfim4^4d dma.Mjmy 
mitf4mymikkMX ptttHSprk rfCkr^ ke 
is none efhis, 

Circnmeifien m4di^wlAmbmtdt^ in.fnmng 
9ffUe,Mefiiftfi0£*f^M^ htheCvtn^^ 

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im the. ^0m cf tbe^Lfrd fffif , m4, ^ 

lom.6.5. For ifm have been fUmed tetmherh 

the likenef if his deiUh^ mjMl hjCMffhthi 

likemjje ffhis refitrreifUn* 
V*^« XfW^tMgtkis^ thit f^reUmdnisfrtieifeJi 

mtb btait thdt the bedy effiie might he iefirtjei^ 

V. 14. Ferfi» fhdt pot hdv* dminip» overjmtt 

ftrje^enft *nul(rtheLAni, hut feeler Qr4ee, 
Bpb.s.a6. 7lr4t he m^ S^ife 4»d Cle4»fe it 
• veiththeiP4Jf»mtfvt4lterhfthemrd» 
Q^$A/^ Jtidtief th4t 4re CMftsy htveemci- 

fidthefitjh, prththeafeftims ^ndlufis. 
Rom.8.15. Fer ifje live i^fit thffiejht jfeJhMS 

die, hit ifje mei^h the Sfirit df mrttjle the 

deeds of the iedf, yeJbaO live, 
E|4l.|.x<S. 7i4t hf,ff0mgritm m Mcmdingf 

the, riiAei e(. hif Gletj, te it fir<iigthe»ed with 

wigh by the Spirit, inthe inner ntM^ 
V.|7. Th4fCmfi. fbQT dmtf in pur hearts by 

f^ith, tbef piefitg rtetfd i^$d ffesfOded in 


Vti$. Mijheeblettcemfrehepdmths^Sdnts, 

mh^fie the breadth, andUngih, 4nd defth^ 


V.19, Andtiknem the Ltve ef Ckifi* whieh 
f^ethfCnmle^e-, th^tje might be fSedmith, 
xCor*7.i. Havingtherefmthefefremifes dearly 

Dm gle 

^iUveJ, let MS cUanfe wr f elves frm dttflM 
. • Mfferfpjh^ MndJ^iriti fcrfeSting hoUn^ek, 

fhefesrpf G6d. / 

Heb.i2^ 14. Poiov^fedtewithsttmen^ dndhdi- 

^effe withd$^ mhkh no nsM fbaHfee the tcrd 
XXhtU^.i^. AjuitheverjGodoffeactySdnetijit 
'^ ffou wbcBp and Ifraj God, pur v^hple ^$rH^4uJi 
, fonl, and body he frejerved Uimetefnm^ tie 

Comingof our Lord ^efisschrijt. 
QzlfiS.Tiislfaytben, walkinthe Sfhit^nui 

pfhali not fulfil the lufts of the flejb. 
V, 1 7. for theflefh lufieth agdinff the ^kit^ W 

theAhit againH thejlejh^ andthefe are afktri- 
- rithe one to the other ^ fo thai ye cannot J^tk 
. things that ye wuld. . , 
' V.2y. Tfmeliijeifrthejfirit, letksalfowalkiu 
^^jhej^irit. \ / 
iPet.ij i/Dearljheloved^ tbeffiihjondsfirarh 

gers and filgrims, ahftain fi^mjlejbly Imfis^ 
. which *aragainft the fouL ' •• 

}pQr.j«i8« Sut^rofP in Grace] and inthehoaot^ 

ledge of our Lord andSaviot& ^ftu Chrijtt to 
MmheGkrybotknow^ and f ft e^er^ Jmn^ 
iCor.3«i8. But!vte all with ff en face, lehoidimg 

MS in aglaffe theglorjof the Lord^ are changed 
: ontothe fame Jmage from Glory to Gltry^ eveto 

MS by the Sfirit of the Lord. 
PbiU.13. For it i^ Godthat workethin jonhoth 
r to willy andtoda^ ofhigoodfleafure. 

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r He .commanded hisDirdpIes to preach the 

Colpel, and infticoced the two Sacrd- 

' menb, 'MX. Baptifm;, and the 


iAatk i6;i% And bt JaUmtt them^ Goje into 

mU the vmUli And freacfj the Go^el t$ evnf 

creatwre, .■.■•■.-> 
W,i6. Hetbabelieveth/mdit biftix,edjbdUbe 

ftved, but be that believeth Hit fhaS bcj. 

I Cor^.!. Letd mdnfo dcctnnt»f lettMoftbt, 

miitifitrs »f chriSf, dndHewdrdspfthem^C" 

riesifc»d. • • . - • 

|obn4;s. Wbe»tberefuritheL«rdkium bmtbi 

Pbarifees had beard tbat^eftu made andbaf-^ 

•iixieaimre pifeiflfs tb/ut^tbn^ 
V.2. TbMgb^eJut bimfsff ba^ided nit , hut 
■: hit.DiJeifles, 
l^St,^%C\9 Cfi k^erefare, tnd te/uh all nations, 

baftixing thmfn the tfotneeftke F other ^ and 

of the Son, and of the holy Gboff, Teaching them to obferve alt things: 

tobat/oever I hope commanaedyoMy and Lo^ I 

am with yon alway, even to the end if the world t 
' ^men, . .'. 

Mark 1:4. ^obn did baptize in the wilderneffe,, 

and freaeb thebaftijin of repentance; for the 


89 JS^ghP KnowUigt. Kfi0nfje net that f$ many of us a8 ipert 

. haptisctci into .chrtfif ivire' bspixxd im0 hH 

dcAth. ' - 
V.4* Thfrefott tp( m huryiii^lthUm bj tdf 
tifme into dutf^^ that like m^ Chrifi xphs rMiju 
tip from the Jedd, by the Glory of the Fdtherl 
\ iMn fo m difofkoM wdlk in tHiPn^c of life. 1 
Mat.^.xi. I indeed iaftizi you ioUh wiacr $mti 
repentance^ hut he that cometh after me, it 
\ mightier th^n /,* whofe jkies I am not tvorthj 

* .to W, ^efhallhjiptizey^ roith the holy G hop 

and with fire. 
j[&b)» 1.33. And I know him noty .int he that font 
^me to baftii^e m$h water ^ the fame faiJmntQ 
mey upon whom thou fhaltfee the Spirit dtfctn* 

• * d$ng, and yemairiing on him^ im fame isk 
: which baptizeth with the holjGhofl^ 

Tk.3.5. Not h»i works of rigkeoujnefft which we 
\Shave dm^ bult according to his rioercy bejdveth 

M, by the wa^ngof regeneration^ Mdrtntw- 
: ingoftheholy Ghofi. 
\ Pec. 3.2 1 • 7be like figure whereunto enjenhAp- 

tifme doth now fdW usy (not the putting away 
. the filth of the fle(h^ but the dnfwer of a good 

confcience towards God,) 4^ the rcfurreffiom of 
. ^/fiisChrifi. 

1 Cor, 1 2. 13. For bj one Spirit are we dUbapti- 
. zed into one boHy, whether we be ^ews, or 

GentiUsy whether we be bond^ or frie, and 

have been all made to drink into one Spirit. 

Digitized by Google 1 COf. 

J^ght Knovoldege, %^ 

t.Como.t» Mfirtover brethren^ t would nitthdt 

• yejbHtUke igntrmt^ kw that aUmt Fathers 

hereunder the cloudy Mi all paffeJ tbrMsth 

theses. . '" ^^ 

v.*. Andtpere all bapi:^d'wtto Mofes in the 
cUmd, mA in the St A. 

y*^-_ AnddiddUeatthef/tmf^irittMllmedt, 

V.4. And did all drink the fame pritMoll drink, 
for they drank ofthatf^iritnall Rwk thatfoUaw' 
tdthem^ and that Rock mMfChrW. 

Rom.'4.ii. And he received the figne of Circnm- 
eififm, a fed of the rightemfneffe of the Faith, 
»hichhehad, jietbeijig uncircnmcifed, that he 
mght he the Father of all them that helieve^ 
though they he net Circumcifed, that right eoaf- 
ne^e might he impnted to them alfr. ' 

Vaa. And the Father ofCiremicifionto them 
who are not of the CireninciRon onely^ hnt alfo 
walk in the fteps of that faith of our Fathfr, A- 
hraham^ which he had Mtig yet nnclrfinmcifed: . 

Col.2.11. In whom alfo je are Circumcifed, with 
the Cir€umeifion made mthout hands, infla- 
ting off the body of the fins ofthefiefb, by the 
V.u. BmedwithhiminbaptifmCt wherein at' 
fpje are rifen with him, through the faith of 
the operation of God, who bath raifed him frcttf 

Gaj.5,17. For Of many of you as have been bap- 
tiudintoChriH, han/ejut on Christ.^n^ [^ 

po night KmwUdgi. 

AAs2,4i* Then they that gladly r€chvd\ 
X99^d^ were hafti&td, and the fame dij ifa 
wre added unto them dout three tlm^ 

A6ts 16.^^. And he took them the fame hmi 
the night, and wafhed their fir if es, andn 
iaptized, he and all his flraightroay. 

Afts8.37. And Philip [aid, if thou hekm 
wth all thine heart thou mditB ; and he itji 
red^ and /aid, I believe that ^efus Chrfi 
the Son of God. 
V 38^ And he Commanded the Chariot ti^ 
fiiL and they went down both intu the u4 
botn Philip and the Eunuch, and he bafiu^ 
him.. ' j 

Gal.3.14. tA^^ the blefiing of Abraham w^ 
come on the Gentiles through ^ef sis ChrifiM 
we might rtitive the promt fe ofthejpirittkm 
Faith. 1 

Afts 2.38. Then Peter faid unto them, rtyt 
and be baptix^ed every one of you in the iM«i*j 
Refuse hrifi, for the remijfion of fins, aij 
fhall receive the gift of the holy Ghoft. 

V.39- Porthepromifeis to you and to your Cfc 
iren^ And to all that art afar of, even M * 
ny as the Lord our Godfl)aR CaU. 

1 Cor.7.14, For the unbeleevin^ husband if f^ 
ififiedby the wife, and the ufweleevingioifo 
fancfified by the huiband^ elfe were your cB 
dren tinclcan^but now are they holy. 

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iight KnmUdge. gi 

jMark lo^ij. And thri breugh pung Children 
t0 him that he Jhcnld touch thtm^ and his Dif 
€ifUs rebuked t ho fe that brought thenf. 
V.14. Bui fphen ^efus faw it^ he r^ai much 
di^leafed^ and faid unto them, fuffer the little 
Children to come tome^ and forbid them not ^ 
for §ffucb is the Kingdome of God. 
V*I5- y^riij^ I fdj unto you^ whofoever JhaB 
mot receive the Kingdome of God as a little Child 
i^e JhaB not enter therein. 
V.I 6. And he took them up in hisarmes^ and 
Put his hands upon them, aud bleffedthem. 
LuKC 7, 30. But the Pharifees und Layers rejeif- 
idtheCounfelofGodagainfithemfelves^ being 
not baptizM of him. 
Ads S.I ^. Then Simon himfelf believed alfo^ 
and when he xfos baptized^ he continued with 
jphilip^ and tvondred beholding the. miracles. 
andfigns which were done. 
John 3.5. ^efus anfwered, verily', verily, I fay 
mrto thee^ except a man bebornofwatery and 
oftheSpifity he cannot emer into the Kingdome 
of God. 
Eph.5.25. Hu bands love your wives, even as 
Cbri(ialfo loved the Church, and gave himfelf 
fir it, 

W.t6. That he might fanffife and cleanfe it winh 
the wajhing of water by the word^ 

Hi Lords 

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9^ Kight Knor^Uige. 1 

Lords Supper. And as they were eathg, ^efp^tdek 
head^ and blef edit, and brake it^ andgan/cH 
tdhisDifcipUs, andfaid, take^ ea$, this Ufnj 

y.ii. And hi t^§k the Cup, and gave thdnks^ 
andgaveiitothefn^ fayhg^ drink je ai of it. 

V.28. Fcr this is inf blood of the New Tefiir 
ment^ which isfhedfor many^ for the remPian 
of fins. 

V.2p. But J fay unto yim^ IrviRnot drink hence* 
forth of the fruit of the Fine, uniiUthat day, 
when J drink it new with ycuy in my Fathers 
M^-k 14.22. i^nd as they did edt^ ^efustook 
hread^ andtleffed it^ and brake it^ an4 g^^ 
to themy andfaid, take^ eat^ this is my body. 

V.2 3. And he took the Cup^ and when he hadgi^ . 
wn thanksyhe gave it tothem-^andthey drank all 
of it. 

V 24 And he f aid unto t he m^ this is my blood 
of the New Teftament which isjhedfor.tnany. 
LuKe 2 2 . ! 9. And he took bread, and gave thanks^ 
aidbrakcity and gave unto them^ faying, this 
is my body, which is given for pu^ this do in 
remembrance of me, 

V. 2 o. Likewife alfo the Cup after S upper y fay- 
ing^ this Cup is the /jew Tejlament in my blood, 
which isjhedf&ryou. ..tzed^y Google Gor, 

Right KMtvledgi. 9^ 

I Cor. 1 1 .20. When je c^me together ihcr^ore in- 
to one fUcc, this is not to eat the Lords Sup* 

V.23. For J have received of thi l^ordthat 

which dfo I delivered nntojon^ that the Lord 
' ^effos the fame night in which he was betrayed 

took iread^ 
V.24« jind when he had given thankeSj he hrake 

ity and/aid^ take, eat^ this is my bodjy which . 

is broken for jou^ this do in remembrance of me. 
V.aj. jifter the fame manner alfo he took the 

Cup J when he had fufped^ fvi^^£y ^^^ ^^ ^ 

the new Tefiament in my blood, this do ye, as 

often 4S ye drink it, in remembrance ofme^ 
V.26. For as often as ye eat this bread^ and 

drink this Cup, ye dojhew the Lords death till he 
: come. 
V.27. wherefore whofoever fhall eat thisbread^ 

and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily f eateth 

and drinketh damnation tohimfelf, not difcer- 

ning the Lords body. 
lCor*io-i5. the Cup of blefftng which webleffe, 

is it not the Communion of the blood of Chrifti 

the bread which wehreak^ is it not the Commu* 

nionofthe body ofchrifi f 
V.17. For we being man) are one breads and 

one body ^ for we are all partakers of that one 

V*ii. re cannot drink she Cupof the Lord ^ and 

tb( Cup 0f Devils : ye cannot be partakers y 

" 4 Digitized by Google, 

94 ^^£^* Knwkefge. ] 

the LerJs td/e, dndofthe tubleef devils. 

iCotii A3. FerhjotieSpHt are we aB'tdftized \ 
into one body ^ whether we bedews, or Gentiles^ 
whether we he bdndy orfree^ and have been di 
made to drink into one Spirits 

AftS 20.17. Andufon the frfi day of the weck^ 
when the Difciples came together to break breads 
Tanl freathed unto tbern^ ready to depart oh 
the morrow, and continued his fpeech untii 

I Cor.5.^. Tour glorying is not good-^ knotn ye 
not that a little leaven^ leaveneth the whoU 
lumf? ' ' • 

V.7» Purge out therefore the old leaven^ tbatje 
may be a new lump^ do ye are unleavened^ for 
even Chrift our P^eover isfacrificedfor us. 

A<as2.4i, Then they thai gladly received his 
word, were baptized: and the fame d^ there 
wire ddded unto^ them about three thonfind 
y.^1. And they cominued ftedfaftly in the Afo- 
^ files DoSiAne^ and FeUowjhif^ and in bred- 
king of breads and in prayers. 

aTher.3.5, Now we command you brethren, ^in 

. the name of our Lord ^eftss Chrift^ that ie 

withdraw your felves from every Brother that 

walkcthdifordcrlj^ and not after the tradition 

which he received of f^m 

y*i4 Andif any n^an obey not our word ^ by this 

\£pifile^' note that man, and have no company 

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Xigk :K»is»le^e. ^y 

withhim^ thathemajbeajbamed. 
"V.iy. Tet C0wfthim mtat ancnemj^ butdd- 

7. What they arc cffeftaally Called unto,and 
tbrcugh theaffifiance'of the Spirit of God ena- 
bled to perforin, that fliall receive Rcmiffion of 
fias by Chrift: They that ftiall be made parta- 
kers oi that great and ioeftimable benefit, the 
RcUaiflidiiof an theif fins by Chnft, are cffeftu- 
ally called and enabled by the afliftance of his 
Grace, dnfefgnedly to believe the Gofpel, hear* 
tily tb repent of all their fins, feriouflv to give 
up their foals unto him, refiihg and relying 
on the Redemption and Ranfome of his Blood 
for their Pardon and Reconciliation with God. 
And taking him for their ortely Lord & Saviour, 
and yielding chemfelves up in fincere obedience 
to him, and to be guided and governed by his 
Gface and Holy Spirit*, they do depend on him 
alone for Juftification, Sanguification, firengch 
to perfevere in the ways of HoIineflc,and at laft, 
to be brought toeternall Life. And to as many 
as are thus drawn by the Holy Ghoft favingly 
to repent of thciir fins, and believe in Chrift, 
being'truly united to him, and made branches 
in him the true Vine, and niembers of hisroyfti- 
cal body the true Church, (whereof himfelf is 
the Head,) God iiath proihifed pardon and Re^ 

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9.5 ^k^ KfUmkdie^, 

miffioA of ali their fias, to write his Law in 
their Hearts, to fubdue their Corruptions by 
his Grace, that fin fliall not have Dominion o- 
verthecn, tobeftow on them all foch outward 
Ueflings as he ia his infiiiite wifdome ihall (ee 
good for them j And when they die, their (buls. 
fhall be received into everlafting blKTe, and 
their bodies (hall beraifed again by the power of 
Chrift at the laft day, and made partakers of 
the fame Glory* ^nd tbu is Called the C^vt* 
nd»t of Grace. Bat fuch as go on in their fins, re* 
f ufing to accept of Chrift, for their Lord and 
Saviour,Redecmer and San6tiHer,and to give up 
them^felves in iincere obedience to him 5 whea 
they die, their Souls (hall be adjudged to ever- 
lafting pupiibment ^ and their bodies fhall be 
raifed again at the iaft day, and made partakers 
with their Souls of £verlafting Torments. 

Concerning effc(^ual Calling. 

Rom. 1. 5, Among whom dreje alja theCdSeJof 

^efus Chrifi. 
Rom.8.28. And we knot^ that 4B things work to- 
gether for good to them that Uve Goa, to them 
who are the Called according to his furfofe. 
V.30. Moreover whom he Sdfredejlinate^them 
he alfo Called: and whom he Called^ them he 
dlfo jujlified^ and whom hejupfiedy thfmhe 
. atjoglorsfied. " ' 

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1 Tiin.l^p. W\» Imh pfvid m- and CaUtd us 
wkhMho^cdimty n$t4cc&rdhgt0iMtrwcrhs^ 
but dcarding Ubu mn fmtf^c^ And Grdce^ 
which Wdtfgivfn m in Chrifi ^fH, before the 

Heb.j.i. Whtnfwc My bretbrcf^ fMrtakers of 
the Heavenly CaBingy Cmfider the Apefile^ 
MdhigltPrufi^f §ur frcfejfUny Chrifl ^efw. 

Efti.iaS* The eyes 0/ jenr nnderfiandingbting 
tnlightened^ tbdt ye may knew wh^ is the hofe 
efhif Cd&ing^ and whit the riches ef the glery 
if his inheritance in the Saints^ 
V.X9. And what is the greatnejfe af hit fewer te 
US-ward J whe beUeve according ta the working 
of his wtighty power ^ 

A<%s i6«i4. And A certain woman^ named Lydia, 
a fetter of purfle^ of the City of Thyatira^ 
which Worjhrpped Ged^ heard hs : wbofe heart, 
the Lord opened^ that Jbe attended nnto the 
things which werefpoken of PaaL 

1 Pet, 2. 19* Bat ye are a chofen generation^ aroyaH 
Prieflhood^ an hoiy Nation^ afecnliarfeoflfy 
that jcfhouldjbew forth the fraifes of him who 
hath called you ont ojdarknejfe into hits marvel- 
lous Light. 

Epb.4.1. / therefore the Frifoner of the herd be- 
JetchyoUy that je walk worthy of the vocation 
wherewith ye are called. 
1 Thef.2.ia. T:hat ye wodd walk worthy ofGod^, 
who hath called yoH to his Kingdowe and Glory, 


o8 Jiight RnMhe^e, J 

/4f *«- wJtif * b^h fent m dr*w htm j «< 

tUtb4tb W, Wi&*'A learned of tkll 
iher. Cometh to me\ \ . ' 

V.65! Mbef*id, therefore fiidrime^ym^ 
ntman cm come unt9 m except st were§M 
itnt$hmofmjS4iber. - ^ . 

John 6.37. Alth^fbe Father gtveth m^^ 
etmetowe, anihmtbite«metht$me,lf 

in»9 wife caf cut, ., ., , ^i 
'John 5^5. rm//, vertlj,! fai »f * W 

Afirr&f w»« ofthefm vfGtd, apdtbej^' 
kearjhall live. ' . ' t .t,; 

■ ir4y f* Gtf^/w J'<'»» ^r^*««, beUnfei »ff 
iflr</, ^w-rf' G«i hathjrem the kegttmHf^ 
fettyoa it falvatipn, throitgh fa^ificatm 
the Spirit^ and belief of the Tr nth, 
V.14. Whereunto he called jm by PW^Cmj 
the obtaining of the Glory of onr Lord if 

Ezek. 36*. 1 6. Moreover the vmd ofthf Lorif^ 

unto me, faxing, ■ . t jU 

V.17. Son of man, tphen the jg«/j j/ /^ 

Jwh in their owne Land, thej defiled $tbjt>^ 

oivne toaj, and bj their ^ntgSy tktr tr^ 

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light Knowledge. P9 

btftrtmiai ihcnnde^nne^eof AtetrnveAm^ 

W.7,6* A new Ifeart dlfc mO J giveyou^ sndd 
new Spirit wiBlfftt within jm^ and I will take 
smaj the fi^nj heart §ia efjonr fiejh, andlwik 
grve JOM a heart affiejh. 

y.%1. And I wiRfutniy Spirit within j§n^ and 
€Mfe jfM ft walk in- my ftdtntes^ and ye Jhall 
Jceef my]n^emintf^ and do them.. 

Epb.2,ij, But now in Chrifi ^efui, je who 
fimtimes were afar of, are made nigh by the 
blood of Chrifi. 

Roiii.8.1. For the Law of the Spirit of life in 
Chrijl ^efm, bath made me fiee from the Law 
0f Jin and death. 

V. 9* Bui ye are not in thefiejb, tut in the Spirit^ 
if Jo he that the Spirit oJGoddweBinyou^ now 
if any man hawe not the Spirit of Chrifi^ he if 

John 3.8. The wind tloweth where it lifteth^ and 
thou heareH the found thereof ^ but canft not 
teU whenee it eomethy and whither itgoeth * fo 
is every one that is born of the Spirit. 

A^atf. 1 8. To open their eyesy and to turn 
them from darknep to Light, and from the pow^ 
er of Satan^ ,unto God, that they may receive 
forgivenefr of fins ^ ar^ inheritance among 
them which are/anilified by Faith that is 
in me. 

100 i/^gfo Knmkdge, 

Ccbccrning believing the Gofpd. 

X Cqr.«.i2. Ikw m have received Mttki} 

rit if the world, ba theSfsrit which k^^ 

that m might ifuw the thkigi thdtmp 

given to MS of God. 

V.14. But the oaturtd m4f^ riciiveth m 

, 4hinssiftheSfirit4 Cod^ for f hey arefd 
•nefiu^o iitn; neither cm he know them,! 
cdufe they sreJpiritudHy difcerneL 

E|>b^i-i^. rr- MakingmentioA^j9» inwfji^ 

V.17. that the Cod-ofoufLfrdfefm<M 

AheFMber ofCUrj. mAf give unit jottfuh 

..ritofwifdome 4ndnveldion^- in the kno0^ 

,• of him* ^ . < 

\,iSi rhe tyeiofjpur underpdnHing k*^ 
V lightened, tba^enuf know what is the W 
: hiiCallio^ a^dwhatihe iiches\ofthim 
.hfs^inberitaase..: . 

V.'ip; And. what if the exceedin^ggneatW 
. J/i/fower, to us- ward, whdMieve aecorett 

theworking^f his might J. fewer, . 
John 8.24. t-faidiherefore unto joU, that ytf^ 


he,yejhaBdie'inyourpns. .J 

Afts 4.1 2. Neither i* there falvationinjvji^ 
for there is none other name under Heavens'^ 
amutg men wherehj we mnSi befaved, , 

Might Knowledge. xoj 

M^^. ^efusfeith unto him, lamthewaj^ . 

4ktruth^ and m life : no man cometh unto 

tie father tut ty me. 
|btoi7.3. And thk is life eternal, that they 

nn^bt knotp thee the only true God^ and^efus 

CmiB^ whom thou haBjenf. 
IJaI^i!.tf. / marvtl that ye are fo fion removed 

frmhimthat caUed youintothe Grace ofcbrijl^ 

unto another GoJ^el. 
V.J. VThifhis not another^ hut there hefomethat 

troMe yon, and would pervert the CoJ^^l of 

V.8. Biathonghwe, or an Angel from Heaven 

freach any other Gofieluntoyw^then that which 

we have f reached untoyouy let him beaccurfed. 
Eph^i'ij. Ih whom ye alfo trufied, after that ye 

heard the word ef truth, the Go^el of your f^lva- 

iion: in whom, alfo after that ye htleeved^ jc 
\ were fededwith that holy Spirit of fromife. 
y;i4. which u the earneBofiar inheritance^ 

nntiS the redemption of the pur chafed p'cffeffion^ 

wto the praife of his Glory: 
Epha.4. But God ipho is rich in mercy yjor his 

great love wherC'With he loved fis. 
V.J. Even when we were deadinjins hath quic- 
kened us together mth ChriBj {by Grace ye art 

i Cor 4. 1 3. yre having the fame Spirit of Faith, 

according, as it is wriHep, I beleeved, and 

therefore have I Jpoken : m alfo beleeve^and 

therefbrejpeak. Mark i6gle 

loz J^is^ KtunUdie. 1 

Mark \6,i6. He thM belkvtih Andah*pitm 

Jhsll hefAved^ And k that helteveth mt^k 

damiua, . ^ 

I Cor* 1 .2 J. SMtM fre/ui ^hrifi Crmijled^ m 

the ^ews AfiunAling blotk^ itmditm$tht Grt^ 


V.S4* Sf^tmto them phieb art c^e^itth^m 
■ MtJlGreeks^Chrifitheftvnr^fptd^tbewij^ 

dtmeofGsi* . ,.,'7 

• i Cor.J.ii* ppr ether FMfkUtioncMMtmli] 

ihanthMisUid* vfhichisfefus Chrifi, 

Concerning Repentance. ' 

kSt%!i.%i. Himh/nh Cod exdltej fiit6kifi[k 
h^niyfw to be a Prme und 4 Sdviount$ ffvt 

, repentance to ijrdcl, andforgwenc^ecf ftns^ 

Mati4,i7^ Fromthattime^eff4s teg49t0ifre4fi, 
and tofajy repent^ for the Kingdcme of Bar 
vents at hand. , ^ ' , ! 

Mark 1.14.^ Now sfier that ^ohn v^dipntinff^ 

fon, ^efm came into GaliUe, preaching tk 

GofpeloftbeKingd$meQfGod. . 

\.i5.Andj^ying^ the^ time is fuUfBedy id 

. tkeKingd^meofQod is at hand: repent "ft id 

believe the GojfeL . . ' 

Afts J.I j>. Repent je therefore^ and be con^tr^ 
ted^ that jour fins may be blotted ont^ iphenthi 
times cfremfbing fhali come from thepreftn^^ 

. of the Lord. 

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Aight Knor^ledge. ioj 

K€ts And bm I kept Back nothing that 

tpos frofltdle nntc y0u^ hut have fheweJjdti^ 

Mi have taught joH ftdflikelj^ and from boufe 

V.2I. Teftiffing both to the ^eivfy dnd alfito 

the Greeks^ repentance toward God ^ and Faith 

toward our Lord ^efus ChriJt. 
k€ts 26.19. Wherefore O King A^Ppi^ lw.ii 

nbt disobedient to the Heavenly vijton. 
Viio. Butfbewed frfi untothem of Dimafiusi 

and at ^erufalem^ and throughout aU the Coafts 

of^uaca, and then to the Centileij that the j 

jhould repent^ and turn to Cody and do works 

meet for repentance. 
hrov.28. 13, He ihat cover etb his fins Jba/l ml 

freffer^ butwhofocof^fefeth andfdrjalcetbtheni 
1 John I. p. Ifwecohfejfedurjinsy he is faithful 

andjuff to forgive us ifurfinSy and to cleanje ui 

Jo(h.7.i9. And^ofhuafdidintoAcbdn^ ^ f^i 

give t praj thee Glory to the Lord God ofifrdel^ 

and make confefftontintd him^ dndteBsnenonf 

what thou haft aont^ hid€ it not from me4 
k&s I r 18.' ivhen they he^dth'efe things ^ thef 

held their feace^ dnd glorified God^ f^Vftg^ 

thin bath Godalfoto tbi Gentiles granted fepen^ 

tanee unto life, 
ftitk iiA$o. rhefifordp^iB I judge jdu, Ohohfe 

oflfrac\ ivety one according to his waiesy faith 

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J04 -R'g*^ KnmUige. 

tkLordCtd, refetitidmltifrnjMrfdvesfim 
' Attjo»rtrAefgr<jf$»s:f(iimn0PlfhdifUtbej4m 

V. ? I . CaB atP4yfrtmj9u aBiour trM^tf^m 
fibenbj ye hwe trM^^l, mA maktyMs 
new hearty *nd a new jfirit-, ftr why »iU ye 
Jie Houje of ifratL 
J^k 3631. The/t JhoB ye rememhr ynr mm 
%eviln>4ySy and y$wr Mags tha vtenntt giud, 
'^4fidJh4Bk4tby»iirfelvesinfoar awiufghty ftr 
ytminitfuities, dadfory«urabemin4tf*»s. 
V.Ji. Nfitfarjtarfafuf dtlthkfMth thetiri 
Cody ie if kwiv» wtftf jfM, te Apumed^ And 
coinoMded for year ovftu w/utfy im^ *f ^A** 

eh ' • 

Jod a.ia. rherefere dfa nm ftuth the Lsrdy 
turn ye even to me with aUyoiur he4tt^ dndwith 

• /4/fw^, Md with mefing» md with amw | 

V.I 3. And rent yottr hearty And net ycmi gsf- 
mentSy and tmn ujrtt the L9rdy$wr Gcd, ftr he 
isgrAmut And numfdt JlmtO'Ai^er, andtf 

:. greAt, kindmfy And re^enteth him tfthte- 

a C*r 7.11. Fat behtU^ thit felf'lAm«thingliiM 
ye farrowed After A Godlyfm^ whAiCAref^nt^e 
it wrought in yon', yea, whAteleAnng vfyw 
felves^ yeA, what indignAtion, yea whatfoar^ 
yea, what vehement defirf, yeAywhat zeAi^ytOt 
whaf revenge I in a& things ye have Affrnved 

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Rev.2.y. Remember therefm fim vfbeikt thod 
mfdMen, Mirtfem^ Midtthj pfiwMtt^ 
^tljt 1 mi ftm um9 ihei amckhf^ jui ipiS 
nm^vttkf djutJlefiickmtpiffUe, Meft 

Luke 13.3. JuS jon nof^ Ut eaceptjeHpintl 
iefhda*lllikimftferifli. r J t > 

Aa$ 17 5o» Afid the timts tf tUi ig^MiHiGtd 
winked a, httnw cmtngndetltMU mene^etif 

V,3|. Bttiii^ he hah afftimed A dm in the 
%bkk he Witt jud^e the i»ttU i»righteo»fneffei 
hy thdt mM whtm he hdth irdaimdi wbere^hd 
h4th given aftirante nttti all men, in thttk 

, hath raifed him frofifthe dead; . 

IfiuS5.7. ^* fix wicked ferfake his wny, dndthe 
itnfi^i^ Dtdn kit ihtMs^ 4ndkt him ti^ 
*itr0nm9thei^dt dndi^ i^itt hive mire) np" 
em bimt andtHMrGed, for he vpHI Atatdant" . 

^ht^dm. , 

112.1.15. Wil^je^ rii^kejniAe^^ fkiwAJthi' 
e^tf^imrdtiitgsfrm hefmkuhe ejes, etifi 

Vat. Ceriii ntHf sad iet m j^etfin teeether\ 
f/ikhthi tfrdi thu^kyoiirjint be gejmlet^ 
eheyjbkS be m white 4tjnm^ though they be 
. ttdUktCriiiifen, tbty^dU bestviool , , 

lukci5.7. JfiynnteyodthMt UiewefejrfMlbe 
i0mii^»uitmifiimef ik4 nfei^ks m»fe 

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%q6 Kight KnfffUigt. 

thdn$vermmtj AndninejuH ferfons^ which 
netd if repentance. 

Eeb.d.T. Thetefort^ leaving the frincifUs if 
the Do^rifle ef Chrifi^ let as go^nuntifer- 
fe^ion^ not laying ag^n thehundathnof re- 
fentancefnm dead works ^ ana of Faith tm^nris 

Luke 17.3. Take heed to jour (tlvesy ifthj bro- 
ther treffoffeagdinfi thecy rebuke him, and if 
he refent , forgive him. 

V 4. And if he treffoQe agmjl thee feaven 
times in a day, andjeaven times in a day turn 
again unto thee^ f^jit^gt I repent^ thon fhalt 
forgive him. 

ConccriringFaith in Chrift. 

A<ffe i6.y. And they faidy beleevion the Lord 
^efiis Chrif, and thonjhalt he favedy and 
thine honfe* 

I John 5.1 1. He that hath the Son hath life, and 

he that hath not the Son hath not life. 
V.I 3. Thefe things have I mitten unto yin that 
believe on the Name of the Son of God, that ye 
m4y knoro that ye have eternal life y andthafye 
may believe on the Name of the Son of 
God. . 

John 8.24.—/^ if ye believe not that Jsmhe, 
ye (ball die inyourfias. , . 

JonQ6.4o. And this is the mil of him tkatfent 

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Right Kn$wledge. 107 

, me thai every one which feeth the Son^ Andhe- 

Ueveth on him, may have everUfiing lifel dnd 

I mllmfe him up st the Uft day. 

V.47. Verify^ verili, ifajuntoyou^ he that he^ 

Ueveth on me hath everlafiifig life. 
Eph.2 . 1 2. At that time ye were without chrifi^ 
heing aliens from the Common wealth of Ifraely 
. and firangers from the Covenants of promife : 
having no hofOy and without God in the world. 
V.I 3« But now in Chrifl ^efue^. ytwhofomtimes 
were afar off^ are made nigh by the blood of 
Eph.i.S. Far by Gracesre fe favedfbrough Faiths 
4nd that not of your [elves, it is the gift of 
V.9' Hotofworks^ left 4nym4nJbouldbodft. > 
John X2.44. ^efus cried andfaia, be that belie- 
vetB on me, beUeveth not on me 9 butonlnm 

Vj^. 1 am come a Light into the worlds that 

whofoever believeth on me [bould not. abide isK 


Ron. 10.14. How then JhaB they^caS on him in 

^ ' rifhom they have not believed f and how fhaS^ 

' they believe in him of whom they have not 

bedrd? and how JhaO they hiar without a frea* 


V.I7. So then Faith conteth by hearings and 

hearing by the word of God. 
rPtt,2.6. ^Vberefore it ii contained in, the Sprif- 

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tmi. heboid^ ilMjmSi$wd ckMcmkr pfne^ 
\ Wr^> picicsiSy 4uul h6 Pkat Mieveik OB him 

fhalffict ie.^$nf§9nd$d. 
^^^4.42. And thij [iidnnt^ the wpmsn* mw 
' fve helieve^ wft Ififdnfe rf thf Mnf^^ pr m 
^ JlfdvehcMfd jmm inrfdws, Maknn^nMjhk 
, uinjudtbeChri^^ the fawemr tfthe 9&r7d. 
jflebiiKi^. Thefe stl dUdm JFdkh t^t having 
V^ received the fremifes^ h^havimfeen thems^ 
'. pref^ dftd vmffer^»4ded efthem, md em 
yrscedthet^ m^ ienf^d thsJk thej mre firan 
^et$4ndfikrims on the earth. 
lmBLi.\%yp^ tethem 

^ i^^ l^ j^p^rt^ i^em$thtfms0fQe^ even 

ie them thdtheiieve on hif Name. 
pilV^o. i 4mmf(ifed ieitih Ckirifiy neveethe- 
^'- hgklUfoe^ je» neei, hntehrijf livMhifime^ 
^ fiUthelifewhiehl nomiii^ inthtftefh^ tHve 
^ the Faith of the Son ofGod^ w^o loved me^ 

of the Lord ^ejns^ weJhaS befayod% oven iU 

' tkif. ' ■ 

fipbf«.itf. Abonj4 oBtako oht pMid of T^^h^ 

pkeiftewitihfefif^ he ^hk to fnenoh sitthfkrjj 


Heb«tf.i2. That je be not ^thful^ bntf^hmrs 

'' oftk^ mho thrones Pmth^ f^enfeinket^it 

&Qffl, ^i.For^ if jMnm^j^P^^ it^fiip^h 

iK§rkt, ii bah tvitriiftif ^Urj j imt not htf^n 

V^. lt9Vf u Inm iha wwktth » kthe reward 

mtrttkMitdtfcrue^ but vfdtit, 
V.6, Even 4$ l>mridsif» dtferihethtbtyiefed- 

neffe tf the m/m t» whm Ged imfnteth rigkte* 

0nfnefe mthent mrks. 
V.20 Nejtn^ed net it the fremife *fGod 

tbrMgh nnMief, hnt wm ftrer^ in Fmkt gt" 

Rom.3.20. Tberefere hy the deeds efthe X4v, 

there ^Umf€^ht]iiftifiedin hk fight, ftrhf 

theluenfirtkt kneieUdgeeffinne, 
V.21* im the rifhtfenfn^e efCedtrithetU the 

Lam is mmfefied, hehfg wituejfed by the law 

V.M. Iventhe righteenfrf^ofGodevhith is h) 

Fmh ef^efus ChriB OnttM^ *nd itfenak 

them tbtt helieve, f»r there is ne differ enee. ' 
V.3^. Por^dihiwefinned^ Aodeemejhtrt if the 

V. S4. Bdngjnfiifedfieelj kf hit Graee^ threngh 

theredempien tm itin ^efm ChriB, 
V.»5. VffheneGedhMbfetferthteheatrefitiet- 

tien thresh Faith in hit hletd^ ie detUre hit 

r^hteenfnejfefer the rem/ien effinSi that are 

faft threngh the ferhedTMceefGed. 
\a6, Te deifldrelfai at thit time hit righteenf- 

neffe^ that he might he h», andthejnfiijitref 


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no Xfght Knowledge. 

.y*i7. Where it hosjiw^ then i kU excbtdedt hf 
fphdt Law ? of works? rfay^ but bjthe La9of 

V.28 . Therefore m anclnde tha a man if jn/ti- 

fiedbj Faith withont the deeds of the Law. 
GaU2«i6. Knomng that a man is n6t]nfiifiedbj 
the works of the Law^ tmt hj the faifb of^tfue 
. Chri^ •, even we havt believed in ^e($^ Chrift^ 
thatmrni^ht ielupfiedkl ihe Faith of Chrtp 
4nd not hj the works of the law, fox kf the w^ks 
oftheLawfb4Bnofiifkhejnfiified. . 

fw- 3 •?. ^nd he found in him. ngt having 
ptine owne righteoufneS which ie of the Law, hm 
that which is through the Faith of Chrfsf^ the 
righteoufnejfe which if i^ God hj faith 

A^sij. 3S. Be it known unto pn therefore, men 
'4fid brethren^ that thr^i^h this m4n if f reached 

1 forgivenejfeoffins. . 
Vij9» C^ vdbj him 4B that believe ^ejuftified 
jfm.aH things^ frof» which je fOftfdnft bejufli- 
fed by the Law ofMofes. 

Heb. 12^24. Unto ^^fpte tbfi Medi4tfrofthenfw, 

^ Covenant^ a^dtothebloodoff^rinkling^ thai 
^eakftJf bettet things than that, ofAb^L 

Ca{«3.3p. Now a Mediator is upt a Mediator ef 
uf^ l^tGodisone^ 

Rom^Sj. Hhere is therefare mt Cpndemnationto 

' thimthatareinchrijl^ejfssj who palk not ^f- 
fertbefiifh^ bttt after the (f iris., 

Jlpm.j.f, Therefore Hts^jnp^dbji Faith, fe 

' '' 4 .V •' ' J Digitized by Google h^Vi 

Right Kiuvkdgf. H, 

fames 2.»t. SeeJf thoa hv iMm^i^k vitb 
bttwwks, Mtthj wtrkt pds Fmh m^defer- 

foho 15.47. Ftf tbt FMhtrbpftftifltvethynt, 
hiemjeje hdw lived me, tmd hdtve khevat 
thai 1 came tut fremGoi. • 

Jade ao. tiitye keUved, building Mf jMfrfehfs 
P0 jtur mif htij F^itb, p»ii»g *» the My 
ObeSf, • . . . 

V.ii, K^fypitrfelves inthehve«fGod, Utk- 
iitgfor themfr(J»lfw Lord^efuiChriHuntt 
eternal life, 

. .. ,• • • • .'' 

CToncernipg J^ioeiTe and' Sincere obedi-' 
dicnc,e. .,: -J • , .i . . ^ 

Plul. 1 . 1 1. Being fiSedwitb'tbe fruits if rigbUMtf- 
neffe, which art by ftfut Christy itnt$the Gtf-. 
ry andfraifecfGfd. . i. V ' \. Nm the G»d tffeaee, thi^ bnfiight 
Oj^aiftfromthi dead 9m Lord ^efuf^ that great 
jbefberd ef the Jbeef^ throng the hUod tf the 
eiffrUfling Cevenant, 

V.2 1. Make yon PerfeB in every good welrkt to 
do hit mill working in yon that which it weB- 
f leafing in bio fight, throi^b^eptt chriSt^ to 
phono^e GUryf«r ever andevert Avun, 

Micah^.S. He hath fhewed thee, Ornanj wha$it 

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Iti Right tCf900jgdgt. 

'i gni^ ^ ^hk doth thetiri require ofthu f 
butudojufiljy andti hvemercj^ andt§wdk 
' hmhijw^thfGed. 

ltm.%.tiL WhM d0tb H p^y ptf hnthttn^ 
though a man fay be , hath Faith, and hofue ne 
'worhf can Paithfave himf 
y.iy. Ifdhireiher or0er be 0dktd, anddefti- 

tute of daily food, 

V.iS. Andom of you fojunn thenh depart iu 

ftset, fit p» iNrpkd, andfitd, mtohhJtMd^ 

J9g ye giw them not thofe things mhioh are 

noedJiritOiihehody^, whaf dothH fr^t i 

V^rBvifnfhipakh^^HhithnotVforks, kdiad, 

being alone. 
t John 2.3. And hereby . do pre knoWy that we 

knof^bimy if we keef hit CommMdememSy 
V.5* But whojo keef eth his wordy in him verily 
. ii the love 9f God fer felted : hereby know we 

thatwe areinhim. 

ilPiC.i.5. Andbefides thitygi^fng aB diligenee^ 

, adde^ to your Faith vertue, and to vertneknow- 

bd^e., ' • /* 

y.6. And to know^dgt temftraneey and to 

temftrancepttienoey and to patience Godlineffey 

V.y. Atul to GoMineffo brotmrJy kindnefy and 

to brotherfykindhefe charity. 
y.9 FortfthefethiniQ be inyen, andabonndy 
^ they makeyoe^ that jejhainalier be bahren^ 9or 
.^fiyffi^l in the htfwtet^ ofonrlordfefm 

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ht i94t Purged Jrm hit oldjins. : ■ .\ 

thtjnuff he pm gmtd imtrh, iatdgUHjunm 

fMiur vfhkk it itf K^MfHt Fortht Grace if God that hi^ngHJ^fd% 

vMimk^^ inured $idS men/ 
V.U. TtMh^ Mt, tku demii^tN^oiiinef, 

tmiwtrlMj tt^s, m flmidUvifih>lf^ righ- 

te^fytdfid^d^htkisfrefent mrtd. 
jPct'.».i2» Bavittg yetir ConverfationifMefi 4- 

nmg the GiiaUe^,' tlua wher^ds the} ^eaki' 

gdnfjImM ivU dters, thej tiuy hfjpurgttd 

dtef $f wju/^ien, 

V.I ?. f9rfi'i^i>/kmM tf 0U» that withnnS- 

dfhffe m*j fm to fiUpetthf igntrame tffoo- 

Johrt 15.>, mrrin k wf Tdther gkrij&dy that 

<u bear much fmit, [tjhaijehmj »fcifl*s. 
I^.t.f«u Fir we art hit we^hmutfkif, cheated 

i» Chrift-^e^ witeg»$dimh, wBieh God 

hath hefere tfimnei^ that w J^tttUwatk h 
' wev»»», tat^mw ieiitg made free ff^^,attd 

hnprnejervams P&GMj jt havejnrfrm mite 
"ySUntftt a/uHthtefktfiverfi^Migl^* 
Mk.»j.i9. Bk Lvrijdi mtt» Awt» wei dnie 

fhtngeoi 4Hdfaith^jk'ifeaft then h^^^n^y^. 

J 14 ^ight.Ktimlu^e, 

.. fMthfnliver A few things, J mS make thee n- 
. ler over mun things, enter then intttheintf 
tbjLcrd., . ^ 

' V.zt, UealfetbatbadreceivehwttAlet^s, cme 
. ^ndf^d^ Lord^ thw deliveredB me tip» ta- 
lents, behold, I htfve gained ether tvn talents 
hefides them. 
V.23. Hit Urd pad nnte him^ wett damgnk 
' and faithfnl firvant, then haB beenfait^d 
tver a fewthingSyj mllmakefhee rider tver 
many things, enter thon inte the jej eftij 
Luke 17.10. So likemfe ye, when ye havedone 
all the fethitigs which are cmpumtedyon/fy 
wearennfrofitdleJervantSy we have done that 
which war our dnty to do. 
Jobax.t. Can a man be frofitaUe nntoGody 
^ he that if wife may be fro^tabU nnto himjfelfj 
V.3. Is it anyfleafnre to the Almighty that then 
art righteous f oris it gam t4hm that thon mm* 
keit thy waies feifeff ? 
Job 35.7. Jf thon he righte0fie, what givefithon 
< him? or what receiveth he ^tk^ hands' 
V.3. Thywickedn^emff hnrtamandtthonivt, 
and thy righteonfiejfe may profit the [on ofm^. 
Mat.23.a3. mekntoyon Scribet^ msd Pharifees\ 
hypocrites, for ye fay tithe of Mint^ dndAmsis, 
and Cummin, and have pnitted the weightier 
•. matters of the law,, ^nJ^ement, tMercy, and, 
faith, thefeotigkye to%vffe done, andt^ti 

zed by Vj O C^ ICdVC 

Digitized b 

ItHfvethtithcrnndBne. F0r Ifay untojon^ exceft jourrigb^ 

^ tiiufnef fhdll exced the ri^ktoufn^e of the 

Scribes and Pharifees, ye Jbdllin no cafe enter 

' imothe KingdofM ef Heaven. 

Gal5.i2. BmtheftmtoftbeSfiritUiove^^ey^ 

feMe^ Long Si^ering^ Gentleneffe^ Goedr 

neffity Fditbp 

V.ij. Meekneffe^ Temperance, agdnfi fuch 
there is no La%p. 

% Cor.8. 1 1. For if there be frit a mlUj^ mind, 
ft is acceftei according to that a man hath^ and 
mut according to that he hath rM. 

Heb. 6.10. Tor God is not nnrighteons^ to forges 
yonr roorkj and labour of love^ which ye have 
fbeioed totoards his Name, in that ye have mi" 
nifiredto the Saints, and do minifier^ 

Heb.5«9. jind being made perfeif, he became the 
anthor of eternal fdvation unto aU them that 
obey him. 

Ro{n;tf«6. Knotothis^ thai onr old msm is crucifi- 
ed with him^ that the body of fin might be de- 
firoyed^ that henceforth we Jhoidd not jerve fin.. 

Mat.10.37, He that loveth Father^ or Mother 
more than me is not worthy ofme^ and he that 
loveth Son or Daughter more than me^ is not . 
worthy of me^ 

I Cor.16.22. If any man love mt the Lord ^e^ 
fm Christy let him be Anathema mtaratiatha. 

Mac,22.37« f ejus faid unto him^ thonjhalt love 

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.the Lord thj Ged vrith^ tbj Aiitrfi MUtiUlkli 

idlthjfffulf. MfulintbdB thfHUad, 
hBs >o.35. tut heirtrj NMidtt, he thtfiMih 

hhf^ Md wtrkttif fighUtifa^4 it Mt^ftti 

^NUxf. fkaijtutxjbe hlmik^^ mdhunh 

trf, tkjtns if Gtd^ ffkhm rdnket in the 
, pfidj^pf* crooked dftd ferverfe li^itUm,Mlttiii 

lohomjt^ino at ttghti in tie mrtd, 
Upm. 1.^2. Vlifo knowii^ the^idgemtm if 6^ 
' thatmfwhiehcm9/dtfiti»t^tl>fs-iirewmkf 

vfdem, moklfdoethefnn^, m hMreftu- 

lure in them that do them. 
ftotn.^.i. whapdS ioef4phe0? JHoUiooeomi' 
^ fiae injm that Gtme m/tt dhontut f 
. y.-i, GoifeHnd, herp^fkfU we tha ^tAtdto 

• fin live Mftoft^rthereiiihf 
y.iT. What thefof JhtBtoi fh ketMtife Mm 
'^ notattderthelato, htt tatiter (hute f Ooihr- 

hid, . 

v. 16. . mnnitp tun* tm ti^ ttbm fe yfctf jm# 

fehes fcrvams to ohef^ hit ferVMti yemto 

phomjt ok J f lohttker offitt nttto desh^ oi^ of 

rJfbhirr.A If 'Hfe ftf ihtttioe kn/( feimftif 
' tpHhhhif, dnd^ioidk fit A^kn^^i^ toeBffdiU 

donotthtfrmh. . 
%9, jfioeftfit^ bdvit ta fiie^ lof okdei^^A 
; (tiwi^AfUitheirmh amUitii^. . 
I'Xoha^.^. Aiode>6etjmdfHiititJmMWBiof^ii^ 

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J^ KMMki^e* . 117- 

tim, fmifetb Mmfe^, evttmthtkfmt* 
|t(mi.$.i^ ftr if ye live gfter the fitjlty«liuA 
die, hit if ye tkrtu^h the S fir it de mmif» th* 
deeds tfthtbedj^ ye ^U've, 

CoDceroing Pcrfo^ernee. 

PhiLx.^. Being eenfdan eftkk vtFftHiig, tkdt 
kewbieb Imh begw 4 ^tedinrh in jtn, wit 
prfmrm it nntittkt dey efchiti^, 

sfrec.1.10. Whtreferethe rMher irethrtiis pife 
d^igenee f # undce ypnr Caffing ^nd SMfieit 
fnre, ftr if ye doe thtfe things ye fbsi never 

John 10.18. Jnd / give mitt them aemdUfe, 
mi tbeifM ncve^ feriflty neither jM ^nyman 

V.3fi Mffnthermmhgniwtkennne itgrteier 
abdmnUi Mdnenkmieebkt^flm^tktm^ntef 
Mf FMtherehsndi 

ij«imj|»p. Vrtf^kiter i hern. efCed dah net 
em mmi tfin, ftr hit feed remsineth i» him, mid 
hecdmirtfint btcaufeheit hern^Oed, 

Jcr.jz.j^ iheL^Shtith sffetrrd^ etdmitemey 
piyfn^i ftd^ I hutve Itved thee with M ever" 
i*fing ttve, therefere with le^ing kindn^e 

}»,fx,/^o. AndlWiBmAtin everU/fitigCeve' 
mmtwith them>i thstlwii mttnrnswnyfi^m 
them, ttdtithemgH^ hnt IwiUptwffeeir in 

Digitized by V 

thnrhmts, tbatbejfhMtutdcfmfm Tberefm let him that thnk 

I Peci.y. Whe m km by tbe pnw $f\ 


y.9. Receiving tbe endtfjm rmb,tw 

' {MVMtimtff jw SenU, 

» Tim. 2. 1 9. IlevertbeUJetbe Feundaiui 
ft^mkth fwre, bdvi^ tbit fesl. tbci 
kn0mtb tbem tbjt are bit, and let eva 
tbdt nmetbtbe name »f Cbriff depart fim 

RomJ.jj. Wbejbdllaj anything tctheCk 
*fGods eUa ? it it Gad tbatjafiifietb: 
V.54. WbtU bethatctndemneth? itiid 
that died, yea rather that is rifem M^ait, 4 

tverfi»tberightbandtfQtd, wh^alSd 
tntereepien fir m. 

CbrfB? fhM tribntatitn, $r difireS. »\ 
femunar famine, at iidkedneffe' H 

Ri>m.S.37. Nay in alLfhefe things tPtsfit 

thanCenqnerm, thfengh him that Ubtdm 

V.38, . J«r I am ftrfwadtd, that neither k 

mr life, mr Angels, nsr Principalities, i 

.-¥«wers^ tm things pre^wt, ntrtbingsttat 

:.y,3P. N^nr height w depth, mrtsg^d 

^MnreJbaUhe MttafefarmmfrmM 

i Digitized by CjOOQ l^ 

X/g^i Knowledge. li9 

' ^God, which is in ChriH ^efui $ur Lord. 
Jfohn I7,i4. Father I pill, that they alfo whom 
i tbott hafi given me^ he mth me where I am^ 

that they may behold my Glory which thoUbafi 

given me^ for thou lovedjl me before the fonn^ 
I dationofthe world. 

Luke 22.52. But I hwe frayed for thee^ that thy 
; Faith fail not, and when thoit art converted 

Jhengthenthy Brethren. 
»Thc^5,j- But the Lord k faithful, who fhall 

ftabltjhyou, andkeef you from evil. 
Eph.4. JO. And grieve not the holy Spirit of Gods 

whereby je arefealed unto the day df redemption. 

' Concerning the members of Chrift. 

John 15.1. lamtbe true Fine, andmy Father i$ 

the Hufbandman. 
V.2. Every branch in me thdtbeareth not fruity 

he takethawaj, and every branch that heareth 

fruity he purgeth it, that it may bring forth 

more fruit 
I Cor.72.12. For M the body ii one, andhath 

many members y andaU the members of that one 

^y ^^i^S fttany, are one body, fo alfo it 

VwiJ. For by one Spirit are we all baptized info 

one body^ whether we be ^ews^ or Gentiles. 

whether we be bondorfi^ee^ and have been aH 

made to drink into one Spirit. 

' Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

lao Right Knmleige. 

I Cot. 1.2. UnU the Church cf Gtd which &ig\ 
Cmathy to them that are fanffifitJin Chrift \ 

. ^efutfCaBedte he Saitnt, n^h oB that in every 
fldce CaU nfon the Name ef^efm Chrifim 
twit h^h theirs and fiurs, 

Ktv.7.9. After this I beheld and L9 a great 
maltitaie, which n$ man eoddnamber^ afdt 
Natiens^nd Kindreds and People, and T^aa 
fiood hefere the Throne, and before the Laid, 
tUthed ttith vfhite rches, and mth Palmes ii 
their hands. 

Kom.ii.i6. For if the firfi Jrnit teholj^ tk 
tnmP it alfo holy, and if the root he holy. Jo me 
the branches, 

Epb.1.19. Sow therefore ye are no rmreftran- 
gersandfmetgners., but feUow Citixxns mth 
the Saints, and of the Htiifkoid of God. 

Epb.^.iJ. of whom the whole Family in Beavtn 
and Earth it rnlmed. 

Epb.4.i>.* For the ferfeUing if the Saints, fm 
the work of the CHiniJlry^ for the idifyin^tf 
theboij of Chrifl. 

V. 1 3 . till we ak cime in the Unity of the Faitby 
and of the knowledge of the Son of God., umoo 
ferfeil tfun^ unto the meafmrt oftkfiatnr* of 
thefJae(feofchrift. ' -f ' ^ 

Mar.itf.iS. Jitd J Jay unto thee, that thonUrt 
Peter., and ufon this Mock will i buiU my 
Church, and she gates »/ HeUjhai mtfn^Ml 
againjl it, 

DrgitizedbyGoOglMSr.a^ . 

iigh Knvwtedge, tit 

y»^M*^tt ewnCbr^JutidBfH art Hffiirof, 
. V.9. jlndcdU n$ manjunr Fathtr »f9n thiemti, 
firwttt Ufm,F/ithtr:t*hieh U iit HtAvtm 
V.iOi ktHbefktyt enlkd ii4^m,,fir 4m U 
Jtnr k^ifktr ievtn€hn», x 

Conccraing the new Cotr^MBvt. 

kMdi ^th d»fs..tikiJ0»h tki turii ftinnr 
mB mdice d new Cwtndnt with, tke ilfttfi tf 
^ft4il/MitheHi^9f'^»d^b: ... 
V.9« ltU4tttrdin^4ietheCoven4nt,tm44ewiU 
thiir fM6irrrimikeil*itk4f lt00ktkmtftl^ 
■ canfeiim cmitj$tk4 imt. /» pfj QwetMUt \ W 

irnktht imfe vf Jjrgd.i^ertAtj^MkSi Jaitk 
4kt Ltridy. I wii f$a *im tjfwt intknr »i»fi 
mtwri^tbemhihtir hf*rts: Md iwilUeig 
them 4 Gedy dud tky JbaU be J9, 0e. d pea- 
flt'i. /.• •• '..,.. 

V. I a. y«r J will it mtteiff^iei their dmghte- 
eu/nep'^and their. initfmMs, pill J rememhef 
atrnwet. ■ 
fiifark r^Sri). And be f4d Mtihtm^ gee je iMta 
41 th mmtU^ dud ffedeh the Gejfel ti e^opr-j 
Credtm-e. . " ./ . ^v>^ , 

Ill Kight Kntwlcdgt. 

W.\6;\mthit MetiHth. Mnditbafthedtfkdl 
ttf/nftd, -bat betbut itltevetbitctpuUbe dm. 

, ned< ■ *. ■ 

Jcr.31.3 1.. ^ehtUthtdMiesetmy foftbtbe Ltrd, 
tbAt-fffill mikt a newCweikntf mtb tbe Stap 
tfJjrMely dndrntkiht H9»[etf^M. 

V.34. For I will forgive their ittiqtiity. Mi 

I mill remimber thiirjhr no more. > 
John 5. f 6 For God (0 loved the worlds that be 
■g^ii^bk^ hegOttoW'-^op. that iobofuver be- 
Heeveti'fto bt/», -fiMdd Jtotfe^ifhy hMtbdvee- 

XvirMiniiife.'' ^ •.-• • > 

\i'h.9.U. Andforthlo^tbe is tbe'UediMtr 

' opmtitfP repmedt, ihit bjimmirof.^eab 

■ -fv^ ibettdtmftion oi^'JtM^eftonsibtt vrtre 

under ihifirp Thp't^m'' tbefiOfbuhwrt^Oed 

• '- might receive the]fr*mfe <f «tem*i inbm^ 
tMvte. ^ ■■.-■ ^^ •. ... 

V.i^: tptioheh ^tTepfdm u* tbmrmiBdl' 
'Mit^jftffhetheiUMtkofihtrejlator: ■ 

V.17;' ForATefaitmm itofforct after notnsre 
dead,- otherwife it ii vf'tio ^rongtbi fobilfi the 

-Ttfatorlivith. , • '•» ' , . ; •. 

Heb.i 2.14. yf^d to ^efiu the Mediate of tbe nno 
CovtBtiit^And toihe blood of^inkUfigy thot 
(pedketh better t^t^.tbjut-thst of Abel, 
E7ck.55.26. A netv be^art alfo tvilf J give jom, 
and A new Sprifyd^lfi^ mthinfo*, Mdt 
m&UkeAmj th^pftf, heart ottt of your fiejh. 
And tpiHgive yon an btart '/AA^oogle^ 

Might Kntwktlge, nj' 

V.ay. Amil mBput my Spirit mthinyou, 4od 
fmfey0» t» m^^iMWiyjMHtetyMdyefiaa 
• keep my ^udgtmmts^ . snJLdt thm. ■■'■■ 

Luke 2».2o. Likewife dlfi the Cup After Sttpper, 
ffP'^i f^** C0p M ibc Ne» Tefiatnent ii$my 
hUtdy Pfhfthisfhed.fof^yetu . 

Michay.iS. Wh0 it 4 God Uke imt« th^e, thst 
f^dtnetbimtpaiy:, *nii'p4eihhytht.tt4n(gre(^ 
Jfiw »f*heremn*n^iifhi$ herit4ge? herertiuetb 
not bit M»ger for every hecMifehe Mghtithitt 

V.i^ ffemBturnfgakt he mA^»otempA(^ 
^»p9Mu/, be mBfHhdiie,o» iniquities y Aitd 
*hmmU cdftdU their fitnes iwti the depths 
^ the Sea.. 

Rom.«.i4. ^or Mfl»*l^f»»^ l^vedintirtionover 
yom, f§rye grt im^uwder the L»m, Sunder 

Jcr.j 2,40. Andl 9HI mdu m everlM/Hiig Covt- 
nMimtbtbem* that l will not tttMav^ayjrom 
them to do them goods but I vriffp)itmyf^ar in 
their bems^ that- they IksH ftot dipMrtfrom 

Pfal84 II. For the Lord Go4 it a Sun, and 4 
Aieldy the Lord mil give Owe 4»d Glory •, w 
gotdthiMgwiMbemthboUJromthem thktmlk 
n.oin.8.28. J»dvtektimtha dithingiioorktO' 
■ gethar forgooel mbemthAt hwG^, to them . 

^3 o:£?.net58g[e 

tbe&ttoiiieafonQf^tbriiodjK ' 

I ■• 

/9j«»V ftret'^ t§ dtf-p^timU ^^Hfktm in 

Heb. I zla 5. T0 the^eaerd Ajfemily, Mndchmh 
^ih.fuifi ifirny ithitk wtt.miUem in MedtMn, 
andt0\Giid 4l» ^iml^\ifM, Mdtt^Sfkits 

? Cor. 5.1. For ve kittw, that if.Jkr. eifthlj 

4hitiiifg,$f,Gifd, mmwA wkhinui^i, tter- 
nalin the Hedvens. 
V*^. TkKefttt me -^kf^tHm^t etiifiJeat^ Jtfum' 

are 4>fifnt^fimthe Lord. , . 
y*8. mAntottfiitn^lfij'^ ^4 »iAhfr,Mher, 
. to he dhfetafrm the h»dj, 4nd t» bt mjedtwitt 
. the Iffrd. , • ; ,...\ '.. ; '^z 

phil.i.»5. ForJum'iiit.ii'j^ntitheeanm fi^axh^ 

which is far better. 
luke \6,2i, ;lA»dit'.em^otft^e that tUt^a 
Mtdt fod^4fidrried.ij tin ^dtigels iauMr*' 
h^ms h{m$ : 4he rith mmdlfuktdimdmm 
hifrted. ^ VAi- 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

V.13. Andin Htllhe liftuf hjseyes^ king in 

Tormcms, and feeth Akabam a/4r cff^ And 


V.24. And he Oitd^ and [aid y Fatter Aka^ 

bam, have mercj on me^ and fend Laz^sis, 

thai he may dip the tip ef hu finger in neater, 

and cool m J tongue , for I am tormented in this 


Ads 1.25. That he may take fart of this Mini firj^ 
and AfofiUjbif, from tobich ^udds hj.tratsf 
P^pM feU^ that he might go to his ome 

Jucic6. And the Angels rphich krpt not their &rfi 
eftate^ but left their omne habitation^ he hath 
reserved in everlafiing ChMnes^ under dark- 
f^effe , unto the judgement of the great day. 
V.7. Even 4S^ Sodome 4f9d iSomarrah^ andthe 
Cities ^ont them in like tnapner giving them' 
Jelves over to fornication^ and goirtg after 
firangeflejby 4rc Jet forth for an example^ fftfe- ' 
ring the vengeance of eternal fire. 

iPer,3.i9. By whtch alfo he went and'preacbed 
to the Spirit^ in prifon^ 

I Cor,i5.4z. So alfo is the Refwreifion of'tbe 
dead'j it is.fomn it corrttption, it israifedin 

^Ai* J^ is fowen in dijhonaur, it is raifedia 
Glory -^ it u fowen in weaknef^ it is raffed in 
fmer^ . 
V.4^ Jt isfowets d natnral bodjp itisraifedA 

12 (J Sight Knor»ledge. 

fiiriiudl kdj. There is a n^urAl hdy. And 
there is A Jjfir it Hal bid J 

y,52. Iftd moment, in the twinkling of an qc 
at the Uft trump : for'the trumpet ThdU/pmnl, 

• and the keddfhall be raifed incorruptible J andm 
P)4M be changed. 

job ip.26. And though after mj skin wormti 

, defiroj this body, jet in my Jlejh pall I fet 

y.i-J. Whomlfhallfeefor myfelfe^ andmiut 
eyes JhaB behold^ and not another, though mj 
reins be confumed within me- . 

A<JtsZ4.iy, And have hope towards God, which 
they themjelves alfo allow that t here JhaS bed 
rejurreStion of the dead^ both of the jujiani 

John 5.zS. Hiarvel not at this: for the hour is 
cowing in the which all that are in the graves 
(hall hear his'voice, 
y.ap. And (hall come forth f thej that have done 
goodujfto the refurreSfion oflife^ and they that 
have done evil unto the rejurreffion ofdamna- 
' , • fion. 

Mat. a 5.2 1, ffis Lord [did unto him., well done 
thou good and faithful firvant^ thou hafl been 
faithfull over a few things^ I will make thee ru- 
ler over nuny things^ eiiter ihouintothejoyof 
thy Lord 

|^eb6.2. of the doSfrine of baptifmes, andff 
Uyjng on of hands., arJ of rsfurrectioflof the 

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di«d^ 4nd,tf eternal ^M^gement. 

•/"''*J; ^'^ '*' SfifufmdMtkdUemeittfi^e 
cyitfbu Father, with his Angels, andthen 
be jhM reward ever J man.acmdinr to his 
works. . : 

Mat. I ^.40. As therefore the tares are gathered 
Mndhurntin the fire, fofhallitie in the end of 
this world. . . . ^ 

V.41. The Son of man Jhall fend forth hit An- 
gtls^andthejjball gather out ofhisKingdome 
M things that offend, and them whichdoiHi- 

V4a, And jhad cafl them into a furnace of 
fire, there jhall he wailing, and gnafhing of 
teeth. '=*■'.'='< 

V.43. Then jhall the righteous (kine forth 4s the 
Snn in the Kingdome of their Father, who 
hathears to hear, let him hear. 
*Pjy-ii. Seeing then all thefe things Jhall he 
aijfolved, wha^ manner offerfons onghtye to he, 
tn all hoh Converfation, and Godlinep 

V, 14. wherefore Beloved, feeing that je lookf^r 
fnch things, he diligent, that je may hefonnd 

2f him in feace,- without §ot, and'hlame- And feat not them whichkillthehodj, 

but are not ahle to kill the foMl, hut rather fear 

. him which is able to defiroj botkfonl andbodf in 

Rcv.».7. Hethat hath an exriiet him hear what 

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the SfiritfMth u»ta th Chinch s : To him thM 
§V(rc§mth ffiU I give $o CAt ^ the tree ef 
lifey n^ish is. in the midfi of the Puradife If 

V.ii« Hethahath Anedr^ let himhear^ wha 
the Sfirif faith ¥^^ ^he Chmches: He that 
fvercpmeth' jhall not be kitrt of the feconi 

V.17; He that bath 4n e4r^ let bipt bear, what 
the Spirit faith ttptothf Cktirches : To him that 
ovircometb will Igive to tat off be bidden Matt- 
ttay and/ will give him a white Jlone^ And in the 

fione a rteip Name mittop, which no ffum knoph 
ctb^'favi^g be that rec.eiveth itp 
I Cor.>.9. But dt it is written^ eye bath not feen^ 

nor tar beardy tteitber hava pftred into the 

heart ofns/sn the things which God hath frefored 

for them that love him. 
Markip.43. A^^f thy band of end thee cntitoff^ 

it is better for thke\ to enter into life maimed^ 

than bavif^ two bands to go into HeB: into the 

ftrefl^ stover Jbaf be qisencbed 
V.44. where their worm dieth noty a^i their 

firt is not quenchd. • - 

V.45. And if thy foot ogendtbee^ cntittf-y it 

ff better for thee ta enter bait into lifty than ha- 

viflgttvo feet to, he cafi into HeU: into the fire 

that never Jhallie^a^nched. 
Mark 9.46. V^ere their w^m dietbnot, andtk 


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Right KnmleJlge. up 

V.48. Where their, worm dieth mt. And the ire 

Judeai. KeefjcmrfelvtsintheUvetfCed, Uf 

Idngfw the Mercj of em Lord ^eftu ChriSf^Mn- 

tfi eter/tdl Life, 
1 Tim. 1. 1 y. ffelditfg fgith^ dndd good Confii- 

incCy veluchfomehtvhg fni awaj^ emcernifig 

Fditb bdve made fhifmAck. 



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Seconds P A n T ;, 

Conc^ming ' " 


QR, ■ /;;':■';., 

A 0^scouR3'E> eontainmg fe- 
v«rai jufefuil Dii;c(dii6ns to bfc^ Prar ' 

to ftve their S o a i b $'. ..' 

- . 5 

iCHAP. I. 

; -/, 

it cdnV,efi(eiic tioKS nfe to' be i- 

Ibo^'s 'afid;Jdyioga:fitlei!l wt)tkl- 

ly o^ei & bofiadl^ Ipisnd now 

aad.'^cft atectet boiirYn ftrift 

; ^'ijaa&easxg^zai Confider- 

ihec^ife ^dsbtfeweea'Gbdiand thy 

Ibul^ Ask thy telfiliicft tf^o fetfOQs'<]^Atolls^ 

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152 . of CMJiierdtiM. Chap.T. 

Tirfij What is ft thy heart is moft ict apon t 
What is thy great care« thy maia deCi^nef ' 
What is it that doth nfofft deeply aod lAoft fn- 
quently poiTdle thy thought's f What ii it that 
thou doft moft love, afl4j>rize i and tnoft defiie 
to enjoy < Is thy mind^ f^iritually in%htencd 
as to fee thie lovdin^e bf God; and the great- 
nefle, and ex^elleo^-of that Glory, that is to 
be had «MCh him 1 Iq.a; t^ main drift ixiA bent 
of thy lv4il, is aft^ thf enjoyment ^Go^ 
' and to be happy with;hiBi for em ^ Ot deft 
thou find,, that the o^t) Uht of thy heart is ttf 
tbethiq|> 9I this World,, tothcfro^ the 
Pleafures, the fenlual fiitisBi^pns ctf khi$Hft i 
and thi(ithlf||s thoa tndihtiifideiK^ itda^deft, 
and Ubtiurefttof- ^ki^i^f^tidii^^iSSi^iem 
moft run upon. ' - ?• ' ..<. 

SecttiMy^ Ask thy felf, whether ever thou 
didftfeel, and apprehend thy ielf in a loft, and 
lindooeconditioD>by.«ieaffi}b.(^thy finsf Haft, 
thou not ieen thy{elf|tiii dfn^erofeverlaftii^ 
mifeiy ? Haft thou i^& pttt'this' {cribusoue&i- 
OB CO thy iclfie, whatiball I dp to ht&ftdi 
Ua(tthou in. this or tt^ like napB$r^!B«fer<iiP 
coatie4,with.thy feK"^ ' / • , ' . ,/ .^ ; 

Oiqpu}uIji now Jtafidstble ca^/ii0tb me ? 
What am., I > Am I a tnie .QoaigK/ a real 
Peniteat^ i^^vr CreiiCutY. one bpn again.' 
Havelaain^ereftihChrift)'. And is inv peace 
in4* with God through hitaf oram fasyet- 
- ' ^ in 

<;hap*T . 0/ Conftdtraiion^ 133 

in thfc ftate of Nature, under the guilt of all my 
fins, with the wrath of God abiding op me? 
If fb, is th:5 a Condition to be refted in ? . 
'Lee me idvifc thee/ as thou lovcft thy iba!; 
to deal faithftillyt and ing66d fadnelle with 
thy felf : Let mt advift thee to teview, and fc- 
rioufly to reflet upon the whole courfe of thy 
Wepaft 5 -And (befides thy natural vilencfle) 
Cdnfider, how many aAual (ins, failings, mif^ 
carriages, and violations of Gods righteous 
Lw, pt^lfipiis of'good, commifli'ons of^vif, 
thbtthiaftbtfisfrt^tfiltyof^ in tl\efeveral partsot 
ihjr life, indvin the ftveril Iplaces whttethoii 
hjft liycd, BelldVe it, few people do reckoo 
uj> one fin of tfeh that they ire guilty of. Al- 
low thy Copfcience therefore, a librfrty to 
rpeakfrfct^y rbthee, andtofttthyfiosinotder - 
before ,thce. And if thou fiB(kft thy felf for the 
prefenc in a<bad cotidition^ atid that the i;i& is 
nttt with dieclas It thouldte,; cottfider whether 
it will not be an extream 6>!)y> ahd madneflfe^i to 
go on i,n thlat, wicfffe, nbfr tfiinaiiig^nor rcgirding 
rpeedily-.tattirntoGod5 and to fettle the^reat 
affairs of thy foul/ while thou haft timec 
ORetftembttr^temembet, thou Itaft a'ptecioixs 
andimnaorial foul, that muft Lc ftiottly either 
m Heaven, 6r Hill • cither Itt tincdnceiveaWe 
Ioye$,orin endlefle, eafelef^i and ren^ediMe 
foroients. Doth it not therefore concern 
thee CO coAfider , and c^ll dboat, how to 

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134 ^f C0nfideraii$n. ChJ^l 

atiain the one, and efcapethe other? 
it not behoove thee to look to the fecutinji 
the main Chance, and to deliver thy fclf fa 
the wrath to come f Believe it, nothinsuni 
mankiod more, than want of due and icik 
Confideracions than want of frequent cxas 
nihg the ftate of their CoBfcienccs, aadofii 
pondering and thinking of their . everbilii 
Concernments, Exsmipe your/elves^ wiethcrf 
in the Fdith^ frrt^jf your owne felves •, ibi 
not your o^nejetves^ bow tbdl ^efnsChni 
in jou, except ye be Keftob/Ues f 

praKii^,59. Jtbiugh, on my wdies-y auiM 
n^y feu unto tbj Te^imoniei. 
V.6#* Imkife bafi^ and ielnvd n^t tohtf^ 

If3.i,5. The Oxe knowetb his owner ^ dudtk 
bis ntAfters Crih^ but Ifraeld^th notkue^i 
feofledotb notCanJider. .' V l,i 

Pcu^j2.29. Oibat they were wife, ibdttkji 
Jerfioodtbis^ i bat t bey would ConfJertbffri 
ierend. / \ 

Hag, 1.5. Now therefore^ thus fiutb thel^' 
Hofls^ ConftderyourwA^ei. 

J-am. 5.4,6. Let tafimh andtry ounosus^^ 
turn again to the Lifrd. 

GaJ.^.4. — Let ev(rj man prove bis otpju ff^ 
apdtbenfbaBhe bAvenjoycin^inbimlt^y^ 
not in another. ^ \ Yl 

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>.s.' of RefentanccJi 135 

I V. 5. i'w ^v^ mwfiaBBear his owm burden. / «« '» rememhsHce my fanginthe 

nigh^ I ctmmune with mine mm hearty and 

Il01n.14.19. Sttben every omtf mfbdUgive ac 

cmnt #/ kmfelf to God, 
szra S,t2,-~Tbe hatidofom God is wfonaU them 

for good thttfeek him', but his power f and hit 

math it ^/unfisB them thatfn^fake Um, 

of RefemMte. 

■TAving/<rl«»/?jr examined tby Gonfcience, 
^and in^artialfycoaGdtnd thywaies^ and 
jarfeofUfc, and tbeyf^rr of thy foul towards 
rod i The next duty I would advife thee f beg< 
g the affiftance ot che,^iritofGod) to fee 
>0D the fpeedy piadlifeof; istrue, md/eri-- 
0, snd mfeigned repentame, 
I (hall thaefore for thy benefit, z. Open 
e ttsfure of true repentance. 2. Give fome 
reifiom abont it. 3. . Some motives to it. 
Repentance unto Ufe is an Evsngeludl Grace 
ron^t in the foul by the Spirit of God. 
And theparts of it are thefefix^ 

1. Conviiiion^ 

%. Contrition, * 

5. MAfirtgandloatkf/^fin, * 

4* Cwfeffiom^fn. 
J. F$rfdkingfif$. 

6. CoHverfiM^ and tarotng the bent of 
, the heart towards God, 
' Firfi, Convidion. The Sfirit ofoUfrfi ^ 
ftm afinners tits; befin he breaks sfiimrs bemt. 
The foul of a true penitmc is convinced, and 
madeapprehenfiveof thefe three thin^ 

uThe evil^0di&ufne(fe^4Ufdfkbtmif^fi$. 
2. The danger p defer t^ and mfchi€V$m 
effeSfs and conjequents of it: 

5. Us ev9ndcefgmthe^e, both oiOrigh 
M/and jiifudl &u 

I. The evil of fin appears in chefe feva 

1. 'fu eontrarj to G$d$ h$lj Ndttfrf. 

2. To hii righteom Laws. 

J. Itroisanddefriws the foul of Gods Itttage^ 
con fi fit fig in knmvledge^ right eonfneffe^ dtulMi^ 

4. Jt defraveSy diforders^ difiermfers tbefotd, 
fseahns the fowers ofitf difahles it for holy.ofera- 
tions^ and brings a corrnft Mf^ option ittto it. 

5. It defiles tbt fonty and leases ftteh atlotp 
amdfiain upon it^ that nothing htt the hlo$d ef 

6 It enfiaves the foul to the devil. 

7. It makes the foul like unto the devil. Holi- 
neffeis Gods Nature.* Sin and wickedneile is 
the devils, 'Twas fin^ihat at firft, torn\I An- 

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gels of light iDCo devils of darknelTe : And if wi? 
coald fepsrate fin from them, they woald ceafe 
CO be devils, and clear op again into Angels of 
light. . 

II. The great danger of fin appears in that i 
brings fach a goilt apon the fool, as makes i*^ 
liable to Gods vrrath andcorfe, ^dtopooifti* 

. I. Temftrd: Sicknef, fMn^ vexsthn^ m/fe' 
rjt dcMthi which to the wicked aretroly pa- 
tttftmieats, tad fruits of Gods yindicatire ja' 
f6ct9 and have th^ir fting ftill in them. 

t. SftrHnsL i. Lt^e $f t\n fvotw of Gois 
nd n umnu iMt with him. i. The tmnutUdte 
fktka #/ his gitger $n the foul, mnnds efCtnfci- 
tMcty tlr»^stfhiiW4th, htrrfidr rfmiftti, JeJ^dir, 

we^cf-mind,- d refrtbdte fenfe, t» be given over 
U wUdf eSfiins, aodtt SuffiM. Thefearemtft 
fearfiil judgements, 

3. Eternd. Siuh at ctvcern the fettles immr- 
tdtt ceitdiiiite ifter this life. And they jreeithet 
funifhments of Mot fain. 1. Of left in being 
for ever banifaedp'om tie fre fence of the Lord^ and 
the joyesof HeMven» »TheC».p. beit^ f unified 
mth everUpng defirnSiiin front the frefenee if the 
Lord, dnd the Glory of hit pomr, a. offMittttft* 
fftiug in thofe exqnijite And nnsonceivdfle tor- 
ments, which fhai be infixed on the dmned^Ctt 
forth in Saipture^ everUfiingfire, ntterdork' 

L % nejfe. 

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»</, the.wormtba never Mes, the ^e tigm 
quenched ^chains 9 fd/irknefst the Uscktiefs tfim 
ncfsfsr eyer^ the Uke tffredndbrimfiimjtilih 
tberiore,the;;4/«r/ of Sn is out of meafure/iti 
fothe fmuflwuntj are one. of meafare feerfi 

III. The foules d(epgaiicinc0e appeanb 
confiderii^, • .. 

I. lis Original ph. In which three cbiogsti! 
to be noted : i . The gailr of M/m ftnuit 

Sr Mt^^tt in eating the forbidden fi«t>^ iaf^ 
to 0$*: He- was t\\c;kend and ctnmatHtttm 
mankind ^-and wo^reJegaBy paF|je$ incbst* 
wiM»«^ which was at Ec&ta^c \rithbim$ fi 
Godc(la|)li(lied bis c^enantwkb :dd.mnfra> 
/4% ittrefpeftofbis nature, s^daotbaii 
. in reQ?e^ of his Per/iin. : fo chat by cooieqacii 
it maft fdlow> that all who are fartakeUrs cltk 
Jlatmyzxc, bound by that cov^ant.U 
therefcMe we cannon bqc e;^d to be liable a* 
the guilt which followed apoa cbe^^^* 
vieUifinof it,- Ram, y» ii. &c,. .:a. A 9i*\ 
wigiaalmhteenfnefle, Ronv^.a^i, ^ kovtjf 
md, ana cBmejbm tftbe Chrj«fG9d% ^^ 
afthe-gUrhm Image tf Cod, which was atfi* 
ftamfid upon mza, 3. A etrrufft iiffio^in* 
^ans.natnre^ in flaee tf ori^nal ri^l!ftee0fi4 
Thfcfe tm latter being U)e lad efFe^ dlAi* 
&. Now this depravedne^e of ttaufty * 
great averfentffe tegeod^ and propenejfg toevih* 
^\\'<^the«ldmM\ and the bod] of fin, Rmii>' 

■ ■ Ji 


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Chap.2« of Refenidnccj. 137 

Tbefintba dmBetb inw, Rom.T.if.^he body 
$f diaby Rom.7.24. Tbefiejhy as oppofitc ca 
^cSfkityatidGrdce, Rom. 7. 18,25. TbcLaw 
0ffbeiftembers, Ronn7.23. C6I.5.5.* A wms 
iwnkft, JaiD.i.r4. where ''tis cxpreflydiftin-* 
guiflied Uom 4£fi$4l (iii, as being the fr^creapft 

'2. Its i^B^MltrMfffttffimy where arc to be 

1. Omiffi^ns ofgo$i^ smd the dutks retfui- 
fid, tbamightaHdMgku bave band we. 

2. Commijfionipf evit: 

C ^S^i^^ ^be LaWy even both 
OfTendmgK Tables of H. 

CAzainfttbeOajpeL^'^ ., 

3. D$ii^ tbut which was goBd in An evil 
rndsmcfy flighty and undue performance of 
holy duties. 

4. Tbeaigravisions ofthefejinsy »> regard 
Firft, (^ tm grensneffi of many ef them , £' 
wrj $ne has feme blsck d/des in his Calen- 
der^ fame more high smlgredt^ offenees^ thereof 
be hash beengmlsjy and for which hi is to be . 
more eUcflj hambUd^ Secbndly^ The^number 
of thorny irwe confiderj u Wicked thonghes^ 

!• ImrdmMe Afft3i9ns. 3. Sinful words. 
4« EvHaSdonu Tiiirdly,. That many of them 
hdvthitn committedy . u . Jgatnfl 'mercies. 
a. JgMsn^ jadgmenss. J- Againfi ftmufes 
and '..atoms': of better .obestience. 
. J X 3 Secondly,gi^ 

of ttfintumc^i Chap^^ 

Seamlly, CoBtritioo, G^Mj forr&mj iriiei^ 
pefof heart forfi/t. To be forry for what wt 
hart done amdOTe, is fomcthingtowards icpent- 
ance, but it is nbt the tifhoU of it# Grdmm hm* 
milhuiM^ is a deep and hearty grieving for aU 
our fins^ and chat upon thefe G0ff.el ilmiws. 

1 . Bedaufe we have by oar fins highly diffUd- 
fed and offended oar gracious God, whom we 
had all the reafon in the world to have fiudicd 
topIea£b^ T\\t diffUifmri and ofieoce of Qod 
is that which fees the foul a bleeding and 
mourning evMngelUMj. Confider therefore, 
what is the $fring of thy forrow. If the p$mfk' 
ment oxjbame of thy fins touch f bee nearer than 
the effetKi of Gotf, 'tis a fign thy forrow is not 

2. fiecauiieoir fins pierced our dear Lord and 
Saviour, and put him to fuch grievous, painful, 
and (faaotieful lufferings. 

3. Becaufe by our fins we have brought a 
horrible defilement, aodftain onotirfoak* . 

4. Becaufe we have made our felvts liable to 
thewtathand curfeof God, and defervetobe 
feparatedfrom the*Lord» and to be puntflied 
among devils, and damned fiends. fin: ever. 
This (in con)unAion with the forma:) is an 
Evdngelififl mnive. I confefTe, to weef. and 
bpn^U m6 grieve^ meerly for the wrath and pa*^ 
piihwtntfm has brought upon the fool, is fuch 
8 forrow, as ftiddf bad his ihare wj 4uid the 


Cbap,il of x/pnUfKtj. ' 13S 

damned in Hell exceed in ir. But thu ftrrm 
does not ttfe to leave the foul vazbetter ^ijfofiti^ 
#»ford)edience in time to come, as godly 
ibrrowcioch, iC^-.y.iOi Ctdlf forrm mrketh 
rtfewtdiue, mit$ life. And t*h netiee by the tvay, 
this Godly forcow, is not sfitwer tt\atgrowes 
in the XSmrien of natare. %^ hardbe^ is Adams 
Leguf t There may be a flexible ttxturet where 
there is a l^rd he4rt, rhat knowes not how to 
mourn and grieve for fio in a right manner. Gvi- 
/; fm$» it v»l»mtru The fonl is aiiive in ir, 
fr4ejes for fuch a melting firamet is thd»kfnl foe 
It, isheStf leafed when the heart is /of t and teit-^ 
der, and deeply afieAed for its (ins and offences 
agaibft God. 'lis not lb in pftrldljfrnm 5 for 
in thit we are meetly fsfj^s It comes upon 
OS withoBt fending for, or being bidden wel- 
conaeby as. 

T^waiSf/, H«ing, and Loathing fio. The Spi- 
rit of fandification works a fecrct 4»«f 4f ^jf, an 
irrecdadleable hatredm the foul againft fin. The 
true penitent hates fin, dtfit$: hs David {aid, 
FfaLii9.i»9* J hate every falfe mj, True ha- 
tred a t$ the «htle kind. When we hate fio, at 
JM, wchatc tMJip. Ndw the reafon why there 
is fuch an /wwo/w/zii hatred, in the true peni« 
tentagsunft all fin, is 

I. Becaufe/te jiidgmiit it altered, his mind 
is changed % he fees with other ^ies than he did 

before; He fees the evil and d4»g(r of fiom 

L 4 thofe 

. ^ Digitized by (^OOgle 

of ZeftnUmcj. Ctnp,ii . 
<hofe particulars before mentioned. He £ees 
plainly t\\2^tfin is tut like a cup fiffmef wme, (&« 
hatb rank foifin in it. 

z. His heart and affeBi$ns are turned^ ogmB 
it. He hath a new heart pet Uicohim. It God 
fliould offer him his choice oi thcfc two thingSi 
either a liherty to go on in fin, or ^m«r, and 
Grace, and firength againft it, be would readily 
clofe with the latter. The remembrance of fin is 
bitter, and grievous to him $ not fo, the re- 
membrance of afflidion^ he bleflfes God for 
afflictions^ that have weaned his heart from fin. 
He xsfick of fin, weary of it, 'tis a burden to 
him, his heart rifes againft it ^ he bad rather . 
God (bould exercife him with any afHiAion, 
than give him up to a hardned coiirfe in fin« 
F^iir^%,Confeifion of fin. Every true, fenitm 
is bound to make private confeflionof his fins to 
God,praying earneftly for the pardon of the^For 

1. By this meancs the foul is brought into a 
dipke of fin. Confeflion 'tis an alt $fm§rtifea- 
tioni Tis the fpiritt$al vomit of the foul^ it 
breeds a didikeof the fweet morfelsof fin, when 
they are thus caft up again with ioathiog. Si^ 
though fweet in cemmi^n, is bitter in remem^ 
hranccj and confeffian. 

2. By afree ingenuous confeflion of Ga, we 
accufe our ielves unto God$ takejhame to cor 
fc Ives, judge and condemn our ielves before him^ 
humbly acknowledging we are worthy of aU his 

^ ,curfes. 

Digitized by LiOOgle 

ap^iJ , of Repentances. ijp 

\xSy all his judgments. Now felf dscu^ng 
\^xvQtCitSaXMtAccufingQlv&. He can lay no. 
ire to our cbarge, than we in our confcffions 
willing CO charge our felv^s with .• And 
fudging will prevent C^dsjudghg of us, 
'0rAi.$l* If iw veuld jndgc our fehes . we 
tldnot be judged. We are not to jttdge $tbers^ 
; we m9y and muft judge purfehes. 
Concerning C^nfeffion ot fin take thefe Rules, 
jr. Cofffeffe all thff articular kntmnfinsparii- 
trlji Take thy lc\f in private, and open the 
: of thy foul cjearlyy and mthout guile of fbi^ 
{before the Lord^ niake private confemon 
41 thy fins unto him : not that thou canft ac- 
^m Cod with any thing he did not before 
pw ^ but that it may appear, thou thj felf 
mejif and qtt acquainted with the plague of 
fu own hearty and art fen(ib!e of thy uns, ini- 
ties, and defeAs in obedience. And feeing 
nry one is guilty of many more fins than he 
r remember, though he examine his heart 
\]xic never foferiouflj: Therefore when thou 
I humbly confejfedy and bewailed all thy par- 
iUr knomn fins to God, then with ageneral 
[/ir/^w acknowledge the rcft^ namely^ all thy 
M, unknown, undifcovered fins-, fayii^, 
l>avid, Vfk). 19.12. Lord cleanfe me from my 
retjms. Clcanfc me OLord, not only from 
ife^jrt^jv/^rji/fi I do remember, and humbly 
ifefle before thee, but Uota all other (ins aUp ■ 

of Refentsnecjl Cliip»i; 
that I am mj wMner $ftpaf guilty of^thoi^ I 
do not now remember them. 

a. Rememkr^ that 'tis not only vmis^ ^ 
hmif^me exfrefftom God r^ards in confeffioo 
offio» bnc there maft bey&Mif^ tdeeffenfemi 
feding of the evil ot fin> a bedUfhiUreJ^gmA 
(in, a true fimm for all our oflRrnces againft 
God, that mnft accompany our confcffioiKi 
clfe they are no way pleating unto him. 

^. Befides conf effing fftt$ G$i^ there are (bne 
caiesy wherein confeffion alfo tmt$ mam isre- 
quifiteV as 

1. Undfr Jeef wounds $f CMfciiMCy 'Ti$ re- 
quifice then to open the true ftate and cafe of 
thy foul to fome Godly Minifter, or fome fiddh 
fu), experienced Chriftian, that fb they may 
give advice and counfel, and fiiic their prayen 
to thy particular Cafe. 

2 . when fome eminent jnJgment feixaib $n mof^ 
for fome eminent frovoution. Here ^^MmJk 
fMioAchan, Jo{h^7.i9. I^jfon^ ^Wv^ ^ 
give glory to God. That Gods juftice may be 
cleared % for hereby God receivetb Mffrestdea! 
of Glory J and men a vtofdirful confirmtHony of 
the care and juftice of Providence. 

3« Hetkdt by any mtorioHs offence resiffcu* 
dalizoth bio Briber ^ or tbe Cbnrcb of Cbnfl% 
OHgk to he willing hy 4 frivMte, or fnhlick confer- 
on dndforrowfor bit fin, to dccUre bit refctttsnct 
totbofe that are offendod^ ^ho/tn iberenpomtok. 

' 'Digitized by Goo rrr««^iirrf 

recmiledu him^ and in lave to receive him, 

*Fifihh,Vwfikivig ^A^leavingoffwhstcver df^ 

ftm$ u he diflidfin^unte &#J»The trae penttent 

I. firjdkes the dating ^ kneimn fins for the 


a. KefehtsaifdinJi fin f&r the future. 

L Firfdkis stt hit former known fins^ Jecret 
^nsMdweids^en^ ftoftMefins^ m mHoithofe 
tkdtarenot. Tnie and fiocere obedience. \%uni^ 
HKfjdl, efpccially in refpcft of the fnrfoferfthe 
hesrt : He that out of Confdence of duty to God, 
iotCAeionefin^ Will for the fame reafonfeartp 
ofiendM MOtffdf i ihcte being the (amc Divine 
a0thoritjy awing and binding the Confcienee in 
one iin, as in another^ Tofick and ehufe^ here to 
ukej^ there to dij^enfe tpith ourfehes^ isajhrewd 

IL Refdves d^dinfifin. And his refolotions 

1. Frornjolidredfons^ and not only from fomt 

; a. Are dccomfdnied with earnefi and fervent 
ftdyers^t^God. tiethdtisfironginrefolution^ and 
mak infuf^icdtien is quickly foiN. 

3; Aire mdde^ not in his own firength^ hut the 
ftrengfhifChrik, which he humHy imfUr^s > dnd 

Sixthly i Converfioh, whereby the hent of 
the heart is turned towards God, choo(ing him 
fK vis iJhicf delight, and portion, dcfiring^ to 


walkwithhim, aad approve it felf«nt6 htm « 
fiocere obedience. A one and real penitent 
does not content himfelf wwb a maei jK^dthx 
Mmffe, and leaving off hjs former finfijiiaies 
Tisnot etmgh forfuch an one to be no ^ 
*4n/, no fwearery no nneiean perfon, &e, Bwt 

•fcvpknmn d^ reqmedaflnm, ThcGom- 
maotfsthatreauiredttty, area^Mhdingtohint 
as tbofe that fi>rbid fin. Tbew wiU b?a viS 
Cbangeinfucha perfon; andthat 
]' J»refereneeuG$d: Hemai»veC0dmm 

I. In reference ttmen.Hemltk c^nlt* 
dtfch»gehu reUhte dnties: He will labtra^to 
walk exaAIy and „^^^^»yZ;,& to obferve a flrift 
int^ity m tus dealings with men. And in tbefe 
^;^g^%^hewiUmanifeftther«% ofhiscon- 

I. tfhyemtmberhehaemongedMjmMnfer^ 
f»erlj, mhugoBds, » ejlate, either h defr*mi^ 

endeavour to make him rejlitmion, or Ther Uk. 

flfu,n Hethatconfefeti, andforfaketh hi fin 

MMmercj Vxm.iUi, Heth^refiM 

n»ttBgmenge4ds livethftiUinhitfinr liZ 
^^«^«;*^4« tnfef.rMt'fi^.cfi^^,;;,. 

a. ifhehjMtvmanci mthanj, he m&defire 

Digitized»by VjOCT ' Mm^ 

■"-■J' — -J --/■ ."-- «ila 

0dptk rettmiUatiM, bHng miim^ toftrrive 

3. IntbeGvoernmemtfhlmftlf^ hew'tRenfUi^ 
vdtr ti be fiber, tmd teprferate, tnd tuttckfM o- 
we bis be art tmdvtdes, his words and anions. See 
note cooceraing watchiiilnefle^ in the fifth 

Tbos much of the Mtf^rrof trae Repenunce* 
[come now to fome Direffiom ccmcettan^ 
it. ; • .. 

I. JtemembeTy Repentance ( though never * 
fo (erionsj is not tohe refted in, zszayjatit' 
f*3i§H for fin, or any^ufe of thepardon there- 
of (that being the zGt of Gods free Grace in 
Cbrift) yet it is of fuch neeeKtjto fioners, xbx, 
none may eiroeft pardon witncutit. 

Tis mec^arj for thefe three Reafohs. 

X. Becdufe Gfid halt emtmrndedit, and the 
G^el atjtjnes it. Ma cmditi^ cfthenewC^^ 


a. That we nuq tafi {omething tf.the bittenu^e 
rffia, tbatfi we maj the mare carefnBij anjudit 

3. To frefare Mdfit tstta receive P^rtbn, t$ 
tH^^e ute inttfmha fame, as itfrtabietffaebs 

4. T§ make mfeta higbet vahu •» Ceds fardo- 
mt^Merey, attdcbrifts Merits, atidBletd, Hem 
itarandmciem it Chrifito afeultrdj bumbled 
ferfit?^ l\.Cenftder 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

it ^t(€tvts d4mMfun^ To cbere is nofioyir jrritfi 
that it can bring damnation upon thoie wb$ trdf 
ufe»s/ 'Tiinof thef^ingim^ the WMir^ ^irmm 
dmdH^httMtinmpgi^k^ nst gettif9g'$ut dgmm 
No fin 4a(nnes a man^ bat as it is acconspanid 
with fndtt imfmtencj and unbelief: "therefm 
the fin agdinU the Holj GheB u unfardMsbU^ A^ 
tdnje thefe that ^mnmt that fin do never re f eta, # 

IIL Look to it) that^thy Repentance^ ad 
ferrow for thy fins, fpring ftom Mvdn^eUcA 
MptJwSy (fitch M dre hefrre tttiminea^) and 
not mecrly from (hame onear of Hdl & madi. 
IV. Labour that thy forrow for fin, majf 
bear fome mftoiiM to the gredtnefft of thy finsj 
Every fmalltMrib of forrow may not be fuffid- 
ent : As fin it thegredtefi df evih, fo dnrferratf 
fjtr. it fbenU he the greattft jlifrrom. Betake thy 
kif therefore te d ame fdenfn menrmng^ and 
renting of heart /ir/i&<^r4r/;ii of thy life, re^ 
fufing to be cbmfbrted, with any worldly com« 
fort, till thou haft obtained thy pardon: Boi 
remember Godly forrow is not al waies to be mea- 
fared by ^/f 0/7 eftedfSy andvehemencyof ex- 
preffiolu^ but by the freight oi it en tte heart, 
by the deef dijfledfitre of the foul ^gainft fin: 
3*fl^e mdj he d deef^ rdtiondlfnr^fer finy tpbere 
there k im fneh eutvtdrd fi^fi$ndti exfrejfioas ef 

V. Cootem 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

V. Content not thy felf with zgtntrA re* . 
ffentanc^ bat know that it is thj dutj t§ ertdeif 
vmr i9 refenf of tbjfarticMl^ fins ftirtUid^rlj: 
Do not flabber over this great duty (which fo 
onicfa concerns thee) mthapgJbf, fwmd^ ger < 
ter4lrefeM4t$ee, Mt9§mMij4reaft t§Jh. M«iy 
fins long ^coounitted by thee, nuiffkiUkA 
\hjimt. if not repented of. Hr^iw therefore 
Ihylife paft. Suger th CMfsitnct tolkukfrteh 
mbee^tofet thjfinsin trier btfm tb«t^mi\a^ 
bout to be heartily hambied both for the viltmls 
and depravedoefTe of thy Nature, and for all the 
f^iU4r 40i$d fiiUy failioss, and mifcarriages 
which thoa fiodeft thy fdt 4*9 waj guilty of. 
&epcnc o£ 2^ iin that lies^upon thy ConTci- • 

VI; Let thy ftrnw for fin be accompanied 
with a ndftrMang of di known lins, anda- 
mendmentof, afe.* Content not tbyfdfwitha . - 
^i*l rtftrmititn. 

yil. Set upon the pradife ofthis great duty 
Mily% turn while unit «rt in bedtb, before 
nckneUe furprize thee. Withem refentance^ tn 
fyetffsrdtn, w feMctmth Gidbere; mhtfc 
tfcUrj beretfttf: Now Ctnfidert that byro- 
pCBtancerthe Scripme does not mean 4/»</4ir0 
fttfcMfejfitm, etntritiiMf 9aAfr»mifing»mend' 
mm tt Uft M^ ) (when a man can live no longer 
in fin, and is now afraid of Judgment)^ if rf4/ 
tlMt>ietftbemfulj 4t»rmiigefthtie0tfiomtbe 

Digitized by V#^P^ 1-^ 

of JUft»t4me, 

t\m iSJ^ 4md 4 life »f h$ly walkitt^y which tdiies npfime 
mAm^ jj^-w^, Un^h, Md ttmitnuitiin of time 

2gJ;^- <» jKwwr therthr} emfttem c^mumt^t9tm 
ZSLJiTM tvil M^t^imt MMd luAitSy u bre4k ijf )i..^__ 
'^jSt tomrfesy tofe$i^tbcd»mni§»^<SrMemthktt mi 
rfe'*' ifyMtMy behtwimr i» bis:flmMnde»tulki0m tf 
Z':a M*> ,*• •*J*'J^ the fmerityj hk refeMM^ce-, 
»*«• . and hj dfteady ctifrje sfG$mtie^€t9 ffiu fam 
V^ia^ prwf #/ hit reaf'coMverfi»i$,'To pat m repeat- 
JH^Zmt ^cc therefore to the dtMth-M, is exceeding 
^^^ JMiger»us, toby notaote, 
*£***- VIII. WbendKiXLhziiithrgiisbtheM/J^lbmu 
Gu^ 4f the Sfirit ef.Otd) humbled thy fool, andrC' 
r-«1i"*' pentcdferiouflyofallthy fins, donttrefUmtbj 
l^g^ repentance^ Cas was faid before) h\xz gtmtftkt 
w^. " jelf to Chrift for thy pardon, Reft not wthit 
*ffi^ ftde Chrift t, Jfet thy tears, hnt hit bUtieiiUjxM 
STf^ iltanfe thy Ccnfcience franaU gmU, Batotdus 
j;»*^"« more in the next Chapter. 

**' IX. After thou haft labdored iaceprtBng t» 
thefe Jireifuns) to. rev^tj rever/e, aad mtdt 
again all the* (ifls of thy Jife paft by a ferioiBTe* 
pentance, then he v^ matchftly left thoa £itt 
kncwingly, and Jeiiieratly ioto^my fin agaia. .The 
trae feniteut alkwes not. bimfelf in any fa^tfi 
conrfet yet through infirmity poffibly he may 
fall: Sins oif infirmity arefuch as a man is over'- 
raken with, contrary to the fnrfofe of his hearty 
either through ignorance, incogitancy, violenee 

Digitzed by Google ^ 

Chap.2. of ReftntdMc^. 14^ 

fftempt4tf$if, cxfudJennepoffurfrtMlx which 
when he comes to eonfider, Yit confe^'es, and 
beiMAns^ 'firivcs^ and ^Afes againfi, and ( by 
GidtGrMce) wrdinmly gets more and more vifio-* 
tyover. If therefore, contrary to the/fxfi^fcr* 
ftft of thy hedrt^ thou doft at any time fin 5 en- 
deavour fieedily to recdver thy felf by a ferious 
repentance 5 and be more watchfitl over thy htart 
Md waies for time to come. 
(-Motives to Refentanee^. 

1. 'Tis highly pleafing to God, E:^ek.s$.Ti: 
Sdy unto them, at I live faith the LordGod, I 
wvf no fUafitre in the death of the wicked, hut 
tjiatthe wicked tMrn from hit my 4)fd live ^ turit 
J't turn ye from your evil wMes,for whymSyc 
«f, O Houfi oflfrael? 

2. 'Tis the Dodhine Clirift himftlf (ir(i 
pteacbcd, as we read, Mat.^ij. From that 
tmie ^efus hegattto peach x and to fay ^ refentye^ 
}>r the kingdome of Heaven is at hand. And when 
he left the world, he declared that repentance 
*»dremif(ion offinsfhoddhe ^reached in his Name 
'^nong aU Nations, beginning at ^erufalem, 
iffi-f 24.47. . 

3. The Angels in Heaven rejoyceatthere* 
^entance of a finner, Luke 15.10. Likenife I 
(ay unto jon, there is joj in the f re fence of the An^ 
gels of God over one finner that refenteth. 

4. Confider who are /"or thy repentance, and 
who arc agaip^ it: God the Father, Son, and 

,1 Digitized by G&d!j>g[e 

ef Rif€ft$Mce. Chap.*. 

h9ljGhvfty good Angels J MdgkriftiSidms^ si 
g(wd Miniprs^ 4nd fincerc Chrifiiams itre f§i^n% 
None but the DeyH and hi lnfirumem$ are agaicft 
ir. And which of thcfe two parties wilt tboB 
i^ndine unto f 

y, Confidcr, 'ci«nocondya<7^r/iiirjr,bm 

' a G9^el frivHedge. The, Ldw alloww no*|^acc 

for repentance/ 'Ti$ an high favour God will 

pardon us upon our repentance, andFiitli in his 


tf. Confider, AH will foouer or later cam* 
mend true repentance: Be not thou one of cfaeo 
that will commend it^ when it is too late. 

7. Confider, there is no oiher remedy* 

f !• With Gods jnfiice wefboukl be 
pardoned • though repntsnce docs 
not fatisfie )m]t^ice^ ^tfinswme- 
femedof^StCfXkivtvatcA in,cannocbe 
pardoned mthiiU in]tifiice. 
!• With his Mercy: God is very 
mrcifuly but 'lis topemtetftbaxsi- 
Repentace<i bled fi mcrs, not iMurnti^ iropcni- 
tis no? con- \ tent tranfgreflburs. 

5« With the undrndkhg ef CkiB 
who came \ocsBfiMirst0repe0^ 
Mce^ Sc u feek, & favetbefetkst 
mre lojl in their own eies. He ws 
exdltedti bt 4 Prime^&A S4viimyt§ 
give ref^nkmce^ & rcmifion of 



phap. 2. \ 9f ^^f^»iM(c^, 144 

8^ tf tbou doft ferioufly, aQdingQodear' 
ncft repent of all thy fins, it will x a great 
foundation pf comfort to thee in time of diftrefs. 
(f the De^nL in time of temftMthny or the 
hour of 4/(f4^/&, lhilll)ring thy fins to thy retnem* 
t>rancc, and charge them upon thy Coofcience, 
CO drive thee to def^air if O what a coinfort will 
ibe, if thy Conicience can then truly aQfwer^ 
:hough I have been guilty of fuch aad Inch fins, 
^et through the riches of Gods Grace, I have 
prime of my health, funicuUHj hmbUdmy 
bulfor them, I have ntraifedmd md^ne them 
m\n by a furious repentance !f Believe it, be 
:nat has truly repented of all his fins, and b^s 
rhe^^;f^ 9fhis heart turned tpwardsGod, and 
$ walking in % wvf courfe of life, a fteady courfe 
>f Godlincfle sSxz!^%[wrtr.^foimd4ii$n9fc§mfon in 
lis o\vn foul, than it an Angel fliould come frQm 
Fleaven, andteUhimhe(h3uldbe(aved. Upon * 
iBihefeeonfidcriUhns^ let me advifethee (hcg^ 
lifig tkea(fifidnce.cftk Spirit of G$d) to fet «p- 
}at\\t ficcdy prd^ife ot this, fo great, fo nc- 
relTiry, yea, ib comfortable a duty. Let not 
h^ deceit fulmjfe of fin^ thi cunning ofSatan^ the 
Sape afloag life, a vAtn frefwmpton on the Mercy 
>{Godt or any miftakes, or prejudices againft the 
Dodrine of repentance keep the off: but laying 
ifide all pretences, excufes, demurs whatever, fee 
l^itjerioitfif^indlpeedily^ and thoQ wilt find 
tncrehyUhrough the bleflfing of God)ibundaace,.; 

I J Digitized by i, Q^ 

of KeftnUncc^. O^i 

of cafe^ comfort/atisfaiaion, and fttilcmcniK 
ihy Mind and Confcience* 

Pfal32.5. I achmwU'dged mj Jin unto thetf d 

mine iniquity have I net hid, IfaiJ, ImU^ 

fe^empranfgreffim unto the Lordy andtk 

forgdveji the iniqaitj ofmjfin. 
Prov.78.13. He that ccvereth his fins jbd0 

fro^cr : but whofo confeffetb andforfdketB tbm, 

JhiiBha<ve nfercj. 
1 John 1.8. if m fay, that we haw no Jin, ^ 

deceive our feheSy and the truth is not inm. 
V.9. // wt cohft^e our Jin, he is fdithfdd 

juft to forgive w our fins ^ and to dcanfe usjr0 

PfaKi9.i2. who can, underhand hU errtof' 

clean fe thou me fromjecret faults. 
Pfal.90.8. Thou hd/ifet our iniquities htfore\^ 

our fecrtt ftns in the light of thy countenance 
Jam, 3 .2. For in many things we offend aU. 
Job 13,26, Tor thou writ eft hitter things agi^ 

me^ andmakejl me t$foffeffe the iniquuit\{ 

my youth. 
Pfal.38.4. For mine iniquities are gon^ overO\ 

headyos an heavy hurde they art too beofvyf^^ 
Job.u 32r- 7hat which ifeenoty teach th$nf»\ 

if I have done iniquity , I wiU do no more • 
Pfal.jM. Have mercy upon me, OGod^ accul 

ing to thy loving hndneffe^ according untitle 

multitude of thy tender mercies. Hot oft *l 
'-tranfgrejfions. .......Goode ^.^ 

Chap.a. of Mefcntance. 145 

V.2. WAfiMe throughly jr cm mnewiquity, dnd 

ckanjimefitm wy fin. . 
VsS. Fwl achmv^Udgi mytrMfgre^fions, dnd 

my fin is ever hefne me. 
V.5. Behold 1 was Ihdpen in iniquity , dnd in 

findiifmymrther conceive me. 
V.7. Pt^ge me with hfop^ afidl fhdH be cledn 5 

wd/bmcy dndljhaffbe tvhiter thdnfnow. 
y.9^ Hide thy fdce p' fins, dndbktoutdi 

mine iniquitits. Credteinmedclednhc4r$0C$dy dnd re- 
new a right ^irit within me. Cdjl me notdWdy from thy frefehce^ dnd 

tdke net thy holy Spirit jfrom me. 
V.16. ^hou defirej^ not fdcrifice^ elfe wguld I 

give it : thou deligbte^ not in burnt effirmg* 
V.I 7, Thefitcrifices of Go/i 4re d broken (pirit, 

4 broken dnd d contrite hedrt^ OGodi thou wilt 

n$t dejpife. 

See more Scriptures concerning repentance, 


of Fdith'inChriS. 

on ferioas confideratioa of the m/and 

ddnger of thy fins {renouncing att Conf*^ 

1 3 derjce 

OfPutk Chap.3. 

iemi» thj felf, » Anphittg tU» ttnfido, tt 
proem tl» Pdrioo wd feice with Gfd) dilibem- 
h and /dvifidly betake thy felf unto ckriftS^- 
Cm the only liUimur and ftdce^mahr betwecQ 
GodandtOan» who once offered ophimfdf, a 
fgcriSee on the Croffe lot fin, and is now in 
Heaven, tnaking intemffoH^ and prefenting the 
4^mWdfhisO*ir<^/>>»«, Sifferii^s, and ttestb 
in the behalf of all focb, who being /<>/? and »*• 
dent in themfeWes, do flictahimforAe/ip and 
relief and take hitn for their only Lord and 
Saviour. With jtidgmnt and undttjlindi»g^vt 
lip thy felf to this Saviour.- Caft thynniteia 
(tnl at his feet : Reft Srtd rely dn him »hij apd 
4Une,t6\ii}»fipd, ac^Qttted, 4nd difcharged 
ofaltthy,firts byhi$ Mtrits, tohe fs»mfiedlby 
his Spirit, to be ctrntitatded indiii\\^oM of by 
hirt, and to be e»atkd by his Grace to perfe'tftrt 
in the waies oirrmh and Molineffe all thy daies, 
jlnd atlaft, to be brought to Eternal life. In- 
traft all thy hopes of pardon only on him: En- 
ter into a real Cweiuua with him, ttbefw ever 
hU» refolving to live and die his faithful Difci- 
ble.and fervant. , And bocaufc reaSjtieUtfemtk 
Chrift, and/4V/>g:/ft» believe on h.m, is a mat- 
ter of foch exceeding high Ctncerameai I (hill, 
I. Exflaiti thtNuimt »fit, 
», LAjdtwnfom Cmlufitns ibtut m 
3, 0vefi)tu duttivtf, W ffictnfragemt»tf 

Digitized by CjOOQIC JTjjQII^ 

. Ciap.s. of Fiutk 14^ 

Koovr therefore, there is a ttvo-fold AA »i 

I. of^Mnrmt^. %. of Kjiflwr*nct^t 

\* When a poor (inner doth caft himfelf 
wholly on Chrift Crucified forpardoii and life, 
(»pm the wmmttfthi frmife) althoi^h htf 
bathooairataaceinbimfelf, how the Lord will 
dirpofeothim. This is <!ommoa\y Q^tdFMtb 
tfusiherence^ or Meciitfriemy» 
.II. When a foul that hath thus caft himfelf 
on Chrift, refleds upon vAat he hath done, 
and comparing it with the Gi^i fr$mfes, be* 
looses {ij ^he dfffisuce ^ m Sfkit^ htMring 
mtmffe vrith hit $firk) confidently perfwaded 
ofhts sHtireft in Chrift, and thatheftallbefa- 
vedbyhim. ^h» \stA\'^ Faith cfjig^mrjUKCj* 
Now the^iswr is thdt Fdth which is the Cof 
^itntfthe HtwCevtnant^ by vhichafiimeris 
iieslyacquittedof atihis uns, and accounted as 
I righteous and /uft perfon in Gods fight. 

To this Faith, there are thcfe/v rj(»ji^x re- 

I. A teal, firm belief of the truth of the Gtj^ti^ 
a true hifttrieal Faithy concerning Chtifls ftrfeit, 
iUMkft^i»g^ Sittifetfbrmaitcey and that he came 
to be a Mediatoor and Peace maker between 
Cod and roan. 

»• A deep fenfe and feding of the he^vy bur- 
d^ «t fin, with true fdrrow and hamiliation 
ihereupoo. The foul is brought to fee its undone 

1 4 condition 

of Faitk Chlp/j. 

condition by fin, before itclofes withChrift 

3. A firm pcrfwafion that there is no other 
vray of falvation, bot by Ghrift alone. 

4. A clear knowledge that Chrift is ahUu 
fave to tht uttermoft, aS that come t$ God by him ; 
and wiHing td fave, and nadj to receive fnch 
as do own him for the trutMeffids, and unfei^- 
nedlj give; up themfelves unto him. 

5. An earneft defire, a real thirfting after 
aulfitereft'm this Saviour. 

6. An aftual giviftg tip tht foul to Chrift, dc» 
pending on him ivhoffj and alone for pardon and 
life-, firmly trufting in him to htjuflifedJanUi- 
fedy and everlaftingly fio/^^byhim. 

This is the foul trnlj and realty united onto 
Chrift. And being by Faith and L^ve thmjoyn- 
' td to the Lord, (as the Apoftlc fpeaks^ i Cer. 
6.17.) is one Spirit, i. e. is governed by one and 
the fclf-fame Spirit. The Scripture fets forth 
this admirabk (^iritual union by thpfe four eartlAj 

By the union 
I. of the Husband and Wif Of ]gpb.5.2j.ri^ 

husband is the head of the mfe^ even as Chrifi 

is the head of the Church : and he is the Sivi* 

m of the body. 
t. of the Head and Members^^ Eph.i.225ij. 

JJatkfut all things under his feet ^ and ^iveu 

him to behefid over ^11 fbings to the Churcb, 

iffhicb M his bod'i^ 

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hap.J, of Faith. 147 

3. ofiheftmsinthebuildingytththefMn^ 
dAtion whereon tbey reft apd are built, 
Efh.i.ZZ. In wh(m jou difodrebuHdeduge- 
ther^ f&r 4n hahitatm ofGodthret^h the Spi- 
rit, iCor.j.if. . 

4. Oftheyine 4ndthe Broftches , John 1 5,5. 
I am the Vine^ yt are the tranches. 

So thit when we do willingly betroth our 
dves to Chrift, and confenc to take him for 
ur Lord and Husband, and to be. his loyall 
poufe : when we are willing to be in fubjccftion 
3 him, and to be ruled by him, as themcni- 
prs of the body arc by the head .• when we dc* 
^nd,- and reft aod rely on him alone for our fal^ 
ation, as the ftbnes reft on the foundation : 
iaftly, when we derive Grace and Holinefle 
romhim, as the branches derive juice, vertue, 
1^1 Tap from the root andftock, and do bring 
prth fruits in him, and to him % then is there a 
e4y and fpiritual nnion wrought bet ween. Chrift 
nd our foulcs, » 

Thus Qiuch concerning the Nature of favlng 
?aith : The Conclnfions 1 fihall lay down concern- 

l^ Though Chrift hath pai* down zfuffcient 
irice on the Croffe, for the ranfeming and %- 
ngin.oi loft and undone fioners, yet we aic 
lotjtifiijiedMd abfolvcd from the guilt oi our 
Ins, tillwed0 4(5?/y4i?jf^/^/^.withhimbyFaith, 

2 . Imtfaving Eaith^ is not zjtrongfirftpafmy 

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fAm, ill 1 vcnuA fins ate pardoned by Chiifi's 
Merits* and chat be it inCtdiF^nnmr^ aoidioa 
good (bte aod condition .• Fot 'tis tvicfont nu- 
ny of Gods dear ferrants are exerdfed with 
dttikst and ftMres coqcerniDg tbemftlves ^ aod 
tnany GrutUffe maches^ that never fdc the bur- 
den of fin, nor ever made much Conftjence of 
walking hoUIy^ are mtfi tmifJent of their ovni 
good condition.* Therefore thiiciMMty mt 
grmitided ferfwsfiM cannot be trae Faith $ for 
then, k^rdaeffe tf hurt^ would make the beft 
jFaith s and be that could ptftme m^^ and be ' 
moft fecm^ aod free from doubts, wOttU be dte 
frmfibeUrvtr, For a man tobc /M/Mritf of lis 
good condition, while he lies under the ^tmr 
and reign of fin, is the rrtHeft mAeli^ ia the 
world : 'Tis to^bclieve the Hat eemr^ to what 
God hath revealed in the Word, i C9r.e,9, 
Kw00 ft mt (faith the Apoftle) sba the mm^ 
uem jluB net inherit the Xingdme ijeUi Bt 
net deceive J, neither furnieaenrs, nwr idelMrs^ 
««r Mddtemsy nor effendnMtttntr infers ^them- 
fthes with msnkiM, mr tkews^ nire9va»a/,mr 
dr»nk»ds.ftw revilers^nerextmimteri^ inherit 
the Xingdm of Ood.ThsxtSom a cmfidentreiint 
on Chrift for lalvatioo, (ifithemtarefiingjf- 
nrSng t» the Word) will not fenre the earn, 

J. Fidn^tSj, and favinglj to believe on 
ChriftjU not ati *0 of mans power^t wrought 
fn the foql by the Sfirh ox God $ who doth 

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^ap.3. of Faitk i4« 

fe^natty enlighten^firfwaie. t^droftkhemt^ 
nd ^^^fiy and ttiMbU the foul) itghi upitft^ 
itieochrift. Begthei'efbfethe affihaiKleoUbit 
defied Spiiit, whmG*d hrnhfrtm^tdnghftu 
iKinthdtAikhifit^ L$kt ii ^. AnditTcheaidof 
lis Gticr, giv« up thy fdf ui^Hgntdlj uoto 
::)hfift, tobcjuftified, fandified, andeverlaft- 
ogly Taved by hut). 

4. AtruebtlUver mayftKft and tx in doubt* 
chat he hath ■01 given up hitnfelf to Chrift un^ 
fe^neAlf ^ and this fear may proceed firom t\fe 
ibondance of his Uve to Chrift^ and ttirntfl ie- 
i^^ to be aflur'd of an ii^mp in him, which 
Ibices him think he can neVer be certain enough 
of hinn % Jj»vt isftSieitout, and full of fears, k(t 
itihbuldmifle the peifon beloved. 

5. They that /r«/jr^/<>^ withCbrift, do tMii 
himtorthdr L^, tawtll as fof their S4i/io». 
None come to Chrift by Faith, Aadfsvhgty be-' 
Heveonbim, bat they cleave to him by Mvaf- 
fo, arid live to him by tl^dktKe. True Ptithon 
^htiji^ Mi iigtt Uvt i0 chrift^ *nd live lri& 

6. The fareft mark 6f true believing iA 
Chrift, is4/*j»andi*/y/i/e. 'Ti» the property 
of Faith to twrifit the hemi, :tod fo to work a , 
change in the life and cbiiverl^tiOA. t>oft thOu 
make Cofifciencc therefore of all thrift's com* 
mands f And art thon careful to ttfraitttiyfttt 
fim (l;etji evil J»4t ? fVit ev«r it in ChrtH^is 4- 

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of Faith. CM 

mm Creature^ iCor^s.iy. Bmb the In 
Chrifijhedabroind in his hearty and tba Urn 
firdnes him to jetlifinccn cbeiienct: Bd 
ffirit of Chrifit Rom t.9. not only tool 
turn, but tocoimffl and tlireSf lyin, to Id 
in the paths of /r«/i& and holinejfe, and to if 
him from taking any defperat^ and inema 
faBs^ cither in matter of judgment ocfri 
Thcfearc thcCondufions. 

I come now in the third place^ to the I 
tives and Enccaragements to believe in Cbo 

I. Coniider for thy CRCoaragcment, I 
4^/f Chrift is to fave tbee» There is moiei 
in the Son of God, to obtain o«r pardon, 1 
diereis^tfi/^offin inns, to merit coadea 
on. For the per/on fnfftring^ being (as 
Cfod-head) infinite^ and tht merit andiub 
bis fufierings depending on the dignity andu 
ol\Mprfony the fat is fashion made, muftc 
be inpnite^ and fo abundantly fufficient. 

a. Confider his mllingnefmd readiod^ 
accept to niercy aU poor humbled finncrs^i 
come nnco him ; He never rejeded aoyfl 
that came onto him, and acknowledged bioit 
therriy^ Meffias^ and unfeignedly g^^e u^^ii 
felf to be faved by him. 

Bis mllmgne^e to faveiinners>cannotboc^ 
pear to thee» if thou confidereft tbeie tk 
things. J. Hi^ gracious words .before be ofl 
into the worlds the Prophet in the perfoa 

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hap. J. of Faitk 149 

hriift, proclaims thus, Ifa^jy.!'; H^ every dw 
a thirfiethy some ye t& the waters^ &c. 2. His 
f^ ZTiQ general invitation when he was in the 
}rW, John 7.37. Jn the Uft daj^ that great 
)9ftheFea^^ ^efm jlood and cried, faying, if 
)i one thirfiy let him cmte te me and drink ^ And 
at.ii«t8« Come anto me all je that lahoUr^ and 
t heavy laden, and 1 mB give you refi. j. His 
pat kindnefle to poor nnners exprefira after 
\ afcentim, and leaving the world, Sev.ii.ij. 
tbimthat it othirBcome^ and lobofoever wik, 
him take the t^aters of life freely: That thefe 
tte the words of Chrift, appeares^ v. ao^ 
bcrc 'tis faid. He that teftifieth thefe things^ 
tbifwrely I come quickly. 
3. Confider, that to - heli&vei and rejl m 
kid crucified, ^d to take him &x our Lord 
i Saviour 9 is to perform that aif, to which 
^ijication and remiifion of fins is promifed, 
|hii j.i^. God fo loved the loorld^ that he gave 
^tnly begotten Son^ that fphofoever believethin 
^^ fhould not ferifby but have everlapnglife^ 
'hrift and all his benefits are promifed to a be- 
ting foul. Wilt thou not therefore give up 

4- Gonfider, "'tis the duty of all truly hum- 
med finners, to go to Chrift^ and believe in him; 
Tisihed^/tf^ofafick man, to apply himfelfto 
skilful Phyfitian^ andasfuchanone muftnoc 
^roy bis own life, by a wilful refufing the 

Pbyficfc gle 

Phyfick' that would cuKhimt rpDmberniil 

' i^ijwi^iir^/?/iff«f deQrnyhisowrirQul, byrdB»^ 

'.fiogcoclofe wi(hChfift% He maft not addiQ 

all the reft oftiis fins (waif /rf/*, and a mlfuBw^ 

U(f$fCbriS, mi thffalvacioB bytumpaichi*! 

fed » and Co fVeely offered. . 

y. Conii^ef that the humbled finnerbybe^] 

lievinginChrift, does not only bring fw^att 

and &Tvatign to br$ own fouU but ai fo io an eoi' 

ncot m^naer brings Gl«j to God : Wbcn tboi 

(thongb difcottr^gfd in thy felf, by reafonoi 

thy fins) dareftyfnturethy Coul in the hapdsoi 

Chrtfti When choa makeft thy way tbronglt 

takeft Gods bare Word, becaofe he hath 0id ii^ 
(thereby fettiog chy fejj to his truth and faith* 
f ulnefle) and doft r^olve to throw thy b^( q^ 
his fi'ee Mercy. andChrift'sMerks^ forpardoaj 
and liie, to lay tby foul at Cbrift's fe$r, and t^ 
dafp about huii> thOQgh hekill thee; Thisi$ 
ao exoetlenc* and an ImtifdMEt of Faith, whicb 
brings Ghxy fo God| as .dhJums Fai^hdid: 
Of wbomicisfatd, IIo(d.4.>o. Tb4S btft^^ 
ffdwtldtfiKfrtmifitfGfd thmgh mibtUtf^ 
watfirtti^ in Faith t giving Gltrj tp Gcd. \ 

• 6* Confider, 'tis the greatfft folly and nvul-' 
oefieiathe world, for an bumbled fiouer nod 
ia*clQ(e with Cbtift, aad cofumii; his tool unto 
btm. What an inMitMsl, mi mfnpt^^iok 
tsunbdicif If we gQ nQtcoCnnlt, Where 


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to fa)v9(tOii poflibly be had ? As thoTe lepers 
feafoned> s King. 7. 5. j/nv )Kr//i? mftr^» 
fhat ftrfm itfme t9 be dmmted, that ke^ tff 
^0m Cmf, There is no -way therefore for a poor 
inner, rat to ventore hitnfdf into the h»os of 
Partfti to. give a^ his {txxA fmmelj to Yam^ and 
to refolve wich himfelf, if I ftrip^ J mUftrift 
tt hufeet, 

7. Laftly > If yoa think yos have caufe to fear 
that Chrift is not yec jn^iri , and as yet yon have 
no intereft to hin* my advice is» that yoa iiMr 
go ttnto hioi, n«wftrike up 'the CMVMur be- 
tween htm and yoa.* Defor no kx^^ Let 
this be the mmugt-dtf, Nowr give np thjr 
fi^ onftigQedly to he pardoord, fanAified 
commando], difpofedof, aodeverlaftinglyfa- 
^ved by him % and reft aflbted he will on no 
tennscaft thee out. 

John 3.14. And m Mtfes liftedttf theferpewtm 
the vrildmteffes even fi mafii tie Sw efvumbt 

V.15. rhM Mmm helittfntAinUmt fkdd 

mtferifit, hit Lnre etarmdiift, 

V.i5. F9rG»dj0 loved the imld, tbttieg^ve 

hi mdj ktgme» Smty thu Mnver heUeveth 

' Mhim,j&0ldm ferifk, htUve roerUfting 

y.^6, Heths heUevtth mtheSmi hMhtver* 
UjUi^Ufe: 4iidhtthM heUtvethm$theSM^ 

of fM. 

fbaU not fee life, bitt tbewmhofCoddidetb 

on him. 
John y^o. And ye will not eme to me thatjt 

might have life. 
John 6.37. AH that the Father giveth mefhd 

tome to me, and him that Cometh to me^ I mS 
■ in n^ wife cajl out. 
Phil.3-8. Teadoubtleffe, and I count all things but 

lfi([Cf for the excellency of the knowledge of 

Chrifl ^efus my Lord: for whom I havefi^e- 

red the lo{Ji of all things , and do count them but 

dung^ that I mey win Chriff/ 
y.pi And be found in him^ not having mint 

own righteonfnij^y which is ofthe Law, out that 

which if through the FaithofChrilt^ the righte- 

cufnejfe which is of God by Faith, 

See cBore Scripcaxes concerning Faich» p. i o5« 

Covenanting with God. 

DeuM^.iy. Thou hafl av$uched the Lord this 
day to be thy Godf (jr to walk in his wait s. and to 

'. keep, his Statutes^ and his Commandements, 
and his ^udgnUnts^ ami to hearken um his 

V voioc^. 

Jo{h.34*2i ^ And the peofle (aid unto ^ofbud^ nay, 


V.22» And ^ojhuah f aid unto the people^ ye are 

' wdn^esagainfij0nr felvist that yehaivecho- 

, ' feA yonjhe l^d toferve him^ and they faid^ we 

V ' are witneffes. ^' ,CHAP* 

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CriAP. IV. 


4-0 Aving thus folemnly gitcimp thyicif 
n to Chrift, Igbour u walk vwtbj if ike. 
Lard^ toaifte^ng^ being, fruitful in every gd^d 
wmrk. Let it be tby daily care (begging the! 
dififtanceof the Spirit to enable thee ^ -tomrt^- 
fie the cldmMi U emcifie thefiefk^ mth its afeili^ 
ms^dnd hfis ; to weaken^ tmp»ir>and defiroy the 
dominion of the whole body of (tn^and td fiat em 
tM new mMs that thou maift be ftr^ngthervpd & 
farniflitd with all faring Gf aces^to tht pradVif^r of 
true bolinefie, without which no vtxztk (hail fee 
the Lord / As Chrift (by his divine power) 
raifed and quickned his ovi^n body, when it lay 
in che grave, foheeonveighs afpirituaLlifein^ 
to all his nnembers^^ raifing them from the 
death 0£ fin,- and enabling them to wallji in 
newoeflfe of life. iHve {im\i?aul^^) 
jeimt /, bm Chrifiiivetb in me. And the life pf 
Jejtis is nf^Je manife^ in our mertAl bodies^ 
aCor.4^11. HethgtAidethinme^ dndtinhiMf 
(faith our Saviour, ^$bn ij^57 brings h fert ft 
fnnch fruit, ^g ihercforc earncftly of the Lord^ 
that thou maieil be fanifiped threugheuti i^ 
Sfirit, Spul, 4nd B^j. that thy Underttand* . 

\M Dijitizedb'yv jfltCL 

15 z . ofthifkpUatmh Clnp«4« 

ingj CQQ^-J^"^^^*''^ Will, thy feofiial affedi- 
OQS and deiires^ anH thy whole outward inaa 
may be put into, aniJ kep^ in a good order and 
jfrainej thzit\\t'fear ofGsJmay dwell ia thine 
heart co^dtmaUyf and iu Lsw ke wrhtettin thj 
inward mM. Look tothe^e/fr andfiAmc ^f tbj 
htiirt\ rltMitU right towards Gad. iFthy heart 
beonceHp^vieda(nglic> thou wilt look that thy 
dutward converfation be ordered aright alio* 
Let it appear therefore thou art a living membar 
of Chrift, ^)y being a new Ciearare.^ by unli- 
vifig> and undoing thy ;^rmar (inlnl cour{& 
Live not henceforth in any knowti (in, bot 
^eef^il^ forfake, Avhatcver thou knoweft to be 
tvil, anddifpleifing unto God any kind of way. 
Lab >0r tp teftifie ihe fincerity df thy refemsttce 
and Fdith^ by an holy life, and jao unblameabie 
Converfaoon. Set thy ielf in goodeamcftto 
W3\kreiigmfy aaJ Miiy before Gpd, tigkt* 
0»jlj and Hfrighly before men, and f^rljaml 
ftfi»/)ef4f/^inthe Governmeiitrfihylelf, 

Let it be thy daily txmift (with tad) t9 
hep a g^ Canfmuc^ v$id 9f offence^ tmards 
God^ and tam>irds map. Be careful of the duties 
both of the firft, and fccond Tabfe ^d read 
often and carefully obfcrve our Savioiirs Sarroon 
in the Mount, contained in the fifth, fixth, 
and ft iventh Chapters of Uiiatthtw^ In fiimme, 
beg a continual fupply of ftrengtb, from the 
faniSk'iying Spirit of Chrift, that though thou 

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ClMP4» ininjfcrmiUfei ^ iji 

art to^ wrefile, not only i^saatt flcil) atfd Uooa, 
but i^ataft Prinetpatittes* and powers, and 
fptfitiial witkedneflei, aod againft rnanifbkt 
tempt acioDsfrdfB the world, yet acKwuhftapd- 
ing<throagh the aides of Grace) tKe regenftrac^' 
part in thee may overcome, and that choi} maidE 
^jiovin Grace, suKi be daily per fcdfifig boli" 
nelie ki the fc«l: of God; 

tCor. 5.17; rb&tftrtif dnj niankehChriftt 

he isM fUvrCrestwc \ oU things mfs^^wAJ^ 

kiiulJt 40.thiarimi«(»mcmvf, 
i Cor ^. I j . Awijmk iPti^t fomt . tfyH . bm p 

mt m^d* hit y if* fan^i$*4y hfp W 

j»fHpdi9tbe^4m^t6€l.«rJ^ffWt 4»di^ 
4be Sfhfit tfmr Gtd» . 
Bph.4.»i. ffutytfMttf, c$Hmni»g iheftnmt 

Camv*rfMi*M, the M mrn,. whin if wr9fti 

MtvrMngto the deceit fid l»Jls , 
V.»?.' And in rewened ii» the SfHt fif jint 

V.'24. And that jifutttt thxtneikmiM, 0hfi-h 

d^ier Cod is mmd i»righttiwfit4* *»d triU 

Rom,^.5. Fcr if we have been fl/unedh^ttbtr iti 

the {ikemSt4 **» '«*f* :* "'^i*'^^ ^' *'/*'" '** 

/«fa«r(f< ^bii rtfitmaiotij . / 

v.*. KtMiiif this that ««r tld man it fhcipd 

rvith hm, that the W; o//f» might hi drfroydi 

tkstikmfmtbiiep«idnftffrvtp.% ^ 

I •» j^' ^ Digitized b,'-^,/!^' 

154 ofthctut$ Vdtmti Oa^ 

V. 14. F0rfii$ JhdO net hav€d$mnm Mf, 

forje an not under the Law^ but under Gf»^ 
I John. ^8. Ht that cdmmittttb^ kef theki 

for the devil finneth from thebe^»mi^\j 

this furpofe the Son ofGod wdi fnmje^\^ 
' he migtft dejtroy the vwhs of the devH. 
1 John 2.6. He that faith he abideik »i« 

I John 3,3. And every m^n that bath (Wflf 

in him^ futifieth himfelf even as he it fm. 
Roin.8.13. For ifje live after thefi^.f^ 

die : but if je through the Spirit do m4 

the deeds of the bodj^ yejbaS live. 
Epb.3.16. That he ivould gram you^ acsuSf 

the riches of his Glory to be firengthentlf^ 

might t by nis Sfirit in the inner man 
V.I 7. That Chrijl may dwell in your krft| 

Taithy that ye being rooted and grouoM^ 

V.I 8. May be able to C0nfrehend mtbaiSit 

tvhat if the breadth^ and lengthy audi^ 

and height h: 
V.'p. jind to know the love ofchrifi^ ^ 

fa^'eth knowledge^ that ye might be fiSei^ 

alithefulneffe of God. 
iCor.7.1. Having theref ore tbefePromifes(^ 

ly beloved) let us cleanfe our f elves jroa^ 
fitrhinefje of fiejh and Spirit, ferfeilio^^ 
. neffeinthefear of God. 
H.b. u . 1 4, follow feace with ai men, stdH 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Chap.4. aiid rtformd Lift, 15 j 

nef^ wkb0Mt which no ftumfhoBJee the Urd. 
iThei:j.j5. And the y try GodeffeatefM^fie 

JvuvMj, MdlfrajGoiiyi^ ivbde Sjnr^t^ and 

Sm» gjid ^^, he f referred hUmlejl unit the 

^H. •f^f Lcrdfefus Chrifi. 
Gal. 5.17. ^^ ,^e fiejb lufttth Agmjl the Sfirit» 

MdtbeSftritagMn^the fefts 4ind theft are 

etmrmry the tne totbi.cther^ ifo that je cannot 

dt the things that yewtuld. 
iPccj.ii. Deafly helwed, I hefeech yf» at 

pOMgerSy and filgrimt, abfiain from flefhly 

Itifb, tvbichnfaragainfi tbeftnl. 
a^ec.j.iS. Bntgrm in Grace, andinthekn$»- 
- ^f^rfnr Lord and Savitar^efns Chrifiy t» 

him he GUry htth nem and for ever. Amen. 
Gal.5.1 9, H«w the werkf tftbepjhare manifefi^ 

which are thefe, Adnlteri, ftmcatim, Un- 

ckanneSe^ Lajcivi9»fne^^ 
\ Idelatry, Witchcraft^ Hatred, Variancey 

Emnlatiws, fVrathy Strife, Seditions, Here-. 

V.21. Envyings, Murders, Drnnkenne/, Re- 

veSings, and fach like, of the which Itettjeu 

heftre^ at I ha/tte alft ttldyeu in time pafi, that 

they which do fueh things /haB not tahtrit the 

Kingdom of God. 
V.»». Sntthefmtef the Spirit it, Love^^m, 

Feaeey.Long'ft^ing,.GeKtleneffe, Goodneffe, 

V.»^ Meekntff 7einferMee, againfi fuch there 

it no Law. Mi- DigtzeOby^giJi^e 

P^ pfthemwHttm, Chip.*. 

y»34. And tfjt^ that mCkifii iNrtft cn^ffJ 
thepjh, mththe*§t£iiii*is, 4ndh4s, 

t>MU,i5. fhM^ ntaf be i/timeitfft^ mt^^ihf 
y^e^ iht'ffHS tf Gei imhnft trfMe, in the 
pn/fiofAcmktd«ttdfervty{e iimm> it>»ong 
phof^ji fliifif M Ligitt i» the intiJ, 

llPftM.5, Jjidbtfidet tkm^firmigitSi/litSginet, 
Mldtpjtur Pajth mi^ne, ^to Hkftwt Kimt- 

VA Jifd tit Knmkdgi tfrnp^drntr 4lHl « 
tttftftrMieefMkncet mtitvfmmnti^B^dktt^t, 
v.?. Andt^C^tT^ft Brctkriftrndatf^Md 
14 if^lnH^ kindrnfcharitj, 

t Cftr.i?.^?. Thenftrt^ mf hetfvnl trtHke* 
hep fieAfik^^iiftiimiedlt, ii0Misahmiing 
fH the mrk (fftke Urd^ fort^mih Mp kutf, 
jUtfitir Laipur innithi vain iH tht IMi* 

jl>tt.i.i4 Asebehei^chiidrtft^ m^fifhitifiifig 

' '.fctirfeivif ucftrding ft tbefomtrh^smjw 

y.15. Bnt M he iohieh htuh uBed jou is bfl%f» 
l( fe heljin idi manner ^ Cmvtr^mitn. 

| 9Vhat, impjen^ihMtjfinrhdfit 
the XcMfk if the Jal^' Chejtti^hieh Jf infiu, 
phteh je haift ^jf ^sd^ eaa ff^ itre mtt yo«t 

f .Jo, ftriftdre hufth ytiti uftmt theftf»t 

^t^t G^injnr bfldf-, itnd jn.fouf Sfhih 


^ofti.4.^. frh§n>iMremiir.l9(i(tK^mfyMe(»ril- 

ing to his deeds. .. " o,„. e..', Google • V. 7. 

V 7, ittshtmmbo hy fstiiMt c$minMancei» mJ- 

%5 tt«rnd Life. ' 

V.8. SMtnm»tbemih4t»re(9t^nti0m, Mddo 
utt »bej the rrmh, htt »key umightmftKf -^ 

V 9. TriMatmy Ofuisnpa^, nftn eatery [o»l 
0fmd» that d«tb evil, if the ^eiifrfi, and 
Mfrefthe OmUe, , .^ . , 

Mat.i5.*4, rhe0 f*id fefw4 Mt^ b^f'J^fj''^ 
if Mf fH4» i^B 4mt Mfier m, let }»mit»'i 
hi^elfrtmd tike uf hit er#> Mtd ffOm 

Mndthyth^ AM* me^M^e h^lj effee- 
t i^ m rilefcin^tt*^* ^^f^*^^'. 

aJjinceritj, net v^ithfitfblt w^dm, ifh 

theiJLe *f si, ^ bm;eU^ Cenverf^^ 

inthewJ, andmere ^^^f^h^'P^^^' 

Va i9^ And M remetnher nm^ ^er«» I 

irith utd with 4 ferft^ heart, Mnd hm dene 

. hovedieMS. a Cimfaence nmd ef ^em f 
■ mirdG9d,>indP0witrdf^>'.:^ ' . .Tica. 

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i5«> Ofthe new Nature^ Chap^. 

Tit,».ii. Ter the Graee tfcsd, that hrineth 

l*iv4tt»n,b4th)ifpegrtdt»Aamen. ' 

V,i2. W/V «, that denji»g tmg^Jiii^e, 

tfcufly, andgtMy in tbif frtfe»t imi^ ^ 
y.13. iMkingfor that bltffed btpc, 4nd the 

pmm oppemng cf the great Ck^, and mt 

y 14. Who gave himjtlfferm* ibat be might 

''lf'%^ f^«;»» ^ inuinitj, and fmife nm 

Tir.5.8. Thisitafaitbfnlfajing^anStbefethings 

J mS that then affirm tonftantlj, that tbtj 

vbtcb have believed in God, ikightbe earefiUf 

HtMntain good works: theft things aregoodand 

profitable unto men. 
Mat.5.17. Think not, that J am tome todePoj 

the Law and the Prophets, J am not' come to 

defiroj, bmtofdfiU, 
Mat.*! 3tf. Mafitr, which is thjt great Com- 

m>indement of the Law I 
V.37. ^tfmfaid unto him^ thtm jhalt Uvethe 

lord thf God with all tb) beaut, and with all 

fmly ^ndvith^ thy mind. 
V.38. Tbif a ihtfirfi andff<tat ComnHnde- 

V.5P. An^ the. feeofi^. is Uke nnfo if, tbonM 

idvttby neighbour nstbjfelf. 
y .40. On tbefe. tvio Cowmandepsants bane ai 

fbe ^ap and the pofhets, ' ' '' ' 

p Mark ». 

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Chap«4« . Mdrefirmed Life. 15^ 

Mark»d the Scribe [aid unto him^ mi 
Mdjlerj thou hdS /aid the truth : for there it 
tueGod^ and there if none other hut be. 

V.5^. And to Uvt him mth aS theieart^ and 
foith oH the under/landings and with 4^ tho, 
foul, "andvrith oM the firength^ and to love ha 
neighbour ds himfelf^ k more than aB whole 
burnt offering andfaerifice. 

Rom. ^.31. DO we then mah void the -Lim 
through Faith? Godforbid^ jea^ m ejiablijb 
the Law. 

of Communion with Gad, . 

5.T Abour to manual a daily clofeCommu- 

i- nioQ with God/ in thefe particulars fol- 

I. Awake with God in the morning. 

2 Forget not ta fame forth thy foul in fecret 
frojer; ami fraife before him. 

I. Read the Scriftkres^ 

4. Live eentimtafy at in the fight andvitwef^ 
God. . '• . 

%. LivebjFMh . 

6. obfe^ve aif the f^ages fif his jrovidenee 
UwMsthee. «' •' :? 

7. ie oontimtitSjf4t(kf0(f 


Uo jimke whb<^ 

Firfi^ Avrtke with God m the morniog:!!^ 
tmm, t MtftiS mtb tkc» £us hcrfy Dsvid^ 
tfd,i$9.9. The momiog isan embimie of the 
iUraitedioo, wbeo car b^ks IbaU awake 
from the ilee^ of death, and ttett long day (ball 
arife upon as, that fl^l «et)wc have my night. 
O how (bouldft thou thcn» vvhenfleqp lals firon 
tiiiftc eyeSj lift up thy foul in praifes and thanks' 
givings to the Lord, for his gracious Provi- 
dence over thee in the night feafon. Had not 
he been exceeding gracious, thou mightft 
have fl^t the deep of dcatl|> and from the 
darknefleof the night been (ent away into outer 
darkneflc. Let not the ammm/f^ e of this mcr- 
cy diminijb, but the comimuUne^ of it rather 
enm/^t thy cbankfulneflGe; Oiwben thy body 
awakens, how ibouldft t^ awaken aoid ftirre 
up thyibulalfo, to fbme holy and pious Ejaco* 
lations; iuchastherweet.Sii^^^4r/,uIed 
tb (end up to God; a£ar^ tiutmrt m God^ 
tdrlj Willi feek tbte. I Idd vk dum ta^fieft^ 
MdthM hdfifttjlainedme. I h/na, hunft^ luitf 
the jhxdim iftkf wiitgf; tfy fmtififh^'i **^ 
truth hdve ken wf fbield Md buckler^ Andium^ 
Lord, Uft Mftbe Light tfth^ €9it»teikinre «f»» 
me, inflraS mei»*bt nHff-inhtrttufl fkntld ^«, 
tmdguid me with thine eye. TeMehnHf^^j,;^ 
Lfird, 4»d I win n>4tk tntkfipmh^ Q knit my 

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ht0i tt th«<^ thtt I mvffuif ihf 2imH.\ And 
hotd 1^ mj giingt in ihy ftthst thu m^futfieps 
flipwH. Ittme mdk Hrfwmf^Wj tint dtjt fe- 
fUmiftg the timet Let mj foul futtn the Lord 
ftfm, a$d he eU^htd irith the white nbe efkU 
rightefiuffiejfe^ dnd MdtrM wk with the pivitig Grues 
^thfhefySfiritt ^, 

After fome fuch fiOu« efictdations Tent u^ to 
the Throne of Grace^ yjoarco get tby heart 
p6fiefi(cl« with deq), ftroi^» md povrerful 
apprehenfions and impreflions, of Gods boli- 
Acffe.Majeily, Oami'pteieiicc^ OmniCctence .* 
Confidcr with: kcverence, and humbly admire, 
and adore his glorious wiftoroe, bis almighty 
power, bis gractom Providence, bis truth and 
itithi«ifieS«, andeipeciaUyhts binder lore and 
RMKy in Chrift Jens* And if Aich choiights 
as thefe make ftrong and deep impreflions ia thy 
(i^nd, in ikit niorrtiiig) thoii art the tnoie like 
toheftt the feir of God «Hche day after, and to 
have thy mind pdfetffed both with tevereotial 
snIddighcfMl thoughts of his M:i)tfty, 

W*l»«*5^t8.-*-*l*f» t 4imkty 1 MmjHSwith 

J4»b:y«t7. Pf^knt itrntsM^lftt thmfiuddeftm^i- 

fe him ? and that thou flmldeB fet tlmn iiMpt 

9fm himi 

V,t^,. ^^fhtt fbmtiHt viftt him tfterj 
mmtingt dndtry him every mem^f 


i6t Jvake witk Gfd Clup.5. 

Lan9.3.i2. If it */ '** J^*lt mercy that mm 

not ciinfMmed^ ytt4»fehitcmtf^itnsf*Umt. 
V.«J. Tkj ire tmrwerj mrning^ ff-eatifthf 

V.»4. The Lord u mj fwiipM^ [dtk my fed, 

tkerefete imUhofe in him. 
V.aj. The Lord it geod unto them that mm ff 

Mm^ to tbeftdthatfeekethhim, 
VGLfi.^'i. fVhem have J in Heaven httheef 

snd there it niae npen the Earth that J dtfin 

hefides thee, 
fiph.5:i4. Whereftre be fdth^ AwiJte then that 

Jleepe^, and mfe from the eUady and Chrijl 

jbakpve thee L^ht, 
Rom. I ^.11^ jttid that htwing the thnCy th/t 

new it it high time te aieake eid effitef : fir 

nm it enr falvatienneerer» than when we idie- 

V.ii. the'mthtitfar^em, the day it M hands 

let MS thereftr* e^^ ^tke mrh efdoHcn^t, 

and let m fnt en tMormenrtf L^ht, 
Eph.5.15, 5ef then that ye wdk ehremm^eB^, 

notaifeeUy bat at wife. 
f^QvaAiiii.- IH m walk hemfilj m iitthedaj, 

net in rioting and drnnkennejfe, net in thanh 

heringdndwaiami^e, n$t in firife andeit- 


y:i4. But pit ye en the Lord ^efnt chrifi^ and 
make netPmrifienftr thefe% tefnlJUl the 
hftt thertf, 

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Cbap.5. htitlHrniiig, 1^3 

fral.tf3.i. o GMlt tbm srtmj Gtd» e/vlymBl 

feekfhee: vtj ful tbhfinb fwr thee» mjfiejh 

ItpgetHf ftr thee, in 4 drj, and thtefty Lsnk, 

Pial.y^,irf. Bm I vnUfing tfth fwer: jesi 

^iUpngdtmd •fthj mer«ji»^MmmUiig, ftr 

*!>•» baft been mjdefmtt *»d,nfagtinthed*f 

tfmj tr*Me. 
Pf3l«35. at. Aniwf ttitgrnpulipedk tftij rtgfh 

te9»f»effe, mdtfthffrdifc mtht iaf U»g, 
PAI3 5. lluim Jnm MdJUfti iMnAed, 

f»rthe Urdft^tiinedme, 
^,91.1, He thi$ dmtUeth i» the feent fUee if 

the nuflhigby fludl Mdi m$der the fbadmrf 

tbe jtlmghtp 
V.4. He jbat ewer thee itithhufestbers, Md 

under b^ iriwgt jbak thw trgft', hittrMthJhoB 

he tkj jhteUMdinckUr. . 
1^.4^. There be mMj that fajt vdfviifhewm 

Wf g—d f Lord lift the* wf the Light efthj 

Pla).^}.?. 1 wlU infift^ thee^ and teseh thee m 

the mtf vfhub thtu^ g0, I wiSgmd thee 

PfaLS^.u. Teach me thj vraj^O Ltrd^ 1 wii 

vralk ititbj Truth: unite mjkart to fear thj 

Pfal.i7.y. BMnf /njgMtigsin thjfMths, thst 

Pfal.^0.17. And let she beantj efthe JLerdimr 

154 f9mtmtbfS*iAi C^f.< 

0tdhtnfm m^ ijr tfmi^ thm the n»k ^m 
hmds ttf0H tit, ju, $he mtrk rf ut Imsi 

Seftuiffy, Omit not ^ailyeopoareibrtbifay 
Son! in feeret im<l fervtec ^riytt befon the 
Uxd, \ium\Ay cotjifeifing) and bewailmg iby 
fini, with a deep ftnfe aad fediagoftb«cvitr 
d;»)|cr, «fMlderertoftheRi) begging eameftijf 
(as for thy Kfe) aftiland free jpaMon and air- 
chargc.of them all in cfoeblottfofChiift, apd 
hdmbly imploring^the aid add affiftaaeeoi tke 
holy Spirit, fcr enable thee to ihoriifiethy cor. 
(iiptions^ tore^fi; temptatiotes^ .tadtopctfnB 
ift i right fnanner di the daties re<]utreil « 

Be jijdchio this duty ©f reCret prayer, if*** 
t!hoa inteifdeft to Gve thy foul, to hanovGw 
here, oir to be happy with him hereafter^ Am 
remetBber that to pray untoGodisanacoeptS' 
b!^inaniier> ts not to fay over a fvM pri^ 
or 10 utter a few petitions (Parrat life) i> > 
fprmal, coId> cuftomary manner ^ wiMTcdNR 
is^ not 3 true feitfe^d feelhig (^ fin aad mifayj 
and vtrfaerethedefires of thie(iMilarett»t cailicd 
oat earoeftiy %o feck for mercy, and relief fe"* 
6oi ttiroagh Chrift, «wre can be no traehttP- 
ty praying, fiich as Qod will accept,- tboago 
tiic outfide and^ttertial patttif t^ duty be ^^ 

dbyGoc fbnnM 

Digitized b 

yajp-S, in[tmttr»ferhefmQ$i» 1^5. 
bcmed norer fo ipecioufly. God mwej^i^anls 
Ik figbei, aad tears, and broken exfKCWOOs 
it nnly conixite and bumble heart, tlutare . 
Dwred forth in fcaec before him, than the 
Boftfet, and cxaAly form'd devotions, that 
toceed' eitha from formality or hypoccifie. - 
f tfaott woiddeft therefore pr^ aright, beg the 
ffifianceofchehdy Spirit ofGod»toheip»d 
!n:d)letbee$ £<x.m htm m kt/wttfr^mwe 
light ^ txteft tbt SfirJt htlf m tnfarmtUs, Beg 
:heret(M:etbeaififtance (rftbe Spirit, toworl^ 
idqetckcdin thy heart chofe ipprdienfions, 
ifis^oiis, andGracet, vvhicharereqaifitefoe 
be right perfomance of this doty» And with 
hat gracious affiftance Uboor to pr^, 

I. With humility, and teverence, having 
n high and awfvl apprcfacnfioa of the Maje^ 

a. With a deep fenfe and fedihg of thy 
ivants aad neceffities .* and with brokenne£fe (K 
leirt, and true toatrition for day fias. 

J. dferoptby payers andfiippiicationsto 
God in the Nvne ofChrift, the (»lv Media- 
toor between God and man, not barely caenti- 
oniag his Name, but drawing thy encoon^e*^ 
laent to pray, and thy liope of acceptance in 
prayer, fron his Merits, McdiaBoa, and ]n^ 

4. Aray ii^Faifb, hatrdbly trufting in Gods 
P(W6r, Goodaifie) l^thralaeire, and graci- 

Digitized by ®OS)Q[e 

l6$ PmifmhthfSMle ClUp.y' 

oas promifcs made in Chrift ^ not fo macb a 

' Chriftians prayer, as his Faith ia prayer pre- 
vaiietb wirh God« And 'tis a great encourage- 
mcnt to Faith, to conifider* there is not only 
bounty in God, but bounty engaged by pro* 
mife. O how great are the priviledgcs of 
Saints^ God is their Father willing to hear 
their prayers ^ Ghrift is their Advocate willii^ 
Do.prefent their reqiiefts; the hdy Ghoft is 
^ir hf ]per and affifter to draw up their ret^efls 

. $. Lift Mf fme binds mtbmtt wrMby as the 
Apaftleadviieth, iTim.t.S^ Beibre thoe let- 
«e(l thy felf to this duty, labour to get thy 
heart purged of all tnalice^ wtath, illwul, and 
defire of revenge, if there be any fuch vile 
afitf^ion in thee towird^ ;any body. When 
thou goeft to pray, thougoeft to beg forgive- 
nefie of rhy manifold fins from God ^ which 
thou canft not reafonably. expert, if thou art 
ROC willing to forgive others: Our Saviour 
hath taught us toprav, f^f}'^^ ^ $urtre^^cs, 
^tpefirgt'ue them thsttre^affe Ai^nfim$. And 
this is very remarkeablc, he refumes this peti- 
tion of all the reft to explain and by aftroi^ 
safon to enforce^ c«4/,36.i4,f 5* J^^ ify^ 

f^rgivtmtn tkirtrfffsffes^ jHfr Havenly Fsthtr 
wiS dlfi forgive j$u ^ M if p forgive im mem 
fB:ir SreJpM(les\ neith& mtlyomr Fjfke/ forgive 

joitrtre^dfes. Remember therefore, that it is 

.Google *y 

Digitized by V 

tby duty> heartily to fOrgiye tlvofe that have 
done thee an^^ wfoa(g$ and to pray for them, 
that God would pardon tiiem in his Spoj^ and- 
give them facb a frjtme of hearty thac they may 
fWe hhxii, and be Ueiied by him, both J^^ro 
aifti hereafter^ ,This is a good figoe of Gr»ae, 
tOpray fot a bleffif^on our ^e/ry eoe(»t«^. 

6. Prayinfinceritys Loblie thattbyendbc 
right/ and that thy aim be at die Glory of Qod« 
Therd is a great (&:d oi difference betwixt a car« . 
naldefire^ and a gracious application^ ^m,^ 
$i TeaskdnJbdvetut, tecMJiejt ask gm^e^ t0 

'j^iulH §n fwt iu^s, Praiers 0iat wanta gOQ4 
oifti, dottfiially wane a good ifffne. When thog 
fiadeft thy heart running out by a perverfe aim, 
ebeckl't,- anddifdaim it ^henoorefelemnly. y^ 
oar praicrs be not dirededto the 6lory of God^ 
^lere is little hope that Ayhea we receive (be pu 
lent wc pray for,- we (ball to our 
MaAers nfe.' They that cannot »k a qpp^c^y 
Well, feldomeafe it well/ 

7. Labour to pray with zes^, fervency^ 
warmth, and holy ni^rtttnity, withfen01;de'^ 
ii*SCt^ and ftrong workii^ of afie&ion. 'lis 
eafie to (ay a prayer ina^fonnal, cold manner^ 
iwhen the heart is nothing aftedlEed with u, biic 
pbflibly wandring, while the lips are praying / 
But that is true prayer^ when the fool reaches 
out after thofe things it^ praies for, in holy, ar*^ 
^snc, and fpiritual defireS/ Sighs and grosuo* 

S^ Digitized by Cj^i^W IC 

16% TmrefMhilijSHik ClMp.5. 

tit the Language God uoder(laacls. Whoi 
God tticaneth to bsftovtrany bleffing, he ufaal< 
)y ftics up the hiearts of his people carneftty to 
pray for ic. And the efiufion of the Spirit of 
Application, that holy, yet hutAble importU" 
tfity, that fpiritual violence, aftd wreftltag 
and driving, and pleading wich the Almighty, 
is a happy prefage of an approaching blefing. 

%. Beg fpiritual Meffiitgs, aad the Uiings 
appertaining- to the foul ' frim^ilf, and with 
greateft eariicftnefTev Beg temporall mercic^ 
ahd fiid\ Is cdncetti this Ufe, and thy wetfate 
hett^ i^th M hmAle fijnmjj^ imti G9d% re- 
figmng thy will to his moft holy vrill % earneftly 
begging) that, what he fees not good for tbee> 
tiorbctobe granted thee, be would make thee 
willingand contented to be without. 
• p.- To fupplicition, forget not to adde 
praife&and thankfgivings to the Lord for all his 
benefits; for bis innumerable favour^ confer'd 
on thee ip the courfeoftfiy lifepaft, andalfo 
for thy ptcfent enjoyments. Efpeci^ly quicken 
and provoke and awakeh thy foul to lift ap the 
high priiies of God, for bis ineftintaUe love in 
^diflg his Son, to bea ranfbme for fin,, and 
fending his Holy Spirit to convince ot fin, and 
bfrighteoufneife, and to perfwade, and eoaUe 
thy heart to clofe with Chriff. Andbftiy, u{>» 
on the receipt of any new mercy and favour 
from God; offer op ^cheerfol and hearty fieri- 

' " " " ■-- --^ Digitiz^b'yGobgle £cc 

iGhap.j; 7/ffccrct Prdyer befortGod. jf^ 
ficeofpraifeand thankfgiving, in dndthrougk 
the meiidtion of ChHBy by whortt alone oup 
P.erfoos, and Sacrifices are accepted with God. 

And todirc(5f and quicken thee to this duty/ 
0f rendring pi'aifes to the Lord •, Confider^ 

u 'that praife is Gods Tribate, his Cuftom^ 
'cis all the Impofl be lets upon his Bleifings^; 
There are three things to be Confidered in a 
mercy, i* The mercy itlclf. %. TheCom-- 
fort, and iweetneife tl^at may be enjoyed in th{? 
ufe of it. 5» The G^ory, Honour, andPraifcf 
that is doc for it. The tv?o former God freel/ 
gives ui ^ he only referves the latter as a tlri^Dtf 
md hotnage to bimfelf. 
. 2* Praiung God for former mercies, invireif 
him tobcftdw new mercies. God will be bean- 
lifuil to thofe that he fees thankful! j and front 
whom he receives G^ory and acknowledgment/ 

3. PraiftngGod is the btgtnning of Heaven^ 
'tis the employment of the holy Aojgels, and 
glorified Saims there^' 

4. To have a heart dcUghtfn? in praifin^ 
God^ is a great evidence (iacon)un(aionv/ittf 
others) of fincerity s felf-loVe forceth prayer 
oftentimes from as ^ but to praife God aright^ 
Cometh from a more heavenly affe(Sk on, aodi 
fenftified frame of heart.' 

5. Tofct upon this duty of praising God iy 
one of the beft waies to mitigate anyforrowes 
that at any time are upoiius.- If wccaaworte 

"N ^ Digitized by i. ©(HI 

170 FmefotththjSoute CkOfif^ 

bar heansto praife him for the mercies that are 
continued to OS, it will exceedingly abate the 
(enfe and feeling of any prefeat Crofle, oraffli- 
^onthat lies upon us* 

6. Confider who ihej are that are the moft 
unthankfiill to God ^ even Dtvilsy and dsm* 
md Sfirtts^ who are full of envy, malice^ and 
^ride •, they will not praife God, but dawretch- 
edly blafpheme him ; and wicked men, whaiou- 
tatc their Father the deviL And wooldeft tboa 
belike thefef 

Upon thefe Confiderations ftir up thy heart 
to be much in this heavenly duty of praifins 
God, and remember i. To praife him with 
thy heart. 2. To praife him with thy tQogii& 
^. To praife him with thy life. 

Lee there be an abiding fcnfe of his favonn 
on thy heart, and let thy life and converfiitioo 
praife himal/bw Zef tbj werks fraift hhn, that 
0lhersjeting tkf pod works^ majgdrifie ibj he^h 
venlj Father. Labour to (ccure thy ftate in 
Grace, and thy incereft in Gods tavoor,throagh 
Chrift, and then thou m^ft be aflbred, that 
whatever God gives thee,he gives it thee in pure 
Jove \ all comes fwimming to thee in the Uxxi 
ofChrift$ and this Connderation will exceed* 
iagly raife thy heart to tbankfulneffe, and make 
thy tongbe found forth theprailesofthemoft 

Thefe DircfUons may help thee in the pe^ 


formanceof that great Chriftiaodpcy of praier, 
and tbankCgiving, 

After thou haft praied, Confider 

I, What thoa haft praied for. As bc^Mre 

praier we (hould coalider and la^r to find out 

oar wants ) So after prayer we (hould confider 

of our petitions, and what wehivebegge<i of 

' s. HamUy expe<^ a gracious anfWcr, and 
return to thy praiers, not for any worthineffe 
ordefertinthyfelf, orpraiers> batforChrift's 
fafce alone. 

"i. Serve Pro^dence In the ule of &ic and 
law^l means, for the attaining thofe good 
things thou haft pniyed for. 

4. To Prayer add waichfolneiTe. If through 
Grace thy heart hath been wrought to a good 
lemper, and holy frame in prayer \ laboarjto 
keep ic afterwara^ labour to preierve thofe 
apprehenfions and thofe afte^ons in thy(bul, 
which thou foundeft in time of prayer ) And 
therefore one wdl adidfeth, that forfooielit' 
tie time after we hsreprayed^ welbouldkeep 
onrfclvesfiletft, and quiet) not pre(ently(and 
in the (lext moment as (bme do^ but fair apd 
foftly removing our hearts from our prayers to 
oar worldly boine^es and occalions. 

Zacb. X3.I*. jlnd JmBf0»re»f0tttheff9^etf 

tit Pdtfrefcrfh thy So»tt Cbap^i 

, temy the Sfkitof GrAsesniof Su^plicstions: 
and thej fha/l look ufon me rphom thcj have 
feirced^ dnd thej fkall n^ourn for hlmy 4S one 
moHrnethfcr his onelj Son, sndfhaB be in hii* 
terneff'eforhim, sff one that if in titternejfefw 
his fi'fi torn. 
p.OiV.i.26s Likerpife the Spirit alfo helpeth onf 
infirmities : for we knorv not what m fh9uU 
frdj for 4f fpe ought : bnt the Spirit it [elf ma- 
keth intercefjion for u^, rpith growings which 

• (dnnot be uttered. 

V^'^7* And he that fedrchetb the hearts knowctk 

tvhatis *thimnd pf.the Spirit , becaufehemr 

keth intircefjfon for the Sdints, accordingly 

the mBofGod. 
^ph.^.i2^ In whom tve hdve boldnejje and acee([c 

iPfth confidence by the. Faith of him. 
fitb.j.t^^ wherefore he is able alfotofavethm 

to thi uttermofi, that fome unto God b^hrmy 

feeing he ever liyeth to Make inttrceffion fvr 

John 14. 1 3- And ^haffoever ye fh,tB ask in my 

fJamf^ that mil j dOf that' the Father mAjht 

glorified in the Sm^ 

y.14. jfyeJbaR ask an] thing in my Name, 1 
^ ipitd^it. 
I Tim.2.5. For4hereU oioeGod, and one Htii^ 

ator hmen Godandtnan, }he man CbriH^^^ 

lonn i^o»3* 4ml in tha.d^ pfifoK ask m^^ 

* ' ' ^ V\ ^ thinf 

Cfaap.5* *» ffcff* Prayer Before 0«d. .i 71 

thing: iverify, verily I fy mitt jw* whatfte* 
verjeJhaS 4sk the Ftthtr in myrumt^ he wiS 
give it you, 

I Pec.3.5. Te alfi M lively. fiones iirthmlt»f4 
jpiritttd boufe^ m holy triefihood^ t§ offer »f 
/^ir^ttoM Sacrifice Mcetftaile to God by ^efus 

ir2u.48.17. Thttt faith the Lord thy Redeemer ^ 
the holy One ofjfraely tarn the LordtJ^Gtd, 
hvhich teacbetb thee to frtfit^ which^ Ijtadetb 
thee by the way that thonjhmldfigo, 

Pfa\.$i,S* I acknowledged ■fnyjii$M»to4hee, an^ 
mine imqmty have I not hid'. 1 f aid I will con- 
^ my tran/grefiont mto theLtrdt andtjton 
forgavefk the iniqnity of myfin^ Selah* For tbu fhaU every one that it GadlypM 
nntt thee in a time that then maifi befotfnd^ 
fnrelyin the floods of great wMers they ^taS not 
come nigh unto him. 

Pfal.17.1. Hear the Might O Lord, attend unto 
my Cr J : give ear unto my Prayery thatgoetb 
not out of feigned tips. 

Phil.4.6. Se careful for nothing, but in evety 
thingbj frajer ana fuffUcation mththanksgi' 

■ "ving let your requefls be made knfipfn nnto 

God. ■•-'', 

pral.65.2. O /i^« that heareft Praters, nntothee 

fbdB aBpfhcome, • w 

Miph.7.18. Whois aGed like unto thee, tha 

fardioetb iniquity, and fajlffh by the trM" 

Ji ^ Dig.zedbyg'''j(/W» 

174 Fpnn forth thjSpule Chsp^fi 

greJfio9$ of the remndnt ofkis HKrHmt^o ? Here* 
idineth not hi$ Anger forever^ becdnfe he deligk- 
P&l. 1 45* 1 8. 7he Lord is nigh nnto dU them tha 
tit wf oh him 7 toaithatcdRufonhif^ in truth, 
y. 19. He wiafdM the deftre of them thdtfi^r 
him^ he atfo mB hear their cry and mB f4Vt 
f false) ijr. jlnd oatl ufon me in the day of tron- 
' ^ hie, I will deliver th'ee, and thoujhaltglorife 

Dan ^-14. Therefore haihthe Lord watched nfan 
fheevily and brnnght it ufon m: for the Lard 
'turCod is righteom in all his works wha^ he 
doth : for weobeyednot his voice. 
^ix/j.j. Ash^ and it p^all be ^iven you-^ feek, 
an4yejball^nd : knocks and it Jhall be opened 
y.ii. ^^ ^"^^n ^^^ that faith tfntome^ Lord^ 
'' Ldrd^ fhall enter into the Kingdome ofHeaven^ 
fui he that doth the will of my Father whdcb is 
in Heaven. 
i John 5, 1 5 . Thefe things have J written unto yon 
that believe on the Name of the Son of God, that 
yim'ay' know that ye have eternall lift^ and 
that ye may believe pn the Name of the Son of 
pd. \ '' • ' ' • '^ 

y.14. And this is the Conpdence that we have 
inilm^ ' i4fat if we ask dny thing acsardingtsikk 
mill^kbeiirftitift, * > 

Digitized by GoOgleY •' ^* 

Cfc!p.5. inftiftt Trajtr hefon G$i 175 

V 15. And if m inptv that he l^ at m^ whatfi- 
e^ir xpt 4sk^ m hnerv that we have the fetithns 
mdefired0fhhn. 17. lAri^ thett bafi henrdthe de^re of 
the httfifble^ thon wilt pre fare their hearty tbw 
wilt CAufe thine (or to heir. Frdfing alwaies with all fraier^ and 
Jufflication in the Spirit^ and watching thereto 
with all perfeverancfy and fupflieaion fot 
all Saints. 
1 Tim,! u 1 exhort therefore, that firfi of all 
fnpflications^ fraiers^ interceffions, and p^. 
wrg oftkanh he made for all men^ 
V.2. For Kings^ and for all that are inanthori^ 
tji that we may lead a quiet and feaceoble life 
in all Godlinejje and Honeflj. ' 

}2tn 5 • I ^- Confejfe yonrfanlts one to an$thiryani 
fray one for another^ that ye maj be healedy 
the efe{ff$al fervent fraier of a rtgbteomman 
availeth mnch. 
Mar,j.44* Bntlfdj unto jon^ loveyour enemies, 
blefjethem that curfeyou^ dogood to them that 
hate jouf and fray for them which dejfitefully 
^fij^ftp andjerfecuteyon. 
^ Sam, 7 29. Theref^e now Iftit pleafe thee to 
bleffe tkt Houfe if thy Servant, that it may 
continue for ever befm thee^ for thon O Lord 
bafi fokett it^ and fHfh thy Ueffingletthe 
Houfe of thifera^ant be bU/ed for ever, 
t John J.^f Jfif) titan fef hiirothorpafn^ 

•'* ' ^ , ■ Digitized by iff ^'™ 

i!jS Fme forth thy SphU Oia|^S<]l 

fthtchU.not wtto dcsth^ ht (ball 4sk, 4odln'f 
jhallff-ve bm life ftr them that fiti n^mt I 
untoaeath^ there it a fi»»ait Je^ub, iJoxot i 
fajhefbMfr^fwit, - jri 

Cen,i8.>7. And Abrdhaminfmred^ Mid /aid, 
hehoUy nw 1 have Uken ufon me toAeak «ari 
fhelcrdt phich am ImtiUfiAadames, 

Luke i8. 13. Aitd the Pidflica» fi*ndi»g *f^4> 
m»ld Mt liftufje mneh dthit eies Mtft» Hes- 
vent hntfrmte nfonhis hreajly fajin^, Opdbt 
wereifd to megftnner, • 

V. 14, / tell yon this man vtent imn to his bonft 
jufiifed rather than the other: for everfont 

. that tx4teth bimfelf jhall he ahafed, and ht 
thathnwhlethhimjelfptall he exalted, 

Pfa), 51.17. The faeripces of God are 4 broken ^i- 
rits a broken, and a contrite hearty O Cod^ 
thou toiU not dtf^ife, 

Tobza.zy. Thonjbalt make thy f rater nmohim^ 
and he Jhall hear thee -, aad thtn fhalt fay thj 

t Sam.i.i5r And Hannah onfweredMd [aid, nOy 
my Lordy J am a woman of a (enovfidf^irit, 
Jhavedrnnk neither wine nor firongdriak^ ht 

• V have foured piu myfonl before the Lord* ■ 

1 Gor. 1 4.15;. ^hat it it then f J vnUfrsy mth 

^ the SpiiFit^ 4nd mill fray with ffioder/landfng 

, alfo : I iniiffing wit^ tU Sfirit^ m4 I viU 
fiitg mth the nnderfi*nJ^ng alfo, 

Id^k H,z4. Xhtrefort I fay. Wt$ ytif, vhaf 

'. ' ""Digitized by GOC^ tbSft^S 

things ftevtr ^e defire, rvbemje ffajy^teleiaie 
thatjerectivethtm^ Mtl yejbsti idvethtrnt . 

Jam.Ltf. *BMt let him dtk in Faith, n»thinf 
iPAvering', ftrh that tvw&eih, if tike 4 
wave of the Sea ^ driven mth the windy and 
ufed. ' \ ' 

I>fal. 1 4 j; 1 8. The Lwd k.nigh unto all them that 
call nftn him, ro all that call nfgn bimln 

1 TiT.iJ. I will therefore f that men fray every 
ji,htreyli/ting np halj hande wifheut math and 

Mat x6.^9. And he went a little farther, and 
fell on hit faee^ andfraied, faying^ Omj Fa- 
ther, if it he toffble, ietthk Cnp faffe jrm 
me'. nevertheU^tt nof^ t will, hnt at then 


Luke If. .1$, Ifye then heing evil, knew hew ta 
gi^geed gifts mteyeur Cmtdren: how much 
mtre jhallyour Heavenly Father ^vethe holy 
Spirit to them thes ask him f 

Rom.^.i 5* Fvye have net reeeweithe Spirit of 
hondt^e again to fear ^ 61a ye have received the 
Spirit efadoptiony wherehjwe cry May Fa^ 

Afts 12.5. Peter thmfere, wda kept in J^ifon^ 
but praier wot ma^ withoM ciajing of the 
Chn^eh, nnto God fir ^mi 

\Hn.6.p. After thie manner therefore fray ye % 
0itr Father phigbaritn ffeaven, hallowed ^{^ 

tj% fmeftrthtkySoitle C\aisi^ 

Iittloe ^i.ft. And hef^d unto them, when 1ffr^% 

fiff Omr pMther which art in Heaven, bmtwu 

he thy Umte, Thy Kingdtme ettrnt^ Tbj mUk 

Jm, dfin HedVint f» in tarth, 


Cot. J.17. And.whstfteverje dtsn ward §r deei, 

dedUinthe Name efthe Lerd^efm, givh^ 

thanks teGed, and the Father hjhim, 
Ifeb.lj.15. By him thtrefm let m effertbeft- 

crifiaeffraife ta God centinnalty^ thaiity tk 
. JrnitefMrUfSygfvingthankstthifN4me. . 
-P6i.d7«s. that tbi way maif he known nf§nfit^ 

thyjfjwing health among all Natimf. 
V.^ Let the Peofle fraife thee O God, Iftd 

the People fraifethee, * 

IHa].S^.it. J loill fraife thee O Lord my God,with 

allmy hem, and I will glfirifk thy Namtfm 

V.I J. Tor great it thy mercy towards mt, atd 

thon haB s^lkftred $fry fo4fiom the Uwei 

PfaLio^i. Sleffe the Lord o my Soul, and d 

that it withinme hlefhu holy Name. 
V,t. Bleffe' the LtrdQ my Sotfly and/frget mt 

all hithenefits, 
Pral.47.7. For God itthe King efallthe Sarth, 

Sfngyefraifis prith nnderftamling, 
Col«4«>* fttftim in ffoier^ and wmkitt 'Ae 

Digitized by VjjOC iM9€ 

Ctup.5* hfrnCtdhfetrtt frmr, vjf 

Pral.ii5.X2. wbiU Jm J render mitt the Lor^ 

for dO hie bem^s tevfdrJi mef 
V.i^. imB take the Ciif9ff«hfati9»y and alt 
> mfMtheNameiftheUrJ, 
PCd.iiy.i. Utt untom^ O Ltrd^ mt mit0 m, 

ht mit$tbj Nmiu five Gkrj : fer thjmerej, 

sitdjier thy TrMbs pute* 
Pial. 10^.11., They fwgitt Gtd thtW Savim^ 

^Udrhad done^egt thmgs in BQ^, 
PfaJ^.itf. Cme mtdhedr, MBjfthitfear <hd» 
• Mil mi declare what he batif dene fvr m 

Pfa],io5,s. Sii^ mftf htm^ Sing Pfalmes nmt 

Imm, tatkyerfdB hit v^nd^tmwtrks, J wot eafi nfm thee from themmit 

thtnnrtmy GUfrem mym^hert telly, 
Luke 17.17. Ana^efitt onfwredandfMd, weft 

there ml ten cUanfedj but where gre the 

V.iS. There nrt mtfumdthat retnrnedt$^e 

CUry to Gedy fave this firanger^ 
P&i.6^.3o. 1 vnU fraife the Name of God with 4 

Song, and wiS magnife him with Thanhtgi^ . 

Vji. Thif alfo fboB fleafethe lordhetterthoH 
an oxe, ut SnSUtk, fhat hath hemes and 
Plal-^o.ij. WB I edt fhefiefb of lids, or drink 

Eph.5.20. Givii$^ tSstiks ilmm fw aB tkhgs 
' 0i$t» Goi* Mi the FMher^ tit tbeUametfM 

iThef.5.17. frofiPitbHit feft^. . 

' V. 1 S. t» every thir^pve*hMks^ for tbm u ik 

mllefGodM.Chrift ^funmemn^ytm. 
Eph.M. BleffeJ hthe 6pd fi^ F^ier cf i0 

' MuahlefftngsinhtwetiifflMccsimCirifi. 
Ml.57.7. Mjhe»t UpeA^ OGtd^ mjbemk 

fixed: Jvf'd^ngdndgwe fr*ife. 
WiAAfi\t.'^iik rliwlmttff4t[e theLmi, 
. / mU fins fraifes tir ttfjOUifkilellm/emj 
'^ king, . .; ' ■ , * 

Ifa 1.3. ^* <^^ knoi»ti% **f #«wr, md the 
^ j)bknf4fiers Crib $ *itf lfr*el dttb m kmtf, 

mfttfUdttbntit Cw^r,' 
Pfal.147.1p. ffe fbtwetb bis iftrd «if# ^«»-, 
' hisfiatntestndhu fndgmiiliPutni tfrstl. . 
V.iO He.j&4f6 iMf detdtf» tiitb any Ntttw 
*' 4nd dsfw hitfudgmems they hive mtkntvn 

tiftmyPrdifeyetbeLord. nrn, 

Gen.32.10. lam ntt worthy of the leMftifdMtbe 
: m&des, and'fif »M the trmh pbieh ibsni. ktjl 
' jheved'inhlhj SerifMt'.ftr i^b mmel 
. fidfedover this. Jordan* and ntw ambeamt 
' tHofands. -' '^ • • '■ ' 

X Cbroni2^.i4. Snt Vfbt mt< ivd^fthatitnfj 

Digitized by VjOC PCffP*^% 

0>ap. $: inffffit Prajtr ^m Gtd. iti 

p0flty thdtikfh$M hi Mt t$ ^fferfs mUinglj 
after tbiifm f fw dll things C0fi$€ ifthct^ snd 
pf thine pwn hdve m given thee. 
Rcv.7,5f. After this ibehsld^ Met lo^ ^grest 
mnltitnde which no mm cetAd mtmber^ gfgU 
Nmions^ dnd Kindreds^ dml Peffle^ dnd 
T90gnesfie04 hef^e theThrpMy sndbeforethc 
Zdmhi clp^heJmh white rohts^ and f dimes im 
their hdnds. And Cried fpith A lend wice^ ptfing, 
Sidvdfion t$ 9m 6id^ whieh fatetb nfM th 
Throne^ dnditnt^ tbeLdmh] 

V.t t. AndaB the i^ngels (l$eJi ronnddkont the. 
^trone^ dftddlwtrtheJElders, Mndfenrheafts^ 

. dnd fell heferetheTtrene ^ their fdtes^ dnd 

V.1%^ Sfpngy Jmen^ ^^^^^ mtdtMlerJidni 
Wifdmie, and Thdnksgiwng^ snd HmtonrM 
dnd Fewer, and Might he tmtopnr iSed fir ever p 
snde^er^ Amen^ 
RtV.i^.K And j^ef theft things. I hedrdn^ 
gredt vei^e^fmuh'feofle in He wenp f dyings 
Aielt^d, Sdlvdtion, dnd Ckrjy dnd Hpnonrp 
sndP^trnntethe ZerdtmrOedi. - 

•V.^ AnddgdititheyfdidjiSeh^-— 

< V.4. And the fenr dnd trntOj Elders nndtbe, 

fitfr htdftsfeU duh^ md werfbiffed Gedth4 

fate sntbe thntte^ fiPH'i Anun^ AHelnJA^ 

V. 5. Andd wifie ^dme Mteftbe Throne Jdf- 

ifiS^ Prd^ttlr Ccd dUytbit Strusntd^nndje 


Thirdly^ Be freqdeitt, atfd diltgtac in tea- 
din|(the holy Scriptures; ' 

When ttfoQ readeft the Confinaads,the Pro- 
mlfo, the Tbreataiogs therein contaiaed, 
ttunkCic^ TpealB ^ thee in them ^ AndGod 
muft needs be tme, be caoaoc Ue, oor de 

Novr there is fnfficient evidence that the 
Scriptare b his Word, and written by thee^ 
cial infpiratton of bis holy Sfttrit) and dot 
vnSi ippeax if we confider thefe three clung^. 

I. Th6 internal Light of its ownperfedton. 
ThehoHndSe and beavenlineifeoftheafiittert 
flbeMajeftyof thie Stile v the Confent ofiH 
^ Parts ) the Scope of tbtr whdb (which isto 
gwe all Olory to God) and the fidldifcovery 
tberdh made of the only way of mans fid^adon 
and reconciliation witn God. Which isaAu*' 
taUei^aybotb to Gods Glory, and mans Ne< 

z. The many providdittift atteftatioAs and 
confirmations of theTrath of the things thereto 
contained, bjr real and undeniable oMracley, 
(bch as could not be wrooghtbut bythepower 
of Gbdr And forely. if the Scripture had 
beeooidytbeddrice of mei^ God would fbane 
wayorocherharei&roiWBcdit cie ilias» as^vo- 

' Digitized by GoOglC***^'''* 

Chaff. 5 . tht Mj Scriftures. 1 8^ 

toriovft ateife pot upon him, ailfd not foconn 
ftaotly have pr efqr Ved it in fptgfat of the Devil, 
and «u his toftrtfffiencs,wh0 have latouired co bi-< 
irifli it out of the world, iad to wdakenftbe au- 
thority dfit; 

5.' The great and i^aiklerlul efficacy of thtf 
do^'iiMf therein delivered^ to enlighten,' coo- 
vince, and hambie fitm^* to drive tbiMidac 
oftfaemfelves, and to draw themtoChrift/to 
confentn them to the Image of Gbd, to fubdoe 
them to his will^' to ftrengtheof them agalnft 
temptations ^ corrupttoin, toboild thmi op* 
10 Grace, to eftabiUh' thdrbearts inhoAineife % 
aood laftt^, taeomforc them tJhrougjh Faith u»- 

As thercfivetbe holy Ghoft by fpedal infp^. 
ration, was^ the author of |he S^ptnre, and 
b^ eitcraordtftary eadownents was the author 
of the miracles wrought foritidonfirmatioo^ 
(b^fo he-is the aoihor of. the Faith of him chat; 
tmiyand onfeignedty believes ir; Yet he doth 
itot coufe us to beKeve by Unthiifiafm withtMir 
any reafon of evidence, but he enlightens the 
doiderftandine (removing the blindn^ and dc> 
I»-avedne{£; thereof,) and (tews as tbecredibi- 
Ihyofthe thin^, ami the evidence ottbetruth^ 
that is to be believed, and fo perfwades tb« 
heart to a beUef thereof. Indeed, an hiftoric4 
belief of the Scriptnre (which is tme in its kind) 
we may cowetOrby rational perfwafions, w/iA^ 

• * ' \y Digitized by VjO* 

i&f Be diligent in KtAding Cb^M* 

otn the fecial Grace f ot illumiiiacion of the Sf^ 
rit o£Gcxl», but noc.^ifoi^ deef dnjffmtelief^ 
which. ftuU carry ov«r the will tififdiiaUy to 
God in ehr^ftv and captivate the whol^man to 
the obedience of the Truth. And wl^n facba 
Fdithy and ^r/iV/ef the ScriptuPCiStte, fat- 
teiKledrwLch (aedifictoon) is wri)yghc in the 
fotti^ ^eeffedhi$y 3 ^od avgtiiiMt^ co con* 
firnir the tiixch^ ahd.cKc!!^ kiity i>ifitch^A]Fmth$ 
mAitllef: .' . --^ .. 

I. Labour tbcrrforei[6 work thy bottt tea 
btgh.and»vdcnc.eAeicm of tbeWt^ wheA 
thou^ocfb'cDi^adi^.iWe ihould readric fis a Let;* 
tev Wivtch by tbehandof God BrotftHp^vcn ai^ 
to us. It an Angel (hould bring us sJetterfroot 
HedV8i^:^e lUoald^; highly ¥^^ ill ^and 
regardnt;? The Bit}Ii>is xmcf&ge fent from 
Heaveo, to acquaint ttswtth.ttemiod of God* 
Ifweomi the divine autjbocicy'tborcof, Ictus 
reiad it with reverence^ and dnsregard.. 

t4 Big tile Sptrit bfG6d (thai: mdixed the 
Scripture^ ttett infptredv •and inftlU^ly guided 
%d affifted tbepen-aiea.cbereof> toope»tby 
eies, ' to illuminate th^ mind, and to endiiie thy 
hesrt to a full belief and perfwafioo. that it » 
the very Word of God, and tob ing over ti^ 
will to a {incei]e obedience, and ^ocopliaoce 
with the mil of God therdn revealed* 
'3. Rerrenober that all things neceflarj^. to 
mans f^lvation,* are either expreilyfet dowotn 

V ^ / the 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Chapf,J* ihtholj Sctiptmsl' iSy 

the Script&re^ or by gotxi aiid neceffary Confci- 
qucnce tnay be deduced therc-from : UntcJ 
which fsothing is ac any time to be added, ei- 
ther by new h!velacions, or tradition^ of meil ; 
it being a |>erfe<a Canoft^ a perfcft rule of Faith 
gmdlife. St. ^^&i, whooutliwd the reft of the 
Apofties, feakdup tficCafton, J?r^.it,i8)tV. 
which was a great mercy to the world •, For 
God faw what a liberty man cnclin'd to in di- 
-vine things, and therefore needed to be tyed up 
t6 a rule^ which here is given u$.There is ehottgh 
delivered in the Scripture to mz]s!tuswifeMnt0 
fdvdim, iTLm.3.i5- WbatfhoaldaChriftian 
defire more f aftd the Apoftle tek us, we ought 
CO give he.d thereto till tlie day-flar arife in out 
hearts, that \i^ till we have full 
tommunioii withChrift. For out- JJ''rJif'^ 
reward in Heaven is cxpreffcd by **^" -^'^ ^' 
the morning' ftar, tt'U.xiZ. To him thai tvcA^ 
io^inty^ I vAlLgiytihemrmiig^^ar.^ 

\. Take notice, that thole things, that are 
rtecffiry to be known, bfeliey^d, andobferved 
for (alvation, arc fo clearly propounded, and 
ojtened in foinc place of Scripture OF other, that 
hot only the learned, but the unlearned alfo, in 
a doe ufe of the ordinary nieans God hath ap- 

Soioted,- may attain unto a fiifficient ander ftan • 
ing of them. If there arilc any queftion about 
tb« trucandf uU fenfe and meaning of any Scrip- 
ture', it miift'bfr fearched and Jctiowa fc^ other 

tt4 Be diligent in ItaMng Qup.5« 

places thit fpcak more clearly. The certaoi 
rule of iaterprecing the Scripture, is the Scrip- 
ture it felf. Tht Scrifture , faies Csmtre^ ufo 
fenndy that they thdtkdve a mind t$ know , mdj 
knotp. They thai have a mind to wrangle t mm 
take occafifin enough of offence, andjnfili ferijb if 
the rebeBion of their own reafon, for God never in* 
tended (diith he») tofatiefie men ofaflMorn dnd 
ferverfe wit. And TVrfiy^iM long before him, 
hach told us, that God hath fodij^ofed the Scriftmre 
that they that wiB not be(atufiedmightbebard€^ 

5 • And laftly, Remetriber, that the rapmun 
Judge, by which all comrofeifiesofReligioa 
are to be cried, all decrees ot Councils^ opini- 
ons of artcient writers^ dodrines of metn^ and 
private (pirits arc to be examined, in wbofe 
fencence we are to reft, can be no other than 
the Holy Spirit ol God fpeiking in and by the 
Scriptures^ for What the Saipture faies, God 
fpeak^ by it. 

Ifa.S 2^^. 7othe Law, and to the tejHmonj^ if 

they (peak not according to this word^ it is be- 

caufe there is no light in them 
JoVn 5.39. Search the Scriptures^ fm' in them ye 

think ye have eternal lifCy and they are $hey 

which teftifie of mc. 
Va<'. for had ye believed Mofes, ye would ho^ 

believed me : for he wrote of me. 

Digitized by GoOglC AftS 

Chap.;. the htlj Serif turet, igy 

fid& 1 7.1 1. Tbefe werenwe nMethant^ofe in 

TbfffsiMieat in that they received the mrdwith 

aU rtMHmfi ifmind, snd femhtd the Scrip- 

tmreselailj^ whether thofe things were fo. 
V.i«. TbereftremanyofthentMieved: alfoof 

tbehMonrabUwemen^ which were Greeks, and 

if mem tut 4 few. 
Lake i tf.zp. ^^hrdham faith unta hinty they have 

itofes dndtbe Prefhets, let them hear them. 
V.J I. AndbefaidnntehimJftheyhearnotMe' 

fes4Uidtbe Frofhets^ neither wiB they he ferfwa- 

ded tbMgh tne rofe ^om the dead, 
2Pct 1 . 1 9We have alfo 4 mere fare word efFrephe- 

fie^wherennto je do well that ye take heed, ai untt 

4 light that fbineth in a dark place, natiS the day 

dawn, and the dayflar arije in year hearts. Knowing this firfi, that no frofhejie of 

the Scriptnre it of any trivate interpretation, 
V.i I. For. the Profhejie came not in old time hy^ 

the mB. of man^ hnt holy men of GodJ^akeae 

they were moved by the HolyGhofl, 
aTiin.3.15. And that from a child then ha/l 

known tbe holf Scriftnros^ which are abie to 

make thee wife nntofahation, through Faith 

which if in Chrift ^efne. 
V.i5. AB Seriftnre is given hy injpiratien of 

God, and is profitable for doffrinOy forreprooK 

for correSion, for infimStion in righteonfnejfe. 
V^iy. That the man of God may be perftift 

throughly furittfitei nnto oBgooi nforkt, 

• • %I0 2 Digitizec 

Luke io,t6. wh4t if tmtftft hibc Lmf hmt 
reddest thou I 

Rom.! 5.4. For vhatfieiXr tkings mere mkun 
aftre time, SHrewrHPtnfor fur. loir mmg, that 

^ m through patknee 4vJ emftrt tftbe Strip- 
turesmight have bepe^ 

Peuc. 17.18. Jniitfhmbe, vhenhefumhtmn 
therhroHtofhk Kingdmt^ thai htfbaS wiie\ 
htm A Copf »f this Uw i» 4 Imk, tut pfrhat 
which if befm the Prhfts the Ifi/ites, . 

.V.ip. K^nd it fhaibe mfb bitn. dnd heJhaS 
read therein tO. the dmes ef hk tift^ that he 
fiu^ teatn ttfear the lord, hit- God, t9 keep ag 
the wvrds 0fthif Lam, md tbcfekaHiieSitOidt 

P^^^.i9'7. The Latv vffheltrd itpofea c$a. 

verting the foul; thtTtpmonj •ftheLndU 

fur* making wife the funfle. 
fh\, 1 1^.9. WberewtthallfbAllafetffig mtn cieanfe 

hif way f ^ taking heed titertto acmdn» to 

thy mrd. ^ 

V.105. rbyvordit tlmpuntomyjeet, snot a 

light Hnto my faths, . , . 

y.13^. The entrance of thy vardtgiwibiifht 

ttgfvetbnnderJfandfMg untetAefimfde, * 

j^ral»i47.i9. ffejhe0tth his word Mnta'^acai hit 

I^MHtefAndhii^nagmeniiw^tiflfrMd, .'*." 
y.20 ffe hath not /^4iifffj,ufbMy.Nati99;jutd 

^f*if hit ^rndgntem -.thty ime. not knomo 

ifpem. .fr$iJ(jK-ths.JLAr4.: . •. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Cbap.f; thiialj Scriptures. i8p 

Mac.4.4. But he 4nfwertd andfud, it is mitten^ 

man P)4U ^ live hj kread aleiUt tut hy every 

mt^tbut frweeiieth uttteftbe mtittb of God, 
V.J. ^efue fiud uHtv him^ it it imm» Mg*in, 

tboufbalt mt tempt the Lordthj God. Then he faith nHt4 him, get thee hence 

Sat^ : ftr it is mitten^ tboujhdt worfbif the 

L»4th}God, 4»d him only fhalt thou ffrve, 
£pb.2..lo. And are httilt uf»» the foHndation of 

JpofiUs And Prophets^ fefm Chrifi himfelf 

heing Hk chief corner- fl<me, 
Loke 24.17. A»d heginuing at Mofes, and a8 

the Prophets, he expounded unto them in aSthe 
• Scriftures the things eonctrning himfelf. 

words vhieh Jlpake mm louywhile I tvAsyet with 
ym^ that aUthingsmuft be fulfiiedtohich were 
writteninthe Law of Jdtfesy and in the Pro' 
fhets, andin the Pfalmes concerningme. 

Rom.?.2. Much every way, chiefly ftcaufeunto 
them mre committed the oracles of God, 

Callus. Sift though we, or an Angel fi^om Hea- 
ven ftreaeh , any other Go§>el. nntoyon than that 
vhifhufe huve f reached untoyon, let him be ac^ 

curjeid' . . ./. 

. V.^f 'Jt 00 faid before, fofaj I nowagatn^ tf 
. nioy\^4iifr.each, any other Gofpel unto you, than 
: thufyfhtv^recdvi^xietlfim beaccurfed, 
aPet43.<i. .4tid account that thelongMering 

9f4hC'f4rd ifjaivationt <«» **f «w v<(^f^ 
'' ^ 4 ..^rothe^ 

^^ T^ Digitized by '^^ 

ipo Live dt in the fight tf God, Ost^Ji. 

Br.itherP4ttl4lf0y acarding t0 the mfdem gi- 
ven lunv him, hath mitten nntojan. 
y.i6. As alff in si hit Efiflles^ f^eikingjm 
them of thtje things: in which are fme things 
hard to be nndtrfioody pkeh they that arenn- 
tearnedyand unfiahle^ mefi, m they do slfnthe 
other Scriptures^ unto their own dtftrn^ion, 

Mac.22.2p. ^efutanfwered. and fmd unto them, 
ye do erre not knowing the Serif tmes, nor the 
fewer of God. 
V-gi* B»t at tOMching the refwmffion ef the 
deady have ye not read that whichwat^okenio 
you Ir/ God ^ faying. 

po\.i.i6. Let thie vford of Chri/I dweU in ym 
richly J inaBwifdom^ teachings and admoni^ 
ing one another in ffahnes, and hymnes, and 
fiiritnal ftngs, fiOging with Grate in font- 
'hearts to the Lord. ' 

Fourthly^ Live continaally as in the view of 
Codj as in his fight,ahd prefencc, l^ng'carefiii 
w approve thy hearc,and all thy wak$ Unto him. 
EeiAembcr there i$ a hroad^ and a fnre eye of 
Clory alwaics fixed upon thee God fees hearts^ 
'ns wefeefaeesytt^i oxetlveethi^siu the heart 
bf man to T>e efpecially bedded, ai|d obferv^. 
Jfrinfifles, Troje^fs, zndBnds. God feeinfhat 
yriitfifki thbd adcft from. Hee fees all the 
vroje^s siad ^ntri-Oances that ye knrg^g in thy 

■ " Digitized by Goo, Dfeaft} 

Chap.5. Uoe^it in tbt fight 0fG9d, |pi 

breaft j and he fees what are tbetnisthm^k- 
meft at .io all thy andercakings. That afun 
MtUgwi^ chacdcs Godfather than man. In all 
thy aAioni therefore, whether »4f/»r</, mrai, 
fxfpirituAl^ be carefoU ftiU tedejigne the Gkrj if 

I. inthUmraS A£fs^ labour tolaavefafer/ku 
twnd aimes^ i Whether je e4t, «r 
^fiky or whafKver ye J9, it sS tt the Ghrj tf 

a. Itf civiA ABs, fich as the difchargc of 
the dattes of thy rclatioro, be carefiil fo to wallc 
as dcfignin? that God may have Glory by thy 
Faithf alnefle. For fo the Apoftle advifeth, Efh. 
6.1. children ebey yewr tmnts in thelwit fi 
thit is right. V.5. Serosnts he ehedient tethem 
thsxareymr M*f&s, scc9riingt$ theflejh, with 
femr snd tremhtittg, in finglentfef.hem m mite 
Chrifi, V.6. Net with eie-fervice m menfUtt- 
fers, hat 4/ the fervMnts efchrift, dting the mi 

tend fm the hem. And ritm 2.p,io. Ex- . 
t ServMts te he obedient t» their emn Utfkersy 
^ffktfethemmginsiSi things^ mtMJmring 
igain, n*t fnrkjningy hit fbemng Jm 
geodfidelity, that they way ad^nth,ej>»^rineef 
GedemrSnvifnr in sBthings, 

g. iM/ftritmU A^s, inch as fnying, frai' 
^ng Q»d, and V0r/kiff»ng efhim, bedpeciaUy 
ajxhA that thj dimes hjfiritaal, Dpyefafite 
m, ryf/» (# n^ f faies Qod, by the prqplicfi , 

1^2 LUfiOiintheji^^GifJ. 

ZdckTJS. Htcnakes no account of an^b( our 
jtfts if Piity, except we aim it J^i Glmj in fftieiB. 
What an excellent frame of Spirit was there 
in holy Havid^ who profeflerh, fjnl i6.%. I 
kavefit the Lord 4lii>4m hefere me. Did we bat 
keep this one c9Pnmon PrincifU warm aponcnr 
hearts, that God fees *^ how would it kcdp mfhh 
tere Anduftight f H6w would ic de terns £mn 
heart fins i and the chfefi hfpecrifief and from 
warping into any (inful pradife > This was chat 
which kept ^f/f^lr Co upright, Getu^9.^. Hem 
can I de this great mckedne^e, and fkt angamjl 
Ced i Ask thy feif therefore often this qo^ioi^ 
WiB thU he fle^ftg te God that I am mwgeitiga* 
hout ? If credit cr fhame^M reftrain thiee fiKHn 
iin, how much more (h(mldc;#^i^Wrj^ Nothiag 
more feedS) maintains, and prefer ves Pietyy than 
s conftant atve e/God. David gives the reafon 
the wicked are fo bad^ They have mt fee 
Cod hef(are them^ Pfjl.Si5.14. Airaham VfZS^^ 
fraid of himfelf in Gerar , Gem.ic^ i u And what 
wasthereafon? why faieshe, the fear of G$d is 
pet in this flace. Men durft as well nm their 
heads into a hot flaming Oven^^ iiaagainftGod, 
fo impudently ^ as they do> if they t thought be 
faw them, and would call them to an aficooot. 

Tbe/(f4^ efGed is a Grace of cominilalnfe $ 
If that be not before o4i^ eies, wc ar^ excucd-' 
ing apt to groW carekff^ i^^ficare. Wecaonoc 
be al waiesfr4;i;^ nnte Oed^ nor fraifingeflnm^^ 

Digitized by Google ^^^ 

D5r i9crfbiffif$g 0/ him^ nor cmploicd in JSls if 
^foAAcmnmunim with him. Yet wt ought to 
\>talwMiesini9isfesir^ and to remember, that we' 
ire MwdiiS under his tie. Be thou in thtfewr of 
\he Lord dH the ddj kng \ Ws Solomons advice^ 
Prw.ij.iy. Eight thoughts of God^r^lh^ffwel 
that maintaines the lite of Rdigibn, which t)^ 
therwife would be foon extingoifhed, Rcmlmi-^' 
ber therefore Gods Omnifrefencey and that will 
make thee upright, and carefal to approve;, 
thy heart unto him. Sincerity^ 'tis the life of 
all cor Graces, and puts life into all our duties/ 
TMh nnfeignidy Love without dijjimulittionf a 
floin Sfirit in fphieh there ienoguHe^ thefe arc 
Gods delight. 

The clearer tbei'efore thou ftandtft h thy 
owa thoughts, concerning ibcufrightnefofthj 
kift^ in the tenqniof thy Chriftian courlc, in- 
comfaraUy the more joy and comfort thou wile 
have. Let integrity and ufrigbtnef freferw me^ 
vf» Davids praier, Pfat.z^.zi. Keep thy inte* 
grity . and thy integrity mSkeef thee: A good 
man, n<xt to his care that he give not God any 
^rc4j?^;i againft him, <vill take care that he give 
not his Confcienee any occafion againft -him* Be 
afraid therefore of giving thy Confcienee any 
juft occafion ^0 reproach, and reknke thee '^ Con fit- 
ince^ •fis Gods iMagiftrate within, that is ap- 
pointed toh 4 terrour nottogoodworks^ hut to 
]heeviL W^ttiM thou then not he afraid of this 

• ' ' ' ' ' t^er t 


Digjtized b 

19^ Uv€diinthe fight if Gid. Chl|^J« 

f^mrf d$ that which irrW, ami thiu (halt hdvt 
fraife $/ the fame y to allude co thnia Ram.%3. 
i O! ic is exceeding fwcet, (no man knowes bow 
fweetbuthe chat has ic) cobave t)Mtefiimanj 
^f^ g^^ CMfcience^ upon good grounds* A 
goodConfciaice, 'tis the heft filldrntifieefupam^ 
ihtheJUifhti/eedliffM^adiQj^did I f nay, 'cis 
afiKft^ a cMtinual feafi^ Pnv/i^A^. Wooldft 
^ou krt Jelido$$fy everyday, ketfageidCM- 

Heb.4.ij. Neither is there atrj Creature that it 
fiat manifeftin his fight ^ hm aB things are m^ 
kedy and opened unto the eies of\nm mth wham 
we have t a da. 

V(i\.ii9.i6i. J have kept thy Precepts andtbj 
teJiimonieStfafaBmy wsies are pefore thee. 

VC\l 1^9.7. Then cvmp^efi my path, andmjlj^ 
ing down^ and art acquainted with all my waies. 

Pfalitf.8. / have jet the ItOrd alwaies tefere me^ 
becanfe he is at my right hand ijh^hat be ma^ 

Gen«^24. And Enoch walked with God, and he 
was not^for God took him. 

Hcb. 1 1 . 5. By Faith Enoch was tranfated that he 
/honld not fee death, andwnsnot/onnds becanfe 
Godhadtranfiatedbimy for before his tranfiati- 

Oen.5.9. Ncakwasajnjlman^andnprightinkis 
genfratiofh spdi^oab walked iPtthq^d^ 

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Cbap.5. LPvedtintheJi^htfffGoJ, i^y 

Prov.y.20, Andvfhj mtt thttt mfStnbentvi' 

ftmeef *prMgef ? 

V 21.' Far the vfosesfif dmdn art befm the ties 
oftht Lord^andhefMderethdihkgmgs. 

Geii.59.9. There a niirte grttier in this ht^e 
thsM r, neither hath he kep hack mtj thir^ fmt 
me hnt thety htcaaje thou art bit wife, hm then 
can I do thit great wickednef, andfnagainfi 

Gen.43 18. And^tfefhfaiimtthem thetbird 
day, ttu dif and iive, far 1 fear G9d, 

Job ;4.s I . Ftr hit eies are ufon the wdes tfman, 
and be feet ag hit fdngs, 

V.ii. There it nadarkn^e^ nor fhadmtf death, 
where the workers of iniqmtj mofbide them- 
felvesm ' 

]Qbs^.tf. Afy righteoafneffe iboidfafi, andwiB 
not let itgOy mj heart JbaS npi refroaeh niefo 

lb.$S,$. And Hetiekiab Jaid, re^iumher now o 
Lord ihefeeeh thee, how I have wdkedieft^i 
thee is trnth, • and with a prfeB heart, and 
have. done that which itgoodintbjfigbty and 
6ex4kiahweftforf, Forif^mhearteendeniuMtt did it 
gftater tkan onr bedrt^ and knowetb aBidngs. 
V.ii. Belo^ed^ if onr heart condenm m noi, 
then have we co^dence towardsdSod» 

iCor.i.i2, Forontrej«ycin^iethit,thttefiin»*^ 

Ifj^ JLiifids in the fight tfGtd, Chlp^r. 

. >! ^ m CwfcitMCfy that in-fimftieitj, and 
'Gtdljfwerity, m mthfiefbly ntfifdtm^ h^hj 
the Grdce cfoed, m have had »m ftHverfitin 

. in thevnrU^ hat mtn tinmddntlf fjw-.w^ii. 

Pfal 32^. BleSM the nhunnttt nthm the Lgri 

. jMtpfikth pct Mi^tttty^ *nii»whi^^irit tbert 

Pf?W8«34' W^^ hejUmthm^ then the^fongk 
him, ^shefntwrnUf dfi^eM^mn J tarty af- 
ter G»d, c V 

\ VijSi ^n^thtfirememhridthatGMtwat theit 
Rteif mtlthehigb Cod their judemer.- 

^•V«3'^* NwertkUf theyfiafte^edhfmmt^titit 
mutht and they hed tithim ititb. tktir 

' V.37. ^"f '*«»• ^^ tfofjm.nighfvkhJimy 

neither tvire fhey ftedfafi in his Coife^ant* ' 
Caf,»7.i' J{nd fiben Ahrahafit ffot^ttinHyyfmt 
.; ^4»d niife,jhi itrd Off^edt^ jSk(akm, 
andjaiduntt him, J am the Akr^fgkty G^Jj 
f v^kbtfi^ame andhffhtK ftrfe&» 
E{ih,5.>4' . Graa, he with aU ^kenf th4imra0 
\. i^<nrd^mCk^infimififj, AmiK. ■ ,.; 

i. Tifihlfi Litbodr ikul jr tc^Hvfrby Fattb. 

Fiivlsg iitmk «(> and . coimmite^ thy peoi- 
t^ Soole 'mx», tb< bafids of Chrif^ to i\^e 
thy pardon «a4' peace fnoOta'diyhitmiriuand 
im»(*^% }mSiiiiSi^mi\m.9rifiy.9aAdtfe»i 

V. * Digitized by GoOglC ^^ 

Chap.5. Z'4^M' ddil} ttUvtlrf Matth. i^y 
>flktb« goodoelTeof God, and bis gracious pro>- 
oifes, toi; a Cufply of all fuch bieifin^ both 
firitital and temporal as thou ftandcA iti need 
if. • 

J0uU.fbew cbecwhat it is to hvethelifetf 
Faitktin tbcfeten parcicolars. . . / 

i> S«ek onto the Lord, aod dailyjni^and^- 
*mioa him for the aillftance oiif^s hojy Spicir, 
cNrGidc^eafid AfeffQt!(kffe0MSitQeamctheL. 
:»fQi»d«Mi thy corrMp(iQii&, and co jporcifie all' 
Gnful vile affe^.ons in thee. And I fajmofiu^dskyMnditfiMBhe 

itfhaUke 9ftne4imt»^'m» Ptff every one that asketh receivetb, and 
he that iftktilkptdt^^ aad t4 Umthfthml^ 

\Ai\jf4 5tf» fhoM ask br^itf^ ^%«fy» tiag 
k 4iFaf.lif^.t vtiJL U gia/$ him ^Ja^ei. vr ^hc 
ofk. a^^ w^ hefv A^fifbsi'^ kftf*' '*Str» 
tent? ,-..,., ;. ^ , 

V. »a. Orifke /uka» eggiy mi h^ ipr himd. 
Starficit? Vm; . 

V.I 5. jf ye then heiagemlt ktifm h^t»gwe 
goodgi^s nnto^futr mUrenrh^ mnch mm 

* fkaU^ jrnr Heavenfy Fathat-^vt the htlf Sfirit- 
u them thaf aik him? 
Jaiii4;5. D»j< tbinh the'Striftnrf.faitkinfmiiM^^ 
tht SfiriffhttJveMtthiM tif l^hkt* <9^; 

1 98' jJnwrdulf U live ij FdUh. Oatf^H^ ( 
y.6. Bat be giveth mere Grace i wherefete be 
[ fmb^ Godrtfifietb tbefroud^ butpvetbf^m 
' i»tbehmnble» 

% Cot 129. And be fsiJ Mt» me, m Gr^uk 

'■Mjicient far tbee \ f«r mj firei^li it $mdt 

ferfe^it$weAi*ef^ nufigJMljtbertferewiUl 

rttherglvfj in mj infirmkiess tbst thef$0er^ 

'■ Cbrift mcf refi nfM me, ForfiftJbiUlmt bave dtmmnttwr 

'y»it,j!orye ttre im wider the Lm, hitmiider 


yt» Tnift b him to enable thee totefiftand 
orercotte the tenpcatioos MVhenwith thoa flidt 
raQlteii &am the Ddril or the world. 

lAztJSii). ttddutnet vtUiieiltftMUm, 
% Chron.3».3 1 .Hmbeit in the in^neffe if the Am- 
' b^4do»s.4f the Prineet «f B/iyhn, 9^ Jem 

- itmfkimtg-emiidreef the winder thM wstdmu 

- inthelandi Gddl^t himi titrybim, thdthe 
migbt kmmall tba mm in bit heart. 

rVtt.y.9, gef^t bevigiUnt, betiu^jiar si- 
verfsrj the Devil m Mremng lienwdlkeths- 
'- 4etitfeeiing whom bei»af dei/etr. 
V.^. (Vbim re0, /hdf*fi in the Faitb, 
ltm.^%'^^Refijl the De^lydnd he will pe 

fromjen. . 
K]fohn«.l5, I.wtmitbeiffvr'ld, rUrtbe tbiwgt 
tk^ are iitHt imld^ if miy fM|» bfutebe 

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Chip. y. Ldeiir ddilj t$ live bj Fdith. i 99 
■ werld, the Itve of the Father u not tut him.- • 
• y. t6; Fdr- dff that U in the ivorli, the luff of the 

Jle(h, thelufl of the eies-^ dnd the f ride tflife, is 

.tKH of the Father. ' . • ' -■•:>.> • 
! John 5.4.- WhatfoeH}eriiUrnofG^tverc9metb 

thetPitfd'y Mid this is the vi^trj that ti^er- 

(methfhe^irU, ii/en Ntr Faith: 
lohn lyasrl pfaf ttotiUdt thoMJhtald^ t^ddHem 

etft of the tPoridy bta that thoujUfnldfi kieftietti 
,jr0mfheeviJ^ .>•../ Neitherfrajjforthefeatone, butferthetd 

aifo t^hir/f Jhail helietfe ttf iru thr^gkthtif 

ffird, .. '. " . 

?. H'imbfiy dcpefiid on hirrr iffaififtanAcna- 
lethae to perftrt-m all the dmies bprh 6F thy 
jttjcral and parricular calling, vm^jiticeritj^ai* 
^gtnte^ and ^delight,' 

'Ccir.'jjf. kiftihattve drefuf^cienioftwrfthiii 
, ft think anything as of our f elves, hittourfuf' 

fciencj'isofGod. ', . . ' 

*bil;4 1 3. lean do all things through Cbrift tbtf- 

*f4t.87,7v aH mj S firings, are in tbee.- ■ 

4« truftin hith'to enaftle aieetobearallihs 
l&^ofls he flfull fdeife to lay apon thec> ^^jitf 
Wience, affiance in hast cwercy,' aVid fobtnilfionf 
(ohjs wfil.' 


^99 Ldwjf4ilpiUvek/FM, 

Col.uil. Strengthened frith si migkiatrih^ 
twbisglmoMf«vfer^ untt ^^fMienet mtilmg 

:,//#<«!?* mtkiejfuhuffe' 
'I - 1 Cor, ! o. I J. There hah n» ttrnft^kn ttkemjm 

<; hfit ffuh 4f. ft temmtH /# m4it ) hut GmI afsith' 

../«/, )9h0mUn»tftifery$» tthetem^ed^Am 
i that joa ire Me^, but mth the ientftaim mi 

}f t-. ilf* nwtk 4 iwjf /# 04^i thayemtjhe db* 

I •• : Aw it, 

Rotn. 5 . 3 . ^»' tv' ^/tfrjr ii» tr^nUthm 4^, i^iMV* 
I V i«^ ^4* trihid4iM mrketh fMtitMtef 

1 f )Stf ;^4/>/. 

5. As thoH moft .cow invally depend on God 
forafupplyot all thofe Graces, «nd CfMofbrts 
tby fottl ftands. in need of) To likewife thou 
muft depend drily on his Fatherly care to be 
forniihed and (upplied with all fuch oatward 
mercies as thou ftiadeft in need of for tbts lUe. 

Mat.6 I T. Give its this Jay $wr ihHy hrt^l. 

P^.S4.t (. fer the LerJ kd Sim MulsftieUi 
the Lord will give Grace and 6Urf\ f^gnd 
thing wiU he tiuthhfildjtm thettt that mdk if* 

J Tjm.a.". Fwr bedtlj txerHft frofteth Uttk^ 
htttCtdlimfis PrejkMeUM^tHgs^ikavmg 
the premife tf the life tbatnw is, amlafthM 
.whiehis tocme. 

Digitized by Google **?''^* 

venm dthuttitkatftrtsktjmi^UftMmitUi* 
tailed m to kntwUt^e and vtrm, 

6, Honbly drpcod <>q iiita fdit.duv<3i^ 
^gtiidance injtiltby hwfitl waties, andtobq 
C0ijnfeir4ifi.di!£c4lc€ai«, aodaacters of §ta4 
coocctwoflit totbflCrf 

|Vov.|.y^ rmjiiHihe tird»ith4Bi1utui$trii 

and lean net untt t^ne tmtaiAirH^n^ng, /« all thy traits aeknmledge him, dndU 

jha&fufiain thee, be jhdU never [xferihef^i^ 

Vuio.z^. olordlhn«$ thMtUrndf^fmnU 

nvtin himfelf^ ii is att in nian that waHettktd 

Viwi.^6^. Aminiiteari 4('*'ijtth kis wijM 

tke JL^dJireHfethhie jief*, 
Pfal.3z.8.' Jmtlinffrnatite^ dml teach 4etft^ 

the ivofifiilwhthettjiieitga: Ji^illmideihet' 
, mh'tmmt eh. 
Kal.17.^. fi«id.iif tnf g^eingsin ifrfpltk\ii4 

Kal 73.24. rtmfiaiiffudi untMthfeiiu^U 

J»CD.i.5^ If jug^fmlaei*iid»me^ teihim^^ 

' Digitized by GO^IC 

%ot Likwt Jdilj t$ live hy Fdith. Chap.^. j 

4if G^ that givethu dl men l^erdly^ dnd^f^ ^ 

' hraidethnots mditfhdtl be given him. 

iW^^^ But let him ssk inFakh, nothing iPdt^e^ 

' ii Daily traft in h!m to be protcftied, aod 
preferved from dangers,' evl^ and mifchiefes 
(as fkrfottKas he ihali fee it good for thee) and 
that his holy Angels may have charge over thee, 
and may perform aU thole good offices for thee, 
YThich he hatK aprpoinced them ro do for cbofe 
whejhallte heirs pfSMhatiem. 

Hcb.1.14. Are they net all minijtring Sfirits^fem 
,:fmrth t$ minifier fwthem whofbAU be heirs §f 

Salvation? - 
Pfal 34*7. The Angel of the Loriweamfethr&mod 

about them thak fear him ^ afid delivireth 

* them. heed that ye de/pife not one efthefi 
' little ones ^ for t fay unto yon; that in ffenven 

their Angels io amaies htholdthe face of my Fn- 
•. th'ef which is inlteoojen. 
PiaLjit 'A.ijfe that dtoelletb in ihefecret - fUce of 

the mejl high ^fhall abide under thefhadom oft be 

* \Almghtj. 

V.4. He fhallccver thee mthJ^s Feathers^ and 
. isnder bis Wings pultthonsr^fi. 
V. 1 o* There jbalt no ewl befall thee, neither 
jhall any plague come nigh thy dpHlUng. 

- Digitized by Google V«I J, 

Chap«5« Ldhw daily to live iy Faith. tO^ 
V.I I. For he /ball give Ins Angels charge over 

fhee^ to keef thee in all thy waies. 
V.I2. They fhall hear thee Mp in their hands, lifi 
thondajh thy foot againfi afione. 

8. Tru ft in him to be bleflcdandmadefiic-r 
ceflefiil in all thy lawful endeavours. For though 
man do his endeavour, yet fuccefle is only Aw to 

P(aU37-5* Commit thy v^ayunto theUrd^ trnfi 
alfoinhim^ andhejhalt hringittofafft. 

IHaK62.5. My Soul toditthou only mf on God, for 
my exfeHation is from him. ' • t 

Pfal.127.1. Bxceft the Lord buildthehoujey they 
labour in vain that huild it : except the Lord 
keef the City^ the watchman waketh hif m 
vain. . -^ 

V.i. It is in vain for yon to rife up early, and to 
fit up latOy toeat the bread of finrrowef'y fcrfo^he 
giveth his beloved ficep. . : 

I9« Lookup to him, and bumbly depend t>n 
him, CO have all lawful enjoyments and po(Jcfli- 
ODsfandified to thee^ that they may bc/fwtf- 
nedtothee, toitb afenfe ofhisloveandfavot^tn 
Chrifi, and then they will be blelfingsiWr^4 The hkfftng of the Lord it nrnketh 
rick andht^addethnojorrwrnthit. r , 

fte4 Ldn^dMfytffUvtkfPdhh. Cbtp.5, 
>fcl 37,16. jlHttkthM»risbttHis9kmhMht is 

better thatuht rkhettfmmtf fri$kei. 
Pro*,i5.i#, Bitttrh* littkwitlrthefesrofthe 

Ltri^ thMgrmtrH^mrtand tfHMethtrtmith. 
Heb.ij.y. Letjowr converfstitn te mtb»»te»ve- 

fii/fttffei 4»d bt (»mtm mthfucbthii^sMtje 

hwe s for he hathfuidt I will nevfr fe#w the§, 


JO. HjimWy truft in him for theaffiftance 
>fhi$bo)y Spirit to enibletbM daily to ^» 
inGrdd. snd to f&ftiiere aoA hold out Ia the 
iritis ^tratift and hffinffet till tbcn tauiattt 
the end of thy Fattb* «v<n theralvniooof thy 

■•% Pet. <,5. Attilf^s thit, givhg si JUigence, 

Addt t9jour Faith, vertu ., <»<//# vertm, kitm- 


V,4, Awd t9kimfk4get te^tftrsnets tmd t$ 
temptrMHce, fatiena, siki t$ fsfihra, (htUi- 


V.% AndHG»aiiu^e^ hr^herlj kindmft, Mnd 

■ fihfftberl) kittdfi^ecbjoitj^ ' ' ' 
^ Vtt.^ ,Mft. fttgrnp iit Ortce, mdh the krnm- 
' kd^if^r Lirdind S^fimrfefus Chip, «v 

^ kt Gkrjfktthmw md/tr evtr, Am», 
1 C Whereftre let him that thinketh be 
^ fMdtlhtikikedkfiktfsS* ~ 
«(»ii,?4.^. ^ mtbui fkut pufgafl mmber 

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Olap.^ LdmiUilyhlheiyFdHk 2(*? 

mMs fervanf, u ku mn M4^ hepdnJnh or 

fdUethi jed^ he JhdH be hoUen uf, fer GodU 

AUumdke himfidml. 
Ji]de24. N$w nn$o him that kdUe to keifjit$ 

frmn faUin^, dndfrefent yeu fdnble^fe befofe 

the frtfence $f his Glory y wkh exeeeding]oy. 
W.^5• T^^ the only mfe God, our Si^onr, be 

gUrfy andf9$4jifiy, domnio0^ dndfwer, now 

Mndennr^ x^men. 
iCdr.i.8. JVh^Jhdff alfo confirm yon, nntothe 

tnd^ thatye mdybe blmnelmintheddiofoir 

V.9. GUUfdithfnlt bywhomyewerecdUednn- 

t0 the feMot^fhif of hif Son^ ^efuo Cbrijt onr 

I p€t.i.y, Ifho nre keft by the pother of (?#/, 

thrnngh Fnkh nnto Sahntion. 
lMkez2.^2. Bnt i have frdtd for thee^ thdttky 

Faifh fdil not^ and when then art oonvertea^ 

firengthen thy Brethren. 
Jcr.32.40. Am I wiS make an everUfiing Covo* 

nantndththem, that I wiU not turn avtaj from 

them to do them gtod, bnt I mS fnt my fear in 

their hearts^ that they JbaS not dtfortfromme. 
Heb.ii.i. Laoking nnto ^efnsthe anthonr^and 

fnijber ofom^ Faith^Scc. 
Jdbii 17.34. Paiher, I wiff^ that they alfo 0hom 

than ha^ given me^ be with me where lam, 

that tky may behold my Glorj which thou haA 

given me : for thon lovedji me before the 

' ' P 4 Dlg^^zeti by fOt^ndf' 

jo6 l/Am daily to live Irf fdOi. 
jiandatign of the world. 

And that thou maift the better pridi^ 
e^cclfent IcfToB of living by Faitb, t^ 
father D,in0iom. 

Virt^fion i . Labour fp firepgcheo thy ?fi* 
totbctrothofri&f Wrf/^.G^. tU^eliciit^ 
mother fin. There was a foultring otaflit;! 
our fir ft parents to the trqtb of Godscof^ 
(I9tloo concerning eating of the forbiddoit^ 
elfe they bad not fallen To fadly: ^\ 
UU the ground of all mifcsrridges^ oihmki 
hi Art, And Apoftdcj, Heb, 5 .12,13^ Take heti > 
threftj left there fc indnyofiou dneinlhc^'^ 
unbelief in depArtingf^omthe living God. li^ 
kort dne another d^ilf}\ while it is akS^Jfo dii^^ 
any of you be hardened fhfougb the deceit fi^ 

He tbat beleeyeth pot fhe judgmeMi, ^ 
threat nings of the H ord willfiot ftickto(»| 
evil : aud he that doth not believe the^«*^ 
' will nor be forward to ar^ygoeid: AH fjegic^j^ 
^ioldneffe in holj duties, comcth from the ^ 
neflc of our Faith, : there is a decay at tbcts^ 
Did we firmly believe the Glory of He-jv^/f 
the happmefic of the life to cqme>^ we m^^ 
f afneft and zealop? for the obraining of it, 

J^ireliiom. Labour to be wcli'ac<joaitf^ 
with I he fromifts of God^ and learatottsy^ 
J^oul upon thf m : If ^n abjepotent frwtf 1*? 


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Gbap.5. l4hm daily id IweijF^th. »x>7 
tni&ibk/plntrobbleS) how arcw^ cbearedwicU 
it ?, Opghc noc tbc promifes of God then to be 
a firan^ confohtion to. us/" The proper Hfco^ 
aChrtftian is to cake his cmnfirtsiZ^ faff orfsi 
from the fr^mifcs of God, and noc only tront 
hiiwip^ArdfrBviiemef. God many tiooesiaJterf 
the diflenjAtUns $f hk Prwidwft ^ but does 
not.altef nis fromifss. The prpn^resare the 
Saints inhericancei //4»54^i7« ^j( w^fvfi that 
i$ ffffHed ag^finfl thtp fh4M fro^er \ smd every 
tfwgiii that f^a rife ggainfithee inJHjigmeeUy ih$it 
fhdli €^li4emn\ this is the heritage sf the Ser- 
vants gfthe Lard^ Whilft Chrifi is at Gods right 
basct, and the it/^/^ in the hand of gracious per- 
fotfe, they need not bedejeded in any conditi- • 
on, why art thau caft dewm O mj fctd i andwhjk 
irt thtmaifqmeted within me ! So David chides 
his foul, and rebukdbhis ieare^ Ffal^x.^. and 
f 14^77 JO. This my infir^itky He bcwailes 
hisMfftelief, and chides his heart for dejedioq 
and dirtruft of Gods Providence. , ... 

Direltian ^. Live upon God^ and account 
him 4^ in aS^ even in thy higtieff and f^lleft en- 
joyment of the creature. Let not the creature 
be. the objcd of thy /wy? at any time. Trttji 
and depfpdame is the greateft i&Mr^^^ and refpei^ 
wcanyceld to the t:reatour. Therefore ^eh 
Chap.31.14. (aid;- If I have made Gold my 
%^i orh^e (aid t$ the fiae Geld, thwart my 
W'si/Wf/V^ V*ay^ Jil4fafoe rejejoeJ ^caufemy 

«oS tAt»^ljt9th9kjr^k cuff* 

mdtbw^ffnMy SMlietdMpimy kind hid mm 
m»hjSoi» V.98. ifmdd hwe dnkd tSe €ti 
ihstittb^ve. Men are veiyapt to make rides 
the fi/e of ttMir Km, and t\»fittf of their pO' 
fterityt aad (b tlieir hearts leaoiog 06 tbeo, 
tlct taken off fttim God. The great daigerof 
riches is the tntfUtig in them* JUtrh 1 0.% ;. ft- 
fuffdtb unf bk Vifciflest hmb^lj^ thlt 
thtt hjve rides tttttf imi the ^iigdmtfGM. 
V.14. jifd the Dfftifks were sjifttifted M U 
wrd, ^itt^efHSMfwerttb i^tdut Mdfmtbm 
them, cbitdrent b&mb»dititftrtbem tbatn^ 
in riches u enter iratthe Kingdome ^fCtJi f 

How many rich men are there, that hek tp* 
onchemfelves as it were intrenebedpfHbintM 
tfiates^ and fo promife them^ves (ecority !• 
eainft all dangers; Thas God isno^r^araed, 
bat their wealth, and world!y greatoefleis 
made their reck and ferfref\ therefore cMlt^ 
mfne^uctSedJieUtrj^ Cel^.y And tbtetvt' 
Ufu mdn. M Idet^aer^ not (b mud) for his/#tw 
to riches, as his trnftin riches. Takeheed tb«r^ 
fore of making an /<^tf/6fthecreatBre, dooot 
baild tbjT happineflle, or felicity, onanjrtbii^ 
thoudo^ hereen/oy. When God afiords dxe 
creature com torts, rr«/ not in them. Live op* 
on Qod in the ufe, and live opon God in the ab* 
ftnceofthej^reatnre. ' 

Utireffiin 4. U<e lawfiil and fairinduis, for 
^fomplt^ingvand Bric^ktf* about thy lawfirf , 

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dcfignesy bocler tby«Mipri>*Jfbec»kG«i« t>t> 
thydat^) andcomretc thy feif aild ckyaffiyrs tb 
him in qaietiiefTe ctf heirc. • Bor a man td fay, be 
crofts ioGod> ani yeitu^Osudtbkdittfy t^ 
is boc to moick Odd ; a moderate earc in the 
fsaiH^aneat of our atfiiin is very cotiKiMfida- 
Uc, If hicb pats a oan apott ffdeTf and dta Anum 
Mr dfiigeme in the nfe ol lawfiil means ; that 
once donc,a Chriftiao ihoald Uboitf' after a holy 
wtdirMi»» MuicfrnjufedaeffufSfifit : and flioold 
take heed his heart be noc find coo moch on th 
ay thii^ bene below to bis diftorbance. He 
ihoiiU put all his waies aitd affairs uito Gods 
iiaiidi. He flxxikl wait patiently, how God 
wiil caft his afl&trs; and then fnbinit, andac- 
qoiefie in the iffttes if fHviienee, O how fweet . 
a life )eads thatChriftiaa) who lives inconci' 
mial dcpendance on God i This kind of lift 
diichat^ the creature of ail that is bnrdenTom % 
of ali carkiog cares, and eomicnting fears ^ It 
hnues imfaing apon him, bat a eonfcionable 
i^eoftbe means , no hfe makes us (ohimkle, 
fo/M|i/|r, Hotmhiw in our crmieiei, as this life 
9fF4th, wtiidi Mchech aH from God. Futb 
ofettt means, but trnfteth in God alone. 

In 9il thy a^airs therefore ftill feefc to the 
Locd, and ^pl v thy felf onto bim> and trsft in 
httiu We %xt daf k cf«ttm«s, and eafily oret- 
ifaoql odr filyeS) y^e haw not itiidome enough 
comaMgeoarovinialbiic, Goddaocoimftl^us, 

Diaitizedbvi iVIlCXI 

rwfaeil we know not how to give coanfell to par j 
felv^: And God takes it well to be ddvijti 
with by us* Hereby we acknowledge ooxjjJh 
J€i0hn to hiid^ wbtn we wiH nor ftir a foot with- 
out advifiwg with him, when we define not to 
JbeWi^^iifbyottrown wifdome, hiattrtifimtk 
IfOtd with aUMMT hearts, snd d0 n^ kant§nf 
-mnt$ndcrfidndi9ig^ ^SeUmmzdviCeSyPrcv.^.^. 
Take heed therefore of inordinate carefulndSTe, 
and diftrufting God. Coniidertheevilofrfais 
fininthefefoor pariiculars. ^ 

X. No fin more diflionoQis God^ and 

; ^obs him of Ns' Glory, than this fin dodi. It 

caonot indeed rob God of bis^jfefftidM^ but 

it does of h^ likelaraiive Ghry. We gleti& 

* God declsrafiwijf when we fr/y/? in him, and 

thereby declare to the world, that we own 

\ a^d acknowledge chofe his excellencies ef 

mfdomii fw^ mercj, faithfiAfeffty which 

his Word afcribes untohimj And therefore 

'(is fdid of Abrabdm^ Rom.4.20. TbM heft^- 

. giri4 n^ at the pr&mife rf G4J through wfU^ 

' liifi but was ftrmig in faith ^ fih^^g GIptj *» 

G0d. V.2I* jls being fuBj prfwaJed^ that 

what hi had ffmifed, he was able alfptapr-^ 

fcrmy VV.27U And there fare ft wasimPaUdta 

. himfarright^imfnef. Mni^/rf/ doth blemiih 

all thofe fpttr attributes pf God, before mefif 

tioned, ha Wifdam h/s tawer^ hk Gaadmegc^ 

jbff jFait/ffnyeffii 'lis atiiflterptvcacive blaf- 


phemy, and calling all thefe into qaeftioti, 

• and fo an hi^h injury and Mfhow^rvintoC^i 

• Whereas faith is faid ttjupfe'GodytuKis^P* 
' that is, to profeiTe and acknowledge him to 

he fueh 4 c»i as his Word reveals him to bei 
». Hbthihg doth mpre icbar,,andff)at 

out Gods opefatiort, in ord^rio cn^t relief 

and fc(p than this fin. If by taking only »m- 

derate and Aue CArCy we v^oold refignp^up 
. * bar fclres, aud oar concernrfients intothe 

hands of dod, he would charge hinifelf wkb 
> US, But if-we will /mv^</;r4;Arcark and C3re> 

and be (oferemftfirytii cfat dc^gnes, and will 
"lioc fnbmit. them mito hi^,V ^ben Qod is 

difchargcd;" we 'muft look; W our felves. 

.Therefore 'tis not only oiir" ^ut^y but oor /;»- 

• tere/fy to refjgne op odrfcIvestOGod, and 
'.tolnbmit our conccmnicntsfcobis will. ^ 
-' 3,' Udelief'tv&z fin, againiV Which 6od 
' hath exceedingly declar'd his HiMeafiire : .The 

Apoftle te« Vi%ytheehfUreit ofwzt\wtre*de^ 
fitoied (^ ihi.viliernefefof'unheUefy Kliny 
Were their finsthere,' (J^turmiir}ngSy lufiia^t 
ldd*trjy but the main reafon of their panim- 
' ihent was, th'ij Micved mt. Look to their 
fi»4SexcifiMy andf*r/«vi5jjr,whywhatwaiit 
for ?ffrufiheliefviert tbej broken cfyRem.iu 
ao. That noble matt in 2 tCiiifs S.i. was 
trodcn to tJeath for dijlruftittg Cods fower, and 
could oiily (ec the jHenty, didnoc taft of it. 

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21% jj4potirtwffjfouv€ wjjftuh, 
Mfifes and \A^»it could ooc eoter 
laqd of proipi^ becaufe of cb^; . 

\ >?aro,xo.ti. ji»d the Lifrd^i^ke mM^ 

Sfijie me inthe etes of the chiUrtn ^\n 
, . , UfCrefmjtJba4 not hring this ciafft^av* 

■tothelMndvfhis^ I h^ve^ivea thtm. Z^ 
I was flrjick durhb for bo( beUruiag wk6 
" Via^ cevcaled. Chrift did never ch^l 
^ Pirdplesfpraoy tbiog To much as/irr^ 
Uhptf* take 24,25. <? It f90Us^ m//m 

]&(4r^ /« ■ htlhvt, And> > ir^ 4Sfiifo /( ^ 
^ XitfU Fdith, Mat.3.atf, 

4. Tis a Pagaofli iip» as t»r Sn 
'. intunaceS), ^^.$» For HeatbeQ& to be 
' of f^kifv 4ttd cmfi^, isjQQC ia xnocha 
] woodred ^t; Jbuc fqrus tlw.profefifli 

/(e<t;^«i;6«i, chat doadnowJQge a/iti 
i W Trmdeffct, and bdieve a« ^uppii 
,. ^^ another woild, to be noder cfae om 

vV/ dtfitt^ifiL f^J^ ,*«*f'3. «^ >»«4j 
, jthmgmfitl»^ey (asif God bad' ao case <i 

'; tbis is an OKceedieg aowoiitbj carltv^J 

^ wards God. Take beed ^lomiiKtM 

ures tftbff lift^ Let Boc ct^tittnirt 
^ . m^juh fixed on aitv tbiciig here betov.t 
' nocthefi; cauvtard t^wKS too tawntoib 

Add reorember ttutti^ coeii«iPes «• «oi 
^ ■acur T«bea.;bcy«au!re iiy^Atmuktim 

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d mnquktmlfi in ooc tbtf^bfSy and ^ft^fi' 
\s^ ^bKr«^0»u tlifimrMyiai ataoaczU 
y or compole chem: or wheD theyexeetd' 
^fyhukier, W4fuufm mijtht dirties we. 
flgtit to perform to God^ er bftlv^^K^tMO 
acycaaii zJMm^^ 9r ^i^ ifi. tie JiemK 
ps Ha|>als ^wcrr «/ ySrii/ <»^ vhBm bbn) 
i^opi weore difappoioted in tkat, we wctc 
» eagerly folicitoitf aboQt. And dwrefiote 
mx Savioor in HtU^^ bids «s /«(< 99 thfught, 
Ikd repeats it ihte feveral tims^ as f.a;, 

ntr /»A> »•<** t* /»'«'^ <*^» nwhA2^jP*i 
\^^ tm Ytf» jm Mj, v^ lefuifat. 
fr« V.3I* ,7btr^cre ukc Mtbo^fit, ftnigg^ . : 

^^fisUmt t4t< » wb4tllHivfedriJc\ tr 
ifktrmithifi fkd me ie clMthdf V.J4« 
r49r tktrifere^^ th^n^fjv the mirt^m : fir 
tfeify fyf/iekat uvtf tbedtfit tie evil tbercr 

9»9^i^S. Take heed ofrunutfig God, • 
tCicluArto tbe/i0Mi pffuIfiilioghHijpcomifin^ 
r ft. To the mq^ j^k doth i^tJitmtflK /^f 
* ef iff^K t(^mftt time, oc4iiffames»s, 
»t)iy4iuQr tbfre&e,4uid xeiigne tby fetft^ 
ftdvCofnrak ifayfiBlf, and aU concemn^qus 
ixiJMharlif f^ei afd be oqc fiuer'f»ticit$m , 
pofiAKid ^h&^ fvmt^ What ftringedi- 
»TOltnp;^40 rfie fbiklicaqitfrMluGi . 

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1x4 XiWf JUilyto live bj Faith. 

in ike L^rd prepare a tMein 
th mldeyne(t. can be ^ive kread alfo ? danbc 
provide flefhprhufeepl'et And therefore at 
^,41, Wh4t.?/tl3ck charrr^er is given of c1)to, 
Thtyturnid hAtiy 'and iemhted ,G$d^^ and tingled 
f^iholjOheyfyfraei 'We muft not prcfcribc 
to Cod, \ye muft.rtot go abonc to fubjeftiiis 
Providmexo ,o&t dire£tion\^ ^Xidfrefcrih sfrhat 
ir^ (hall do fbr 6ut fatisfaftion. 
^[birectien 6. Rcflci^ «pj)n the Lords paft 
kfadrieffc^ and gracious' dealings with thee. 
C6ilfidefho\V much God'hftth done for thee, 
flnd .for W^r>; that hivtirfifiedin him^' and 
that wiH tpiid very mndti to encoqrage thee fiill 
wtrufi iti him. The ftiore experience and ma- 
mfeftatiQn pf Gods po\»er and prefehde tbou 
haft had,; the -grtacer rttfon thou haft, tei$ajt 
'.imfaH utAHief JTQm fi&ff/ It exceedingly ^o- 
foked Godagainft Ifratl^ that notmthftaMing 
fo many experiences of his pwfr*, yet ffill they 
diftrufted him,. Num.\i^.iu And the Lordfaid^ 
nnto LMofes\ how long wiB this people fro^oke 
nte ^ jtndhiw longwia it be* ere thtf MieVi mc f 
for aV the pane's I haiveflfemd armng therti. 3y e- 
Very experience we fhould .gtow up hito p^rar* 
ior caufo^erivid^ ftret^thof'Tink^ '« £awd 
drew inrereneest)f/^^^ra^*aft^ the prefeat dan- 
ger,^ from ^tlion and ihihedrf ? Sarmi?.?*'. 
fhjfervant JIm both thtliik diodtheboitry and 
thi$ unc^ithcifedrhihpmJhaUbfm m4 ifibsmt^ 

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Chap* 5* LdeMrJMljWlhe^FMtk* 'aif 
fieit^ b( hMth Mfedtbe Armiei>pfthe /ivff$g God^ 
6t3S Foul Odd, % Ctr. I. lo. Hfhath, 4»d4»tb^ 
smlt&ereftretnUdtUver. Wh» iktiyered us from 
ftgTjSJt 4 desth-^ 4iul Jotk deliver^ i» vfbmwt 
truflth4$he mOjet delifftr m* Chnft wa$ an- 
gry with his Piiciples ifor not rcmembnug the 
mir4cie ff the U/tves, when they were in a Wft 
ftrait again, M4tift9. DiiyetMyetimJerfiM4t 
mitber remetfAtr the five haves of the fve tht»- 
finit Md hm many vaskets ye tctk ttP ? God is 
more angry with the uid/elief of hit (hiidrffi than 
of ethers, becaafe they have more expetieoce 
of hk love and eore^ and therefore that they;, 
^Id dKhnfthiin thatnefer £ur<l(her%is^e« 
ry ungratefiill. 

»Cor. 5.7. jo^ we vdkhj Faith, mti,,^„„ 

Hib,i.4, d<h»id f>^ f"^ ^^^ etfiftetlitfisnot 
itfri§ht in him, hif, the fufi fhieS live bj hif 

Gal Ism crusified with Chrifi^ neverthe'- 
lejfe J live, jet not /, hnt Chrift Ifveth in w<< 
W the iife wbieh I now live in thefleflf, I five 
^ the Faith of the Son of God, who kvtdmt, 
andgofvehin^elfforme. ^ 

Job.i J415. 'ttmgh he JUj me yet will itrnft$i$ 

Pfal55.t*. Ca^ thy harden upottthe herds 0nd 
hejbai fn^ain thee, he fbaS never faffer tht 

^ od Cot/74 

I Cor.7.^2. 3ta I wonld bave)§n irfdtti 

Phil 4,tf. Be careful f^ Mihing^ fc* » J 

thing bj prdier dndjufplicatkn^ with rWi 

wrfg letj9ur reqmfis ke made kMmmaiV 
1 Pet. 5.7. Cafting aBjewr tare M^lm,j^ 

earethforjeu. i 

I Cor*7. 3 5 • This Ijpeak far jomr amn fn^ 

you may attend uf$n the herd pritbeai^ 

en. ' ' -^^^^y^ 

Pfal. 1 1 9;49; Remember the iS^^uifte thjb^ 

upon which thou haft caufeJ me i$ 'h^^\ 
Pfal.25.10. aU the paths afthc i-^rdM^ 

and truth tofnch as keep hk Cavemt^ 

Pfal.i 12.7. HefhaSnot beafaiJ aftnAi 

his heart isfi^ed trufHng in the Levi 
Pfal. 89.3 3. Nevertheleffe my lading Ofi^ 

I not utterly take f'om him fHfrJu§erw\\ 

.^^.^^ . PIal.62,9. Sierely then of hn> degree art^ 
y and men of high degree are a lie, tik^ 

■5 the baUance they are alt either lighter tl^ 

^ 2 Chron.i4.S. Andi^fa had anamt)^^ 

k that bare targets^ and f^eares^ oitt ^^ 

^ thrii hundred thoufand^^and 0ut of l^ 
that bare fhfcJds^ and drew howes^ tot\ 

^ drcd and four feore thufand, alltt^n 

^r mighty men 0/ valour. , -/*^ } 

lit ' ' > ^■•' 

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O^PJ. LAkmdailjipUytijFMh. 217 ^ 

. V.I I . A9dAf4 cried untQ the L^d bit G^d^ Afui 
faid, Lerd it i$ nothing mthtUetohtlfVfhe- 
thef^prith mdnf^ cr Untb thm. (h/^ hwe na 
f$mr ^ Mfm o L9r4m Cod^ for tvettfi on 
thtt^ AndinthfUim^mgoAHAinftthiimnki- ^j 
tude: OLtrd^tho%drtowrGodiktn$tm4nfrt- // 
vailagdnfithte^ . . ^ 

2CbroQ«2o.i2. o OUT Cod! mlt thou not ]udgt '^ 
thorn f for we hdve no might agmfi t hi great q^ • 
comfstnj thMtcometh\4g^nfi m^ neither know '^ 
wewhstto^ bntourm^urenfonthee. 
Rom.4. 19. Andbeing not we4i in F^hefdn- 
fidcrednot his own body now dead^ wlfon be mtf 
dtboMt one hundred fears old^ nfkher yet the 
deadttef of Sar^dfs warnb^ ^ 

Pfa1.7J »8. Mti it is goodfoKmi to4r4ff narto . ; 
Godt Ihaveput jPiyfmftintheLordGod^ th4$ 
^ tmoy declsre all thy wOrks. 

V^.26.^.Xhou wilt keefhm in ferfe0 feace 
inhofeminda fisiido^jhoe^ becaufehetrujlctk 
I in thee. 

I ira.5«.io. WhokMmgy§nth4tfemihheJLtr4p 
\ ' that obeieth the voice of his fervdnt, tbat^walk- 
I . etb in darknef, and hath no light f let him 
% trufitntheHameofthtLordy aM^ayufonhk 
y God. 

4 Pfolio.ii^ The poor committeth himftlf unlo 
r thee, thou artthe helper of the FatherJeffe. 

.T?bLl62S. liyfouU mitJhon only ufonGod^ for 
^Ti^' my expiration is fram him. 

V.6. Hemtijismjr*ck, Mi ffy/iU,]] 

mj defence, ifluS ntt be mfvti. 
» Cor. I. to. Fw aB the fr4mfa pfedtA 
^e jed^ Md $0 him Amen, mietkA 
Ctdhjut, '^ 

Jofli.4i.45. There- fdil'd tut §»gk ej mm 
thing which the Urd had (^tken mteikm 
tflfrAtl^ mU Mme t* fdffe, 
Heb. I j.y. Letjenr. ctnivtrfnitn he minim 
tenfneffe, and heantent Mth/tcbtikipm 
h4ve,f«rheh4thfaid, IvnUteeverkMU, 
nor ftrfake thee. 
RoiD.8.a8. And m knw that nB things ftli 
get her f$r gptd t4 them thnt Uvt CU, uk 
whe 4r: the etUed neurMng t$ hit fnrfdi. 
^^^'6 30, wherefore i/GedficUnth the f4\ 
the fields which tt dij is, nndfmmrmii 
tnti the Oven, fluM he net mnchmnredtdf 
Ojetf little Faith I 
P.'a'.34.9. ofeartheUriiehitSdmsJn^ 

it n» want t» them that rear him, 
Vao, The jBung linns de lack, andfngnk 

ger, hnt they that feek the LerdfluS mtndt 

PfkL^W. F0r the herd it a Snn nnda^ 
the LerdwiBgive Grace ahdclerj, andmd 
thtj^wiihe mthhtU/rtmthemthatndtf 

A // ' K ^' """/** *^ itfwmedagtit^k 
jhAttfroJ^er, and every tnngne thatfiti^* 

' > . • w 

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Chap.5. L^ iSf u live bj FMtb. JfC^i 
gdnfk thee injndrmetft tkm/bait cii^Sn* ^f>it 
«r th heritage eftheftrvsms of the Lori, and 
their righteei^n^e it of me, faith the Lord. 

iOmcoa.i6,p. For the eies eftkt Lord run t» 
Mif§, thronghtm the vtbeU earth, t»j^0 
httKfelf fir*0g iff the hehalf of them, ivhofe 
heart it ferfeatmards him. 

John 1 1 ^o. ^efm faith mito her, fatdlmttm- 
to thee^hat if thou woMft believe, thonfhfm 

Sixthlf, Obfervc all diepaflagesofhisPro* 
vidence cowards tbee, whether oi juftiee, at 
wurcjj Take notice of emy frown, and ever^ 
(mile from God , and chat vrilI'mQch direA 
thee, how c6 order thy iervicesf of praier, and 
praife, and ceach chee fabmiifion to his holy 
will. Many dntierdepend on the coinfideration 
aftd caking nocice of Gods Providential difpenr, 
(acions. How Uame worthy thta are they, that 
do noc care to obfove or ri^ard the works cf 
God f Certainly, ic is Mr dBty, co obferve 
and acknowledge Oods foveraignty and domi- 
nbn in xhe worU, and ovei alievents here be- 
low, Qui ajfarrow^ not ah/urf^ tothegromkf 
without our Heavenly Father) And where wie 
cannot nadecftand the waies of Go4, let lis with 
la hamble reference believe* and adnure the 
wiflomcofthem. The deepapdunfeatchwbk 

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Ho- ohfen^Mlhhefslfa^ei Chap.5, 

i#a'*s ofCod aitf not to be judged bef(n:e the 
I'^ribuA^l hf mao^ teaCoxi. Lajboor cheirefore to 
get a firm belief of this gridt truths fctled in thy 
ftul, ihst G$d governs dli hitms»c afdirs , ana. 
thoTi wilt* find it of great efficacy againft thofe 
damps and dejedicMs of mind^ that in afflidi' 
ens we are too prone tinto $ and it wilt be a fin* 
guTar antidote agamft all mamtiming$> and re* 
pinings. How did t^^ confidtrM9n quiet and 
compofe the heart of old £//, i Sm^.iS. It is 
the Lord. And David on the fame account faies^ 
/ tP4S dmh'y dnd, ppened not my m$utb^ iecdufe thou 
didfiit^ Pfdl. $9.9. :So when a fore and terrible 
affliiSibn ftll upon jfdNn^ (his two (bns Ndd^A 
ind Al^htbting confuffied by fire froin Heaven> 
all that the Scripture reports of his carriage aad 
demeanour is this,^^^ JdrmMdlwfeafe^ltv^ 
10. J, As therefore thou art dilgcntly to obferve 
aitidmind Gods rrovidratial difpenfationsto^ 
wards thee/fo remember it is thy d^^ and 
ought to be the fejlnriffthjSfiritf that what- 
ever he f4*^j from thee, or whatever htdsis 
nnto the*, perfeftiy and abfolutcly to fubmit to 
his. will, Remember there is no fefiftihg the 
Almighty, Shall a Grdfhoffir emend mtb 4m 
JSagh ? Shdli m that' are wdrmes cantend mtB 
hur maker? If we confider ouriinfulneflcanql 
jgnilt, we have r eafon to admire he afflifts us no 
foOre$ If as the unj 0ft fleward in the Gpfj^el fir 
f»e hundred Jet dmn iut fifty y foifGodforan 

Chap , 5 • ofXjods TnvUinci* .x\\ 

hundred ftripes due to u$> inflidis but iifcy, nay 
but ten , have we not reafon to be patient, and 
to fay, Ht fnni^tth l^t than oar mquitics it- 
firue ? Labour therefore to be patieiat under his 
band. MnrmDring and repining does but tn- 
creafe oor gnilt, and provoke God to double 
our puni(hment. The Parent takes op the child 
for wbimpering and aying, as well as for any 
other fault} not patiently to let God have his 
will, is the way to beg another whipping from 
him. In fMiencc therefore pcffeff'e thjfsfiL SpU* 
mm faies, // the Inn h blunt y M the tnwrc 
firength to it^ EccUf jo.xo. So lay I, it the 
afBi(^oabeftrong, put the more patience to it. 
Ltt Patience idve its perfeUppork (not only its 
ball work) in thee. Paticnpe meets Godinfuch , 
an hnmbk ivaj^ as difcreet Abigaii met Davidy 
lit mt wf Lord be Mgn. Imfattence^ 9nd fretr 
ting ^ainft the Ahmgbtj^ is jaft as if a man 
(bould beat his (hiones againft an iron bar •, or 
as if be (hould throw a ftone againft Heaven^ 
that will be fure to fall on his owne head. And 
further confidcr the way to have what thou dtr 
fireft, istofubnaltto God> and lay thyfelf 
at his feet: When thy foul is wrought to that 
perfea fubmiflion^ that thou canft truly fay, 
here lam, kt the Lord do with me^ what fcemeth 
htm gegd% Let the Lord pledje himfelf^ and he 
fhdll fleafe me, thou haft conquered the diffi- 
culty of living in this .world .• Thou haft got 

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t22 ohftfvedll the f Judges Chap.;. 

that precious art -of chlmiftry, that will act: ^ 
gdld out of any thing. Thou wilt be able in 
ibme meafure with |>lcAcd Taulto fay, / h^nfe 
U»nedm sH ejiates to bt antcnt^ O labour ^md 
pray for this happy pofturc of Spirit •, and that 
thoii maift attain onto it, be eJ^ecUSy Citrcfml 
tofcctirc thy irttere/l in his f avow ^ who is the 
great Governoor of the world, and difpofcrof 
all events \ What a ftrcxig confolatcon Will k be 
to thee, if this God be ^ Qjoi^ thj rtconciUd 
FsUhcr in Chrifi ? thoa maift then be iiftrrcd 
4B thim jh All work together filthy ^. Let the 
wind }^^ from what point of the cdoipaflc it 
will, it mail blow thee on towards thy haven* 
Thod ne'edft riot fear the Kttereft potion, if it 
tome frbm the hand of a loving Father. The 
Ci$f ihJu pij Father hath giv^n me\ JhaM I not 
drink it? faies our Saviour, ^ohn^ i8.ii. 
What ^y Father prescribes, 1 have ho reafon 
to fear any hurt from. If God be thy Father^ 
find thou bis Adopted ehildy th* o maift com^rc 
ttiy fclf with this, that whatever he takfes from 
ihee, or dcpriycs thee of, he witi fupply to 
thee again (as one faics) either in kind^ or in 
kind/i^'e^j fome way or other, he will make it 
up to thee* Kindneffe is Gods fnre pAy to his 
children: if he takes all and gwci hiinfelfto 
Ihee, he makes thee in abundant amends. ^T^ 
want bf Faith that we cannot find all in God^ 
Attd as this ton^Mion will fc^ceiediiigly be- 

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Chsp.5. ifG«dsfrtvide»ce S23 

calintHjF nn'nd in afHi^onft, lb when Cod dif- 
penresbimfelfinaway of mercy to'thee, it will 
exceedingly ralfe and qoickea thy twart to 
thMkfdmf, Thou wilt give God the Glory of 
all his mercies. Thou wilt not facrifieet$ thine 
rnn tttt, to thine own n^, mfdm, tttdnfirj, 
fritnds, ac any fccwd CMft, (much lefTe to 
chance, forrane, or good luck, as ignorant 
people fpeak) bat thoa wilt caft t\xtCr»m»if 
«M tBj merdei a hit feet, huiAbly afcribingsul 
tfMMT and iskry onto him. He will be owiied 
aod acknowledged by thee as thy thiefLtrJ, 
Thoa wilt locA bpon thy felf, as holding all 
from him, and to bebatbis/r»iMr<tfiv;ff, and 
therefore obliged topay-ldm hifri>ttdvAym& 
faithfully. And What is the ivffr he requires of 
thee ? \m only to give lum thecilfr/ofallhis 
oiercies, and toh$m»r him, and w^/rhim, 
ia the uie of them. In a word, to hve him, 
isAthMik him, to fcrve him, and obey him, 
and ro walk humbly before him alt thy dales. 

V^U^jSi Whaftt'ver the lerd fUtifcJ^ that 
did be h Heaven^ *nd in Bjuih, iittheSesiy 

I&.%it. And the harf, dudthevioly thetdret * 
ihdthefife, Md Wine ^ve in their fesftSy hit 
they regird net the werk ef the L»dy neither 
cenfiderthe eferstientfhie hsnds, 

Wal.10.4^ The Mck(d tkrtMgh the fride ef hit 


914 OhftrveaatMpfUi^ts .Chap.y. 

toHmtUditce vii Mt pek dfter Cod» Gtiu nt* 

MaciQt,t9> drentt-ntoSfirmns ftld^:af4r^ 

tbif^i apd »tn ^thimJhsB not fti^ 9^ the 
• ffomtdirithMt jtiir f^btr, 
V.30, But tU vetfjf hmts •f^tur hesdaresM 

y.^uFttif jtnot tkeeefm, ye^etfrnfrcvd- 
■■ Uutb»» mairj Sf4n9Vfts. 
Provr.15,33, 7h l»t it<4Jt info the Uf^ ha tie 

whoU dt^ofitig thereof uiftJlte Lord. 
Vtpyaui^ rbe Kings hem it in the hsnd of the 
' Lord, 4f. the rivers of vnter^ he tnrnetk if 

wbtiherfofver hemU^ OxLtrdy ihmoth/it the ro^yofnuot «r 

not in himfelfy it is not in man thst vralktth to 

dneH hi/pfs^ 
Hab. I . i^. Therefore theyftmfice unto their nei,. 

And h^n incenft tmto their dro^^ ietMafe if 

theno their f^ion itfo$, and their t/iesfflnhf 

Laiii.j.37. who it he th/a faith, andlt cometb to 

faff ivhfn the Lord eomnhutdeth^n^? 
Ifo^lJ.y. I form light, and ereate darkn^e, 

Imakefeace, and create evil, I the Lord do aS 
' thefefhif^s, ■ 

Aiftosj.^. ShaU atrnmfet heilowttintbecitf, 

dnd the. people nof he /^Mf Shai there he e- 

vil in the City, and the Lordhathiiot done it ? 
fid}.^»Xu The Lord efBofisismthus^ tie God 

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of ^dcob is imr refuge. Stlab. 

PfaL^^.'p. I woe Jumhy I opened n$t mj momh 

Micahy.p. 1 wUl bear the indignstion ^fthe 
Lard^ becaufe 1 fjAve ftnned ugainfi hiwi : un* 
till he flead mf cmfi, Afid execute judgment 
f^rmcy hewiBbrii^meftrthtPtheUgbt^ 4^ 
lfl>all beheld his right eoufneffc. 

I Sam. 3 • 1 8. ^nd Ssntuel told him everf iphit^ 
' shd hid ^rthif^ fidm him^ 4fid hefaiA it is f he 
Lerd, lethimdowbMfeer/sethhimgeed, 

'yA>i^%U Akd^d^fndy nakedsameleutofmj 
motbtrs womby 4vd naked jbdl I return thither : 
the Lord gave, 4md the Likrd hath taken awsj, 
bUffedbethe Name of the Lord, 

% Sani.i5. 10. Andthi King /aid jUfhit h^ye f io flo 

• witkjou^ yefpns of zerviah rfolct himfufje^ 
heomfe tbuLfrdhathfaid nnto him, cwrjeDa^ 
nnd^ fvbo Jhall then fajy wbfrefore hajl thou 

^Ssm^iS^zS/Jnd: the Kirigf aid unto Zadok^ 

. carrf back ihe Afk\ofGtd into the City: if I 
fballfindfahfonr in the ties (^ the Lord^ he wjll 
bring meagain^ 'andfiew me both it^ and his 
V.%6. Bui if hi thns fay^Jh/^ve no delight in 
thee, behold here am ly let him do to me at fee-^ when thon hafi tmn^ Md art fnllj 
then thou jhalt bleffc thcMdthj God for the 

ti6 ohferve all the f images Chap.j. 

. gHdidHdvfhUhhehst^giventhee. 
V, II, Bewm tba th»»f«rget tut the Lvfitby 

G$d^ in tut Ifeefftigbis CcmnumdetitentSy and 

his^MdniuiitSf and'lnsStMiaet, whteBlam^ 

Hum tbee this Jsy. 
V.l*. Le^ when th$» haft eaen^ mimftM^ 

sndhdfi built gp$dty htnfes, and bafi dmh 

V.i^. And when ihyheards andthjfifcksmml' 

tifh, and thy fiver andthj^Mismnltifliad, 

and all that thou ha&ismnhiflied, 
V.14/ 7hen thine heart he lifted nf, and than 
■ ftrgtt the Lerd thy Gtd, (which brtnrbtthee 

forth ont of the land of Egjp, frm tikhonfe 


Seorfions, _ ^ 

water^ whohronght theefirth water omaftbe 

W.16, Who fed thee in the wildemef 
wtth Manna, which thy Fathers knew nit, that 
hemight bmnbU thee, and that he might frove 
thici to d» thee good at thf latter end J 

V.I 7, And thon (ay in thine hearty wffower^ 
and the might if mine hand hath gotten me 
this wealth. 

V.18. Bnt thon (halt rememher the Lord thy 
Cod^ for it it he thatgiveth thee fomer toget 
wealth, that be tnay efi4lifi hie Covenant 

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Oiap.5< 9fG0ds Frovulence tiy 

wbieh he (wm untt thjF^nhtrs, aitUthk 
dij. The blejUng efthe LerJhtiuketh 
rich, dhdhe ddJeth ntfarmmthit, 

Pral.7J.5« ^fi »^ •fjfmrh$^»o»bigb, j^etk 

tt^withsfiiffneck, ' 
S*6. For fremttm eemeth neither fiun the 
Fafi, ntrfremthe Wefi^ mrJremtheSMth, 
V.7. BMt G$d i$ the ^ndge^ he fntteth denm 
ene, sndfetteth nf 4tiether, 

DeDt.8.5. JnJ he hitmUed thee, Mdfifferei 
thee te htnger, amd fed thee with Matma^ 
whiih tbe» knemjt tuty neither didthj Fsthers 
knevf : thst he might nuke thee kn$» tha msm 
dethnee live h hredd enely, hnthy ever/ vnrd 
thst freieeedeth uitefthe ntttth ef the Urd 
L dt*h MM five, 

■Crowitf.p. Anunshetrt dcvifeth bkvf4Pfy hit 
the LtrddireBethbh fiefs, 

Jain.'4.ij. de ie nm, je thstftfy te dof, erfo 

nmrewfte viilg* intefnch* eitiy Mid eMti-* 

nne there 4 yeMr, Mnd hnj, ^feB^ and get 


V.14. whereMjeknw n^whst fluiie enthe 

I C0C.4.19. BntI mllc9met0 jtnjb^ if tht 
LerdmByScc, , 

Pfal.i27.x. ExeefttheLerd hdUthehede^ th^\ 
Uhonr in vnn th«t hmld it^ exeeft the Lerd 
kttf the City the waehnum meketh Mtf in vdin. 

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nf late, to eat the head o/fimms^ /tj 
y giveihhishelwedfUtf. 
Pral.37.7. Commit iby wat tmto thfljriy 
V djoh bitny ami bejhall Mng itti fd^^ 
V.6. And he fhatt bring f^tbthfriffttu 
\ 4U the Ugbt^ and thy judgment m ^ 

^^ V.7. Kef in the herd, and wait fMi(i4 
him,fiet not thj felfbeeanjt afbim ik\ 
, get h wicked devices tc faff e. 
' Vli& J iittie that a righeoua nm 
'- better tha»ihe riches afmanjwkked. 
' V.2g. Thefleps ^ agoUman are ardenlii 
/ Zwl^ and he delighieth inhisma^^ 
V.i4. rheughhefaU, heJhaHmtket 
downy far the twd nfhoUtetb himm 
'^.25. J have been p0ng^ and. nam am 
• bavelwtfeen the rij^ews farfakea^ 

V.35. / have feen the wicked ingriA^ 
y.56. Tet he faffed away, andLp, he w^^ 
' ye4 Ipnghi^ but he ceddnot befofoL 
jLS^yi. Mark the ferfeif man^. And k0 
^ f^fright^fip the end eft^ man k fern. 
t $iM.2.&,^ht Lordki&ctk, ^nd makeiS 
• he bri0gBtkdmntotkigpmKy aetdbriag^ 

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I Oiap.5^ cfGid's Pnwdence, 2i^ 

V.7. The Lord miktth fm^ a$ul rndkeihrhhi 

htbrit^ethlovt^ Md liftethnf* . 
V.S» He raifethuf tht.^m Mf eftheditft, and 
lifteth »f the beggw pm^ dupM ftfe^ 
them Ampng Princes, indtumkitheminherit 
the Throtu of Gloria for the PiUdrs of the earth 
oretheLordsy and he hath Jet the world ufoit 
V.9, ttewii keef the feet of hit Saiitts, and 
the vHckedJhaB he filettt in darhef, for hj 
Jkengthjbaitto ma^irevaiL , 

Pbil4.11. flot tliohl f^eak in refiea of want, 
for J have learned in whatfoever ftate I am, 
therewith to hi content, 
.V.i«* / know both how to be ab^edy and I know 
L how to abonnd : even where, . dnj^n 4K things 
L jaminftrnifed, both to bef»M, andtobehni^o 
■^ grf, both to abonnd, andto^eritoei. 

Seventhly, Charge upon thy fctf with all fc- 
liQafneflfe, 4iat great aad ti^ceSisj duty of 
^ly watchfidn^e. 

oe not like tho(^ whoTe manfM^ is to fpend a 
little time mfraier in the morningy andthen^^a 
take their leave (as it were) Of God, for all the 
day after $ but ento earaeftattd fervent ptak^ 
adde fertoos watchfulqeflc. •▼ 

And for thy better dtce6li6ft- herein, I (hall 

here fir0 give thee a ihort draught, orfcheme 

' ^of 

»3o WMtftUiMjle, Cbap.;. • 

of the federal parcicalais J treat of under this 

Fitft, fkere 0e(mt tihgs tJm wt^fMoA 

%» Tkf K^fe&km* 

3. Tbj Wfrds, 

4. tkj A^Um, 

Secondly, SixtHt^fthnmi^wMcln^Mmft^ 

I. AgMi»fith$fefituthi»mm9fii»dinedt0. 
, bjtemftrtMd i»Mmrdef$tflif0imf^ 

t* JgMnfithefm fbttt^m^^imidtm 
t0, ijre*fi»cftbyf4rticiiUrc4Xitg,cti$4ft$0ii, 
ftm, Mid t00rfe4f life, 

$, Aisiuft the fi»s tf tUtimes imdfUcts 
. vrkrtin thnUvefi, ^ 

4. JlgMtf/f M mdjUiu Md temfuUitt^ 
tba thm ftrefetf grt likely t$ tniM^tr th^ 

5. Agw^ dtjhtmmug Gtd sit tlie»Jetf 

6. Agsin^ Smwr diidfed$0i0»0fmmL 
Thirdly, o»e thsiig tbtu miB wmbferi 

Nsmly, ' 

Fer tpfmnrntiet u glmfie Gtd\ t» dt 

g0$dto fitters j W tt reeewegofidf thy emie 

Tie tMttives teqmke^ thee t$ thifdiityme 
tk/e three* 

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X. liipfi 9f the fins tpc commit, vk fall itni 
through cirtltfneQe^ dndvifont 0f watehfulntfji. 

^. the Devil the temfter it dhaies wOchfuU 

•3. The ttecefjttj $f fer/everattcey iphereuifti 
A concmence of our careuud diligence U required. 
' Firjiy The iir(^ thing I woalcf adVifc thtc 
carefully to watch over \%ihj thoughts. Be very 
carefol, not td lodge, or entertain any fiofau 
thoughts in thy mind: Sinfol thoughts are the 
Meubeni^ t\it frfboruf of origittdBfiUy and the 
beginning ot its (farength. They ex^edihgly 
denle the foul^ and are the firft tuifvers to evil^ 
andvery abfominabie in tfaciightofGod. Oh 
what f eafon have we to &e hamblec) for the 
%^4iif , t^anion^ footifb, froud, ih^uthfid, coi^e^ 
iuHS^ ilafphemousy idle, ufeUf^ unconcernin^ 
thoughts thfltdo niany times annoy us. 

Let us therefore ^onfider of fome reniediei^ 
againft finfoll thoughts. 

1. Settle in thy mind a ftrpng and deep ap^ 
pirehenfioh of Gods Omuf-frefenie^ and Qmuf^ 
/Heuce-y and over-awe thji thoughts with this; 
chat th^ are all Teen, andobferved) and takei^ 
notice of by him; 

1. Remember^ tha^ though in the worlds 
wicked proverb, thot^hts ore freey heauCc 
man eannotdifcern them', nor puhifti thi?ni';yec 
ihcy arc not free from' Godi ohfervatiou^ notr 
fto/m bis LotOy which being fpthtinl/ Jbindes 

It the 

I5S JimehtptrthfThMights, Oa^\. 

the thoaghts of the heart, as well as the out- 
ward ams nor from bis ^i^ice, which will 
^alVds to aaounc for dor finfiil thoughts, nor 
from the rebukes nud fcomrgitigs 0f an smkml 
Qtnfaencfs wluch arenofmaU ponifhaicBts. 

3. Xet if be thy care to nippreiTe^ aod ciuih 
bad fhmtgkts 9x;\,\it wyfirfi rififig ' Dq not at all 
conieiM;, or ccwspty with them ^ but abhw, 
aindd^doa them prefently, aqdcry outunui 
the Lordfpi: hclpagatDft them: Take heed of 
reprefentiog, or adding Qa iothythoogbts. If 
thou wottlaflt keep thy. fonl ftire^ beware of 
heaiidtive JmMm/. 

4. fiecarehul (ohavei^ tbxkoigosd wutmdt 
alwaies^ to readin^e for thy thoughts to work 
iipoi^ Vivtt {oale^c0j(iibj0f re^ toprefiot 
and o&r to thy miad, troeqtertaiii toy tbougbts 
ivith. Ajiftd mm h4b 4 gnoi ire^nre h ki 
bemt, $11$ of which be, krijfg^ forth gotitldngty 
Mat. 1 3.^5. Let thy miqd thereAvc hav^alfvaie 
{omteooi be^ £9 ^dit;ate on: As the tvi 
Md (i/mger ^ ^», tb^ lucffj^ of c§HVtrft»\ 
thf ii/bftltae »tei of C^ffif j . the vsifity eftbtcrei' 
t^e y the jb»rtnMe'M»i ttwertaiirtj of this U^i 

5. AvoidM«wi(/ir, and allow not thy felfifl 
weUncbolj, If thou doft not employ tl^ouB^ 
about that wJ^ is good, it will bafie it ^ 
doiftevH'. The miocilbf m>n if it be not W 
mfloied^ will be langing, and roviog all over 

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the world, and wilt be inteoc on chiogs it (hoold 
not. The fpirit of man isdffiWj :ind reftlejfe^ 
'T\s\\kesHfi/ly itwiSh cithr grinding $fth4t 
whiih is fnP intoiu #r elfe waking npM it- felf^ 
mdring^ Andvfcdrfing itfilf inf$0Ufhj frnitUf^ 
4nd tmcpncerning tlm^ts. iMenejfe is a grand 
occafipn of impore and impercincnt thoQghc$ : 
^ n$ the devils h6ttr»in which he cakes ;id vantage 
to fill and defile oiaos mind with wicked fug- 
geftions^ and mcUmhily difpoTech the mind 
to firangCy ahfurd. incoherent ^ unreafimiiU imdm, 
ginaioni ; to many fad, perplexing,- a$ii<5^ing 
tboughcs. Mmdi(qMietethhimfe/finn;4in^ Aich 
the Pr»laiift> Pfal.^g.e. framing many iniagt* 
oary evils and grievances to himlelf) ^hich God 
bath not really laid «poa him. 

Let it be thy care therefore to keq> thy mind 
well empl<^ed, either in the ^tfri^/^/Fif/jf, qt 
the if^$rks ofthypmknldr cdBing. Whentboa 
doft relax thy mind at any time, fironl being m- 
tent Mferious things^ for tbi neceffarj refrejhment, 
be careful to allot^ thy ielf $nely in innocent 
cbeirfidnejfe • Wb4?n the Icines of thy mind arf 
mgiro^ and thy tbdughcs let loo(e to run at rad-- 
dom, and have riot Conscience fet over them as 
a gpvernmir , tboa art m great d^ger of fin^ 

f. ho not cumber thy felf with too much 
worldly bufioefle, tia will overcharge thy 
oiiod mittfoUcitndcy and force too many earth- 

K 2 Digitized by y<jOO^MJf 

234 Watch ever thy Thinks. Ctuqp<5^ 

ly thoughts upon ic : it will fill thee with Ji- 
ftracfiffg, difiwrhing thoughts ^ and tmnring 
cares, WhefiLMarthdwascdriffdy andtrpMed 
dhiut manj things^ (lie neglected the oncthin^ 
necefarj^ Lake 10.41^42. 

7. Lc >rn tojpiritualize earthly objv fts, and 
to raifc holy hieditations from them. This 
will bean excellent and advantageous employ- 
ment for (hy mind. This was our blefTed Savi- 
ours praftife, and canft thou follow a better ex- 
ample ? 

8. Learn to ^/o;^/ and ptubj bad thoughts, 
by infreJimng and bringing irifome good 
thoughts that are contrary to them into their 
roomts : Thus overcame evil tho$ights by good 
thoughts. If felf magm/ying iho^Ji^Uis come in ^ 
bring'' m felt abajifjg : If difiruftjul-^ put thy 
foul upon thinking of Godi Faitbfulnef: lire- 
vtngefuHs think how much thou ncedefl^r- 
givemfftfrom God : Tlius let one wedge drive 
out another, 

p. Beg of God ta;fffP/9»^ir/^ thy mind, and 
to put it into fuch an holy and heavenly frame ^ 
that it may be fit to produce good thonghn, as 
a good tree doth bring forth good fruit. Beg 
x hat Grace may He the Law of thy mind,Kom.*y.2^ . 
Pray earnePy^ ait FMiih^ and put thy truft in 
\\{t fewer ^ zndfromife of God^ for the cafling 
down cf aB finful imaginations in thy fonl^ dmd 
Jubduingthythotightstotbe obedience of Chrtft. 

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lo. If thoa woaldft keep bsd th$^hts 6ut of 
thy mind, be ready to entertain the grmous 
nutSMsef thebleiTedSpiricof God, 
Behold 1 fiand 4t the mot 9 And kneck : if any 
m49$ keatm/vme, andpfenfhed^^^ Iwitconit 
in t$ him snd mUf$f with him, and he with me. 
O dp not grieve this holy Sprit % do qoc repell 
fo blefTed ^gueft^ who knocks at thy heart in 
nKtny Afermon^ and by many ^frovidence^ and 
fues for entrance that he a>ay raake thee hap- 
py . What / (hall the im/,with his miked fug- 
fefiions be let in, and (hall the King ^gkrf with 
k train $f Graces, be flint oat^ O let it not 

IX. Remember i\\zi \( thou willii^Iy eater- 
taineft, and lodged 4n thy mind wicked thenghts 
naw^ (and dieft in an impenitent and unconver^ 
ced ftate) thy thoughts will be thy executioners 
and cormenters in Hell. As light asthouma- 
Iceft of evil thoughts now^ they will then prey 
upon thy foul as fo many vtdtures^ and be a ne- 
ver-dying worm in thy Coofcience. 

And the more to ^[Qicken. thee to pradife 
thefedireAionS} Conuder^ 

This will be a great ai^umencof thy/w^r*/, 
ondofthe/rii^i&dfGr^^inthee, if thou art ^m^ 
fcientionjly watchfuH wet thj tb§ngbts. Many 
rcftraints lie upon the outward man to over-awe 
it and keep it from evil^ but the power of 
OrMce does then much app^r^when it commands 

R 3 the 

j6 WMthovirthfThnj^t. OxS^Ji, 

be imiird msn, and laie$ reftrainc^pOA our 
hitijtiu^ fiumltfy thac we dare fiot ^ow our 
elm io any fidful tbooghts. 

HilU9.P7' (>h bott hvi I thy Lx» f if ifmf 
ihtditattM dithedif. 

V. 1 1 3. ; hste ^4ip tbnughts, hut tb] Ltm dt I 
bve, . 

^ae,ia.)«^. Ag0»dmM»ta iftbt^ndtreMfireif 
hk htMTt hriajrethftrthgood thinzs^ mm m» ^ 
vnimdtuwtffthe wil trutfuft^ brin^eti f«rtb 

V1aM5.i9. p9f 91^ vfrhe btsn fntud ivil 
thoughts, murdtrSt uddteries, ftrmcMitiu, 
thefts, hlft ifitntf, hU^htmies, thtfimthethingsthsfdefiUdnum^ 

[fa. 55.7. Ltt the wicked fwfake bit mft'dni 
the unrightttta m»n bit th&u^hts, dad let him 
tttfirn »nfo the Ltrdy and bemB hdvemercf 

Xenbim> djtd t« qbt G«d,fvt hemt Aw^- 
f>fa).tf5.5. Mi fofil jh»n bejatisfed dt mth 

mrrtip dnd fdtnejft -, dnd my mmh jbd 

fmfe thee with j&jfid tips. 
y,6. when / remember thee nftnmjbed, dnd 

pteditdte en thee in the ni^ht watches* 
|^(ii.$4.ii. The lerd kntwetb the tbeitgbtt ef 

mdity th/it tbey dre vditftj. 
rer.4.14. o ^trufdlttt*, wdjb fSiae kdrt frt» 

fti4id0(ff(, tbdt tboM miff be fdvedi b(k 

UiigJhdStkj t;dn thu^Jks lodge iifithi» ihte ^ 
Plalw(9.ii. Their inward thoi^ht it^ tbst thei^ 

h»fes fh*M tmime f$r iver^ &iheir dweBiw 

fUtes u dO getter at if fis j they e$S their Un^ 

rflt'ertkeir cmt mmes. 
Pfal. 119.5^. / thitjiht 9nm)Wiuei, and turned 

Prov.itf.^. Cemmt thj wtrkes utiti the Lvri^ 

Midthf thbughtsfhti he eftaUiJhed. 
Prw.4.» J. l^eefthf heart pith atdHigente^ fw 


SeiMdly^ Watth over thy {^feifiwst the 
m$H$»s i»dfHrrings efthymU, the'pnt-^gmgs tf 
thy heart. 

Ki^My to order »iir jtfflelfim, iiMieofoiir 
priocipall bafihefle^, in this lifr. When they 
are nghtly ordered, and governed, they do 
much further & help on oar coiirfe in Ctdlliu^e. 
'Wha^s difirderedf/dfieM b^indxhejudfrnent, 
horry ivrzy the mSyB\ the heart and mttd 
^vichdirt^aiet, and interrupt ^4;rr,, and other 
holydaties. Keep an efpeciai watch there^e 
ever.thf AfeiKons: Be careful they be not f«t 
on moi^ t^t^s; nor fufiered tO grow unrulj^ 
and es^itant. Grdte doth not extit^idfhy \m 
recipe afTedions. Chrifl (who wa$ firee froofi 
all fin) was not without afiediofts: H«wtt an- 
gry, did grieve, rejoyce. Let it be thy care 
Iberefore to look to the right regolating of 

R 4 thefe 

there pwers^ mA theft i^effiias^ chat GodI 
placed in thee. 
And (o help thee in thiswork^ ot^ 

I. Beg of God, zf^widmindp 4Tigk\A 
fi^ndit^y 4 eUar jml^nt, chat * thpQ ^i 
able rightly to difcem tetwe<» gnd id n^ 
zjidTfi^noitsktfkevs and spfear^uiceshri 
iitics. There is great daogpr m mij^ffM 
Mfi^ for as the apprebenjtons of the tnodq 
j9eAker or ftronger^ |p the alfedions are lm\ 

'' i. MKJjjr tofcrii^tby wt^ ftnft, ai( 
pmV^ under fubjedion to righ rf^on. Vi^ 
feenipleafant to thee, {as the farkdde$f^ 
£w) IttfCdfifi^tcWxhec 'tiiforbuidf^frMii^ 
^h«:efpre jthou p>uft not touch it.- Aw 
JLor4 of hicnfelf) wbenreafon rules hiis^ii 
Jhis o^n /lave, ]i;irhcn wilfijlneflfc, appetitt,' 
pai]^ bear (way in hitn. When the C(^ 
fnaocannpF fulc thebqrles, but ishurtW* 
Jently away with them, there is notbii§^ 
jconfufion to hp expeftcd^ foit is with 3* 
Avhofereafon is overborn, pc hurried av^yi^ 
his headftrong paflions. Afifc^oiis pre lifcr/f^ 
and vHatcr % gpvdfervdnts jbut jirety baiU^^. 
Fire does well \ybile*ti$ kept in tbexhininc)ri<^| 
wata is ufeful, while 'tis kept within itstoW 
if they break. our, they arc very mifcWc^ 
Elements: Affciaioiis (while they zxiz^ 

• '* Digitized by CjOOQIC 

cediic kept within their due boQnds)tfaey are ve- 
ry ferviceable % but if they overflow thofebaDk^ 
and bounds, what a world of mifchief follows f 
3/ J^abonr to forefee fuch things before they 
cotpe, which may prove great provocations to 
thee^ and are like to kindle and excite thy poffi- 
ons. Ufe* frefagtum^ and. wifely avoid fuch oc- 
cafionsas much as thoacanft* Paffionsarefar 
more eaQly freventcJ^ thsn moderated: And 
\itxt ffpmeditatiin is of fingular ofe/ whereby 
th(e mind may fortifie & ftrengthen it felf againft 
the exorbitancy of p^ffion « before it arife \ 
^by confidering^ the f$nrea[cn4^knei^c of jt, 
2nd the bitter frmtsmdeffeffsofit^ . 
. 4« Refid evil affe^ions at the beginning, be- 
fore they grow high and headftrong ^ Daih 
;4^/#if^ brats againfi (he wall: Ifthey once gee 
ftrength, they may be too hard for thee. Lufts, 
and vile aflpe^ions let alone, do often end in 
.grofie fin% There are works efthe flejk^ that 
•foWow lufis of the fiejby Gd.^.19. Loveofplea^ 
fare, if uncontro.l'd, may end in drunkennefle, 
or uncleanneUe* Envy, apd malice, if uncheck'd^ 
may end in murder, or violence.. ^^W-^allow- 
ii^ hifflf<dfe in Coy^toufntfTe, tha$ brought 
him to deny ^is Mafter. 

% Ttaiperance, and keeping under the bo-' 
dy i$ an e^ccellent means to mprtifielufts, pafll- 
onS) and vile a^e^ftions. He that pampers his 
ftc^, feeds his enemy* And ^ow much better^ 

240 WMtbtvertbyAjfe&kn^, Chtp.y. 

is ie to eadore tbe pains of morcificAcion herei 
than the horroors ot everlaftingdarkndle here- 
after f 

t. Remember, that when thy blood and 
Spirits are moved, and thy paffions are up, 
whaterer is prefented to thy imagination, tends 
to the ddulion of thy (bui. Paffions like fome 
kind of glaffes, re^dfent things falfely: (bni' 
times of a mountain, thev make a m^e-hiU $ 
mSi fomtimes a mole-hill, they magnifitf iaeo^ 
a mountain. Therefore if it be poffiUe^/if ptf^ 
fiw mdke w refilnthni* Let it be one of thy 
main cares, then to fuCer thy fpirit and blood 
to cool, and thy paffions to 6nk, and mde 
away, and then thou wilt come to right ap« 
prehenfions. Many have grievoufl'y overfliot 
^emfelves in paifion, and repented ofitatld- 

7. Confider the root of all inordinate paffi* 
on \$filf-Uve, The Urger the htMches of^^^^^ • 
the deeper tbe fttttfje^- love* Therefore labour 
to dig up the root, and do not only lop off the 
branches. Inordinate felf-loveoi^httobefiibr 
daed, and mortified. 

8. Meditate often on the 4(^/f^/,/a;^Np^, 
death, aud fd^nt of our Lwd, tuid Ssvint^ 
Chrifi ftfffereafir ut, ledvittg tu tm exmfle , 
faith the ApoHle, i fet,t,ii. that w JSmU 
fpBeiw biffiifs. Was be crucified for us ^ and 
ihali not we cnicifie our vile affections for htm ? 


Chap.5. WttehwerthjAfe&Uns. 141 

Did he renoooce bis own will, to accomplifh 
oorfalvatiOQ^ and fliall iiocvre deny our vrills 
for him f oar corrupc wilb .' The mBs tfthe 
fiefh/mdtftbe imnip& the Apoftle calleth thenit 
Efh.i.i. The tufiings efthe t/fwer sndtbe ufftr 
/m/. Was be made of no repotacion for as ^ 
and (hall we be proud } Did he lay down bis 
very Rfe for us bis enemies i and mall not we 
forgive an enemy for bis fake/ O labour from 
tbeconfideration ofCbrifts fafierings to fflor« 
tifie thy lofts and Ti|e affe^ons. 

9, By earneft Prtyer,even the frajer tfFMth, 
feekforfoccour from Heaven^ againil all thine 
inordrnate atfeAions. Hambly plead that pro- 
fflirebeforethie Lord> Jiom,6,\^, Sin fbdBiut 
keve dmmMM tver jtm, far jtAre tut undtr the 
tWy ht under CfMce, 

10. Take thefrfirdvftbe SfkH which $$ the 
Wtrdif-Goi, and therewith laboar 
to flay thy inordinate afiedions. Apply the 
Cvmnumis and Threttmngs of Gods Word 
to thy felf, when thou findeft any fbon^ paffi- 
on or luft fttiring in thee .* As fuppofe Anger be 
up in chee$ take tbit ftvsrdoi the Spirit thou 
wilt find Bfb.4.i6ft7. Let wt the Snnn dovm 
»fpttymr wrath ^ neither give flute toifoe.devil. 
If i^/irrriagainft thy Brother be workii^ in thee. 
take tbxtfimd* t ^•hn^.i'i. iVhien/er hateth 
bit Brttkr k 4 mnrderery and je Mm> thit no 
mnrdererbdth eternal Of e ^^dinginhim* If thy 

Digitized b\fc^J^^jQlC 

heart be pcftcred with revin^efd i 
Uke that fw&rd in Mdt.6A^^ij, Iff 
mm their trefpajfay pur ^^.izenlj Fa\ 
forgive J9H 5 Rtit if ye forgive tm m i 
tr^affeSy neither mS ytmr Father fer^^ 
tref^afes. If lufi be fturring^ in thee, ui 
fword in Mat.^.i%. But I fay $mt9 jm, 
verlookethon^w^mMt^ Impafoerber^k 
mitted adultery mth her dreudj im hi k 
fride, take that fmifrd, i Pct.s^%. Gu 
thefreudj and gives Grace tetbebmdk. 
vetMfnejfe^ take thac/nwr^ Luke 12.11 
heeA and beware $f c&vet&ufnefiy far a m 
confifiethna in the abundance aftkethif^ 
be fejfeffeth. And i Tim, The U^ 
nej is the rm ef aUeviL Thusifthoai 
acquainted with the word of God/ riff 
fiod a fwQrd to flay any in$rdinatt a^^ 
rebeUiomlufi that rifes up in thee, 

Prov.4.aj. Keefthy heart with aS MgA 
out of it are the iffues of life. 

GaL 5 .24. And they shat are Chrip k^^ 
fled the flejh, with the afeffiont andla^* 

Tit.2.i2« Teaching rts that defying «P^ 
and worldly lupy wejhouldliveJdm}t^ 
oujlyy and Coaly in this prefont world. 

Rom.8.6. For to be carnally minded ifM' 

to bt^irituaBy minded is Ufo and futi. 
V.13. For if ye live after the^Jhpj^^ 

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Chap.j. WachtWrthyAffemm. sa? 

rl>€t.i.i u Dearfy Mtved, I iefeech yt» ^ 
Jirannrsdiii pilgrims sbft^infitm ftetlij l»fis 
wbtchw^r Againfithefml^ ^ ' J J 

Ph m^tng tht defres */ the p/h, ^d $f 

thtmtndt and were ij natitre the children vf 

Prov.25. 2«. He that hsth ne r»U ever hit ewtu 

fftnty u like 4 city thatu hroketi dew», W 

A:ov.i5.3». HethMti$IUmt0 anger is letter th^n 

the mighty, and he thatriderhhkjiritthatfhe 

thattakethaCity. '^ 

Eph.4.»tf. Beye angry; and fin net; let mtthe 

Sunge dnmufonym vtrath, 
S.xn, Neither give fliceu the devil 

V.30. And grieve wt the holy Spirit efGed, 
\jfherehyye arefededto thedayofredemftitn. 
T.jr. LetdlbittemeSe^ and math, and an- 

gtr, and elamonr.and evil freaking betrntawsy 
fimyM, mth alt malice. 

V.32. Andbeyekindmetoanether^enderhear- 

.'.f^^t^*!^ *^ ^^Itr, eife» 4t Gtdfer 

Chrtpfake hath ftrp'&en yon, 

1 Cor.14.10. Brethren be not children in nnder* 

fiMdingi,h9wbei(,inmaHeebeye children, bnt 


Dt £ocfcn 

344 Wikh$vertlrfwtrils, ^h9^%, 

Ecclef.7 p. Be ntt bafij in thyjfkit t» h sitg^ ? 

ftrdftgerrtfiethiitthe btfcmiffftU. 
I Jobng.i^^ Whtftever Mteth hit Briber it a 
. mmdertf, sttdye kaw tbst no nmrdererhith 

ettrndltfe abiding ia him 
»Cor,i^.t6. FtTlfetTy iifi»be»leme, IjhiU 

ntt fni ynfMcb m I vpmU, 4fiJtbat I fkklbe 

fvmd wmt jtifjiubdtje wtmU ntt ;• UjttUrt 
■ be Mstes^ ftfvfifigs, msths^^fes, bade 

bitings, wlu^trings, Jmtllitigs, tmimtt. 
Jaf».4;5. Ho Jt think mt tbfStriftnreJsithim 

vai»y the Sfint tha dmUeth in utkfittbf 

Jsauiwi fortbe msth ^ nunmtrkifhnftthe 

right fHfnejfe if God. 
Loke9.55. )int k turned Md rebuked thmt ^^ 

fttd, ye knm not wba numorofffirityeare 

John 13.3 J. BythifJkaUMilnun knov tbayetr* 

myJ>ifoifies^ if yt have-low one uanother. 
in th/tt vtbicb it not ctrmftibUy even the ormi- 
i^entrfametk and quiet Sfirit, which it im the 
\ht of God ofgrest frice. 


Thirdly, Watcbovw thy words. 

Gods fenrants io all^^es, have feepagreac 
dealof reaibiv torefolvc within chemielms, to 
nk^heedtii if ending ptith their tongmsy and to 
pray eamcftly CO the Lord, t!bathefmldflenfe 


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f ' "■ 

Chap.5* WiteitvertbfimJs* 24; 

itfet a vattbiefm thek nuutbsy Mdt0 ktep the 
dm rf their iifs, Tis a great part of Religion, 
rightly to goveni and hiMe the tMjou. Ifinef 
vumfeemeth t» he religie*ity MdhriMeth not hit 
tengue^ this mms rel^hn it vmh^ }zxa,i,x6. 
And the traofgrdlion of the tongue is the ra^ 
tber to be watched againft, becaiueoftbe/Mr«- 
r4vr9nen^et\\9i\%'v(k\& toc^feod in due kind. 
We are exceediilgly apt to fall into tttfsfo; 
jttrtly, becaofe oFthat qmdt iatereeturfettat'n 
oet^yeeathetoagucj and the heart, (o that we 
fiftin gn ioftaBt) jp^artly, becavie ^ch is an 
JH we perform withti^ l^evrt and fo we the 
more eafily oiefid thit way? And lafilyt be- 
caafe themsof the tongae are YcrypleaiSii^ 
aid compliant Tinth corrope aature; Therefore 
S' ^4mes faith, fMm,^,^.*, if aaj vumefftMi 
n^ittwerd^ the fmekAprfeh m^. he. Not 
oiAy z Se^fjtfeTy bot onctfcat is come tofome . 
rifen^ey and p^etrtkm Cbriftianity $ hiscare 
and watchfiiUidOfe ever hit vmds, argnesbim 
bow much rcaiba have wc to htferie^jbitm' 
Hed for the erroors and fnifcarKiages of one 
tongues/ X^vide theptis efmMintetfrefMrtSy 
faies KMiMKen^ and $h mI/ ffthim dre the 
of the toopn^ and yet pofliUy he hat^ doc 
' reckoned ali. 

f • • Digitized bJ^^|#Ogle 

f, tMng Gods l^dmt invain^ in irdhurjl 
^mtn^mtion. ... 
%. Utflawfuffwedrih^^ 

3. Lm./ 

4* Curfifig: 

6. Blafphemj. 

' '%. BtartteQf and. h)f$cri$icd frdjiftg. 
p, Fdfe accufing. 

16. OfentAilingy reviling dMdrtfnachitig. 
X 1, Sccrit dcfsmingy tdckiiting^ 4nd wM^e^ 

i%4 Sc0ffing^ leeringt fafrmnj^ ^'wi»f ^' 
ting quifs anagirds. 

1 3, Kibddrj, fiithy Ifedking^ fcurrnhus jV/ 
ingt Tift ten- emwmnicathn. 

f4/ Mending dndtBreatning revenge^ 

1%^ Deceiving and ckestif^. 

1 6. Pycndhafiing, dndjelfindgnifjing^ 

i^. Adfhj$$d^ing and cenfnring^. 

i8. Vdin and idle tdtlin^. 

\p. Flattering dndfirthtng in eviL 

10. Enticing and aUming to fin arid mcked' 


2 1. Seducing int^erronr. 
2t.\Mikmiiring andrepiniteg. 
iii Difdefingfecretscoiitrarj tofroiUdfe: 
To all which may be added^ 
S4^ Sinful filcnoc. Of wbicbasore afterward, 

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Ob hw ink 4re we, if Me metiAer iegtHltj effe 
much Jilt I Not wicboac reafon therefore hath 
St,^4ma in his third Chap. if^S, described an 
gvUtenffiei tobciftre^ iwetUffim^Uity, mtd 
fettm freefHeU^ iie, from the DeviltheFa- 
tber of lies, aulice, aodvimleacy* Theythae 
nourifli an anltonguejnpariih that which conies 
from Hdl) and wmch will carry them thither, 
without rciioos, and timely repentance; Thi 
tmegMe cm m mm tsme, as he goes on, v.9, 
that is, of bimfelf ^thout the concarrenceof 
I>hHm GrMte, Pray therefore for this Grace, 
thatthoamaiftf4i(r heed tt thy wtrds^ that then 
tffiend mt mth thj tnigMe. And for the better 
r^olating and governing of it, obferve theTe 

X. B^n at thy heart, if thoa woaldf^ 
rightly govern thy tongue. Pray as i)4vc</did, 
Pul.5 Create inme a cUm heart O GeJy W 
temwA righSfhit withia me. Out tfthetAnn- 
dame if the hem the meuth ^dketh, faith ov^t Si" 
. irioor, iiMt.iit^^ The dthrders »f the tengue, . 
i^$Mty freeeed fiem the afieti^ers cf the hem, 
Idleiiefle of vfords, from vanity of thoughts $ 
RaOwefleof fpeech, from haftineflfeof Spmt: 
Boaftii^) and proud brags, fi'om pride of hearr $ 
Reviling, and open reproaching, from invtrara 
malice, ihe fnU fimuck betrdies it feife^ in a 
fiinking hreah. The naogbtineiTe of the heart 
vents M felf by the tongue. A heart fior'd witli 

Digitized by V 

wifdora and grat^ will difcovw ic Celf in 0tWy 

2. Let thy<l?itt»ra fpcaking he, to 
gWfijeGod, aqd.tQdo gdodto^ocheifs. That 
word is an idlewofd, and utterly kifl,wb«di 
tends to no good purpofe. Bitkr ^eajk fombttg 
tetierthdajtlmcy tr ktefJHettce, faics ihc Hea- 
then Poet. Chooreeithef to fpeak tbac which jl 
(Ibroe. way or other) profitable? or to be B* • 
lent. Now there may be a fiafuU ffleace, as is i 
thelc cafes. 

. 1. whtuGod is ^ifinimreJy mdweixfrifm 

• 2. when *tU o»r My to refrtvem^tnUt)^ 
Brother, andteenegkBit, 

3. when mr ftUnce froceeds jrom wsM^J^' 
Ughtift^iritu4ltbir^S', when m art fret enngh 
toafijwotidljdifeourfe^ htt catuiot abide to fftds 
if matters that cjoncertteurjodtt. \ 

4. when m are afhanud to $vm thewakstf 
eodyforfearofrefrtach. \ 

f, Whev iH »egle{i to give goo^comfffi^ fltf^ 
IPC eugki. I 

, . 'J. Confider before thou fpeokeft, and be 
- not rafli with thy mouth -, Beflm toffeak, feith 
St. ^am. Chap. i.v. i9.i,e. deltierate,4iul4dvf- 
fed : Let thy mind he thy tongues gmde. When thy 
words are once out ot thy mouth, they are paft 
recal. And tbereforeoBe fee a prc^ty moral ji^- 
«re over his table C9 place ufaajly ojii cqo mucb li* 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Chip. J » Wdtch^ver thjJVcrds. i/^ff 

ccntioas difcour fe) of a man out of whofe mouth 
many little birds flew (which were his words) 
which he with both his hands ftrore to cacch a- 
gain, bat coaM not : Conifider therefore be- 
fore thou fpeakeft, and ere thy words be gone 
out of thy reach and power; e^ccially confi- 
der before thou promifeft any thing r Confider 
whether the thing h^good^Jih convenhnt, and 
in tf^ fewer, inAwhtwerthj mwdwUlfufer^hee 
U d$ it or m: He that does not this, will be 
apttoerre, and toenfnare himfelf by his ownc 
words.. , 

4* Whatever thou haft covenanted, agrced3 
orpromifed, be careful! to perform, T;houghta 
thy lofle and dam.age. If thou findeft thy 
fcif unable to perform, give notice betimes, 
ted craw Mhcrferhdrarfce, or a rele^fe. 'Tis i 
good caution that one gives, /W tveflionld^b^ 
txceedipg CAreful what V9rp^s we make toG/fd, or 
what frvmfesto man. 

5. Be fare, that whatever thou fpeakeft^be 
inorally true 5 {i.e. that there, be an agreement 
between thy heart and tongue) though thoa 
,art not obliged to ^peak all thait thou ^kno weft to 
be true, at aB times. There may be fomdmts 
malice in reporting the truth : Aft eager defire 
toffread a fault wants not fm. 

6. Speak with a great deal of saution and 
i^arineffe^ where thou art aggrieved^ and doft 

I think thoftfufferep : Truftnot thy felf, if there 

S » • ^ be* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

beany the ]eaftfo«^^tf/^ijf 9i$^ orriivjfinthee^ 
towards the perfon fpoken of. iM mi rnvtn 
ffettkswell^ Under fenfe of wrot^ oat; miodes 
are apttorua into: very ancharic«>kiaiaguuti- 

7. Forbear dtogethec to fpeak when tboa 
art m fMJfim. He chat is in a mgh fie of paflioo, 
IS as croly droak, as he whole bead is full (^ 
wine. Fd^n u 4 kad cmtfeJUmy Htdmillt. 
fitaker: Mofcs whcMMpaffiufpMki mudvifidlf 
with bit Uf^ Pfal.io5«35. Joo eMrfUtbelifk 
Bit NMivitp Job.3.1.3. Jooah ffake fettifif 
^aififtCodbimfelf, Jonah 4.9« 

8. Deal witb> anothets good same as tboa 
vonldft be williog thine own ihould be de^ 
with*, bevery waryofrpeakingoftbefitfiirof 
others on ^4rrrf^«rf/. Jtgo$d:iMme kbettertkm 
tkhes^ Prov.2a.i. Poffibly thou abhnreftto 
fietl from thy neighbour, or be tboogbt a 
thief ^ do not then roB him of bis gtod »mtt 
which is more percioas than worldly fobftance. 
Bfanod»Mme m4nj Have tUnegpid j^triieir 
death. ' h tie bffe m/mj-lmfe htenvaUrd 
ti^etef white thejUved. 

9^ Be not finxre (firitedy and ape to inter* 

Jret every thing in the wcirft fenfe. Letchfitf 
tmeksferfe&'mrk, 'TUhettntoerre tentimt 
in a wttf tfchmty, thdnotue i»A w^.rftrMebj. 
Ofdne§[i$ Uaft f^itiuu : Gracious bearore- 
Icd moft B^ tbemfelvesi tbey donocled 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Chap.5. W4tc%iverthj}Vtrds^ ^%z 

ibmucb what to rq^eia others, as what to 
amend in themfelves \ they love to look in^ 
wards, and tlemg fenfible of their own failin|s» 
are tender in refle^ngonthe weakneflesof o- 
thers: whereas thofe that are moft toqaificive 
into the lives of others, arel^uaHy moftcare- 
kfle in reforming their owne. Sharpcenfurers* 
and rcMToveis, had need bt very exaA in their 
own lives^ elfe in judging others they pro- 
nounce their own doom. Be not apt therefore 
to judge or cenfnre the aftions of others. Con- 
fider how often thon thy felfehaft offended; 
ofe another with the (ame merc^ thouwouldft 
have fliewedtothy felf, GmI,6,i, SrethreHy if 
Mjijnumiefvertake»m aJM^t je wUcb arefpi- 
fituMl^ rtfitrefuchdweinthe Sfkit fifmtdtwf, 
Wffiderin^tlnfeify kfttfmtdfoietnufted. They 
that are mm ftritftst, are moft ttiuUr to feta 
£dIenChriftianin joynt again. Confider weft 
therefore, before thou pranoonce too hard a 
Gcafnre upon thy brother: If thou canft not 
ezcttfethe *ltU», yet confiderpoffiblythcM- 
UmwMgftd^ or it might proceed bomigno- 
TMce^ otComcvhlenttemftstfM, gad ifjMt thon 
tbffelfmttftJofABy iffotemftedy otidGoddontf 
fi^Mntbee, tenuarivda of a man, that hear- 
ii^of a fallen brother, fieU into a bitter weep 
lag, anafaid, UUfoSitnto dajySitdltiutjfditt 
mmowi Therefore ckript m hmnUe jenfe of 
thmpnmfMihfy and that wUl make thee chtri^a 

Si tMi 

a5* VTdKbcutrthjirorJs. Cbap.^; 

/4*/<towaras others. And becfpetiallycarafid 
thou doftoot mikfithcfdiliogsfindaufemiiges 
of others, (which (hoold be matter pf ^^ 
- to thee, and fet chcc upon frajwg for them, 
i^oh»^,i6.)%o fervethee for mtrtlimdljitrt: 
jladjet thit it the mfud tnttrtaiamej^ of this w 
rnft vKtrld. But the Apoftle rcU us, i Car. i j,d. 
Chanty rejoyceth not in iniquity-, aodthercf 
fore it cannot make the (iosand failings of o» 
ihers, its recreation. . . 

I o. Do not v€citi jefis made upon Scripture, 
pr contrived out of Scripture phrafe, wbich can 
hirdly be toW, or heard, without leaving in 
the mind fome dimtnutm of the (Af^efij, mJ 
K^intbmty •fGods mrJi the Digmty whtretf 
aa ought to maintain. Therefore 'tis illtrttftiog 
our corruptions with the bar€ reporting of foch 
jefts noadf by wicked.^ts, on Scripture abafcd, 
tor fear of the ba^ cffteh that may enfuc thcre- 
upoj* Oar tongue is our glory, p/i/.jj.S. 
Wnhth^mfboulilbkdo the Lord It 
frMfefkould he c^nthtfaSy in our moutbes, Pfal. 
34 I. WuhrA4^weihouldlabour.todofWio 
ochcrs With whom weconverfe. Let us not then: 
pervert It from the right ufe. Morkl inftmu 
Jpreadi abroad bj w^ds, 4( the fefiilentialdothbj 
actrnft breAth, 

II. Speak with great modcfty, whea the 
?Tiatier anyway relates to thine owncommen. 
dapon. K^mxns ffaifc fmls fmet oat of am- 

Digit zed by GoOglqf^^fi 

Chap.y; ' Watch 0Ur thy W^Js. 2J3 

tbers mMth^ hut JHtAs00t ifhk mn . 

12. Speak iiocill ofaay, except it be upon 
JMft Pff^fiM^Mdinoxdcf to fimegeeJy t^acGod 
may have Glory thereby,.aa4 (he perfons whom 
thoufpeakeftj may be warnedi and admoaiih- 

13. In flead of l^uking iO, or cenfiiriftg thy 
brother, frivatlj MdfMntjh him ; bacdoitfioc 
in a mdfttrly mty^ but in Che Spirit oftnetkneffe^ 
Let Ut^fweettnthj w$rds. When kve ruUsin tht 
hearty tntlawofkindne^e is in the t$ngue. 

^4* Lai^ly, Confiderwhoc S&Iomo^ Tales, 
Pr0^» I D. 1 9« In the mtdtkude ofwrds^ there wan- 
tcth npt fi0f ami he that refraifteth bis lips is wiJK 
Due and beficcing filence is many times <s greac 
pTcfovcr of iottocency; bat when the tongue 
rons very iaft, and fpeaks more than comes to 
its {hare, 'tis ordinarily afervaftt either to pride 
ocfaffim. % 

Pfal.39.1. iJaiJ^ I mU take heed to mf waiet^ 
that I fin nitmtb mj tor^ut^ I will keep mj 
month with a bridle^ while the meked is before 

Pfal.17.3. lofMpnrpofedtkft my month JhaB not 

P(al.i4i.3. J^r a ipatch (o Lord) before my 
month, keep tht door of my lips. 

Mataa»34. o generation of vip^s^ how can yt 
being evil J^eak good things f (gout ^f the 4- 

S 4 bt$ndance 

, / 

»54 W4tebwerthjimrdf, Chap.^. 

4mcetfihtbe»t$be n$Mth ^aketif. 
V'55. Ago0dmM0»tiftiegndtre4fmretftbe 

heart, briitgeth ftrthgood things: OMsl Mtvii 

wanmofthe fvil tredfiiret bringethfmh t- 

vil thing f, 
V.35. But I fdy Mmc,je», that every idUwtrd 

thit m»PdB fftdky they fhaU give MccttaU 

theretfintkddy if judgment, 
Prov.ij.j. He th^t keefeth his imnth, keefeth 

hi/ life, hut he thdt tfenttbvfide hit hfs JbdM 

have dejlruSHtn. 
Jaro.T.45., ifanjmMameiig youfeemtc hertli- 

ghut, and briaUth net hie tengue^ bnt ieeei- 

'veth hit own heart, thie mans religien it vain, 
Jim.^\i, Fer inntanj things weieffendai^ if 

any man offend net in verd, the lame is a. /wr- 

fe^ man, and Ak ^Ife t^ hriduthe wbeleh^ 

V.J. Beheld^ m fut bits in the htjrfesminthet, 

that they may ebey ut, dxdwe tnrn abent their 

V.4. Behold alfo the fhifs^ which thengb they be 

fegreat^ and are driven of fierce windes, let 

are they turned abent vrith averyfmaS.bem, 

Mberfttver tbeGevernMr lifieth, 
y.5. Even fe the tongue it a tittle men^y gnd 

beafieth great things, beheld, ben great a m^" 

ter a little pre kindlab i 
y,6. And the tengne if afire, avferU efini^id'. 

Vi fi it fhe tetigue mMgH m ptem- 

Digitized by VjOC . ^CTS^ 

Oap'.;.^ m»eh$vhthfW»Js, 455 . 

krsi thmU defikth the vhje body, mJ fet- 

titbmfirtthe cmfe tf nMm, and kfe$»n 
' peifHtU, letHmff€tehkdw4ij frith GrMeeJu- 

fntedrnth/sh, tha^ jetmtf k»tm hm jenght 

i0Mitf»er everyttutt, 
Epb.4.t9. Let tie eeirrwft eeiHmmrie/itienfirtceed 

em efyemrmeetk, hit thdtiehieh i$goedtetbe 

nfcnedifftn^, thetiimdy mimfier GrMcetrnte 

£pb.f.3, Bne fenUealeit, Md sB muUMtt^e^ 

er eevetenfmf, let it wet he erne nmued^me^ 

«M, 4V heeemethSsmts* 
y^. Neither fU»hmf[e^ tmfeetifh tdkitig, ner 

jefiiiig, which Mte Mt ceievement, but rather 

fiviitg efihuiki, 
iCor.15.53. 3e net deceived i evilcemnmicd- 

funs cemtft'geed-mMtiers, 
VUi,ie6.s,^, Thejfreveked hitfprit, fe iha be 

(i» e, MoTcs) Jfoke mutdvijeMj prith hit 

Prov.ij.aS. Thebeirteftherighteewfiifdieth t$ 

Mfmer^ but the meuth ef the wicked feureth out 

evU thills, 
1 Sain.2.3* Tdkm mere fe exceeding freudhfy 

let net m^egMncy ceme eat efyeur meuth: fer 

the Urd is 4 GedefknewUdge, 4ndhf him d^i- 
, ensure weighed* The menth rfs righteem nun it 4 

tptieftife^ km viekmt eeyereththe memhef^y^ 

fhe mked» V.ii^ 

i^6 mtth^erthjl^di^- Chap.y: 

ittfa, ht be thit re^^itb bit Ufs m wijl 
V.»o. rhet$npu •ftht jifiis at cbmefm: 
' iUbtinitftk)»khd it UtiU mrtb^ The lift if tbifighfMit feed mmnj^ ht 
fooler die fwffMt cfmfdmes 
proT.i7.»7« Wtibah^k 1em»if^4\ ffttretbU 
n>trds, 4iid;*md0 ^fitHder/hmiiii^ if tf^meic^ 

cefftfttjpirih ' 

Pfal.37.30. The memh of the rtgkemtffeAuh 

wtfdme^Md hit tvfigii tdmh,tfi*Mit9if, 
pral.34.1t. Wbm fimn it hi thit defintbtift^ 

gndUveth mdgy ddies, thdt hemsyfiegeedf 
V.I 3. Keitp thfUngueftnte^li tuultkfBfi 

jrv» fpeakirt^gMtle. 
Pfal.i».4 Who have f aid, loiib 0Mr tongiiewti 

rt^efrevdil, -our lifsdre omtmt ) *Al iflMi 

over wf , ., • 
l>fa).i40.3. They hdifefharf tied tbeirtt»gmm 

M Serpent, ddders foifon ft wtder their tiff- 

Rom.3.13. Their throat & »n opeitfefmm, 
iohh their tongues they have ufed deceit % the 
foifoftofafpesit under their tips* 
V.14. WhtfemtthisfuBofcurjingaiidhitttr' 

neffe. • 

Pf 07. 1^.27.* Jn ungodly tf*4)t difgetb up ew: 

and in hit lips, there it, s bur/tiff^ fire* ■ 
l>rov.i5.4. AvhoUjfom tongue it a tfeetfl^^^ 

hut perverfenef therein, it d breath i0 J» 

fpff^ff ' Digtzed by Google y.7f 

Chap.J.' ^ach fiver tHyiVtrJs. ay- 

V.7. f^ iifSfifth'e mje Jifptrfe kmrpled^c: 

huttbe hem *f thefethjh Hoth mt fo. 

Prov.14.3. Jnibe mmbfifthefiiHijh is drtdtf 

■ fride, b»t the lifs ef the wife fl/aS freferve 

Prov.ii.x8. rhere is tha fpeaketh tike the tier. 

^V^^ff * /«"»''•' *«' the tongue <?/ the mife is 
•kedtb, «*'.-' 

Prov.i7.j. Whoff mocieth the fm, reprmbeth 

hu mAker: snd he th*t is glad at calamities, 

jbattmt be»rtfMmJbed, 
Pfovi^i.itf. She.tfenethhermuth withwifdm. 

andinherttngue isthe Lawufkindue^t, 
Tic.3. 1 ,». Vnt them in mtnd^ &c. Tojfeak evil 

*fn»mati» to he ng trawlers, hutgemle^jhew- 

tugattmeekae^e unt9 aUmen. 
Mat.J.ii. But jjfaj unto jou, that whefeeveris 

*n^ nith his brother without acaufe^ jhaShe 

in dagger of thie judgment: and whtfoeverjball 

fay unto his brother^ Facba, JhaS be in danger tf 

theeouncel, but whoJoeverfhaS faj, thou fool, 

LeviMp,i6. Thou fitalt not goup anddownasa 

tale-bearer amongthjfeofle. 
Prov.l1.15. A tale bearer revealeth fecrets^ but 

he that is of a faithful ff kit somealeth the mat- 


Prov.i^ftS. A man that bearithfalfe witmfea- 
g^t>lihii neighbour, is 4 mattl, and afwordy 
"wf arrow, , Dig, zed by Google 


2}t ffktci fiver thyWtrisl Chtp.f;^. Httha gtetk skm m s tMtmtr^ 

rtv^idtth fcerets^ thtrtfm meddU mf with 

lumthkfiittfrttb vithhitlffs, 
Pfalj 5.1. Ltrd vbo IhaS diJe in thj rdntmr 

V.«. ht tbgtffe4ieth tie truth h his km, 
V 3. HtthttbMkbitethnt$mth hifffiKgMe, m 
doth evil t$ bit 0eij[hh$fr, ner t^ikethufdrt' 

jer.iS.iS. jifuitbeyfiad, eme, damdevifedt' 

vices ^dittft ^eremidb, —feme let tufmte'Um 

mitbtbe tengMe, and let m sutgivebeedteMHf 

efbit werds, 
]ofak5i2i. rheuPtdltbehidfim tbefemgeeftbt 

twgtte, tuitberJhdktbeM be dfrMidefZfrtSi' 

m wbeii it cemetb. . rbi» jbdlt bide tbemin tbefeerettf 
• '%f '/'»* /retn tbe fride tfntMs trnfimb 

keefthem((cretl)i»afdfviliM, fm tbefkifc 

e/t§tigi$es, ... Mjfea, iftbou befuretyftrtbffM 

iftben bafi fhiekeft tkf bdnd vnthspsiigtri 
.V.2. rb»n mfiiMredtvitbtbe wwds if thy m^h, 

tbf»4rt tdken mthtbe vtrds efthj memki 
Pxw.ia.ij. Tbe mcked it piared U tbf trenf' 

greflhtt efbit lips: but tbeJMjlJbdtt eemeet* 

If3,53.8. ^erbeftidy fmfy tbej mmj feefie, 

(hfldr^it^tl^ ifiS^tutfie, ft be w/eetbeif Sent' 

• ^ n •. . •—'"•*■■■ "■' Digitized by GoC^jPr07.^# 

Chap. J. WMtchtvtrtkfWwii, ,5^ 

Prw.6.i<5. rbefcfixthifigsdoththeL0rdhMt<^^ 
jes, fewen m mMlmuHatm utiu, him 

Zepb.3.13. rbertmMnt «f ifriil Jha tut j$, 
imquttf, mf^AUtS', f>M6er Jh4t 4 Jesdi^ 
m*^ ^(•»»A*» thir htMtb.' f4r thef 
jM/«< 4«/ ltd imn^ 4nJi mnt fiuM mA 
them 4frmdf ' 

Melunestherfluk tbpgfr^^ne tie Nmeef the getting tf tredfm-es bj 4 /ymf 

?Tf» i^*'^f'IP'^f*^/ri»ftbemt& 
feet desk, ' 

ftrov.17.x4.rAr iispMrpp e/Jr^e uMwhen^ 
Me ielteth em wMer^ then fire lan/e ^cm- 
rwwfi, kef ere H it medled mth. 

Prov.i&<. A feelet lift enter imteeutemimjmd 

_^ htewmthcsttethfirliredtes, 

Ecclctj*^. Si^mt thf numb te eanfeihtfielh 
ttfin^ nettherfythen ieferetbe Anreltbait 
WMmerrewr^ whenfere JbonUGedknaign^ 
tbyvtke, MdJeBrtftbewerkeftbinehA 

Noinb»i2.8. Witb him mB I ffesk mentb ts 
meatb, even Mferent/j^ 4nd net in iUrk 
feeebes^ snd tbefimHtndee/tbe LerdfbaBhe 
btbeld: wberefere then were jt net ^raidH 

xTi(n.5.i9. jf^mpMSlderreteive netMte^ 

Digitized bP^^'mM 

2^o lyaicifffvrrTajJiLCFmt* v^nap^y. 

Cf$f4ti0fi$ but before tw0 0rthriemtnefis\ 
Prov.i7.2.Afi0!^ is heavy, Amithefafulweigktjy 

bMt aftfples wrath is heavier than them b^tb. 
Lqvit. 19.17. thoufhdt nk hate ttj bnther in 

thine heart: thots JbaU in any mferehnkethj 

neighbour^ and net fuffep^ fin upon him. 
£pb.5.ii% And have n^- fellaw^f mth the nn^ 

fruit fd warki if darkne/r bm- rather refreve 

Pfal. 141,5. Let the righteem fmite me^ itfid 
^ beakindneffe^ and Irt hint refrweme^ it^d 

be an excellent oile^ which jbaU not break mj 

head^ • 
Prpv.i5-5- J fuldepfeth hit Fathers infrnlH- 

$n% buthethatregardethrepreef ifprndent. 
iPec.j.S^ Finally^ beyeaVefonemind^ hanntig 

cMBfaffion .&n€ cf another^ lavt as brethren^ 

be pitiful, be ceurteem. 
V.p. Net rejftdring eviifor evil,, sr railing ftr 

railing, but amirariwife bieffing^ knemng 
. that fe are thereunto caSed, thatye fboMinbe* 


fourthly, Watch over thy A<&ioos. 
' The Apoftle gives us aa excellent exhortatU 
on iq the 5^^ to the Mfhef. v. 15, See that ye 
walkdrcumffeSHjy noraifods^ but ns wife. And 
ittl Petj.15. Weare cunmanded tok bolyind 
manner of converfatlon. True and realCnriftia' 
m^f'i&acarefni Mfindffe. There is a great de^^ 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Chappy, Watcbivertbf AHUns. t6i 

q{ wacchf ubeflc and circumfpedion required to 
keeppm Cwfciences void of offence tm^rdsGoi^ 
MiHW4rdsmtn. O how fad a fight is it to fee 
men h words frof effing Christy and yet in worh 
dinfing him i Shew mc thy Faith bj thy vnrks^ 
bks St, fames. And our Saviour io Jiiat.s.i6. 
Lit yonr light fofbhi before men, that they may fee 
your good workes^ ajtdghrifie jour Father which is 
tnHuwn. The men of the world have their 
ties OQ the livesand cooverfations ofProf^irsp 
they know not what they do in their dofets, they 
care not nuich what they do in the congregation^ / 
they look what the tenour and conrfe of their lives 
it. a therefore lei thoft that name the Name^ 
Chrifi d€fartfromaBintqui$]! Let fuch as profeu^ 
tbemrelves real Chriftians; and true converts, 
take, heed of hcvRQ taken tardy io fuch things^ 
which ineer moral men (that are ftrangers to the 
lifeof Grace) cannot be juftly charged with. 

Be very careful therefore of^ and watchfull 
over all thy adions^ Take heed the Uame of 
Godienothlafphemed, not hit honour wonndedby 
any m^odly akion of thine •' Take heed of bring -^ 
ing a]cdndali}n ReUgioat and a ref roach on the 
GofpeL If ever, thou wouldd win others to 
Religion, thou amft be exempUry in hoUneffei 
and rigkcoafneffe thy felf ^ it is a woful tlungto 
be an offence^ aud ftnmhlin^ block to others t and an^xxafioA ofkeeping them ofi from em- 
bracing the waies of Qpd^.O therefore take 
' "'""'" ' * yikeed 

Digitized by ^ 

becfl of doing atrfjuch tbii^s s uuy make Re 
ligionj^Mit in the noftrils of pro£iiie men .* Talce 
heed of doing any thing that is hoc JMppUe 
or wmmttblt^ and which hiay ^ an 4£F/atf 
)^W4/ onto others. Indeed there tstfsffvt 
featuUls and tfoMs, fiichas undked meo/4lr 
through thnr o^n corrapc and malicioos hearts* 
as the Pharifces did at Chrift ; Kit fiich people 
deftroy themielves , and IHerSerfeiKs, trnnivf 
rj tHn^ the) €^ mtffriftn ': Bat the true Chri- 
ftian is tender of <?«tf/ (r/nry, and tkreptttedt 
Religion % and therefore dves not do fodf 
things as are unwarrantable* If^«^«/f«rCQaId 
fay, M Empertr JkntU nt$ n$lj kt.Jru frtm 
erimes^ttittbevery ft^hiMtftbmi Howmudi 
mbreftiouldtrue Chriftians laboor to be focfa* 
wh§»e (»mmmd<dt» dfiMJrem mB Mffe/^rMnte 
pfeviU tTbef.5«s2* Do nothing therefore 
that is misbecomooing a real Chriftiao. As Ui* 
bemdh once (aid, flkiBfMcb 4 num 4U IjUe f 
JHehem,6,\t. So ao thou refledapon thy ftlf^ 
when tempted toan^ evila^on; SbaijiichMr 
•tu m U lit) fre4y. ded dttekfuBj $ be fr»Md, 
tecpvetous^ htmmjmnded, &c^ Oi if ever 
thou fiiouldft be overcome with fach thioet. 
thou maift fay to thy felf tnlj^ what Uiehd 
fudfalfely to DMvid^ Tkcu kafi mdi tbj felf like 
tnttftbevUcMid baft cnu»f the emb. 

That therefore thou maift be the morefov- 
ottfly watchful orcr all thy a^oos take thefe 
three dire^oos. ^ i.,LooI» 

Digitized by V^OOQ IC 

Cbapi5 WtitchivertirfASimt, '2^^ 1 

I . Look carefttUy to the frmifU^ '^ j^^'^i 
tkri^e of them. Obren^e ironi whence all thy 
€xtern4^dien€efl0wts : Does it cotnet from aoi 
ifimirdfrineifletfGrAtet frtm a fanned htiirty 
^tm 4 new tMurtt frtm sfrimfle $fF4utb, Mtd. 
I»otf or from txHrnd mtives^ ttApmfuri, 
rt^eSts and etnJsderMtinui 'Tii not the matei^ 
that makes the work geod^ but the frineifle: 
Soitte things may be Saai {ftr the mater guid) 
aad fome external obedience performed by meer 
Mr«r4/wr;i, and that either /M'«reiKr, or opoQ 
&e impuiles 0/ namrd Cmftknee, oat of »#«• 
dt^tf and a fervilefrsau *jf S»it\ like frOits 
thatareripenbiby artandtorce, not naturally 
and kindly •, b«c 'cis not enobgb to do adions 
^§0d audjufi M u the nudttfy batwemaft dq' 
them out of Uve to God, and okedience to hit 
wiH, and in Fmh expecting ow r(iward from 

a. Look to thy rule. Is the Word of God 
the mle and (cpiare of thy adions i Thy Word it 
A light to mjfttty 4»d a Umhorn to mj pdths, iaies 
X)06/dy Pfal.ii^ 105. ^^nidsmMttjui vfAlkae* 
eor^gtotharide^feoieke on then*, ^f*^ mereji 
sndufontheifrMlofGod, faies f4ul,QA.6,i6. 
Mjny people watch in a diforderlytoay j They .« 
have no Lmo or Mnle^ hm. their own /«/i.and 
ciurnfi wUls% no gnide , box their own hliad 
ji^ont and himoms. Bat if tboa wottldft order 
thy aftiom aright, take the Word of God iox chy^j^ 
Muk, f ?. L'obl^ 

2 ^4 Watch 9vtr fbj ASmt. Chj 

3« Look CO thy MmToAtmi. Tfayni 
ulcimate tnd motl hcC^isGlmj. A Choi 
whole life (h mid }xili^mg tatpCnl, Qh 
AH thac is done, be itXizAofnajf^ 
Temfersnce, or Chdritj^ icftouldbe dor 
this dim J thzi C^d migk be glmfiii^ 
In nil thy 9fktons thetefore, whether u^ 
civil, or ^irhudl^ thou moft ftill de^ 
CloryotGod: But0ftbki9C bsve§$k»\ 
under tbifiurthfdrticuUrpf this cbifter. 

Jam. 2.12. ScffcAkji^ dmdff dodfikji^ 
be judged by the ZatP of Liberty. 

1 Pet. X . 1 5« But as he witch bath cdUedjmHi 
fo be ye h$ly in all manner efc^maerfeMl 

2 Per .3 . 1 r . Seeing then tbM mS tbefe tm 

be difilvedy whst mdnrer offer/pnsn^ 
be^ in all holy conwrjation and Godii4' 

Mar.7,2 2. iJ^Unj toiSfdy to me in thai^ 
Lord, have we not frophefied it^ ^^ 
and in thy Name have caft out Devils / i 
thy Name done many wonderful warhf 
V^ij. And then will I profeffe nnto /i«i 
"ver knew yon^ depart from noot Jt^^ 

Heb. i 2. 14* foBow peace with oB men, ^ 
nejfe^ witbont which no manjbMBfee tkl' 

Tir.2.itf. who gave himfelf for m,^ 
might redeem us from aU itdqmiy^ eaif 
unto himfrlf a peculiar people^ xe^4 
workt% ^ J ', 

Digitized by LjOOgle 

Chap,5« W^ch $vtr thf Aciiims. itfj 

I John 3 J. AndtvtT^ mdh that hath this hofc in 
.. himy ffirificthhifnfelfcvenas he itfure^ 

Eph.5.iy* See then that ye tpolk circamfpeftij^ 

notasfo^les^ hut Mi wife. 
V.i6. Redeemif^ the time^ hecdttfe the daiei 
are eviL 

Col. 4. 5. Walk in mfJem tewards them that mi 
wthouty redeeming the time. 

1 Cor. 1. 1 a. Finreurrejejcingithii^ thetefiimo* 
nj pf PUT CMffience, tM in fimflidtj^ df$d 
Godh ftnceriti^ mt withflejbljmfdpme, hut^ 
the Grace of God^ wehaa ^nr canverfation in 
theworldy and mire dhnndantly to pntpardsm 

1^3.3 8, 5. And Hezekiah faidy remember now^ o 
Jj^d^ I hefeech thee^ how I have walked if e fore 
thee in trntk^ Mndwith dferfeSf heart, and have 
done that which ii good in thy fight, and He^- 
kidh wepfire. 

Afts 24.16; And herein do 1 exercifemjfeifjtv 
have alwaies a Confcience void of offence toward 
God, and toward men. 

Jam,r,flf/r. Pnre Religion, and nnde filed before 
Cody and the Father^ ii thU, to vifitthefa^ 
therUjJey avd widowes, in their ^fiiBion, and 
to keep himfetfunffotied from the world, 

Jam.i. nit. For » the My without the ffirit is 
dead^ fo Faith without wcrkes ii deadalfo. 

Mir.5,i6. Let your light fofbine heforemen^ that 
they may fee four good works, andglorific your^ 
father which is in Heaven. oigt^abyGooQle 

266 Wdtchwer thj Aliens. Chap,5. 

Prov.i^.17. Thehighvfjjofths ufright is to de- 
fart frm evil, he that keepeth his tPay preferv^ 
Ezck.3tf.27. AndlwiBfut mj Spirit within jm^ 
^ ani caufe jm to tpalk in mj ftatmes, and ji 

flj all keep mj judgments, ard do them. 
1 Cor 6.20. For je are bought toith a price ^ 
therefore ghttfie God in jonrbodj^ and in jour 
fpirit, tphich are Gods. 
I Tiin.i«5. NotP the end of the Commandment is 
charity^ out of a pure hearty and of a good Cart- 
fcienee^ and of FMth unfeigned. 
4Titti.».T9, NeveirtheUQe^ the foundation of 
God fiandeth fure^ haa/ing thisfed^ the Lord 
kttomth them that are his ^ and let- everf one 
that nameth the Name \>f chrifi depart from ini • 
Eph 4.1, I therefore, the Prifoner of the Lord be- 
feechjou, that ft walk worthy of the vocatiom 
wherewith ye are caSed. 
Luke 3.8. Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of 

repentance • 

2 Cor.j.ic, For we mufi all appear before the 
judgment feat of Chrifi^ that every one may re^ 
ceive the things done in his body^ according to 
that he hath dont^ whether it be good er bad. 
Rom. 12.2. And be not conformed to this warU^ 
but be ye transformed by the renewing of^ogr 
mind^ that ye may prove what is tha$ good, that 
'^ accept dte and per fed wiiofCod^ 

DigitizedbyGoOglel "!'.*•. 

■■" i I III i . ' X, ^ I 

Cbap.y. WatcbagainHSin. t^^ 

V\\\\.%.i^. Th4iye bUmeUff'e, ^andhdrm^ 
kffe^ the ffns of God mthcui rehie^ in the 
9$u^pf dcr$0ked Andfcrverfenathn^ among 
whomjejhine m Lights in the w$rU. 
PbiJ.4.8. Finally Brethren^ pfhatfoever things are 
trney nfhatfoever things arj honefl, i»hasf$ever 
things are fuJf^ whatfoever things are pure, 
mhatjoever things are lovely J whatjiever things 
4rf of good refortp iftherebeanyvertiUf and 
iftherebeanypraife, think on thefe things. 

Haviog now difpacched thofc four things 
thqii muft watch over; fiameiy^ thy thoughts^ 
thy K^ffeBionSf thy Words^ and th AStiims^ I 
come now in the fecond phcc to (peak of tho(e 
px things thou mdft effedally watch agaioft. 

I. Agatnft thofe uns thou art mofi: eoclined 
tO) by temfer and natnralconptmion. The weak*^ 
eft part of the City muft have the ftrongeft 
guard. Some if j^^/M^ fife predominant in one 
Age, fome in another/ V^tve art yonthfullnjls^ 
2Tim.%.2%. as well as infirmities proper to f/i 
jtge. Twas a great Argument of 2>iia^Wifi|^e» 
ricy that he could truly fay, Pfal.ii 2^. I was 
nfright hforc thee, una keft myfelf from mine 

Study therefore thy hearty and confider what 
fins thou art moft prone unto. AU iins fight a- 
gainft the fbd^ but thy Mafier^fin, is the Goliah % 
endeavour (tluroa^ the aids of Grace) toiliy 

t 3 ,; that. 


^^8 Watch ogainH Sin. Chap. 5. 

^^hatyZtid the whole Army otthcFhHifiin€s 
will be eafily TanqQiihed. 

2» Againft the fins thoo art moft obnoxioos 
to, byrearonofthy/^l/Ar/4r Callings Conditi- 
on, State^ and Cpwjt of life. A manbyrealbo 
of his callings or coodicion of liie may have 
more freqaenc, and ftronger indocements to 
ibme finSj than to others % which he is there- 
fore the more efpecially to keep watch againft, 
' Kiag.j^.i8. In thi$ thing the Lord fordon thy 
fervdnt^ that uhen mj Mafiergoeth info the homfe 
ofEimmon^toworfbifthere^ aud he leMeth on my 
bandy and I howwjfelf in the honferfBimifon^ 
pibenlhow down wjfelfin the hoi^e of Mimmon, 
the Lord pardon thjfervant in thi$ thing. 

3* Againft the (ins of the times^ md places 
wherein thou liveft. We moft be careful of be- 
ing carried away with the evil of the times. 'Tis 
a defeription of wicked men, Epkz. 2. that they 
walked according to thecourle of this worlds 
i. e. according to the Age, as the manner of the « 
times went. But of righteous Hoah^ we hajre 
another kind of Charadter!^(7^;^.6.p.; Noah 9M it 
jttfi man & upright in his generationi& Noah walk- 
odmtihGod.Ajad Co in 2 Chron.ij.y/^.We read, 
that the Lord was with ^ehofapbat^ becaufe bt 
spalkedin the firfl waits of his Father Davidy and 
fonght not nnto Bdalim, imfittght to the Lord God 
ofhiFather^and walked in his Commandment s^and 
mt afur the ^^ings ofjfratl.hxA the Apoftle ex* 

Digitized by VjOG. hfiltj^ 

Chap.;. Wi^ch dg^nH Sin. 269 

hotts the lUMppians, Chap« 2. v. 15. tbatfAey 
flumldbeblamclejfcyMd harmUffe^ thefomofGod 
wi$bpu$ rtbnkc itkthtmd^ ffs crooked dmidfer- 
n)trfe fuuion^ m$Mg whifm (faics he) ye(bheMf 
Lights in the world. 'Tisa high poiac of Grace^ 
9§ot t0 hcfnared with thi ivils of our own times. 

4« AgainftaU«^4j£?;9/, and tenfptations^ thou 
forcGpeft are likely to eadaoger rhy foal. We 
that pray to God^ aoc to lead us4|UO temptaii- 
on, moftnot roiiottrfelves intoit: A prudent 
man fliould therefore forethink, aotf jcon/ider 
in the morning) what temptations he is like to 
be encountred with that day, that fo he naay 
(if poifible) dedine them, or elfe fet his guards 
ibe ftroeger againft them« A wedk temftation 
thM tdkts m nn4W0€S^ wiB prevdil more than 4 
fir^n^er forjeen. A Prndtnt man faith Solomon, 
Fr^v.zi.j. forefeeth the evil^ And bideth him- 
felf, km thefoolipgo onftiS dndarefunifhed. 'Tis 
a point of true ffiritnd wifdom to forefce fin a- 
f^ojfy in the occafions, and temptations that 
lead to it % and by avoiding the one to prevent 
the other. Tis eafier and fafer for the Fowl to 
paileby the fnare, while fhe is yet out^ than it 
is to wind her felf oat again, when flieisonce 

iVdtcb and fray, faies oar Saviour to his Dif- 
ciples,il£tf.2tf.4i« that ft enter not into temptati- 
on. liycdotaMy enter the lifis of temptation, a 
thoufand to one (fach is mans natural! weak- 

T 4 nelfc) 

^1^0 ' W^ch 4gMnfi sin. Chap.5. 

neiTO yoa will not come ouc tTichoat fotne 
'foi'. ''.' ■' ' 

5. Agaio^ diflioooaring God h the ufe of 
Imfuftht^St jtuhaimea^ drink^' 4ffml» Uvf- 
fMlrefreJbmnts, Sec. ' 

Remember chat 'tis in the nfe even oUfvtigs 

ixdiferenf, th^t Satan moil ufaally f^^ceth his 

flares for G6d$ fcrvants; for here khefnareis 

hocfoviGble, as ingroflerfins$ and he prevaU 

ieth more often againft chofe thit be notj^rofife- 

Vy pfophancand ongodly, by the «Mmw<^«r« or 

Mndtie ttfe of things irt themfelves Uw/mI, than 

by drawing them to fuch things asaxefimflyC' 

'vil, and u^ldwfiU, The D6vU knov^'fis well, 

that he that will «ll» *i he nuyJa, Wilffbonbe 

6tivmttiifif0tH»h4t he ought tut ttd$. 'Tudsii- 

gertus t» cm* near ihe bmers dndc§nfnes tffin : 

jhoje tif/a mBgo U the mmofi extent of their 

Chrifiidn iMtirtj and venture themjehesfrnt^ 

ikehrinlfi dt mamj thnes faS inti the fit tf fin. 

Ai things (faith the Apoftlej are lawft$limi» 

me, i^aSthingfm net expedient: i Cor.6.ia. 

bhd 10.13. jiu things, i.e. not kB things aifh 

Intelj, bat all'thingis in their own natiire/ffJ^r- . 

^renti aii lawful to me ^ yet oBfncb things art net 

dlpfoies exfedieta. Tis better for us many titnes 

to forbear viany ttnstgsM may d$,(ft priB never he 

grief er efence if Mart tt its, asmtijkidtelOi.- 

y^dyinaaethercafe, 1f4w.a5.31 J than be once 

ov^ta&eiii in What we flioald tidt do. 

'•**■■ ■ r^^-Watcli 

Digitized by VjOC* ' * * ' 

Chap. 5- Wdtcb dgdnfi Bn$Br. 271 

6. Watch againft Errour. 

As thoa tnuft be careful to keep thy heart 
from fififal lufts, and thy lift from beiog fpoc- 
ted and ftained with finful pradifes ^ fotbou 
moft be vigilant alfo to keep thy judgment 
fpmd^ and thy mind from being tdintei and ' 
fij'bUwn with £rroar.Thou muft take heed of 
ic§rruPt juJfmentj as well as a rttten heart and a 
wicked life. Tis a great judgment ro be given 
op ekherto an erroneous mind or to vile dScCd^ 
on$4 Some there are that feem very ftrift in 
their liveSi and pretend as much tendemeiTe in 
matter' of mpralitjy as Let did of i^is guejis^ 
Gen.ig. yecarevery/^/ras to ^tixjiulgments^ 
expofing chem 7&he\i\s Daughters to hi defiled 
with any cerruft Dpifrine chat conies to their 
doors, fulian the Afe/late was a jaft, teipper 
rate, ilrid man, but a bitter enemy to Chrift : 
Some that are ibber in their lives, are yet drqnk 
withErrour. But let (nch cenjider, that as thy 
fdj of0h^ they begin tofiink at the heai^ fo a cor- 
ruft jadgmeut is very frequently a^^^iMfrand 
imrpdmer of a defraved converfaticH!. Men in 
thisageare94i9f0;f, andp/^ with opinions ^ bqc 
f believe it) 'tis not of imall moment,^ what 
opinions we hold, and whether we be/Miii 19 
the Faiths or ho. Graee and Truth ufe to thrive 
together : The way afttmh it the way of lifty an4 
trratn^ tet$4eth to dutb. The Apoftie telsus of 
ternifiouK Jioffrittes^ 9nd damn^blf Hfrefiet^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC i. 

4 Pet. i.r. thiOi bring [mft deftruHion. Tnah 
in the mind prefervech an awe of God in the 
boHTt % Butfalfe D${frit$esb\iskd the mind, harden 
the heart) deprave the conver(ation, deftrciy 
the Churches peace^ and provoke the Lord to 
have a concroverfie with a people where diey 
are tolerated, Mtv.t.ii^yiU^o. 

And we (honld be the more watchful over onr 
felves in this particular, bccauCefrrMrxarefo 
MgriCdbU to ccrrttpt Name ; (and Confcience 
does ufualiy le(& regret a man for Erronr, than 
for unholinefie) and many times alfo they /itfe 
4 eerruft interei ('namdy, frefis and worldly 
^advantage) and then peq>le are in great danger 
; to be caught by them. 

> To keep thee therefore from Errpnr take thefe 
few Dire^ons. 

I. Labour to be well-grounded in the truth 
Letche/MJ^nAtf/Mbelaidfure, elfethe building 
with every ruffling wind, will be apt to totter^ 
Ungrounded Chriftiaas who never underftoo4 
the true grounds of the MtlipM they have taken 
up, and bow it vi built on the ScriftmeSy when 
they meet with Arguments againft it, wbK;h 
they never heard of before, and which they 
(through their unskilfnIne&)cannot anfwer; tbey 
prefently yield to errour % and chink,becaufe tbcy 
cannot aRlwer them, therefore no body elCe cm. 
Bat if thou wouldft not be csniedMsj with eve* 
fj nHnJofDoOrineyUbaitt rightly to underftand 

Digitized by GoOglC^*^? 

Chap.y. IVdtch ugahH Srr^nr. 47 j 

the true grounds of Chriftiao Religion: And to 
this end fudj the Scriptttres^ with hmrnlity, and be 
mxkchmfrayer, that God would guide thee by 
his holj Sprit into all faving truth, and keep 
thee from (ailing into errour. And remtwktt^ 
thzt»hiU has hcen cimmofily reeeivid by thefts 
fie ofG0dMd embraced dndfra^fed by the Sditeee 
in alleges, is not lightly tp be rejeHed and defer" 
ted. Can any rational roan think, God would 
\^vtt\\^ generality of his fe0fle to errour and fe- 
dudion ot mind ? Confider with thy felt there* 
fore whether it be not fafer to follow the fert-- 
fiefs of the flick sfchrifi, than to be led away by 
pretenders t0 new Ugh •, the Scripture having gi- 
ven fo many cautions to beware of feducets, 
a P^. J. 17,1s. 

t. Reft not in ^barekmvsledge of the truth, 
but reduce thy jt^n^ir/f^e into pradife. Be fin- 
cere in the Religion thou profefleft^ and let the 
trtabs of God, Xm^ leaven^ feafon thy mind, will, 
and aficAions, and have a powerful influence 
on thy life. When men are in love with Gf/j^^/- 
tfuths^ for the goodnelfe, fweetncffe andliene- 
fit they tafi in them, they will labour to hold 
them faft. Thoft that have any experience in 
their mn hearts of the comfort and effcasy of the 
DoArines of Repentance j Faith in Chrift, and 
isilywaichfulnef^ w\fl not t^GXy throw them eff^ 
and e:!tchdQge them for new opinionr. But they 
that care not to praBife t\\M great zndnecefary 



Ptmhf of cbe GoTpd, no m»der if they prove 
AfifUus^ aad fall off from them. Labour 
tbnefoce to pradtife thstriftbs thou ptorefleft, 
bdiding the myjftery of Faich in a pore Confei- 
ence, i Tim,i,9* The more thou gr§weft in 
Grsee, the mpre thoa (halt be kept from fallii^ 
im»tie err90ryf4^e vruhd^ ffeh.ij-g. He that 
^h vha be knems of the mil of God, fliall 
kmtf mwe cA it, ^obn 7.17. If je kfimtjkfe 
tldnjgs, faith oar Saviour, bspfy 4re ye ifjtdt 
tbemy ^«fcii3»i7» Happinefle doch not lie'ta 
theraeer kmmwgoit i^enting to the principles 
ef Chriftian Religion, but inZ/Ww^accoFdiog 
to them, and ezpreffing the power and efficacy 
of them in oar lives. For a man to be of an trtht- 
ifx judgment, andan/W^/ftvi/life; aatrtbodn 
jffesrer, an mbodox drmtk^dy a p'ifb^e per* 
fqi, and ye^ zeMtif againft Hereticks ; an Mi' 
pmmw in fr^&ife^ and yet a declsmer agaioft 
ths0pi»iMs (A the Antinomians; Obow(adly 
do tiiefe rhings found! A r^bt belief flaacM 
haye a power^ inflaenoe on the heart and life : 
Bat they whole hearts are rotten and deceitfall 
under trutby 'cis no wonder if they bedecdTed 
by errtitr. Believe it* if the heart be cvmft and 
Uvefin, (twilleafily encline a man toemert^n 
fuch cmnPt frin^ks as will give Ubertj u fin. 
Men PfonUfsin btift tbtt true wbitb i$ nitfi m- 
fimodste to tbeir comtft interefis. Take heed 
chjcrcfore of harbouring tayfetrrt Itffi or fin m 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Chap ^ Wach o^ainH Errntf, %f^ 

thy heait. Tis /?« provokes God to give mm 

up to errour $ God iocs uiMj ttnus oac of ay«- 

cretJMdgmhii taSu tbtfe to Bill into errtur, who 

held the trmh in wtrighteiifn^e^ They wh» ate 

mt fmndin the fear 9fG»d^f0§»fr eve uafnnd in 

the Faith efCeJ. Hymeneus anJAltxSfidetfrft 

fMt amoff a good Cenfeience^ and tbeo waMjIuf' 

vriek if Fdtb, iT/w.i.ip, lo. The woaaea 

that were led away ijfed»ceri^ %Tim»$j6. were 

foch aiwere laden with divers lafts. What Seh^ 

MWHthetefiareCaics ofapange weman* maybe 

applied to a ftrange "beOtinat, whefe fleafetb . 

Ged, fhoBefcape fern her, bntthe finnerfhaibe 

taken hj her, Ecctef.j.i6. 

3. Take heed ofpride, cooaitedDefTe, con^ 
fidencein thine owo judgment andonderfiand- 
ing. Thehnmble God will ieaeby hut be refifis 
the frondy i Per.5.5. Pride afually 'cis the mo- 
ther oFHerefies .* Twas d'old the enidemna^M 
ef the Devil, i Tinf.$,6, the mine of enrfirB 
Parents ; and therefore no wonder if it r«f/Kfo 
itiany foulesin thefe dates. Frond perfoos may 
carp, it high for a time, bat commoi% God 
famrs them at UJl to fall into the ditch 6fW««r, 
or frefbanen^e. And /tis jaft it (hoald b6 fo ) 
that when the undtrflanding of thefe higb-flewn 
M^xrctooMS unto them (if God have lucha 
mercy in flore for them> they may wkh Nebn^ 
ebadnesMor, fee their folly, and lie/ the mefi 

aytf irdtchdgMttJiBrrtMr, Chap .5, 

4, Beware of the^irj&#/w««i>/r and afiefting 
ntwD9^rines, He is half gone into frr#ir, that 
vainly covets after 'ntveUks^ and lifteos after 
every Dev(r.faogled opinion. New Do^mslike 
mwfi^iMt^ th ttfudij take vfHh unfiMe minds. 
We read of itching ems^ x Ttm*A(.^, and ixA- 
lowing after 4»orA*r(7(»j^r/,(?4/. I. d. Bat Chrtft 
tels iisbutof>)»rv4; to Heaven* and thatithy 
hirnfelfj imntbe tfoj, the truths Mdthe Ufe^^ 
^9h» 14.(5. There is nojwir way thither, rrm 
Refentdmet Fmh in Chrifiy and Jhetre iMi- 
eme, thisis the^W tid vny that we muft walk 
in, if we intend to coiDC thither. 

5, Expofe not thy felf to the temftatidns tf 
fedueert, ' Fts in vain for any to fraj to God to 
keep them from the /)if<rflFi«»«f«r««r, if they 
wilfully (againft the expreflc Word otGod; 
and without any juft warrant and call, ranitit» 
thecumfauy tffedmm, and read their Books. 

Yshofmcftkem, Mattb.7.iy. 

Jtft t»go ifter them, Luke 2 i.S. 

Tp dV9id them^ Rom. 14.17. 

The Scripture] T9tmr»4w/pffrmthie,% Tim-j.?. 

- bids as, ] Jfthejeme t» us* mt t» receive 

I themyir hid them (kd-jjfted^ or 

I encourage them in their way, 

\^ % ef, ^oki9^ 

Bat poffiWy fome will fay, Are we not 

Chap.5. tV^d ^amlt Errour. 277 

commanded ($ frwe off things ? i Tie/. 

Anf. Will you try poifoa whether, it will 
kill you or no y^ Therefore the meaning of this 
place mttft needs be^ that we are /# txamine the 
Dodrines that are delivered unto us, bj the 
S^riftwre^ whether thej are bmlt thereon, or no. 
Like thofe noble Beream^ hOs wb^ 
fioriheJthe Scriftmis whtthenhojethings werifi, 
that were delivered to them pr the Truths^ 
Ced. And let that place, Rdm.iA*^. ht'conftde^ 
red by oB fu6h as are not thr$tighlj grenndedin 
the principles of Cbriftianity, Hin^ thM is we4k 
in Fditby receive^ hntaet todptAtfuidi^ntations. 
Every private Chriftian is not fit to cpfe with fae- 
reticks^and/z^ifras are skilfnito defir$f the Faith 
ff others. You would not allow a man to come 
and undermine the fbundacion of your boafci 
This do tbejy sndtP^fe, that go about toim^r^ 
mineyenr Fdth , and labour to jbake and nnfet^ 
tie jenin the grdndtrnths oftheGofpel. Snrely 
they thdt rei dnd rifie fenles of Trnthy 4re mrft 
fehnsy thdn they that rd and rifle bonfes. 

6. Forfake not the pablick Ordinances, nor 
faithful Minifters of Cbrifl, whofe endeavours 
God hath ^^jim/M/fPy by the real converfion 
of many thoufand foules. Tis not (afe to balk 
the known and ordinary waies, wherein God 
ufes todifpenfehis fpiritnai bleffings, Jfifdem^s 
deUUtQbetxftUedittmfdams g4te^ Eph^^ii^ 

- ^ni 

27$ WdtcbiigainB Emm. @ba(4F 

Andhe g4vefme AfofileU dnd fome Pr§fh»St 
and fame Evangelijis^ and fame P^$ms 4nd 
Teachers, v. 1 2. F$r the ferfe^ing of the SdimSy 
for the work of the Mmfiry.fartheedi/jingttie 
hodj of Chrifi. v. 14. Tha we henCefinb be 9$ 
mere children toffed to and ^o^& carried ahoni wkb 
ever J mnd of DoBrineJkj the flight iff men & cm- 
i^ing craftinejfey whereby thej Ij in wait to deceive. 
7. Remember thou art not only to be>/^- 
fa^'ivL the trathy and to ^^Aif/ij/? the truth, at 
to thine own farticnlar^ but alk> to be valiant 
for the Truths Jer.9.^. To contend for the Faith 
ince delivered to the Sainti^ ^nde v.j. Thou 
mufr (hew thy felf a Champion for Truth, when 
it is oppofesd. Truth *ti$ one of the choiccft 
c^afures aftd greateft privileges that ever God 
beftowed on any people^ Ana (hail we (b e/^dj 
and tamely part with it i Shall we fuffer cr^tj 
ferfom^ttit no^ abroad, to rd^mzxkdtfed 
fiono us oar bed treafure f Shall we fufier them 
to cheat we, :uid onr fofierity ofourricbeft Jew- 
ell ? Not long ago, the great bickerings were 
about difdfline: Now thte Do0rine of the 
Gofpel is in danger •, And (ball we fuffer the in* 
fere0 ofoavLoTd and Mafter to be crodtnuti* 
der foot ? Indeed we ate not to be bitter a- 
gaiiift the perfons of the erroneous , yet we art 
tohc fenftUe hQV7 God is di(hononred; andiA#i« 
fands offodes endangered by their pernicious 
«rroars. And therefore it deeply concerns us' to 

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Chap*;. WMch^mSiErrtwt^ 275^ 

have a care jof ont felves to preferve euro woe 
foulesfrom this infeSfhrn^ mdnotodfm'/elvej 

rMljy but to have a regard to our pfieritj 2X^0^^ 
that we traafmit trmh down to them. We 
woidd be willmg to leave our ejigtes to our chil« 
dren % And fhallwe not be more carefal to leave 

, them truth? Believe it, we are to perform the 
part oifdthfd Trnftees, and to keep the Doif^ 
tine of ldvati0n pure and unmix'd fas much as 
in us lies) and fo to leave it to thofe that are to 
come after as. 

8«and Laftly, Coofider how the Scripture 
has forewarned us there mufthe fferefiesy i Cor« . 
1 1. 1^ Now there is a twofMnecejfitj j Abfo* 
lute J Comlkio04i 

I • Jbjolute^ when a thinr cMMOt poffi^fyie otfjer^ 
mfei MeCodmuJi needslejufi. 

2. Cwditional^ whe^dtbif^ mpfi he^fufpo-^ 
fingfucb another thing to be .before i As (uffoft 
the Sun be rjfen^ it mnfi be day ^ fo bere^ ufon 
frffefition of the fe two things^ u Satans malice. 
2. Mans Corruptiony there mufi be Herefies. Far be 
it from us ever to think that (r^impofes am- 
a[fitj on any to beHereticks.* but bepermitt 
them S^Catfersthem toj^riag'ii^b theCnurch ; 
and that for thefe three realons, 

u That bis glorious truths may be the more 
cleared ufyznd evidenced j and ftrong/j confirmed 

\ zad. maintained: Many parts of true DoSfrimf 
have hwakatjlen^flj gitarded^ till aflaulted 

i9a wmln^ihifffEifiiir. CXiX^.^l 

by Htfetieks; ttleii Oi e^ikMis \mt bbeA 
ftarchoi mi ftxm^mt Muiy cfoihs hJve 
fafeen tfta^miOj tnoft dijif-id Mdft^eJby Itie 
oppofition of the Advcrfitjr. 

>^ That ^> tidtdti Jfpmftiitft^ htnh^ht 
made mnffSff, Tbii \i in d(^ the W\\ Htm 
intendM^ raifihg Hei^fies*, S<it 'li»«»f €fl^ 

furej^d tha tnikrts ik triii ^fjkf^. A 
4oick (mart i^W feiWi the ftHdgpdn Crom ^ 
*A4jf. They are but f)&4|f who are IA4^)vaw«^ 
Ivith e-pfrji rtkd&flHStrm .- The ^wn/ imSe^f le* 
maiaeSftill in ttiifkk* dftfteChardl. Wbeo 
yoa fee ah Army ttiarch,- yoB know tWt t**io i$ 
valiant, and who hotij whea tltt^tifiiittriy *t^ 
proaches, theii is the trial. 

^. That the obftiittt* inay tie uttjaiW iWK- 
curable> tv^ wilfalfy fhat th«it ei«!t dgainft 
theft fhffifi Iff en ltnHitJeJf»titHy zSA ^mtrHa^ 
ttg* 0^ ^ the !tVi*f^, which (occ4fi<JhaJ!*) by 
theoppofition of the adtet&ry,, Cttll^pteAtd 
toaffOid his Chorid).. 

Jade r; j; Be^ed ifhtH f fflve ilt:Mgtikt t» 
write Mtvpupf ike dnhftnf ft fid'tnaitni itwm 
needful for me to )*>r^e nntdjou tind tjmrtjam^ 
that je Jhoiild ednrej/fh/ emend for tht Fmk 
nhichtPMona defheMnntv the SthitT, 
V.4. For th^e /w'tlceHtahi'mefferfft ilriots- 
mrtf, tfht 0cr(' ^J»i^^ tld 'initSnti ttthlt 

°''*''"''''' eondemii4timt. 

' i^^^lP^lM 

9nljUrdG§d,4i$d»MrLiri^{fuiChijC ' 
sl^;2.i. B»t tbfremre/alfe Prophets al fa n- 
mmgtbtfttfk^tvm sf there JhaB^efslfe Tea- 
ejers smttg ytu, who frivflf (baU hritiff m 
dnmuhU Heptjies^ tven dw/iwtht Lord that 
im^ thm^ atid hrhgtftnthttufelvesfwift ' 

V.i. AitdmMj^/kafffoBomthesrferviaoufmatet, 
h reafrg ofwhom^ the my rf trmhjbaihe evil 
fioke» of, 

V.5. .4nd through Covetnfuffe fifaS theyioith 
feigned vfords make marehandife efjoa j tohofe 
jm^memitmo of 4 long tmeliffgrath/iot, and 

1 Tiin.4.1. jy«f the Sfkitfiidteth exprejlythat 

m the latm timet jome fbai difm from the 
Fdth^ gPOhg heed to ftdudng j^irkt and 
dothinei of devils, 
V.J. Sfeahng lies in hyfocrifie^ ha/ving their 
Confcienees feared vfith a hot Jron. 

2 Tim 1 17. Judthtir mrdmU eat ^dtfhd 

Canker, tfrohomotffyfmrtemandPhiUtm* 
V. 1 8. who eoncernirg the trnth have erred* fay* 
iftg the Xefnrre^hon it fofi already -, and ever- 
throw the Faith of feme, 
tTm.i^,$i FWthe time ffiB nme t^ntheytviS 
not end»re founds de&rim ; kitt after tha^ mn 
h^ /kdt thef htaf to themfelves Teaebers^iQ 

\ % . having 

a8i .WatehdgMnH Errm, £liap.y. 

hMtng iteUng ems. 
V.4. And thef fhdlltttm moj tbetremsfrm 

the tritthy Mdjbdh turned witefaklfS' 
h&szo.i9. Ftr Iknm this, tka ^termyde- 
fariwe fhxU grievtut wdvei ^lUer in 4m$ng 
jon^ not ^mng the Flock, 
V.JO. Al[0 of yonr own fehes /M menMriU^ 
piking ferverje things^ to dtMO am^difeir' 
fits after them. . 

aTim.3.6. of thit for( ^ithtfioUchcreef into 
houfes, gndkddemivefiSjvroriienfUdenmth 
fins^ kdamj mth divers Infis. 
" V.7. Bverleorms^ondne^Hr^etocometotbe 
knowledge of the trntb. 
jo Ao thefe alforejifi the truth, men ofetrmft 
minds, refrfhate tonetrningibe Faitk. 
V.13. Evil men and fedneers ffuU vsx mrfe 

dndmrfe, deceivit^, and beingdtfeived, 
Mar.7.15. ievfore of f fife Prof hets wBch come 
iojpn in jbeefes clothings int inwardtf tbej m 
ravening wolves, 
•■• V.16. re fhaUkuwthemhj their frmti' 
Mat.a4.11. Many falfe Bofhets Jhall mfi, ^ 
•' fbaB deceive many, 

V.a4. There fkaS mfefalfe chrifis and fdfc 

Prof bets, and jkdS fbeto gtejit Jg^esandtoM- 

ders , in fo mneb that (ifksom ffft^e) *btj 

fkaU deceive the very ete^* • • - , 

I John 4.1. SeMftd believe nafeitcrjil^ifity ht 

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Chap.y. Waeh dgdni^muf. 285 

trj the J^irhs whether they dre $f Gei^ hec4ufe 

Mdm falfe Pr9fhets dre gene eta me the 

I John a. 1 8. Little Children, ft istheUfitin^ 

snd 44 ye hdve hedrd that Udntichrtfi fhdB 

ceme, evert new dre there many Ami- Chrifis 

whereby we knew it it the Ufi time. 
V^ip. They went out premsts^ tnt they were net 

^tets f» if they hddbeenef », they would ne 

douht hdive cotrtinued ffith fss-^ hut they went 

eut^ tbdtthej might he tttddetndmfefiy thdtthcy 

Rom. 1^.17. Now I iefeefhyouBrethreny mdrk 

them which edu^edivinonsdndoffencesy contrd- 

rytothe Do^rine which yehdfve ledrned^ dnd 

V. 1 8. For they thdt drefueh^ ferve not onr Lord 

^efue chrifis hut their wn beHy^ dnd by good . 

words dnd fdir j^eeches deceive the hearts of 

Gal.4.i7. They zedlouflj dffe^you^ butnotweS% 
yed they would exclude us^ tbdt you might dfieSt 

Ttt.i.ia. J?»r there dre mdny unruly dnd vd/n 

tdlkers dnd d(ceiverSj effecidlly theyofthecir^ 

Vai. Whofe mouths mufi bejloppedj whofuh^ 

vert whole houfes^ tedching things which they 

Off^ht not ^. for filthy lucres fdke. 
Tit.jao. A mdn thdt isdn Heretickp 4ftcrthe 

V 3 ^ Digitized by 'x, J*f >f 

9^4 ' Wsuh^nB Errm, CVup-S* 

frft 4nd fecMd ddmtmtitn reji^, 
V. II. iTMniMr^ thath thM itfuth» kjiihverteJ 

Mdfianeth^ being condemned of ftimjHf' . 
? Cor. I Z.J. But I fiir kfibjMj mc4ms m the 

Serpent bogukd Boe tbrongh hit fiihikf^ fr 

yaw vundsfiioidditcmiifM^omtiefmfUei- 

tj tobichitmChifi* 
. V.4. For if bethm emethf prendkfb ^Mikr 

^mvfhim we btvi iiHfri^ichcd,.» ifyr^ 

feive AH^berfikk^ wbitb ye ham not reuiv- 

tdj aranotherG^eit mbiebeebmenttMcep' 

ed, je might weB bear vftthmn, 
V.I 3-. for fink mt fdft frepheh, ietekfM 

Workerty tremformiiog sben^thes into the A- 

V.14. And no marvel, for Sakm Imft^ it 

V.I 5. TlxnforeHJtnogreMtbu^ifkitHiitt' 

fieri elfok 'trM^meimtbeHimPtrs ^rieh^ 

teoufnejfe, ivbofe endjbaU be mordnigto their 

Gal.3.1. 0> foolifb OeLniens vko hmbemitekd 

yen, tbat yon jbotdd not obey the trnthk before 

vfh^e ties ^efm Cbrift bath been ea/idtntfj fit 

fonhf arnei^edamn^yeni 
^^ 5.19. Now the works ofthefiefknTtmeni^ 

fefi\kc ... 

V.2iQ. Id^atrjt Wktkra^^ Hatred, Varianfe, 
Emulations, Wrafk, Strife, Sfd^tionh Here* 

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I Coriuj?, For thm Tn^fl bt alfo ffereps 
dmongj9Uy that they which art 4^ fr wed ^ may 

Hcb. ||^9, He mt fmied ^out with divers ^ni 

fir4vge icHrintfs for it k 4 goitd thing the 

keltic efiahlifhed with iSr^ceficc. 
1^^4.14, tb^ wt hencef^thbfM mm children 

tfStd ta Aftd fro and carried ahotit with every 

wind of do£[rine^ by the fiei^ht of men andcufr 

hg^r^fiin^f ^whereby they fyin wait to deceive. 
Cr^,i.i5, / marvfl ye are fo foon removed from 

him tlfst €A^4you imo the Grace ofChriH, nn* 

fo another Go^eL 
V:j. which is 0ot another s but there befome tha 

tTMbJf J9»^ wo^ldfervert the Gofpel of Chrifl. 
[ y^jB. iLUt thpuih wcifr M Angel from Heaven 

peach any other Gojpel untojO0y than that we 

havff reached wtoim^ let himh'accurfed. 
I Cor. 3,11^ For other foundation can no man 

lay, than tbAt is laid which U JefusCbrifl. 
iCotACs^. JVauh ye, fland fafi in the Faith, 

qmt your felves tike nkn 5 hefirof^. 
a Tiro.Mj. Hold fait the form of found woris^ 

which thonhafl heard ^me^ in faith and Uve 

which is in Chrijl ^efru. 
Hcb.10.23. Let M hold fafi the frofepw of mr 

fmh withtm wavering. 
I Tim. 1. 19. Holding Faithy and a good Confci- 

ence^ which (jojoh %aving fnt away, ^oneermng 
* fdkb have made fhiinorack. 

V 4 iThcC 

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^t6 IVdtcb ^ainlt ErrOMT. Chap^jrJ 

1 Thef.5.21. Fr$ve aO thhgs^ hUfdJl tha 

Aftsiyai. Thtfe were more mhle thdn thefein 
Theffdlenicd^ in tb/tt they received the w^ri 
mth all reaJineffe cf minJ^ and fearched the 
Scriptures daily, whether thefe things were fa. 

a Per. 3. 1 5. J sour beloved Brother Fadalfaac- 
fording to the tpijdom given unto him, hath 
written unto you. 
y.\6. As alfa in a&his Epijlles^fpeaking in 
theme/ thefe things^ in which are Jome things 
hdrdto be underjloodj which they that are un^ 
learned and. unJiMe wrefty as they doalfathe 
othtr Scriptures unto their own deftruSiion. 

M»t.4l5. Then the Devil taketh him ufintotkc 
holy Citjy and fetteth him on a finacle of the 

V.6. And faith unto him, if thou be the S0»ef 
God^ cd(l thjfalfdowm for itiswritteUy Be 
faall give his Angels charge concerning tbee^ 
and in their hanOs thejfhdB bear thee nf, left 

Jude.va7* But beloved remember ye the tp&rds 
which were faoken before of the Afofiles ofowr 
Jj^d^ejus Cbrijl. 
V.I 8. How that they told yon^ there faoulJ be 
mocker sin the lajltime^ wh^ Jhouldwalk rfter 
their own ungodly lufls. 
y.\9 Thefe be they who feparate tbemfalws^ 
jcnfudl, having not the Spirit. 

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Chap .5. WdfchAgmHEmuf', 187 

^ThfX.^AO^—BecMfe they receive J apt the hve 
. tftketrMtby thathef fHighti^eJaved, 
V.ii. Fir this caufeCtdfhAB fend them fircttg 

deiufans't that the J Jheuid Believe alie. 
Vii». That thej ai mght be damned who helie-' 
vedna the truth, ht^hadfUafare in unrighte- 
Rev.t.14. / have 4 few things agaitift thee,he- 
eoftfe thon hafi them that hold the marine ef 
Baldamy whttanght B/Uakto cafi'd fiumbling 
block b^treth children of JfraeU to eat things 
faertficedto Idols ^ and to commit formation, 
V.I 5. So hafi thon alfo themthat held the Do* 

ihine eftln Nicol/Utam, which thing I hate. / have a few things againfi thee, beeanfje 
fbonfiferejl that woman Jezebel, which caBeth 
herjelfa Frofbeteffe, to teach an^ tofedncemj 
fervants to commit fornication, and to eat things 
facrifcednnto idols, 
aFet.j.iy. re therefore beloved, feeingicinow 
theje things before, beware left ye ^fi being led 
way with the erronr of the wicked /aB from yoitr 
$mn pedfafine^'e. 
V.I 8. But grow in Grace and in the knowledge 

ofonr. Lord and Savionr ^efus chrift. 

Jadev.24. Now nnto him that is ahletokeepytn 

pm faUing and to frefent yonfanltlefbefort 

tbefrefenceofhis Glory with exceeding i(y, 

V.15. ro the only wife God onr Savionr be Glory 

andiJUajefty, Dominion andFowtr, tinrand 

■ ever. Amen. - Cnna\c> ^ 

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I ha\re now dirpatched (he ifecomj ParcicoU, 
•The thingi thou tort tp vfdtcb^m»fi' l^xmtwyft 
cothetbirdt //&«/iSRm|:cboun9ttftw3i(4i/(V. 

rhirdlj, Watclv tor, iod* »te sUfiffjfr' 
tmties to glorifieOo(L aqd tofyf^ilfd. This 
is to be like our Uefled Lord aod Siivi(Hir\ who 
went about doii^gt$d, and made eyiry place 
(where he came) (be beuer for him. Hpw rnocb 
good tmy a feafHutle irWdrootfor God* do f 
A fio tPtfelj reproved, and dilcoonteoaocM $ a 
ffiodhitu well improved, Comefoed (fwfeltear 
fonably given, of how roiichaavawagc to the 
foales of others maytjiefcjibiogijprove? Thi 
is tt bent Ctdsfidc. 4>»d triuumt fm%. We 
fay, A wifi f>M» tnttkes mwi tPf^Mmtses thsmh 
fods, htsMne^k&etbthifthehstt liCWld 
be our real dcfign in all conwanies, either to i» 
good, w to receive ^oc^ ; And this will tjvn to 
' a comfortable account in the day of recom' 

I come now to the Motives, to <]oicken thee . 
to this great and neceflary i^ty of continnall 

Firft^ Coj»iiderhownatar;aUy we are a]! prone 
to hejraarf and JcartUQe% and want of watch^ 
liiln^e bettaies US 10 moftof tbefins, wcfiiU 

$wnilf^ Confider the vigilaacy of the temp* 
tcr. Shall he be To watchfiil to deftroy ns, and 


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Cbap^; Mftivesu Wtteh/sdaefft, zS^ 

ihall aotmhc vratchfql to ke^p onr (ely«s from 
hism^lccf . 

: , verfary, tbi devil, m s raarif^. Um, Widkcth 
jlfMt, fetkUtg whim bcmsf devw* 
£»i I. Piit9nfh^wh$U4irm$w4^Ccd, tlnttjt 
m^bedU t»fi4»d/igd»^ tbemUs tftht ieyil, 

whfccuoco, acoocufrence ofonrcarc, anddi' 

Whffi tnAfrukf the end, faUh otir iSaviour, 
MatCD.][o.2a!, he, sndhe fnljJhdHiefeved. Let 
m aU rim mtb PMtienee^ faies the Apoftle^ the 
rdeethit isfeth^fre t(ffHei.iz»t, Now in verld' 
ij fMes none gaioeth tbe pizx, but he thac gec^ 
tei^)>&/fYQt^ goals bacintbej|^iri/«M/r4^^Qt 
only be that cometh /{rjf , but whofo holdeth oac 
u the Ufiy he is fiire to win aad obtain the prize. 
Beftithfulepthe deah, MdJmUgfvetheeth<^ 
Cremeeflifft (aies our Saviour, Tis 
to no porpofe therefore for a man to df weMfcr 4 
^mti^ then to^o*; ever^Sc break offtbai goo4 
conrfehewas eqcred into^ ht'dsferfeveratiee 
ijt mH d»)fg, that carrieth awajF the Crows, 
'Tiy trqe, Gods esBed Mdfdtf&ifed feefk »e 
freftrved^tttd keft in their Jldte ef Grm MdHeli* 
ntfihj the fower of God ; bj their ehfe nnien with 
fefns Qhrif j by vfrit^ efhie merits und^rfm 

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3^9 waives tt^yvatchfulnef. CH«>.f. 

i0me0(mfarthm-j and alR) ^ 4 ccmimfedift^ 
fitttHceJrm the Sfirh^ wsintaimf^tbe effejfcc^ 
UfcdmlfceJ 0fGr4(e inihcm^^ fothat the^JhoB 
wcithcr WdBj n$r finsSj foB away. Yetobferve 
fhefe fbar thiRgs; i • Setmng Grace waj he Ulf ^ 
Takfiom him that which he hathy Mai.i^.^S. 
In zAe WSy Takefrem him^ that which hefecm- 
itbt^havcj Chap.8«va8. Blazing Cemrts; and 
iietters are feen ^ent^ and fall from Heaven^ 
whik truestars keef their Orbe andStatien^i The 
cmmm^work efthe S fir it mtq fatU Sochasis 
(poken of Hth^6j^%. viz, ttuminatum^ exter- 
nal refermatien^ te/ffperarj' Faith, ajUgktafief 
theeemf^rUfffthe Gcf^el, a weak glance ufentbe 
Glory ef Heawn^ which may poffibly ftir' ap 
fucb 2 wi(h as was in Balaam, that I might die 
the death ef the righteous ^^ Nay farther^ there 
maybe a partaking of the gifts of the Holy choft^ 
i e. of abilities for holy duties^ (though not of 
hk renewing Graces) And yet fuch ^eacy ol 
bfeflfoms as here are, may fomtimes be with- 
OQC fruit. J. True Grace may foflfer a (hrewd 
decay* theleares may fail, though there may 
remain fome life in the root •• We read in Scrip* 
met oiz decay both of Faith, LovOy and ohedi- 
»«p. Some left their firft Faith^ iTim.^.12. 
Others left • their firfl Love^ Bev^iu^. And 
tt for ohedhnct, we read of thefirfi waies ^Da* 
irid^ as diftinguiflied from his loiter^ % Chroo. 
I7J. becaufe David m bis latter time fell into 

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<^hap.5> 2itti'0tsfW4$thfulntf, 991 

fuiuUUiKfms, In temptations* Gods chiMcco 
may be fordv fiiaken: Their heel may be bratt 
fed as Gbritts was^ though their bead be not 
aiiflKd; The fenfhiu tj Grace may be ob- 
Arii^ted for a time ) and yet a feed remain, as ja 
theqire of lXiv«W. 4. Trtie Gr4ce,'.iiUfiuut, 
-woak^roonbeiofl-. C^i4w (hewed a fad exam- 
ple of cbi$ ID inoocency: But thebeft is, oar 
fuwrHf lies in Gods fimr and frmiftf, aqd wr 
tmm f^h Chrifi (as was (aid before) not ia 
our nrnftrtimh. Chrift hath a charge to keep. 
the Saints </4/«> and to conddd tbem (afe to 
everbftif^ Glery, ^«A» io,%i, l give mtt* 
(item etenm life, gMdtkeyJbaStuverferijb, &c. 
v»a9. Uj F^kcrmhiebgavetieifitfieiff'tMer 
tha0 4J?, Mdn§m^ u die te^f lack tbem tut tfmj 
JF^herf hMd.% 1 4ful mf Faher dretne. God 
aod Chrift ace enga^d in the keqiiim of them. 
Bat obferve it) Tbofe whom God caafes to 
fetfevere, be n»kes to.per(evere in the «/^ of 
Qieanes, as 'cwas in their cafe. A^s 27.31. JB 
fi^cme t» Umd\ huexceft je diJe in the flif, 
H MMMf befd^e.tiq believer is fo foie of bis con- 
tinuance in a ftate of Grace, as that be needetb 
not be verv wary, and watcbfal,.and jealous 
over bifflfdf, i Cn'.iaia, Let him thatfiatidr 
tthytske heed left be fai. There it Afevfcmfi' 
'00, aiweO. m*fe»9f diffdence^md difrufi, 'cis 
good to weaken and ibate the fecuritVof «jv 
/ir/1^, though not oor confidence in Chrift. Ooc. 



sps Mitives ttWaehfah^e, ^MM 

Savtoar had prayed thtt fam F^kk fuAm 
^ail, yec tc^ether with theotiwr Apm(les,li 
>ids ifim watch. Zi^ 21.40,4^. Tie fur^ 
Cod Ua frefervitig Gr4ee, Jer.p.40. liiiifi 
mj fetr intt their httrts^ ths thejjh^mt* 
fmftm me. This ftar mil cmkeasinirci/H 
mtdiffiient tfcodspmer 4i»i gfinef: Anii 
thisfeiffe, st^edktktHMtk^faareihdiMB, 
s&S$hmdH(iM$, fr9v.i9;i^ AadasovS* 
ouradvifeth, Lnke 22.4^. /A^r tuifcketh 
frsyetb, that he ejtternot itittftentfU^m, 

Welee theti that to ferftventue tberesi 

coQcvrrence-of ottr i'ii^'rand iftir^vxfrtf reqmi, 

Jade y.t i . i^nf /mt fehes w the hve ^td 

& Phil.2 .t 2^1 ;.?^i^ Mt pmtpifirtitiM mi^ 

dttdtremhttngfdr it k OfdthMtmrketkiitjmj^ 

Indeed the main work h B<kis $ he is tllri^ 

^'wft-, and he i$ the ffrfelShr, HH.i 6, ft 

IS the Mthffr, and he is the^iufher^ Bd.Wk 

Bat may w^thenberi/^ afbd ptfiiB, beMtt^ 

and negUientht^fi^ in no Wife.* For Go* 

worketh in us, atid I; «r; If (hei^ore dwefac 

wO^tff^workiogm us, nprwbrki^/|]fw, sal 

exeitingy dnd iHfickmng^ »nd endUng mttf*" 

ctre OMiente^ and a du^fiil and watchful can^ 

age towards God, we may )tiftly (hrped Mr 

0ate for the pf eferit to be very bad, A chrifHai 

life is nevtr ejcmfttdjromcartt^ We mtiftbi 

watchfoland <iiltgtot to thetery laft: Samit 

?Uvaicsbafie j we hare mru^tim wHhh, id 

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the imtifi fiiU of foarcs.v And many times, 
where there reems tobeleaft danger, there is 
moA^cattfeofiear, La that vriicha/fmScdm, 
mifcamed m the mtmttdnes^ where there wece 
ttt)niebm his ovm Family. DavI^s eitample may 
\Wfn the hbiieft perfohs totbe worlds end, ta 
Ixsjealoos over themfelves. Who woridhavA 
thbtt^that he {tfhojt kdrtfmte him fir ca^ 
*^f^W^ '-*/ ^ Sods garment) flioold after 
feliinto mnOeoHtitJfe indimmJer ^ Peter atfo is 4 
fad ihftance off ^tnfderKt in a mans ovm 

Upon att {hefe con^erAUns^ let me advife 
thee to i»4f ri& mAfrajy ta frv^mdwatthcwti'" 
n0*9j. Haft thoa hgw to mtike profelHon of 
Keligion? O 4do not/iiSr ^f, and bring an ill re- 
port upon the wties of Holineffe. ^^ hMfeBe- 
fan, mim fimfieJUs kahitaum tflhreekmles, 
lold OQttothe lafi, tbatrothoomaift obtain 
ihat hnuurable rkle, that linafm bad> uktv 
•IdSiJcifU, k^i%t:i6. 

I m\ conclttde this i^V of wstchfdutffe^ 
and this Whole Chapter efmmitmin^ aJxity 
(hfe cMmtmnm irifh Qod^ with two farther Di- 
rel^ions^ which (i^ib Gods WeflGng) wiR 
inoch conduce to Che carrying on of the whole 

Dire^m i. Inure thy fool, (bcfides thy 
daily {bleron prayers) to (end appe^uent, men- 
t4l^ ej/KiiUtfiry frajers Bnto Cod. Thejfe ho'y 


liftings ufoi the heart unco theLordi astbey I 
are very flesfiag to him, fo they are exceeding- 
ly divAntagam for the f ecchiog fpeedy di 
bom Heaven, for the auencUng $f a lufi^ re- 
fijling 0f dUmftMion^ the hcturferfirmngmi 
jfervicc^ delivering us cut <ffMj frtftmjtfsixu 
tnMing m to hcdr dnj dffiiStion^ cr in cdfc ^4^ 
failings t9 beg mercy dnd fdrdon JpeeMlyp wbik 
the heart is jmitten^ dndtenJifrlj dffeBedmkbi 
fenfe ef its mifsdrriage : As when DdviJs bcarc 
fmote him for numbring the feffle^ 2 Sani,a4,io. 
wc find him lifting op his heart unto the Lord, 
in this manner, Ibdvefinnfdfi befeeehtke tsh 
dtPdy the iniquity of thyfervdnt. 

Thefe ejdeuldtory frdyers are (as it were) 
meffengers lent poji to Heaven, (when time is 
not aftbrded for continued prayer) for fome 
fpeedy help; And as they hinder nobufioefley 
but ( being duly performed) further it much 
every way, fo no bufineiTe can hinder them. 
When a Minifter is preachine, and finds bis 
heart coid ^ndlivelejfe in the letvice, orwbeo 
infofemflfrdyerhc&ndshislfirit indi^ofed, iry^ 
and bdr)ren ^ How may be fpeed one of (befe 
ftpiftmd fttent mef^engefi% one of thefe fervent 
ejacalations to Heaven, for help and affiffahicef 
When a Chriftian is hearing the Word, of 
how much advantage is it, to fend upfucbfi* 
lent and fervent prayers> that God would fet 
home/itf^or/ii^i&aDoArifteupon his heart; or 

^ . help 

Digitized by LjOO^ IC 

^Chap.y. DireBions t0 Wutchfulne(fe. 25^5 
help him toforfakc fochafin, then reproved j 
or enable him to believe, and embrace fuch a 
Truth ? When Chrift was- preaching to his A- 
poftles, that hardU^on of brotht- rly forgivenefs, 
we find in the 17'** of Lukt^ nj. %. They fenr ap 
that h^ly cjiculation, Lard encruft our Fdith. 
A maii that is ridingy or walking, or employed 
in his lawful calling, may thus coni/erfe mth 
Heaven^ and yet no vraies hinder his prefcnt 

And furriier to perfwade thee to the pradliftf 
of thisdiredion, confider, 

I. Thefc ejiculatory prayers do very much 
honour God*, in that they acknowledge him, 
to be a God, that can onderftand the language 
of our hearts^ and the leaft movings of our dc- 
fircs, towards him •, and that he is a God hearing 
payers y and a verj frefent help in time of tron-^ 
bit. • * . 

n. They are a good means to keep oar . 
hearts fpiritual, and heawnlj, and in a good 
frame: Strangeneffe often gtowes between God 
and our, tor want of thefe. And many 
^ff'eWng providences loofe their kindly n^o ku^oti 
us for want ot a prefent lifting up ot our hearts 
infome futablecjjculations* 

III. They are a fptcial means to fi' us for* 
move folen^n prayer. We muft begin duties with 
duties : God prepares the hearts ot his people, to 
^nyacceptahty \xtiio him, by ihefc preparatory 
ejaculations. X o,,.e,,y(SSigh 

ap5 Direm^ns to WMcf^mmf. 

Bat here obferve thele few caacions 

1. Take heed o^ fermdlitj, p^mfy 
CiifiemMriftef in ihtm. Let them beywr**, 
fervent y m^ffom thj bean. Nothing more 4 
with many people, than GaJ frrgiveme^U 
bte^emt^Godheifme^ when the fc^rf is notki 
affelfed-y nor does it fend up thdc^ egmifi 
Ht$efis unto the Lord, looking for an aniifa 

2. Ufe thefe holy ejaculations, not oidf 
diPdiieffeUthny batvifo of ihankfg$vi]i^. 11 
our saviour, Father I thank theCylA^uu ajJ 
Thus 2>4a;/W often, as may be feen inbisPf^ 
that are ^ull of fach holy bneathiogs and afis 
dbate thankfgivings* 

3. Take heed under thk frttenst (S^ 
aitde, orneg1eding/|^Arw;^^r4y<r $mdcn0 
vfiji For thdt many ignorant people tRisf 
do^ thinking a fe»^ formal, more ejiOikii 
to be de5A)tion enough v and begrutch Gods 
more of their time, 

4.Get a deep fenfc of thy own Vf^eakn^t.m 
litjy hfnfficiencj^Md of thy continnsl mi 
helfjirom God, and that willdifpofe thy bear 
be read) in every thing hj Prayer^ anJfnp^icM 
mth thankjgiving, to make thy reqnefis kjumm 
to God. J 

Direff. 2. Retire thy fidf every mgk^ A 
nview and refieif upon all^thy adioos andm 
behaviour in tie day faS. We read thatGij 

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Chap.f. t>keamstoWMchfi4M^* 2^7 | 

himfelf wben he created the world, everyday ' 

looked over bis own works* Surely God had 
no need to examine bis works that werefoex* 
dd and pcrfed \ but 'tis written for oar i»fir»>- 
ffinfy thatweflniilddorolikewire. Therefore 
for the keeping th^ Ctnjcieiue clear fttmrmli^ 
it will be very reqai(ite» thoa fliouldft tMttkf 
ftlfin frivstc, before thou Heft downtofleep, 
ahd coufider thy whole carriage aildbebivioar 
that day; that fo thou maift by irerionsbdim<* 
Itation, tettz6k and undo whatevet has been 
atniffe, and maift make all ftreight between 
God and thy foul. Ifthoafindeft out thy Jias, 
when they are but a i«)r 0U, before tbey^ 
come citfimarf, and have taken root> they will 
,be more eafily removed, by ferioos and fpeedy 
repentance, andaj^yii^ thy fetftoChriftfoc 
pardon. Bat for want of this heajamtfelf-efit- 
mi»ing, and fonl-fitr^ng, the Miti becofSffs 
hardned, jS» gets root, the devil gets poite£Gi' 
oib and the ftd is more and more alienitcd 
from God. • 
To conclude this head of W/itsbff$ln^e» 
Let it be thy fimm and fxed furfofectcty 
morning ( through theafltftance of Grace> noc 
wiinglj<x kMomi^lf to commt anyfifl» or 19* 
do any thmg thy Confcience flfiU tell thee is 
diipi^fing to Cod.' But if. ( e^mnrj ta thiferi' 
•uiimemim) through hfrmtj, fitddcn ftrfri- 
mI, viritme Hf ttmpHiWy inagiunc], thon, 

. X a doi^'^ 

ap8 UlreBlonstoWMchfulfuffe, OufV 

doft at any time /4i7^ bomblc thy Ibolbcfe 

the Lord, bewatHnA ctnfeffe tby fault withtf 

row and grief, and fpeedilj recover tbyfetti* 

zferieM repentance, and aying to the Unit 

Chrifi fot pardon. When thy peace isbroka 

with God at any time, by Cm -, reft fM, tillitbi 

made u^ again: And rife from thy fall wiAi 

greater- detejiaihn oi fin, a ftroager rrf«^ 

againft it, ^ith a greater love to Chrift, « 

tha/ikfulne(fe for hts pardoning Grace. Aodbtf 

ging help from God, hetfufrewdtfhfdbxi 


M3tth.a5.i3. Watch therefore, for jekiu^ 

• ther the Jay nor the hour wherein the Sontjt^ 


Matth.15.41. Waich and fray that ye em* 

into temptation, the fpirit indeed is mSiog^y i* 

. the fiejh is weak. 

Mattlfj;!?.??. Watch ye therefore (for yt^ 

not when the mafier of the houfe ctoneth, *f 

. ven,or at midnight ^or a the cock' crowing,ii'* 

the morning) 

V 56. Left coming fuddenly, he fndyoapf 

ing. - 
V.37. And what I jay nnto yon, I fay mil' 

Luke i». 37. Sleffed are thofe fervatrts, wm 

the Lord when he cometh, (haS fndtpaKhii^- 
Luke 11.34. "^^keheed toyonrfehvSi iejtS'iJ 

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Chap. 5. Directions tolVdUhfulneffe. 799 

time jour hearts be overcharged mthfurfeting 

and drunkenneffe and the cares of this It fe^ and 

foth/udaj come ufonjon unawares. 
V. ?5. Watch je therefore andfrdj alwaies, that 

je mdy he accounted worthy to efcdpe allthefe 

things that fhaR cometopaffe, and toflandbe* 

fore the Son of man. 
1 Cor. 15. 34. AtPdke t4 rigbteo/tfneffe^ and Jin 

Rom.13,11. And knowing the time^ thdtnowit 

is high time to awake out of Jlcef^ for now is our 

falvation nearer than when we believed. 
2Tim.4.5. Watch then in all things^ endure af- 

fiiSfions^ do the work of an Evangelift^ make 

fuUfroof of thy Miniftry. 
I Pec.4.7. The end of all things is at hand -^ be ye 

therefore fober^ and watch unto fray er. 
1 Pet. 5. 8. Be Jdber^ be vigilant^ becaufe your 

adverfarythe devil as a roaring lion^ walketh 

about ^ feekin^ whom he may devour. 
W.9. Whomrefilt^ftedfajl in the Faith-r- 
I Cor. 16.1 3. Watch ye^ fiandfa/i in the Fait hp 

quit your felves like men^ befirong. 
Col,4.a, Continue in prayer, and watch in the, 

fame^ with thanksgiving. 
1 Thef.j 6. Lit Hsnot (leep^ as da other Sj but let 

us watch and be fober. ^ 

Rey.3.2. Be Watchful^ andftrengthenthe thin^i 

which remain^ that arc readj to die^ for 1 ha^ i 

pot foittfd jhy works ferfefi before God. 

yV. 3 Digitized by \si(jO0^ , 

$oo Dirtmimt9W4tafalm^e, QM 

V.J. tememBtr thtrtftrt bin^ti^mlf^r^^ 

Andht4rdt wi boidfs^^ mi rep€m\ i^tii 

fbdi not vMtch, IwiUctme m theeMA\\ii 

diidibMJhak mt kittv mbst btm Jwiicmff 

Rcv.ii^. i 5. Beheld I am ttdtlntfs BU^tdin 

thatw^uhtthy AadkeefetbbifgMrmemt, — 
Epb.^.10. Fh^Sj mjBretbrem^ befimgui^ 

Ltrdy Mdinthefomr of hit mighty 
y.iT. ?»t oMthe wh$U »m»m^tfG*d» tU 

ma/bt MbU tofiandsgmfitbi mUs^^i 

Vn. Ftrwtmtfile mt^fgMtififiejh/mdik 

Imi$ sg*i»p friiKifilititSt ^sii^ P*^"''* 

gMfifi the rmtrs of tbt dsrhiufrf tbumH, 

4g4t0fijfiritm4l mokedaeffew high fUfts. 
y.i^. Wberefort take mitojOHtSevfbohgm 

ofGody thatjempf be Me to withfiuim 

tvili/fft dikibtfuiHg done sUttfimd, 
y.14. Stdnd therefore^ htving jp#«r Uiaf 

4bo0 with trt$th, atidbiviiig $» the ku^ 

y.i J. o^xi your feetflfodmitb tbefoefort^ 

V.16. i^bpve dU things tdking tho jhidi^ 

Fditb, mberemtbje jbaS ke we t^fwuAi 

thfficrfd^rtf ofthevtkhd. 
.y.17. Aitdtdjiethe beimfoffdhmis9, Wii 
fmord o/$iio Sfirit vohicb if the WmdofQuL 
y.i«. ^reyii% 4ifMf mtbdH mjtrMiff 

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Chdp«5« Cftheoifervdti0no/the LerdsAf^ jdi 
fludtipn, inthe Spirit, Andwatchip^thercwt^ 
ipitbdB ferfeverMCij Sec. 


C^ ArefuUy make ofe of all gioil mcdns God 
-^hatb appointed for the bmttifig^ and in^ 
creafiifg faving Kmv^Uigi and Grace in tbec; 
Under this head I (hall treat of thefe/v^ VMi^ 

I. The ohftrvdtiin 9fthe L9rd9 idj. 

t. Uemtig theW&ra. 

3. Singing rjatmes. 

4* Ktligietis Conftrtnct^. ^ 

5. tittiftd hi] LMeditaiions. 

I . Concerning, the otfervdtifn of the Lords ddj^ 

Be careful relimuflj to ob(er ve the L^ds daj^ 
the Chrifiian SabMh. 

The Laip of Nature dilates to us that there 
ought to be 4 ^1^ frofortion of time fet apart foe 
Gods folemn Worfiup aad Service. God hath in 
hii Word appointed onedaj in feaven to be kepe 
holy to him; which wzsthe Ufidajoftheweek^ 
from the heginning of the world to the re/ur^ 
reStion of Chrift^ aind the frfidaj of tbetoeek 
everfiace^ andfotocontinuetothe end of the 
world i which is the CbriJUdnSathathy and in 

X 4 th:: 

joa rftbe L$rdi dd). Ctep 6. 

)the new Tcftamcnt caU'd the Urd^ daj. 

I (hall here do two things. 

1 . Shew the Reafmis vfhj vfc jhottld ohftrvt this 

>• Tht CMAnntrhm mfhpulJol^fervcit. 
Thc/r/^I(hall (hewiathcle Particulars fol- 

1. Wcfind a Sdbath inftituce;d by God him- 
k\£ from the be^innh^^ Gen.i.2,?. Andontk 
'feventhda) God ended his work which hehadmAJ(^ 
and he refted on the [event h day from ad his work 
which he hadmdde^ and God bUffcd thefeve^h 
day, dnd'fanittfied it^ btcanfe that in it he hd 
refted fiom all his work^ which God crested s»i 
made. Before we read of the fall of Adm, ^e 
read of zjeventb daj, bleffed and fanftifiedby 
Godhinf)lelf: GodblefTed the feventh dsp that 
\Sy difpenfed a ^culisr favour cowards ir, ex* 
*al ted ^i5p4r^4y above the reft*, which is intimi- 
^ din theiirxc words, ffc fanifi/ied it^ tbatk, 
hefefaratedandconfecratedit to his o\yn hofj tVot' 
fhif, 4ndan9e:feda blefftng to theo6ferv4^ionofit» 
ijidam did not need a ddj ot xt[\ in innocencj^ bjf 
^^reafon of any bodily wearineffe that would have 
betided him upon his jKv daies labour in biscal* 
ling of husbandry-, yet (God fajv it corwemevt 
^o enjoyn him to fee apart gne d^y Jn/fW^,to 
enjoy more effecial csmn^urlian with his Crei' 
tor. Mow if i^dam in inpocency ( when hp 
^d po fin ifi him j had 4^^ of a Sabbath^ to 
" U \ ' fake 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC^ qftk obfefmtm 30) 

take him off from the works of his calling, that 

he might convcrfe with God (more rramediaC- 

\y) in h$lj dtitUs, and exercifes: How mUCh 

more need haw tpe in this corrupi eftate^ who are 

fo prone to firr, and had need of all helfi againft 

itf Wcllthcn^ we find \n the verfbeginning^ 

that the Law concerning the sMath was given 

while i\\^' whole Nature of mank:ndwa$ in^M^ 

firft Parents^ even before they fell. 7hey might 

have lived here on the earth tpithottt Jia^ but 

ijiey were not to live withot^ 4 SaUatk 

After the fall, when JS/i^i was bornofSr/j&,tlie 

fon of Adam J it is faid that then men began to cdS 

.on the Name of the Lordt Gen 4.ult. That is, 

(as I cake k) to call upon htsName inpublick 

Affemblies ; And moft like it is the day they 

pbferved was th^ fame that Jbel and Seth and 

>^^4«i obferved before them^ and the reft of the 

Parriarcbs 4//rr /A^w 5 Namely, that day of the 

meky In which God himfelf refted, hairing fi- 

piflied the great work of the worlds creation: 

£ven before the Ldip (faith learned itf^rrer upon 

Cen.) 1 doubt not but this daj by Gods teacbingy 

ifdsfoUmn and facred toihofefrtn^itivt Fathers. 

^Neither did the obfervaiion thereof iS^^'h Peter 

Martyr, loccom.cav.j.) begin mth the giving of 

the law in Sinai, iutitvras celebrated before. Of 

• the fame opinion is the judicious Jiiwty who 

, ^nfwersall Arguoients broogbt to the contrary, 

\ in 1 Getf. Exerc^ 1 5. /Vnd ip^^ thf;re is no rea- 

, Digitized by LjOC IOU 

JO f of tbi oifetvdtUn Chap.f • 

fon CO think othervrife: For befidcs chat in if- 
dms heart the Ldw $fNM$itr€ was pcrfcft^y iw- 
frhtid (dfid to cmfmdte fame time t$ thtWw- 
Jhip &f ijidf W4i^ dnd is d numbnf ^fthalt fjmi) 
'Tismorc than probaWe, God did^^^4^f and 
fftfcriic to Addm all eircnmfldnces oh^is Wor- 
(hip, v^hich by ttdditim pafl: to his fofieritj^ and 
wore in ibcirjwerdl Families^ until Aftjfrt ,obfcr- 

it. We find iSdttd$h obferved by the Pd$ri* 
dfchsy 'mSx^.%6. Before the giviffgdftkLdmy 
we find there an expreflfe chdrge touchii^ the 
0bfervdti$f$ofit-y and twefucH Mir deles to x^i* 
fkandfeta vakeVLJ^ ic, v.ii^Scij. asTet' 
dom we read of gteacer. The M40tM fti in 
gredt flenty en tie fix ddieSy and m theftvesish 
nene. %. Being gdshered en thefixthdej^ it re* 
mdined jmet te thefeventhy and netfeendnje- 
ther diTf ohftrved therefore it was at this time* 
and furely in #^4/iM^^ to Godscomnaand; For 
we muft not impute mUwerJbif te tbefe Mj 
men Ifliill end this with the words of the iear- 
oed f^iMus in Com. on Gen. GodfonSfefied the 
Sdi^h in the very frime eredtien, ziaAdonbiUf 
thst fdnStificsion was ebferved in the PdtridrcbMo 

III. After alibis, We find »i^ ^47 again (for 
the better obfervatioo of it) froetdimedon MoMt 
Sindiy^ and that ia a very dreadfdi 
and gbrioiis m^neryimiti^^ 

Digitized by CjOC , tfS9^^ 

Chap^, tftht lords ii/f. |oj 

trtmi into it, and avycefdcmii rtsffttf to hedge 
it in, and confirm it, than any ot the other 
Cfimmsndemfms. Cod (b«iog Co give hpnwal 
and immtublt Lawes to his people) docb iirfi 
apply hirofelf CO them as ^ewts, couziog.theif 
acCeocion by inculcating the htt figtaimcrfus 
he had contei'd on them, hereby to excite tbem 
to a more/ffVIF tkfervttUn of what he was now 
CO give the m in charge; rotha(tboagbtbeia« 
trodu^OD bepropcrtocbe^^-^^ yecthe^^M- 
mmiemtms have a larger txtmt and are Tpoken 
4ikt CO all. 

Now 'cis very tiftrydiU the^emiJhotSdtur' 
tU/j sM^fkf or ftveatk fr$iH the crtmiM is noc 
in exprefle terms cooamaoded in the fwnh 
Commandeisent .* That we ftail perceive, ii 
we look over the Comroandemenc. 

I. itmmhr tluu fsn&ifa the sMath day. 
The sAlmh d«y it is yoa fee, and not thefwtntb 
from the Creation, o^erve faies ZmAj^ G^d 
fsid n§t^ Mimeinitw tk0ftfai^(fitihtfeve»thd4f, 
ht tbedoy tfreft ^ f that is) tht d*j that it eattjt' 
(rMt<dt»rifi, eitk^ immedMtlyiy hiittfey, firmC' 
dtMtHjif the Chars h, dirtied by thtH^Cbcfi, 
ffhAtftewr dtj itb%: Sochaccbe^/i^maftbeaf 

z. God tellethos difiinlflj •v/^uSabbtthh^ 

bcre means, vtti. the mekiy. He faith, SanAi- 

Ba the sM^h, in x^xfiagnUr sambcr, sot s^- 

^htit^ ia^flf/rM* Theehfervmrn (iK)tpf««f 

Digitized by CjOOifljb 

iof Oftheohfervdtm Cbap.^. 

»; feftivals hut) of <woneIy is thenei^tjiKd, 
mthtbekamcd^Uftw. ■ ' '> 

3. The sMm^ mnftbe fdftififieJ, bat >k 
Jay i$ appointed for it ? Six' dMs fluU thu U- 
hour : Six dates are ours: The feveath is the Sab- 
iMth. A feve/ftk God will have:- Bat what /<• 
VfHth? Hefiiiesnot, tie fevmh /root the Cret- 
thftt He n4mes no Jay (as intending the day 
fliould change) He faith only the fewtith, u ft 
Thefeventb after f$x working daies. 

4. Bat is ihe determination oi thkoM in ft- 
a/« in our power? No. for itmoftbetheS-rf- 
bathojthe Lord thy God, i. r.' which hehatbtU 
ready^ ox jhonld hereafter deelart tohU 
be his SMath. It mv/i be Gods own choice. 

Now that the fourth Gommandement is nmd, 
will appear, if we confider, 

I. Except it be moral, there cannot be r« 

Commandtments,^nAyetis>v/e&tiA, Dent. 10 a. 

And he mote on the TableJ, according to tbeprfi 

mitingttheten Cmrnandemems, which the Lord 

ffake mo jou in the Mount, out ofthemidfiof 

the fire, in the daji of the Jffembly : Jndthe Lord 

gave them unto me. To keepfome timcholy to tk 

Lord, and to keif that time which hjbouldaf,' 

point habfolutely moral. Now 'tis plain, iSsb- 

bMhCodmvi^ have by the ferfetualOtdinance 

of the fourth Comroandement, Remember thoa 

fanmp the Sabbath day, i. e. rhatdaj which for 

the ttme being. Cod k^ithmarJied^uf^affoi^' 

dbyCjOC fj 

Digitized b 

Chixp.6. of the Lords daj. 307 

i tJLfBT hk ov?n^ And he hath declared hisWiU 
^ •concerning the [imitatiMoi if 5 Six dates jbaU 
thonUhour^ Sic. Bntthefeventh is the Sabbath* 
fothat^;f^ih4 week he mufthare. li this Com- 
mandemenP enjoyn m pariifuUr and/rt i/«f^ un- 
der iM Co/pel^ then are there but nine Comman- 
demaits. Why (bould t he SMaih be put among 
the rmrd Lams of the Decalogue, if it were on# 
ly ceremmal ? And whcrem does the defignafion 
or limitaiion of one day in a week, for Gods/rr-^ 
wV^.feem ceremonial? It being a memorial of 
Gods creating the world infix daies^ andrefting 
the feventh^ this being a benefit wheiein all man' 
kind iniercommon^ thc^etves can claim t^frO' 
pertj therein ffveral to themftlves. 

a. If we look upon the Sahhatb of the fourth 
Commandement, we (hall find itfiriftafame- 
gal oifervances : For thofe things which arc ur^ 
ged as ceremonial^ indfeveralofthe ^ewes touch* 
ipg the Sahhathy are all fofi-fcrifts mdhylams^ 
not one emergent from the fourth precept. As 
no fire to be kindled^ Exod. 16.23. No meat to be 
dre^ed^ Ixod.ij.^. Thefe were pf c i*/i> to the 
^em: We muft diftinguifli therefore fe*ji«« 
thofe frecefts of the Sabbath that occur clfe- 
where& i\\efonrth Commandement: What is ^f- 
r^^wOTw/ touching the Sabbatb^we muft apply w 
them^ what is mordl^ we muft rcftraitt to this. 
See Mr. Ltfirang's learned Trcatifc of the Sab* 

Digitized by ^. ^Y MK 

I ^08 oftbiobferv/ttign Cbap^. 

Thus t^e have (een how God had from the 
Cri(Uit», to the LdWf f rotir the i^i», toCbri^, 
4 ddj ^pointed, and that bjr bimfelf, to bis 
crfm l^orjhip. And hath he leffereafon tore- 
. qtlite hufidtr the (i»ffeU Surely no. 

nil. From chrijis refarreifion, on the/fr/f 
ditf of the week vety early in the morning (LtAt 
24 f. ^^» ao.i.> The sM/tth was changed 
tctthstddj in hononr a€ our Saviifxt, vrhothtf 
iKj rififfg from theckad, fiat(hed the ivirl! of oar 

The ^nr;/)^ S^bMh flepc its lafi in the grave 
with oor Saviour,' thoagh its fiiadgm w&tei 
walked a while after ^ bac itftlf^ thMSilb' 
hstb expired then ^ and imnttdmij entred tbc 
L4fdtdaf, Prom the nfmrreihoM tf Chrif'm- 
rittiiUttjt when Cbrift tainiiclf was hoc newly 
np, fromiAiir trtr; W4y whereon hearoie, doth 
jtagtt/Kju derive tbe hgmni» of the £vangeli' 
caVSdbhach; Tht Ltrit iMUith he, kftkn- 
JmeHim $fchrifi tpmdecUredtoktbe ckijti- 
Ansi^fy, mdfrtmtbitvtrftiim (of Chriftsre^ 
furreiflion) itb^ntttbt ctldratd itithe Ckifii" 
d0 ms0S Fe/iiVMi^ Jani^ This 
was the firfi Aaf of oar Saviours appearing to bis 
Dtrcipies, andtbe///^ Cbniudt adhtth ttebo- 
nMred with his beatifical pilftnce, ^»h. t6A9t 
aV^. The jMMf was the e>Vir((if^ after. 

V« Welt, oar Saviour is ^eenM. La as HOff 
fee what 4»ffrar the h9l'j ckif {^hmtbepen^' 

Icftdkif AftfiUs) hath conferred ontbk 
The holy Gnoft stefcendttk -, Bat Mwh^a 
Why the firfijAjcf the week, Itwaswhen . 
ojl arrived, and that fell that year on tb4$ 
On this day the Afeftlcs vrw/pimtilu 
h tkfch^embled mfr^er and hehdmiet^ 
he holy. Ghoft dcfcended oppd them 

"he next mention o^Afeflplitdebfervttm 
^47occarrcth, A^t to.v.y. The fir ff of the 
he DifeifUs being eme together to break 
(i.e. The SMerdmrnd or JSmharifi/eal 
Paul freaebeJ to them. That for bU trim 
Now bit freceftfor the <Uy is plainly tm- 
1 Cor. 16 I, As 1 hive orimti in tbo 
w of G4lgt$d,fo do ye, v,x. Upon tbi 
joftbevfeek, leteverj omofjutlojbthim^ 
'aiGodbMbfroferedbim, thattkerebeno 
fffg when I torn. He ordains their eoBeffi' 
■ the poor Saints, and ob/atiotu OxnAd be 
f day .' And why fliouU that day be the 
day or CoHtaionday, rather than4NT#* 
ad It not been ob/ervedioly ih thjfe times, 
»at the o/r^r^-^^fi^/idid ufconrW/^ta 
Cr f The CoHeiiton therefore being ea^ 
i on that day, the Lordt day was eonfeanem- 
yned. . ,• ■* 

I. About fixty yens after, (as CalMto 
Jremem compotet) we meet m'th r** 
panelled ia^Cbripan ffamt, m ftUUo<^le 
* the - 

510 ^/ '^^ Objer^dtm 

the frH ddj, but the Lords d£f ; whidb 
biy, was then r«rr^»^ among tbcChriftianSi 
the holy Ghoft would not have ufed it, tei 

IQ. St, 5P^^» fii^S i&^ IT;^ /» /Af Sfkit M 

iiOrdsday, i.e. in fpiritudl ex^rcifcs ii^&Httit 
tions^ and by meanes thereof in (piritudraftm 
VIII. The C^»rrA fucceedwg the Af^fiks h^Si 
herfeif e^^//^^^ to the fame obfervation, F^f^ 
ven in times of ferfecution^ before any, die 
Imperial Edict ^ or Cii>^;> of Council enjoyncdii 
the obfervation^ of rA^f ^47 was fo takconaia 
of by the Heathen J that it became a conftfflt» 
/<rr^^4^^rytotbeChriftians in their examifi^ 
Have you kept the Lords day! To whichiff 
anfwer was ever ready, I cannot intermhi^ 
Jama Cbrijiian, and the law of G^ prompts*^ 
it, Baron. 30.3. Memb. 5. 

Now if any man fhill enquire haw theSj^ 
cametobetranjlaiedintothe Lwdsdaj. lanfwfi 
Chrift in thtfourty dates he ftaied uj^^^ 
€Uth after his refurriff ion did lttndrjti0O9 
pear to his Difciples, teaching them tkti^ 
dppertainij$g to the Kingdome of God, A&^^*Y 
Therefore 'tis probable \hc ApojHes\f^^^ 
fitnSfed by. ChriA concerning the change of* 
fiay (from thcfeventh, to thee^^kA) andb» 
Ipccial Cftdev immidiasly from Himfclf, coocflj' 
iftg it. Tis evident Chrift is Lord oftbcSal^ 
Satb, Mark z^ij.^nd therefore had po^ 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

0fthe LorJs any. Jii 

/ to abrogate the old Sabbath, but to 
e and fubfticutc the new in its room. 
?ther this day were inftituted imweJiailj 
ihinfiftif, ot i^ bU Apfiflles^gmded-^iid 
f in faired by hit fwlj Spirit^ after his 4- 
ftill the day will be of Divine ln(Htuii$n. 
r Ait of theirs will appear but the. execur 
particular Command horn th« Sfirit of 
:o that porpofe. " * 

onfider how Chrift fent thefe Apoftles; 
4iner fent me^ Jo fend I yon^ John 20.21, 
Ifearetb jouy hearelh me^ Luke 10. 16. 
r.iS.ip. There is their miifion. Teach 
mf^ There is theif CommifTion. What .<* 
Vha$ things I command jou: aod toaflifl: 
p you, LotI am mthjoualwdies^tothe 
etvorid^ not in corporal prcfence, b\xthy 
it, the Comforter tohom 1 wiU fendyOHy 
.26. And he jhaHinring all things to jour 
once, whatfoever 1 havi faid unto yon, 
.16. This Spirit of Truth fhaU not ffeak 
!f hat what ftever he jhaSheary that jhaU 
: He ftaU receive of mincy and Jhcw it 

\ we fefc the Apoftles were undoubtedly 
by the Spirit of Chrift, who revealed 
unto tbetn. And that they^were thus 
the holy Ghoft, they theiafclves tefti- 
tieir firft CouodU U feeoaed goodtg the 

Y Dilifflfco.ogle 


pi OfthtObftrvMhn Chap.<« 

Thus we Tec there arc two things whereon 
the Divine right of the Lords dzyxs founded: 
Upon the m$rditj of the fourth Commande- 
ment^and upon MnjMgelicd Infiittithn^ either by 
Chrift himfelf 9 or his Apoftles. And »ha$ the 
A fifties deliver ed by the dilate of the helj GhoH^ 
fi as firm dndindefei^able (faies Cjfrian de sblm^ 
fednm.) 4$ whdt Chrift himfelf. Our ChMrcbredn- 
ceth the injlitutien of this daj 3S a weekly daj to 
the fourth Cotftmandement ; and as thtfirj^ d^ of 
the vveck^ (hefoondeth it |ipon Jfoftolicaifr^ 
0ife ^nd tradition. 

I (hall conclude this, with the words of the 
judicious Hooker in hi^ E^def foL Uook 5* fa- 
TAg.ij. We are hound^ fates^he, to account the Jsm- 
ifificationofoneday infevent a duty ^ which Gods 
mmutabU Law doth exaSt for evcr% although 

with us^ ^he day be changed^ in regard of a mm rjk 
solution y begun by our S amour Chri/iA jet the 
fame prof ortion of time continueth^ which wms be- 
fore ^ bywafofaferpetual homage never tote di- 
^enfed withaiy nor remitted^ 

I come now to the feoond Particular. The 
ntanner how we ought to oblerve this day, 

I . We ought to frefare for the Sdhttk^ be- 
fore it comes ^ by ^ prudent mre^ fb dieting 
and difpatching our worldly J^ufinjIJes and afdirs^ 
that they may be offimur kands^ and outofom 
min4s (i$ much as is poiliblej on thatdsy^ thac 
f^ our hearts may be moi;e fr(o and .fit f^r cfaoft 

Digitized by GoO jf^^ttUMf 

Ghap.6. cfthe Lirds day. 315 

fbiritmd duties ihtn required of us. ^>i\t^em^ 
Dcfore the Sabbath had 4 time ef frefaratm^ 
LtAe^^.^/^. Whyfhouldnotwetf 

2. We ought to fanliipe the Lords daj^ not 
only by refting from worldly employments and re- 
creMtons (on other dales lawful) btts confecra* 
ting that reHitntoGod\ making itoMcddight^io 
fpend the whole time (excepting fa much of it 4t 
it to he taken up in works ofneceffity aud mercj, and 
fuch 4e are needful for the comfortable faffing of the 
Sabbath) in thepMck znd private exerci(esof 
Gods Worfhip sM Service ^ Such as Prayer^ 
Heading the Scripture^ Preparing for the publick 

s dtaies^ Attending on the Word, Sinking the praifes 
uf Gody Private meditation on that which hath 
keen preached. Repetition thereof in the Famtlj^ 
and religiom conferertce, to itt^ke the publick 

^kOitcliaances the more profitable. 

Take heed therefore of being found Ql flight er 
of thof^ duties, the negleU whereof annot cotv-, 
fift with any true vigour and power of Religion, 
or any due orrofour own oac others fotdes^ that 
we ought to have a care of. Confider, God 
bath bleffed and fanffified this day, not only as ^ 
aUy of fervid to bimfelf, bat as a ^/«^ wherein 
he will confer i^ngs on thtconfcionable obferv^ 
ersoi it. It ii^is Jpeci^ day oi proclaiming ^nd 
Jealing fordoits to peait«nt (inners. 'Tis a blcfled 
day to the carefui obftr^ers of it^ and fandtfied 
(O mtny gradous. pifrfofts. The Sabbath woi 

* • Digitized by VjOC^ 1 

2 1 4. Oftheobjervathn Chap.;^. 

made for man^ (aid oar Saviour, cMark 2.27. 
I.e. For mans great benefit and advantage. It 
would for the good gnd benejfit of mankind 
iobcdifpcnfedtpith, from iMtreligiotts^obfervA' 
tion of it. How much then are they to blame that 
make it a daj of carnal refty a day oildleneffe and 
follity^ of feapng ^nd faHimes^ which more 
4lienate the mind From God> than erdinarjU- 
hours ^ and take away the tafi of fpiritual things. 
Some people if they have any wfit to make, or 
any odd bujinejfe to do, they, refer them to this 
day. Some keep the Sabbath as the Ox^^ they 
refi jrin^ their labours y but ferve not the Urd 
that day. They are mar^ 6f the duties of the 
Sabbath, they do not call the Sabbath A delight^ 
as it is, I fa. ^S. is* Delight fmetens any labowr. 
How will people tojl'at their f ports and fleafnresi 
O had we fftritual hearts y we fhould account the 
(elebrationoi the Sabbath not only oar ^ntj, but 
bur friviledge ! 

By obferving the Sabbath, we continue a 
fhankful remembrance of thp two great benefits of 
Creation and Redemption^ which contain a (hori 
Abridgment of true Religion. The Sabbsthdu- 
ly obferved is 2Ltype of the everlafiingrefithat 
remaines for the people of Gody fieb.^.9- Hovv 
theii can thpfe. ever tWk to come to Heaven, 
;ind to keep an everlafting Sabbath in praifing 
and adoring God, to whoai the celebration ota 
^^eekJySdbatbii fotGdi<xiiznditki^^ • 

Digitized by y<jO^W Ic ' 

Ghap. rfl eft he Lords d^. 3 i j 

3. Every true Chrlftian ii to cake carendc 
oii'ytofan(£lifieche Urds dajhimfclf^ butcha£ 
thofc^nderhischdrgtdothelike. Every Govern- 
oftrof a Family ihould rcfolve with pious ^olba* 
dhj Jofli 24.15. iy«r^ ^ /tfr w^ and myhuje ipe 
will ferve the Lord. Obferte it^ Trui 
Religign And the fmer ofGodlintjlhAth there uftr 
aHymoJlflomfhed, rvbcre the Lords ddj hathheert 
mejl confcientioufly obferved. And thmj direful 
judgments have befdllen the violators snd f riff h4- 

6en.2«2« And on the feventhdaj Godendedhis 

work which he had made ^ and he refied on the 

jeventh^ day ft 9m .aS> the work which he had 


V.J. AndGodbleffei the feventh day , and fan- 

itifed it I becaufe that in it he had refiedfrom 

all his work which God created andmxde. 

Lev.23.3. Six dales fhall thfwork be done, but 

' the f eve fit h day is the sdbathofrejiy an holy 

convocation, ye fhdll do no work therein: it is 

the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwelt- 

Kehenj.iJ-ip. And it canSeto faffe^ that when 
the gates of ^erufalem began to be dark be fore 

. theSabbaih, I commanded that the gates fh mid 
befhut, and charged that they jhould not be open- 
ed tin after the Sahbath^andfome ofmyfervants 
fet I at the gates y that there fhould no burden be 
Y z ibrought 

■' Digitized by V *» 

^\6 • OftheOhfervAtUn Chap.6. 

brought in pn the Sabbgth day. 
^.59.13* if thu turn may thy feet JrmtheS^ 
bath, from doing thy fleafure en mj holjJaj^ 
And caB the Sabbath a delight^ the holy ofm 
Lord, hcnourakle^ and ^alt honour him^ net 
doing thine' own ipoief, nor finding thine oton 
fleafure^ nor /peaking thine own words. 

Luke 2?.54. And that day wMthefteparmon^ 
and the Sabbath drew on^ 

W.^6. Arid they returned^ And f re fared hicts^ 
and ointments^ and re fled the Sabbath day ^ ac- 
cording to the Commandement. 

Exod.i 3 . 1 2 . ^/x daies {halt thou do thy worky and 
on the [event h day thoufhak refi^tbat thine Oxe 
and thine Affe may reft^ and the fin ^ thine 
hand maih andthefiran^erfbaUbe refrejhed. 

Ezck. 1 7 ,26. Her Priefts have violated nty Lan^ 
and have ffofhar^dmine holy things ^ they have 
put no difference between the holy and prof hant^ 
neither have they fhewed difference between the 
unclean and the clean ^ and have hid their ties 
Jrom my Sabbaths^ and I amprophanedamor^g 

E2:tk.23,38. ^Moreover this thej have done ufh 
me they have defiled my Sanifuary in the faint 
day^ and have prophaned my sabbaths. 

Amos 8.4. Sayings when wiS the New Won he 
gonCy (hat we may fell corn f and the Sabbalb 
that we may fet forth wheat^ &c. 

Lam. 17. ^ernfalem remembred in the daies of 

Digitized by GoOQIc hCf 

y.6. 0fthe L§tds idf. , 31 1 7 

r affliStUn iniofhtr mjiries 4B her flesfMt 

fpUfiUhte the hdnd rfthe enemt dndnene 
ihelf her^ the adverfmes fdwber^ and did 
Kk MtherSMaths. HdBew mj SMJabs^ andthey/hdU 
tfign between medndjett^ thatje majiknopt 
tt I am the Lird ^nr God. 
6.24 Sleffed is the man thdt doththls^ {Hmd 
r [on of WM that lajeth hold on it, thatkeep^ 
) the Sabbath fromfo&uffng it, andkeefcth ttii 
ndfrom doit^ ^w/, 

.. For thus futh the Lord unto the Eunuches 
it keep my Sabbaths^ and shufe the thingi 
fl fleafe me, and take ioU of.fnj Cove-^^ 

;. . i^lfs the fans of tk firanger that joyn 
tmf elves to the Lood^ to ferve him^ and tt 
ve the It ante of the Lord, to be hiifervants^ 
wj one that keepeththe Sabbath from foBn^ 
ffg it, and taketh hold of mj Covenant. 
^ Even them wiB I bring to mjholj MOuH-^ 
iny and make themjojffd isi, mj houfe ofpaf^ 
thiir burnt offerings and their Sacrifices (baS 
accepted ufon mine Altar : for mine houfe 
d be colltd an houfe ^ frajer for aU f<o- 


k 2.27. K^nd he faid unto them, the Sab^ 

\th was made for man, and not man for the 


^ ^ Digitized bft?(50gle ^-. 

3i8 , . oftbeobfervathnScc. Chap.6. 
\,i%. Tberefcrt^thc Son of man isL&rdalfoof 
the iahbath* 
-Pfol:^2.Title.^ Pfatmor Song fir the Sdbah 

Mat, 5* vf. Think not that I dm come to defiroj the 
Latv or the Pro^ets, I am not come toJeflroj, 
,ljUke4.i^. And he came to Nazareth^ where k 
^hadbeen brought up, and as his cufiome wasy k 
went hto the Synagogue on the SaUathdaj^ and 
ftoedfiffer tore^. 
A^s 2,9.7. Jnd upon the fir ft day of the mek, 
ivhen the Djfciples came together to break bread^ 
^; Paul preached gffhihem, ready to depart on the 
morrofv J ahd continued his Jpeech untiS nod- 
mght. * 

1 Cor.r^.i. Norv concerning the CoBeBion f^r 
the faints, at I hkve given order to tk 
churches, of Galatra^ even fo do ye. 
V.a, Upon the fir ft day of the week^ let every ont 
ofrjou lay upinfiore asGodhuthprofperedhim^ 
'that there be no gatherings when 1 come. 
Kevi.icJ"/ Wirf^/w /A^ Spirit on the Lordi 

JPi'hl.i!8.24, This is the day which the Lord hath 
made , rve wiS rejoyce and be glad in it. 

2. HearingtheWord^ 
W€ live in an age wherein ("chroogh the rich 

Digitized by Gopgte ^ 

,6. Ofhimng the WcrJ. 31^ 

^ of God)thcr« is much good f re Aching*^ bac 
general complaint there isf§ little fronting. 
ec not thofegrmom effeSfs oftke Word, that 
to be dcfircd and wiflicd. And certainly 
sin reafon o( it /\s^f€tP take care to hear i» 
ki fnamer^ as they ought to do. That 
Fore thou maift/p hear^ as tofrofitlftalX 

fVhai thou art to do before thou hear ejl^ ij 

what thou art tr do in time of Hearing, 
what after thou haft Heard. 
r the Firft .- 7hou muH frefare thy heart her 
foutouoefito hear. Aafh entring on duties, is 
rfueoeffeful: It the groand benotprepa* 
he feed is loft that is fowo therein, rhm 
fallow ^oundof pur hearts, faies the Pro- 
^rr.4«3. ^elfow not among thorns. In a 
' piece of ground ("yoa know) . thorns and 
weeds and thiftles ofe^o grow. And fuch 
rismmshiart naturally, which if let alone^ 
^ faines taken with it^ will quickly be over- 
i with hurtful tares, filing lufis^ and 
fered ^eStions. And therefore St. ^ames^ 
thi ^am.\.%}k That before we go* tQ 
ne Word, wejhouli lay apart aBflt^neffi, 
^erfiuity of naughtinejfe^ l c. oB evil frames 
t. And how hard a matter that it, I appeal 
experience of every true iiadfincere Chii* 
That holy man(?fr/i;?profcfles hcnaan^^ ,^ 


jio <ifhemi^tkW0ri, Chap.^. 

titneifftiitfinff howrs before he cetdd^Air 
hegrt in timeffirfolmn duties. Gods duUicii 
have entred ^mffrtdtlf on ducies, wbeathey 
havebccn y^rwM* 2xA(srefuli» their frefvMim 

for them. 

To help thee therefore to frefm thy beat 
for the Word, take theft Direifions. 

I . Liy afidc (as much as polfibly thou canfl) 
tiBworldfythMshts, cmsMdhufmt^es^ thatthy 
mind may be free for God, and thcimfref^ 
of his Word and *•/; Sfirit, 

on Saturday night, fhia uftbegatet tfthj betrt 
agdnftthe worlds JStehemah^ Chap.i3.v.ijtao. 
*i the rates tf^ufaUmy »n the evening efthw 
Sahtath. If any <Mer chants come, any mrUij 
thoughts <x h^ejfes, let them)?*; withont till the 
Sabfath he tver. The work of mens CaBiHgs, ii 
tut onij 1^ their hands, but in their minds m 
beads. A Uinifler may have agreat Congregatioo, 
(^^bnt a few hearers, if their mindshefinft nitk 
the wurld before they come : if they britig their 
trades, their bargdnes^ their floto, tbdrmrm 
bujinej'e along vrith them. As therefore wercad 
6fMr^*m; mGen.i2.^. t ha when be went ftf 
to the Mount to offer Sacrif CO, he left hisfervaint 
and the 4e in the vaOey behind him-, (o iboald 
we our worldty cares and bafinefts, when wefio 
to worfhip Ood, and to heat hi* Wordl 

a. Confider arid meditate tn tbe great con- 
cernment and mfortance of the Werd, 'Tis tb« 

Digitized by GoOQre '' 

Chap.6. ef hearing thtWwi. 321 

irdinMTf mtMs God hath 4ffrinted for the work* 
ing i\\tkt great wrkef c^nverjhn (without which 
nofalvation) and for the edifying and bmlding 
iifthofithstt are already favinglj mough uf0n^ 
]^vci.T.\%.Ofhi$mn WiBbegathcmbj thtW^d 
9f Trmth. i Cor. 4,1 5, I hdve beg0tten you in 
Chrijl ^efus Cfaith PmI) throng the Goffel. 
Rom.10.17. J^aith Cometh hy hearing. Indeed 
finandconjequently death came hy hearing at the 
frfii iyonrfirjt Parents lifieningto, andteliev^ 
ing a temfting Spirit. But non^ Faith^ andconfe^ 
quetttly Irfe comet by Hearing; through the oferati- 
on of the bleffed Spirit of God in the JVord^ Rom. 
1.16. 7he Goffel 'tis the fonder of God untofaha- 

Labour therefore to have an high value and 
eJUem of the f reaching of the CoffeL God hatfl 
appointed tits Ordinances^ not in Sovemgnty on- 
ly^ but in Merty to us. As our Savii^ur faid (£ 
^eSahhathy Marka.27. The SaUathWnsmadlt 
for man^&notmanfor the Sdhath : So nwy Ipf 
of aB the Ordinances of Cod^ they mre ordained 
for man^ for mans benefit^ and not man made 
for them. And therefore i\\t great benefity that 
("with Gods bleffing) may be exfeHeditottk 
them ( // we duly attend ufon them) (hould 
make ms highly value ^tm. 

Indeed it is one of the devils firatagems in this 
|ge, to urge the efficacy oftheSpirit^ as a flea 
for the negUlt of means. Whereas Cods Spirit 

' Digitizeql by v ClOC 

|xs ofhemngtheVfordi, 

doc5 «fMtj work in and hy the means* and me- 
Ij i'\{ ever ) when the ordinarj tnesns are flight- 
ed. 'Tts true, God himfelt is not tyed to 
w^4»/,nor te any of hit twn Ordinxnces^ytt he tit i 
iu to make ufe ofthem^ when we may have thpu, 
that foul cannot expeif to he inftru^eJ hj. Gtk 
Spirit^ who is afiighter and negUSitr of Gods or- 

Further mfider , the intent of the JVord is not 
only to regenerate, bat to npwifh, inere^eani 
ferfe^ the Graces of the Saints, Eph.4.ii,n. 
our knowledge is imperfect. Thofe that km 
mafiymxf learn more: We need new infwcewuntr^. 
dntj: OuraffeBionsM^edttli. andneed anew ex- 
citement. None 7* wife\ fo knowing a€hri(Haiti 
ht he may receive fame henefit from a diffirent 
handling af what he bimfelf knew before. 

Therefore feeti^ the freaekwi of the Woti 
was ordained for fo grea 9sAfignd beneftsvs 
mankind, 'tis juft with God, chat ibcj tkt 
haveflighttUngbtsofity (hoakl htbmtn\mixi 

3. When thoii arc going co hear, eonfif 
vbither then m going, T^n art going tomtit 
the great Godof Heaven and Earth .- A OoitbM is 
pot to be dahed with,^. I will ^ 
fan^ifiedinthem that come nigh me, Wbcnih* 
jHSoplc weoc to hear the Liw, Exod. rp-'o* 
The Lord faid toMofes, Sanitise thepeofU, t 
and let them wajh'theif clothes. What does /A* 

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^4?.** of btaringtheW^i. ^23 

cou$? thdt C hrifii am Jbould only fvafh their 
p anJ jdCtSy afjj p$t $n their btfjt apparrtl, 
thiy c$me to he4r the Wordi No, the Apo- 
fAfnes^ ^am A. 21. eels us y Lay afdrt dU 
ne^^ and fuperfiuity of ndughtinef, and re- 
' with weekne([e the ingrafted Word^ thai is 
fofave jotir fouls. If thou findeft thy Spirit 
r and wandring, lojlx it and make itferiotis^ 
k with thy felf^and ifliaginehow it was with 
Ifraelites going to receive the La w of God .• 
en the Mount togs aS on a flame offire^ the 
tfet founding louder -and louder^ the people 
fbling and fore afraid. This is to hedt thjC De- 
vith his own weapons for he often prevaites 
nus, by casing in finful Imaginations* Coo- 
jc therefore how the Lord is prefent in an efpe* 
manner where his Woid is preached. Sureli 
Lord kin this place ^ zs^acoh (HA (ji Bethel^ 
r.2 8. 1 6. The apprehenfion of Gods prefcncc 
he afTemblies of his people, will preferve in 
c an ar»ful and reverent difpoficion of 
i1* * ' 

y. Before thou goeft, fail not to poftre forth 
neji and fervent prayers unto the Lord^ ^nd 
I. of the Minifier. 

^^ of thyfelf. ... 

L In behalf of the Minifler^ that the Lotd would 
\chhim vohat he fhould teach the people, Mddi- 
^ and enable him to declare the mind pf&dy 




5H <]fhemtigtbefr$ri. Chap^^ 

M^tcf reach fueb truths m may temftt the hetteft, 
tuU[dva^it» of thine ami ^hersftules. certsitth 
iffetfle did nitre feritufij and time fieqaemij 
fray for their Mihipry that the LordwtuldUef 
andfreffer his laitm, and dire& him t» divide 
the VFMmgkt ttgive to every tne their fwtitm^ 
to feed the petple with kntvledge and nnderfioMi- 
ings he might expeif a greater i/e(fing and dfj^i- 
once in hit findies, and they more benefit hy ii 
endeavours. How earnefilydoes Paul beg ptay- 
ers,W.i5.30 ? Horn ibefeeeb you (brethrem) 
frr the Lord ^efut- Chrifts fakey and fir the luve 
of the Spirit, that ytfirive together with mty in 
your prayers to God for me. v.^i.—Tbat m/yfer 
vice which I havefw ^erufalem^ . may be aceepied 
of the Saints. Aod Eph6.i^, fraying dwaies 
with aB prayer, andfupplieationin the Spirit -f»r 
aS Saints, v. 19, And for me, that utteranetnuay 
be given nntome, thdtrmay open wry trnmbboU- 
ly, to make known the mj fiery of the Gofpel. v.»o. 
—That therein J may f^eak boldly 40 liugku 
fpeak. Col.4.3. Withal praying for m, thutG^ 
would open to madoor if utterAUte to fpeak the 
myjiery of Chrifi, for which 1 amalfo inb»j$di, 
V.4. That I may make it mmfefi a 1 ought tu 

IL Jnbehalfofthyfelf 

1. That the Lord would fix thy mind, oMdmake 
itfrnout. When tUKmiitdisferioifit, inubsaK 
apt to ouke impcdfion. 

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Chap 6. of hwing the Wwi. 3 z 5 

3. ThM hi tQ0uld enlighten thy tmnd, snJ^pen 
thy hearty m he did the heart ofLydiiy ASts i6.i/^. 
that tboa tnaift have a clear and right under ft and- 
ing of thole truths that concern thy falvati^ 

V j» Th^^ he would give thee 4 heart t$ believe^ 
M9ul embrace the truih^ in the love of it r, that truth 
may ooconly fiaat in thy fhantafie, \mifink dmn 
iM§ thy hearty Rom^ With the heart man 
Mievetb unto righteoufneffe. There is a Faith 
of the heady and a Faith of the heart: Devils^ 
^ndmickedmenhwe the Faith o( the head '^ but 
they have nofuch helief, as affe£ls the heart , and 
makes it clo/e with truth, and love it and enr^ 
trace it. 

4: That the Sfirit of -God would Jet in with the 
freachiag of the IVord, and make it effeHuatfor 
the heating down of thy corruptions." Tis a remarket 
able expreffion, that in 7/4.8.11. The Lord 
f fake to me with aftrong hand^ not with a iMrr 
tmce, but a fhong hand. Pray therefore thus, 
Lordfftak to my hfis and corruptions this day with 
djhong band^ let them feel thy power, and the 
firenph of thine arm, that fo they maybe effeiff- 

5« iJiourtocitmewithdteacheabUandtraifa^ 
hie frame ef Spirit. Receive with meokneffe the in- 
grafted^ Ward, ]zmt% ^. ChriB was anoint^ 
ed to preach glad iiMngs to the meeby Ifaiah 
IJi X - • 

'•'•■* ' * * Digitized by ^^^PftSU^ 

31^ OfbemngtheWord. Gbap«. 

thtre are three forts of Sprits far jr§m thUttm- 

1. The eavtting Sfirit^ that is forwjrd to ca- 
vil at the Word, and to frame Objeftions a- 

2. The wrathful Sprite that is ^erce and rtsof 
to rifeuf in armes againft the joft reproofs of tte 
Word. When fuch are admoni^td or ittrnti, 
they revile: CotwiSf iott, tb&t fliouW A»»W*, 
provokes them. There is a great deal of difference 
between thofe two places, and cxpreffions, 
i^0s J.37. Now when thei heard this, theywere 
fricked in their hearty audjaid unto Peter oiUtK 
reft of the t^fofiles, cMen'and Brethren^ w»^ 
jhaa we do ? And Alfs 7. J4 VFhen thej hetri 
thefe things^ they were e»t t^the heart, dndtlity 
^najhed on him with their teeth. Here is a great 
deal of difference between being friekti ^^* 
heart t and feeling compundion for fin in their 
Confcknces, as it was with the true co^y*"*!^ 
the former place, and being cat to the itart, and 
\ exed,- tvhen they heard their fins reproved, « 
it was with the malieieos and obftoi^te ^evts 
in the latter. ' ' . 

A guilty Cmfcience thinks thxHtimf^^^ 
at himinpdrtieuUr, and iotewls to ifj^^bw"' 
he thinks he contmits atreffajfe hy treading*!^* 
his ground., and coming fodofe cobis CoJY 
cnce. it ftack irt ffiroisHotazck when J»W 
touched him about his Herodias: Bat(obfcn« 

by Google • 1^ 

Digitized b 


Cb3p«tf« ofhimng the Word. , 317 

it) thofe tbit $noJi ft&rm dtarepreif^ ureufMij 

J. Theeartlfj^Muraieff^irit. Let the Miniftec 
fay what he will, he is Sermon- f roof z He is re- 
fbl ved to hold his own : Indeed his fins may well 
becaird his own. Tis :ifad word thztis fpoken 
of the Pharifees and Lawyers^ Lake 7.30, They 
rejfSfed the connfel of God against themfelves. 
And that oi the ^ewes^ AAs i3.46, Teputit 
fromjon (namely the Word of God) 4nd judge 
yMrfehes unworthy ofeternul life^ Lowftnrn 
to the Gentiles. 

But now aoneek (^irit is ztetcheable and traSta- 
hk fpirit : A tender heart is apt to receive //w^ 
freffions , as you may obferve in peffons whofe 
hearts zxt foftned by afftiEiions •^ How do Ser- 
mons work on fuch < Labour therefore to come 
witbfach4)94«if4?//^ir/f to hear the Word, as . 
tbpfcdid in i^^i 10.33. Wee are aB here frefent 
before, the Lord to hear the things that m com^ 
manded thee ef God. 

6. Come with an appetite, with a longing de-^ 
fire to the Word. Nothing makes wholfome food 
more fdvoUry and fweei , than appetite. Some peo- 
ple come to Chntch, asr fickly people do to a 
Feap 5 they fit dowa for company, though they 
ha?e no j^4ri^ : ''Tis inyainto cometoa^^r- 
mon^ without^ a (piritnai , appetite; Bleffed arc^ 
they that hmsger a^ thirfi ^ftarrigkeonfnefij 
theyJhaS bejdtufied: Tis oitt Saviours own 

i: promifejgl^ 

3^8 ofhtdringiheW^d. Chlp.^.: 

promife, UW4f.5.6. O that people wcrc/«^A to 
their Minifters, as tho[e ^^ fpeaks o£, C. »9.»3« 
who waited ffT bim^ asfer r Aim, gaff it^Mfter the 
iVcrd^ as the chapt earth for powersl O that 
there were fome fuch Pivine dffe^iomiwtis^ as 
were in holy David! that we could truly fay, 
My foul is athirjtfor Cody even for the living God : 
Mj fottf pants after Chrifi, after his fard§mm 
Mercy, ani jan£iifying Grace ^ as the Hart farttctt 
after the water hooks) We (hould then tec Ser- 
mons v/ovk other effeSfsi than now we do: But 
when people come either tvith no affetitt^ m de* 
fire and love to the Word^ (but fit down in the 
Congregation meerly for fafliion or company 
fake) or when they come with difiemperedf aU 
latSf with prejudices and prep^effions againfi the 
ftmplicity of the Gofpel-^ the moft EvangeUcdt 
Truths are to theirr but as a hanquefoffipeet meats 
untofwine^ they had rather have Jrn/h. They 
can relifli ("may be) fome witry jingling dif- 
courfe -, but the preaching of CArift and J^im 
crucified^ (which Paul thought fbrieWy of) is 
too fi ale a DoBrine, aild too flat a note tot th6r 

7. Havingfoughttothe LorJi^ and taken pahs 
to bring thy heart intir right fiance -^ covr^msk 
exHSfation to profit-. Tis often fatd in the Gof. 
pel. Be it unto thee according toihj Faith. And 
rruly^ ufually people profit by Sermons accord^ 
ing to their expe£fa\ions. But tafec here this Cam- 

. * Digitized by Google ttOf^ 

Chap»5. OfHtaring thiW$rd, pp 

Hon. Do dot groood chy expe£fMm oiithti 
fArts ox gifts of the Mimlfer^ out on Gods prt^ 
ffrife % looking for bis ikffi9$g to accompany his 
oNVn Ordindnci. UfwaB^ pee fie [feed acceding ti 
their dim dttd expi^dthn^ They that come to 
hear wdni voim do hear it. 'Tis faid of fduls 
cofrtpartiofts, A^s g.f. that they hedrdd voice. 
Afts 2i.^. *tis faid, they that mre nUth hint, 
hcatd n&t the veice. They biard a ftmmi^ but 
hiar d it rtot Mpn^lj^ as Chrifis voice. Some on- 
ly hear in oMtnfdrd foundi the voice ofman^ buc 
ndc cite wici if God in the Word. 

Thua tfHich of frifdrdthn before HcSt^ 

. ScdOttdl^J coifte flow to give fome Direftioft* 
. how thoufihuldfi cdrrj thy felf in^tiiHe of Hemng^ 

I. Hedfmth themofifiked dtteniionthotifof'^ 
fitly cdn^. htte!Mmt\\reverence zniferioufnefs. 
Many Wii^hty truths dfe hJf bj negligent hedring. 
Though it ciftnot be expensed, that wefbbuld 
hetotdiy Jr^from vodndrhg tbonghts • yet we 
6aght to be watchful, and not to- dBorp out 
ftfvcs 'M them. And Vrhtn *ve pe*cei^/e ot* 
YkMtsg^rii\vfci\to\Adfpte(ii\y recdS zhettiy Dd^^ 
pid (Ati of Idoli^ they bdt/e edres, and hear not, 
Pfdl.ii^ 6. We have too mmy fuchTdols in ova 

' Thc^;ixefhr(fefms of cores, that are not the 
hedtingidtisi \vutix\i that hedrdright. 

I. Thi dgi idr. When people allow thcir-^ 

Digitized by VjOO^T^ 

3 3© of hemng the Wwi, Cbap.6. 

(e\v^ in drmfttteffe^ and cml^tiK^' What 
imfreffmsi is it poffibl*; the Word ftiould make 
ona man that isallccp? What koowcft thou, 
O fieeftry but whilft thcu haft flcpt , thi[e trutbt 
have been delivered^ which (hsdft thoo duly 
minded) might ha^e tended toothy everlafting 
falvathft ? If fach a judgment befel him that 
flept in the tight* and that at dn exceeding Ung 
^ermmyAlfs io.9,io.What ftiall we fay ot thole 
t\ut Jleep in the dsj at 9 Sermon of an W Ung, 

2, thefiopp'dear. Some are «/*/«<</ fiooers. 
jhejfitp their ems like the Addert Mgsinftthe 
voice of the chdrmer, Charwbe nevw fo mftljj 
pfai:^9.^. We read of fome ZAch.-j.n. That 
m»de their heart 4t s^dim/mt ftone, thtt they 
might not .bear. ^Tis a fed complaint the Pro- 
phet makes (And yet many Miqifters may in 
thefe dales make the famej / have firetchedomt 
mj hands ait he dofiong to 4 difobedient oitdgotn- 
jajingfoofle, Ifa.<55.i.»i. . 

3. the itching ear, aTim.4. 3,4. TheApo- 
ftle ^ks ot iome, vbo bowing itching cores, 
did turn Mxj their cores fromthclruthumo Fit- 
W«. When menaffe<a otit^ new things^ and4- 
mtber Goffel, as ?4*/.fpeaJB, a4r/.j. They arc 
bolfgotte mto Here fie: fUin Do^ipes that tend 
to the ctnviflion of fin,that difcowcr the neceffitj 
of converfion, that (hew mans lofi .dnd nndone 
condition by natttre, & bis onljremodj by Cbrifiy 
thcnisceiTicy oiWUneJleand ntrpobedicftce: tbcCe 

n ilerhm 


Digitized b ofhemagtheWerd^ 33^ 

ferhHstrmhszxt too ftde ioxmanj cwfiousetres, 
'R\xt rememhery they were cotmI people tp&iaom- 
plMHcdt thej hdi nothing ht the oUhurdin, Jet, 

II. Appiy whdt thoH henrtfito thyfilf. Job 5. 

olt. He^rthouthiSy 4ml hmtw -it for thyfelf. Do 
not ward of ihi hUwes of the Word from thy 
ftlf .♦ T>onot(iy mthi»thyfelf, this reproof coa- 
cems fuch an one, &c. The ^epfes betjig prick- 
rJin their hems^ Afts 4.23. ftiJy matfbaS 
ttedo ? not i»hdt jbtU others do to iefufved. No 
pUifieroMdoHf goody except it he dpplyed 

HI, Lift i^thjhesrt infrequent, mntdl, ejacM- 
iMtorjPrMertnntothe Lordy to Jet the' truths thorn 
hesrefiy home upon thy foul: Lord help me tore- 
mender MdpraBife thtt leffon. Lord hehrneto 
for fake this fin •, Lord firengthin my Faith'in the 
belief of this Jruth. As the Difciples, when 
Cbrift told them how oft they (hoald lorgivo 
an offending brofther, Lukeij.^. theyiftftant- 
}y pray. Lord inereafe our Faith. ■ 

IV. Mix FaHhwith the Word. Heb.4va. The 
Apoftle ttl» of' {ometbit the Word profited noty 
hctanft they did not mix it roith Faith. cm fed 
in^delityl Hovo massy thoufand fouls haft thou de^ 
firoyedr Bow many thoujand Sermons haft thou 
made mnfucceffeful f St. fames tels us rhe Vt- 
toils hetieve and tremhle. Thacis more thaa ma- 
ny a wicked man does. 

Thus much of thy hehawour inttmeofbtar^ 

igg If 3 Digit zed blt"''^^^y> 

0/ hedring tkt Wvi. . 

I. i^hifr to k(ef 4m th^ft i9$4 mpti0/ts, 
fe g«oi inelinstions > thtfe ffeaveplj A^eSir 
', ^dprfii^t ffSpfrif whifb thvtffHiuUftfn 
te^kidring, tW. WiUq«ickly.f<*i/, when 
|:{)fcheCf>iS^^4f/f/f, if thiqi^cal<»r>nQ£ heed. 
a;. Wbffthtgftfifi'om tkd CtngffS^ffiy *f 

HMshg' tbtrfh ft Vtrk ik^fe tfMtjkiMthfot^ 

frfy m4 it th H¥*fff ttberff..Q bPW/Wiif 
:bac \i90fk 99 Cpw 9^ ever (lify'igKittvf «^i6r 
f^egitmy UH » t^HiPg of 4fff ihh^ rather 

ip./^.^wiF ^h^y hijye hwd / Tbpy jre/w 

Iftllf; of Ai>X''»««?, « vem> or ^ tbingtlft t 
It thfy ate ?flMW^ «|/»tf* friMff 4iif<fmjtyn 
fppj»Hpf?tiC *r*l^nt\fyhaTeiM»r<l, thai»g^ 

J. Utf^b ^ 4ngtv9rnows 0fP4»iH(fri' 
ve tkf trufhs fiej b*Vf kt^¥'di» piMkk, ij weft* 
ion i» their Fmtkfi •' Oftf tmm»kf a^cweak, 

\^Cmm4tt4s b84n«<l h/^ttft^i xa forgat- 
1 ferv.?iK^. At! j&;^ bewng many iiothsiqay 
; loft t^QPgh 4ifir*&mt»&vf(whnMg. FmU 
bis ^pii^les 4off<k of(9B rfpCM eke r9fne p«& 
ges ^ ^i rfnfF .(he fame (xhpristions. An4 
x tels the fMHffm^y Ci.v.if 7« »F'>tf f^ 
«r /i^is^j t9 fhemi «t^^ nfit l« btmgrkvMii, ht 

4»^ ^ffrf tkltif> ^ jHfff^ f" '^ffiitf^^ 

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Chap,5* of hearing tUWwd. jjj 

thou baft hcmi^ md labour ufsfitn them bj frajer 
in thy heart. Let thy Conjeience in fecrtt f reach 
them wer to thee againy Luke a. 19. Tis faid, 
UHarj pondered thofefdyings in her heart. O how 
few will fpend zfecret /&^iironthc Lords day to 
fonfider aad meditate on Kvbat they have heard. 
One main reafon Sermons do 00 moxtgoodls 
becaufe people fo foon forget them. And why 
do they forget them yi^y^M ? Bat becaufe they 
do noc eot^tder and meditate on them, when 
chey have heard them^eb.2.i.7herefore faics the 
Apoftle^ w ought to give the more earneft heed to 
the thingi which we have heard, left at any time 
we (bomd let them flip. And i Tim4.i5* Me- 
atitati upon thefe things^ give thy {elf wholly to 
them^ that thy profiting may appear unto aS. 

5 # Be not a bare hearer ^ but a doer of the Word. 
Speedily fet upon the praSHfe of what thou haft 
ilearned to be thy duty. Me ye doers of the Word, 
und not hearers only, deceiving your own foules. 
^am^i.tip Scnne do not care to hear^ bfecaufe 
tbsyhzmnomnd to praltife. Somt hear^ and 
rejfinit. 'Tispraififeihat proclaims the^/i^^W- 
ty of oar profeifion. In hearing we ma/ look 
luce Saints, bat m doing we live like Saints. 
fra&ife is the beft commendation of a Sermon. 

Having thas fliewed thee what thou mad: 

. I. Before hearing the Word. 
2« In hearing the Word. 

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334 of heAringtheW^rd. Chap,5. 

3, After hearing the W^rd. 

I tome now to give th^t Y^meMothes to 
quicken thee to the fraBife oftbefe BireStions. 

1. Cenjider, fuchas mlfulljnegle£ft$frefare 
their hearts^ before thej cc^ne t9 heMr^ de tempi 
God to mthdrAVf the affijlance andileffingofhU 
holy Sfirit from them when they dre come. Pre- 
fume not on Gods affiJlMce in an Ordinance, if 
you negled to prepare for iu Uthc grmulhc 
not well prepared, we do not cxpc<a a crop: 

a. Confider and remember, the Devils care 
if, not only to dijlurb thee at the Ordinance f hnt 
tdindifpofe thee for it, before thou camefi. The 
j>evilisfiirring early iM the Lords day morning. 
He is at work betimes : ^e fure, he bach a $mr^ 
ings draught for thee •, he will be prefenting 
and fuggefting fbmething to thee, tonffj&aBd 
indifpofe thee for the duties of the d^y. 

3. Confideri 4e thou art more ir lef careful to 
prepare^ fowilt thou ordinarily more <nrleQe tafi the 
ftveetnejjr of the Ordinance. Preparation if /ike 
exercife before a meal : // triBmake thee comt with 
the better appetite to the Wprd^ and irelijh it tho 
letter. • - . * 

4, Confider, preparation is not only advanta- 
geous in order to the Ordinance, but it brings ad^ 
varttage td tu, confider ed in it f elf; By preparati^ 
on we have communion with God .• We cornc sa 
tudtrfiand our feiveSf and the cafe of our cvrti 
fouls. Whllfkthou 0r1 prepmngi thy Graces are in- 

Digitized by VjOC . •* ^ 

Cbap.^. OfyemngtheWtfd, jjj 

crufttg % the wfrk of Heavtngtis ott. 

5* Confider, If then m*Kefi CMfcieneethui 
ta htbave thy /f//before, in, and iftethearinj^ 
fiftbe rforJ (as thou hajtheen Jireffed) thou wilt 
^ndif Mgteat evidence of thtjincmtj and upright* 
jieffe of thy hem. Outuwd reffe^s may make 
peoplfc come to Chmreh^ bucto t^e pains thm 
with their hems beforehand, argues 4 true defire 
after emmnnion vokhGod^ and a real mBingn^e 
10 profit by the Word, and /*^# w in Graee. 

6. Confider what a choice nfercjit it t^enjof 
theCefpel, 'Tb not a di^t that i(fetoneveryt4- 
hie. Cod hath not done fof or every lUtion, nsfor 
this. No ifUnd fo far fiom Jerufalem, had the 
light of the G^felfofom m thit. And I know 
lioc nny, fartienUr fnmfe whereby the Gofp«l 
is tntaUtd on tbitt ac any other Nation. If we 
^/^^ the Gofpeli for ought I know, we may 
qaickly forfeit it j and provoke God to take it 
ir.ook OS. When the Jjrdelites defpifed Manna^ 
God qiiickiy featferpents amoi^ them. If we 
defpife the Mmn^ofYus Word, aud count it 
light fooj -y God may jdftly fend Serpents among 
us 5 Im(;an, fuch deceivers as with their ^»>- 
eion/ Dnfhines may ptuibnmany Ibuls to their 
everlaftii^ deffariuf^ton. 

7.i.a^ly, Conficler, though theCofpelmay 
continue to the Natioii, yet tbon or Jthaj quickly be 
defrivtdef our per fond ofportnnitie* «/ 'tt\nin^ 
vfit. I have heaidof«;r/jrfx^ on his dtafmd, 


Digitized b 


•}5 Oflnmng theWird, Chip J. 

tiac cryed out, CsSthfie tdeky CmB tfmhdtk. 
fhou maift ihortiy cry oat edOStrmtm but i 
tB sdtMtks k0ck , and all in vaio, i^ ^Am m^- 
'^ejithe frifeift $ff»rtiuiHyMui fu^mrfGrue. 
^onfidet lAr S^iiir cfGtdwiiiut thmw^trnx 
tithtke ehiUren cfmat, Confider^ tbiim^k 
^ Uft Strmw that ever tb0»Mi4ifi besr^ (Soom 
ne Sermon will be the laft) And chink thos 
rich thy Telf, fuehdgtktfthe Sfirit, mmrnl 
tely may iteyer be Imordedme again. Shall I 
« CofMiiJk then* as not to yeeld totitp UtffeJ 
ttttMSi T«d*fy wbiUhkcHtdudifykurbk 
wee, Mdlurdetnnttbjbcmin 

.oke 8.18. Ttke heedther^m Uo jthe^, 

HeufeffCtdy stidhe mm€rudjt$lugry Him 
to give the f/urifice efftoU\'f9rtbej mtfUtt 
tut that tbefde evil, 
.om.10.14. ttm thepfluB thet saUonkmy im 
what they have tui believed f snd hm/bai 
they believe in him, ef mbtm they have an 
heardi undiewflu^tmybeAfwitlMit sfreach^ 

^.15. j4itd kfwfitaStbtffreMdtt excefttbeybt 
ftntf deitisvritteHyHmbem^dtretbefeet 
if them that f reach the Gtffel tf feate, aai 
iring^ladtidings efgtedtUngsi 
m.i,i2, of bU pm$ wiibega heue, mitbtbt 
JVprd ofTrmb, t^mt fMd be 4 kind if 

Digitized by ^ fi^fi^ 

O^P.?. of hiAting the Wiri^ 537 

pfkffUm of his Creatura. 
1 Pet. 1.3 J, B0ing hrn again^ not ef wruftibU 
ftid^ itti $f immuptme by the W^dofGod^ 
. whkbtive^h Mdgbidttb for ever. 
Jgrn.l.^l* Whmfetft UjMfdrtaSfikbineffe.and 
fuferfluitj of naught ineffe and receive with 
mei^f the ingr4fted Word pbifh is Me to 
fdvi your fods. 
V.91. But be ye dpere of the Wordy ggd not heir- 

ersonljy dooiivittg yottr oietj§felves. 
. V.»g. For ifatty man be a bear^ of the Word, 
and not a daer^ ho is like unto a man beholding 
■" hit nitnral fate inagla^e^ 
V. 2 4* foir ho boholdeth biptfelfy and goeth his 
n^ij, andflraigbttiiay forgettoth mbat manner of 
V.^5. tnttpiofo^lookothintf thoftrfeSt Lamof 
liberty^ and fondnueth therein, he being not a 
forgetful hearer ^ but a doer of the vtork, this 
mMJbdSbeblejfidin his deed^ 
xPet.2*i. wherefore lajing afide aU malice, and 
aBguih$ Md hjfocrifie, andenvieSy andevtl 

V.2. AsnewBornbabis^ defire the fincere milk 
of the Word^ [that jo maygron^ thereby. 
John 847. He that i of God, keareth Gods W^ds, 
JO therefor^ bear thepo wot 9 besdufi je 4re ttot of 

^ CoY.|,T4« tut the itaturalpum receiveth not 
fht thms of the Sfirit ff God^ for thoyare 

^ foolijhnef 

338 . of bearing the Wcrd. Chap 6. 

foolijhne^e to him, neither san he knam themt 
hecdnfe they are ffirituaBj difcerned. 

Rcv.3.20. Behold I fiand at the door and knocks 
if any man hear mj voke^ and open tbedoor^ 
1 will come in tohim^ andfup mthbim^ aadbe 
with me. 

Prov.3.3. rea^ if thon criefi after knotvUdge^ 
andiiftefi up thy voice for underjtandrng, 
V^5» Then fhalt thou underhand the fear of the 
Lordy and find the inowledgeofGod. 

Mac.ij.jtiThe parable of the fowcr, and the 

Luke 8.5.5 four forts of ground. 

Mat.15.14. Jnd inthemiifuifilted theProphcfie 
ofEfaiao^ which faith^hy hearings yefhaU hear^ 
' and fhall not under fi and s Md feeing^ ye pall 
fee^ and paU not perceive. 
V.I 5. For this peoples heart is waxed groffe^ 
and their ears are duB of hearings and their eies 
they have do fed, Ufiat anytime they fhouU fee 
with their eies^ and hear with their ears^ and 
fhould underftand with their hearty andfbonU 
be converted^ and jjhould hcalthem, 
V.itf. Bfft hlcjfed are your eies, for they fa, and 
your ears^ for they hear. * 

X Thcf. 2. ij. Jor this castfe alfo thank we 
God without ceafing, hecauje when ye received 
the Word of Cod^ which ye heard of ess y yere- 
sieved it not its the Word ofmen^ but (as it is 
in truth) the Word of God, which effeBsutlly 
worketh alfs in yon that believe.^ 

Digitized by GO^^ll^^ J '*^ 

Chap.d. C/ hemng the W^rd. 33P 

Luke 10. 16. He thdt hearethjou^ he/ireih me^ 
. dndhe that Je^ifahjcuj de^ifethme, dndhe 

tbatilejpifetkme, deffijeth himfhdtfentme. 
iSam.8.7. And the Lmrdjaid unto Samuel j they 

have not rejeifed thee^ but they have rejected 

me^ that ijhould not reign over them. 
I Thef.4.8. He therefore that deffifeth, deffifeth 

notmauy but God *^ nfho hath al/o given unto us 

hie holy Spirit. 
Luke 24.32. Jnd they faid one to another ^ did 

not our hearts burn within uSy v^hiU he talked 

with us by the poay^ and while he of ened to us 
. the Scriptures. 
Pfal.nj^.1^2. / rejoyse aithyWord^ as one that 

fndeth great Jlpoii To whom JhaB Ij^eak and give warrr 

ning, that they mify hear i behold, their ear 

uncircumcifed^ and they cannot hearken 5 behold^ 

the Word of the Lord if to them a reproach^ 

they have no delight in it. 
Heb«i.i. Therefore we ought togi^o the more ear- 

nefl heed to the thiu§s which we hdve heard^ 

left at 4ny time wo:fi9md tit them pp. 
Prov«4»4. He tdmghtmo^o^ andjaidun^meg 

Let thine heart retain my words ^ keep mj Com-' 

maudemems and live. - ' 

V.i I . Let them uot depart from thine iiesi knp 

them in the midfr of. thine heart. 
Deot/ti.iS. rhmfon ^aS ye lay uP tbefe my 

Wordtinyour beu^ sndinyom'fmjkc^ 

Digitized by i.. ****»^^» 

34P affiap^ ofFfdmef. jCM^4. 

ira.48.17. rbuifdith the Lord thy Redetmir^ tht 
hlj One pfnraeJ, I 4*1 $ik Lird t}^ G$d^ 
which U4tbe$b thit te profit i iipbieb Uddith thee 
by the tPdy $b/tt thou jhoiddfigo. 

3. of Singing ofPjalmes^ 

t^CgIe<% not thK fjffeeilent md HeawfriyOrdi- 
fidnce effinfing Pfalmit and lifting up the frsifes 
efthe mefi tigb% fiaging i^itb nnderfidnding, 
mid making tnekdie to, God in thy besrt. Wimy 
^Gop\einthifage H6t undeiiftandiiig thtreafons 
^ni grounds of the duties of Religion ihefpet-^ 
iarm*, when/£tjf are q»e&imidy are apt to /i; 
thein afide. I ihall theretote here do theft four 

I. Shew tha Singi^ of Ffnbm is aitefftl- 

%. Tha Okie lawful Mdw/itramaUeUfingDt^ 
yids Pjalms. 

3* Jnfn^K the Obje£fi0mmnde j^dinfi ie. 

4» GinHfemiSMksmtdJiiriSiintholoChrifii* 
MS may pnoiUfi thk Otdidume t^tbe Gkry ofGod^ 
mdt§ tmiromtgruobtm^imdffkitudadvinh 

For the Fir ft ^ Singh^ jofpfdim wasMr^on 
OrdinMce o£ Gofi in tla^ Omrch^ Sad up jet of 
Divine Worfhip^ and nhfer rcpealod uuaet the 
Gofpd. .^)(4i.5>5*^3lA adomiy let uefh^ umo 
the Lerdy Mi m mnke ^oyfuk \soifa to thtB^k of 

Digitized by Google ^^ 

attr falvstittt* Let m cms htfm hit Prefeaee 
mth thdnkfgpoingy 4ndmMkt4}9jfiA tmft t$bim 
i0ith rfUms, And *tts forted widi ^her dmies 
thitaceifsferfettnUMigdfiWy ^fr^>Ht4r' 
iftg the Wwiy &c. 'Twas ptadUed by 
tbofeetniaenc Saints of God, MefeSy Xkierah^ 
BMTdk, DdviJtheJipeet Singer efJfrail^Silemw, 
and ^herty whoie Smgs and ffy$mtes we have 
recorded in the old Teftament. 

3. The Prd^efits in Saiprare, that fmtel 
che fdtf of the c/^fi& under the Geffely do 
rpeak of Pfstmsto be ufed as a ^4t cfGeds Vtet' 
jbif and ^^mc^ then. Compare JLtm^i^s* wkb 

Rom.15.9. >I/k/ that the Ge/ttiiestM^hgbnfe 
Geifer hit mircj^ dtit it wrttfen^ fir this 
(4mfe I mB etnfeffe t» thee ameng the Gelt' 
tiles, dndfing Mt« thj Nxm, 

PfaA.18.4p. iherefere mU I give thanks tmt9 
thee ( o Lord ) amng thtHetthen ; /mdfiitg 
fraifes utile thy nme^ 

3. Wehavefevaai#xiwMriv/«rcoic» in(he 

Epb.5.i#. A»d he netdnink iritbmpewheiieim 
. ufsttege, hntbtftBed tritktheSfirit, 
V.19. Sfeding t9 pur ftiites in ffMim, Md 
Vjims, 4nd Sftfitnil Smgs^ pttging mi 


34* of fwgiffg $fpfdlms. Chap*6. 

viAking mehdj injdur heart . to the lAri. 
C0I3.16. Ltt tht Word.of Cbrifi dmH in you 
tuhlj^ inaUmfdome^ tedcbing andddmpnijh* 
ing one amt&er in Pfalms^ and ffymns, and 
. Sfirituall Songs^ fi^gi^tg mth <Srace in yonr 
, hearts to the Lord. ' 

Jam. 5. 1 5. Is anjamon^ yon affis{ted? let him 
fray^ is any merry i let him pngf [alms. 

'tis GfokmgenerABj r is any merry ? let him 
jing^ &c. not that it is nnlajnful to flng az other 
times (for then it tnigbt be argued ^well^ that 
^Sisnotlawfnltofrayj hnt token fad) bat ^fraj- 
er is the beft remedie for forrowesy fo thanksgiv* 
ingovJingingtoGodsfraije, is lYit fr of erddti'm 
thetime'of cJi/^rr^^ add Comforts. InM^eryi 
the f refer duty is frayer% In Prober iiy, giwng 

4. We have Dire£lions and Rul«i giVen as 

how to Jlng in a right manner i Namely, muh 

Qrace in onr hearts nnto the Lord : Which direffi- 

ons were needle([ey iffinging of Pfalms were not a 

.f.^ dntyundec the Gofpel. 

K^i 5 • We find it paBifed by ctor bleeds avionr 

^ 2nd his DifcifUsy Mat.2tf.30. K^ndpfhonthty 

had fang an Hymn^ they went out into the Monat 

afO&ves. Arid byFanl and Sitmy Ads 

And at midnight Eanl and Silai frJtyed^ 4md fang 

jrmfas onto God : andthe frifoners heard them* 

J6i In the frhmtive times it was j^eqn^lj 

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Chap.6. offifigingofPfalms. 343* 

fraSiiJed\MovciXi^\ii\\oxt\\t Heath 
tke of this ufe and cuftome among the Chrifti- 
ans. P/zV^y writing to Tr/^'an the Empenir^ tels 
him of the ChtiflUns tnorninz Hjmns or Pfdlms 
to Chrift dnd God^ as an u^al fralUfc ixi their 
fdlemo Worlhip. 

1 come now to the Sicond thing 1^ That ^tfi 
latpfuUnd warrdntdle tofing Davids ffalms. 

J. Becaufe no comfofures can be equal to 
ihofeofcods Sprit, li dnj Pfalnis therefore are . 
to befung^ then farely fuch as ate given bj Hi- 
vine in^tration^ as iiavids i^ere. TThofe excel- 
lent ccmfofures being fart of the Word ofGod^ and "* 
fuB of Heavenly matter tending to inJlruClion and 
confoUtion ^ and being conjigned to the ufe of 
the church, onght to be preferred before tke . 
€0^pofureS of ^private firfons J ordinarily gifted, 
and not infallibly affified: Obferve that,! Chron. 
29.30. MoreoverHezekiah the King^ and the Prin- 
ces commanded the Levites tofing ptaije unto the 
Lord, with the wirds ofDavid^ andAfaphthe Seefy 
and the^f fangpraifes with glddne^. As for chic 
extraordinarf gift of corapofing Pialms by the ""X, 
fudden fuggeftion of the holy Ghoft (which was ^^' 
0: vert to Tome of the members of the Church of 
Corinth, i CtfM4.)it ii now ceafed,mih other ex* 
traerdinarygiftSy as that of Tongiiesi and Heal- 
ing, c^r. 

2 .• The Apoftle in th^fe two places before nien- 
\ioned, Eph.^^gi. & Col.3.16. by ufing thofcgie 

A a ihefe 

344 offinging ofPfalms. Chap.6. 

three words, F(dlmstHjmn5y dnd SflritudSms^ 
docs {cem fUinlj to p^^/nt ^tf Davids Pfdm /or 
they anfwer exaSllj to tbofc f W Hehrew w§ris^ 
Shirim^ TebiUim^ Mizmmm^ whereby DsvUs 
Pfalms were cdOed, divided, and difiip^^- 

3. Twas the €Hfidme of the ^f^m^j to fiog 
fomecfDdvids Pfalms in thc»/^ttofthe /^(P- 
^wf {2s ^calliger, Buxiorfiffs^ and others, ski^ J 
in their cu/fomes, inform ud) Tho(e Pfalmes 
were thofe fix from the 1 13'^ to the iip^. 
which were cal W the great fidffelMJah. Add *ti$ 
more than probable, Cbriji with his Difiifles 
followed tbei(\ cuftMte herein, becaufe io $th(^ 
things bedbktveQth€itvfM4lPd{fe&ver Rites. 

I come now to the Third thing ; toaofwer 
the oijeffiMs nfudSf made Mainfi wis duty. 

Ohj.i* Some fcru fie to mg in A mixtCongrt- 
gafi(m^ where fpicked men j^n^ that praife hoc 
God in a right manner. 

Cyinf. To render praifes is a dutf^W men ev^e 
to God. David cais on all creatures to (ing 
praifes to God. rfal.i^^. And all the King- 
domes of the Earth are bidden to praife the 
Lord> Pfal.6^.^2. Though therefore wicked 
men do not praife God zsthcy fbpnld, yet tbif 
fin mere in wf ddn^t^atl, then in m/ ^#/j9g tf 
ina right manner. 1^>- 

2. in £x^^/. ly/We fiad fJUefes and the 
children 0/ ifrael feng praifes to God togfltber* 

r- I - An( 

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CMP-^- Offinging ^Ffulmi. 34T 

Aod yet forely thece vf^tf(^metvUkedferf0ns 
amoog tbenu PmI to the fliip^ Aits 17.3 j; , ^4i;r 
fj&4;fiti /0 G^ hefint Infidels, mJ frofefliJ 
Meahtm. If the fnfcncc of ip^ifr ^ men ihould 
iiioder the accepatiw of riiv/^ that zitfincere^ 
the people of God vrece in 4 mSfiii tonJitiw^ 
hw%Mvertert4in\mt Come fecret Hjft^itfmxy 
htm the m^ fick'd jfimlj. But the bcft is, 
God will 4C^cf^ us according to enr integrity^ not 
Mrepmfany. God will bear the bleatingoi one 
Jbm. tboMgb in the midft of a tboufMd wolves. 
If toe wicked uke the NrnieofC^invAtn^fi/s 
Ues 4t their mn d$ihrs^ We wsrn them agatnft it : 
Xthej do not tbetc duties as thejfhgdd^ muft we 
therefore negleB ours ? 

obi.t. Why ihould wey?4^PfaIras? Can^ 
not we rf if//thedfi for our ioftru^tonf 

A^f. Stngihg will /^eSt^ and rMtfe^ and quUk^ 
cfl the he;lrt to praifeGod, more than readings 
The voUe isagrejit mitter to quicken our heirc$ 
both in fTAjir %t\djinging. The pepflec^Cod 
formerly did %iOt think it enotigb toJajwbdtCod 
Add done for them, but they didfing it^ that their 
hems might be more d^eSed^ fysrmed^ rdfedj 
enlivened, af^ liftednf in tk^fraifesoi God. ' 

otj.}. Some are offended we ung on dales of 
fafiing znd^knmiliMtioet^ 

jinf. AH Pfulms 4ore not ft for attoccafions. There 
ought to be a mfe choice made/ Mmy of the 
^fdmes pwid petu>'d> and fung^ when his 

Aa 2 Digitized by i ^^ 

^^6 OffiffgifigofPfalms. Chap.*. 

mpfd was fall of artgmjh and^r/V/, and fohe eafed 
his hcdrt^ by lament hg his fad conditioHhAo/it 
the Lord. 0\y^ttvtit\tTitUoiPfalenioi: o</ 
frajer oftht afti6ted^ when he is averwhelmed and 
feureth out his complaint he fore the Lord. There- 
fore ourftnging on f aping dates, is not to make tit 
merrj j but to affeCi and melt Mr hearts with a 
deeffenfe of oar tins. Penitential P&lms provoke 
to fadheffe, as. Bucbariftical, to joj and rejof 

obj 4. Davids Pfalms do not fiiit our con£ii' 
ons. Is it riot ahfard to %ivt people Davids Coth 
ditions to fing, and ferthcm to teS God it is fa 
with them^ as it was with David^ when poflibly 
'cis nothing fo ? 

-rf^/. r. ^// Scripture is pro ft able for doSrine^ 
reproof J corre^ion, in/lruffion, &c. 2 Tim-jatf. 
^/;<{/ written for our learning and comfort^ Rom. 
1 5.4. And therefore the Pfalms^\(6^ 

2. The P/iw fecm principally written for a 
threefold ufe. 

1. For Infiru^ion and admonition. 

2. For Confolation. 

3. For P/'4//i and Thanksgiving. 

Now what /^4)?4g^*i«s there in Davids Pfalms^ 
but thou maifl accomodate to thy felf ^/i^ oftbeje 
waits i Suppofe D^o/fV faid, lam not pmft in 
tnindy Pfal. r 3 1. And thou jindefi thy heart prom 
to {ride 1^ here is a word oi admonition to thee. 
So th^t wbilft tboQ att reciting and declaring 

Digitized b 

Chap.5. Offtnging ofPfalms. 347 

j>4vids humble frame and condition, chou 
oughccft CO lift up thy heai'c to God, that he 
would work the like frame in thee. Lord, thy 
S€rv4i$s David ccuU truly [4% 1 4m Mt pift in 
- fnind: Go0dLcrdgr4f9t me thUGr4€e 4lf0. Sap- 
pofe thou canft not find in thy {t\ifuch4 lifveto 
Gods L4W, as was in D4viJi, pf4l. 1 1 p .Then there 
is a yrord of l»Jir$$£lm to tbee> teaching thee 
what thou (houldft do.THooougbteftto^r^;, 
to have fuch a Divine AffeStion 10 ihtL4w of 
(7^^ kindled in thee. So that mjing P/4lms sls 
we read tbemi, for the benefit and good ufe we , 
may make of them. 'Tis therefore no more 4 
lie to fifpgthcta^ than to rr^Jthem. Byyf/a^/V^,- 
as by re4diffg them, yft leeiu^refeai what 
God has reve4Udinhis Wordioi oar Mmonition 
and infiruSfioH. And though we cannot make 
ipmc faf4ges owe owh^ by ufing them for cur 
feheSy and irt our oton nam: (as David did) yec 
we may make them^«rM^^ by zfweet meditati- 
on on them^ for our benefit and edification. 

I come to the Fourth thing, togivejome Rules 
andDireBions how Chrifiians jhouldfr4£Hje this 
dm J aright. 

I« Sing with under p:4nding and attention of 
mind to the master fung. Labour to uaderfiand 
the mini aod meamng of the holy Ghoft^ in the 
Tfalm youftngy Pral.^y.y. Singjefraifes mth 
IL Laboattofingfrtfi&CM^^iVf1&^^^4r/,/.r. 

^ Aa 3 Digitized by (39^Ie 

34® OfpftgiffgcfPfdlms. C^.*. 

with A grackus frame 0f fiirit. Ovx firf^iffg vm^ 
not be a lif Uhttr^ an ctawardhiilj rxercife mh 
//j pkjfing OQxfehfs or it hers with the tmreof 
a PQilfn: But we flaould look to it that enr hemis 
htweUtufftdy asjfef4fwwas, Lnhi.^6. M^fnA 
dothmagfiijle the Lord ^ &c. 

III. Lawmr to exerdfe and aStthofefetuHar 
Graces^ f^hkh the mater fnng re/fmres tndgit/es 
qccAffon to. God kx)ks at the hearty and how a 
man is aflfe^cd withio. 

I. Scmeffahns are loHditorj, and fet forth 
the high frames ofGifd^ from \\itC0fffiderationdi 
bis glorious Ndture^ Attribtttes^ and Works. In 
iiftging thcfe, we ftiouJd ftir mp onr hesrts to 
love God^ io/ear him^ to trnfitnhim^ andoor 
heart sPfouldfromft our tongues tofound forth hit 

). Some are ^^mw^ir;, containing ^jy^p/zr^ 
tfons iovfpiritudlhleffingSy fuch as fMrdotfy Grace^ 
the favour of God I oxumporoR^ iifch :js direifi- 
oUy froteffion^ frovifion^ &c» Here Weiboutd 
look np to Godt as the oulj author dfthefe mer- 
defy and /Swwr^i^/t-ifjrto him for them. 

3« Some are Eucharifiical^ containing thank f-^ 
givings to God for mercies received, private or 
pubJick, fpiritual or temporal^ 

4. Some contain frecefts znd itt/fruiHons^ to 
fear (Sod, to love kimy to walkiutfttmies^ be- 
ing k^ked mth fromifis to encourage us there*- 
jiptPr" §oo3c dcflarg the mi fWrgr of finncrs^ 

Chap A Offiffgingofpfalms. 54^' 

and the ]ndgments of God chsc acccod them^ to 
deter m chere-froo). 

5« Sorne coatain /i0^r^r4//M^ zndi frdjers for 
lu^me/its on enemies. Here we are QOCto^r4;^ 
for, or wifl} the fame judgments on onr friv4te ene^ 
mies. But^ 

I. We mAj meditate on the fearful jtid^ments 
>^ofGod that hanz ever the heads of aV, wicked md 
impenitent tran^re(fourf 5 that fo we m^fear to 
he like them. 

a. Wc mzyfrajfor the like judgments on all 
the implacaUe aod incnrable cntmcsoichrist, 
m^\»s Kingiome^ 

6. Some ccmtain the fad complaints of the 
Chnreby under iSHAioas. Here thou matft me« 
ditate on the fnfferings of the Saints, and lift up 
tby heart to God to give thee alfo fuffering 

IV. Let there be a mfe choice made of Pfalms 
to be (qog according as onr frefent neceffities and 
^^4/?M5 do require. 

V. Let thy endin (inging be, that Godmaj te 
honoured^ thy felf and others edified*^ that the 
Graces of Gods Spirit may be excited and exercifed 
in thy felf and others. 

4« Heli^ioHS Conference. 

'Tis the duty of all true zndfincere Chriftians 
to labour to further one another Heaven toard. 

/^a 4 Digitized by ^ Aud 

j5o — '^^JHeligtom Conference. Ctiip.6 . 
fidid furely religiotis conference rightly nuinnaged 
is a greit medns oiincreafi/jg knomeJge and Grate 
among Chriftians. Communion of Saints is an 
Article of our Taith^ The Apoftle tels us^ Rom. 
12^. We being wdnj , are one body in Chrifi, and 
ever J one members one of another. Such a bedj 
true believers zxt by their union with Cbrifl^ and 
ought to be by communion zndfellotpfhif one with 
another , for their mutual edification. There 
ought to be a mutual ferviceableneffe among 
Chriftians, and helping qne another on mgr4ci^ 
otis courfes. 

I {hall therefore^ 

1. GWcfome Arguments ^ to ferfwade toit. 

a. Some Direcftons about it. 

1. We have many exhortations tolz in the 
Scriptures, iThef.^ii, Wherefore comfort jour 
f elves together, and edifie one another ^ even as al- 
foye do^^. And let $is conftderont amnber^ 

^ to provoke unto love^ and to good works. v,z 5 • Not 
for faking the aJ^embling of our f elves together^ a$ 
tl)e manner of fome is^ but exhorting one another^ 
fndfo much the more^ ^ ye fee the day affroach' 
ing. Hcb, 3, 13* But exhort one another daily, 
while it is called to day, left any of you be hardened 
through the deceitfulnejfe of fin. 

2. We find this fraSiifed by the primitive 
Saints, Adh2.42. And they continued fttdfafllj 
in the Jpofiles doffrine 4ndfeSowfbip^ and breaks 
^ng brca^p and in prayers. 

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Chap 5. OfB^tlighwCMftrenft. 351 

3, To this end CoAXaih given ftvtrM Gifts 
^nd^ Graces to his people, 1 P^r.4,10, As ever j 
mM hath received thcgifty even [0 miniver the 
fame $ne to another^ Msgooi ftewards pfthe mani- 
fold Grace of God. i Cor. 12. 7. But the mani- 
fcflation of the Spirit is given to every nf^n to fro* 
fii withal. 

4, Where Chrifiians are mo^Jreauent^ and 
mohfaithfid in this dmyy thert ufuaSy cheyare 
in a moft thriving condition^ both as to knorpledge 
2nd holinejf'e: As . Conntreys that maintain a 
trade and commerce together^ do inrich each rther. 

J. 'fis a^ood ipaj to prevent/Jf^n^/OTinto 
errouTi Chriftians arc tetter able to tcdd err ours 
by their united forces, and mutual counfels^ than 
Jinglj and alone. The Church is faid, Cdnt 6. 10, 
to he terrible dc an Army with banners. But ftrag^ 
lers, and fuch zsgp alone are ohm fnatcht up. 
How eafie is it to pervert and draw one Jingle per^ 
fonitito any dangerous etrour^ who negle^s the 
benefit of other Chrifiians advice and counfel? 

6. It will be a good means to increafc love in 
the hearts of Chriftians one towards Motherly And 
l^ove is Chrift's Livery^ John 13.35. jyjf /*i 
jhallaBmen know, thai ye are my Difciples^ ifje 
have love one to another. 

Thus much of the^f^i#»e/f«toperfwd€to 
this duty •, The DireSfions follow. 

I, Let Chriftians in their ReUgious Confe- 
rences have this principally in their 4i>/to eiifie 

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35* ofktB^^m CMftrenc^^. Chap.^. 

CM smrther^ to further 0ne aftothr ffeavea^ wjrd, 
todog0oit0 0fie amthcrs f^tdes. 

IL Let them laboor (ox thole Graces i\\zi7x^ 
requlfite for this daty. Such as thcfe, 

I, Sotrietj of ]udgment. 

3. Humility snd lowline^e of muid. 

3. iHgemtj^ dcknowUdgiug und frixittg the 
Gifts Md Graces they fee iu eaco other. 

4« Selfdeuidl^ condefcending to them of U» 
farts y gotng ajlom faee^ rather than outgoiftg the 
young and tender lambs. 

y. Lovey ^ahilitjy encouraging weak hegito- 
ners^ • 

6. Inofenjiveneffc^. 

J, Sincerity and plain heartednef. 

Ill* Let them avoid cenfmng or judging the 
Sfiritualjlate of others. Sach perfons meet to* 
getherforrit^ tuorfcy and not for the tetter^ 

IV, Let "them decline controverted foims^ 
( fucb things ufuaBy gendring ftrife and vari^ 
once) and afflj thei^ehes to fpcak of things 
that zvepraeficali As of God^ Vid his Goodneffe. 
QfChriJt, hfsPerfon^ of fices md Merits : Of the 
Covenant of Grace: Of thcDoSlrine jfjujlifcaih 
on : of the patience and felf denial o/thops that 
4regone hefore us : of Heaven^ and the Glory of 
that Kingdom. How did the Martyrs in pri(ba 
(hfuch raviPfing difiourjes) fetone-another st 
liberty from me fears of death f How did holy 
Bradford's fv^eet and cheerfdcompartym^^z^i^ 

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Chap.6, of ReHgiffus Cmfttenct^. 353! 
vtfj dungi{ons light f^mfy and falace-like to his 
fellonhfrif$n€rs^7$ thcmfdves confeffed ? Ttcfc, 
and fucb \ikcf radical maters will be ihefine/i 
JiAjtSts for Chrifiums to difccurfe of^ when ihey 
meet cogcther* 

V. Let them imdrt their txferiences and 
ihc methods of Cids dedlings with thtmf elves or. 
others : How they ^^ rid of /i/f iSr 4 corraptsM, 
vaoquiflied fach 4 temftdtioa^ attained to zfaei- 
titjmfueb a duty. Let them imfMrt what may 
rri^i/ to the advancement of BoUneffe* 

Vh Let them frovoke^ mdftir up one am* 
ther to Holineffe, to Love ^ ztuditc good works ^ ad-^ 
monijhing and exhorting om another to watch, 
and take heed to their waies^ feeing fo 194117 toatch 
for their baltif^s^ like thofe the Prophet fpeaks 
of, Jfff. 20.10. AB my familiars watched form} 
hidthgy Sec. 

Vll. If my fallings out or j>^ (hall happen 
among^ them at any time, let themhc frudentlj 
vaadl Jeafonaitj healed znd made uf. And in this 
cz(e^ fraying together y and ior one another^ is of 
fingtuarufe. t^t them fas the Apoftle ({)eaks 
in another cafe, ^am.^.i6.) Confeffe their 
faults one to another^ and fray one for another ^ 
that they may he healed ^ if their minds have been 
difiemferedf and iU'^ilffd one towards ano- 

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5, Ktttrtd 

354 Qf MeditMtifn. Chap.f 

5. Retired holj Mcditdtien^ 

Holy U(ditation is the nftwg of the mind ufi^M 
fome Divifte otje^, in order to the working upoQ 
t\\tAp{Hons, and raifing/<w^ fu rtfolutioms'm 
the foul therefrom ^ tending /^i^^^jt?/^, and 
i\\t further once o{ Holineffe. How many Chrifti. 
ans are there^ that live in a(onfldntnegle£tck 
this fo exceeding ufefnl dutj^ by which all other 
dnties zxt imfroved^ and by which t\\c(oxx\dh 
gefieth truths^ and draweth forth their Jinngih 
Tor its nourifhment and re^efhing f Certainly, 
Meditation rightly mannagedi doth exceedingly 
tend to the divMcement of Victy. I (hall there- 

1. Give (omcSeafons\f\\y we (houldprd^ije 

2. Give fome Directions as to thf manner how 
we (hoald ^^r/(?f»i it. 

L Con(ider> this was the fraifife ofmapy of 
the eminent Saints of God recorded in the Scrip- 
tares. Jfaat and David yrexe mnchinihlsDH' 

11. Confider the ^rr4/ hene^t of it dnly^x- 

Tis an excellent means^ 

I. To encreafe knowledge^ and to make the 
mindferiouszndfolid: None are more knowings 
fetled, eJiaUiJhed cbrijlians^ than fncb so are 
mnchin Meditation. o....Googl?- To 

Cbap.^. ' of MeditAtion. 355 

t. To ftir uf and awaken the Graces ^fGods 
Spirit in us. Hereby wre awaken oitr Faiths in- 
pome $ur Uve, ftrengthen our ho^e^ enliven wr 
defireSy enireafe eur jojes in God, we Uefen owr 
affe^ioas from the world, and fore- acquaint Ohr 
Iclvcs with the Glory that is to come. 

3. To maketheWvrd profitahle. Meditation if 
the digefiion of the fpni Tis not the taking in of 
food^ hut the fiomackl conceiting ofitj thai makes 
it turn to blood and Spirits. For want of this, How 
many Sermons are loft and do no good? The 
WordmW not projit us, except vrcuke time to 
think upon it. 

4* To prepare the heart for prayer Mid other 
holy duties. Meditation tunes 2fl\dfrepares and 
fits the heart fox folemn Worftiip. 

5. To antidote and fortifie the foul ogainBfln 
zad temptation. If men would but often ^M/^ifr 
of them/ ^danger of fin^ it would he a great 
tneans to deter them from the prailife of it» 

6. ' ris an excellent help and means o{ Commu- 
nion with God. 'Tis the Jpulsperfieifive^ vfheve" 
by ii fees fomething of the Glory mdhappineffeoi 
that Kingdom that is above. 

Thus much of the Arguments for it. 
I come now to give fo«€P/>f^/^i»/bow[it 
fhonldhe managed. 

h Pitch upon fpffle conwnient time of the dof 
for this duty^ A Cbriftians timing his duty a- 
rights is^groiU help to him It^he right perform^ 


35^ OfMtdimicn. GoOBfJi. 

MU of it. Some have chofen tht^mormn^iQc 
this daty , and fomc the e^eniffg : We have ex- 
amples of both in Script^ire, Of out SaWov, 
we read, Jtf«rl:l.35« ^ndinthttMrmn^^ri^ii^ 
ufdgtiat vpbile kf^rt d^, hemn$oia^ dmddt- 
fdrtedifneafotitarjplace, dful thcnfrdjeJ Gen. 
94.65. AndlfA9C i»em out to meditate in the field 

11. Vixch\xpon(otnt convenient retife J ^lace. 
T^hctpifemdH tch us, Prov.i^A. Through dt- 
pre A man having fepardted himfelfy feeketh awi 
intermedletiwith Jul wifdome. Tirfi Mfefardtes 
bimfelf ,& then intermedleth with wifdopi.Thcrc 
is nothim the Devil mcxc Ai^hts than thitf that 
a mtin jmful^ojf^en retire iinajef orate himfelf^G^om 
the Mfld^ to meditate OQ his everUfiinjt concern- 
ments. The Devil cantiot enJnfea maafhoQld 
conjUer whether he he joarnejing towards Henven 

Ill Get SLgoodfiock of mfttahle materials to 
meditate on .• m the Attributes of Ood: Hie fro- 
mifes of remifpon^ jfanHif cation^ rewsrd^ The 
love of Chrtp ; the evU and danger of fin % The 
vamij of the Creatnrt ^ The necefftj ofregenerati- 
ont The fiate rfthj own foul to God warJ^ The 
exce&enq of a gracious ftate 5 The mcioufnefi of 
time s ofMrerniiy: "^knd the four lafi things^ DeatS^ 
judgment ^ . Heaven f HeO, -ithefe dxSijnch Uke 
'tdf]e£ts\m befit matters to omfloj thy tho^hts 

n JV. La- 

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Chap.*. cfMeSmion. 357 

IV. Ldm Uget tiff hem imt 4 right fidme 
Anittmftff Thciwr* isferiMtf andthoahadft 
need rdBy together all the fmers of thy /W, thit 
thy theughts mdi he iment'dnd fxedmaxiAxM 
fctteft on this doty. 

V. Begin with frdjer, hegging the dffiJtMee 
and help §f GmI, to erder thy meJitatiens aright. 
Prayer fdifHi fits everything, 

VL Conpne thy thei^hts to one Suijelfonty 
dtdtime. One truth driven hon$e by meditation 
will kinJhdfeSl thehem, 

VII. Forchcd»frtW. 

I . Let thy mindconfier and dweUon the thing 
thmfrovotmdepo mtistm on, fo long, tiUthon 
haftfetled fmeferfmftons in thy felf concerning 


a. Ldbon^tofiirnf9a& MOdken fneh dffeffions 
in thy hearty at the SuhjeSf meditated on re>* 


3. Drav foment and ProMrrefUntions tending 

to Gods Glory, andthefnrtbering theeinagraet- 

oMConrfe,Jrom thy meditations, 

Vni. For the manner. 

1. Do it ftneerely, T»ke heed oi formality 
zrAfuferfcialnege, the baneofmofireligiomferi 

». Shmnf all with frayeri 

5. Rednee thy meditations into fraSfife, 



358 Prtquent good €6mf Oft]. Chap.7. 


F^t(\wtnigpod(itmfdnjt that may further thcc, 
and help xhccforipard in the tpaj to Heaven. 
And though thy Cd/ihg.Neceffity efbupnej^e.ChMr 
ritj to their fouls ^md a Jef^e to do them good ^ may 
drawihtefomtimes to converjervith^ yet be not 
wlRhglj^ ordiadrilj, md uffnecefarilj 1 tompz- 
nion ot tPtcked and i*;i^p^//jf men ; who by their 
vaiffj unjwcury dikouvCc^ and j?/i/iiSf convcrfa- 
tion, will be apt to drdathy heart unto a heg- 
le^atidpghthgof/piritualthibgs, 'Tis exceed- 
ing dangerous to be ordinarily in fnch company^ 
as will be ever hindring^ never helping us for* 
tpord in thtHf ay to Heaven ^ and where we fhall 
hear no talk of Religion^ but in di^ajl ^nd ion- 
tempt. Believe it> Tboufandshaveheenei/erld^- 
iftgly undone hy evilcorMpdny. 

That therefore thou maift be more v^arj in 
this Partioulary I (hall defire thee to confider of 
thefe things. 

1. Jf//rMiP4^'muft needs \k exceeding dange- 
rstotf becaufe pn is ot an infeSiir^^ contagiouo 
nature. It qnicklj fpreads amoog^^, as ordi^ 
narilj ^nd familiarly converfe together. Why 
ihould tve not be as much 4fraiflofbcinginfe£t- 
ed with fin, as with a coniagiom difeafe f bat 
that we are cdrnal, and fear the m/ of the body 

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Ctap.y. Frequent good omfAHj, 3J9 

which is ^(f4/A> more than cheri^/V ofthe^/y/, 
which is jKii and Jdmndtiin. The ground of thac 
dreadful Church-Cenfure, Excommunicdthn^ is 
the contagtMrf ether mensfim. Pur^eeut ibedd 
leaven, faies the Apoftlc, i Cer. y. 7. Which the incefluois^ perfon. And w/y ;f becaufe 
4 /////ir U/iven leaveneth the m$U lumf. 
There is a ^vzfi%tf$mr in /i? company ^ to infeSi 
2x\ddefraveththe(ldi(pfffi(i0ns. Cans man tfucb 
fitch, and not be defiled f faieS the fon of Sirach^ 

li by frequent &c familiar converfe vfithftu^bf 
there fteals upon a man fecretly & infenfibljfl dlf- 
like ot Religton>and the waies efCedlinefs^as tod 
ftriif and retraining to humane nature^ 

2. He ufually comes by degrees^ to approve 
and ^r//f ^/ in yjrA>/i4/ courfes^ and finfttl pra- 

3 At laft he comes to be an utter enemy, and 
o^pofer oit\\t waies oi Holine^. And no wonder^ 
for fuch di men ufually converfe mthj fuch (for 
the mofi part) they prove to be. Ungodly company 
is the deepditchy out oi which feto efcape^ 

11* To delight in mgodlj company^ isafurS 
fign a mans heart is naught. Similitude is the. 
Cdufe of lonfe i Like mtt to likCy whether good of 
evil. Though many will not be drunk ox (wear ^ 
&c. Yetif ^Afjf delight in the company of /)&^ 
that do fo^^xis plain their difpofitions areagainft 
Codlineffe, David hmu$ 2GodljJramsoih:art^ 1 

Bb declarea^ 

3^0 Treqt$entg0§de9mf4nj. Chap.^; 

declared it in this y that in the Saints of the Earthy 
and the excellent was all his delight, PfaL 16.3. & 
'/•I 19.^3 He faies, lama companion of aS them 
that fear thee, and i)f them that keep th Precepts. 
Ecclefiaflictis tcls as^Ch. 13. ie^Allflefh confortetb 
according to kind, and a man wiB cleave to his 
like. JVhatfeSowfhip hath the mlflPith the la$»b f 
So the finner mth the Godly f When you choofc 
mcked^ loofe company, when yoa may have 
ietter^ and find delight Md content in fi$ch, you 
plainly declare iphat you are. There is fib reafon he 
fhonld be accounted Gods friend^jpho familiarly con- 
verfes with his profefjed enemies. 

III. By fretjuenting ill company^ thou doft 
harden, encourage ^ and embolden them in their 
^nful courfes. How can they think, but thou 
approvefi their waies, feeing thou delightefi 
in their fociety : Whereas the Apoftle com: 
mands us Eph.'^.ii. Tohave nofeBowP^ip with I 
the unfruitful works of darkneffe^ but rather re- I 
prove them. David 's eyes ran down wit A rivers pf 
tears, becaufe he (aw men kept not Gods JLaWy 
Pfal 1 19. i jtf. And Lots righteomfoul waa n/ex- 
ed with the unclean convcrfation of the mcktdd- 
mong whom he lived. So /iris it from ihcttm- 
perofzgraciofSf heart to hold a delightful famili^ 
arity with ir/rW companions, 

IV. Confider iff company is ^ great hinder- 
ance to converfion. Wicked companions ( tiie 
H^Tod) kiU the young beginnings ^ iUdfSrfi tern 

. Digitized by Googlc dcfscics 

Chap.y. Frtquemg»$dcmfMji ^Si 

iieoeies of the heart towards God, One wicked per- 
fofi, by \\\%fetgs and ftoutj has done more hm» 
than mA/Hf Sermons have done good. Scoffers it 
Xeligioit, and deriders of trqe //«y, and Holt- 
neffe, makc4bi»gs of. the fiddeft and mofiferioui 
^ *w«r<y»wwi to fcem ridiculotit. And when once 
the 4W of thefc grm Truths is i^r^W men 
of Religion, Many have heertjeer'd from the prd- 
fffMGodli^jfe, andaholy life, that eodd nevet 
5 JerftM ^uirgunsewti he dif^med or dUtwaded 
from it, CMoekers and Sc4ets at Religion, are 
nfually the worn of ^nners. In P/4/.1. there 
ire three degrees of Gnaers mentioned ^ and the 
higheft rank are tbej that fit in the feat ef the feorn- 
/«/: Which the Septnagini render t\\t chair of 
fepknce : rifery fe/*!- indeed the pe^s of »m«- 
kind, 'Tit better to go with the frowns and feoffs of 
earnalfitends to heaven,tban with their Uve to he It, 
V. Remember, 'tis not only the openlipro- 
fhane and diffolm, the fwe4rer,tbedr»nkard, 
and thefrofeffed ofeti enemies of GoMine{fey that 
thou arc to avoid, as hartftl companions', hoc 
thotf mnft alfc take heedoi toQfreqnentfociet^ 
with dead, hearted formalijis, and pexCoaifheerlf 
eivil, whofe conference is afaally ^.jrrt* and u»- 
favotirj, noihimg conducing to the raiftag the 
hedrt Ji^dvinward^ kx^ by eonverftng much' 
^ith f^k, though thou doft not tnddngtri\yj 
ItUl^tg infeiiitn with (in, yet tboti doft, asro' 

B-b * dtftifitfft 

iSz FrtquentgMd c^mj. Ch3p.7^ 

dtftSlm fr0m grulom C9urjis. Such Mewsrm 

friftQ'm are olaaliy r^m/, m^ flight and iniift- 

rent in Religion •, and though they run hoc into 

Juch cx&rhitant courfcs>as the ^fUj pr&phdge doj 

ytixxin^Wy tkjlovimtfiri^ntfl^ nor the fmtr 

of GfidlineQe^ thinking it mitt dd$ thsn needs. 

And by frequent^ familiar anverfe with /ki, 

thou witt be in danger to content thy (elf with a 

little g00dne(fe, and feem fime hdj in tbj mw 

eies^ having no tetter patterns before thee {m be 

that h/tfb hnt half an eie^ UaKingamangtbem 

that are blind,) Whereas among »i/if, ^hft^' 

ritual^ imfr^vd Chrifiians^ thou wilt jUB h^vc 

matter of imitatian tmdfrruacatien toa^iretoz 

greater ferfeSfiw in goodnelfc. He that walks 

with the tpife^ JhaBbe wifer ( faith SoUman) bnt s 

c»mpani$n of fools jbaB be defiroyedy Prov. 1 3*2 o. 

VL Confider^ our company will be pari of 

our happlneffe in ffeAven. Communion ofSaims 

herey is the lower Heaven of Saints. O what 

comfort, what benefit^ may we reap (rotngaod 

fociety ? How many thonfands have caufe for 

ever 10 blejfe God, that ever they /wWnr^, oc 

came acquainted m[\\fomeperfonsferionflj Godly i 

From fuch company a Chriftian comes aroajrew'- 

vedy qnickned^ ericowaged to walk in the wsies 

of Holinejfe. He finds a good relijb on his Spiric $ 

and his heart drawn Heaven-ward : He finds 

himfelf provoked to preQe forwar:d towards the 

mark of hU highcaUngx But from wkked coin* 

Digitized by Googl|)any 9 

Cbap.7- Frequent gdod ernnfinj. 3^5 

pany, 'tis ten to cm, but eitberaman ^/;gr^/4* 
>ri;a gmltj Confiience, or zJaJ hearty or tot 6. 
Upon sBthefe conJuler4tions, labour to make thy 
Mqmuntance ma familiar ccnverfe with thofe 
here, tphmnfi be thj ccmf anions in Heaven^ if 
ever thgu comefi thither. 

Rom«i3.i« And he not conformed to thisworld^ 

1 Pet.4>.— TA^ think it firange^ that journn 
ttot with them, to the fame exceye ofriit^ ^eak^ 
X Cor.15.53. Be not deceived^ ewlcommunicA-^ 

tions corruft good manners. 
Vxp7,i%t6. The rigbteoue is more excetent than 
his neighbour j but the waj of the pricked fedn- 
Ifa.3.10. Soff ye to the righteous^ that itJhaUbe 
weR with himy for they JhaB eat the fruit of 
their doings. 

V.I I. Wonnto the wicked, itfbaH be ill with 
him J for the reward of his hands JhaB be given 
M3I.3.18. ThenJbaB fe return, and difcern be* 
tween the rigmeotss and the wicked ^ between 
him thatferveth God, and him that ftrveth him 
Prov.1p.2p. judgments are prepared for fcorn^ 
^ erSy and pipes for the back of fools. 
I(a« 28. 22. Now therefore be not mockers^ left 

Bb 3 your 

3^4 fftqUim gQ$dcmfMt9j, Ghap.7, 

j0ur bdnds be made (Irpng — 
Mac. 1 8.6. 3Ht 0hf0 fbdll iffepd ane oftbcfe ItttU 

ffies that believe in me^ it were better for bim 

that M,MiS-ftpB€ mre hanged ahcwt bit ntck^ 

and that he mre drawned in the defth ^tht 

Prov. 23. 20. Be not amonffi mne-bilberSj a- 

mengfi riotous tdterf ofpjb. 
V.2I. For the drunkard and the glutton ^dB 

come to povirtf, and drowfiiie^e jbaB cloatha 

man foith rags. 
I Cor. 5. 9. / mote unto iou in an SpiJUe n§t to 

comfanj wUh fornicators. 
y .1 o. ret not altogether mtb the fornicatotp'S of 

thit world, or t^kh the covetous 9 or. extort)^ 
- pers^ or with idolaters •, for thin muftycniedt 

go out of the world. 
V.ii. But now hove I written untoyou^ it§tto 

kuf company^ if^ny man that is caOeda brother ^ 

be afornifatour^ or covetous^ or art idolater^ or 

srailery or a drunkard^ or m extortioner^ mtb 

ft^baoncy no not to eat. 
^ TheCj . 14. Jnd if any man obey not our Ward 
,by this Bfifile^ note tha man, and have m 

coffsfany with him, that he may be sfktmed. 
^€ph« M 2. And it ^^ come tofaffe at thai tirsot, 

that I will fe arch ^erufalem with candles j artd 

funifb the tmen that are fetledon their lees, thst 

jay in iheir hearty the Lord miUnat dog^od^ 

mther mB be do evil. 

Digitized by GoOg I? * ^A^* 


iap.7. FreqnentgeodcttmpAtvf. jtfy 

'im.3.5. Having 4 form of Godli/teffe, hxtdc- 
tying the power thereof from fiuh tm-ri atvaj. 
3.^.' thefhew of their countendace doth. wit- 
veffe agoing them, Mdthej declare their fi» at 
S$dom^ tkey hide it not'. Wouifto their fod, 
for the J have rewarded evil »nto themfelves^ 
:b. 6. iz, — Be notflothfuly hut followers of 
them who through Faith and fatieace inherit 
the fromifes. 


/ T 7 Alk coHfeieatiouJty in thy f articular call- 
' V iagy according to t\\e(e DireifiovshU 

I. Avoid idlenejfe aadpth. Remember jfdam 
I immtfcy had a tailing appointed him by God: 
Lod after the faH, Gen.s.ip- 't\%"Gods decree 
pon mm^in thefweat ofthyfacejhalt thou eat thy 
read^ tiS thou return unto the ground. No man 
as a priviledge to live idly ^.adlazih', butei- 
her by labour of Body, ottoilofmina> either ^jf 
hefweaofhisbrewes, otof his trains, ought to 
le ftrvieeahle and froftme to humane fociety. 
'tile»ej[e expofes a man *• many fins and many pur 
lifbments. When the Dm/ finds' men /V&, and 
\^t employed itiGodifervice^ he entertaifis t\iem 
into hit. If thou haft nothing to doy the Devil will 
htredjtotmfloyihee, 'Oxv'^Awhen idle, fellin- 

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^§6 ^ Walk CQH^cttntiouJlj CtWp.Bb 
to ^ heinoHs fin of adultery. klavffalcMttzng 

f^^ns ix\^ Ufffftatms^ l Cor.7.10,24. Lete^cry 
"^ mMdi^e,(zit^ theApoftle, ffj the fame eaBi^gy 

i9hminhewas€dRed. When God cals us tote 
Chriftians^ he cals us cut of the mrld as co our 
sffcBions^ but nqt out of the world as t0 our em- 
flojimnf. An idhs^oftffor is 4 fcanJaiousfro^ 
fefcr, andxvdks mraiftately. 

1 1, Be diligent in thy catting^ ferConfctenct 
fake. Many take fains enough ^ but not out of 
Coyifcience to Oods Command^ viot mx^ an eje to 
his Glory. Whatever je do, do it heartily^ as to the 
iW, faies ihe Apoftle^ CoL^.%^. Thoamuft 
be diligent in thy calling on a religiof is account^- 
performing the' duties thereof in ohedience to 
God, fludpng both for matter and manner to 
off rove thy VeH to him. Think with thy fclf, 
this is^e catting wherein the Providence of God 
hatbyr^ me. I am but hisfervant in mj otonjhofj 
ov at my plow. Tphim Imuhgivean acconntoi 
' tny diligence 2nd fait hfnlneffe 

HL Seek and fr^y f 4r;i^y?/jf to the Lord for 
his huffing on thy lawful labours, and endeavours. 
• Tis an irreligiosis conrfe to engage in any things 
tvithout frajer. Thou muft be ferv/nt in prayer^ 
as well as notfiothfulin hufinef. All lawful hufi^ 
fjejfc is fan£fijkdhy the Word and, prayer, i Tim^ 
4. 5. When we do that which the Word of 
podaBovetb, and by /^Mjf^r humbly heg his Uef- 

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ChipX inthjfarticHtarCdRhg. 367 

fing upon oar endeavours, we take a right c^mfc 
Ufrpfper/TisGcJs kUffing maketh rich^andhe dd- 
dtthnofmrM rvithit^ 'Tis his tUffiffg 
that giveththec fmer t0get wealth, De^tXi^. 
If his Ueffifigbcwdntiffg^ {which thou art not like 
U have, exeeftthca cravefi it ) all thy laiours 
arc to Utile fttrpofe, P/i/. 127.1,2. Except he 
Ueffe thee^ 'tis in vain to rife early, topuflate^ 
and eat the bread of carefulneffe^ &c. 

IV. In the management of^thj CaBingy la- 
bour to exercife theft Graces^ 

1 . Faiih & affiance in thegoodn^e ofGod^ caft^ 
ing thy (elf on his graciom fromifes and ^r^- 
dence\tiihtufeoi lawful means ^ expcAing/iif' 
ci^e from him alone, according to that of the 
Pt'almift, P/^/.ST.j. Commit thy way unto the 
Lotd^ trufi dlfo in him^ and he fhail bring it to 

2. y&derdtianafafe^ions: Benot over eager, 
nor inirdik4tely bent on thy worldly affairs. Re- 
member our Saviours precept ^ Let not your 
hearts be overcharged with furfetting, dndJrun- 
kennefe and the cares of thislife^ Luke 2i^34. 
Parfae not thy Hforldlj bujinefi with too much 
4;9x/>(; and/erwMT of mind« 

3. Contentation: Be content vikh that porti- 
on (little or much) which Gcxi apon thy hone fi 
lahourt {htl\p\cz(9 to aiht thee, qutetk/ acquiefce 

4. Patience /^ Be pot difmaid^ neither jr^ 

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^68 Wdlk cenjcitmoujly Chsp.8. 

nor refine at thofe crones and troubles which be- 
fall thcc,' in the ir4jf and r^«ryi of thy calling; 
confiieringGod doth often exercife his own deareH 
children fpith many affliifions. 

V. Lee not thy fartscular caBing too much 
incroAchxi^Xi thj general: The world is of m in- 
sroaching' nature. Tis hard to eonverfe with rt, 
and not come into bondage to it. Worldly em- 
flojments will be aft tojuftle out Spiritual duties -, 
if thou haft not a great care. 

"tiowiht true Chrifiian (hould efpecially loot 
tx>tbefe toothings. 

1. ^That his toorldlj bufinejfe do.not eat uf and 
devofsr thatiiW which (hould be fet apart (every 
daj) for communion with God, and for the exer-- 
cije of religious duties » 

1. That his worldly employments do not bluut 
the edge of his afeif ions to Spiritual things. Thoa 
maift ufe theworld^ but take heed i/Zwi^fg^rA^ 
worlds I John 2*1 5,1^* Love not the world, nei- 
ther the things that are in the world -^ if any mam 
love the worlds the love of the father is not in him. 
For allthatu in the world, thfluHofthifiejh the 
tuii of the ejet and the pride of life, it not of the 
Father^ but is of this world. 

VI. LaiboixxcarefuBytaavoidthfi temptations 
that thy particular casing is moft liable ooto^ 
Every calling and condition of life hath its peculiar 
temptations. And a great deal of care and Chrijli^ 
an prudence Is required co forefee tbein> and avoid 

^ jthem. 

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Chap.8^ inthjfsnicfd/ir cdUing. ^69 

thcm,ihat fo we be not infnAred vrith tbcm. 

VI L In the mannsgii^ of thy i^irldlj dffaiK, 
endeavoor to €irrj a Heavenlj mind. Be^ftM 
lifting up thy hem in Spiritual and Hedvcnlj me- 
ditations. Think hovTlittle it wiW profit theCyif 
ibou fh^uUfi gdn the whdt wotldy andhoft thy 
foul Think ho>y Godlinef is profitJfle for dS 
tbit^s^ having the promift of the life that nov^ ify 
sndofthat which is to come ^ 1 Ti*n.s^Ji. Remem- 
ber thoa art bat z pilgrim, znA a ff ranger hete 
upon earth •• Hf 4«i» is the prop& Country of holy 

Vin. V/\jmfucce^ crowns thy faithful en- 
deafvours in thy callings let God haw all the Glory. 
ICihoufpeid wiBp thrive, and projfery facripe 
not to thyown ieet^ to thy ir/l, psrts, induflry^ or 
anyfofond caufi^ bat afcribe the Glory wholly to 
him, in whole hdnds alone it is to give fuc- 

I Tber.4.xi. Stikly t» it qmtt, Mid Jk jour mn 
bnfiinSt^ Mi t§ wtrk pi$hjm wn funis t as 

wt f0mmMie4 J*»' 

V.I 2. that je may mlk hmftlytomaristhem 
thdt are tritkoat, arri thatyt msy baveldekef 

a Thef. 3. 1 1. Jf/r iiw kar that thert art feme 
which wtlk among ftu Hfirierly, working not at 
oBy bd art iujte Mitt. 
V.ia. Norn titm that m fucb, m tomnoani 

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570 Wdlkeonfeiemhufiy ChapJL 

dndexhm bj Mr Lerd Refits ChriB, thtt vHtb 

qiUetn^€ they wtrk ami eat their imit bre*i, 
Prov. 18.9. He dlfi thtt Ufttbfd inhiivmk^ 

Uhr^lxrttUmthia is d^rea^mfier. 
Prov. 11. 17. He that l^uth pieafme Jbdi ted 

t0»r man* he that, lovcth mne and OiljbdU mi 

oerkb. ^ 
Prov. 18.19. ffethattitteth hit Urtd fiidi hone 

plenty tfhread, hut he that f^tweth after vditt 

ferfensmU have poverty enotigh. 
X Tim.5.8. Bm if any provide not f»r hkmm, 

andefpeciaHy for thfe of bit own hot^e^ he bath 

demed the Faith and it toorfe than an Inf- 
' del. 
Prov.1tf.13. The flothf$d mdnfditby there is diiom 

intheway^ dlionit intbefireets. 
V.14. At the door tnrneth upon bit lunges, fo 

doth the flothfttl upon hit bed. . 
y. r 5. Thejlothfnlbideth hit hands in hit bofom, 

itgrievethhim to bring it again to hit month, 
V.itf. The pnggard it mfer in hitomneoncett^ 
, than feven men that can render dreafon. Go to the Ant^thonfiaggdrd, cottier 

berioaies and kevsife. 
V.T.lVhkh having no gmde^ overfeery orrm- 

V.8. Previdetb her meat in the Snnmer, and 

gathereth her food in the harveft. 
V.p. HotP long wilt thou fleep» Oflngg4rd? 
when wiU thou ariftont of thjfieef. 

Digitized by CjOOQIy, f Qg rttd^ttkjleef.AUttUfitmyer, ^littU 
ftldiniofthehMndsttfieef, > 

V.i I. SofhaBibjiffiverty come at one tha trdvel* 
lethy 4Mthjwa»t a$ M9 4^medtnAn, 
Mat.i5.a^. U^t Lord Mnfmrtdtmd [aid um§lmt^ 

tho» wicked, diidJhtMMtfervaiit,8cc. 
P(al.i28.i. slewed is ever J one thttfeareth the 
Lord, tfmt walketh in his wafes. 
V.i. For thon Reheat the Idonr of thine hdnds^ 
haffj fbdt then it, snd it Jheil he well with 
Prov.10.4. Se heeometh poorthetdealethwithd 
Jl4ck btnd J ha the hand oft)te diligent maketb 
Prov.22.7. The rich ruUth over the foor^ andthe 

horrtweritfervantto the lender, 
Vvov,'ii,in. she lookethwell to thewaiesofher 
hotfehold, and eateth not the tread of idle 
■ nejl'c^, 

£pb.4.a8. Let him that ftile^Jleel no more % hm 
rather let him Isiour^ w^^kit^with hit hansby 
the thing which is good, thet hemof have to 
give to mm thetneedeth. 



|7> ' Cmernifigjufi dtalif^ Chap^ 


, . • Conecrning ]un dedingmtr^pk, 7r4- 
ding^. and Ctmmtrcc^.. 

OBferve a,'pi0 integrity, aod ufrigbtnej^ia 
MlltsfAfiMS oi ititercourff^ matters oftrjf- 
pk^ etmmtrct, and iarg/umttgy making C>«* 
JcieHce to be trttt in thy wordst fdithfiSm thy 
frmiliSi.fitn^UAl in thy performances^ zod im 
tHihings, dealing ;»/?/; and «/v-i]^j&i/jr •, /Miar^f* 
others (according to cur Saviours Golden rmie, 
Xake^'}l«> <^s than tfonfdfi that others jtwdd 
dototheoy Mat«7.ia. WhatjocveryeHfonldi^ith 
t t<i^ed iitdgflfiSBti and an booeft heart) thff 
mtin.fhould do to yo»y tvtn [o'dojetotbeMy for 
this it the Imo And the Prophets, \ti2A.conirdts, 
uiAjtSis oi fonmeree with others, 'tis pod to 
fin onrfehis in their food -y aiid(0 m^iKjre^nent 
gffeoU to oar own Confcienees^ and to ask our 
fthesy Would I be thm dealt mth? Would lie 
content to have thitmeafuremeafuredtomyfflf? 
Should 1 (if it toere my own cafe) think this fmr 
dealing, ifufed topfari/s my felf ?. Paul Cues Gat, 
5^4. All the taw is fulflledin one word ( that 
is, all that part of the Lato which concerns our 
^0/; towards nsan) 7houJhak love tbf neighbour 
^thjfflf. This e*ipr*j5^*pfeferibc$ r^titsamur 

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Chap.^. inTraffck aniConmmc^ ^75, 
of our love, not the tmafitrt ofit^ ^fdrit jot 
likemfft for kind, not for degree or frtfortm^ 

That therefore the hUck art ofdtfrsttding may 
be ahhvrrdy and tdi deceit in UAJfick and «w 
mtrce avoided'^ I fhall give fome, Direifitiu 
both fo i»^w and fellers, which (if carefnlly 
obferved) wiW exceedingly Kod to their cor/tfort 
and advantage : For light and hane/lgainsmaki 
a 6eavj furje^ whilfi great and diflmefi make* 
heavy heart. v 

Vireiiions to buyers. 

1. Let not the hujer dei^eotdiJ^raifeage»4 
cpmmoditj that he is about to buy, to bring 
Jomt the frice, and to gee it for lejfe thanA^ 
kntms it to be worth, Frw,zo.i4. Jt is nangkt 
it «r na^ht, faith the ht^er, htttvhen he it gone 
kifioay^ then hjfhafieth. 

2. Let not the hujer feremftorilj fay hewiH 
give no more for a commodity, than he iferSy 
and yet imend xo^e «wr, rather than go mtk- 
cnt it. 'tis too pqnent with buyers to (zy they 
tvillnotgive a farthing more, and with fellers, to 
fay, they toill mat take a farthing lefi, andyet*/*' 
alw&h-Miftdgofrofntheir words, 

3. Give^M// and Mrrii»/ money for i«&4»yoa 
^«ji, Gen.25. 1 tf. >l;}i Abraham weighed to Efhro0 
thiefiiver which he had named in the anditnoe ^the 
SonsofHtth^ fmhndnd Sheiots ^^tftr, car- 


374 ' Concerni^jufideding Chap.^* 

rant menej mb the Mtrchdat. To put away 
brade or fdlfe money, (when yoa knm it tote 
falfe^ though perhaps you took xt^ox go$i^ ex- 
cept you retttrn it to the ferfm of whom you r^- 
Hived it) is a branch oi deceit. ' Tis better to fuf- 
fermong^ thuntodomong. 

4. Do not work upon the mdkneffe or neceffiij 
of the y^ //^r, and fo give him leffe than ia yanr 
Confcience you dpprehend the thing iohcjmftlj 
worthbctwecnmdnznd man. Some will opt ^, ! 
except they may have /iS^j/ ihty2tededlingfor^ 
at their w/i /^r/f ^ •, though the feller cannoc fo 4/^ j 
ford it. We Ihould ^^ iw///>^ to give to thenwtA 
^/ti&f thing we bny^acc&rding to common efiitt^mon. 
Ifthe^^rgive z price (knowingly) hrinferionr 
to the true n/alne, he is an over^reacher : If he 
mrk Mfon the neceffities of the ^^^r> whojmlF 
fell tobuy bread, he isznopfreffonr. 

5. Tn your ^^yw^a commodity, doaot/^lt^ 
Mjf advantage of 4;fjf overf^ht^ or iwi/f 4*^ in the ! 
/r//er, Gen, 43 a 2. ^;fi the mimey that wm I 
brought again in the month ofyourfacks^ c^^i^, 
again in yonr hand^ peradventnre it was dnover-^ 

6. Snj not any thing on the Lords day, ex- 
cept upon abjhlnte neceffity. Let Ood have the time 
canfecratedtohis Worjhip. Let there be w^bar- 
gaining noc dealing on that day. 

7* Bny^ not any pollen goods (i£ you know 
tbcra M befiolien) though the pricelkawetfr 

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Cbap.9. if^ traiing MdcommerccJl 375 

' DirtStions to Sellers. 

, I. Do not rnuhif If words in fellings Vtxyf ^10 i 
19- In the multitude of words there todntethnot 
fin. Zach, 11. 12. Ifje think good, give memj 
frice^ ifnotforheMT. 

II, Do nov highly cpnswend md over- prsife^ 
xommoditj you know to be faulty j nor fell that 
fotg0od^ which you know is not fo. Donoc//>, 
nor equivocate. How many are there, that ia 
this cafey to Jeceit, add lying -, tlnd {too often) 
bind nM the/e fins together with an oath, fwearing 
their commodities are good, when they know 
fhey are w/ 7 And then what an heap of fin is 
here gathered together ? abundantly enough to 
fink any poor foul into Hell: And 4i5f this, to 
tkrcwa little more money owt of their neighbours 
pockets; and that fomtimes/i very little^ th?c 
it is an amazing wonder^ how any man that thinl<s 
^e has afouU can fet it ac fo miferahle and contem^r 
ible a prices. 

Ml. Do not difguifem^ hide the faults ohhc 
:omnioditiesyoa/(r/if, by ufingfomearttothem, 
o make them look fairer and ^e //^r than indeed 
hey arc. This is a<fting a l^ie though it be not 
f caking one) which has /«re/y as much of 
he intention of cheating and defrsuding as the 
no& impudent lying C3inh:jive. Hereby ihouma- 
ccft thy neighbour ^4/ for fomcwhat which is 

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37^ C0nc€rmng]tfB dedling Chap.^. 

not in t\\tthiig i\xo\x fcie ft him) befrefamiMg 
there is ihzz goiJ quality in it> which thou kfta$^ 
ejl is nor. * 

IV. Do not /^i7 Commodities ^ftlfe mights dr 
meafures^ Amos 8.5. WhtrrwiUtht new Mwm 
btg^ne, that we may feUc&rn ? and the SMmB^ 
that fve may fet forth wheats makitt^ the Efbdh 
fmally and the shekel great, wdfdfifyipgtht 
ballances by deceit ? Prov.20.10. Divers weiglMi^ 
and divers meafures, bethcf them are alike nb09m- 
nation to the Lord, Deat.2y.14, 15. Thou fh^ 
not have in thine houfe divers meafures, dgrest^ 
and a [mail. But thou fhalt have aperfeli knd jmS 
n^ight, aferfeif andjuB meafurefhatt thorn h/me ^ 
that thy daies may be lengthened in the land m&ick 
the Lord thy God giveth thee J c-^re 
there yet the trcafures ofwickedntffe inthebmofe 
ifthemcked, anathe fcant meafnrey that i$ 4^1 
minable i 

V. In fellingy donot work upon the igtodramoi 
ot unskilfulnef oi thtbujeri l^yaa discern Yiistk 
to be unskilful^ ufe\\\m rather the better, thai 
the worfe. Zeph 1.9. In the fame day alfo vriili 
funijh thoje that leap on the thrifhold, and fill th^ 
Maflers houfe s with violence and deceit. 1 TKct 
4.6. T^4f no mango beyond, and defrdssdbis Br^ 
ther in an j matter; becaufe that the Lord is the s- 
venger of all fuch, as we alfo have fifntpor^^^ 
you, and teflifed. ^either takp advanta^^ ^ 
his prefent urgent neceffity: Do not make Him 

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{^fajp.^. ia trading 49id commerce^. 377 

fAj unreMfomAh, bccaufe tboa feefl he extrtmly 

mm$ is^ and mufi hoive k. An unrtAf$nablc 

frkt is ^at which ^xrrrif the true wcrthoix}M 

tkifigf cocifidered with thofe fmdcrate mns 

which dU Prddefmen are prefumed uteaUmed 

in the fale of their cominodities^ Confidtr/^*- 

hrlj what the tA^ is mrtb^ and fof whac thou 

vfom^dffirdi$tOM0ther (of wbom tboo hadO: 

no fuch adTancage) and accordingly rate it to 

Aim. Do nothing to a»y man^ but what thy 

fetf, or any honefi-minded man (according t§ 

right reafon^ and common jufikt) would be cm- 

/#^ to have done to hitn« The truth is> in the 

iPh$k ififineffe of trafpek^ there are To many of^ 

ffirtnnitiei^ deciii^ thicaman had need /^r/f/f^ 

himfelf with frm rcfolntionSy and iiaue in his 

JkartigreMleveefiMpiccp or be wiUbei^i^M- 

gcr to iatl nnder temftatien. 

' VI« Do wxingrsffe mn in a time oifcarcitj^<^. Hs thM withheldeth cem^ thefec^ 

ptefipottcnrfshim. And chat both huyers zc^fsl^ 

/trs niay be ftrfvMded to make Confcieme of 

fhe(ethi^s^ let chem con(ider» 

I. The cemmenneffe sf injnftice is a reproach 
to Chrijlianity. The Home of Chrifi is hlafphe- 
nsed among Turks wiidlnfihls^by tiic injujiiccy 
Jrsmd, and deceit that t^fraltifedzmongtooma' 
nf chat ciA themfilws chriftians: And me*^ 
thinks^ this very reajon ihould make as ahhor 

f^ Q % Digitized by C^^q^l 

378 C$nctrnhg]ufi dedin^ Cbap.p. 

2. k fecret curfe ufuilly g$es dlMg mih ill 
gotttng^ds^ and zp^ngt unfro^tr^n^e ffor 
the moft part) attends iUgmtn epaies : Where* 
as the Utffing of God doth wonder fuSj accomfdoj 
jiifi and righeom dealing •, and makes tha which 
isyi'^^ to pr^,^^r, 

3. ^iur tv/iSf «rpr^{ 4fff4;i to gain never fo 
much,' and lofe his [on! f Thoa tbinkefi ( niay 
be^ thou hjft been wr^ cannings when cboa 
haft^wr reached thy /ti6ghbo\xx^ boc confide- 
reft not, there is another all the while over- 
reaching theor and cheating thee of that which is^ 
itffiniulj more frecious^ even chy immortal fonl^ 
And alas / \yhat will it eafe thee in Hei^ to 
think thoa haft left ti great deal of wealth behind 
thee upon Earth? 

4« Remember, 9i&itf ^ nmighteonfy g§t by 
defianding and i>;>/;a^ another, muft not oaly 
he refented of hcioTeGod» bat rejlitntioto thereof, 
or other fatkfaifion made to r^frr party mMged. 
Vov God fwaons no fin we mil fertinaci^j re- 
tainmd live in^ PtovA^.ij. He thatco^ereih 
hit fins, (hall not profper^ but whofoconfefiethdtod 
forfaketh them^ fbaE find mercy And he that re- 
fioreth not ill gotten goods, MvcthftiB in bkjimw 
and repentethnot of it ^ feeing rtfiitntion ieamim^ 
feparMe fi'uit of trne repentance. Take heed 
therefore ofaS nnjuH getting^ and aU unjufi de^ 
taining: For in fuch cafes, refiitmion 1% to be 
made in kind 01 valne to the perfon wrongeai, iT 

Digitized b 

Chap.p« , in trading and cmmercc^. 3 79 
dlive: lihtbe dtady tohisjftr^/: Xithtyam^ 
ht knmn^ to the vmt. And t^nit^ rcqairech 
t\\ztthetf9f$€hconfidered, wherein hu rigbtlas 
been detained ftomhim. 
Vorreftitnti0nvfc bavc^ 
I. Gods Cimmand. God requireth if anj 
/Aiif^ be gotten either by violence^ fiaudj ori/r* 
ait, refiiiution ihoold be made to the tr$$e owner ^ 
Iav.6.%. If afoul fifty and commit atre^^e a- 
gdnB the L^d^ and lie unto his neighbonr in that 
whisb was delivered him to keef^or infelkpffhif^or 
in a thing taken away by violence^ or hath deceived 
hifneightm^-yy.^. Or have foundthat which mm 
loH^ andiieth concerning ity andfwearethfalflyp 
in any ^ aUthefe that a man doth^ finning therein : 
V.4. ThenitfhaUbe^ hecaufe he hath finned and i$ 
ruiltyy thathefhdB reftore that which he took vio- 
lently away ^ or the thing which he hath deceitfully 
gotten^ or that which was dilii;ered him to keef^ sir 
the U^thing which he founds 

2. We have examfki for ir. ^ofefhs brethren 
reftored the money found in their jacks^ Gen.4i» 
J3« Z4iri^Mr pradifediti Luke 19.8. AndZa^ 
cbe$ssftoody and [aid unto the Lord ^ behold^ Lord^ 
the half of my goods I give to thefoor^ and if 1 
have taken any tmn^fiom any man byfalfe accufa- 
fiony I refiore him fourfold. Yea, ^udashim&\fy 
being convinced of his fin, made reftitutioUy 
Matth. 17- 5, Then ^udas which had betraied 
him, when hefaw that he was condemncd,^ refe/tted 


380 CfinctrningjuS^iitlhg Cbap.^. 

himfelf. And Maght^M/t the thmyfuees ^fi- 
ver t« the chief Priefts and Elders, 

j.Thete is this great re^bn for it: For cnxre- 
fentatice is not Jineere^ if we do not bboar tOMf- 
doewrfiits ^M»i How he t\xAnftmth ^tiU 

?'otiengtois, liveth j?/f id ito/», and doth imx 
iibour tQ mr4<? and revthit^ as he ought to 
do. And becaafe mMnf txtUah UMxnait to tint 
hord diHji of re^itittm^ for fear fffjhmeacrt' 
fffiMb thdt maj acrue t0 tbtm tbeftkj\ they aiy 
dei^re Xome Godlf Umfiert or fya^fdthfd , 
ChfiftiM fiend to tranfad that bofiiKflc for 
them-, wbp (iftheyfeecaurej m»f^muialtkar 
naaies, and yet frefeht the faitfaSm or rrj^- 
ttM by them /^^ to che iginred ferfiru And 
whoever ittftitglen^e ^hem*^ aad/itiMtbe figtt 
0td frefenee «f God, <k> ihos labour to retrsff 
their fi», and clear their J^t ^gmlthfchttfi ng 
latbo' tofiir/ with ftme f their fthjlMce^ tluo 
loretmwhatthej ot^90t\ Iwkfmf cmfiui 
will find dmndanct ef emfm m fjr doing. 

Upon gff thefe cvpjideratiins laaour to mtrtife 
thr which is ttierm of all iiijttJSgg* mmc^, 
CtVitdufrnQe. And reomnber, $ha MfmsMr*- 
iieiul Mceemtts^ tr^e piety aod «x*^ mmfiy is 
the befi policy. A litiU rigbu^fy gtt betta 
then the gttatJreafiftes^ftUpitlud. 

I Txm^.e, Codlintffe with inteitttgest iftreM 

gm. ■ 

Digitized by VJOOQIC • 

t^oap.^ inTrM$ngdndvommrc^, 381 

V.9. Biatbff thai mUherichfMUinta temPtati' 

#«, Mda^frare,Mjint9matijfofilijkaMhw't- 

fiA'h^St wMeh drown n%e» indeftru£im*nd 


y. 10. Ftr the Iwe »f money it the rut ifdtt evil, 
which while fme coveted ifter » they have 
erred fiem the Faith, and piereedthemfelves 
thrai^h with manjforrowes, Let no man go hejond, or defraud hit 
hr other in at^ matter, hecaufe that the Lord it 
the avenger of aB fnch, at weaifo have fore- 
warned you, andteftifed. 

^ph.5,5. Forthityeknow, that no whoremonger, 
noruideaaprfon^ norcovetotttmanwboisan 
Idolater^ hath any inherit/mce in the Kingdom 
of Chrip; and of God. 

I^v.s5.i4. — ^^nd if thou feB ought unto thy 
neighhoMr,irhiqen 9Ught of thy neigbhours hand, 
. ye fiaSintoffroge one another, 

Bzck.3J. 15. // the wicked refiore the fkdgOy 
give again that he hath robbed, walk in the Sta- 
tutes of life without committing iniquity, he 
fbaBfurelylivf, be jbaS not die^, 

N«imb. $.6. Sfe/dc unto the Children of ifrael, 
when amantr woman fhaU commit 4ffy{t», that 
menemefih W'*'^ irejp^againfi the Lord, 
Mtdtbatferfon heguiltf, . 

V.7. then tbeyM confe(fe their fin which they 

* have done, and hefhd r^mfenfe hts treffaffe 

* fvitbtbe Principal thereof ,& adduntott the fifth 

Cc 4 r'^* 

' ' / Digitized by CjOOQIC 

^%t Concernin^thedfttiis Chap.|o; 

fATt thereof, and give it unto him ngdinH 

whom he hath tre(pa(leJ. 
Exod.21.1. if A thief be found breaking nf^ dnd 

be fmitttn that he die^^ there jbdB no blood be 

Jhcafor him. 

V.3. If the Sun be rifenupok him^. there fbai 

be blood Jhed for him •, for he fkouldmakefui 

rejiitutiop : if be have nothingy then he flyoM k 

Joidf^ his theft. , 


Concerning the duties ofGover^nours ^ 
Families. ' "' 

GOvernodrs of Families otighfto be very 
careful that not only themfelves, but the 
reft of their Family alfo do. fahhfuffy ferw tlu 
l^nid. • • ,' ^ • ,../.. 

In creating of this, 

X. ifhaUgivefomt i^rgumeritxforit. 

a, Siome pirecf ions for the rigU ftrfmrmitBg 

3. Sher^, whence the ne^leff of it fr/fceeds. 

I. Thdc is great reajon hr i^; in ref^e^of 
Cod, whofc Honour Cabove all tlbl^gi) wc dioold 
tnde3.vo[}v to advance : And vhat kiter costrfe cmb 
betaken /^r /V, than lofctnfh^mrfkip in our 
ticufet zxid families, * ^ * 

Digitized by GoOQle^'r ^^ 

Chap. J. ofGoverMurs ^fFdmilies. 383 

IL Iq refpeif of cur Fdmiltcs. The greatest 
p0j we can poflibly do them, is, to infirtt£tthem 
in the frincipjes of true Piety. To provide an 
e^dte ox iffheritdnce for children, ptedt zud drit$k 
and fPdge^ for fervants^ is no more than /i^i^r //r4* 
thcns do: What /«r^W4r //t/^sg is this? To 
leave them rightly principN^ and inputted, in- 
terefiedin the Covenant of (Jr^r^, under the/4* 
w«r, tieffing^ and proteffion of God: This is a 
%A and a fingular good indeed. For this they 
may have caufe to UefGodfor ever. Is it w^ig* 
for ChriJUan Parents to W^i^^ their Children 
fo as they may live in this World, and tdkeno 
core what {hall^frmp^#/'^/Eiri» hereafter f Can 
they be., ^wr^/»^ to trdin them up for the Devil, 
to be fpr ever tormented with him in HeS f (And 
yetfo they mufi be, ifthej live and die in ignoranoe, . 
mpenitencie and unBelief) Where are their bow- 
els f 

1 IL In re(^edt of Chttrch and Cotpmonrweakh. 
A Faidly is the fir fi fociety^ and a feminary of 
the reft. *Tis made np ol fingle perfons in fever al 
relations: And Towns ^ Congregations^ Cities^ 
Countries^ all are made up ot feveral Families, 
r articular Families are (as it were) the hives 
out of which yir4r^/ go forth into the world. 
To make FsmUiesgoodmd religiom, is the way 
to make good 'Magiflrates^ good Husbands^ good 
Wives, goodMafters^ good Servants , good Neighs 
httrs^. Families, are x)AeN^feriei 01 Chnreh^d. 

Digitized by Cro^vfC 

384 canffrat^taeamK' %jaf,ia; 

St4*e, KowifcbeC49^rrt3|ce()Ky«n^tr»iin 
tbe Nm-firft they are never like (o be^W wtiea 
dtey are trsi^ffldtued. Tbe wmc oiFimilj n- 
farmtHtHt is the ^ «ij/<? of mm/I qF the mfe^vmiges 
incbvfhmd Cmmm-wethb. If there be^r^w* 
ranee, frefbiMti^e,. errcm^ m^$iiitie^e in pmi- 
fd4r FMuHeSy we (ball fooa^Aivr «fif io Cbmdi 
ao^ ,^f4f^ ^ therefore eUJIu bed' d the im^kj 
W4ters, bj (Mfiuig hfdt 4t the fpring buul^t Ktog, 
».9i. So let us labour to /m/m our Fmmlkt 
with /Aif« Pi<(7, if we ynooMktefJffeMlersoai 
tfchmth aod ^mc^ 

Tismie, whenMcmutifed^ there may be 
fme M io the i^f/2 Families. In the/iyf Fainiljr, 
there was a Cdin^ in the befi Family, a ^im^i 
in NHbs Family <iii« «»/jr i='4»</|r tbt»if e4ftb) 
9 cA4w ^ yet crdinarilj God is pleafed To to bie& 
cbe f/vr and endewtmi of r^igiogs QQverqoBcs, 
that tbevr FmuUes are SchooB oifietj and fV- 
^«tf, and both (ibi»ch and Qummn^mtlihtt)^ 
Bhs fruit of it* 

IV. In refpeAofoar felves. 

I, Tbe bempitp44i th4t mietm ti mtberebf, 
T\m$ is ffpfiffb my \o bri^g (bUdreMundJa^ 
if4iiti 10 be {tbtdknt and fml^uli as to «i^i^ 
principles of frii^ Piety ma them, and to plane 
thefem'if Cod ]a thor beiirts. Then they will 
do their dtitiesi^t CoMfiieimfthfi AodbtfideSy 
/tfp^ j^j^ in a fmily are 9iff4^ ^^yj!<^ to it. 
Fotifhor'i Eaojily was Weflc^Sl ^fipisy & Zi4- 
bdftsiot^Mcijftke, . j. 'JiiF 

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Chap.xo. efGwermmn^fFMAlies. 385 
3. 'Tk 4 great htmHtr UdFdmih/, tc ht truly 
relkkm Let fr^fhdnc [offers talk what riiey 
tvilT) 7/ itmtM greaitr h$n0igr for any Chrijtisn 
tohzvc hie houfe to be zgithel^ 4 heufe cfGi^d, 
than a teth-diven^ an bmfeefinupiitj f Relmeu$ 
FdmHses are JigmfieJby the ^/i^/^ with the /i- 
f/rof Cbmches,Kom.i6.jjGreet FrifeifU & Aqui- 
UwvfhilftrswCbrijl^efue^ y.^. JUkemfe greet 
the Chmeh thdt it intheir hieffe. C0I.4. 1 5. Sdlme 
the hrethew which m^e i> LdeAcea^ And Hyrhfhm^ 
sMel the church tMch iein hichpufe. 

$. It will hring much cmf&rt t^us^ heth here 
mihtreifter. What a/^jftnuftit needs be ^^4- 
wiferi§m Chrifiidrh to fee Ajr Fondly (throt^b 
ti€6hffi9tgrfGed4mh0Cdremdld^ teehrive 
inPittj^ and to imtt in the way leading t0 Hea- 
yen ? And with how much cemfefi may he 
IcMivt them y when he comes t$ die, h^ng this 
tefiiman^ m his man ho f erne ^ that he hath been 
faiekfnil this my f We kfiow Fli ^ms 
chmrgti wkh^ and feverely funijhed for ihtfins 
of his children^ i Ssm.iA^. Becanfe be had 
been coo rens^e in repreving of them. I (hall 
conclude this, with the words of Mr. Ksgers, 
alcABa^d Divnieof our own. ^^ Believe it, (faies 
^ he) firtiy Gcweriioiir of a Family is as deeply 
^^ cbarged with the fouls of thoTe under his Go- 
^« ^enimenc, as any Paftoor is , with thefools 
V of that Ho<:k which is committed to his 
f^lAaat^; K^ wit) the (mblickMisiifaybe^ 
*" * " #*' come 

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j86 Concerning tbeJnties 

''com« fruitful, if that which isfowninpol)- 
*Mickj be not watered in private, by confe- 
^^rence, examination and good infhn^oa 
^^ What can we more impute the an1>^ofitaU^ 
^^ncfleofourMiniftryto, than ta Matters and 
" Parents neglcA of their duties i You call our 
^^ Congregations oar charge ^ and fo chey are-, 
'^ fo arje your Families alfo your chargerTbas he. 

$0 much of thejSr/f FdrticuUr ^ the Jtcdfm 
why Gcvcrnours of FjimilUs ihould be cmtM 
that thofe under their Government dofaiehfitj 
fervethc Lord. 

I come to the fecond^ togivejtmt BhrtBi- 
$ns for the right fbrferpMnce of this Dntj. 

I. Let G^vernonrs rfFimilies begin nt them* 
feheSf labouring to reform what i mnffie in 
themfflvess that fo they may heexemflnrj'm 
mfdom 2Xid Holinef to thefe wmiti their cnrcj. 
Let them humblj beg 4f God thofe Grnees and 
abilities that may fit them foe ihtdifchMrgiu^tA 
their pUces. Itiferionrs mind more wh/ufnferipmrs 
do, than whd$ they fay. He that vn\ks diforJerly 
himfelf^ canftot cxpcd to reform hio ebiUrtn^ 
oxfervai9ts^ orkeepA/ir Famitif in order. 

II. Let them htcarefnl ^Aonttheconftitmim 
of their Families. Let them look weB tost ^ that 
thofe they admit into their honfe^ . ( m neer st thej 
canguefle) be hopefnlmd traSahle^aito Rel^mt 
Pfal*]or.v.^, Mineeiesjballbe nfdntbe faithful^ 
that they may dwell with me % be that walkitbitrA 

Digitized by CjOOQ l(f •* 

Cbapiib^ cfG^verMursef Families, 3S7 

ferfe£f tPdy, he JbaU ferve *c^. 

IIL Let them Jet ftp the praifife'^ true Reli- 
gion in good earned in their Fdmiliex. Let them 
n^orjhip Go J. together morning and evening f cffer^ 
ingup the fiiritttal Sacrifice of prayer anafrppli" 
cdtiony with thankjgiving. For let them con* 

• 1. Js it not the duty ofaifincere Chriftiansto 
make Religion the main hufinejfe of their lives f 
Shonld not Governours of Families endeavour to 
make their Families Godly j to mn the fouls ofthofc 
under their Government to ChriB ? Andcanthia 
be done hy them who negleSltopray in their Fami^ 
lies? : 

2, Does not the very light of Natirefeem to 
fuggefi wejbould begin and end the day with 

3. Wm not Family Worfhip the frit Worfhip 
perjfarmedto God in the worlds for a long tima < 

4* Did not God declare bis pleafare under the 
LaWy by the evening and morning Saerifice ? And 
does not the APoftle in Analogie to this continual 
and daily facripce\ bid m pray continuaSy i i ThcC 
5ii7* Col.4.2. 

^. Is not the negleif of prayer made a branch of 
Atheifmf PfaUi4. 4. Ifave att the workers of 
iniquity no kmwledge ? who eat up my peoflem 
they eat bread, and caU not upon the Lerd. And 
are not Heathens defcribed to be FamiHA that call 
not on Gods Name f Four tut thjfu- 

, Digitized by VjOO^lC 

3$9 Comernht^the duties Cfaap.10. 

ryt^the Heathen tha hum theeatf, joulnfnt 
the famliis tiMt eaB iM at tbj flMme» &c. 

tf. If}<h tiered Smiley 4iul frajedftr hk 
chiUtren, when they were /Afem, Is k mt mm 
tbenfrtMie he did the like with them wbenfte- 
jeM? feeiDg'tisfaid, cbus did ^^continually, 
^ob 1.5. 

7. iWjM^J^MEfther, aiei bermdidfft£f 
and f^ ftgether^ Eftb.4.16. Ge gather te^nket 
aUtbe ^fem tint an frejetu i» Shufhan^ and f aft 
jeferme^ andneitheir eat ntr drimt three Jaies, 
tueht ner dajy I tdfr md wf matdem wiift^ 

S. Did Mt Chriif fray with bit Famih, Lake 
^.18 r* jtnditfiantet0f/^» athewMoiemfraj' 
ing, hit Difeifks were with bim-r-jthewma- 
lone^ noc fitpglj, bat frivatelj alone $ as j^ 
pdurs by cdtoiparing this ptace with Mofk 4.10. 
And when he was alone, they that wereabont 
him, mchtbe cwelve> askctl of him the Para- 

9, Dusntt Mr SMtMT intkeLtrdsFrajer^ 
flainfy teach that chrijHiUitfieidd frajjejmkf^ m 
wettaefcveroBy? Oar Father^ &c. Give mthi 
day mr daily bread, 6cc. 

to, Swi M the Jpo/ikbid wtfray whkat 
frjiyer^ ]^.tf.i8. i,e> With ai wtamertftam- 
ftdfrayer^ dMrefore with Farieily frayer, 

n* If there m^ a ^fitg fr^fi'l t^jtym- 
frayer^ Matth. 18. 19? Agailt I fief tatt /••, 

Digitized by CoOgle tkot 

. ofGwtrnomspffmnil^i 3^^ 

Mfiff thing that tbejflM dsk^ itfihiB hdonef^r 
them 0f my FMher which H in Hedt/en ^ v.2o. 
Fer rehire itVB or thnt drtgathertd together in my 
Namiy then am I in the mdfiMfthemi 

1 1 . SFeuldn&t ewrf Chrifiian Fmnilj he 4 lit- 
tle Chmh of thrifi f And is ttot a Church to fray 
together^ A<fts «. 5 ? Peter iherefore $940 keft 
infrifon^ hnt frayer was made witbont cea/h^if 
theChntcbfor Irim. v*it. And when he hM con- 
fidtred the thing, hetametothehoufeof M^tbo 
mtthet fff ^oknt whoftSir-nrntewaoMdrifWhori 
matty were gathered ti^ther^ fraying. A€kl2.4i« 
And they continnedftedfajily i» the Afofiks IhSt^ 
tine J andfeSowJhif, and inhttoMng^ bread and 

13. Do not the necejfitiistf dFamilyreqmrc 
it i they are joyn'd in moriiiSy in jndgments^ 
and often in fins ^ Sholddthey not therefore joyn 
inhamiliations^ frayert^ snd tkanl^iinags > 

14. Can a Family ixfe&tohemeffedfjiGod, 
that lives in d confiam nrgleif rf this dnty ? The 
fofvonr of Providence is a masts iefiinheriSdnce^ 
Fdmity Piety is nfnally attended with Family' fro^ 
j^orityy Prov.j.gj, The car fe if the Lord is in the 
honft of the wicked ^^ bnt he hleff'etb the habitation 

15. fTere not honjes as well 4s Temflet tobe dd- 
dicatedtoKjod, by the inhabitants^ attheir firft en- 
trance into thtmy X>C«t.«o.>. And the Offcers 

Digitized by LjipOl^ IC 

"^ jpo CMCirning tl^ duties Chapj«. 

r JbdOfpedk umo the fe^fle^ fofing^ Wbst nunk 

there tha hah bmltd nem beuje, 4»d hah net Ji' 
ikiaedit f let him go and return to bis boufey lefi . 
he die in the hsitel^ and another mMdesucaSe it. 
PiaUjo.Title* A Pfalm and fong at the dedication 
oftheboufc of Davids Aod why flioald they not 
' afterward 6e nfedfrr places to fray in^ to read the 

^ Word, tofing Fjalms in^ as well M to eaty and 

drink and fieef in? Is there not dsgoodfeHo^fJbif 
inholfdnties^ no in merry com f any ^ and idle com- 
mnnication f Whj fbould a Familj do nothing 
jojntly thas tends to the good of their fouls? Are 
foe Chrijiians, and fhoB we n§t be mUing God 
Jhouldbetbe Mafter of our houfes f 

i6. Does not the rtegkii of prayer expofe a 
JFamily to many judgments ^ and many fins? 
where prayers are Pint ous of any boufe^ there nfnal- 
ly the door is opened wide to prophanenejji, andai 
licentioufneffe : And what follows thereupon^ bus 
the wrath and curfe $f God ? 

Lei not Fannly prayer therefore morning and 
evening benegleded» upon any pretence wkM- 
foevers ^nd let att^ perfons be carefni they be 
nought zndfmnal in the performance of it. 
And befides prayer, let there be reasUng tbc^ 
boh Scriptures^ and other good books % fistging 
Pjalmst Catechizing and private inftruiii^so ^ a 
due care to Janifiie the Lords day, a diligene fic^ 
qnenting the pualick Ordinances^ a reviving by 
repetition in private^ what they have heard in the 

Digitized by CjOOQ Ife ofGoverfimStf Families. Jpt 

fnbiick 5 reUgiotis cot^erencii and i^hatever elfc 
miff conduce t^ the emnafifig true Pictj and ^odli-^ 
mffe amepfg them. 

IV. Lee Gwermws of Families call »f on and 
charge thofe under their Government^ tofrayfri^ 
v^ely^mdifffecret^ and not to content tbemfelvcs 

,only with the Family^ frayer^ as coo many are 
apt to do. 

V. Let them keep ont ( 4C much as they can) 
leurdcomf^ny out of their Families. Whtufwear^ 
trsy drunkards f AtbeifiSy (corners of Godlineffe^ 
mzy^^vtfreeacce^y entertainment, and counter , 
nance in a Family, Religion is not like tothrinJe 
thffe, nor any thing that is of good report or 

VL Let them alfo he careful to pteferve their 
Pamilies from feducers, aiid foul deceivers, 
I Epiih Johnv* to. if there come any nntoyouj 
osuihring not this VoStrine , receive him not ini4 
f0ssr/foufe^ neither hid him God (peed. 

VIL Let them watch over their Families. 
The want of vigilancy in the Governour, is u/u* 
Uj the fountain ofmoft diforders in the Family. 
>t there be Family^Bilcipline. Let them admo- 
M the unruly^ and (eek to reclaim them, and // 
Rfjr ft^e incmiphle^ cafi them out ^ ifthejbe 
^f arable memhers : Lpt them incourage th»fe 
\iat Jewell*, letting them fec^ they take notice 
I redddy of their mii'doing^ as of their faults : 
^^herixcbcrc iicaufe to reisdkeatiy offender t let ft i 

Dd' . br 

39^ Cmcernt0g thedt^s OMfAdi 

htJonivmhotiiiiuernijf^^ Lettbcre 

be monpmph^fn/i^ in their vrordi tO£«i- 
wijf^ them of their jiw, and loin Aetkcm/« 
tifeir dsftgn^ and f ^ knciP hm t$ amenJ-^ ihaa 
hcdi^fdff^cr to vtVMcihHr 0tm di^tetfnri Lee 
thtjaultvft made wAnifefi to tfte perfon offfitti- 
ing, that i)i J Mvn CMfciewe may cendemn Urn 
Bittermfje dpts pftner harden the hearty PhMBtt 
fprmthe l^ft^. 

And ifGwetnmtrs of FamHies^GMnctafi^ 

ing to tkfe DireSH$i8S^ labour to de their dmki 

faitifuHjy theytm^Kbe^xcecdiftgt>/rw^ 

4/t>f the fuhdiim of riiv/ir M^r r^r^* GMew- 

w^^f.. Ohbownnich^imaycJie^jjffrt^,^ 

cepts^ exdmfle^ prudent AdmonithnSf and tm^mt 

vigibmcj otYoch ^/V/i/ CirvemoHrs A> > They 

tnay more prpmrtt the tit/hrtfTe of RelMnt k 

their f«/»/fc>^^ than anyNmJter can* Tisiw 

rdttjmppjfibkii Miftifier SmAdhm^ zT^tnti 

Congregation to g^od order ^ except ^Jhdlhf 

Ctn/emoMrr of Families. The /w^ defirta refinm^ 

' //>» both of C^^rrA and 5;4i^]}icics here. To 

y(/^r^ 4//, let us hmn at *ww : Tis a vain chiB{ 

to exped the rtfrfmdtion of a Vongrersom 

Vf\\^t private Ftnwlies remain nnrtformedl «fk 

arejcftered with ignorance, errmr.orfrefbmi 


A Cdvemour of a F4i«i/rr4)OQk) k)ok upa 
hiniielf as CiEr//?/ ^rMfjr in his omnh&t^^ 9M 
fas it wtrcj //w^^rf with hh fArrr Off^^es^ t 

Digitized by GoOgl^^^f^^ 

Chip. I o. 0fG9Virnour$ pfFdmilUs. jp^ 

fy^fAa^FrkitpMd Kh^. He fliould be, - 

< . A Frifhetiio feach^inffruffyCatechtze bis hou* r 

(bqld^ Oe#.6.7. Andthu^alt teach them dili^epilj 
^nt04hf<hiiJren^ dnJfialttdik of them when thoii 
(itteji in thine houfe, and when thou walkefibjthe * 
rr4f > tf ;f i rr/r^/f then Heft down^ and when then ri- 
(eft nf. An uncatechized head, and an unfanSti- 
^ed heart d$ tea frequently go together,^ Lewis the 
•' ninth q( France, was found inftrufting a poor 
•Kitchinhov, and being asked why he would 
* do fo> anfwered, the meaneft hacb a foal 3f 
'^precioiis ^ my own, and bought with rhe 
'iarae blood x>fChrtft. Our Saviour infiruffed 
\\s Difcifsftes, fraied with thcim, tan^htthem tp, ' 
>rjfy, fung an fijmn with them:, And can yoa 
^ifUdW^ better e X am fie < Timoth) was traip'd op 
>y UWfarents, and that ^(?»r 4 child in the holy 
Mrripcwes^ iTim.^.i^. Want of infimSfion pt 
^fame^ is one main reafonrfthe nnprop^hlenefe of 

a. APritHf to offer uf the (piritud facrifce^ 
ffrajer and fraife for tj^emandjwith th^m. 

5. A Kingt to, rule, command^ and govern 
hr Cf^riU in his QV/n houfe, Gen. 16.19. I know 
4braham^ that he wiB command his Qhiidren^ and 
ns ffonflfold after him, and they fhjtU keep the way 
if the Lord, &c. A JiAfler of a Family has a 
rrtaxtr command and authority over thofe in h!s 
ywnhtmk^ than any Minijler\\ji%. He is more , 
pith tJrem, and has his //> more upon thsm • Hs 

Dd 2 ihou'^Ie 

394^ CPncerning the dntiis 

{honld therefore improve his power for God ^ 
andbe like the good Bi(hop defcribed, x Tim. 
3;4. ruling well. i.e. Religicuflj his crnnbeufe^ 
havifig his children in fubjeStipn with all grdvi- 

So mach of rhe fecond particular^ the Mreiti' 
$ni how Geverncurs of Families (hould difchmrft 
their duHes towards thofe under their G^vtrr 

I come now to the third and lafk 5 to /fcnr 
whence the negleSi of thu fo great and neceffarjd 
duty proceeds : There ^tcfeveral caufes of it. 

I. Ignorance: Some are (o ignorant them- 
felves^ *^ they know not how to inftruff 0ihers. 
They know not how to ^4jf with their Fami- 
lies. Oh let allfuch prefently afflj themlelvcs 
( with all care and feriou[ne(fe) to learn the things 
that concern their fahation^ that they may £[- 
charge their duties towards their relations. Am 
let them know^ it is their duty to labour for dhiU- 
tj to fraj, and for that gift whereby («^m d 
occdftons) they may in an humble and fitting 
manner) txpre^ the defires of their hearts onto 
the Lor\ In the mean time {tiObyfeekingti 
Cod for his Spirit to enable them, and by afaisift 
endeavour they have attain d to feme meajkrti 
this ^ift) they may ufe (ome good pre fcribeaffi 

OnU let' them be exceeding watchful uveroAn 
hearts^ for fear of that formality and meer lif 
fervice, which in fuch cafes we arc more efpe€u^ 
hv\ danger of, ^ ,2. Cjif< 

•^ ** _ Digitized by LiOOgle 

Chap. I o, cfGovernours ofFdmilits 395 

' 2. CdreUjkef. Some arc of GdlHys temper, 
A^l8.i7» They ca^epr none of thefe things. 
They think this more ado than needs. They will 
provide portions . for their children^ look that 
their fervdnts do their works but tot Religion, 
(the one thing ahfolntely necejfsry) they do not 
much trouhle tbemfelves. 

3. fVorUly-mindedneffe. Some are fo wr/^//jf, 
they cannot ^ord time for Gods JVorJhip and 
Service. Not z/mnf about the honfoy but ihall 
he ferved morning and evening 5 but (j^^is not 

4. . Prophanenejfe. Some are fo &r from having 
lOiy religions core of their Families, to prdy with 
them^ to inftrult them, &c. that they derido 
thefo dntieiy and fcoffe at thofe that mdke con fci- 
ence-topetiorm them. They {through the pride 
of their hedrts ) think it idifpardgement to ^i&mr, 
toyj» 1^^ theprdSftfeofthefe things in their A^i^/i*/. 
Wretched worms I Is G^i become ay^iinietohis 
creaiures< Who 4r^ /A^y , or iri&i/ /^ their Fd- 
tbers bonfe, that they ore too good tohtthtfer^ 
vants of the mofi Highf Let them mdke their 
yeace with that Scripture^ Mark 8. ult, IVhofoe- 
ver therefore fbjitt be djbdmed ofme^ dnd ofm) 
portlSy in this ddnlterous dndfinfnlgenerdtion^ of 
him idfik jhdB the Son ofmdn he dfhdmed^ when he 
rometb in the Glory of his Fdther^ with the holy 

5» ^ Loofe Opinions^ uo Jet pretence of new 

D J 5 L4ght, 

jp(5 Concernifig the duties^ &c. Chap^f o. 

Lights fetting people at liberty from lij^^fervd- 
tierl and fraifije of thofe duties , whereby t hi life 
aad fewer of Aeligion is moft mdintaimd and fre- 

Let Govtrndors of Families therefore tem^tj 
oiaHthefetbiffgSy and whatever elfem^y hinder 
thtm^iotn ^Cofffcionaile Mfcharge of tbeir Sr 

Gen<,i9.79^ JF^ / knw him^ thai he miBcem^ 
mand hit Children a9id his houAeld after Irim, 
dnd they fhaU keef the waj efthe Letrd. t$ k 
^ufiice and ^udgmentf that the Lnrd mo] 
bring ufen Abraham^ that which he haih^ee 

Join.24t 1 5*— Sttt 4ffer me and my henfe wt ml 
fer^e the Lerd. 

\Sixt\.i.2U And the man Elkanahf dndaihtt 
heufe went uf t$ ^er nnt& the Lerdtkeytarlj 
Sacrifice y andhisvew. 

A&s ID. ^. Gernelifis a devaut fgan^ mei §»tj 
that feared Ged with all his honfe^ which gai0t 
mttcb Almes t$ tbefeevle ^ and ftajed $§G^ 


Chap* I'. lymies^HuskMdAndwift, '^ 

Oftht dtdits tf Hmbwti dad Wifi^» 

IShatI firft tjxak of the imkt a mmut t^h^ 
and then mottfMtiitid^Kij o^tbtft that bokMig 

They 0p^t» each otberlf4ttkfitliu(fi, 


I. Lwe. There oiKbt to be a /Fmiand i«v/r 

tUUtMve between, cnegi^ grounded eaGods 

OrdinMce and their tmn CivtMMt (tminat meep' 

ly M tutur/UtrcivHrelPefft ) and beti^ fp ueerlj 

mtittiy 9od made 9n» fiejbf tbey (bookl have 

i^ $nt bf4rh Tbey flioi^ have ttie^eaujl ten- 

ditn^e, and k{tid»efi<x each other migiiudtU, 

If any unkhdnejje Qionid at any time happen to 

^//ir between them* f;^ flioald wtecjUef in 

di^k^nre^ but A^r/b re^Uy ^MtoajfJ^M^^re* 

^cMciUment'. The Sunfbotdi natge dmn»nthehf 

m^K Lw$ rmAjpeeten all ih^^tecbes^for' 

ri^e, vA0i»m towvdf eMchnher^ 'T'al^vi 

will ooake ail the duties of a MMrfWlife ea^^ and 

all the. inmkfrs taAerefes, uierMe, Thisieve . 

saa&fer m^fm^f* exceed mdfiirfaffe their ilnv 

to 9.r« e$ker eregtme. There muft be hetmem 

them Mtb the love 9fgptd»*h defiring heartily 


jjjS of the duties of .cnapi». 

the welfare o^eacb other, and ihtUvetfcm- 
flacemy, delighting in each other. Wanttflwe 
betvee n wan a%d tiift is ro ntgant fur 

II. Faitkfulneffe, and t)^t oifeveralf&rts. 

1. That dftheited^tkey moft keep thenofeives 
fpreSi^chaflfcomdBJirdvge emtraees'y aad with 
aaR greatej^ ahlmretiee deteft4>9 vtotUiKX temf- 
taihnthAtwaj. 7 bey muft tut embrace the b»fm 
pfdjiratigery Theymuft hcctmfi^ut 
to each other, and rM/Ei/(»f^oi each other, ^u- 
foufie utbefa^ertefifvc 

a. They van^keefeKhothetsfeerets. 

^. Concesl C3ch othixi itifirmHies^ 

4. Be faithful to each other in the 'm4Mt' 
gtf^i^tit wildly i^ms\ 
'■ 5. Idny Jifference m(e, mtietittahveut: 
fas jars concealed are haif reetmiled %- wheres 
if they be ence divulged ^\h adoubk iabtarm 
mtkeuf. the breach^ iadfitpthe m^thsof'feoplt 

, III. ffelpfultieffe.they are to be mmtaai 
helpers tKh toott^> both in (^iritudiod ten^ 
fii/ihii»gs. ' . 

I. They fheuUendedwurtu help etteaff^her em 
tevtgrds 'He*vent, to piemete aad eiureafe hsem^' 
ledge and Hfliw^ineac\\ others (bals ; de^»hg 
it meet tegether^ and live tegetberfor ever im Hor 
t'^Ar.They ibbpld pay together andfor taei Mber^ 
I Per.3.7. They {hould faitl^aSyi i^'h* «Mi 
hvtnglj didmttijh one wpiher ot d»y faiJings 

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Chap.iT. Husband dnd Wife. $99 

thcyJifcern in each other. 7 bis is ( ©fall other) 
the truefi and mpit valmAlt lovi. Nay indeed. 
How can it be faid^ they Jp love at aBy if they 
can £onttniedlj let each other rim on in a domfe 
chat will bring them to eternal tnifery. True 
love is J$iU lovei And if the love of Hmbsnd 
and IVifehtihv&grounded'xtk Religion^ and rietjt 
znda sao^e of each others fouls f icwii! mike their 
lives z kind of^Mtv/inpon earth. 'TmWfrc^ 
vent tho(c contentions f heart burnings ^nd brawls 
fo fatal to many Fatnilies. They will like Za- 
chary zndEli^ahett^ labour to walk before the Lord 
blamelefle : They will endeavour to flavt Religi- 
on in their Family^ and be examples oi Piety ^ 
frudtnce and goodneffe to thofe among whom 
they live. 

2 • They are to he mutual helpers to each ojther in 
naSiSral and civil refpeifs. Th^ Stre to comfort 
3nd cherifh one another both in heakh and fick- 
neffe^ in frofperitj and. adverfity : They are to 
adrift and affift each o^tx'xmri^gwerrnng 
their Family^ and in afrudent maumgin^ their 
ejfdse md\¥Oi\d\y af airs: Andinawor^ they 
are to endeavour to xsvakt their faff age through 
this tvprld as cmfmslsU to each other as they 
•caoi "'.'"' 

So much ingeneralyhi: the duties common to 

I oow come to ffoak t^ore fart^uMy of the 
afiofits belonging to each of thtatfivtri^. And 

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400 oftKiMinettf uup.ri. 

firft) vf th iutits »f tht HushtMi, 

I. Ttie ff& imf the Umhmi owes to his 
9r//>, is Um. Hqw ^4^ this twt ftould he, 
the ^^tf^/^ imiinatcs fay thefimt^mdu h^ofo 
y/» tftif nutter, Jhtcne of that Chrtfi btars tt bk 
Chttreh, E|^h.y,»5. Hmbtfidi lovt f»m Wivit^ 
evert m Chrik alfo hved the Cbmvit, mdg»vt 
himfelffor ft. The eiber^ oitbat am^begrsu 
himfelff v.ji. Let evert mt of fniitfmktiUrt 
Jo love bio roife even m mmjdf^ How tvtrf one 
knows and feels how^ be hwes lamfdf, A mmt 
hve to bimfelf, bath tbeft frofirtief, 

1. 'Tit cordidt mtbom difftmi^x, HiOf' 
tVMibfeigm love- and fiieiidfld^ tpr others, bit 
no body » infineere and fdfe i»hjs iove to hm- 
felf : Stub a Ijove fliould a man beor to hit Wife* 
As fonotbom bfort pnukmtto Jiowdt iSam. 
i8.i. A»dbelevedbimMbit»tO0fo0l^(oKm(^ 
the ^xM^Mi to love hit Wife, lYit A ffUcttk 
ns, iCor.tS'5. Chmtj is not et^ frov9hd. 
iTme, fervent^ m did love is lot^ jiferhtg, and 
bearetbmtbm»nf iai^nmiesztAwedmefis, and 
etvereibd mdfitudeefefences, i Pet.4.8. 

2. 'Titeonfisnt. *Tisfo notnrd, oothiogc^a 
mkeitoetfti Ihaa^ttankbothbeemhmodfm^ 
and is bj fickneffe become deformed ^ thoQgh he 
hathheenhedtbf^ aAdis }^noaa>.tfiekliii thoi^h 
he both been fat tent, and is now grown cholerick^ 
ytx he pilo^himjelfiSfSt ^ Mtidentd cLt&gt 
0t defeit^vl^io§e» a mafK-ZMrr to^HS^^ 

',r 3,- "Tit 

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Chap, in MMstdtkhsmttrives. 401 

5. "Tu very tender. How tenderly dowamafi 
treat himfelf when fiek ? If he have a/(^^ eie , 
How r4rf/i»/ is he of it < St$€h ought a mans 4/* 
/(p^i^/fbetohiS'Ffyf^^ exprcflSngtc fdf inafM* 
nArr rf^W of her, infickneffe^ as ^tt as bea/th. 
The »94>f ought toi^^i^ oporr his tv^e^s the frxi* 
dererfart sf himfelf^ br(as the Apoftle phrafcs 
it) as iheir^4fer w^«/, x Pet.^.j. Which muft 
not be a cm/it of contemft, but r^Ti^r of r^jj^r^ 
and r^^W: And the 199^^ tvesk Aie is in refpedt 
o^mrffiekneQe^ or the like, ib nfucb the m$re ten- 
, der cure Ought he to have of her. N$ man ever 
hMid his mwttplhy (bits the Apoftle) hnf nest- 
rijheth andcherifhethit, Eph.5.3p. The Husband 
therefore mod not d& any thing that may be bnrt- 
fml or grievous to his IT///, no more than he 
ippuldentandgsfh his ownftejb^ For mypart, I 
know no Law of God or man, that aScws the 
Husband apower Xobent his Wife.* He is indeed 
to govern ner% but he is to do it by mft^ loving^ 
amiable connfel^ notbyfripes. Jh^ civil Law ^ 
firiS^ipSxiVt it, Cod.^. And ttM^% Heathens, 
we read not tfany^ except fnch as were rmtd or 
^lOTir, praftifing thii wnnatural cruelty. The 
^AiAiifMf therefore ihoold mattnage that authority 
tfnd Jnferiotity Which £r^i bath given him n^r 
iMr fTr^r 5 fr//r/|r, mildly^ amsHy. He (hould 
remember, ail Gofvemmtnt is ordained by Cod for 
the good of the whole^ and na the fleajnre only of 
^ ^overnour: Therefore, all harpmeffe and 



40* OftheD»ties0f Chsip.ii. 

rttt^htuffe, ind[tubtjranniedcam4^e\%\itltt\y 
MfuBfimkle on the Hmbands fart towards hk 
Wife. '^ 

4. 'Tisfttre. Not for bafe ind /taifter endt :, 
He does not lo^,e himfel/bccaaCe heisd ktlthj 
W4», a hanJfm «4», zrich matt -, but 'tit pare- 
h »Hdf {hecaufe 'tis himfelf) that he loves, 
4m;h ought a mans iove to his Wife to be 5 not 
■only beeaufc /Jf *r/'4/r, or rich, or^M»f,but 
f W^ yir fit hU Wife. A man may h«k abroad 
in the world, and fee cf^fr/ A^4&A/fr, bandfomer^ 
richer, mttier than himfelf; yet (I hopej he 
docs not theriBpon faB in Uve with them, 
and Pgbt and nitgUa himfelf: So ajman 
« to love his »//<f fureljfor this reafttn becaofc 
fhe it his Wife. Though he is riot bound to /&»* 
her the heft aceomplijhed womart in the world, 
yet he is to Itveher, like her, delight i» her more 
, than4»jf»tf>»4»intheworldJ • 

So much for che/fr5 D«/jf the man owes to 
his Wife, XMY,.and the <Ar^y« of ir. 

II. The next is Inpuaion, The H^ibagJa 
totn^ruB the wife in the things that concern bee 
'verlafiing Mlfare, if {he be ignorant of them. 
Thos i»4#/ ^i</^ ihe wives learn of their hnsbarndt 
^hme, I C*r. 14.35. V/bk\ifupfofex thc^«/- 
Wjs to /rj**^ her. This ftiou'd make mentMre- 
Jul to get kttimledge thcmfelves, that fo they 
may ferftrrnihit dntj they owe to others. 

HI. Mainienance. Heis to maiatsin her, pror 

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Chap. 1 1 . UBsbMds and Wives. 403 . 

^idt for her, and allow her tK\n%s convenient 

dndfit according to his ejiate, and to let her far- 

'take tptth him in thofe ontwarJ good things where- 

. with God hath blefled him : And as he is not 

hjntggardix^ey to den j her what isy?rforher, fo 

neither muft he by his nnthrifUne^e waft his 

goods^ and fo make himfelf unMe to fupporc 

her 5 iiGod^takehim aw^ before her, he is to 

, frovide for her comfortable fiAfifience (siccord- 

mg to his ability) and not to heat her when he is 

dead ( as one phrafes it J by leaving her an in- 

fufficient and toojhort an aliowince. 

I come now to f^eak of the Duties of the 

The Wife her Husband^ , 
I. Snbjeffion^ Epb.5.22. Wivis fnbmit jonr 
fjtlves unto jour own husbands as unto theL^rd. 
Col a, 1 8. Wives fubmit jour felves unto jour own 
Iknsba^dsdsitssfitintheLord. iPet.j.i. Like^ 
mfc Jt toives be infubjeffion to jour own husbands^ 
&o V.5. — Being in fubjeffion to their own hus- 

Befides thefe Scrifture- Commands there arc 
fen/eralreafons fotiz. 
1. From the Creation^ 

1. Ihc man V9is fir created^ iTini^a.ij. 

jidam W4i fir if formed J then Evc^. , 

a. The woman was made ofthemaUy and 

ttot the man of the woman^i Cor.ii-8.F^»c 

man it not of the woman, but the woman of th 

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404 ofthemiaef ChajMi. 

5* ThewwjMrtwasinade/irthcmao, not 
theman/^rthe'woman, Gen. 2.i9, AnAtk 
LtrdGiMfMd^ it4s«$t^$dthMttbemMfliiu 
he *Une •, / mU tmkt turn *n belf meet /«r 

4. JVitfow it (elf frtcUims it in refpe^of 

the ftx % rhe ftmdU being infmour to the 

jW4fr. ilf<«/» « Wj* f «M^e 4W (7/»r)f if God t 4ud 

the wmMt k r*f Gitrj tf the num^ % Cor. 


i. ftom the ^Anjgrtf^, For the immw 

though thc/4ff<r wi CreMi$}ty yet vn&i^f^^ 

mer in trtnfgrtffiMy Cw.^,^. ^nd-wbeMtbew^ 

matt fatv that the tree was getdfir fa^d, saJthM 

it »4t pk^ditt ipihe eiett Md 4 tree tihede^ed, 

tfiptakefiftemfii fhe i*0ktfthejr»itthot9f, d^d 

did eat ^ tmdgnve 4^ uiif her bttthti»dmth Aer, 

andhedideat, via. Attdfie mufgid, the in- 

m4nwJmiffbt0 f4vejf t» Uwkh me, Jhegave mt 

tfrhe tree, {ma I did etit, tTMn.a.i4. Ajgm 

»M not deceived f #. e, ifirft, and by SanA) 

hu* the ni0m4n being dtceived^ wm inthftrmtT- 

gref/hn : not orily fmrniig Atr felf, but dntwiitg 

her hmhMd into iran/greffioitaHo,- ^ 

5. From the:*///M of Af4</ and jw(fe given to 
theto^band in '^ScnpeuKS, which ^^J^rr him 
to be the S^efiowr^ 1 Cor. u . ^.^rbe iie^d 1/ 
thf wom4» it fbe m«n, -€ph. j. -jj, f'wi^ jji,^ 
haiditthehesd iftheWift^ rvfW m-Chnftigtht 
htjid^ihtthmh'^ Prov.^^r;. Wt^dtfifiOteth 

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Chap.i !• liuAMis MiWlvts. 40; 

II. *rv4rf»ar.Bph.5.3j, Ltt^ i^fit^ 
fUf Jht rmercfiei htr imf^Md. Htwrence is a 
mixtnrt x^fipve and fear. 

U Tbe iri^ nmfi intirttj love ^er Im^umd^ 
Ttc.1.44 Am Hejirt t$ d$ him g$0d^ni mt hmt 
oBthedaies pfheriife^ Ptw. 31,12. Lwewufi 
ffvetttn her whole iehavie^r uwirds him. And 
this 4ovt craft jnweed from a dfte epmitm of 
him, as her He^d and Guide, ^u^ment 'tit the 
fourfe m$d jfriifg ff ^Ifien. VVbac the mind 
tflttfns fiot) the hem afeSfs not. That which 
we %4/y fW«, we dearty value. And if the 
mft trnly r/fctiw her hf^and, her rum/i^aiid 
hebavi$ftr towards him will be with iUfweietnefi^ 
amiMeneffe^ ^vAdnert^0m^rtgdrJI. 

1. She 0$$^ ^ftar {not wi«h tfervHe^f^ 
vijh, btt a ^Hkral^ free, ingenueue fear % like 
that /r»e Cenverts iear tn Gfd, (prifigingfrom 
4tivt9 and joyii'd with hve) ieaJt fhe ^veiim 
any jnB teamen cf d^leafmt and dejcoment^ 
1 Cor. 7.34.— 5^ fmmarried iveman farethf0i 
the rhhfgs efthe Ztrd^ thatJbemayheMy, tfctfi 
m hadj^ and in SfMt ^ hut fhe that ismarrted^ 
tareth fer the vmld^ how fhe way fleafe her hm^ 

in. tiMitnce^ i Cor.14.34. TheApoftIc 
xeWviSy women are commanded tohe^nderoMi- 
tnce^ asaTfofmh the Law. ^f^mLawf Why, 

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pl9 of the Duties if Cbap.tir 

Gen. 3.1 5. ThjdefirejhdH h nthjhttdfMdy Mi 
he JhdO rnU $v€r tbee. Alfo, Tir. 2. 5. T9k 
Jifmet^ chafi, keepers M bome^ goed^ obedient t$ 
their Mn hwbafids^ ihdt the W$rd of God be m 
bUJphcmed. And in. i Per. j.6. Sarah is fro» 
founded of their pattern^ Even as Sdrakobeiti 
Abraham, ^c. Bic whaS kindoi obedience W\i 
the mfe is 10 reoder to the Husband ? The A- 
poftle.celsus^ CoL^.iZ. WiwsffAmit yonr felws 
to par otott hnsbandSf ns it is fit in the Larl 
Wilich hints to \x^t\\^t two things^ 

i^ Ic maftbe done in obedience i^to God -^ to 
thie Commandment and the Ordinarite of God. 
It muft be ^.religiom^ eonfcientious faij^noiffiom 
A Heathen tooman miy doalt theontwiffidslntia 
of a good vifoy for her, credit faket or fence at 
home, ox jframfrincifiesofnatnralhonejfj. But 
diCyifiian womin behdes tbefe motives^ (hoold 
do it one of Confcience po Gods Commands 6m, of 
zdefiretofkafe God^ w:tdtqaffrove her heart to 
him^ as unto the Lord^ as the Apoftle fpcaks, 
Efh^^.22^ Hiving a reffe0 to thefrecefi and 
enjoy nment of CM ft, ^bis my take awaj that! 
common objeSiion of fonie women^ ifmif htostamd 
do not hie duty to me.Whj fhoifJd / do mine to him ? 
His fanhinejje zndnegle£f,ofbisdntyy will not 
excufe thy non performance of thine. FOr that 
on^B this dutf not only and frincipaHy to Ar«, 
but CO the Lord ( who requires ic otchee) whc« 
ther thy hmband do his or nOi And further* the 

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i^^ tmtvMtmf.antirrFvcf, if«7 

rnrft the hkfb^mdYS, the nilutenitd\A\eK'\&iot 
the.iv//< co.cacry her feif mt\\fiich gtntUat^ 
md/mttneftoy^atdi huii, as may bemoft.Uk^ 
to win him; tor fo the Apoftleadvifes^t^P^/^ 
5.1. Likivftfe ft wivts^ h iff (M^e^tonj^j^ut 
omn huibsfidn tht ifanj^cj mt tbeVfTttdt thel 
^nwf mtbuit:tlu Wtrdbt mitiy the tMvirJfUr^ 

The difcrut kindSx. Wtng bebtniimr of the vfifi 
iwas6shaifmlMditbMfgkni4dmm) ma^isifi'H 
g^e4f)MM$t§rH^bamlnm-^it}n6itui\!it ill Irwg 
of the mvts mMmttnefvttverfn^^iiutt- Hqw;, 
mmfue therc^tbst to svtidttte tuife oXafr^pfMrd 
mfe, havthWca to etmfottj keif iH^^ Qn<libyi^^ 
CO dhutkefMieffe, fwertj, and. at moltitude of 
tmipdefs. htt «£ mves therefore be edre/uifloi 
to adroinifter foch a temftdtion, 
, 3. ltmii^\!it in the LMd\ki. innHi^wful 
ttnmntds : Itmilft not extend to Mj thing thai 
is ^unB'CtJL For otherwiie, 'tit htre^ a^ ioi 
the csfe efiibet! Sufer$$nrs: God ttufi heobfjed 
ratbertHhmd9}itbeHnih^dcofSim3ad a thipg 
though not nniawfttl, yet ve.ry intonvenient and 
hmfru^nft let the Wife cdlmlj and mildf (hj;v(r 
btm the inc$itnjeniemits thereof* and ftrfwAdi 
him ttthectntnury, bat if (he cannot w/;« him hy 
fair intreatieSy. let her not. findHy nfufe t^otejy 
Dotbif^ h*t tbeJinlMtfnlneffe^tkec9m/n4ad^ be* 
Ingtiftifficient i^arrdntloctbdt. 
. Andtortber« ike muft mmU^her ebtdience 
in tfTtthip^s, Ee i. in 

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VtoS €ftke Dtaiesrf Ouip.xii 

%Md in edfe ^injfiuUng < not; ntwfmtig tifiuf^ 
fifhinfmr again) but reMBlfrgftrmhigmatiii 

^ dc: l»ki0giPiM/igu h MhifiJijbimi tia 
but that {he m»y Mdvife bimi»(tmeufes^ ad 
in{me tccdpns. For what i^ftmtm mmji ii^ 
much more 0*4; 4 iri/(r ^^ ( as we&id', « JEn^. 
)[.^; f Sm, %$ T5, (^ ) Vac Aiis mtfihdm 
fti/SumfdmntA^fiiFttint, XbtMAiutiHUmmif 
htgWen ffdfmJtlf^ not as fijfitkin *p^ ]i 
Aiffft*' be done Mrich that ySi^ff^^^ and wilimL 
that it may appear, 'its live, smAtm Mgertit 

' 4. And laftly. She is to be.axvtf imperii 
Urn, both in ^iritUdl and tempirM coacetO' 
Inents* - 

' -I. In <|| 'mdmu^it^ 9fi»mftkd^igmt^ 

the A*»/f beiflg her ^^P^r /^fcir, Tica. j.Thc 

Apoftlefaies, 1VivesJb0»Uifl^ifirt^4timm: 

'• tiotdoMgbtersoliDim^, baltafSdr^. Tiwy 

muft have a v^ldHt and iPdtcifgi «y«%ver the 

tffjir^ of the F4P»/7jf. Tiftr; imi^ gmJe tie 

bottfey as 'tis, 1 Tim 5.14. EverjwSewnum 

• SelmuM faies, Pf«v.i4 i. bnUdtthherbi^'^ 

iHit the fotUjhflMkethit devmrnth her Adoub, 

■ Prov.^1.27. ^^ Itekith miu the wmes ef 

' her hti^U, dnd ed$eth net thehtesd efteUe- 


>. She nwfi kdr dfdrtiMdB4heer4ffesmU 

^ tr^iAUs 

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trMsthzi thePhvidtttu ofCodlhiUa^ 

3'. -yj* w*5 ** 4 tfWw- and cmftrterQi 

bim m ^ iadfiOu^, What flaU Ve 

: AiBk ctttn of /%? *»brA, ifhoinfteadof 


*«r^W/ ^ Like £w, in ftead of beimt Ac /«- 

IS nomw4rd ctndhm in this world, £><-««. 
'^T' ****** •wrWr^i when things are 
■ *f*«* bctijeen man tod wife,. withl/«/r, 
w»/^*w, and /w«5 and mnertimtmUrMe 
wbcfc things Ac «r/fem»/o?. ^ • 

yfM AnAsht n^, *fhicbthe LtNlGtdhsdu* 
ket»pr»m man^ f»^ffcdmmm,A'imfbt 

Unes, ^ fif ^fmypfk, jbtjhahttWd . 

Ec 2 i,^^ 

4IO ofthiJMietbf Chap.ii^ 

. ^^.i% M Aft .#»« M- , 

prov.5.18. teioye with the w^0ftbf 

jeiffh. ' ' . . ." w . . . 

V. i' 9; : Let her :he M the Umng mud, 4Mi 

'fle^dm Bjoe\ Ut her bre^s fstkft thee sd 

\. thttes^ Md iethiM rtfvifbeti dltMies with ha 

. chrfftdfalii>edae.Chnreh, atkigwehimft^ 

\[.ti/s» SMght mtntt^bvethtif wives Mfthth 
«wn bodies^ .be thtt l$veth hk wife^ Unteth bm- 

\.t9. Fer n$ mat ever yet. beted his mwfitjb, 
but tumjbeth MdcberiJbfthit,eve9Mthe Lmi 

\ theCbiirch. ' . 
y 31. Farthke44eJbMl4mmtlnmh0FMhet 
" And Mother, and JbaU bejfftied wrt^hkwift^ 

,.matbtftwiM.h»»^fi^' '■ . 

V. J^ Nevertbeleffe' let etmj ineefyutmfdr- 

ttedm fi ievtM.wifc, jeven.Mhiirfelfy mmI 

the wife fee thxt fbe reverence her hutbswd. 
Colg.ip. Buibm^i* Uve 'p» whtesy Md bt 

net bitter Msin^.tbem. •• 
1 Pet.3.7. Ltkewifejehftsbandt^dweS with then 
. ;tcf§rdingt*kno*ledgep giving. h»nMrmMt0tk 
" n^e m nnti the wenkef v4<l* ^d m hH% 

heirs together ^tbe Grtce of life^ tbM jm 

frMjers be ih/t bteubred, 
Bpb.5.M. Wivet^ fnbmit jm feltfes mifjm 

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Chap, t T.^ ffmhdnis tndv^es] 4 1 1. 

. ^WH k^bmds^ M »nto the Ltrd. 

. y.»3, jF^ the hwhand k the kfaJtftie wife, 

even at Chrifi it the heUef the Chmcb^ nihe 


V.34. Thertfere, 4t the chureh itfiMeffmite 

chrifi, f» let the mvet he te their nm budf^ds 

sM every thins* 
V,^^. Heverthelefi^et everyeneefpM inf^ti- 

e»i4r ft 40ife hie wft even st himfeif^ '& the 

mfefei thatjbe revereme her husbind, 
Coi 3.18. Wives, fnhmit yeitr fehes iatepwr 

own btuhsnJs^ m it it fit in thi lAti: . . 
I Pec.3.x. Likewife ie wives, he infiihjeifitn te 

yestr ems hntbends, thet if any obey nee the 

Wtri, they dfs mey withem the Werd he wen 

bythecenverfMienef the wives, 
V.2. While thn beMdytur ehdfi eenverfation, 

CM f led Jfifh fieri 
V.5. Whefe Adorning, let itnethethetentwerd 

ddmrningyeffUdtingthehdr, sndefwemngof 

Geld, er^futtitigenefAffml, 
, V.4. int let it be the htddenmeneftheheert, 

im thtt which it net cerrnftibUy even tbeOrne- 

wumef (s meek end qmet Sfirit^ whickieinthe 

fighfef (fed, fif greet friec^, 
V.5. JPfr efter thit mentser inthetUttime^ the 

heiy wemen elfe wbe tn/led in Ged, edemed 

themfelvee, being inftdjeHien nnte their ewn 
. bteebends, 
V.6. ivtn jfe. Sereb ebeyed Abrehem, celling 

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, _ e 

4i» OftbePMtsif Ghap.iY. 

him L0rd, who ft dMightert ft m» milium 

% Tim.x.i z. Let the wtmm U4n^iHfk«c€^ mth 

npirf duthwitj ever the man^ hit t$ he in(i- 

V.13. rtrAimwMfirftf»ptii^ thenEw, 
V.14. AMfAiamvmtimdecthtetl, hiittbe$p»- 

p^heh^decepoed; muintlst trMmfrteffitm, 
V.15. mipithJij^ifgjhtJhathp^JiH chUd- 

hmng, iflhtcmimuhU'Mth, unMChmkj, 

dHdHtlinefft mthfibeiety, ^ 
Tit»*^ Th4tthifm4fteschtiifa0iigw*mi»ti 

hefiter^ t« Uve their hmhdndt^ f4 live their 

V.5. To be difcreet,chafi^ keeftrsM htmeygeti, 

eiitdiimttthtirtwii hutbimds^ that the IViri 
. efGtdbefmbldj^hemed. 
Prov;.i9.i4. mufe dud riches srethtittheritmce 

$f Fibers-, and d frndem wife is §r»m the 


Prov.ia.4. ^ vtriMMt mmif^iif*Cr^Mt0her 

bfubMdi btitjhethdt mdhthsjbMmed^mrtt. 

te)tffe/i» hit bofiit, 

PfW.i?.»a. Wkli^fHdetb'Mvife,fh,deth4f0a 


prov.,p,,5,^ fptlifhfi^ isthe MldHutjetfbit 

Fst6er. asfdtbe etntemieni tfn wife^e s #«» 

^fW^-'W//^^; ':■■: ^^^^^^Google Prov. 

if -prov.iy.i;. Jfmintkddroffin^iHaverjrMfrf 
i </<o, muIa ettitetitUiis wtnun are dike, 

Prov.ix.p. /f is better tedmeB inAmnertftht 
^ , - hnfettf^ thm mih 4ht*uUng wtmAn in 4 

mde htiye. 
\t ■■ V*i9, It it better Udweiinthemlderne^tythm 
jtt wHh^e$Mtepti$0satuiMaMffjMman. 

Froi1r.31.xo. Wbt c4»jin(i 4 vtrt^tm mmdnf 
fer her Price itfer sbeve RiAie's. 
V.I I.7M heart cf her httsbdiiJ Jethftfely trujli» 
her, ft that hefioB hm>e n» need tf^eil- 
V. la. She wiB d* himg^i^ ' and mt evil aB'the 
ddes tfher life, 
' V.ij, she feeketh iiro$l andfidx, tuidwerleeth 

wiiingh with her hmds* 
' V.14. She it like the Merfhdutsjhifs, liebrihg- 
eth herfttdfrem afar, 

\,if,She rifeth alft while it it jet flight, and 
giveth meat u her hnt/heUt andafmientther 

V,\€, Sheetnftderetha llefd,aml bnfeth it ^ with 
thefrmt tf her hands fbe flanteth a vineyard, 
V.17. She prdeth her Uins withfrengthy and 
ftrengthemth her arms. 

V. 1 8* she fereeiveth thai her merebandije is 
rfft}) her candle geeth net M by night. 
V.19. She layeth her hands utbc fiindle^ and 

her hands held the difli^e. she firetehed eat her hand te the feeT) yea, 
/bereachtthferth her handstt the needy, 

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414 ^/^Af iWw 4>/; &c: GhapiH. 

V^it. she if tm dfi'Mdofthtfrnttftrherbti^' 
hol^^ f»rdt berbuifkm treelotBcdvfkh'Scars 
Ut . .•■■. • 

. V^ia. she nuktthherfelf €iiuerings$ftiifefiri, 
her cUthing ufilk 4t$d furple, 
V.t3. HethmsUtuliskntwnin ibeg4tes^ wha 
he fitteth amepg the Elders efthe lumd, 
> V.»4. She maketh fiae limlen, 4»dfelUtb ir, 

dnddeliverethgirdlti mat tht MerebMt. 
< .V.S5. Sfretmh snd htntur »e her eUs^iig, 
dndjbeJhdBrejrfeeh timeuipme, 
V.t6. She efeneth hermmh with ififikmyiai 
in her tongue U the Lm efkituhtffe^ 
' y.27. Shehe^ethtifeJltcthe'wiiet^berhmf' 
hU, and eateth mtihe bread tfldUneffe. 
VAZ. HerehiUren m(e nf, Jaidullker hkfid, 
her hiuband dje^ andbefrai/etbher, 
V.2^. L^any daughters bavi dme vertmuih 
but then exceSefi them aB. 
V.30. favewr it deceitful, aud beauty umuu, 
but a fvtpiai thatfearetb tbeLtrd, jUfboKbe 
y.31, Gh( her cfshefiuh »f her hand f, aa4 
let her twn wtrks fr4fe her in the gates. 


Cb3p.X3; Oflk Duties if M4lleri. 4^r 


^ • eftbi DmiisrfMdfiertmf 

"* ^ V ' Servoftts. 

. ' • • • 

. V'u&,0/tb^l}Mtifs*f\Mdjftrs, 

X^ Afters oaglu C0 be ^4rr/»/ of /ifeyi ^i&Mg j. ! 
'•'Ta I. Tq »^j»/i? their SemMiaty to iniSr m 
them «i» ri^ right kfiwledge $f Gtdy and chs 
things that caaCCfa their. Jdh^uugf To Cat^^ 
chize chenj) to|rflr w/A them, and/«r them , toi 
brihg-tbem to^tbe ftiklielt QrM»diuest aod caufe 
tixaktophfervetheLtrdsDjtfi Toexh^itban, 
to friv4te prajerand reading the Jftrd^ and to be 
Mkgent aod e^nfaenticus i» their fUees^ 8cc, 
Cen.i8.iy. / kitfiip tidt tm fervam Ahraktu^ 
mi teach hie Family. But ot tbi$ I have fpoken 
taore in the Tenth Chapter of the Dtaies ifGt- 

JL To give them agHdexamfk. A wife Car'] 
ria^t, aod a fitnt, hetteft, wAlame/^U Converfa- 
fiiit does tBtich tend to the bettering of rervaws* 
Ifthe ISafter be afptearer^ t($mfanj keefer, a. 
fr^fhattet if the Lerds day, have m frayers in hif 
/'fnily, be aflighter and negU^er $fG»dsW«r' 
Jhif iU Service* 'tis madn^e (orft^ch an w^to 
fxpe^Mer Fmily- ■ n ^ i 

' • • ' Digitiz|i|)J>jOjpele 

4i(S ^the ]>iiiies^Mdfiert. Cha^is. 

III. To ccmmMul tbettCtiielyjuff mJ Umfd 
things ( things eqmd as the Apoftle fpeaks, Cri, 
4.1.) mdtortqmri^ihtta4filyfi$eifervue» 
chev may mS 00, with mtJerae <»t, and»i> 
iufiry ; and f^4» which $Uierf»V4msQf like u»- 
iUtien with them ufuSf perform. A liAfier moft 
tiotovcrtdsk hit'SeruMtSt nor §ffreftbtm widi 
Ukturs^ To that they (halt A#Mm«n»e to ^«» 
oa their fiitif ; which is 4 r«/jri^ ever them miti 
rigm, as 'cis called, Z^.15.4). 

IV. To^Hfiw them imM/^, A^^m^, and 
foffieient feei^ eiffveniem rek mdmederMere- 
Jhfhmetit, that they may 4 their werk with tht 
mere cbeerf»htf[«^ 

V. In tkne tfjuhufe^ to take aare thx 
fhiffgs neetf^ryf» their reeiifterj be not wmiii^ 
to them J ftch ufitiiig Diet^ Phy/iek, and ^. 
tendime. AMajfef at fachadme, isittfUteef 
d •Parent^ Mac.^.j[, tf, The Cemmimt.wetet t$ 
Chriftte heal l^fervdnt. 

VI. To etteewrMge ^em iitweM'Jeitig, hffk- 
Ba^themyfhhthMkitkltuieiRd hemrty» vetiidbt 
pieix Piety, fMthfdneffe and JU^enee ieferws. 

- VII. To Mmeitijn and refreve them , infair 
they de miff In and that net eniyinfdnktdgMimff 
themfelves (wherein few Maftecsare baekvrani) 
bat dlfe and mere «fecidBy, inf/mbs dgehB^ Gml, 
whereat every u^er oagbt to be mere treMeJ^ 
than dt theft which leimienly te hiteipnltffeot 
ineenvemenee. The t/ijhemr if Gett^ ortheAuc- 

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Chap.i*. oftheDwtiesefliMJlns. i^xj 

gJtAtfiht mtMtfi mMsJoul^ kting infnitdj m$re 
j^ifihy ##r tiifqmet^ thm dttj thing U the ethtr 
kind cm he. Therefore when MApers or Jtfi- 
finfes are prcfc^tly mfrrt for m^ little negligence 
^odLfdnk of a fervaht towards themfelws^ and 
yet can mibetit ihuble fe^ them run intcgreat 
pns and mifcdrridges agmfi Gfd, /ti$ ajtgn they 
eonjSihr their 0wn f$ncernments t0$ much^ and 
Godii H^mnr and their fervdnts fouls too lit- 

Hcjf . ' 

' Bat ai 'cis the intjofltdfiers to admonifh and 
fefro^e their fervMnts in f4/er effdult, fo they 
mnfi 2^0 /^^i^ toidii inddne mdnner, i. e« /^^ as 
maybe mofiRkely to dogopd^j not f> p^/^M and 
r4«, which cafi never tPcrk the fern/dnt to zu^ 
thtve, hit tUde/fillngmdhdtiffg of them. Their 
reMes niiift bejiv^, §mng,mddtrdte\ Eph 6 p. 
Pmd^itring thredining% or ixr^^/r f 4rf j»f thredtning^ 
as fdme render theWutd. They muftr^/rw^ m 
rhcb 4y#^fr and rr^'ve mdnner asmzy convifsce 
thcift of their fdnfts^ and may ^/d/Wjf (hew them 
that 'irik Idve and ^W tr/iSr to their f$nls^ and 4 
de fire of their dmendmnt that makes them ri&i^ 
fefrtvt them. But if w pfdrni^gs nor refroofs 
vnW refhrdn thettx from ii? f^w^j, neither wff 
/Af^ ^e correlfedt) words^ as 'tis, Prw. 19^9* 
then (indue circumfidnces) rmderdte correSfion 
of^utotherfort , inay not be inexfedient. 

VIJI. To /r/ffn to zheixjulfgrievdncesf and 
rr^'^^ them ^ ^^ 51, 13. // i ^/i </rj(?i/5? /*^ 

4i» . Ofthe DatusefiUjters, Cfaap.i); 

vhen they ctntended vpith me, v. 14. Whsttk» 
ptdS J Jt when GpJ rifeth uf f mi wbett be wjh 
teth^ whatjh/^Janfiperiimf: 

IX. And ^4fily^ to f/y them their w^^ 
and/«//fto.performto i\xfmtbe{e (wiUms en 

Aod cbac H^er:S may be tfac mcift^mjd 
and cttifcientiem in thefe things , Ictthemav* 

u They hdve 4 Mdfter ht Hemnttj, who is 
0m»ip;/entj right eeus , and j«J9 , to whom tbep 
mv^give*n4ccimnt of the iqdge oftbdnwMa^ 
fervMt oa emh, J^ jtwJie Udfiers^ i§ 
the fame thiftgfft y$mfervms, ftnemag thrUt- 
mvg\ hntwingthdt ytwr MA^er 4^9 k itf^t4tve9t 
neither is there re^eSf tffertim mth him, D» the 
JAme things ^ f,e. That which is^M^andr^i^ 
aodfliiU be rewsried of the l/xCif For ^enmr, 
give due reemfettfti iotgadmSiafervi^g, ter , 
turn geed wiB by etuiwdging \ if ServMts be 
ftith/tdy be ye good zndgeiitJe ^ ifthey'ohey^ 
in the Lwd, do ye commndthem inthe Ltri^ix, 
Oa\y things jnlf^ equ4» Vkdffedfif^ttCoJ, 

2. They dtfd their Servsats dire if the fmme 
motdd^ all of the earth m t» the body \ aad their 
Servdnts have red fondle fouls ^ edfdUefCrsct 
beret iadc lory heredfter»isvie\\9s they. They 
(hovld not therefoieufe themUkefidves, They 
ilioa'd not carry tbemielvcs imferioujly^ hMrfltlyi 

^ . tbasT' 

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Chap.!*: OftheDatiestftMapfi. 41^ 
thurlifiilft and Nj^al-Jike unto them... 

a. 7htfe Servants thdt 4re trulj grMitut, ?re 
CMS^meft^md (0 feBmfervsntt with thkir 
tMvtrieiUAfttri^ in refpcft*/C*</. They are 
mtnAtrs of the fame mjftietl ^a^, whereof 
ChriBittheffeadi andmayhavea^r^frrmM- 
fwe^fGrmhtirefixA fo aH^btrflMe in Heaven, 
a ^e4<«' ^jfr^ 1^ G/«ry hereafier than theuf 

4. And X4//jr, fee them («ir/^«r W f^/Eiy 
^a/ fM^/ havefet them in their fervantsf lace » 
and /*«r fetvams in theirs. And therefore let 
them'^iov themfiKh iy/4^ea$themfelves woald 
tbini fit and reajtnable^ had God Hg^efei theoi 
intothe ttndiit$» if Servo/as;. 

Piaf.toi.s. 1 mi behave myfelfwifelyinafer' 
fe^ 0ay ^ IWiS wall: within my htufe with a 
'- firfe0 heart. 
y.6, mine eies fhaO he npen the faithful tfthe 

t^nJy thai they may dmeS with n$e'y he that 

ffdktthinaferfeBwitjf hejbaUfervemc^^ 
V.7. He that wtrketh deceit JbaB ntt dwet within 

my henje, he that teHethUesJhaB mt tarry in my 

fight. ' 
Col. 4.1. liafters give »nt» ytnr fervants that 

which it \i$H and equal ^ kntwing that jealft 
r havtdJiafier in Heaven, 
Eph.i6 9: And ye Mafters d» the fame thirds unta 

tiftm-, ftrhtmng threatmngy kntwing that 

4^0 QfthtDtuiesffSmf^i,; 


htoCAiM. Aadifd m4»fmitt the tti^bk 

farv4nt,^9rtheeft9fhumid, fhattperd^ 

, MUtbmgtfrttfvhuHtsfihe, ^ 

V.J7. And if be [mite eui hk MHim-fe^ttmts 

. taetbi tr bit mddftrviuut. tu^ ht^iA U 

tcv.25 43 rhdufhdinet rule 4ver him wUkni 
.jei^^mjbaUfetrtbj^G^, -. t 

'. So much of the Utaies */ M4fi«ft. 

I now come to fpeak of thfe that btUmmu 
Servsms, " 

r I. Mei;erei$e(Lj» 
ServdmsmfetetkirMd') a. Ohediener^ 
..Jen theft fwrmicsS BV F^hfuh^c^, 

* t AM J „ t A. iPfl*ieiHt^, 

h All dsu Reverence, and tbit of il^e 
jfrts, • ':■•-■' 

- I. Utheir hurts ^ htMmUi^ihfm. ^BAftm- 

t.lntburp,t>rds, f^eMciieg reffe^»Bft0theti^ 

3. In their hehavmr^ carrying thenifelves 

wrth^** re^rJ *ui r<^#tf CQ^rdsthem , re- 

utembruig .the fuferioritj , pww , and iMhtritt 

thcyhavc ^w /Af«», i, .£« 4»»mot 

ffrvtnts M 4Brt itadtt the f$ke. Hmit tbeh^ ^ma 

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Digitized b 

<3bq^n. ofthtDptUsofServms* > 4»]( 
J^l iedJidfierywkereitmjfe^riScc, i Pet.i.i9* 
Serv/mtJ he fi^eff t$ jtw mn Mdfiers mtb dM 
fedr, 8cc: Not with 4 fidvijb, bat a Chrifth 
4>r> iKgemmmfair, which niakesaBUUic^4rf/W 
HOC tOMgli&4$y4iitjyhe hipitmittf<rftrm,not 
tojifaUl otfr»v§U Mj ftrJM whom heooghc 
. 'XL oiu6emi^ , 

cihem firtbt gHdrftbeir fnUs. ,' '^ferf0rmh^jind exeegting their IsmfJ 
and j»B C«mmdii4t» Tlus is ex^eflj requirea 
bVtbe Apoftle, fri*,%. 9. Exhirtftrvams t0b$ 
tieiliem u their 91m Mdfiers , dmd r« fle^e them 
mihudl things^ &c. And this tiemence mujft 
BOtlieajniw^^, mmiivig'tney hvxresijzai 
chemfdy as 'tis, £fh,6*7» With fwd mU doing 

hoi ro htlf thei^hereiiMhcy areto confider^ 
Jtutothe Ltriy and jMf only mtf# iMw^as'tis 
Ar -fi&e mjtf WtfrJb) that they ^^ ito iheiienee\ 
virhich may make them the mfirecheerfiJiaiu 
CirifiiM ServMvts ihoiild, look beyood tbeur 
tJHtJlkrs wf Ged, wh^ hath plac«l them 19 
9ka ctiuHtinti aod jmjpyjie^ fhem thifdeJieiuiel 
Wbtitfoeverje.d9x laitnthe Apoftle, Col-^.tj, 
(L e, ofjMrtm^Jiityfit yttir lidfien h^u^t) 
d$ it heartiiu miM» the L»dt i* e. as brfwe God% 
Hid in hisfylx^ defiriog to gkrife Gi4 and 4^ 

Digitized '^55f')T)Qlc 

4i» 6ftk Duties if SirvMti,' Chap^tx; 
iroife ieur htarts uato him. Lee flot ServMi 
aidti6ttM)ffe th6xUififnl'<*imiiMis^ hnnU 
them 5 zmtbat wlthM ffttcrKiQd&CommMMi^ 
It their j(f4/f«*jp ftioold inmitMtidtaf thing, 
though /4n^^rf/, yet imfrudent^ kc them AmiiUf 
iffer their resfons to.the cmr4r<f% fettt //«Aff ^- 
pfi, let them not j|K»<i?f refiife t§ tiey them. 

.3. In fatiegtly aindmeklyfithmtt$ggto£btat 
rlprhefs , when they Jp m^e\ -juf dupKriagi- 
^4h, as the Ajjoftle {Jjeaks, T».i.^. <.• r. jw 
mkiijg (uch ftrly and r«* rtf^kiVk may mr«^ 
fJiefr Maflfcrs e^le^tfwerh thing mfeqmtt 
attiong servaiitf/yeninihejii^refrtieii^ua, 
\^acas$t.J>eterMreastheit^tt fifer fstsiM^ 
t^e mH uhde^'0edc9rri^n\twa when they it 
i^eS, mdyetfffff^trf»ity iFet.a.iO. Andfiir- 
thier> thiimnB know^ ^ttbfigiwngthehrM*^ 
jjken the htmn^^ 9ctiepMim.f^eri$fi *fr^wk^ 
is nojc dU that is reqmreaoi them in tbit mtMtttr % 
but they rnii^ feeiily snkni tl(W^«2r/ they are 
rky»kedfeti kadreffrm what has beta mi^, 
' l\\\. Fditbf»{mf, They muft bciiwe an* 

.1, I/i their words t f^Aii^ihe trtahslwues, 
L)i»g doubles ifdult, A b/iiig UHgU it MjAfmi- 
0)^roa,tp the Lord^ Provw6.l7. rf'Rev.* i.», Ly 
^rjtarcofthe noraber ofthdfethacftiiU be/w 
dftt of Be ner^ ^er»f»iem^&Jh*Bb4ve. their fart it 
the take that burm irithfire atuHrim^ene, W^hcn 
Cbcrefore they ace charged viith »f*dt (if xixBi 

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Chap. 1 2. ofik Diiiiex af Sitvdhts. 4215. 
hiiguthf)\tt them remember, that ^nA^iw^i^ 
ingtnnow cmfeff$on, mthfr9mft pf amendment^ 
is the hcfl and mofi fatifjing exfufe, they carf 

i. imheir dSiions: i. in m furloim/fg, as 
tbeApoftlc commands^ y^^; not convert^ 
/>f that which is.their MdftiTB to their cwnufe^ 
QcS^0fi0g of dny thipg that is //itf, ivithout h(S 
ledWs contemngthimfdfvts mt hfacb things ss 
are jft fbr a fervara to /&4a^, and not fecretlf, 
picking fuch things as they know drenat aSoma 
tjkem by their Mafter, or affowted for them. 
VVbere tht ftkr of God is in the heart, there 
^ill be 4 care of /A^/f things 5 Where ViSr m^ 
^9msi think thej may do d$tf thi^, nihdt they 
ilfafe. t: In not riaping mdinttej&iling their 
Mafiers.gooJsy (as the unji$fi Steward \rasaccu*. 
cd to hovedone^^ii^i^r i6.6:)by their negleiftuii 
nrelefnejfe. Every Mafier is fuffojed to /;flfft'0/f 
^ifdffmSf ziwi^tothecarej as 10 the honefif 
rf his feryant; therefore nnfaithfnlneffe 1% a 
re ax fin > and (in fcxne refpefts ) ii^^/i^ /)&m 
wimon theft^ by how much ihere is a greater 
Mf/^reporcd,; t\\c betraying vij/h^iiokadds tothS 
^imc^0 . ,, ' ..... ,'.../•' ' ^ 
, 5^ Tbej niuB be fdthfnU in their work andbu^, 
neffcy and in the nidnaging aH things infrufteJ 
fthan^ labouring to freferve znd,increafe theijr 
lafters ifidie^ by all^^tf^ai:id Uiifutt^mijains: 
'his the Aj>omd hints in.thofe words,^ 

4:^4 0/**^ Pitfi^> iff ServMts. Chap. it. 
Skittk^ ^B pod fidtHtj. And with what w^ 

thcmtelv^es htrm^ the jsmi Afo^h uM as ia 
thofe words, Col.^. tt. In fingUn^t ^fhetrty 
fisrii^ God^ If ihe fear of God be ia ibe beart, 
tkttmM makQ izirmxs /dithfull. Such a fer 
v^nt was Elitzer^ that wife^ faithfttll, praying 
fcrvaiit, iffiifivhcim we itade, Gr^.%^^ Ami OnA 
hnt^ kfH^t fetvams were ^IWu^and ^d;/^^. 
whow)eir^r4r^/^ir;ijf^co the Matters Wbcxs 
ihey ferved: 

. 4. Tfieytimftbe/ji/ijfii^iri refpcAof ifcr 
li^tts vhilirtnt (if if;^ r^r o(thc^ be rmMMf* 
frv/ to them) eiideaVt^ilring their govd and mi- 
fgntTeif kind of way-, ofsffffikg good j^riJio' 
^e^ into thent, and i\KfetdT pifietf and ^i^ige, 
andabhorriQg to {puk or ^ any thing befmt^ 
ihcm^ that may tend torfrrirf/or defjrave them. 
Tbeymuftnot i:onctalt their /wtfiri and iw^iir- 
fiijgrj, mt^A /fjO^e b^acceff'drf tb tbtf i^^iviVs^ thea 
into any eiril courfe, or be any way inffrmmtmd 
m thiirmne^ as /^i^wfi.fef vanes sre. 

5 . They moft do aitUgoodikity am to tbeu 
felhtuf-fifWMn, by ffudtnt /ftggtfiip^ j a gmi 
example^ and 4/1 unblawfable converfalfioi^ 

6. They muft /^rrJSrrVr (by 4if ,^^wf ^ntSMS^^ 
the tffufoth^ of their itf^/^er and his family ^ M 
not like /rf<j w/r-]&/r4nfr/,diva!gerwr|^ r*ij»f do* 
in the bokfe, which is an unfMhfuiM^dK% bond 
fervant (h )uld abhorre. 

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OtipAi,' oftieDtftustfSer'Vdgti. 4>y I 

< W. J>iU^mt!<', coB(tantly mtneUi^ to 4U 
tfyff f^n^.tbac fu« tbe iUihtf o( their p)acc^ 
and noc giving tbemfelVtt to idUpeffe and Jloti $ 
remembriag-fib/^ thtnit thth. M4si€tst and 
tfierpforenDC to. be fquMdrtd ioftf or mi^ent.- 
They muft do 4i7 trncfaevm to 1.^ Itsftersi 
not only when their eye it tverthem, but tv^i^ 
rAf; iNr« if^fffj ' B«d not 13ie 't» 4if(<r0 their fail^ 
r/pgs, , ' im/ ifftXt eyefifvicf, Bph. ^^. <7«f 4 /^rr- 
xwf/; Atlien. JE^«pr Jiid/itrx eji itnt »fon^ tiem^ , 
f^f him that it invi^U •, and defireto |»crforni 
:kc'Jutiit<iif^^bmfLieeie/ir^Mllyimd e^ftfa^ 
mfljt KhJt-fihey ^ty 4;/^<i^* ttoc ooly f^«ir M4' 
terSy but (/«^ anger, who wiU cm ch^ to' 

SomachofcheMf/VioffecvMics; / : 
T\ieMfiiivffto iitcsMttge them to a x^e^uf^ 
ibrfcd'aiiuicc of chem are ^efe t;wo : 

I . By perftrming AfxtJatm in titf ri»«iM(r> 
tiey mil idirw rl^ d$Sfim of CtJ nr S^ofir, 
!if,i. to. line imUi vfUMhn Jfei 7tw f^^Ur 
i0m is aot,me^ly 4 N^ime.^ but a fmc^hH 
^ifgi fenMng men good in 4S their rdtfi- 
9s. . It iVill rakkr ^r%M mfiaidf ux t^ 

1. Thef fkdi' nei Ufe their rtimi, Coi vi^ 
AemhWyrewf^dztma, H ittt tf confetente to 
a conwtdndthey be fdithfiiS: EpH.6.S. ,y««pK 
ffgthat whgtfiiever good thing mj nftndothi t}ni 
me jk*A ksmoive ^ the Lord, whether k. hi.g^^ 

4*5 pftheDtftiescf Streams* Chap.ia; 
had or free. Col. 5.24. Knopfing tb/a rf thcj 
Lvrdje fbdS receive the rew4rdof the itUterstMcej 
for je ferve the Lprd ChriB. « 

■ Let ftrvMits tbeitefo^e ftt thefe/irtf tuMives 
aUvaies before their ejeSy to make thcm-fiutifat 
and ri&^«/»i? in their duties. 

' ... 

Epb.i^.y. Servants he obeiitnit&thmihdt mcj 
j0ur Mdffers, 4CC0rJwg t9 the pfb, ^ithfcM 

And tremblings in ftngt^mfff.ptmlhem^ M 

V.6. NrtwHbef$fer^ke^Mnnn-fle0ifers^ int 

dstb^ fervdnts ef ChrifiJdngthewA ^i^ 

V.7. lVithg99dmll doing fervice^ oftotbc ImI 

And not teamen. 
V.Z. Knowings thm whAtfoev0r good thing axj 

man doth, thefaniefb^ll be receii/e of the L$ri» 
^ whHbirhe be bondorfret. . , 
QtA^.tt* Servants, obey in aO things y^nr^Ms- 

fiers According to the fefh. notmth eie fervictt 

itfmn flcdfers^bni infingleneffoofb€An,feAf 

yr.2$. jtndwhatfoever je do , . do it beArtilj^ m 

to the Lord, and not unto men. 
V.24. Knowing , that of the tar'd yt fhAHn^ 
^ Mve the reward of inheritance'^ for jfc/ervi 

the LordChrilf, 
V.15. Sue he thai doth wrongs flaHrefei^uefn 

the )itr^ which he bath donciandihireta $00 ri- 

SfeSiofferJons. I Tim. 4 

Chap.ii.' of the Duties' i^Shth{4itts» 427 

X Let m nunj fervants m ^e ^ftder 

thejeke, conra their own mtdfierswirthj^fA^ 

. h*nm',\tkitibe>Nam.vfGutyui(ihisBfi4iii$€ 
be not bUf^bemed. 

V.?. AmtthtftAat home beUi^iii^ M^/iers^let 
them not def^ife them beeaufe tbej /tre hethren^ 
bntrstherdfthemferviee, bee/mfe they m be- 
lieving 4ni:h&fvei, ^tfikm of the benefit : 
Tbefe things te/uh and exhort, 
Tit.2.5>. Sxbatt &<rv49(f>tonliifb^nt to their 
§wn Mdfiers^ sndtii.fh^' ^^^ well in. mB 
things^ not anfioering dgMn, 
t cVad. mtpmiffniiigy bmftewing4lgHoiifh^. 
litj^ that they may smntoe^OoSfmB ^Gotdinr 
•:". Ssvhnr IngB tiingtk ■-.'.. . \ ' V .T 
*%^eL^i^.^^hfatSy hefiilq)t{f ttymiml^ets 
... mtbiti.fem'i,»ttMkUlhtgood^4liUiiif, 
, ' hut.M^hifhe:f^§0kriL v.; ".;., . ^c^T^ tdy--^ 
\ Va9. fttthkit thoak'.Wtr!^^ i^fnjlm^for 

^Hrrtngfwfili r / ;V .•■. ^.,:.,-^ . - ih.'L-.n 
■ V»%o^'iFormh4tal»rf Uh»,if,vib!(ikyeiii^ff» 
'■ edfor.jfUutfiyitiy jeJfyHtalie itfatiently Q^t 
:• iffthnyidoi^lii^ft4er:M,yetokiii»far ' 

t^tnly^tkiekacceftMe-miti G44' . '. : . 

M»k9,p. Firi ,*m nnum fMtr A»tkorit^\ M: 

ving&onUiersundtr me^ ]49dJfny totiiffff^ 

fft. And hegieth, and^tt 4m^her^ e^H^f^'W % 

- 4ometh».MdidM$ Iirv4f^, 4»tbiSi4ndMd^ 

'. ttbtti : ',.-.:• .'• ..•■ . '.r ■.'-. „ 

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ted, &c. '.u: .-.."■ •^ . .••, 

'* ftt d sethim whenht nii^M^ doc . 

V.,. k\"m- -..;V, ^.\..ckadri».^^ ,-.:;u.K -• • 

,1. To deJicste their Qtaidieaiio^brifi a tfadr 

OQght not to delay.' K<bMijg%4*«|». r^/«JMUr, 
^\a(l¥%Mio.tibt'?bieii hjkmktmfto aoove; 

ihoold be earrfui edrh to bring tlMi^-10-Cirr^. 

W»4^^ t» t^jM^jCMi; i)k«%^><^^ Foe 

f <W U^i-iii^U)»^wigmd^\^hej.we4^ 
'0fmfs4filffed^^ifitHh\'^ ^^n^kif^^ 
^» «r4<if fnthtut bands, Col.>.i r,t».>" i«r'*rl 

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4$ the Inf/pitsrf the l^e^^ ioh» wr< Circled' 
ftd^MMherdj dJrjutt^ wfihle mtffhitjfthMt 
Chmh^ 4fi4(e4'J And m*rktd {^\i^T^^] ftf 
Gtd' And 'rij \i^m ^phe Cty^lt ; ef Qraee 
ftmlt it^tnfmi tftht.cMdreif offttiityerf uth 
• der. thf ^»^l^ fi^.%.t9. The frtmife if t»j§0 
And tp ^ Ckildrejt. Wwe^tnot .f<;^,..*hcVoi». 
'UffttdftwNiMd b*y<r,/*if* hy MMtphgin 
Chrift, if'thffr (fkUdttit Jhosld betf4eP^/^fro£p 
<he frfntijcy yiho fiiod w it tm tht^Ait4:je^s 
betof^^ iindsr the 0thir ^dmmfirjtitftt An^ 
|)Ow(b«|icoal4 the Ueffing ef<i^ 
it» the^tfitiUsf Acctowtog to CAlttt^^y 14. 
Wbicb */»)%, *ra6, / vMheaOtdsp^iheemito 
th Stfd^GtSLi' Haw couU a^ievers U 
HHrummngU the frtmife^ as *£», 6sl.i,ip. 
if their ChUdtf fliouid be exshded itqsn tbe 
frmije? VofxHpsGhUdftmrigh totbe'prmiff^ 
isftrfofthtsFHtheninbeifitaiw, Tbtmm^eis, 
JmUie AGidto thee mi fa th}Jeed.>^SaK<^ 
tori6dethmtihtCevettgat4f^rnee {SorfdJI^e 
sho«gb QQtigM WMmr of adffiiuflntdan ) liatb 
a}w;^es beeaMV aQ4 thtftmt Andiatbeo/^ 
TdS^ent «^ fffflb m chiUken;' Atid can we 
'^wk, /i/uv»^j&Mi>Mf«(>iiir«Kiderdie,Garp^f 
TbtiefoEe iMin^ ttieCi^i/UkM.ofl{«/rVs«i^and 
^hnfii49fJiretttf,itc.mihik4he'C0veMat, tfaey 
ougbc to fm^kt. of thr i«4/ of the £«av«iiif4 
and to be Admitted lufiile CJ^eh^atemiers by 
'SAftijmtis' thinnhwAy under «che Gofpel of ad- 
.. ■ l?f4^ wV/;>^'e 

4Jo of the Duties if P^ems» Chap.i|. 

nutting ptemkrs ■ into the cimtb. <<|ods Stsl is 
-to be^«^ dpori thtm'iktheir Ii^«Mj\ ax^ vi/tm 
yhe^c&cMi) rifer fetors » they are 't(y rdUtft iai 
'confirm theit. engagenient. If the/ will tm 
thac CMnJlerzxidifMthfMlijfefwimfy -iiitoinh^ 
FamiljtmfwutUjied whcrijr«»^$ they ouijr 
en/oy mM^ hsffj frwile^es thereby $ if aoc, 
Ith&y Ai^ be/«r^ to fmatt m-theirf^t^ ^^ 
■Apoftdcj. Therefore CbriftUtt Ptrms(tion\6 e#- 
// bring tbttr Children tocbrifi^ and'^ B^^m 
enter them, and enrtil them into his Fsmi^-, 
\^t»h\f kfeecUng him to teceivtKheminHbIt 
F4vkMr^ndL$ve, into his icWittd iiy^^/e^Kw*, 
to «wf« f Amu tthin^lfhj btt'-kdif SfifH^ to ri^- 
nefitethkif, t6 deftr&f the 9U Mmy'tbe^imft 
ndttire i'nthem^ and cor«M# tktiff sfterhitmn 
Infog^, i» htmltdgefhoUneife.aMdtri^eimfikfft', 
and lailly,' toarengthen them ^ hitGrnee^ th« 
they any refifzad fre^iUgMnft^ mrU, tix 
fefh, ahd the DekfU^ '«aid mdiy jfitW ii(^ £«ri m 
'M^htfef life aB ihe^ jdniesi And if tbis be the 
dutj olBtUevers ami Chriftim F-jirents under the 
GofpeJ, It will phtncifaBmy t\mtk^ that «wi> 
fnilfnegkStit (asmikb'jis in themiies ) i/« smi. 
b^dtbeir Children f§m Ckrip' detMrtkem tf 
the kUod fifsprink&ig; .ke^. rhmfrom tkeUeP 
(i»g^ luvetbem tinder ibt.ewrfe\ c*fithemi«ni ^ 
CedsiP^mij^ And dMgercuflj exftfe \bem tt tht\ 
^dwrj4ryMbpfU0dandntan. .' . 
{I. The Second PMty of I^^s is to tr^f A smi 

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Chip. I J. <tfthe1>itties6fBmn$s, 45* "^ 

hjtri^ their chiUren, tthing tkm^ in thenm^ 
tm oflil odpuntHiM »fthe Lord, Epb.^.4. Ha- 
mn%ffven them tip to Chrifihy ifftifh^tt them 
ma%vS!ti\m heir our bit fed fWrMtr faying c6 
them, ^fMroMhiDMghttr UAta Mcfes't MO' 
iheri Exod.a.19;, Bring nfthuchiUfin me ^Sca 
They nioft as SpbtMH l^ks;'Pr»vtAii6» rvnn 
kf their Children in the i»4j thejfiAtlifo. Thejl 
maftbave aj^«<y4/^4r; to protidtfuhK ihty v^ 
be rightlj infir»(ftd aod edncattd. Ad foon ehere^ 
ibteasthey come totlie«/5rof rw/iiwr' theyare 
tobe infirnSed \tt 'thofe things timoeneemtbtic 
everUpng wtlfm. They aid^ liuttandtittit 
to be /4i{^i&f «// thefe things Wtuch>.God haA 
commanded cbeai m their duty to perform } A$ 
aifo what ^inndMet ofjej and f«Mi^r^ (1i^ will 
jfitid in the pra^fe of them $ ^Bid vHiat ^Aw/m 
retv^df God bach provided for them, if they do 
them % and, what grievom pmifhrntfts if they 
'4A» rAm not, IhdU things oagbt to "be mfy in* 
fiiiled into thek wMr;r<&» whicb lit* w» *^]fi/t 
dottfnaliy keef tbe/^tv/Kr ofiAw^^ivbich is firp 
put into them. The feeds and fmtifks of Jt«^ 
lighnaxidvertite, axttoix-fnon'mthemhenmeSy 
aind tbeirnund6/«|^/t</with AUna^oi goodn^e\ 
<tiiA dnM^enct z^detefiMiiMJB&'evilsad mfc* 
Mni^e^ at //t<«r wbi^ is fbttmefnUiiiA ihomin*^ 
Me, IftbeybeaotihaseM'lfaqMnttdioiti^the 
WMcs of 0$d, tH (^ii (that arch enemy of 
fools) will be ready imi forvMor^^m^ to inpU 


Digitized b 

4fl ,(ljffie.Dif$iff.ffrifrfm4, OMf4^ 

his fffuMfikif^t tatQ cbftAi; apd dp) i^«f 
the C0]r0f^i0»jitthmim^^,^ bmy ^^ 

And wb{iM./Mf«r«y^ M#lxtH>r« /4rviir<f ^v< 
to Qod^iiybQ hDye xiw^;i/(i[/^^ y^ d^^it^^ 
Jsode, fiiiliwing<bei(tf^iiC^C9 r^m^ip almoft 
3$/W<f tifd^gufnnty ^ itm^Mvm.ed pntb the 
|^i/f<i^/«^.OBrlftiaB ReUgi«9i and rA«^ ^ 
tfG0d0nJmlm,^M if chfy bjid fcw«4 ^«n» acwng 

cbffiirtMs.-aod that t. By lr^^4)ig;f|*. .Tbey 

^!iGQds.//rzfMr ian4 M^i^, craWos ^ 
pf^d/tfimwiest: bodi^UMf «W and f^kihidiot 
t&«TV ,.GiMymif mmy pi^^ifxeffeldm mffemf, 

r>^jf ^etigifim) that Bi/r%; Aiay deftttiditmk 
tft0fi (^iiit^pfimtfi :Wm OLrfrfqunidy .^ 

pidJktllM kkfed,, The i<K>.<«i^ any F^aUx 

, oJiVv TlKJy ougbc to /^ dheiiM gMdetfm^, 
^nali tkdt ftndtftt'.and an^ wiii do adlgnd. 
How manjf i^lnntff a^ cliBre,.: dMt by«feiR.Mi»» 
^W tMivtrfiditd^6o 'cmi^ iiod dkfravt thdr 
9^n ebildrtn^ fbk c^n^tmm laics a moft 
ftriBtteaaAAlieOiion u^uB'J^jrtmi, t^head 

Digitized by CjOC ; ^^^^MFm 

^ilrii[sMd% Aod what an iirinitium eneUfis 

L y.' ^h«^ ta^HininkiMftriiimy and by a 
ifnuhMt dijtifbiKgwim tbetn^ and giUi^ tbeir 
ri^Mfhm il Jiac9m4ging ch^di when Ut^'^o 
mSy and whniftgthem bjlovct and a /u^ arid 
■kMimrs^^. thattfcey mar i£r/jjf^ to 46/i&«r 
•(4lfkt, Som^ Fanms by mmv^miferity and 
timfint^'i ^nda ri^^fMMf «/e^(^7ll«if-^i«r>(r»fiil/fit 

<««4btomilM«r4l|>iladyto^^<!them, feeiiKg 
.tl)^inllo(^i3heai m touttUfHtaee, This is 
;09i^nrf ta^attbe i^^/; prtt<cribes,C«/.5.a). 
ilfmtnfitsftivvki^ mi^j^ ihiWewU wrdtkt 8at. 
>^ U/Mtr^mM/f' fA^/htu, and ewm^- 
<j0e0i^.,vi'd\iBotrfrhfm, nor make them mat^/ 
fifr^riA^«firr tt^oifaDdchcrcoarrentuft be take*. 
Stdiuii.yttiJlurf^nffMf mnft be. t]r(«d<:. If »i% 
.^li^tDd^' theiram^^becdittnwiii]f4f|> Fpr 
v»Mflrr4ir/.as'5«A«afi£un, ir9ti!iit^^4r(tfflkU 
4»4^tii>-h$f:f(ni)(fSpt^t 5.14. ' '1^'s 2:iriiillit(A 

»n^kiat^& be i..T«mii^, before -cbildreA )iav« 
tetoiitffisvd toTiU^A fo Stx^i tbat they have 
^ot A la^\ti tvil/.anilhave i^Ohi a/«^ 
l»fl«a«(ff */ Wff . -i. -'iffiJ&atti' fi&c 'exceeding 

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•^4 :QfilitJMieS'9f'^»efits. OS^A-f, 
^ . ctvld. $. milled iHMgtr^t^iitii^ltGkiU 

as becaafe hit Faber it dugrj. He maft. chd«^ 
r^b« msdefii^k ^UifiukifbttpUtWtvUaoA 

44)fgtroiiti9ni. dirt&td )ao9Ti6Am»dit; arid 
. cbisis cbe w*f. ( jvkh Godsblcfltng ) totefirm 

.VI. Tbey Aiaft «MMtw« them, and 4i/!biv 
them a fmfeumy ixCotdiogSo their eftacesj 
«|or>tbcir emffiffdle- falrf^tMej Some P4rtm 
^i&p4ff v(it{^Jkifigl(tAn^s^iaagMiutf 
^ife: AndHth^)rv f:^:;X^t«&dr. (MUrm 
■/yiffe^ioH\,QifiM^ tbeoi, ifiufiD6.fdtne hare|iio* 

.Wbkht i^u§^' i( ^(^(^fk<^hkribkfm^ ism 
frfaaeatieHitpm a i^4r«Wvoai)«M^ inia«y!i<, 
Vyctt.' 'cis alio 9 /(<Wr in a <?arr«> ^tp giveiidia 
#Mf^/4//>«. 1,. Ic pats thcBiSfioa^ji^fitir , aad 
^kipprffkf. Mi mainlfim f beijifelvo^ aiiil>4e- 
-iqqaiafs tl^«)»5mth W (dmfuij » aad^oAdiQ 
iQ^4f<ri. g. -Tl^e Far.ent9 jwcelpf /m/^ &a^^>in^ 
ftmnKKhvMf^^ the/inigiMlhtive)- ttt/M^ thnr 

iiOic^ a ;V]f aini ^^n^eitMMir, .chat nonefactt 
Mi far i <x ^4rth-pim» ¥Knki: exehufiiac^bK 

: WV, Jh^jf^rxAfrovfJe (oamgtpdaadtime^ 

Digitized by Google *"*^ 

.0?M3. Olthtjimktoffmnii, 4^$ 

tfadt.fQ:,tl)ey xsxvf\^fefM}'mAU in «heir gtMrgtl-* 
MC9 (?«</ and the; Wirli^ and may :Fi^oid Idlent^ 
' Vlliv Th«y moft /-IT gpfiMbem, andfri- 
vidt ior cfaein%as .(W. flull j'/(t^eyiw>«r/, as 'cis, 

fvthe ftrMs^ ita the PdyentsftttkeeinUb^tn. 
Bat let th& Jpjvetit be careful to nttbitvKMltIf 
h^fih* wtuch he makes his chil(ks/«rfMff, left 
a.ntr/rgoaIoqgwitbic. tet himykAr/frhimfelf 
iQ-vaskihchfrtvifiMs for to cbttdftn, as God 
(ixi!^4n4h^mJimi^llt9 make, k tittle htntfiif 
£aba]9% tetter thaagrf /It ^f^f gotten u»\ufih 
afid unrigbftitififi Proir* i ^.8. »mr lir 4 //f^ 
ivithxi^eouffi^tx. tk^n grett.revtmtes tntkeitt 

.IX. Af\d ladly, they maft eahmatdthem 
only /«i/«/ and retfutdle things ^ ufing their: 
/•AS^rr and Mutlnrity^ct them, with etfuity sad' 
t»oJerath»i and with zgemUhmdt In 4// fw«^ 
of moment they rr^ffi/« of them, let them M)rj$> 
Jer the redlgeediad benep ef their children, (and 
^iv/Wr themlelves ^ thst) and not meerly their 
^ip^ft advantage or fleafi^e^ or /t&r ex&cifeof thett 
«i9« aMtUritj, This is a Jt«/r fas onefaies well > 
ivhereof Parents may rften have aft -, butefpe* 
ciaUy in the hnfintffe of marrftng their children < 
wherein ;v4ir; P4rr«</ out of a c^vetws bnmomr to 
ikejtaw diem malthily, ha,7cfarc*d them to «Mrry 
4^dinfi their in((inatfmt> and where thejfnld 

41^ cfthtpf^s^pivmsi Chlfmiv 

MtfVi.i vfhich is tJmriiistirMitij) %fA thens 
t^ hav<( ^Iritye^/ thcib' to Mr/i5)^« mifcbiefs] fodi' 
as all f i^f wrii/f /& io the woiM caaooc r^iio'.There^ 
ac« fir# thingi thoicfoce ( (isiics ttie/iriM Ai^ttik, ) 
t^c p4rv^.m%\xeffni48f'tQtinfdiritt Ae 
m^thing ^ tUmeUtdrefti, *r.^ That they may 
]i^6.Ci/rip*iii^\'iaif^tlnitfiifofeto^h$tfeA pi- 
otn ^fA vfftMMf ptefon to^it theta ^ith^ thst 
may not be^ to Hader bat to fmiher thctn oa 
ift (h^ (y^ M Hiwvem Thiif^^ght friiMfjOf 
( ao4 abovc^ vitor thitffiS'O' co m m»Jki. 

in thts voddi And mhir^y thoafh aitoMM- 
f<Mr]f of ^i/htt-Oii^ be MceCiary t<» be rtgdnUit 
ymi9xt\y€himUtfKk.0tt^(lijlk«', andtbere- 
fbre that (hould not be t«t yehemt^tj ibaght af* 
t«r« That-ii«ttchaMichmbret6iidsrotheA«^* | 
. mf , titbit St4t€\i the m^i^l^iiuifteffetaA hki»^ \ 
of the fmies^ wixbpcic aki(^i marru^els (of 
all othir) the wtpwKt/tufirfitUi oonidttioni 
therefore Tus-tanm ought to /wve a child into 

Epb.($ 4. j^iM^, yt fathers, frtvoie »li JMrebd- 
dren H i^rahi but hrit^ them uf in the mr' 
ime 4ad jJm»nHion^fvie Lvri, 

CoL}.2i. Ftth^s fr*wke nityMt xMAreiH If 

fOr. 1 4. 1 4.-^ -FiTT ih« thlMreti tngU nettpt^f 
Hf f*t tkt Patents, bm ike Ptfrt^s fm-jh^ 

Ghip.ij. 0f$lkIktii^ttfP4rMt.z 417. 

I Tim.5.8. But ifMJ provide net- for hit owa^ 
efit^ffir tbofc 0/ hit em imldi he bttb 
denied the fmh , tnd is worfe then an In- 

I>cat.^»7v jlnd tho'»f>AJt teach them dHigentlj^ 
m*^ children, ittd Jhatt talk of' them when 
thn fitted in thine honfe^and when thou walkefi 
inihe mtf, ami when then li^dm»i dudj^hen 

VtoviX^M. Chu^nth^ fnfwAilt. there it hfCy 
tiiidletnrtthjfiail^arfifirhitajing, . 

Prov.1j.14. He that fpareth hiirod^hiieth hU 
fm\ ht he that Ifvetb him, cbajkneth him 

PrDHr.29^17. ee^riiftkfUm anikt fiiaH gkfe^ 
ihetefi: fea, hfflml give dtUgbt unM thy 


Pror.s2,i5. fHiijbn^it it hamdinrthe htwrtaf 
n child: hnttberMd tft«rrt0i0» fitaidifivcit 
fat jmi him, 

Provao.i.— ^ wife fon ntaketh a g^ father, 
hut a foolifh fm isMte heavht^t ^ Us me*- 

Pro V. 1.8. Mj fen hem thein/lnillfiinefthyfam 
tilery andfnfakenettietawefthymttber. 

I>entJt9, Qnety take heed ta thy feif, and keef 
tit} fenl dUigently^ lefi then for nt the thingt 
«mih thint eyes have feen, MdUfi they defart 
from tij'iieart oB the dues ^thy Itfe^ hvH teaeh 
thtm^km, mdthySetufmi ^ \ 

^ ^im^' 

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4^9 oftbeDities 9fchHJri4. Chap.ij; 

V iiriiiu of children tomtds their PdrmK 

^itj . .u • « ri. Reverence^; 

Chstdrcnovic to m^M PMrents\^ oMiVwoi. 
thcfc tkceddtics fifytci^llyi 

^ L Revemtce^ which they mij^Ae^reffcy 
X. ^y h^ncifrifig them in their hedrts, b«arii^ 
qotonly anJMv aiid refft0^ hoc a kindneffc mi 
affeSfi^n tovvards tbetfT) twing their ferfms^ 
feiriiig to do mj thing xAvy]uftli pvoeke cbem^ 
and mghl^ tfieeming them^ as ihi^inprnmims 
onder God of their beings Lev. ip.j. Tt Jkd 
futrevefy tnan his itifther dnd hiTFdther. The 
M^her isplaced frfi^ becaafc children^ thoo^ 
they (land jmj? i/i nr^^ of their Methers id char 
^Mnger je»Sy yet when they.mgrimn up (many 
times) do im/ wickedly negle0 and ^(/^^/^ than. 
Bat how cnrfeda thing it is to fet light by Parents^ 
mde^mht^ftrfecretejltheu^hts to deffife tbeof) 
Godbimfelfrfer/-irf/, Deat,27.i^, Cnrfedhthe 
thdt fetteth light hj his Father^ ir his Mother, dd 
dUthi fe$fUfhallf4y, Amen. 

2. hyffedking to thent with due refpe^amAre^ 
fsrdj and to others dfihtm. What a heimnmfm 
ttiea .is mocking Parents ? Prov.^.iy* TAe^ji 
ibet mockeih At his Fdther^ dnd dejfifetb tm die] 
4fis Mother^ the Itdvens of the vdlUyfhdUfick n 
ont, dnd the jenng EsgU JhaUe/tit. Btttr thcrt 

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hitBOxt.hnnl.c^ipu th8»>fA4r^ -wWch is«»*. 

Air J'jrfer jpriw' JUttbetry. fb»&^fS M 

Hud i^ '$fcna tl^t f^ -^i^ekhed chkdftH 
are^Miltyfifi who eitha.^thrtN^liiwiijruwrtof 
the (^Aimi^titti; pr -^aiSwff^^of ihe>*/6^»/ 
JM tWr iWrif*^ do 'mflf4bt»duU^ j xAndkc 

tht^tnJhtB(m:h:Netnmr^ for /Air they do i/;' 
BOf/ff msflft .that they may have eafe ahO r^;»ae 
lbcir'<;wr»»M.««;^ ay farii^ri they muft 'i«e<6^^ 
!M^^ 4^4f)& ih\ihe wjPf. . Buc J^irvar xioe»^ 
iBrfnw hUfiBlm ilmdf wijbei of WsParehti 
ieiit^f letMviMWNr; th^e is m4iM)etfaar4«r: 
nd flfervfie thtg^fA^^ m^lct^pt AiruHl ^^ 

iotf&be bhe:ipaS^^^Mmir,ci£ti)cn;fAr4ry.l i^'ndib, 
^. who Jb(:«^i^ lAjferitfae ^4ti^ofihciei>«- 
rjw/, eake the tihu0.cMffi itmOmiyy^ctiaKt 


dihiJkmhiik( . 

S. By vving them {mihth ttttiifard4!mfM^i 
r dme ri^iB^ add iSftt'0a»tt3,\ bthwins ^^f^* 
[▼es with ^Mw2f// towards'tbeor, artd giving 
lem 4^ thcfej^as^ and txfuj^s of tividioimr 
luch are<o (m ^mU bff^ntiitf toSmfierii^f. 

44« <^(bH>ii»idffcUldnik Oa^A^^ 

finJ^immtMrd MUrtu, w»t* fern them k t 

So. ouich jdoat the wf Urbo^jiMmr tika 

i. t^f. kemhiitg'- tit their iitfhmffum » m 
(«refaMa i^tfitf^ Mpuhem^fnetftt Ttkthmimu^ 
tSptcmythfi that 4Mmrttllie'.iw^4re of dMi 
Satdh Thereiscxdiinrilyfttcb ^tfritk, isdk^ 
diuffe f[i>j0»fhy .th». they .are.i^ tofigk cht 
emmfth' and Sri&imiioi.thek.'MUkrs, aadw 
Ink nfemthem a»YpiD<ted!l^..eli£lrrfiaai m 
mkhf^miifi^ot &&BCiJetfge> mlhm dUfZtt in* 
deedthefMits oe^aafiinifii, ffMfdctMfmaa. 
T<yfiichtheem^irfS6kotaam M^^ Pm 

^pid d^fifetut tifJifMherwhai^»fts&idi, him 
mbire aiMrt<>tfaef» atb'mihiu Mk'<*oi$hkfmm, 
that:ifaewbovrcbe:iW}9](9a^MM^ave tlkaagJDKii 
neetffaj, thitchil^en Qaoald tMrefaipMtttHdn 
the C«(Mr/(f< of chtir JCmmry, i 
' 'I. Byehejikg thrin kitfid Ommuulf*^ mdt 
^Id^^oAcbe^ffjfuty dtmsthfkthiigs tlMCmi 
^M^/tff and rMR|^ todwin, a<nt c^an^mti^ 

ftm t}»xa. And ^x Mt tf Cmfoienu^ audi 
tbeiitme u G$d tib^ ^^Msit, jind not «««d 
itQmfftmmfpMrdddvmfges erkfn^ttta tikm 

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Chip.k^. oftbeDMktifChildrtn. 44.1 
fihti^ asfMiMtt^chtldreo do. This i^ not W/ 
cotitained in the ^fth CtmHundmeHt, bat ex- 
'friJlftHJpjntditi other places of Scriptare, Col. 
9.10. Cbilirtn Aej ynr Puretits s» all tbi^s, 
fir thit wtH fltdfitig mM the Ltrd^ Eph« 6. i . 
<SkiUrtn tbtj jtwr Furtm* in the L»i» for this it 
right. In iSatftrmtr phoe'cis intUtkingsi In 
the tihtfi in tht Ltrdi $.<, If that e0mifi4tids 
trenor cori^^rj to &#ir % iotin tba e^i, oar d»- 
tj t* God moft be frtfmtd. If any Piirntf fhiU be 
(0 t»if A^^ as to emtiund his Ci&r/i to y?«4A or //'< , 
•XtloMTf xmktd %hingy the Cibi/i docs not ^^^^^ 
igatfift hit DKtf, it he difihejs^ Only let him 
ri^ ic in (iich a modefi md refpeiffnl mtnntt^ that 
t (my apppear^ that '/«r ponftienst^ and not 
iuhbornn^e that moves him to r^/^tr <^^4!f- 

3. Inbemngfaientlpheir ttfr$tfs^ mAftth- 
tittsMg ti their ctm^iMs^ and refrrmiti^ there- 
M whit it 0ulii§e. Vtm.ifAl* CorrtH thf 
ftr, Md hi jhaMgiirt thee ri^syeahe^gUgive 
'/tight wnto ihjfiMd. Heb; 12.9* Farthetmore^ 
it if d'ye htd F St hers ^ our flejk, which corretfed 
^, Mftd vf( g0t)e thtm revefence ', ShsB m ntt 
wch tMte he ittfi^elfion » the Father efSfirits^ 
%d 1^6 i Vtay.xi.u A wife Sern hesreth hit 
others infir»lfitn^ hut tfmner htaretbnttre- 

4. Jtiftrhiitring to do /mj thing oftrfomeot mth' 
r etjivi»g tktif ddi^u Mtd cottnfel^ efpccially 

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442 of th Duties 4^f Chil^tn. Chap.lft 

in the hfiaejfe of mtrrUge-: ?(X o( d dffs^ 
difckdUnie that of marrying ^igdinfitbeconftM 
cftarfnts, is one of the highell. Vov{^zUteA9^ 
thor\v€\\ob(ctvts) Childremxtfo much the gni 
& fofepions of their Parents ^thdi they cannot (vritt 
out a kind of4hift)givea0ay tbemfehesmhont tk 
allowance of thofe thai banjt fncb a right in them 
And therefore we/fce nnJertheLam, the ltd 
that badnsade any vow, was not fnjferedto perfom 
it mtbous the confent of her Parent^ Numo.50,5. 
Tht right of the , parent was thought of/dra c- 
nongh to cancell and make void the OhUgationt 
vea of a vow % and therefore/iirri^ it ooght tobi 
fo fnucb confidered by Children^ as to keef thm 
from making any Contra^ whereby chatir^c 

IIL Gratitnie and Tbankfnlneffe , whki 
they muft exprefle, 

X. Ina hearty affeitionate acknondedgsment 1 
their love and care over them. Certainly tk^ 
children that dniy weighs how their Fartn 
have been the Inftrnments und^x God^ m§tm 
c( bringing them into the worlds but offm/leigik 
^ and fnpporting them after^ taod do further cm 
Jer the esres and fears t\Mg0 to the brimging 
of a CbUd, w'lWfadge^ that thank fnlnejje is bs 
moderate retnrniov Co great benefits. 

2* Inm^ni^ringtotheir neceffitiesof v^hmtk 
foever ; whether weaknefoxficknefi ^tpdj^ 
foyednejfe of nndcrflanding, poverty and " 

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XftapjJ- .OftbtDtausofChildf^. 445 

if^f^e : In all chefe cafes the child is hound ac- 
cording to his dhility^ tO nlieve and helf his Pd^ 
rents I and thereby {$0 much ds in him lies) to 
reemfeMitbi^care, Iwe, zndkifulffeftowirds 
him. AsbisjRire;9l bare with him whtnz child. 
To i&^ muft hfdr with his Pirrir^, though j^^ir^r^^, 
^nd twice 4 C^/V^ ^ and tboHgh God flip^ld rdife 
him inil!^f; above hiip, yet that mufk not cdn- 
cei his Dsfty towards him^ nor mdkehiai Cwith 
iomt bdfe jiif^efifiend and rpided Children) 
dfhdmed CO m» him. In Gen.^Ti i. we . find 
that ffedhhi Jofeph n$m^:d his JF4f^^r and Srr^ 
fhress in akm/ ^^ and thejdme d^tj the ^^i!!/?/^ en- 
joyns, iTim.^./^. But if dny widow hdwchiU 
dre»^mfh^Sy let them Icdrnfir^tofhew Piety 
dthM$€f dndtd requite their Parents •, for that is 
^nnsldnddg^eftdhU bef^eGod. And owtSdwour 
bimfelfwhen he left this werli^ commended his 
M^her to the Cdre of his f er/n^4f Difcipie, ^oh. 

, There is ene thing rnore^ (which I mfy couch 
\nd€tthi$ Hedd) wherein fucb children as are 
tally good and trnly religiotso thenrfelves, may 
r/r^ ^Mghdegre^r of Grdtitndfy if the ca(eJo le 
as it Jpmetimes h^^pexis ) that their Parents 
'c 4^ yet nndcqudinted spith^ or negligent of the 
edftCMcernmnts oiihc'v: fotds^ Howinfuch4 
/e as thisi W^l \ high Of fee oifiidl Ltnfy. ;$ic, 
\r a fhild'm a wije oad ^mhle msnner, to infian* 
r into bis Parent fnc^ things ^ may ( with 
• Gg 3 the 

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444 dftbiputietffcMfif. Chap.!), 
the hUfjiti^ tfG^d) tend u bifenterUfiing mi- 
fare ', and Co be ao infirifmn$ oi hit new Mt 
who (under God^^<t<cw him bafrBkirih«A 
hdfigln thi» Vforldi This is a putj wbcreinfM 
Children ^oxM^ £3k« thetnfelvos mreaiKtni^ 
than «y5f4i7jf they do. 

3. /» frdjitigftir them. The i^Srik CWMin 
pvfeio their parents is (o^tdty thattiejUn 
mtaUetpfatuifeit tbemfilvit, they outhtfr 
ftefil) to beg 0/ the L9ri^ that he woald puafeu 
feconiftfcc it) by WMltifljittg bis Graces iitboi 
and his ^/fj^»^ both j^/r/rjM/ a^d tmf9rdtf» 
th^m, and to requite their care and loveathoo' 
(and fold into their bofomt. 

\, Incovetitigtheir hifrmirief, T^itbeD*' 
(;, and mU he the etr^ewmrofgted andingm* 
children, to ^ever itvi eenceM t)\)t iit^rw^i 
i\mrmnts if with Shemind^it^het) tnAwt 
with eiftfsil ehtm to fMiJh and difchfe thm^ 
pe/t.ff^tj. Hovf iietefiahle is it for ChiUren^ 
(deriJetadJcife at the infirmities of tbdrPi- 

J. AncI hfiy^ tj mitath^ their ^opdex^ 
j)U, Whatever wis good, vtrtgotts, and tm- 
menttdleinthat Parents, let Children hmtot' 
Bat their vitei and mifetrrisget let thtf in 4^^' 
and DX)i entaif them, on their ffleritj, let tk* 
remeiither wh« a dffmdf found n'mtho^wtih 
fetohtm the fyn ofHek»i ^htfmdt mui\tf»i 
2 King. .3.^. ■ -t t 

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ClKip.t3. Oftk Duties tfdbifJrtit, 445 

There are t»» trtA M^iva to pitffii Chil- 
i^ to a e^»l$ifirvme'^i chefe thines* ' 

1. 'Turigbt and /«/, a* that vrtttcfeflicwld 
I h^SfHiiU And 'tkmifhfitg utkeXird, 

». /< b4tdfrmife»fre»MrJ,E[^,6.t,)t fft- 
i nMTfthy FutiirMft M^inr (Hfhieb it ths frjf 
i ctmmiaubium ffUkffmdft'^ilutitmtjUifea 

ri«i. Thewortkin may b**™- 
ik«d> JftMpfii!7 i^iifltfr <ui<^ ^^jr ^mbtif,-iha 

dtcn. A^fiHttaCTM/^ viti&t s«toM»r«cb, 

i^^W.*A«r»li^rt'd#»^iwi«f, *Ti».4»ti It 

god ^«»f «Mf ft»nw^i«il«ilVi«^(/Wet)iMf«r^^- 

fiwr/oac «fftMr /^e, thev are w /p/^* fc»y «. 

fsor God U*rt»w^to the»i**^ l*fM^' ''^ 
Pud $f4 MtgUsfii* ibkUft, h€ |«r«»«hem 

', • ■.■■.{ '■■■-■ .•'■.-'.. 

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fk0 jBflktttuiftrjfMdfi)fi Chap^i: 

m^filhtti^.f».thtemk' . '^^ ^ ■ 

thee. amtJef^ife tut tbj litther mhemjbe i 

-■V.4>.' ■ .y\-. '.—..'•. I. •> . . 

\ tha'y4»eifprfikep$t,Pht'L/m€ftbjJidkba>i 
V.$.\FertkfifhUln 4»<irn^meat efei^aecmh 
. .4o4bm HeUi W ^dtmi ikont th^ meek. 
ljikt%,iii..Jffd, U. rvi^ ehiPif'wm.!ti>em» 4mi 
cijgii Ht ^4&iretky M»d watpj^ mtticthtm. 
Hefo..if .7^ •If.jn\-M^iin. eh^jfmpi-GU detUA 

. fmmffthf^hfrfif'Sftritit **^'^v«< 

IdiU t;^ .4- SHt ib«MV«^ ^kJ^MbA »i Mdgferr 

' I King. 2,1^. BAthfheba therefore mnt unto Kitig 

th^Kif^ri^$^tf^«ifet;l?er^ ; ^AJ^^AMM*^ 
unto her^=^~- 

bis F other y he cried with 4 gretmmdfM^ideug 

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Q»»^ii^: of,thtI>ml«stf(:MUr(»: 44^,. 
'.e^^me 4lfPi^&'m}^Fat&:■ 
\tl(fMMbar4iii^Mber, dnd h$tfMmfeth F/h 

PtiifiP^iy* -7^ ityrtb/it mckeibia hit Fdtkr, 
4nd defifith t$ tky bis Mttber, the rtvent^f 
tyv4Mejfb4Sfi(ki$Mtf MndtbejttmgEAgU 
Lev.20.9. Ftr evtry, 6$etht» emfeth hisFaher 
tr bit mtther» JhtB farelybefMtt§ Je/Hh; he , 
vifMhrnff^h^FttbettrbaUHMbtTj httblttd^ 
Jlu^heMftnbimt ..-. 
Exod. 21.15. -^fid be that fimteth hit Father tr 

P^«i6w^o. Vldnft tiaftth hit P^bei prhit JHf' 
■i-tk»rybirlMtiii^^i^tfiaem,W9b[ JmB- 
^' mp» I : .. ,'V, .. ^ '•■■■.•••■-» 
l^mvizpi, Aptifr^besretb hir.Fathertitiftni^ 
•:0i09y hitdfrtrperbearethMttrebkke, 
iSauiva.^.JMif^MMMi^ thy he»kpied 
tm itmi'ibi'kftifteiftbtir Fdbet^ becntfethe. 
iMd ttflridppbtm, * > ; ^ 

Ct»xj,%t^ And'^tfbumi^JfiiFstberwidi 
. hitintbreMi mi Mbit FsthetsbiMJhfUmik. 

breiu3^4cc&niiti£ti their Fdmlies.. 
X Tim.5.4. Bitt ^Miy wtdfiw have thildren §r tie- 
\. fkiMii:UftbedkMrMfofitOifkii9Piet*Mbimt; 
v.'.r«i$A^jetfiiif*.Meii( Fmatiyfrwa 'iigtei 
I'. }wkii^^4biel(tfifti6nL -7 '-■ '' »' " . 
MliaysyjSutje/4jifPbtJnverJbMBf^^ t^it 

4|i QfiUl>mm9fjoflU&f, (3t»p^^'\ 
• vertkHHtiigiitBiefn^dMnie, » r 
fuB be fiit^ thtK . hmftyt m*ie «k ^Cimmmd 

m . 'x .•.'■■.••• ^ 

CHAP. XiV* ' 

df the putrnqiGiOus ave M pffe^i uA '^£r> 

£\fMchthfixto^ tb be fk^ tmfx 
fiJl% £ligentlj^ zoAfttientlji with an ^ffigk 
betrtf and'a f^ tmftrid i^,.-aimiiig sk cfae 
Glory ofGddiniwdiVfaattat ii(Uit9i€tf, ^•^ 
fm^ aeodftm miy be frefwM mS^ mdmiliaU . 
aAKng irte9.t They Aoqld f«i^fiArdiiHr. math 
tmt eafie it is tt besr the .mger- and d^Urfme ef 
im»fot iitt'ai^himfdlt:^iffhm, €bm the 
ik^itb if Qgi £oc che gtumtftkium oeififeA oi 
their DitfM/. 

Ex«xlt8<tiw. Jdi^etiatr, iJmjbJi fmiiMtf tf 

•f Truth bttine CitvOnfi^t W fkgtfiuh 
f0er$bem, trktgMhs^Xb^4tkU, Jui/jtm* 

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UritfHwiniit mid JU$lers tf Fifiiu> Mid 

3 Sam.! J^S* Thi Ctd if. tff4elfMd, the Ruk tf 
jfrMtl^ske t* Mv, he tba rnUtb over men mff 
kefwftt ruU»gmthefe0rtf Qtd, 

peucKij. Tdki ye mfe HHft t mid wderftand' 
in^t midkn«mnm»»»g'f«nr trihtft dpdJifill 

Eom. I tX^He thM rtdeth pntb diUfttue— 

Rom.i^}. Ser Mtders me ntt a femur tpgoftf 
wmks^ bntte'theevU^ wilt tbeuthtniutpe d^ " 
fimd if the fewer f de that which ugeed, mid 
theujhdt hdve frmfe $f thefmnc^, 
V.4- fm he it the Minifier of Qedtetheefer 
geed \ hut if then d§ that which «r evilt he 4- 
j^Midj ferhehemethnet thefifordi)ivMn,for 
he is the Miniver ^Godt d revenger te extent i 
Wfdth nfm him that doth eviL 

% $ain.>.3Q. — Them that, henem tM^ t wiS hi^ 
funr^ dmitheythdt dt fife me, JhdS h'eiightlj 

The JMies of inferiems, 

Inferioors ought to )eild dl d»t fu^e^ien 
to thofe Hdffftrdttt an<| GovernomsGpiL)\ySci 
ftc over them $ remembring that Magiftrac^ it 
Gedsoriinmice, ind none but £r^^/0^/ think 
that tetigienfieeth themfrem StAjelfien thtreun- 
tf. Jheyarftof#«/Wrr howy&jrf/jiihe Apoftle 

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4S? ofthi mthspfinferims] Chap.r4: 

mnt, that are frefmnpMiUy felf^wiUdy ikMvt 
-pfitdfraiJtc ^cfik jtvH pflOigmties. Sobjedion 
Ui/ 4bdr4 Ml t€t 40rrm Nstmt. Man Mimd) 
isMke the wild ApsC^k^ »,Zpfhjir Cp^ks^ ^i 
XI. XX. And that both for the riv^<)i(/f of his 
f9g|W> and mnmedaef of his K^^elii$ns. He 
would fain htfiee ax^y0keU[fe : Being pr^mds he 
loves noc tjfc Ssfnimty of others: And being 
/iM9/if ^t Tavcs noc to h^rejlmnedhyQ\kgt% 
He wp;^ld neither have \\\%hf^t fubjed to God^. 
ipf lus a^ms CO man. Hev^uld have wnc f he 
Lord wet him^z^ 'tis, Ffsljz.^. But this^- 
f^fing^fJ>minions is flatly agalnft i)Minjm»Si- 
cm of Goiis Word, Jiem.xhh Let every fmlie 
jUje'a HHto the higher fowers, fir there it m pfw- 
fr hut of God ^ she powers that he are orddiBed of 
God. Tic. 3.1. PffStheminmmdtobf [sAjeSmh 
to PfincipAlltUs^dnd Powers^ to ohej tMagifiratSj 
to he f tody to every good work. And 'i\%zt¥ef^d^t 
againO: the common good of homane Scicitues, 
Lee all Inferiors therefore i> ohedierice tcGad^ 
fbr the honoiir of true Religion^ and for thc^r* 
ferving qfder and goodGovermnent in the world, 
pjake £7^^yi/f^rf of thefetAw Duties. 
... JU Topray for UAgifkrgtes^ 
Z, To honour their Perfons. 

. 3^ ToyieldaU due Su^e Won m4 obediences 
unto them. 



Chap.i4« (^the ignites »fliifmws, 451 

Jade V.8. Likewife dtf» tbefe jiltbj JrcMmers iim 
fiU the fiejb, de^jje Dmtiimt f^eak evil 0/ 

Roin.i>7f Rtnderthereftret$4t their dues y frif 
bnte t§ wh»m tribute it dact c»fl$m to whom e»» 
finUy fear to wbtmfear, bonnir tovfbmb*' 

iPec.2.i?. SiAmit </»iir fehes tteverf Ordindttee 
9fmtnj» the Ltrdsfike, irbetber itbet§thc 
KingMt Supresm, ,^ Or wntt QoverntmSy m witotbeiptbM 
»e fent by Um» fer the futiifkmefit tf evil do- 
ers, and for the fnujeofthem that do mB, 

1 Tim.*. I. 1 exhort therefore ^ that prfi of *lk 
SufflicotionSy Pnyers, Merceffions, md^ 
ving of thanks be made for aBmertj 
V.s* For Kings, andfuraSthatareinJnthori' 
tj , that we mof lead a ^met /o^fmtdhle lift 
in aH Go^nefi and tionefij» 

Exod.ii.iS. Tbonjhdk not revile the Gods, nor, 
enr(t the isder of thy feoflc^. 

AAs »3.5. Thenfaid Patd^ I mfi not Brethren 
that he toae the HighFriefi/foritkmitien, 
thutfltatt not l^ak eviloftheJUderofthyfeo^ 


4J< . CfihtJyiitiesifptpU Qiaf.t^. 


iffthztwititffMple uwifds ibeirPafiH$rsdni 

HAving rpoken ohhc Duties of Childrem to 
thtitNMmraiPiteMtt aoActf in feriMts to 
MagififMif, cbnr civil Psxthtt, I come ttdw to 
thofe QifeofU to their Minims, thenr SfiritiuU 
Patenti. Tbin S^ ?4m/ tfis ehe cmmiLms, 
X Cor.4. 1 9. ri4> »i CbriB ^m he h»dhegme» 
thtm thrtagk tit d^tl* had thr O/iS^Hms^ 
Chap.4.19' rbithttfifiahiiihirfb tfthem, tit 
CiriBieJittmedHt them 

Thdr D$(ti(t cothdm aie tifft fw, 
. ISfft, t§eptm ihm vtrf higHj inl^o&ftr 
tbttr iifiirk0»t as tb< ApoMe comimads, 
I Tifef.^,13, Andfureiy tttiswittfa^ vtrjfts- 

I. The N4tare0ftkeinmkhMifidrr*J^<x 

h tkk mrk is of ;inotlttr»iMif rxKrlbr. 
Ko CdSittg or mphfrnntfrndfe hnmtMe than 
th^refcmngofpreeifM S«»U outoftheiuoMirt^ 
if<tf4M, and fi-om tndUQe ftrdition* 

II. 'Tis a^Mf and an i&Wnrork. They 

1. T0infir«^ the fetfle, to feed them with 

Digitized by V 

4ifVi»H^ t?ncl Mtii^Mdi^ yrj&. y. I J. And 
- feachtheiKither/^i^*4)rcoSdIvatim. 

^ . ^•■^t^.f'^: Hbmi 7> kfbetMrdtrtmm- 
ifdtiierst.^ ibtkSiiiekirsin HlfiCimrt§fH(4, 

I : 4,.^*ifif»ti(fieki •" . ■'.! ■ 

^ (1,^l0^iktfaHi^tk'M^edC9iifdf 

I .: j5^ -T^'iMliri^. mar lAr Ffttk U frtftr^ 
u wiwi^ ' • ■ 

u -Aindi^fftil#ff^«oendcai«fioarthcrdUSM»ii|ftbt 

difvJkrlfMf timmMtm^ and fttcbotberO/f 

Jfinti^ ClniB hath left in #A« Ciiwrcft. 

L, < TbeiciritA cbeeefere is/M^os oogbc iii4lf 

. f9ei^fpprocai«dittii/Mcaiid<)0rM^Ubciiif 

' ci:ft:ffe4^<aJtuut^i to the world. ^#^if 

sfjutia JkH^etu^iit an io a tiioe of J^mmm*, 

nMeiins/i^i^i^ffMn'ra^bv chie^JMJ4Jf»* Hovf 

«fMft^.>aBi60/%i)irsf is it UMBtov^^ 

r| f^ci soaky wba im(Ami «r » ace io ^Aii^^ to 

a. .Coafider irtv it tf n^iit emfhjtf tbem^ 
^ rhtff mt Amktftimfm: Ckm^ 2Cor.$.ao; 
' jIm^M^ by. tbe X49r tfFIMhM are to be 
^ iy««r<rfwitbayi]^aafwenibkcothefM%oC 

y"','. Digitized by i- fi^^fc 

454 ofihl>ktiuiffi»fk- OAfA^, 

DtfcifUs, niien hie/f»<6chtm^tH: to freiulr^- Ht 

Ic feems, 'tit 4 worfe hjiuelfe than people 0rdht^ 
tUftfuJidcr:, -ixdlieffifc tYlfiOnfifs'tf Cbm, 
hcttbtfe think of xbis^ who Alike it their^;^ 
and ffort to pat 4ffr»nts\i!^^t^(X&,. and 
it^tkride c^e qalliiig of €M.MiftiA«rs;Cfl^taBiJy 
there will be ay^i^ acco»nt requir'd of allriBt 
Titf^tn^jUnimi fefrt»ehtsi^Jk»dif»t,'3^ 
faitbftil Mimihrs «f Chrift dottifttwitbiitfAi 
di[eharge of their f/iirr^ atklv4fi»^} Acid for- 
ther> \i'\t\K:X^ar't\t3Lt\€mfUjtf:i^^ thea 
UkfbtfeakfUefferimllftfiti xtho^dutJvrfiAu 
to-exercife the c^^cesc^-tmi^mretfimBmiy 
wtthoac \xvcug^lMfaUj CiiiT^/cheieto; "Wtavis 
ihit^ betas it zwm$ on Irifm»be4d, flfoidd^ 
as an AmhlfMbr fronr his Prince/ The Apo& 
faiesof the trieBs o{ the I;a«r:f^ which y^'aie 
inferiMr to Yhofe of the QcfpAJr- ^liMUMmm 
I4ktd thit -hmUr U himftif^ hi hi<j»bi'ch mm 
Hd^d tfGtii* HAi'^J^ Certaiirfy ^ xSmkw 
fi»ffittredoffuky for which they gr* juf didyP' 
tedy and to Iwhicb t£ej vurt. tuvtr Uwfultf sdti^ 
will be able to give but a verjftd iuc\ma tm iGsd^ 
wfatti he rechom 'with theni!fartfaiS'i&/r.^«- 
fmptiM.. LstTOtddvifefiieAtiiriiiitthcrfsr^Kd 
Corsbf in Nuaii^jS, Who. being' 4>n^;^iHid 
imIntUM, ifoald needs tike' upon ttAnr the 

Digitized by GC^'V*^*' 

j Gha^.15. tt»4th their Mini fiers. <^j 

■ rriefib«9dy and be^ and his jiictmfUces rife uf 

\ Ctf^tgsHiem tar^ holj^ ye take tM vmeh ufm you $ 
» wherefm lift yen ufyourfehes abcfue the CMgre* 
' gkion of the lord? So chat we lee this levrnttg 
J )||pMi(ri$ no. «* lA/«rj m the worlds Tomtkc 

* i^A/:)gaiofi Ji/#^j«nd 4f4r<i|p, tooppofeiu:^- 
" jfr4f7, and Aft>»^ fee was cr#r4A/{ini Take 

* heed oi iimtMiiighif»y \tikyo0feriJhltkejafefn 
J tJte£4inf4fi9g;»f .CorAhf Jude- v.u, iYoirmay 
'' (ead the fodcnd of biniafid'h^ Gotnpany Ntm, 
f! 16.5 J. And fo^mtuh of the /fr/? :X)«r)r poopfc 
I' ought CO pay to their tMimJiers, Tbtym^htto 
^ Ifive^^efiffffikthemi 

» Secondly, They ought f, pay for them* thac 
ff" they may bi/woi/J^rf withall thofe Graces uA 
f Gifts, and W<^^</ with HmhApfiaisces ifjjtds 
^ Sfirityi%mv^nMet\ietnta^4ifiharge ^iho^ 
^ CdUi/tgfaiAhfMil)ifldfitce(ffe0y.. OCcfaasiltw^e 
fif fpojcen tnOFC, ft 3x3. . 1- : ; ' .« :.. 
ij , tHt^ly^.a^hey o^ht con^iemioufiy to MWid ' 
ifi ufo^^irMmlkh ^f^U to their Spirinul 
M £/tiMaee_ aya^ ifiteSi^»; reaUy tndeavoBriDgJtOf 
f l^fw initiw»/>!4f^ and'<7r4<vtbereby*-0*f)f them 
iH faiththa^/'<|/Sc,,Hct^lJiM!» ^^4/ ^i«* thcrale 
^ aver yott^ ^4 fahmit yoHrfdpes, for the$wmh 
i$ f^jotfrMt, ^C. Whatfttever thfyjcm.ofGpds 
^ i^rordml inakc nianifeft to hfiijf tViltamiCtttt* 
(ft, matid, is to be oieyed, keia^ 'fif not tbeyihw 
d Cod requires it, according to tkntofckifi, 'ffi 

5. , •■ '■ ■ Hh ' Digitized by L.Oqg|l^ 

w • 


45^ of tkfi Duties 0ffe4fJe; 

tk4the^'^ib3f»y^f*tf»f>>f> l^ke 10.16. And 
fi^ vKhpiie^ is-iae iijcdivered ^ tifsj *f pi^ 
frgifkmg^ ocftiivMt'tithirtMum^ foriniyf/^ (b 
k«)g tf they keep th^ cocheJ&M^, wbicfaaf 
Qodai.Word » tlwjr are the m^engtri dftk 
LixdiOflH^p* Mal^.7. People tbercftveoMift 
/ii^ CD grpw ia.'5f«rW«4/ k^mUd^ and (jr^or 
aofwir^bty CO ^-mtitmstfOractmQfi^eA tbcm, 
aad^cherdiyihipiiK^ tie^ffthi^Md <n€cm*ft 

d«Na99f.the p^cip(e^ffliilAM»i^^«u}>i&W!M(^is 
the Crpqftt and j^'^M^of wtrj F^thful Itith 
fitit', m^ dioagh j&tdmS net r^intbim accord* 
ing CO his Jucctjfe^ but his fiweittf^'OiiA imdufk^t 
yec nothing mott\ttiuU(f him- thctk to /re bis 
tudiiflied.fmns noc 8nr\ver€sd wHtor'^^^ifac* 
edfd. ^et ^r«^/« thfeMlbre loo)c /« #i>, cbat they 
l^ni^g'feta:thche)^Wr^ctfchd(;<ij^/thatri» preach- 
e^lfat^Bsm;^'l[\fk<(<^ltsh^mdlf^^m^im hftgromid 
/4/?<'v, when he fees it wilUoC. ^iiilg forth Cim, 
lb*:iS>tot^ ch/n^^ 7he Kingdom ' of tieaveo 
fiMR^^tSaMow, (hiiltie taketl i)^ from yoa, 
ftK^giticn coodier&l whitfh will WiAg forth die 
ftnicc'tt^eofj «;45. Tii^jttjt with God 
iovHtM sfpay th* iJlAM/^^iW^voitii a people, 
wiwn he feel th»y Uv\e'«>ir|^rify(Mk^ bnder tNem. 
-Jieurtldj, \ Seeing Minifiirs fowsfrnttuh, the 
fwpUfcKDtltd not kgrMige cheMVif t4)ey rejf 
iotneeithmx tojfffii'iilt, tCot.pit^. Goiiluth 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Oiap. i j* iMUfdt ihiir Minijlin] 457 

iivti^(H$lheG0fftL 'Tisbat.jtfj^ und red ffndlet \ 

thic thtf nthoby M»derUik»n$hM hUj CdUinr., 

are ^«>«94jf from thif wnks oL g«iaioga/<VrS- 

AW in the mrid^ Hioti^dbe powdtdfer by ^^w 

who(c /m/f tbtty mkKhwer: Atid ieeingthe 

people rccdivcJf<r^«i/ri«»^/ from ihienl, «i«. 

Inftni^hm^A JJjiltMneeio\tatdsxb§ otxaioing 

eternal life » Uis sgrttAbk both to r^4/i';» ana 

StrifittTii^eY ^^^ itthmffjii»r4bitofnthc 

people* Yet this ought not to be a Mioifters 

Bhief'tni and Mm vufcttiog bit hsgd n this flow » 

Imic 10 elofifit Cti in- ihc faving^ of Sottf. Foe 

what will it fro ft i llbm^ togMuhit feoples 

^ithei, andby iHgligtmt vaA tantefne^etoUff 

httfeofUsSiylfi JdiHiJien ttt to be Ughtf to 

their Flock^ and both by ttielr.ZWi^riff^aod 

life tbfhew ttiem the itri<y to Heaven. What* 

hcrribte ingti^kude Md imfhrtlMeffe is i t then in 

thtfe men who endeavour to esttiit^i^i *hfijt 

tights nthtt if mhUdrAwkg shtOfl ofttMntf 

tidiKi, ocUtmhfgtlKt»tttimitkem»di^ferfe^ 


Pror.apitS, WhetttUre ism vl^» ^ tht ftofie 

ftrifhr. ' ■'■:.•' 
Hcff^.6. M) fetfU *ri dtfirojtdfn ladr^kufiif* 

J«r.3.f5. AOd 1 ifili ghu JOB P4/ii9ns Mceordiiig 
U mne UtarXy i»hkk fMlfudjM mthkaov 

Udge^ni nndeffiAnding. o«,ze..,GooQle 

Hh i Mil. 

4$* .oftheJ>miesifft»fk Oa^'1%* 

Mal.1.7. For the Friefis lips fhtuU kcef kiuw- 

Udge^ anitbej IJuuUfeek the Lm» M hitmmh^ 

for he kthem^eKger fif tbeL$rd ofHifli. 

Ifa 30.20. And tkȤh the. Lord give JO0 the 

hreadtf adverfitjt andthe waerofiiffliBiWy 

jetflmU not thj te/uhers he removed intg^ctr- 

neranjmorey hut thine eiesjbdlfeethj teseh^ 

eri. ' , - 

jVlaf.t3.ya* Then f/udhe unto them, therefore e- 

very Scrihe vfhkb ttinftruifed nntatbe triMg- 

dm ^ Heaven^ is like nnto s num which i sn 

Houfheldgry vrhieh hringeth forth ont of bit 

tresfni^ things nev andold* 
Bph.4.n. And he i^avefome Apoftlefy andftm 

Prophets f dad fome EvdngeUfls, 4»d fme 

Paftonrsdnd Teachers, 
V.I*-- For thefierfe^ng'oftbe Saints, fortk 

work of the Mtnifirjy for the. tdifjing tftbe ho- 

1 Cor. li.iS. And God bath fet fomt im tk 

church, frft Afojiles , ftcondarilj Profhett^ 

thirdly Teachers , after that miracles y then 

Gifts ef healingSy helps. Governments, Jiver 

fities of Tongues. 
I W&« bi^b made us able Minijters^ 
- the New Teftdmeaty not of the Letter but of the 

aTim.1.1 j. Study to IheMtby felfapprevedmHlt 

God, a workman tb^ needeibnottoheafk^med, 

rightly dividing the Word of Truth. 

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Cbap. I y. twi^ards their Jdinifiers. 459 

Col. I •^i• Whim we freach^ wdtning every mam^ 
dndtesching everjmM in sB mfdem^ tha$ wc 
may frefent every mm ferfeSl in Chrilije- 
fm. \ 

.1 Pet«5«i. 7he "Blders wbieh are dmeng ym, 1 
exhort^ whM$dlfisn pfder^ and 4 wien^'cj 
of the ftffermgs ifChrift, smf alfi a partaker 
t^fthe GUrj that fbaU he revealed.^ 

V.a. Feed the Fleck of Ged which U amengyeu^ 
taking the overfij^ht thereof ^ net by cenfirainiy 
hut willingly 5 net fer filthy Incre^ bntafa rea- 
dy mind. 

V.3« Neither a being Lerds ever Geds Heritage, 

bnt being enfamples to the Flock. 

C0I.4.1 7. And fey to Archiffue^ take heed to the 

LMinifirf sobtcb thou haH received from the 

Lordy that thonfulfillit. 

X TheCi.4. Bn$ di we were allowed of God tobe 

fnt intruS with theGofpeh evenfowefpeak^ 

notaepleafing men^ bnt God, which triethonr 

V.5. Formither at any time nfed we flattering 

words, ^ m ye know, nor a Cloak ofCoveioufne^, 

y.6. NorofmenfonghtweGloTf^ neither of yon^ 

woryetefothersy when we might have been bnr- 

denfm nethe Apo files of Chrift. 
V.7. Bnt we were gentle among yon, even as a 

Nmfe eherijheth ^ Children. 
'V.8* So being affeifionately dejiremofyon, wi 

Hhj Dig t zed by i WCji 

4^ of the DfHiiSfffUfllf .Ch■^t5« 
were willing te k4ve imfm^i m^p /m; > na the 
Goffel &f ObJ pnlf^ mdlfBcw^$tmf$Ml$f k- 
caufe ye were dtitr f$t^ius^ rearewiifi_e([esj andC^dalfo^ hp9k$lilj 
4ni }ufly^ mJ nrihUmMj m heh^vcd cm 
feli/es km&n^ y&0 thm hkwcJ^ 

Vau Jsf90k/MW^ how pe^xh&rleAj smitmrn- 
fortedy Mdchariedev^^&fy$u (maFa- 
tberdnhhii Chudreti) 

y,ii. ThAtje muld nNdkwn^hjifdpd^ whi 

' bht^caffedj^nfftd His tin^dfimi^^Ghrj. 

V.I 3. Fpr tbiscaufe aljo thMkwsGadwnbpui 
teajtng; hecattfe irA#M ft riimvtA tielVkditf 
Gody which jt hesrd&f m\ f^r^tivedkm&iM 
fh'iWird^f if9e»^ htift {Mnmin trpibytke 
mrd (tfepdy wkch efeSfmdlj wirhtb idft h 
yoffthat heleeve. 

y . i^. For whAt is ^HT hfe ;^ #r /^jf , n Crown 
tfreftfjfh^^ Arf mP evenjeheth^frifnce 
of our Lerd^ef$0 Chifi^^ kii t(mm^. 

V.20, Forje are our Clorj and Joy, . - 
.1 Cor.1tf.T5. J hefeeohyou Brtthtm. de. kmm 
ihchoujeof Sfe^iHMy tha it iftbefitjtfrmiis 
cf Achat at and that they have ^d^wditam- 
filvhfothelihi/t^ . . 

\.i6. That yt fubm^'yow^'felpumtrfwcirt, mnd 
to every ont ihalt heifotk fnkb'mMnd (dfay- 

eth. ' ; • . '• »^ ; ^ . 

Heb. 1^.17. obey them ihta hjhw.phtfMk wvar 

you, a?id ftfht/tjo^rfek^f'forthtywa^^^ 

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Cbap.i3r. ti»4rdstbm Mint^rs. 461 

,jimr fouls, m they tbattmtfi pvf4»*Cgmft, 
that they may do it Mthjty Mndntt mthgritfi 
V V.»4. SaUa*. ntB- tbm that ' Imve tie tide over 
' P".* ^aHiie S4UKS: Xikytf Italy fiiae 

y*u, , '-. ■ . . • > .• . ., ■. 

I Tim. 5. 17. m the EUers^.tbMrHk miy.he 
cewrtedwertky tfdeiAle honour, efpeek&ythty ' 
ffba tabomr inthe Word M»d^to&rme* • 

a Cor.i ». 15. Aad I mS very^UJif^M and 
he ^tm fm fotk, thoMgh the' mm abmidanth I 
love fMy the Uffej he loved, 

1 Cor. 9.7, who goeth a warfare anjtirHosthis 
own charges f who flaateth a vineyard^ and 
eareth not ofthefrgitthererf f or whofeedtth a 
Floek^ and o^eth not vf the milk of the 
flock? r- 1 J 

V.8. Saylthefi things Mnmmi orftuthnet 
the Law the fame alft? . 
V.p. For it is written in the Law ofMofes, then 
Jhah not mnzxilefhe imMhoftk €fxths tread- 
ithontthe dnh 
y.i I. Ifm km/tfomn nntofon Sfirhnal things^ 
Isit agreat thmg, ifwi^ rtap jtme carasU 
things? ' .,;. 

V.13. Doye ifotknom, that they whitbmhifier 
about Holy things, live of the things of the temr 
fU? and they which wait M the Mtar, art far 
tthtrtvith^tbo Altar i -, 

V.14. Evenfo hath the Lord ordaited, that they 

Hh4 whicW 

phicb freuh tk G»ffel , jhoM live oftheG: 

Rom. 1 5.27. T9rif4&e Cemiler b/tae teenmlde 

fftidkm oftkit Sfiritual'tpiiigt, their dmj 

ttdfetotHmfieri&iheminmttalthii^s, Let him that it taught in the Wtri, cm- 

Ufuttieafe mf him thMtefckth\'i» aS geti 

things. ' ' ' 

V.7. Be tut JeAiveJ, G^dii net mocked '^wha- 

fee'Ver a mMjfiiwes thatp^aS he r «», Sec, 
Mat.1041. He th^a receiveth » Prtfbet » tie 

nmeefaProfhetf fhall receive * Prophets re- 

i»*rdy &c. * 

CHAP. xvr. 

OfChriJfidn an J Bretherfy 

T Hit excellent iai chrifiianDaty ofrtfrt- 
ving and adminijhing ao effenMng Srttber^ 
is(in thete daies)ux> much tsegleaeJ,aad grown 
tut tf Mft; though it be the reaHefi g^tnrn 
that can be done m>m one man to another. Men 
iie forward cnodgh to fc^e and defidi the fiif J 
mifiarriages of otben behind their hckr -, bat 
few there are that make Confcience of rePrivim 
them ferieufy and fcberlj te their faces: When 
ftqplefall oift tsid ^te aȣrf, then ordinarily 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC ^j||| 

Chap. \6. of Brotherly Refmf. 45 j 

cut comfis all that they know (and perhaps 
more too > in a rudc^nd fajjionate ffunner to 
dilgraceeaph other: Bat how feldom do they 
ddmonifh oiie another in love, in order to their 
Mmendment and thefdfviffg of their fouls ? Being 
therefore tp treat of this Juty in this chapter, tec 
me prewife that there is a d&uhle admonition^ k 

i.Patfrnalor: authoritative^. 

^.Fraternal or charitativc^. 
Of this latter onely I intend to difcourfe here, 
and I {hall (hew, 

1: what great and preffing Arguments there an 
for it ^ 

2. Shall endeavour to remove the main preju- 
dices and ohjeSf ions that lie againjt it. 

$. Shalt fhcw ' howyandin tphat manner it is to 
he perforintd. 

4. Civefome reasons why it ought to he exceed- 
ing kindly taken hy thofe to vfhom it is performed^ - 
and whoje benefit is thereby intended. 

Of t^cfirft, the Arguments fov this Duty. 

I. We have Commands for it , both in the old 
J^nd ;/^n7 Tcftamenr. 

tcyitjp 17. Thoujhalt not hdte thy Brother in 
thine hearty thoujhalt in any wife rebuke thy 
neighbour, andnotfufer fin upon him. 

Mat.iS.i 5^ Moreover if thy Brother JbaS trefpaf 
^dinfi thee, go and tell him his fault betvteeH 
thee and him alone, if he fhall he/ur thee\ thon, 


4^4 ofBm6erliRefr$0f. Cbap.if 

hdfl "gdined thj Br$ther. 

Epb.5,n. 4nd have m feOowjbif with them* 
fiuhful works rfJatkn€jfey hu raker refrcvc 
them. '.?.%. 

IL Heceby we may much advance Gods GUr% 
may di[cMntenancefin^ may fremAt Piety ia the 
world. Mmyjinsmzyhehtpfrepd, if^atidtrs 
bf would but bear wftne^i agaioft them^ and 
give chck unto them by a mfi and mUri" 
froof^ ' 

If we can but ferfipade men to break e£i^wi 
fioS) and embrace the tpoies of Holineue, wc 
(hall .thereby b];ing much J^mt«r ^aod^iSry onto 
God. And what diQuId aociirif pearGrcatnres 
d0^ to advance the Gkrj Qfj^,. Gracious a Fsr 
tberi '. 

III« Tis the moft^/(/f(r^and^&jr/V4^/^ work 
we can ^oSMy bt efffpJcyediifi^ vix,^ rXntrafoh 
ing of frecsoHs fpuls out oftbe'>^49irof^4tai 
and, facing them from everlaitins perdition^ 
Jam.s.ic. tie vtbich etmvertetb tnefimterjrm 
the err$ur of his H^aj^ fhaU fave afidfi§m demhy 
andJhdU hide a multitude of fins. We read, Ex$d. 
?5«4« if thou meet mith thine enemia.Qxe mrbk 
Jp going dfirajy thoujhak furely bring it bmk to 
him again. V^J. Jftnoufeethi Jffe ofhimthM 
idtith thee [^ Ijing under hit bur den ^ atti 
pvuUfi forbear toM^ him, thoujhak fnrelybelf 
whhhinK Should we i^ktpity ZBdcare of our 

Digitized b 

Chap-i^- ofamhirlj lUfroif. 4^5 

neighbours oxi or Affe^ (ytz chottgh kwcrp 
$nr wrj tmmies) and notxJf bis S9kl t If thoa 
heareft men frcdr^ t^ffe G$ds HiuHt vdi^ly and 
lightly in tbiir mfimhs^ jefi with his IV^dj-ullf 
filtklj,: deride BdineQe/fiauder goed men^ plead 
f^praphMmffe, or fccft them Wdlk in nmwfcio- 
ndbU c^mrfes ^ Oitgl\C«(l thou iloc.ta admonifb 
fuchm^n, aodtoincrcacthem to tethifik them" 
felves ^ and co c$nfider Whither fueh f$mfe$ tend i 
If thoo (houldeft fee a man tmmngm the brink 
of feme deep and ditmd pit , where be mpft 
needs perifli 1/ i&f f^itf m, badft not thou ai&W 
heart y iithoxivfo^^noi catch held $f him, and 
endeavour co ^^q him ? Alas / Why do nor 
m^n confider then what it is to/4// into the hat^ 
umle^epit efHe&x and co lie there in cverUfiing 

IV* -We fhall hereby Jrrf/ ^gr fehesfrem 
fortaking in, other meps fins. By if er^/^^ of thi^ 
pjvfji) we may become dcceffar'^tovatw going 
Mf if) fi^ul comfeSy znd e^lbonouring God\ and 
To Jraw upon ourfelves the guilt of cheir (in and 
^00000, But if we fiiitiffnBy ddmonifh offenders , 
ipe iball hereby deliver our omtfonly and if they 
^nifl^^ t)\&y perifb to thoftofehes. fad cooldnoc 
javc (aid , A^s 20.16. / am pure from the hlou4 
f ^miffy if he had not been ^ faithful reprover, 
s ^^Wzs^diligefttinjlruSer. 

V, If this DM/jfwcre ^w/if/>fl//wyZ; pradifd, 
t would rob.^^/iW oieite of his "^gr em ft advan^ 

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'6fi6 OfBritherlj Ktfro$f. Chap«i& 

ugeitodeflrojfouls^ which is, the/4/&/>j»4ftfeie|f<| 
and €reditiAUnt([€ of Sin. It would difcrcditfin, 
and bring Chriftiamtj into rcfutatiini It wodd 
drive away that frtvoloM, imfertinent^ mm 
Converfadon / rhat wantpn, mifim difcoonei 
that pafies for the m/jp entertainment of this cor- 
rapt world. It would drive away tacktitia^, 
judging , cenfm^ing , * rej^ing in the ffUy ni 
Jharne of others , which are the very pgnc aaJ 
^ime o(converfeaBdfoeietyt 

VL The advantage i$^>^ that will acme aim 
us, if wcdifcbarge this f)wiy faithfuBj^ Dan.12, 
3. Thtf that be wife fhadjhine aa the hrijgkm([t tf 
the firmaments and they that turn manytorigke- 
oufneffe, aa the Stars for ever and ever. Prof. 
34.25. to them that rebuke the tvicked, fhalk 
delight^ and a good bleffingjhaBcome nfum tbem 
'J great delight will arife in their fouls from the 
lefiimonj ot their Confciences, that they have 
endeavoured to difcharge their Duty^ aodt 
good blefling from the Lord will conte open 
them for ic. 

So much of the Arguments for this Duty : I coat 
now to the fecond thing •, Namely , to remrot 
the prejudices and anfwer the objeSfions that vi 
conceived againft it. 

obj.i. Tis hard ^nd painful and usoeafie t9 
fiefh and bUud to prai^ife this Duty. I (hall b 
thought uncivil^ rude ^ impertinent in rool 
companies where I come: I mail be lam^hedx 

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Chap.itf. of BntherhIitfr$of. ^67 

for my pains > or jeer'J (or mj precifenejfe (and^ 
'cis hard to htzx Sfgrace) or I (hall get /^ivii^ 
and Anger from che fartj \ reprove, and lam* 
ffMrftdoi giving 9fftnc€y&cc. 

S9I. Hath Goi commanded thee 4 Vntj , and 
wiJr cbou noc do it iotfedroiofyodinQmani 
hit not a fdd cafe ^ we (hould more fearto dif-^ 
pleafe 4//9/#/ creatnrey by admonifbing htm of his 
(in, than to lyfrj^/ (7 ^^by neglecting our duty /" 
This Objedion foppofes a man bath toferve 
Godot bis brother oUbat which cofti htm any thing. 
Art chpa to let him drof into HeB qmetlj^ for 
fear ot angring him^ or deriving feme of his 
dijpieafuri upon thee ? Art thou oat of fearful- 
nejlfe or baff^neffe , m/ ^/" aflaggijb' cowardize% 
and fr4;f» ^ zeitiO the Glory ot God, and riS^f 
fW of thy l^other, to befilentj and to complj 
mth him in bisfin^ and lee bim go nndijhrbedfy 
toHcB f The civility of not refroving a brother 
(when there is need) amonms tome^ cohav<e 
the hearf to fee him he foifon'd, and not dare 
frefemhim with an Antidote., leaft ri^ (hould 
let him know he is conceived to be ho danger ofpe* 
riihing. Should fuch an irrational cn^om come 
inco the worlds to make it mKiviliox Scbo/lers 
( when they meet together ) to talk ofbooh% 
allowing them any other kind of di(courrebut 
tha$ which tends to the ^^//rrinv^ one anoth^*; 
^Vbat were to be dcpie by Students in this cafe^ 
bat to take up a refolntion to bear down this irra- 

4^ dfBniheriy Aefroof, Chaplft 

mnai cufim by bringing in the cMrafj f So tru- 
ly » if it be thedvilitfindmfideof the world, 
tfitdkfr0fh4»ely, to fcife It MeligiM^ todtrik 
ftriSfne^e^ Sec. and muft becDanted rt$iUn^t 
tui4. u_nmiUKrli»effi to difihMfgethtt Jtttyofad- 
noonifliiog aa tfextiitig br$thtr^ cr fpeaking 4»f 
/Ar»^.tohup, that may tend tothe/rvix^M 
^hI', :Wh3t Ihoirid 4i? /o^ Chrifiisms ^ii 
this cafe, false even w/*/w unammuflj to ie# 
^<^» fdch ai trreliriotu iufim ( trAic^ iif^iMi 
«M«; /iWi.^* tverUftim! rmne ) and cobe m 
*w^ fuftBtMimom ixiifMfit-heirtei, hmfski- 
f»Hjlo ^z&i\h.thif exfeSent, thoagh JifreSifki 
dutj^ mailgreiailoppodtion from the world? 
And tkif vereib't W4f to bring Pieij imtreftttt 
and tamikt fin freak and i«^ its head, when 
it (hatt be/tr/ff that iff//^w« i$ owit'd and #/«(f 
fvWbytbe troft^mdi'M, 
^ 0^;\?. yft-xftfivetftnim is t0 little fmf^t, 
they wII^nwBfw/aefsertheyJjtfwo-. 
; M 7f!£# jri^ ^^m 1^/; /;6/^ r^//V/ ^ij]i|^ 
CoJ f< • Do cbe I)«ri Ar eii^V^ tke, and /r^wv tk 
/W^f/r*? to iHm. Canft thoo ttWkotf, or what, 
or hj tvAtfl MfifiTf, God will wirk upon rhe ^«(l 
of -«jK(W«r.«*\ Though thy «^r<»</ ftioald dojir 
g^d tor the prefeut, yet iboo koov^eft' not what 
i*»fref^n it may make, and urbat efermifm k 
imy hare tfttnmd. The /^i M47 tskeittM i^ 
if>(grH»d, tmdafter mA»f dskt^ifig «f , »iM^ 
/^ <m .mr imJUMtif, Maoy fii\occs are ol a frmi 

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Ot^.i6t ofsmherlj Refrtef* tfi^ 

kmmt, and wiil noc for the prefent 4ek»c\p!ti^ , 
imj€rim»^ Icaft that ihoald pafl« for a (i^ifftw « 
ytet aftefwards ( poffibly ) apon jAcr }»dgiug 
ViA 4h^efin!^'t\ktreafMMemffe and equity oi 
^rifmfy mafbe willing lodmind t\xax.frh 
vatly upon theif pum tbtki* which fhe^fwutld . 
vM^itf-apoiitheir brothers W/wmV^. Wemoft , 
\xxwf«iiefKey Mdiameekaeffe in^ru^ thufethd' 
7ff0frthmfehe(y if G^d ferMt^tntMre vfiU ^i/e 
themrefeatoKce t§ the MknnrleJging §f the Trtith, 
B the Apoftig' divers us-, ^ Tim. i, 25. Mea 
bat have nWj&W and caft off this fti^jh. 
Z$vnrdixe» (which al^es pretends a Lhn in the 
w4ji when any ddcy is tohcdowe) have noc 
epented it in the end , but found much coin- 
brc intbe performing ef it. 

of;. 3, Why flii^rid I fHeddle in other mens 
Mtttrs, and fi> te accotaoted ahtfit-Myf I wM 
90k to my feff.kt them look to their nm 
'm^ « ■ ' ' 

sd. TWsis<jhW^4r7f;cM^, \m\ifdvm* 
f fitiU Gf-KW.Hdwtnuch conies this^^ o* 
Odin's fpeech, M^iki drttheHketfer ? S' F4nl 
l^aehte dire^y the eintrarj^ -Ph^l. ».4. XM/fc 
^tttferynMnenMynmthifigSt hnt every mstkt* 
he thingtef ethers. Wearenotbora**/^/*«*- 
*r 0ur feivesrm^vi m J^^ir to endeavm 
he ^W df othiert. 'Thl4 c$yne{fe , tendtmeffe i 
ictnefoi^repritvin^mf wbem we may hefe te^ 
itndbjity' wlieiKej^ri^* it bu5 from aniw*r*- 

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lute felflovt thdc will noc venture the eti^m 
of a htjie-kJj^ &c. for tike pfefytf^feriflii^ 
Briber ; thoiigfa we have Gms hxk 
us-,, which indeed ibould be zhsek^^fiitlwui 
\A» though we. mee c virich fpips temftral h(t»- 
' vetA*neiesm performing obedience to it. 

0^.4. 1 am buc ^-friv^e Chriftian, aod w- 
k$hud^ Icannoc fpeak ibas0checspan. This 
duty b^n§^. to- Minifiers :. I hope I may be a> 
cofiw. ,. ■ . 

S^L . This .is a duty not only «f C^w/m 
( who are to do . it ij vertM tfihtir. office ) bw 
of everj hfiiher or eottfrnM ChifiUn by vatut of 
Gods CmmMi4i Lev. 19. 1.7. 'Tis a work of 
Cbmtj^ a cmmm of fee oifpoe neighbour toa- 
nother. Thou art no.& ttnlcMrndhan 
thou knoweft t^^tju.ufir^but^ mm pnUliabf 
titth Kinglim tfGfiJi: Tblt aB JLigrs ^ ArmA- 
nitdst fpte4ftrs.t whremcpgers ^fctterert^ 4i4aift 
rerst murderers^ thieves^ extertitaers, cgvom^ 
ejwistu , mdticiius ffrf^ttf,^ ^. ( that break 
not oS thoic i^; by tidajxjfpentapce ) fbA 
hdvt their p^titp in that-f^ethjabmnetkyit^ 
fire 4n4 ki^fiope f«r eva.. A? we read,. iCm* 
6,9. Gdl.^fiii Btv 2i.8..0jiiighteft thou aoc 
. therefore tp itiW guiltf fqftns of their 4»t^, 
and Entreat them to ^^^;&4fib:tbpmfelvc$, wdcr 
fttch eMTfesffiJll W, , and to . h^fve (bme fitj op- 
on their own (buls. Alas/ 'Tis nqt fo nxud 
WMt of knotfliigei as vm »fMdto G*ds Glmy 


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ChJp.i5. OfBrotherlj Re f reef. 47 i 

anif^ant c/fOf^paffion to ihttx .neighbours foufoj 
that makes men fo negligent of this duty. • ' 
ohjSy But is th'saduty tneimbentxx^otitat 
di'aH times, whenever 1 fee or hear a brother 
offend f Muft I not expcft convenient feaf^ns^ to 
do it in? ' * 

StU. 'Tis true, he that is' hcund to reprove , is 
bound 4IJ0 to do it 4S wifely and prudently as he Can.^ 
Therefore for the feafon of reproof, 4 Ledtned 
mdnCtts down this Knlc^ Whenever admonition' 
M4f probably do good^ to the per f on to rvhom itH 
ttejtgnedy and pot harm either to him^r anjother^ 
thcffy it cannot be unfeafonablei Whatever cenfurt 
fdUs on rne^it matters not^ fo the brother rf pro- 
ved receive Benefit thereby y and 1 were the pitrfort 
from whpmii i^ns due r^ i&/>' Thus he. 

The ^^xt\tivatf a rcprobf is' { in pr6T)abih*- 
cy ) the nioft effelfual it ^Vfjl be -, yet iptlick 
udm rifroof. f when the bfftnce is publich ) may 
[befides the pod of t})t\ferfon. to jpj^hdhi it is 
iddrelTd ) pro?e beneficial to the fvhole'cmpanji 
i . It tifiay give them in ekimple^ which poffi- 
yly they may tranfcribe (torn thypraififi^t\\otig\!t 
:hey hav^e not from Gods[ Precept, a. It may 
irraign and copdenin the like vicet in other men,- 
i9\iic\\ are how reprehended but in one. *X\i 
;ood therefore to take the prefent^dfonoivQ- 
iirovingj except thef e be hope <>i f^rtnging^ foifle 
lappier opportunity for this performance at fome 
ihcr tifitc y which may make it friore prudent 

A * Digitizec 

47* OfBratur^ 

and cbdritdU, to dipferic till then: Bl 
lixdifmifi P Aid J^r that time ^ and proml 
wb^ jie bad 4 more c$nvenicn$fcn[M to fendl 
hi<n, yet is never re^iu have d$wt it ; or as the 
[urdidf^MdaUsti tMifer quarrels with f0mivba 
in alrtioft everj ohjeif efchdritj he meets with, 
to ex(u$fe himfelf from Alms-giving^ Co wc 
maft tJih had that we do not ^rfffttd^nfi^^nd^ 
ilcn/cj^iQV CUV excnfAf^whm 'tis m oar^^ir 
4r4Vj«;< or the coldne^e of ofir chrjfiiM Cimij 
that is the rrtfr C4nfe 6£(m negleifling chiscfury. 
Life is ^^rf^/iA 4 n^rmaydie, or thefmyvKS^ 
dy •, tl^en he ane ^ the reach joiov 
Cbsritj^ The Isofger belies in brij the m^c Goi 
i^ difhomifr^dp (he vp^rf ^ ivr^z/Sr is treACiired up. 
the hdrder bishWrt'ordtpariiy gfa\v{r$^ ^^ndtus 
rrrw^ will be t]ie niqi;e ^//^^iiS*t6^^^^ 
gPuA, fpeakihg oifecifre msms> faics, hk 
h^Uin^fhfucboMtcftkefirjf^ vS^k^ 

ohj.e. But does nQt our Saviour fay, we nmf 
n«tpvi fk^ wbiebifyhdy t$ dpgs^ nor ^^ fejris 
ttforefn^m^ Mac.j,^* And what afc u$pd fia- 

S$L-'E%txy dijorderlj liver is i^ot to be ac* 
counted' kf 4 dog or 4 [wine, ( in the fenfe our Sa 
viour ufcf h the word : ) For oifom (ucb Pu 
(peakedav ^TheJ.y.i^. And faith, Vfrcm^Stm 
sc€onnt them as enemies^ but admsnijh ibem i 
brethren. Whom therefore we are to account i 
dags audfirine^, appears by cur Saviours ow 


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Cbap.l6. of BrttherljHefr<tof. 47 j 

ivordsin that place, tvtiifiuha%mi6TAyoai 
jf ifmnifh bAftn^e trample under foot the frecU 
tmWinrdifGwlt offered to tbtm ioAtefn^y but 
jutof a *«:|^ r4ge mAfkrcetuf are ready to 
ly at the tkrMts of fueh , as m ofgnimh to 
their foots, olferto/M/Mtheoiifrom URtdeviU 
ktdJttm, and to help them oq towards Hea* 
ren. lAh < faies our Saviour ) thtj trmfU 
\hein under tbtirfttt^ iikitm»4gMi4tidremj0ti. 
If you iimt then at aoy time vrtttt fnch </(fj(^«<- 
'Mtvtrachts^ that yotf are m dinger divhUnce 
94m ("if yoiiftopthem intheir courfeoffin). 
^ou xMy'ftrhedr medling vkh thenn And feeing 
bij mU ke flthf» lettbem befiltbjftiB. Seeing 
Aiere is n» other remedy, \ft them fme/ir on,fm4g- 
rer m , tbritA on, and at laft deff^r^ dUi and 
\ednmned, O^ condition/ Wbofe f^ir^/f do 
wttum within him that thinks of their woful 
ntfery/ Untrnfot ttiers ('aswehaveoppor<> 
omcy ) Ice us endedvtnr thdr amendmettt and 

Thus much he the Second tbingy the retntwng 
£be frejndues , and Mnfinerin^ the obje^ions that 
ire 49netiv'd agunft this duty. I come now in 
Aie third fUee^ togivefomie liifeifionfiotthe 

I. Labour to pulk chtcum^eSiljf thy fetf •, look 
Pirell tath} mnUfeznAconverfationy that it may 
E>e (, as much as in thee Ues ) bUmete^ anid . 
\4rm€^e\ that fo tboufliaift bei»#r<tf4^*W(fof 

474 ofBmherljKeffo^f. Cbap.itf; 

performing this du y ( with advantage ) to- 
wards others. 

II. Look well to thj om hearty that thy enh 
and inuntUns be uf right zu^finctre iathis bofi* 
ncfle. take heed tbou feo not mBvtd to this di^j 
ou; of any prcud, httmfufoi C0htrAdi£fing or cu- 

' troHing otkrs , or of purpofe to di/gra^c otkat, 
o'xouiofvdhghrf, and zftcnt amhitiBMs Jcfirt 
of purcbafing to thy fclfaiViw^^ or for any 
[mcIj tj andbafe tnd% ' bu t let thy wf^iw be aa 
lArnt^ dcfirt to difcharge thy duty toGoJ^ to 
abAufirfi and advance bolinejih thi world, and 
"to fdve thy brothers foJ. 

III. LookweUto it that lA^n&ilr^thoQO^• 
ferefttor//^r^a^^ bea/4i//>i/!i///^//i and a/iifc 
that he isgttiltyofto whom thou didreQtjt thy 
reproof ^ el(e thou mijtakffi ihy mark. 

IV. Before thon fcttefi uponthis wprk^ fcnJ 
xxp fervent prayers {mhet Jolemn fmf^plic^amk 
if thou haft time, or ferret metstd ejsadstiom) 
unto the Lord, for the pardon ofthympnJBOs^ 
and iodirecij affifl^ andblejfe tky eftde^tvomrst 
his etvn Glarj, mdthe amendmertt artd fd'uak 
of the party CO tvhofe bene ft thy aimonithm is k 

* V. Let the reproafs thou doft mintfter, li 
tt(h:/dw with prefaces Csigood wiHj and mjotoi 
ged Wih evidences oi love^ pityf ^dre^JafftB 
onto the f arty reproved* Re f roof is a bitter p 
and Mbmetimes muft be lapt n^ in Sags^^ 

^ r^ Digitized by Google ^^ 

Ghap.itf. of Brotherly Rifmf. 475 

P^i batnot/<? neither, as to make it hjtUs 
9ferathn. When vftrtfrcbendi\\t faults oimmy 
tis not ami{fe ( many times ) to commend what 
$ good in them 5 that they may fee wcareas 
^arwdrdto take notice of wbat«r^^tfj znAcom-, 
nenddUe'm them, as to re frehendvjhat is evil. 
\nd this will make them take ref roof the^;^- 
fr. ■ ' ' ^ . 

VI. Be feriotu in reprehending other?. A 
oofe and triflipfg refrebenfion between jejl and 
srnefi^ nfuallydoth more hdrmt\):Mgood, and 
ather confrms the finner in his fin > than reforms 
lim/ Weil may hefhink > It matters not much 
[bether he ledve bis fin ^m» when he fees o- 
hers make but ajeff at it. Solomo»(zits,fools\ 
fake a mock as fin , Prov.i4p. Let thi heart . 
iierefore be deeflj affeHed with the dijhononr 
000 to Gody the danger the forties foul is in if he 
f on in his fin ; and then (hew \\\xx\ plainly and 
fr/>i|/2jf the cw7of it. 

Vil. B4fit and rwjSirw thy reproofs with ]p/4/;f 
f^^tfi of Scripmre^ that the/^air/ymay/feahd 
*^/cbat 'tis (?tf4^reproves him r other than thou ^^ 
}d that fi&Mi.doft but misfd him t ipi^^r <?a^hath 
hr/4r^i/ concerning memia Ins, condition : Tell 
m , ^tis net as thou wilt, nor as he mil, who 
a\lbefan/d^ and who /Zuilf not , bnt ^G^i 
ii?r Now Cod hothvtvt3[*<i that /«r)&asUve 
>/^ 4iiW r^/wi'; (baU J9f t;^ enter into his- Kingdom : 
hcK^oxQ jnjreat him to ^^»/Wer where fuch 

^ Digitized by VJAjOV 


47^ of Bmh&lj Xifniff ChljplA 

ft»ftswUletuly and whn nmft needs becooe 
ofbisrottly if be do Mttimlf repeoc ttdjir> 
/4^ thofe evil waie$. 

Vill. Be Jifmgt in mioiftriog rifrMfsi 
CaU in f/mlnrM to afltft (7i&4rr/;. Diftis^ 
fmdmlj becwceo ^«fy«9 and ftrjtit t I\>r cboigk 
aOxctQ bertfrtvU, (except cbey be W!^<«r 
/»/■«, or ekjlit^te ohdurstt Heretujis^ Tit.3.10.) 
yet 4iifare not to be^iesU witb M the famtmt 
per. ThfsC4«*i#»St.gC#Jlpgivesi», ^nAv.ti, 
offtm hve cemfaffm, mking a itiftrme, 
audvtbertfAvevathfetr, ptSig^thm m^ik 
/fire. Some are ^jf 4 van fitxible namre^ mi 
f)xnS(xtfMr«ui/tvfng Mtmmkhtu n^ IHuM 
to work upoi^ theo^. Some are kafditedaad cih- 
rm fiimas, tbefe (honid be ri^Mk^d flmftf, 
Tit. C wbcp gentler means will not do] 
and with f est muft \>tfull'dtgttftbejhe, Lft 
puBhtteirifedmtb (Sods ^Mdgmt0ts, that iher 
mzyfeAT htm vtho is die t$ CiM hut fmi tmdkh 
intfHeS, -u j j 

1X1 Be fmpuriiai in reprehending thofe k i^ 
tbydaty't9 reprehend. Domt^oittrePr§vid 
mtity as SanldidiM tjctaitii^tht Cmrnsndht U 
4gM9fl Ainalek» who f^tKfd tp» fmt^6 Okf, 
and ^jhvjedioljtberef^, Pac oii a tr»ly mM 
and dkipv* rtftlatmi, znAfttr utiktftKti 
mninftrf^ugtkf DttytpGcd. God is ^ 
?w«r^^by m mm fi»$a» well Mltf4Mtkert\ 
m u? ^ dffiriaiv€ i^ ^le /«^ ^«m jiMia 

d by Google wel 

Digitized b 

• Chap.!^. OfmtheflfBifroff 477 

wtll4S dnetberi Therefore gne dmldbe aJffw 
ilHb'd as w^l 4» dnttfjer.-^ Crest wwftookbe 
Mdmmfly'd, bectafc thei^ umftattMS are gridt % 
^Xidbecsaktkejm*fd0gre4tgt0d*rbmi hjthtir 
exmfle.htii the msnep ftoaW be sdmnHh rfaK 
fo,becaafe f Ae«r/<w/* are as frecim a? the bihers, 
and ( poor cre*ores ) they art (many of them ) 
' X. Do not ftrive to make any man mregfuh 
/Tthahheis. If he«fe»wr** eburge^ yd^f leads 
his innocency , fdhlj and /?/<»W/f lay "open the 
gromds npOA which thdu fp6akeft-, bat at nd 
Wftand much upon Aw*if^irffrw/r., noxmeA 
thins to thtwvrftfenfes but accept ofthc»#jf 
favturabhtmfiritmM o£iPi>rJsinda{HMU re- 
memhvingtYiit Chariiytbinketh mevil> bat be- 
lievtth si ibittgs, k&fetbdS tbittgs, &Ci i Gor, 
127. Yet labcnr komfdlfe ¥»mtms , and wfj 
geftain JtantUU to raife ^rj-we^r* for greater 
fire0m(pe0ipn for ftVw Wfwwf. S«eMigm<»are 
h Aft to wdHffff pttr battings, we ought to b« 
a>r>7r4r«f«/howwewalk. . 

XI. BysXitaeaiasftrbearbiHermreprodeb' 
fii/ Language : Mmyrefrofffs ana ^mteUp, he* 
caufe there is more of p^«;> in them, than tm-^ 
palFsaft. Thongh there A^ft be (many James) 
rome warmth ta A tc^o&f, yet it moftnotbc 
rf4iy/>c bet. Such is the ifttf*'^ of moft men, 
that tbey arc aft to be «>«» with /*vf and «w/4' 

ibem mrtrefiMortfand objlinite. Theretofe tbe 
'Apoftle (aitb, the fcrvam rf the l,9rdmuB0 
jlri^e^bi/t he gei$M M«to all men 9 fdSicat^ 't$ 
^meeknefififiru^ingthem that'Cpf^Je thimjelva^ 
aTim.2.ts^ Ahfindmccofrifieknfffe^ndgemU' 
ncJfe,^znd^^(p€ciMy ftatience iimeedfal for th§^ 
that have to do yA\\\fii$»er$ i^'jihis klod. 'Tis 
ordinary for them to grow teji)znd Mjgrj, aod 
f^n fpHl-mth the reprover. And U joufboMk 
Angry toor then ^U hope oidoinggoodis loft 9 the 
hi^tnef will end in ^n uncivil ^m and temfefi. 
Conae therefore refolvd beforehand to btw si 
thingSy and endure aB things. U the pdrtjrtfri- 
pedfiorm uyo\}y \it tears of fompajfiom niltiei 
dfop:f[om your eieSf than fvords of anger andrf* 
proachcomcforth ofyonr month. 
, XII. y/hcttihoah^diJchargedt^e/tOy, » 
tfiQody and pray earne^ly to him forfuceeQe. fijf 
the throne ofGme^ in fecret by fervent frayx^ 
^\tQ^y9Q\^dpf^^t\\iy endeavms^ tor tbe 
Glory of his Name, and i\\^ recovery^ imsad- 
tnent^ and (alvation pi the party repm/eJ^ To 
begin^ and tnd,i\i\s doty, with /^r4;^r , is ibc 

I come nowin tijic lafl place^ \o %iv^f§mt 
Xeafon^ \yhy this exetU^t and maft charitMe do- 
ty ought to be fxceeding kindly taken by jtbem to 
^)^^«iitisperformed» . 

J. Confiier^i Faith(ifl admpnitioni^ the moil 
precifm. part of. ^iendfbif^ the r^ji/rj? apd itij»rf- 

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Chspj^. OfBrQtbnlj Refridf. 47^ 

5/?^Wtoriionemancan ^^ for another. VAvid 

ciCst^pTOQf4precipus0yl, Plal.i4i.5- Sphm^fij 

an t/tr-ring ofgoli^dn crname/it offinegQld^ Prov. 

25.12. Oar bleflfed Saviour, 4 fe/irty Mat.7.6. 

But notmthpniing fii tbis^ how few arc there 

that an or mil bear it fotientlj ? Go about to 

Admonijh a man of a/Wf, and tell him of 411 

erfWi be frefentlj looks on joh as his enemy : 

you3re;fs P4i^/ eels the GdldtUns^ chap. 4. \6. 

become his enemj, becatife you tell him the truths 

Such a pride there is ordinarily in mens hearts^ 

they muft not be told of any thin^ this is dmijjc, 

though it be with>tf. other intent t but that they 

fnay amend it, A ft i^^ngc madnef^ I confcfle this 

is, and ri&rjfiw^ that would be in zfickman, to 

fly in the face of him that comes to cure him, 

on a phdnjie that be di^aragdhim hy fuppofing 

himftck. Certainly he were not your friend^ 

that fhould fee your houfe on fire , and would 

liot calltoyouati^iellyoH of it foK fear oidifimb- 

ing yon out of your peep. JSone hate joumrfe 

then they that fuffer fin upon you. This is the 

true and great ufe of fricndfhip, to admonifh one 

fncthcrj and to endeavour the. bettering one of 

'^n^ther-^ cKe, ( as one well obferves ) 'tis but 

fn empty, formal^ juiceJeJfe thing. Dives in hell 

fcvas niore charitable to his mid brethren on 

^anh,itictifrrne people wiU allow is^ to be to 

bem ^ for he wopld have had a melfengcr dif- 

:>ai(;Kdtf tkem^ to admonijh and rearn them that 


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4Sb . ofBmkrljRefnif. Cba^I^ 

thef Umt tiottt that place tfttrmentSt Liike i^. 
a7,3S. Btit fome people will not indure we 
(hoald admMifh thecn, though we poc ddr fclvfi 
upon a very u/udjie aid it»fUifif^ task for tin 

a. Rc\el^h» tf rtprMf is a great nggr^itom 
of fio, and commonly z.fverunntr of ju(Ig^ 
men J. Tis a i/?i^i/% not of men only, bat rf 
God: It firfjfesz mm in hif fiat, ic raifesfiidi 
i»M;}^i and bulaorh about them, that do maa 
f 40 ^^mtf /0 ^duk them. And if we may believe 
Solomon, difiru&m wiU not fail to attend it. 
Pcov.19.1. ^4 thaSbeiiii§fitnrefrovedlwii» 
eth hit ne<k^ jfull fuidenlfb^defirtrfeJ, dtidtht 
mthout remedy. Refraiferiff^Jfe to faithfaO ft- 
fmfCsitt \o&k for nothing but rm»e: 'TisaJif 
a man (houU be ridiffg fofito hiU^ ini will in- 
dure no pf. That people was in a defter stj 
fi'atg^ Hofejt4.4. tvhen God gave forch tte 
frohihitiott, tet n6mMreprt^e Another, fgftVk 
feople Are at th€^ ibdt phi mth the ?ritp. Aa& 
£//'$ font were m a fddcAfe, When they ref ofed 
to hearkento the voice'of their fither: The text 

^aies, I SAm.t. ay. Thej heArkeoedMt mm 

the voice of their father, hecaitfe the Lord wudi 
Jlaj them. 'Tis (kjhretodfi^fi God bath hfi torn 
to themfel'Vet^ when they reje£l reproof. 

j.'Andlaftly, *TnAgoedfig» ^nconjonai- 
on wiih others) */ A-graeiom hem, for a man « 
tfke reproof And AdrttonUionxteH^zxA fommeiU 

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T ' — '"-; — " 1 

Cbap.15. oftmherljRipmf. 481: 

his Mours and fdlings thereapoft. Ttov 1 5.5, 
UcthMr€giBrdetbrtfr$^kfnidtnt. In i^i/.i 41^ 
5* Yott may find how weB holy i>Avid took re- 
proof LttthtmhtetMsfmlte me ^ anJitlhaBU 
4kifidne^t\ dndltt him reprove me^ andilp^alt 
k dn exceieni oyl, which jhAEneit hmk my hdd. 
Yoa may read in the Life of that^Wmao 6er^ 
fM^ that he rejifjcedh ntthing vme than to be to- 
i^ingly dnd hrotherhf tep^ahy 4»y. 1 iliall cOn- 
dade this ,with that excellent faying of the wife 
man^ frt'0. 17. 6, PdtM are the xvounds of a 
friend 9 htrt the kiffes of an Enimj are deceit^ 

JLetr. T 9.1 7* Thoajbalt m hate thy brother in thine 

hearty thou Jbalt in any wife rebuke thy neigh^ 

hfiur, andnrtfufferfin upon him. 
pror.a5.1a. Asaitearring of Gold f and an Or- 

nament of fine Gold, foisam(etefrovernfM 

49$ obedient ear. 
Bcdef;7.y. It is better to hear the rebuke of the 

wife , than for a man to hear the Song of 

Prov,9.7. He that refrovetb afcoruer^ gettethto 

bimfelf Jhame , and he that rtbuketha wicked 

man gettetb bimfelf Ji blot. 
V.8. Reprove not d [corner^ UB be hate thee ^ 

rebuke a wife man^ and he wiO love thee. 
Prov. 1 5 . J a. A fcorner Icveth not one that re fro* — 

^atbhimy neither wiO he go unto the wifei^^^^X^ 

V.31. The ear thdt beareth the refrpcf eflifi]^ 

ibideth am$n^ the wife. 
.Prov.17.10. x^refroofentmhnmeiina am^ 

. mM^ than an hundred firipes int§ 4tfcol. 
Prov.28.23. HethatrthukethamoMy aftcrwarii 

JbaB find more fav0t$r than be that fiasiereti | 

mth the tongue, 
£ph.5.ii. And have no fe&owfiiif whhiJkeuJh 

fruitful mrks of darkne^^ }nt rather refrov^ 

them. iJMoreover if ihj brother JhaB^i^s 

againft thee, go and teUbim hufadt hexmexa 

thee and him alone ^ if he jhaU heart bee ^ xho$ 

haB gained thy brother. 
y.i6^ But if hefhall not bear thee^ tbeu take 

withtheeoneor two more^ that in the month of 

two or three witnejfes every word may bee fta* 

V.17. AndifhejhaBnegle^ tohearthem, teiit 

unto the Church ^ but if he negle^ to heMr the 
^^.Churchylet him be unto thee, no an He^bu 
^^ man and a Publican. 

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Cbap.i7. of the Duties »f the iUk ' 4»3 


of 4he Duties of the Rich d/id 

FirB, Ofihofethat concero the ifwifr. 

ICannoc better begin this Chapter, than by 
fctting down t\M firilt chdrge the Apoftlc 
direfts Timrthj to give to rich men, in i Tim 6. 
17,18,19- charge thtm ihat are rkh in this 
world ( He faies not inireai oc ftrfwdie them, 
but €h4rgc theoi) chMTge i$ nfon their CpnfcHnces) 
that they be net high minded, mr truftin nnar^ 
Uin riches^ hut in the living G^d, l9h$givethM 
richly all things ta enjey. V. 1 8, That they do g$9d^ 
that they be rich in good, iperks^ feddy to dijlrihtte, 
mtting to conimnnicati^ V. 19. Laying nf /if 
flore for themf elves a good foundation againfi 
the time to come^ that they may lay hold on etir^ 
nal tifc^. s 

From this ;and other Scriftnresp we ttiTyga^ 
ther , that t\!^,dnties that concern the rich^ are 
thffe following. 

L They ought to /#^ir 7^ f>, and btefpeciaSt 
carefklihzt they be really religious and truly God- 
ly. They have many great engagements to it : 
God hath dealt bountifully with them: The 

4S4 ofthmhstftheSieh, Oxspj^ 

tfnngs of this vrotld ferve them, and fltw in i» ' 
t(^thecn. Wiicn fea^ftfiple mufttake pdsmsaad 
wurk hdrd to earn their inv4dt before they eat 
it .• They have their Tahles fpread to their bands. 
God hath mfetl them abow amy of tbeirBre* 
thren, and therefore th^y ought to htumr, Uvty 
and ^ey him fi:oin whofei^^mtf; alone chqrr^ 
ceiveaU their ;^le5tv. Andsistosy [ave^jfitr 
engAgemtnts^ (o they have greater epfntrnd- 
tits and ^ihm*g(f to l^ip ntligkut tkan cvbers 
lyiw. Ttury fsay fyeai' mtre time opoitlint 
/«i^tHapjpA0rpeopie ao. Tfeey.baveinaKieJ* 
' j$tf^i\i wey baye i&^irfi fotoevploy it) to 
4ffM«fcbaQ|ews«f af4f^, and r«r«rj^ Mfxidr 
jlthtfkii. Tl»y Som)d em/Utr, though tbcf 
ai«M«fr im^Hwr^ yccfbeee tSMM^Mntf 
that U to b« /mI'V after, Thoagb tbey eofof | 
th« i»»itHngi pitbuUfe% yoc tbcreis^/f^ft 
^tm which «iuft b« r#rV Jor. Thoagb chef 
««e tMmjtfdvfhh mMy ^ttdh yecif they hm 
4tf iA«r fcrtkm bene, tti^ are moft nnferafale. 
Seofig 'ti* ^U wkb chem ibw mesrti^ chn 
i»4/i» <Ar)^i» ftiould be to fecm their ftMtt in C^m^ 
and tbcirif//e:<o Heaven. TheyihoaU4W 
«i? f/^«l^ foe or^l /« £1; A«tf M fttnu/ li/c; 
r<&«r life th^ cannot holdt nor their mtteSy 
i^Mtts^ 9nip/ig«ffiiP( hot: Tbeyfiioiildtbere' 
toM /4jr ^i£/ <w<A« whtcb cfaey osay boU^ mi 
which ttiil acver fail chem^ TheyfliOBklbe6| 
miftutf> eabe thff/^ifofiM«/tfti»be kirs tfdt] 

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Ch»p.l7. oftheputitsoftkeBtich. 485 

Kiftgdm ^f Hijvtns that when they nnuA^ 
far^wllioX\xv^ life » and their eftates here, they 
n:^y enter upon that ^iS^iVi^r inheritance^ And 
fittp4ffgf it if to fee Ik)w this one thing dhfdntely 
Ufcjfary is neglefted by f^r the gre4ter fMt of 
jtiem that are rich in this world* In chofe 
daces where SHwrznd C^^ are found ( they 
ay ) there ^rowcth neither gr4fft nor plMS , 
Lor o(bex thing (hat is any thing worth. Many 
i^h mcos hcjtrts are as barren of trm tiet% ^ 
t^ countries are of gralTe; f^^fpeakingof 
j$cb, faies , Chfip.9 x i 1 J • Tbej ^ end their ddes 
u vodkh^ dnd in 4 moment go Jopmutb^grave^ 
M4. fhereforethejfaj unto God depArtfiom uei, 
or iw defirenot the knotf ledge of th) topics, v. 1 5 • 
VhAt it the 4l^ghtphAt tpe fbouldfttvebim?- 
nd fvhat profit Jhonla we hdve, if toe fr4) unto, 
im ^ ,Tis grown almoft into a Proverb ^ 4 
itiU Meligiongonfor in 4 rich mnn or Gemiem4n. 
low do fuch perfQns tkOially i^/r/.xherofelvdPif^ , 
/^0 formal ontwd^d f^rformances of religious 
u ties < Aid if they livfl not in thegroffe defile- 
fct^s and foBioions of the world^ batarcofa 
oor^ndcivdcotyiQxbsion^itomen^ howeafily 
^ they di/penfe with themfel ves fiom Mg4zi9ig 
\ the flrilter 9n4 moxtferious parts of Religi- 
n ? Nay^ tboCe t^ix^s wherein the lifxMd 
aufvcr oi GodUfifif tQBCi&s,y are (too often) 
gutf/xr of their jfir^^ *, and fiightid aod mgUSii 
y them as mifrc 44S^thau needs* And thus ic 

often gle 


48i OfthiDiiiieseftbcRic^^ Ch^.l?! 

often happens that they that hai>e V«/if^e ol 
eftate, have leMnefft of foul, as 'tis, Pfat. ib5.ij. 
And they that are mH frovided for iri this life, 
take no due cdte to frovidt for etitnity^ fior wi 
Uj u^forthemftl'vis 4gc$dfQundaion dgaifi^ A 
time to c$me^ iTim.6A9. They thatfllOoJdk 
examples of P/>/jf and geodneffe co thofc amoflj 
whom they live, and by their ^^»prr> wcdltbzxA 
gredtneffe fliould countendnce and f remote the 
;^w^r ^/ Godlineffe ^ prove many cimesche 
great eft difcourdgers of it. SoUm^n ob(cnred 
this as a /^r^ m;// mi/^ fi&^ 5M,,Eccler.5.A3. 
J;V^5 keftfor the owners thereof to their bmt. 
And not only for their y&^;ir, but the htrtd 
md^yothersTQUtt^ ixboixt therp. Manycou!do^ 
vef have been fach great fibers, ixid dipionom- 
ers of God , if they had not had fo jgreM ^ 

\L ' They dught to be exceeding thMkfHlntia 
cWi. The mm God hath beftowed Upon cbeoi, 
the ffredter is their deht of thankftilncffc, ittH 
the ^rf^^r is their duty of obedience. If the Led 
h^th lifted them uf, ilhchzihjhiaed mpM the§ 
Tdberndcle^ ^nd given them fomrtoget wesltk^ 
as 'tis, i^eHt.%.t% Ltt them not facriffce to tkeit 
own net 9 to their own mt or wifdom, ch^ 
own Idhour or induprj^ but tUdnkfuBy ackooitf 
Ijfdge, ha favour , tphofe hlefftng mdketb rui 
Prov. lo. 2?: Let them confider, Pr0mmu 
Cometh neither ftom the Edfi^ nor from the ITH 

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€hap.i7. bftbeVittlestftheiieh. 4^7 

*Tis repotted oione rftke Kings pf France^ that 
tie was wont to fay, tku maaythoufands (no 
joubt) ipereitrveM thefdme JajhewdS^ jetnoi 
weofthtmitrttte btaKingbnt hmftlf'^ which 
le lUted as a/e; favtur of Divine Providence 
obim^ in that i^wal bcnn to the i^Mi^j^* aod 
■iappinefle of a Kingdom, whrfi 4t the fame tim^ 
OMytthtfi were born to hum eonMvns -, fome 
fodibiy to beggery and »»nt, Tis God alone 
biufetrif^Me, and ^ down dMtber. Hegives 
mer, riches, and efattxataemaa- andfetS4- 
9ther in a mean concfition. And therefore thofe 
■faom he is pleafed to blefie with a rightful f of- 
jfi*» of riches, fliould be exceeding thMnkful; 
td conflaoily remenAer w^o hath ihade them 
iacbi!&| to differ frimethei^^. Godsitt^ffioii 
1 his Wefllngs is thjmkfidntffe. If wc negledt 
> pay this imfifi» the cemmditj \% forfeit, God 
\ni^)Ay bl«it »p$n mdblttft 48 emrbleflingSt if 
r he mnh*fikful,z& 'tis,MjtUa.».//jr« vriHtset he» 
\d if ye wiB i«f hj it Uieartt te give Qlory unto 
f Nmci fdth the Lotfd ef Hoftsy I wiB eveit 
9ela'cdr(eufinjeit^ andmUctirfejeitr bleffingsy 
c. Yet notwithftandiog , fgch it tbebafeueffe 
cnaria Nstwci that the nare God gives to 
ne.^ tbeieffe ihq^ mithiiii -,> add if chey attainr 
a fdkeffet 'dst^n co«w, if they dewtphdtAy^ 
nj him, and tsk who it the Lord ? 
III. They ought to b^ exceeding humble: 

Kfc charge g'^ 

4SS of the Duties of the tkb, Cliap.17. 

Charge them (iaia the Apoftle) that t^k 

nettdghmniei. Of moft men,, the Proverbs 

true. Their gud Md their hltid rife* ttgttha, 

Profperity is to many a kitd oiimtxinttimiy k 

makes their heads giddy. It argots a^rMTdfll 

ofGrAce, to cirrya/ny mindin«ii>i^caodifr 

on •, to be lifted ahn/e others in die world, tti 

not to befo in a mans own fpifit. And yetifdc 

matter be well coofidered , what link nef» 

\\tiMerieb men to be pfoudf Have theyMCif 

txt ftetfdrJs.^ and therefore (hoaldbe chuilDiitf 

hw to mike their accatuus , rather tbaa ftm 

themftlves in their receipts? Does not Godd^ 

clare himfielf f very ireqneatly io Soipaie) 

the proud intos pro&fled enemy ? ^tm. 4.^ 

Ht reftfleth the froud^ Prov.6. 16, k^ frid 

look U 410 abom»atio» to the Lord^ And Fr§oX 

1$. fride 4nd arrosratiey do I hate. And r. it 

Pridegotth before dtfirti£Ho». Aodhethatta 

iogreat M enemi as <?tfi engaged ^nft tuo^ s 

like to \mirt for it to purpofe. 

IV. Tney ought to be/n^ and temptrmi 
the. tife of their efiacei, aoiUwIbii/g out tiM 
wealth etfeeflivtly upon their hdda and hetk 
How mahy with that rieh bum in Luke tx,^ 
are ready to fay co ttoomfetves, SoiU^ thorn k 
rnneh goods' Uid nf for moiij ftan^ est, drk 
and be merrj ? How many rish peqrfe Irae M 
Epicures, letting Out their hearts itmtihuA 
tofcnfuil dd'ights-, fludying to pieafe^if tk 

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«^;i«*«rj ip«ndiiigth<wofhte$in;rf<f and W 
>7, neither remenibring the «eomthtyzx<:to 
make to God erf their /«^/»»/, norconfiderihg 

Sjj"!^ "^J^^V C^«»^jaftja<igmen6<<3 
<3od) ^ naialiy^<fr ^pfartta lorirtiad/tJi. 
ifpf. Sachpcrfons Aoaldthihk what became 
crfiA«r GM<«M»inthe t6^^olL»ke, Wbcwai 
€htbed mtb Imfit, 4i$d f)iried Jelteh^j even 
Ajp, &c. Certainly (at a late Aothor foes well) 
^fld» cm fMt MfBnafHr mans btck. mA 

tetm6etme4wuithfmm, tbMmtmfricbpms 
fut M bit Mm, 

V. They ooght not to /^W<r 4»aj their 
^ta«mt timml^efe, mftMb, otiitmdi- 
rMefiOMmfg tf. recreatktts % but fliould empM 
thcmfehwsyi, asihcyinayA#w,«rGod, andtjj 
^mneedU to-the World. .'How many are there 
ihac verifie that vulgar defifiitioii, whdt is A 
7emiemmhitbvfplejfmt What « /Wthingh 
c , that »$a»^ fiuk know not what toV^ with 
keirtmsr Their burs llrTttpoto their hands, 
leithet have iJMfdiferttipit to improve lb drtci* 
MIS a Talent. Certainly ibtjcaia ikifct want bn- 
ioefie, who ire Hv^ mtbeicfidvMficH,. and 
9,fiutrt tbc^t ofthdr fouls to aH etcmlcj^. 
«Mifeue indeed fefltetiines we may- ^iit^jtjf 
tU to re^tmkwf^ and m^M^ne tefrefiimm. 
*en wctere/iry onr mimb or ^w/mfooie 
fittp emfiijmetd, BtB then we muff bfe ct refill 
bit 0m mriMint ^^iffi^'>4lip4fi^s^^ y, 

Kk 2 i.*rh-f 


4^0 OftheDjUiesoftbcJUth. CbxpA^. 

t. They muft be l4»f»ly ootdtfkgtfogrMttB 
G$dt nor iajm^M to our lUigbkar, 

3, SeAfMtbU ^- 9tft zni-cMveffieM cunes^ 
■not 0» the Lords My. 

4» iioderdtt^ not ^ding«i» «i«f*ii»tf op 
QP them. What a /4i accouJit ^H^^bef giw u 
qod, wbQ rpen4 wtif ddietind n^hs ac drk 
:aa4 2>^^^ otttier Sptrtsyvrixo*.^o&bfyoe9a 
{xftow 4 ^««t«f . of^ fo muAiuwedmfetnt opoa 
their 5«»/f^ 

•; 5 . The uid iArecrtatm vacA be ptdj co{(ive 
ia ^mitrttir^rejlHiunt, aiod to )& us fecfc^ 
wjf*, . jnd not to be «r /r^ .a ins/Kwjfe to m. 
Therefore W^ t^ things, ate to ,be nmed (s 
one well advifea ; t7"We arc notto $ift fpota i 

the worlds vtfibM! fk^ ^s > which vre {faoiitt' 
ftady.'to ttJftmy: aadiivi^. fkftfivr. Surely tffi 
have little retfonto ftudy waiesiof dtiwrng . 
/i&4t which)?w gmtjfrfip of icfclf, and w^ 
'cis fo impoSble- -to. recall: -;s. Ccvcttmf* 
mttft have ndlmgtJt dt in them. -The tnddio . 
Recreation, -fticwW .be mtertjifyrttre/o* mi. 
Sfiritt,^ and not jtf tftm.imnef. ..T-faey that irfr/W 
ran ihernfelvcsintO rw^rifiif dangers-- Ther^ 
of covfthg stidgreedjf defa'tag tbehhitherr i 
ntf\ Andho\v7«^^:f nponiioberconfidera ' 
can mAe their f i«it' with }3siC.'Uitth 

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mart ^.Ifeenot. TYKcthet of r/(^«aflid«)^er,if 
tbeyliappea tolofe. Both which are apt to dt^vvr 
60 ttberfiiur CwettujneQ'e will cetnpc ioiheO- 
hg. ahd ct»etti0g\' Ailgar to f if daritfg iOidjCirfiitg, 
» CQuunoQ experience Oxms. Aftd how'Vare- 
full fliottld' every fiocece Chriftiatf bttoTdvoid 
the 9cei^i0tUi-:ixxi te'mfuri$»s Jctading to -fin f 
Thoft that. w^tHaefalvatiMtftkirfpfils^ will 
ee0pJtr thefe tlMgi^ tinfetbkt dmot^ ikntitv 
wii fight them. ,To conclude this P^rtlcUl^r; 
Letall chore wtiom God hath Aliied to ff'V4/fi& 
iSkAmbesvx dais world, temenlbet whacweirft 
±vtfiatK^StAin9 that they ffl^y carefully 4t>oii^ 
htau And thbfe:the Hi^et t&i us^ Biaeki 
^tf.49i vraefrule^ ftdiu^ »■ hrcAit MidAuiU^ 
net tf liilaK^ nekbet 4utt6ej peirgthefUht 
\Mis^thtfmMiinu4l%:^' >• -- ' "'•'■ " "' 
.. VI. .They.ihoold o^heeiJ of ^r^jfw^^. 
heir rifhe*,^^ the Apsftii ddvlfe^^ i Tn^I5v 
7, And thePfdlmifi wtBe (kmi purp>o(&. • If 
cbes eno^eafe^ fet not thy tieartupon (hem ,^ 
/«/.^'Tishard tof^fr^i'iclKso&fcftates, 
Id not tovM^in them* ^kM many tlk'e'there 
aa.ptMU:jStiii their ^fale»e^ as Yts^ :^«^ ?!• 
1^ That tydakthtsr mmtMhfopMg^fiaS 
fver^ htffuved^ Pfal.4^.if? Wheii' altfs.'. 
/ho knon^ whM dd^efmtf triiPt ftrthT PrW. 
f\i, Sidtes. have mt^s /md pie a»ay, Prov. 
^5. And E^e^rknee of late years, hath taughc 
, tt)at evco LttuU axcmpveahUs. Therefore 

Kk 3 tbej^ 


4pf <ifthe^iei$ftkMkh. Chapa;,! 

t<^fch$itfiaveeft«Des, fhould take heed of ly^N 
fng iottwis. They iboald labour coget wemd 
htmi |rom theic prerent eajoyments, and /rv 
fsre i;heir minif fio be willing to part with jm 
1/^^ God C4llsi(x. T\x»&tMAUvtwf(mGti 
and accoenc hmti&ifuJi ttfcn in that fiJbf 
^^Mghtfi enjoynients of the CreMme^ Tnf 
and dffeiuUmt^ the greaceft AiW Mr g wec4 
yeeldio God* fiioe cf thijs^ I hate ijpolceo oaqp 

VII. Tbey: dvght to be veiy tbtrittiktA 
ffethhdiidtJiOf.he'MfcUkifsci^ ftnr, nli^ 
'itr4togotJt^ fhm ufes. 7'ifrq|t«^&«oleriEkt 
lMvtAmtltihidi4fmUtMf»kwitk (as««rflj 
the .Acvcioots fpdce. #^i^ ) Md niay dp Cd 
iMwitllniyice.with tbini. Socfa pi^ id oid^ 
yoor not ooelyf^ ^jpaMicbemfiBlvcs, butffA 
j{iM/, ;to. >tf ri^ irWjWi< iririf' Tbey tbot^* 
tbeiUf tf €td, f0$ mthelt$mls^4m>faffm, 
pfL^Hz. H<^y j^eonld camfi>rtab|y £71 
ifbeUef^if him tbM fM$rt4d^ t9 fcnj^, tm 
i^w0«i midi fimfNlthe wkUltukmtimJu^ 
)»j% ImueUs $4(iilSfUmi» aMJ/kft.wmlt9d 
Itm, ^ W4t jt'Fduiw: H^htfrn, . &r. ^f^ %gJ^ 
'i5,if, This Is the jh^iMt; for rieivaftn tooi 
ffwt their eftatcs^ frtv.i^.x'j^ Htthmgm 
t»4bffffr% Undt ^tj^ Lird, Mdk mivtft 
j|&/w'i^4fi». Tlv^agb.tbe f»«r taaa caimoc f 
thee, yet Cod becomes Htjmtty, and irii^ 
^4»tdtj^y^^fi,Bjsiad4mUbumlj^ J 

Cbap.17* ofthejMkitftbe Sick* 49^ 

mmjbAU he 4 Ufer hy GoJ» 'Tis good therefore 
to lay up frM/MTtf where it may hchtett beftrth- 
:9mi^% to put it into CkiphdntlshyreUev' 
tng bit fwr manbershiat on earth. But alas / 
tboogh God hath nude fo many gradcusfrth 
ndftt to the cbiritMe^ yet firsnge it is to fee bow 
kcrify pet^ ate perfwaded to the frsSife of 
rhis baty. They can fpend freely on their ^e 
X kfis^ or fleMfurety and laaificeliberaliy to 
the iJtl of Oieir Orc4& ^ liut what ttigidraizt 
ind f inching is there when it comes to 4 vftrk 
i mercy i Let them meet inanJmPOr7>«ef0> 
ipoo hifiaeffe , or ^ 4 wsy^ktndtufit then whac 
iriving is thcfeviiv fhAi f4y» and wbifisSfny 
ntfif What throwing down their Money 00 
he Table/* d^. Bdthow tdckprard, and^yTi 
lod eUJe^^ed are they, when it comes to a 
wri^ of Charity f Certainly at the dny»fii$dg' 
tern, thiswiUbea^<r4fM««f, Item, (tmiuk 
peat CO relieve' the few and needy % ft mitek 
(ttd Mt for the iukfsncement of £«%ii?ff, or 
W Z.««riiM^$ fonmh expended for puhlick 
'W«/M|R»bertbinfift«r» icemJtf/Mtfj&fpenc 
npride^ fb mnch fpenc #» /«/?, (0 muchf>^4^ 
RM^, jttidinZMmrti vtArist, &c.. Andtbere- 
bre iccoQceriKiAM jdiac have thU mrUhgtub i 
o Goofiderhctw tbey<^ and r«f/i(!)r them. And 
ere ic will not beam^ to^fr/«A/irrichmcii 
IOC CO defer^ and fiU «^their Charities tii their 
ftMhy out of an InfZl fetr, they Ihottld wdnt 

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4^4 oftbej)t$Msrf the Rich. Chap.^^, 

fbemf elves bcftyre they die. They fhoald (3$ 
one well advifes ) make their own hdieds their 
execMtorf^ 4$$el their own eies their everfeers. 'Tis 
better to be like ibefbeep, tb dogeod while tbey 
Hw y than like the Swine ^ t6 h!cg00jf§r m- 
tbin^ till they die. I (hall conclade thi Red, 
with fome few J>ire£fi0nszstotbemdm$ertm 
we fhonld exercife out Ohmtj. 

I. Da it in Jinceritj. Do it in obeeSeMte to 
Gads CommdndzniSL with m eie to bis Gkry. TAt 
heed the Pnufe of men be not thy (Motive. Be 
thatgiveth (/ales the Apoftle, Zom.wX^^hi 
him doit mthfimflieitj. & Mat.6.i. Take betijt 
do not yottr \^imes before men, to hejeenofthem % 
othervfife ye have no reward rfjour father wUAi 
inHeaven. ' \ 

a. CheerfuBy, Cod Icveth a cheerful gives ^ 
t Cor^g.y. Dent.i 5.10. Thine hedrt flsaO nttk 
grieved when tbon givefi to thy poor Brother^ 

3. Liberally •, according to the froporiioafk 
thy eftate, 2 Cor. ^. 6, He thatfowesjfdrii^ 
jhallreapj^aringly^ and be thatjotnthbdmoei/uii 
fhattreap bountsfuUy. 'We ihl>uld think ifim a t^ 
ry imprndent husbandman % that to (ave a Us^ 
feed^t prefent/ vioulid fow fothin, ias cofpd 
ihis crop. An^ the fitmefhSyymli be in qs, if 
ky ihtj^aringmHT\dniggardi\e'<AonT\^lmei. 
KiS make oor klres a Unk tiarvejfhct^afm 
3d lofc the r^ir^r^ God haihprotidcdforth 

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e^>.l7. of the Duties pf thiJttck 495 

lfhr4 Almes-giver. Now liberality is to be 
m^wedt wntomichhywhiU is given i as by 
ihc4fo7f/;oftbegiverv T\% not hon much ^ hoa 
out tfhm much, that God looks ar. In 1 Cor. 
j6,z. The Apoftle advifes, fippu'theyril iiay 
tffthe mtky let every one of jou laj by him infiore^ 
dtCod huth fro^ered him,. Surely it iverc very 
txfedieut to lay ^ fomthing in huk fot good 
uftty titber weekly, mpethly, (jumerly., ct yearly 
( as may beft fait with the variety ctf'mens c<mi- 
«iitions) that fo they may not be unprovided'oi 
fo^mbat to give , when occ^^on qftetik ifelf; 
and then their 04ivfjr v^onld flew more /fw/jr, 
withbac any rr^r^f, or^r«(^/>^ of heart, which 
thofe that leave ajl to occafional charity are ma- 
ny tiines in danger of. 

4. Humbly ufid tbaukfuBy, Let thankftdue/ 
to God attend thy charity to men. BlejfeGod 
chott artnot the tieei^ perfon thy felf., tlqfe him 
for giving thee both an /Aility and a heart xo 
diftribute and eommuiticate. Though God hath 
lifted thee uf in this world, above thofe thou re- 
Xkveft, yet let not //^ be/irtbe lifted up, butl« 
hpfinthiiieotPneiei.' t fliall coochide this, with 
that Divine and ufe^ionate thoflkfgiving of ho- 
ly D4W</, in 1 Chron. 79. 11. Thine o Lord it 
the greaineS y and the fewer •^— - V. i a. Bitth 
riclKi knd honour come d^ tfjee. V. 13. i^w 
therefore our Gtfd.t vre thank thteavdfraife thy 
qfffrifue?{ame, V.14. But who am I ^ did what 

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49^ (^ the Duties (f the Sieb, Chap.17, 

it my fiopkt tha wjimldhe ^Uif offer [01^^ 
ii»gly ^er this Cm, f*r 4^ thi»gs tome «fikt^ 
tuHiofthitu own Mve tfe given the<^» 

Deot.S. Ilk WhenthM hgfi e4tem 4nd m 
/mB, Md haft hilt gMMyiorfeSy smUmk 

V.13. Jttdwhettthf herds MndthffUekswmU^ 
. flf^ MdthyfihferimdthjGoUismmlHfiied, 
V.14. Umare Ufi thtMebemheUfsedaf^ml 
then firget the UrJthyGed^ 
V.I7. AndthtufdKjin ibyhem^mjfMmai 
the mgbt if my htund hath gutttn me M 
V.iS. BMt tbeufbaU remeii^tbe Urdilry Cti^ 
fer it it he thM giveth thee fomr t^gft 
, weslth. . 

I John 3.17. BMt »hpfr huh this rmUsgrni, 
imdfeethhisJir^JterhahtMd, sttdfimmhtt 
his imeh tfcmt^affeitfi'pm him, horn dsnti 
the Uve ^fCod its mm i 
Prov.2p.7. Therightecm tnfidereth tbecsmftij 
the fear, hut the vncktd regtrdethwttuhm 
it. ' 

EccleCii.i. Cafi thtbresd nfon tbeputirs,fit 

tifSM^flHtltflitd it4ierm4i^d4ies, 
V.3. Civedfertinttefevejh s»ddif§te^^i 
ferthcnkn^ep net nfhdtennlJhdBinmnmtk 

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Chap.17' oftheDtitsiftheRkh, 4^91 

Ifi 58.<. Is net thk thefdH thai I have cht- 

V.7. isHmtto de4 thj hcMltt the hfttgrj» Mid 
tfOftUnkrhgtbefmthitm eaflti^, Uth 
budef i^imtfmfee^ the naked* that than 
tever him , andtbatihen hide netfhffe^jhm 
thine tpfnflejhi : . , , , , And if then dram em th) [eul te the hnn* 
ffj, and fitufe the efiiHedfenl', then M 
fty Xrfj** fife inetfenrity, andtbjdmkmfm 

^d^ ib.4. Andhepndnntehim, Cermbmy 

tijrr»fers^ and thine Alneesareeemenffirs 

[]eb.i}.i^. tm U degeed, andte eenmtnnuMe, 
fit^ M>, /«• mthfneh Saerifeet pedit iw*- 

Prov.»«.ir. nt that heth a henmifnleje^ fiei 
heUej^, fer Be givetbtf hit bread te the 

?tWA%Al. He that ffvAh ante the per ftat 
m^ Idefs, hut he t^at hideth hit ejes JbaShavi 

• iuanij aemfe, 

^lbr.l1i.s4* There iethatfcatt&ethy andieten* 
ere^^h 3 a$idthere it that withheidetb mere 
than u meity hat it ttndeth te fever' 

prov.ti.v;. Whefefhfpeth hit eares at theery 
tMthehmd, „Go(jk 

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9^ Oft^ Ditties iff the PM^. 0lf9fj^ 

I come now to fpeak of the Duties bdoi^ 
otbej>*«r» - .' ' / . - ; . ' . • 

Ptvtftj hatb its d4ng(trs,, tvils as^dfamffd- 
»>, 3dv7t]i.9S..ri(hes and 4k»»d4fieef Andcbac 
re DMties h^lon^og cq chofe that arc fm, z 
rellascd the r/^} -and chey 9Ktbt/e thuid- 
w« ' ■ , ' . . ■ ■ . . 

I. Thq^ ooghe to uke heed ofmmmmm 
r repfnivg *g4i»ft GtJ.i apd to ^ m^fJk:^d 
id (ontented with the eondithn aod |{«ti» 
toeio ^«. iiaeb.pkiCQd ftunn. We. ate Qpdi 
HMtm-es, and he bath 9 r;^i^ to -4ir witibus 
*4* he will. I Sam, 1, 7^, Xlft UrJ makfti 
w, &tmkefk'rtfhl^hnrgt^A^*tf,. MndUftttk 
\ PiXiA»h/^thoHOmAtt-,thatrefUe/i ^dd 
td i ShaU the Witgfermedfay to him thjafmm- 
'it, why biftthett made we nut? HMtb^ttuk 
tter fmer ¥Oer the cUj , rffhe ftimt iMmf. u 
tie $He wfil to honour, andMothemdtfk- 
*•?&€. As the Apoftler^?fo«$ ,, 
, Let not thfif tf^ there^rcmnryi^r 9gainft 
ds dealing with them, but i^boortqlipmi 
isfied with their Lot: Let-them qpc ttmfme 
sir condition with thofe ti^yr couac mocie/r*- 
r^ut and haftffths!^ themfe\ves, batjrat^ 
th theuf they fee more nuferdle : And ttya 
y will have caufe to hkQe^God fpr thdr #p» 
fm. Let tbem. pray cariiffftly to theLocd. 
t^^i great hleJfii^Qi ^contented-mndt 'with- 

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Cbapuiy; ofii^ Dmiistf the fml 4$p 
oitt wkic%^ ri)e weMthiifi condition is very umafie 
mA irkfpm ^ and with which ttiepo^efi is f /f^^- 
%aid delighfnf. 1 hufVtleMmed {(m\Pdnlt 
«iil*4.ii, i3> 13.) ^ lifhaiever ftate I am , 
skrtvfitb to he iontint. I how how tobtddfed^ 
Mdl kn90h$w U^ abennd : every where and in aS 
tUngslaminfimSfed^ bephtobe fult^andtobehM^ 
ffjy both U abeund and td fnffir ifeed, J can do 
^ ihing$ throngh' cbrifi which pengthenetb 

fl. They poght to be very humble. With 
)hm hw condition^ they ihouid carry a kwly 
mUfil. They fliould • give /lue rejj^e^ to thofe , 
ivfaoni God hath fee* 4^wr them in the worlds 
ind froth whom they receive benefit. There 
Kefomefoor people that have singly a fride «id' 
fi^eiency of Spirit in them ^ ask to he foond ahy 
fvtiere among men.- There isa« ieaihernpri'di\ 
mdahiffetinfoiincyf 'tis not alwaies^^#iri^Vun« 
Jcir girg^^f^ af^J: Hut furely: thofe whom- 
!;6d hath viade W ^ thii wd^ld. (hoald be lowly 
n their own eies; Theyihouldiaboorto J^j^^/' 
m S first, dceplf feqfible of thth jiifJtnal wahis » 
04 then there is agre^t Heffednej[ebAoa%$ unto 
hcm^ Mat. 5. 5. Bleffed are the foor in Sfirh^ 
artlkirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Tbtricb 
K^ift be thtsefOKX , if ihey intend to come to 
iestven. v -v^ •:•/, ^. - -^u -. ^ 
ttl*> They: fboiild be diligent ind fidnfnl\x^ 
WitCdl(irigs.^^^^t%:Chi^gtxsr^ t t^ejf- 

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500 ofthflMiiifftkfMr. ChK^W 

5. 10. rh^thn tkif mimtmrk , /bnUkMeM 

iMtneffe and Uxitiefft is tb^jS» of many ^Mrpo 

pie. Ifchey would nwki they might eatkk 

MM hedd, ami mt it chtrgttiUuimj. hfm 

man to whom Cod giveth bukh Ind imi^ttjn 

gee his livings i$ pcSeft 0(8 great tri^fmre, aadi 

/«dir yielding him <^ir rMf. The Lkm- ifci 

gets him ^«4i^ gees him A^iska^fetke torn. 

it, and /Z^4f (o icfrefli htm when be is wcaiy, 

mAhtMtb to continae his labour, EceUf.f,it, 

t^e/Uef ff 4 Ubtmng mm itfmett^ wktti€r k 

e^tittk if mnfit but the abtmdaiue ef ibcritk 

mB Mt Jt^tr bim U jUtf. His mtutf CtiUkm 

give him lelfc earCytheaftPf CJ!>iUrtm to the nbi^ 

WidiUftriMt 00 provide for them. IBactkrH 

meas boufes, the charge grpwethal waic»« ds 

chiUbren grow. In f$tr families that iiw if It 

hpuTt t^e Gff^gf growcs Ifgk-ai the cMiw 

grow up* The^w ferve tlitfutAef^imJUiwat, 

thez»*iK*rwj^^by ttoeir^WAnt* fheir jNr<ib 

is their 7>4<& and Z.4W, hyttiich (maketh 

bi«ffi''£) tUeyMvt fomfrrtahlf, 

. IV. ;They ^ipuld be fi^, not frefomk 

asfoon as ever they have gMt/tif^HMmy^g* 

log to tha.4fe'h«»^, jind drinking it«m (a 

too maqy do ). biK (hould ^ <ir ifp to iu{^ 

their neceflicies. And they iho«ld be ««n^ 

and provide fit to improve the offertmtiths ctaa 

Q9dp«(s>inta their hands. As in fuch Mm 

wticf^ }9frk in fUMf aad frwiHfiint eht^ ^ 

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Chap. 17. of the Duties fiftbt Pfitr* 501 

flxHiid then iff ufftmetlung acainft a time of 
nee^i and not JlMkeB their iitaiifirj, and grow 
fititkfkl^ nor be frond md fifiTMfMt ^ lavifliin^ 
oatdStheyget^ ontdxnih/idiszadheSies^ and(o 
v^brnworkUfc^te, ft»vifi§ns dear, itidjielitiejl 
COOKS, tiuy Jnffer w*nt» thraogh their own im- 
fnvidenee , and become iitrdefff$m to o* 

V. jii0vidKtbi0gs tbeyoaghttobe exceed' 
ii^c^rfid of tht vit\hxe^ their ffMlt, and very 
migem f Pfirit tm their fihfMti0ti. And now, O 
tByetka^e ftwin this vtrld. Come, and lee 
Its reMfrtt u^echer. Tm' mwdrd CMditi»» in th& 
BfJf, ( *ti$ ewfefd ) itment dndptr^ atidptf' 
wlj yw cMfM exfeSt it mU he much mended^ 
m lift »f JMT heartt , and eemfm jotirfelvef 
pHb thit c»nfiderati0», y«M ire jucdpshle oft be 
Kingdom tf Kedven^ and ilk Glory of the toorld- 
octmo, Many othert^ ifytu ( throi^h your own 
Wy Mid negligence ) he not wanting toyowftlves, 
fTere(ft^lf) mth aH yonr tahonr, yo» cannot 
'oife jonrfelves to any confiderable efiaies. He 
wnnldbe a loelcome man nMtoyon, that coidddirelf 
»#» f'0^ iit M hone ft andJMjl vay^ hjnfngdite 
'wre nttd indajlry , yon might attain a hundred 
>amtds aye»t Hoot diligently xoodd yon lifien to 
\is Advice, iM hoto earneftly and fnnlfMall) oh- 
trve his Viredions f Sew therefore come on, and 
nnfidtr ferionfly^ whether it mS not he an ex- 
ream foBy and madn^e inyon{bavingf»gelden 

joi of:thtButUs0fthef$». (Shap.ry. 
M oppMMhj if$ jcur hinds ^MMmng^Mt f^ 
4 mMUr 0t,4 hundred fonndi afesr )hua Khg- 
dm^ d^lorhud And neiJer-fdding Kimgd^ ) ii 
QontinHeinffwr ignorance ^ finbh$rnneffe^ nngU- 
Une(le\ flighting the Virions tbst nre givt» 
j9i$\ if^r the 4tt4ining f hereof # smd mlfdf 
neglc0ing And difregArdi^ the medns if 
GrAce. And lo^ After yen hAve lived a foirlsft 
bere^ to he tvirUfiinglf miferAUe herenfttr : From 
A foor GottAgep to ^0 down to a dnngcj^m ofdArk^ 
neffe, to a ioke i^^fire dnd hremftanCj then to ii 
tormented with the DtvUdnd his Angefsfonvtr.^ 
Ton think { may he / hecAofe, youorefnor^ sad 
not hook learn dy thaf^ God will retfairejialeof 
yon : Bttt do not fldttfr .And delude yonr lelves*^ 
God wiM require of you According to the mtumof 
Grace he Affords you. Though jou Are igmrM% 
would not your Mintfier infiruSt you ? Or h^ut jm 
no neighhom thafjou may Ask^ AndleArnihe wa^4: 
Sdli/ation ^m ? Do you think you Are exemftdL 
from feeking After knowJedg ifrom Pdnbily-dnaic^ 
from A comcionAbU & conjl/mt uttendAuce ntotk 
fnbUck OrdinAUses ? Do ye think it will be a fe^fk 
stent excu(e^ when you come to fiand upon your Trid 
4t Gods X/i^»alj to fie Ad » you vtnntjtd cUihes^ 
Audthtref^e could not come to thefuUick Ordt 
nances ^ yvhen 'tis well known youfktn dreffefum 
JelveS in Atolierablj decent manner ( AS nssy timuc i 
to go to d dinner i There is An >Abfoiut( neceffitfym 
muft be inftruSed^ and get knfwledgi in tk 

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}hap.i7. oftUtaititfthtfoir. 50? 

^ngs thiu cfnurti jonr Stlv/uitn , mryo» wiB die 
f jinrfim. AndheUeife it , p» bddbttter die in 
Mtebt tbdndieinjttrfias. JVereyfufuf/leietit', 
tfenfibk of the great 4»d weighty ftiieernmnts of 
wfeules, j§it mmU mefile againfi tHiiffied'' 
ts , Mfidfeek sifter kwwledge uritb aAfwioufnt^i 
ndifjtu VftuldfetjtMrfelws ingoed etrnefttt 
, 7M Might quicklj sttsin much nure than jm 
'» tmagi^e^ fnt might frengrm rich inkntv- 
igc^attd 6face.^ TS99gh jeu are fm kte, jn 
igbtbe hem«f HeAven^ tnd wbenjM die , mtb 
izarus, be received iiit& Ahnhams bejem. Oh 
erefmbefiifj»ttrfelve$\ TiMi labour btidt» get 
iiftle mtniy here-, Obt*ke fomefninsttgeta 
ygdm tba iteffered te^eu m very fm terms, 
mm te be fettfble«fy»» (l^ititudl feverty, ef 
ivilentffeafytmnttitralccmtiony dudtkeptd- . 
^§ld^S9f year life ^ Seekfer be^frmChri^i 
phere hetf onely is to be had ) Give ttfyear 
ies t$ bim y and beg efhimftrdm aod Grace : 
ceivehintfiryt$ir Ltrd, at mi at yo» Swi- 
' ^ beg hit Sfkit ttjau^ifie yon , and be mUitig 
*ive in tbedienee to bit Laws and Trecefts. And 
fctt be $nee thm unttedunto bim^ being rich in 
ith and the fruits thtfeif\ yon axe heirs vfthe 
vgdom* even the Kingdom of ffeaveity andi 
flf fbortly tnter into jonr inheritance gtorionfiy 
i trinmfhantly : Oh therefore though yen are 
r in this loorld^ yet labour to be (pirituaBy rich: 
ffd not only the frtfenty butftfure your future 

LI /4f^?o8'^ 

504 of the Hulks ttfthe ft^. Oxs^vi,\ 

fidte. Kjindnot 0nlflHkt0jm (tlves^ inaujm 
chilir^nilfe: Oh la JMtbmbebnd i^immt\ 
r^nce 4nd frppidnveffe. oh€ mdn rtJltn ^k 
grtM h^ndnt^e.4tnd irttligm thai is umip\ 
feppUy if, they CMnot reaj% witbfr dg «i^^| 
ihim fdke Any Mre thw childtea Jh^mU kn] 
Thfj bad rather tky fkimld t§m 4 fttntj^ tim 
fiend tm^rihrethitirs in 4 day t0^ei thsukH. i 
ihirtipereA he^k txtsm , 4wi ^rSnaritfUkhi 
4S the Bible ii , tt^kh men didgemroMjielupiit 
centdmAflmm gndeefit x»4yfer dUmeMtikgrnm 
ricb^4ndto live in beakk, dndfk^fnre^enitU 
mrlds htffinefj Can it he imagimdsbM tht^ 
ejl peefie wonld net learn t$ read 9$ f erwiA 
negltSt to find) iti Whatever faims it M#,i 
d^flcultits it fmttbem te^ he fare thejmenJdm 
fdil herein. Bew is u then^ thin {e mosey thee iml 
the name (^ Cbri^ians , can be centtm ibat' ' 
themfelws and tmr children fhenU be : 

read the Scriptures » and fe cemneonly r< 

igneram efthe things efCed, MiftAefM,^ 
ber^ ameng the iB^inQS^ \ 

, VL Tbofe that are peer (boiild be e^edi 
careful to avoid thefe feur semptneiases nM 
they are in great danger of. . . 

I. Let them €ake heed ef difirmjkimg I 
when they are in ftraitSt Let tfiem often cA 
mind and meditate on our Savimrs v^ocdb 
Mat. 6 fromv.«5. to the end. Let them en 
der, God provides for Creatures^ tbac cm 

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icoyide for themrelves. Beafts deep quietly, 
^of^knowiog tior tbioking where tbeyifaall gee 
(leat the next; day. Ifyoufiy, 'cis becaafe they 
Zfc no rcafinnovfirtjlgh-, confider, vtrhecber 
ver God gave vsrei^M to make no other ufe 
fit. than for our ^exatm and difh$n$mhg 
im(elf • 'Tis a highJftjftrj and difUmur to God. ^ 
M/lru/i )xis tdri zudfroofUeaci ovcv 0^^ feeing 
e takes czx^oibriUt CreMmrH. 

a. Let them f4i^^ hcfd^fiealing^ or putting 
beir hands f / 4^17 indina courfes. fhcft is the 
ir^r mans danger, as the it^//2r man intimates ^ 
^rov,3o.8^ Give me neither frvertj nor rkbes$ 
fed me msbffod con'Vement for me, legfi 1 hefm 
nddinj tbee^ , And fdy who is the Lird i dndlefi 
f^e pppr dnd fied^ dndtake the Nsme ifntf God in 
wnf Let. them not think to rjirri[/^therafelves 
y {x^'vo%they ire fo^^ and he from whom they 
^4/4$ tiebi fox wb0 made them dividers of 
cber mpts goods ? Let them not think to fre- 
ndj Uis^fmdStbingthtyfitil^y the more 46<- 
dflnners thej^ who will defU their Conjeiencei 
»r a trifle 4 Though their^/^fhaoldbe Wii» 
id voen^ ftK)idd am>rd them no belp^ let tbeoi 
K oiake themfelves nncdfaUeoiGodshelf^ Lee 
)(efn remembet ^ 'ta better t$ fufer thdn t0 

^4 $ceing±tfoprer finiti(iii\\y liveif^^^ 
^ gemraij are apt to hten^iom^ mdlicions, 
id ejttrenmly dndrreUm^ jtdndering^ttd tewlink , 

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$o6 of the Duties 0f the f$gr: Cbap.17. 

one another ; and ("upon fmall provocatioi&\' 
curfing, ztA uftngdreadffd imfrecM^ions aganft 
eachoiher^ and fomcitnes alfo againft^A^/^thic 
do not relieve ^rt\^ or noiXolibcrdBjis^ 
dcfire^ let aU thefe r^ukeJaeffes be czcefiajliy t 
voided ^ni ahandpited by them , if ever tbcy in-! 
* tendto/^rff^^^j/tt-rvvithconibrt. 

4. Andlaftly, kdng^pocr fecfU ior the tui 

part depend on rich men that employ them , ^ 

thereupon arc apt to fimer them ind Jkmmm 

ihem, andbring tales to them, zh^ comfijwicS 

them y even in (iaful coorfes^ and tobe mnUti 

After their exdmfle f and tifuaBy hdte ^nd eneft 

Codlinefitfelf if they fee itdifreUJbedby tbem. 

Therefore it fliouldbethqrjreofall^Mrpcopki 

CO dechne thefe courfeS) and byfidelitf, inJajbrj, 

and integrity to commend themtelves co sUtUft 

that employ them \ and walking h»mUj , ad 

confcientiouflj btfotc the Lord in their ^A^jiil 

calling y they need not doubt of bts GrMdm 

Providence oyer them » of his favour aad^M^P 

ir/i?tothem« 1 

Ifa.4J.9. >r^ nnto him that Jlriveth mtbhif ma- 
ker r Let the potfherdfirive mth thePatflkeri 
of the earthly. fbiO the clay fay to himtM/^fk* 
onetbitt rohjUmakeJlthou? 

Prov.iS.6 Better is the poor thai watkcthim. &a 
upright neffe . than he that is perverfeijm ia 
waics^ though he he rich. . . 

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.Chap.i7« of the I>»fw ofthe toor. 507 

jetMiveinttfetn therfghtt$m/frf4kftt,.n0r 
T hifr:ff*d ( firfdhf* , tkHtgh ) beg£i»£ Be cmfiU ftr tuthing, (fft i» every 

\\\.^'%i "kkyo0r reqiiefis 'Jkf, mdde knnvnmto 


Jam. 2; 5. Hearken mj b4^e4 fnthen^ Hdth 
^ :9Pt,C^{sh^ftnjhe fteftfthjtv^U., ricHn 
. Fi^h^ tM btm rftte KiM^m^ iphklfheliath 
lProv.17.5. \Wk*fi, m^kttktbef»»r , refreitch^h 
. .i&tf M)iket^\\iiif4^J(e':t^.^^p.4dMe^^ 
JhaS Mt ife MUPtuulbeJ. . .^ . 

'.. tkee , tf>9^ 4>^; fi(\ kftfer- ff- <^«tsf ff-J^- 
\ leffc^f^'t, j>^ . .v w.«i'.',Vi"". .'.' •. ': -^ .;. Therefire I fay Mute fHk, ujke no 

thot^bt for year life , ' vfhit ye psa e/a , tr 
- vrh4ltye(kaUil^k% fur.f^.fenjtin' Myj, what 

yeJhoB fMt $»% is ntt the life mere than mett^ 

MdthtbodytlMtrMment ? 
V.itf. 3eMd the fmls of the air, ftr they jm 

n«t\ neither do they reaf^ ner gather into 

hamSt yet your ffeavenly Father feedeth them. 

Are ye not mneh better than they i 
V»7. Which ef yen by taking then^ht, can add 

one Cnbit nnto hitftatnre f 
V.29< And ^bytake ye thought for raimtnt f 

^pt oftheDMtkttfthePdtr, 
confdtf the UUts if thejkU bmihefgrm^ 
they tpjl mtmhbir io theif f^h. 
V.19; Andjtt jfay ittiUjtft^ that e^Stlnm 
in dB, bis Glory y was n»t. arrayed Uke4ik^ 
' i^eKJ,:- ••••'•• '.-••• ■•' ■• 

- V;30. Wkreft^rif Gti fi-tUabtikghiffetf 
ihefdit which t^ayUyM>dUn^9» it ui 
inta the Qven^ jbaB he n^t much wttre elMfi>ym, 
Oh y<*/ litth "T^th ? " - 
V^i'-Th&eftre take n» th$»gbt f^itig,' Wid 
' ' fhoBweeMf'^whatJhaawdrii^i Ormkra- 
mthdUfbali iH kihathed ? 
y.33. nutptkyltfrftthe KiHgdcm afGoiy ati 
dedtffitoyM, '"■''' '"■ 

ysh' ^'^^ fher^m-00 thim^frr the nmm, 
■ fir ih^ mtrrtv^ /M faki trnKht/^ tia tktgt 
*f ^* fi^fi m^^ *^' the -Jay iktJkni 
' '- iheref. I '^ « M ^ ' ^ ■ •'— r - • 

avj;' • \- •■•:>■• :. ;;.•.>.. ^ 

yGocC H A Ft 

Chap.l8. oftbeiMies »fthtTiang. 509 


of the JMUs $fti« rmt^atfd ' 

FirBy Of thofe chat concero ^t jinn^er 

«rt, ' ' • 

AL L *funig petfonsthoald confider that ic 
is tbtif d»tj , and high e$ncertiment^ to en* 
kavoartober^i^^f^M^, and tfdjreligttuibe^ 
imef» U order bcreanto , I ft ill, 

I. Lmj dttintjtme Renft^i *nd ArgmiietHsto 

%4 Afifiiftf futh Ob\i0i$ntt and hkwrUre" 
ntvt fiieh^tjmiices i atm cdncehfi agMtiB 

^, Giifsfme l^iBUns tt them^ wh» »t 
lHimgt§M •dvifdhtrein. 

There are many vtti^ ReAf$n$ and Argn^ 
W0$f' CO perfvi^e'them colt. 
- L.Otdmtf itniitei them to it^ EccleCf*.i. 
Umembtr mi^rhj Cr^nttur in the d»ies ofthj 
«i«i», &c;Aa(^feccheiif confider, i. God 
nth M nui<k thm, box. they have needoi him* 
nd caanot poffibly bo htfff wichoac him. t.He 
» wUlif^tt) be rettiicU'd c6 thetii , if they wiU 
urn to bim, tiixigh for their fins be imght ;«/!/; 
• LI 4 deptf 

5 ro of tk Daks iftht riling. .Chap.rtJ 

4efirt3 thciii. 3. He offers them tetferUrm 

4»d c$nditi$ns ( if they will fervc him J tbeo 

they can poffibly \m^Aiij^hert4lf(jatha iDibe 

fervm oi fit or SttM^ Rom.^.it. Whafit 

haije thin in tUft things whfreaf^fc Mrtntw^ 

mdf ftr tk end */ thtfe tbin/rs is desth. The 

tmgenmne dmitiMuralJritits of fl/t are jh/me aod 

dmb. Is it not tbtnaafnttHerileiftdiiiittjjai 

dffrMt^at apoa the great God of Heaven ai 

Earth for any tor«/i5/> to ^fve him, wboaffes 

ttiemfifdirtermf, af)djtOf««ri»Miocbc Devils 

^4vrrjf, who <C they knour ; intends the nu&e 

both <^ their fouls and bodies ? 

II. Delates are exfeeding d4iiger$m^ 

1. LifeisuneettAia, Pro?yi,y»'x. *»«#•! 

thjfelfoftt morrtpr, ftr tht» Ihuiitfi m wkti 

4fft>Mfbr»ngfirth W»»5mafemayrbc!wMir 

pnM^r^, when poOibly tb^ haveoot w$mak 

to live. Confidcrhow qrWtfit God is with/S*», 

intting therit #/-ia their iiosv >Tid[i»is/vcaM^ 

Jt«^(rri» //., /«• on this momem deptnds B» 

ttitf. • ' . . 

3. Grace is miemsin. 'Tts ootiflURMwr JwN 
to have (7ri«:^ when hewiM. (JCkSpSrii sfCt 
mlltist af»siesfirive fPtth.tksHUrtn ^mtm. t 
day , and Me it « stt&'dfo. dtf * Ae4r. Ug tttit 
Pfal.95.7. 4>fd harden mtytnifhorti. Oath 
the J<4»M whilp^c fals ; m/mt ift.orhile cfacifa 
of<?f4fe /lands open; Take hoed oCbctt^y 
ffm>c(imti^tS9lauktz^le(fit^, ^ 

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EhJ||p.i8. oftU Diitiei tfth TMt§» ^il 
, L/the iongtr thw deUjefi , , the mre tmfii ,• 
VM>k«Uindif^tfe^th9i^ wilt beioretwii. Nonnr. 
thy fmt are frejb^ .and thy igt^wn mgm^i 
[f chou wile em€rtJ^felfiavo the ^cholo^ Chrift, 
mwl what a great dealof irW^^^aDd'G>'<«, 
m^^^ritmdexftriente tiuiift thou accab onto f 
^hat a ^M</ SshtUr* a gptd frtfieiefitvaaiCk 

^ if thou del/^fttthtn confi4^ri[r vli^ 4/fU 
:»«i&«#ii thou art. i. Smm^ bimerjMjnmt 
sndimre b»dmng thj htm \ and fi.pfify*»gi^ 
lonfcienct, and j^ wHtm^e.thfrti0r»thetntrt 
bffieatt. Nt0 (toiyht) thou haft ^/sm ;f^ 
fer/if/ of Geofcience : Thou wilt Mmi^i]xik 
t ; if Ehoo refitfefi. to faeacken i(ri}q^yi§fi 
t, ThewwU, and the e^es^ifthkUftminf^ 

thou giveft not thy felf to God i«^i«r|M)»f t , (x^ 
t>re thou art moch eog^ed in ^eeMr4s aad^ifr. 
ifuffes of this life, 'tis vety k^i^4rd9H* » whether 
ihe mrld will not carry away thy^4rf , and 
»7l)echer thou maift not Ufe thy '/m/ in^ t^iger . 
igrf^t of thefe #«apW things, ^j; TbeDtvii, 
win get ftrtnger pffefitn. Every foul is eithqt, 
nds. remfle ,-. or the Devils hfikfi, ' JTwill be 
lardtidcaft 54^40 out, where be hath had i«i4/i)i^ 
ttMsftefJ'efimM^ The /<M^«r any go on infin, th(^ 
fnmr fifir God permits tte DM/i/ to have' 
yiKXacheffl. 4. The Uitger that Mi^i fit the. 
ffoee tk» frtvtkejt G^dHgivt fhee #/ t»ti^ m» 
, ' heartf^^^ 


5iV ofUiDiaiesiftkYiMMg, Cfitpit. 
htoftiitiftsy MHdt» leave thee u thffelf, Twas a ' 
ftd word; <nii;^i?.;ito. G$ And make the irmif 
t^feifkfM'l Mijliutthtkeies^ left tJiij fi 
pUth their eiif'y ' ahi'heat wth their eares, td 
J^tt^Mi )»it^ their hearty and cotmert Mik 
hedled, God raa^M f efiife to hevkm to thee, 
men 't\\m\Cil^mt3c nterey ^ whovroqldftaoi 
before hearken to the (aB of bis Gr^ve. The 
Sprit of God ^fter many rff»lfe* may eo amy 
mrievid. G^ tciHf finite thee w'nkTjh^dif 
mJenMfwge ( thAt gredt Sfirit^Al jjbnmm J 
And tneft What' will htceitte of thee f Aadbe' 
(Tdi^ .", <k>ll thou think thic any mm wlnfb 
^e ubabl gefilfe to him / and ma atray fym 
hrw/and M(i\v after Aranger; i» herymtger 
tS0^ ^tiU receive her ac lsftinA^«tfage^ 
Wtiy m\t iYixxt think then to deMlfiwfk^tdi i 
Clpbivf)^w^^ ixMr/«r then, ifthooarc odt tir 
«i^>»/iri/> lAddo(trtfaUy turn to God wheMumig, ; 
'tis a hundr^ t€^one, whether M^rr thoo ocgm- 
vertedct no. *TUrarelffeenlhMmenhAifutd\ 
ifful liiig Acenfi^d t»fiit , d4P0er ehditgg their 
hUci iki»s y as the Revwtnd Mr. BaegefTwed} 
obfetveis. 1 ' ^ 

HI. donfider, i^hef there ke amfvi^g 
ntAtis iife wherein he trntf re^^eiuUf tbiA be hms 
liberty to fertte the Venil fUaoc, wisf mk 
thoo not ^fidilf tarit toGed i Why ilnai^ 
i^ot thyjeati^beteMfeerkted onto him f As bn 
ds thoa reqiaiiKft micntver(e4^ ad ia tbe jC2 

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^Pii9, nfMpdksitfihtroung: . 5tj 
^ nam , theu att doing the DeviUcnlct 5 
and sAxcy would ferve foch a IdMpr t 

IV. Confider, There ttremMjgrea advan*- 
n^s fha vfii (tme km thee hj tgrnttig to Gfdhfr 

'•r, MnUitudeoffinsandfirrtwswiBhehertyj 
trevetrteJ, Thofe that get hmfes and paw 
efberijfMM^.. fed them when they grew cU. O 
r^hXMgtuJh^ aod^«0of Conrdencehav<^ they 
fbUi; have Hved leng m fia ( and committed 
^<4f ones) if they he brought A^^fr to God ac 
aft / p wh9( a tutting etnfiierkm maft it 
leeds bb to eU people to caft their eyes back tip' 
mtUfeip^tittfiftatid diJhohiHtrir^ God, and 
lurting the fooled of others by their iBe.xamfle\ 
Dlwhat a deal of foirrow would Mantles apd 
MdrjIii^dMUn\iwt efcaped, if they had been 
»iK«rrMin their jpMMf^n' years ? So if P4«/ had 
^rixn'^mes brought home to God , he had-not 
^aXi tlatirpiihle ind grief oi Spirit for perfe- 
nciag the Church. 

3. Tbcti 0Mf/f 6er^ etme tefimeftnituncyi^ 
>0§tiriedgey nmtGriMi smi SpirHnid exferience. 
K jittfi tain that is a gQ9Jhin$dtidh^imes gpcm 
tis trsSty we fay , is Eke to grow riieh j where- 
i o/te that has been^«ii^if/in his younger time, 
ind a Jpettd'thrift , if be flx>ald in his elder years 
AegUk pobe n^fii yet having loft fe mttcht/pie^ 
^'ar«apt to th{nk, he will never do 4/917 jrr^ 
0dfttr at it. So^they th«c give up their hearts to 

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^14 <^thtDmiespf$]kfir9»»g- Cl\ap.1l 
Goiibetmu^ and ettifecrMe theis ytMgeryt* 
to him , Obowr/eh in i(xr#iri^^4 and dr^^oB] 
they grow? ' 

5. Thj idjtsdod t9mf$rtf*mU be th^ptm 
. Thou art a ktulercroi thy pence znd amf mi 
riie while thou art going''on ih cb< m^ifp 
Thou astfeeJiagxM Omsns, when thou oiij^ 
have UUdima., Thou arc feeding oaiwiiy ml 
tpc Fr*dig4->: ^ben thov nighteft fa^.iti 
fmeicdf. What are all ^}MiJ9mfU<jifmi 
fin to the /^Mff of-a good Consciences Ukam 

4»f«<of God^ thei;%i(//M>4 /^^^iofdieU^j 

Ghoft? ., .,, 

. 4. Tiir mffrc^rtfice th»u wilt dt ftr Gtd.S^ 

-poTe a man be cali'd itt\fe$9elftkimr, als 

'tis Jittle he can do for God btiateniglg, h 

, fild man that ivas late cwverttd, ordered tbbi 

W written upon his Toipb-ftpne, /r^^JiuJ 

§ldm*» of [even fears tU, Supp^fe ^ maa ( ifai 

.many years (pent in fin ) {hpuld tf^/^/if beoi 

verted, he had need oi MalmfelJt's d^eta\t 

ivail \i\%fmBtr inir((arriages, and to dofenk 

£;>r God ^ 'whom- he hath 4b ^dt^onoured. 

.think wha^ an h0notir it is tOiIivr.%(^gimfic.Cai 

ami to (^himfervi^ej And cs^.chcHiliqi 

i^y^M to honour him, \9\\0'deJtrvfisGi io^iyi 

' ly wcHof thee ? • S 

S^. 7/ ip/V/ MMiirr fiM only thy fifty l^.sjhf da 
dji comfortdle. When, deJith S^Kfues^ til 
wilt have this^*#^ evideiitf Qif^yfinffrdPf^ t| 

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C^^.it. OfthtVntitsofthtToung. 5x5 

(lioa didft turn to God betimes^ m thy jouth^ 
and in Jkitfiwer and frime of thy dales. Thou 
vvilt not then be afraid to look Geid in the face, 
Mr dye4dhitn as an^ etfemy, but think delight fuBy 
oJThiiEias zhng experienced friend, and beivil- 
ling to furrender 'tffjfpul unto him. *Tis report- 
ed of Adrian^ th)t when be came to die> he cri* 
edoat, Omffwl, v^hitherart th$ngoingi thpn 
artgeing where thHifhalt never he jpvial nor merry 
nme. o mjfeuh whither art tbeugmg ? There- 
fore do tbofe things newf which ( when thou 
comeft to die) thoa wouldft wijh thoubadft 
i§ne 5 and leavt th$fe things nndene^ which thoa 
fiippofeft will not yield thtteemfirt in thzt 

6. And laftly , The famer ihon tngageftt^ 
heart to G$d^ and the more Jervicethondo/lhimi* 
^itfffif the greater wii he thy reward in Heaven^,7,8. Be not deceived y God knot mocked^ 
$ha$foever a man fowAh that fbaS he reap. Hi 
that fowethto bisflejb, JbaB of the flefh reap cor- 
ruption-^ hut he thatfoweth to the Spirit^ JhaBef 
he Spirit reap life everlafting. 

I come now to the fecond things to anfwer 
he Ohje^ions th^t young per fons may make, why^ 
•hey fliould not tarn toGod/Wiw». 
• O^A. We (hall hereby lofe out chief time o£ 


SoL Ydn {hall exchange dirt iot Goldy and 
he drsf of [wine for the food of Angels, ycut,. 


jitf ,Af the Dufiesvf tiff T9(ti^. Chspil 
jiitfitll fte^fur/s fur the Jetigkt of tbo Hoi] 
Ghoft, and tb^jeyes ofa^WConfcieBQji 1^ 
ligh» will 4iHrit^(you of nothing bai/»,iii!iitl 
K rdiikf 9ifr»toyaar fouls. IcwUlaUon jraott 
,£rMfiMj that are /<»/«/, txptditntt [a^ 
and miitrm^ and whicti may// yoooned 
jj^//f* (?^ in yoqr^f*«r4/or f^inisdtt C% 
Sect the i(«^/r<t down iDthpfor^oiogOupi 
^indc^: the Jf//J6 TitrtEtkn to tbe RiA 

<?^*.». W^ <1q bat as m/fyittng pwpfc*), 
ind as fithtri havefione befnre os* 
. Sfl, , If yoH;j^»f with *thers , yoo tnufteijea 
fo/»/ffr with^i6«r^ Ttjey tjiac vdiktSim 
and Levihrcthrenitihiijgiff^ maft bebitdwi 
9!i&ii»miftr% The 0ldnHrldli9n'dttt«yM 
9fer< Jm»ti:i^g€ther. Yomiiw(lnotAt»«ljy» 
m^UsMih^ifruffts. Uifilf.^Qtat»h4$^ 
d»^ but 4( iirA^r Goinrnmndsy Exod.>^» 
T.ko»Jh4lt mt pim 4 , mnhitiuU h i»* 

■ i^i.s. Tbfra needs not/# w«f^ i«^ togttii 

5f/. IsitMMrtr Aj/«tbanGtf46 J^Wreqaiisl 
rp4d and [adge. Lake 13.34. 5/r/w /# eMtrt 
4/ the Jirait^4te , for nmij , /yiy «4f« ^«l 
feiktfitmetin, 4itd (hdO f$»t he ahli, ^itM 
Seek lejtrH the Kingdom ofQod, Mdhkfi^ 
onfiH^^ &;c. Eph-S.iJ. Stt4hitje iNdkarm 
f^t^ij, M^foiles htif m. mft^ redtmitii 

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Cb^.TS. of the Xmht if the rm^. 5 17 

Um^ &c* VM.%*it. Wtri 00f jmH^fstv^ 
thn with feir and tretMtig. i P^.4.18. iftJbc 
rigbt<om(c0ttfjk«f4veJ^ where flkfi the ungtdii 
Md the fimr dfpear f If the ngbteem hardly^ 
(/. e, with moA^viifgt ditigenee ajUwrnhftd- 
mf) atuk) falvacioD $ whac wiU become oftbe 
oe^gencrec8):efiQnerf Cavasychinkofeviec 
coming to Heaven^ which is i fiae of h^iiefe 
wdfmitjy vibioS^imttitdifreS^fi9ii»^e» sad 
caofloe away with it, ifiteemnHfJManef^od 

ohj /^» Wc mcjonngenengh'. We intend (p 
turn CO God hereafter, but not yet. 

£«/. Concerning thetUtf^efdelsUskcbce^ 
Ebref^.510 loall likelihood there are maoy 
in Hdl , that tboughc of tormog hereat 

oij.s. We Ihall ht fluted v^jeer'J if we bei- 
(io CO be rdi^otts and predfe. fo fooo. . , 

S0i. What are reprMcbes to thcffrest thiagi 
>thers have fitffered for Chrift ? What is the 
trdmringz jeer to theeff^wwr^afwriiM^fortbe 
^fceoiChrift^ iPet4.i4. Jf ye herefrtichtd 
^§r the lipm efcbrifi* bsffy m 7^, ftr the Sph 
it tfGhrj SMdifGedreJleth nfeitwt. » Oxj6Ji. 
Ij hfiueiir Mid dilbemi$r y bfevilreftrtM§dgec4 
eftrt ) 4$ decievers stidytt tr«e. Mat. 5. 11. 
tleffedsre ye when men jhJi revile jMt Mtdferfe- 
wteyety andfisBfif aU msmter if evil 4gdn9 


^il Cfi^7>miesofihe.ming. Cha^Mt 
Hiding ^ifvrffttt ityitt.rtvmi in M 

obj.6. We QxAljhift as mSas others. 
:" stl. So yoo may, add yet make k»t mU 
jhift neither, 'TisAnall comfort to have rMifi 
Mons\tiHeB» Diws did not think it would f^ 
hii,wmenn to feave his t^etbrem come o 
him. ". 

{frReligionj do faB <^, fbme to tfumfrtfAm- 
neffe, and fome into trrpMr and jtrMjige ffm- 
MSi ' " ■ '■ 

,S«t, Icpv^tffe'tU svtryfMi thi0g cofeeaiq 

that feemed Lights in the Firmmtnt, to pravi 

MttmSy andftBingj^m. But tboa^fiMtefd 

yet (thrtiigbCrdee ) mMj JtaiUl, and <wnw 

fait h/itl to the end. Therb wasa^/M/4vamoa( 

our Saviours own Difciples, and yet it foUoiie 

not from thence , that any tfthe refi were (adk 

*Tbcf4lsoffme pfifeUorsfbovAd teach osoota 

b^ bigh-mndedy but fmtiMoBy \edlim eva m 

,0mi 6e4rts: -We (hould be exceeding immUt 

•and ee/fi frm iru^itsg in ear fishes^ and pot j 

oar troB tn God, r^^ 1tiftijhkf»WKrtiir§ng 

Fidth tthte SMvttion^ The Dm/ aimes allk 

can to foil frofefm. If be can bat foilMr^ 

thetUy \\t blurs their frefepen* makes rtkersfk 

^ity sndfo advances his $wn Kingdtmw^bi^^ 

Therefore tht faBoi feme f\aiac\d not dt/cear^ 

m^\mtR3k^ fis mm humble iaiiiMtfftdt sn 

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(Ch?p.rS. of the Dmits cftbi Young. 51^ 

;aufe us ofj^ft to c^camifc $ur hearts whether 
IpdsGlorf be cf^ dimartdendt and whether we 
Ip m bttmilit^ and integrity walk before him, 
, 0A/.8. God i? merciful. We fee V^^'O' w:s 
ffs:>xdcd to the thiefirf the Creffe, a little before . 
kisdeath. ;.;,,. . , ^ ;.,.i ^ " 

SiLi* * fa M examfle without dfrdmi[e. Here 
; an exjnffle of a latejepeutdnfe^ but where have 
rtf a ftdtnifey that God ^^1.8.^^^ refentdnce^i 
iji to fuf h as go onr jn ^^;f^ ccurfe of fin /^ Tis 
pt e^fdffifles but thQfr^mifes ot God that is ^ 
}HndasiM fot.Fditb to ^i^;/4 apon. 
, 2* This\v,as ztye^traordindry time. What if 
n: Sdviour on this extr4(ir4rnarj oecdjipn^ wai 
leafed by this rdre Miracle $f Mercj to honm hii 
ro(fe; \yjil this afford s^^ygresmdof hope that he 
^ill do f$ ordinarilj arid ef^ecidltj to m/fuSJfi-'^ 
'rsr ,- .. '. \. .,. .. .: , . ^.- . ;' ' 

3* We do not fiad that this thief h^devet 
\$t9n Christ beforf^ or hid tvtt negle if edo^re^ 
fedduj offers ofGrdce made unto him. Thou 
\^ little redfon to plead this^ vfho fine jldailii 
iJer the calls and intreaties of the GoFpel ; 
his cafe will mmtttx little comfort to thic^ if 

I come now in the third pUce, togivefom'e 
ire ff ions to foch as are toillirsg^to be ddvtfidm 
is matter of fo much cortcerninirtt to them. 

Let them take heedofth^e things that ufaally 
^^ywng people. Sucl\^3jne^ ♦ 


520 afthe Dittiaefthe reugg. Chip.iS. 
I. CmlefntQe^' tvMtof«0nftderMUH^ aod.'if> 
ing to hurt the mPS^ t^rS tmfi C0Mer»them ; go- 
ing on ni a di^9l»te'ne^l^9ttce^ withoiic frtttuk- 
ing ' what their fiate and egiubtittti 

Ge<^ t^afi is i^ - \ 

z A^. eager foUtvitig itpthfgl hfts MfiJfat^ 
d pleafuffs. Therefore the Apoftle eitbonsil 
2 ' Tf ftee ymthfiil kfis^ Sg. \ Pet.».j 
ii.. As .pi%rims ini firMgers U ^ifim fm 
pfbh )ufi^ which ^ij* dgaiitp thifutl. Let then 
conficTer rtiat the feet $f thtfe Itfts that htvt ur- 
rieii^^mj and hamd iitiffitns if ctkerjtm^ftr^ 
%i ■ ik prditioH ; jf W readf H tarry $bm tk 
fame fv'dj^ ifftevtatin^ ^ut cmt nrtmH^ 
^(r tijlefft. •■■■'• 
' .^^'^ide of wit y farts y firength, &e«9, 

4^ ^. he/uHfiffe and wilf»l obfiinaej s^< 
^ood fiiiftfeL Carnal reafon s' fiejh and Utoi 
tifuailj youflg inerts counfellers , and very 
ones,, .'■■'■ 

^, Sliginijigfelightfy andvhatfiwr itft 
'/Ut-ooJtri£ffor thet», , 

6. Putting the day of death far fiam tia 
and flaiiering thjcfufslves with hofea if 

lift^. J 

7. Ill ctmpaay , th/a ^e*t fnart tf the ' 
.%iL ' ... 

8. Ccmparing themfelves mth fnch ok 
nvtft than thtmfttvet , thinking that att e. 

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fch:?p.l8t oftheZ>Mies(fther$M»^. 52 i 

yuhem that (^ders 4te iPirfc^^ 

Ih Letihem be efpeci^lly csrrful tohc mS 
r0Hfi Jed itiibt Prmiftes^f chrifrUt9 Keligian^ 
f- there be a ^0od fimJdih^ of Taviiig kaaw- 
!dge laid in their minds betimes ( fo that they 
Wfngblj nndi^fiimd how^ the Religion they pro* 
liTe, is |;r^W(f^ on the Scriptdres j^ they tvill 
otbe like tbiUren^ edfilj t^ed toaridfromUU 
very aind of DeSfrine , ai too nianj now 4 daiei 
^e. Add for this piirf oCe I refer thfeai ta the 
r^ i^4r^ of this Treatife containing the Frim^ 
Itf df tight knotoUdgc^i 
III. L'&tt}itvti\2h(Mtxc^ Umier^dndbeii 
tierein ibe ohiefbapfUn^'e ofmin foft0s,nzmei 
', iol the fardM of his fins ^ zgrmooifameof 
rart^ 2Ad commMSon mtb God. Every one 194- 
r4i^de(ire& to be hapfj % but people commonlj 
ifiake the wi)! to ii : Therefore it higbl'i con- 
rns all pung ^xioxsB to be e^^r/f acquainted 
id deefli poucfled how they mvf fteir drighi 
trje both to be happy hen^ and hereof- 

^ . ' . . . * ' 

IV. Let them #f^iW/W tbemfclvcs mltmiH ^ 
» Scriptures '^ be much in fecret prdyer^ and 
^re^exion , keep clofe to the publick drdi^ 
9ceSj and li^en to the dmkenirfgs of Gods 
irit , they Ctt^il meet with in them. 

V. Let them titke heed (^finning dgainjl Goti^ 
fncci When Cor^fcimi faies , do it noi , fee 
rm lipen tef thdt ifoice^ let thdff labbbr tof 

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52 2. of the Duties of the Toung. Chap. iS. 
keep their CMfcienc^^ tender. 

VI. 1 et them decline fuch ocuficm and ttm^* 
t'dtisifj , z^ ihcy forefte zxc Wkczoe fffnaretbm] 
and c(\^tcl:x\\y ill compd^tj y which bath ruiud 
Thoii fa fids', 

VII. Let tbeiT) 4i:^/i4/>^ themfeJves V9ith feri- 
otis , /(?4f r minded , and experienced Chri^tM, 
Yioxifuch they fnay reap exceeding ^rr^r bene- 
fit- *•.*•... 

VIII. And Liftly , Let them tdki heeJ oi 
S fir itMlf ride ^ which haih thrown <J«»Dainy 
jQung proftflfors from i great hfefulnejfe. Iitt 
ttie«T^iemeiuber, the-Dw/V will 4f friw^ (if it 
bepoflibV) to/if/Ziheo!, by dratpiitgeLem^- 
thcr '{ni6fime'erroneot0 BoStrineh or feme (ea- 
dalofii praSficis. Let thStll therefore kt furex^ 
fet the Gli^ry I?/ <7<;^rt)efore their eyes, andcr- 
dtavoiir to w^lk humhlj mth 0^4^ f^fP^^^ 
ihemfelves , an<l leaning on his goodneffe CO ^r 
ftr'Ve them from fullitg. 

Ecclef.i vf. Kemmhcr nov$ thj Great $i$r i»tk 

dxif^s of thy youth ^ white the evil dsiies cm 

roti nor the years draw ni^hy when i bom {hi 

fay / have no pleafure in them. 

PiOV.'My. Ilfnfe them that love me^ mJ tiJ^ 

that feck me early, fh ill find mcj . 
Prov. 2 7.6. Train up a child in the tpay which i 
fh^nldgoe^ andwh^n he is old^ he will not depi 
from it. 

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Chap.iS. ofthe Duties of the ToHig} 523 
PfaLiip.p. WhercmthallhaUayoHngnutn^liMfe 
his way? bj taking heed thereto according to 
^ ih^Word. ' 

Tit.2 6. Toung men likewife exhort tobefokr- 
• * minded. 

1 Tim,2.«2. Flee sdfo youthful luffs ^ but follow 
righteoufnef, faith^ chdritj, feace^ with them 
that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. \ 

1 Kings iS. 12. But I ( obadiah) thy fer- 

.4 vant fear the Lord from my youth. 

2 Chron. 3:4. J. For f ^ofiah ) in the eighth 
year of his reign, while he was jet young, began 
to feek after the Cod of David his Father^ 
&C. ^ • 

I Tini.3.15. \^nd that from a child thou half^ 
.known the holy Scriptures , which are able to 
make thee wife unto falvation. 
John V.4. / rejoyced greatly that I found of thy 
children walking in the Trmh^ ao^ we have re- 
ctived a Commandment frjom the Father. 
f al. 3 2 .9. Be ye not as the Horfe^ or at the Mule, 
fphich have no underflanding , whofe momh 
ntsuH be held in with bit and bridle'^ lefithey 
c^me neet ^nnto thec^. 

•r*22,2i. Ifpakeuntotiee in thy profperity^ but 
ikon fadfl 1 wiSnot hear-^ this hath been tly 
fnAnnerfrom thy youth, that tbon pbeyedfi not 
, noj "voices. 

ov.i.rA.Becaufel caOed^ and yerefufed, I 
Ahan/cpetched out tny hand ^ and no man regard- 

tJ^ ^ M m 3 ' 0i.t,zeXt2d5gIe 

5>4 of the Duties «f the rfiMgf Clup.ift 
V.a^ But je Juvtfet'4tftn»k dBt^cml^, 

andi^ftU tnnt «/ nff refrctf. 
W.i6. Idfa pf(B l/Ujgk at jMr c^Ja/mty, I mi 

m^k ftiien j«mf(4tr catMth. 
Lev. 1^.32. Theu fialt rife up heftre the Imi^ 

head, *ndl»H9mthif«fi^the«l4mmt 4$i 

feirtkfCul^ 1 40 the Lwd. 
^fa.3.5. AU the fetrie jhd he^efied^ evtrj 

ine hj auether* dtui (very »ne hj hit HeigUtm, 


Meient , W the hafe /trnnfi tkt i^tms- 

So machof the D^ies belonging to TiMf 

I come now to fpeak to theyxdiM*. 


Th€ pum 9n<l frincifd are of thofe due m 
in jedTf , Oioald be , to make tllJlrMt 4»dem 
ftetween GedviAtbek etku/euiet ; to. fccoxe fU 
Jtjtte in Gf^ee, and their Title ta Glory. ¥( 
their Sun d fetting , their race U MltmB rm 

Though xht younger m/ydk, y«t the «Mi 
die, and after 4^«t/tCQaMi$;«^;«NM. 

Let all iiment pcrfons therelore take tfc 
fdemng $mkulm into ikiOS feriemctafidiu 

I. Tbctf^'ofall 4i^p9o»Ie ibatare mis 
fttcenveneifiate, hynffif^mi datiger^m, F 

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Chap.i8. Oftheiymiespftheoli. 525 

I j This wirld^ md the c$ntenifnents thcrtif^re 
{in M fimf^t ) dopie vrith thim. The evildaiif 
mree$itie »pfi them^ wherein { chey nfiuftn^eds 
fay^ thfj hive np fkafurt iH them. 2. nfaailf 
thej Ubeir mtder tfuny weakneffes dnd hodiljin^ 
frmitiir: IftbeyhTft not the eefhfdri efa^oed 
C$n{cieme to fdpport them , and to be ihtflaffe 
ff their sgef how exceeding mi ferahle maft thiy 
McdS be? $, If they h^e lived long ander the 
MMf ef Gtdce ^ And c$ntiHued uncenyirted till 
fUiige^ 'tie d hundred tp one whether thej ever be 
^otPue^idor no. 'Tis rnre to hear oEdnj that have 
^ne Off in a long courfe oScarel^enefatkdfecnri^ 
f, and been hghituotedzixd hdrdnedmfin^ that 
ti their did age have turned to God. See the 
Leifoni before mentioned, ^« 510. 4. if they \ 
^iein their\fins, they toiO receive a greater con^ 
hmMtion. The fnrnace wW\bt hatter for chem 
lian Gx yonfig nnoeis. Thry have contraBed 
grenterdeht. The /&e4/> of their fins ia ^rtf4irr ; 
Icrcatnly it will heioocetoteraUe in the day of 
iJgftteneSot £rand Onnn ^ho were cut ofF^^* 
foUf^s id thmr fins^ than fotfinners that are three* 
ore or /Mr/ir^r years did. Ifche^iM^^atthe 
t^jS/a^s do meet. with. an Mtheef^ otznold 
t-frttrfiy that have had mam warnings, and 
ill go . pa ia their wiekedneffe , they feMom 
t^. L^G. all old imfcnium finners think of 
is^ How may God fay of juch, Heers an old 
vefeMfWorldifrmMedmany an old (wearer, or 

Mtn 4 drnnkard^gle 


5 2 6 of the Duties efthe OU. Chap.iS. 

drunk Ard^ an cldiuterofGpilineffe, dndfiightr 
of Religion V an eld ignorant , Cd$elt(fe wretch^ i 
negleffer of Family ^duties, one that fhcMld bavi 
inpruBed his children and fetvants^^ snd krti 
themuf in the nurture and admonition ef the Lmi^ 
hut in fieaJd thereof^ has gifoen thepf. an iB exmw 
fie, and done me a great deahf dt/hMMr, &c, 
ihaveferborn him fopr% ffiy;' fix fy years: Rt 
has often quenched the goad mtionf of my Sfirit^ 
mj Ambmadors could never frevail ^vkAiimto 
leave bif fins. Now therefore je enjQ Angels ^ 
this iay . this mek , this year require hisfmluf 
him, and bring hiin to judgment. O hove exceed- 
ing fad is the cafici ah old unconverted tozuQi 

11^ Nothing is mote* to be admired M^oaxi 
^hat ancient feople (ho\x\d'go an in their fijus ^ not 
minding Jpecdiiy-dnd feriaufly to turn to Goi 
tor, I ; The leafeefiliir . lives js aimoR exfuei^ 
Andisitnotaprangemadneffe^ theyfbamUm^ 
noprovifion for auothertporhi ? 2. Thej baz/ewsa^ 
ny warnings they nm^ go hence^ dim eyes, feeUt 
legs, trembling jojnts , EccleC la. 3. Tlfc Stf 
and the 'Light is dJbrkned^ the keepers afthe hnl^ 
tremble , the (irong men boru ihemfelvfs , tk 
grinders ceafe f&cc. TUciv bodily makneffef wa 
them tliejr muft oat ftajr longhetc. 3. They 
hBvtbut a little time ta uraich^ and the Bridegrmm 
usillcomef aod \itY\tygetnot Oyl into t heir Lumf 
no vVj they will h%for e'verfbm auU, 

CIVi^iS. ofthHtaies^ftheol^ fzj 

IHi/Thpugh tb«r tofUimib't vtxjfdJjto^ 
ddfigerous^ yet it is noc JefperMe^'^dtiy wiHb 
yn^kpr tkf^ehes;. ^ For let* them' confiflcr 
Lhcfe/pp thmgs, - * -• r :r j " '• ';.*^ 
I. gV ^^'A deiiUrdn-'griktir^ieUgjkt in the. . 

S4; i*/»/^ //'W ^ 44 J live fdith $ik lericii V * • 
hyiifUf fUafm inAkc'dtkh ^ftheiricked, iat 
thai the meketi ikm jrm his waj iuid lh;e^ titm 
^tyjurn je fiom jtm evil wiu/^ for w/jfwiSjc - 
iie^ O Houfe pfjjtdelf -r ': - ' - . •* . 

pii be made giodu refeining\ritmmiig fmmn 
vhethet young or old^ATrm J^entmee if n^rve^. 
fifi fdie, hat late repentance Hrfefdom true. /A'l 
pRtS^/yfw arc fardoaabk iq reall fenitcnts andk 
TMebelUvets. ' » . • -r •*: r - * •> 

3^; Zhere is tf^cj^ indinrttti'imvgk in Chrijir 
^l0odt0cUanJenotonl}§oung^ bta dlstfimersfr/m, 
til their lifts. 

4« Chrijl is spiffing t0acvept old finners:, if they 
piffrcpehi at^ far fake iheirJi/jSy andreaHy turn to 
fimM^ Md cUfe wHh him cnJxisoipn terms, being 
9illingi9t^e.him not.Mly for their Saviour y bMt 
vr their Lordand.Kiitg^andtojieldufthemfelves\ 
nftMere obedience io knif and to be guided and ^ 
TBi/erneJby bis Grace and holy Sfirif. Chrift did 
lot come tOmfave men , by bringing tbcm ca* 
^4'ven inih^itnngodtioeffe, oito Glory in t)^tit\^ 

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4 1 J 9 

5X0 OffitDMtiesfftUoU^ Otajki^ 

/fy, but to de^ thek /wrthac wonUI hi| 

IV. Tboogh 4»r«rfff people, that havexM 
M i A a long coarfe of ignfsnee^ ^srilefftefit ««• 
A^ofGodf^ and the rMMf iMif;»ri of ctMiribibi 
ilioiiUi be convinced they ai« m fire fern m i M 
ooadhion* /• im wmmtmid fiMt , yet it dud 

■ (idt thence (allow ^ they muftiieeds ft cnihm 
and «(^ aAd /fM/sy /tj^jif « b«t tX^fyedk 
mnkin tIJefaifttyes, dday no longtf, aadfpn- 

■ dtly /^ dwmreives tdrar m* of this ^fihiMp 
toiulitittif while there n8fii|^M//^i>fc(ici^ 
the dt)tgtr<A it. ' Tis no fdiy to be iHfi for ikii 
fosls, tobewjf^for Eternity ir/</f. HMcton 
fettbem r^embei* nm if ever, 

I V.Thcylhoald be^cWirir/»j'«4f0i/cheyA 
ioc deceive themfelves mtfafiK^«Mh^4<ii|pci 
of Heaven, feefimitig it wUl^« ir«^«mbdiei 
iii the ttkrvnrtd, vrhen they have no rut fiat 
dttk» iat fuch a cpwfidepa, Afd[e mtgrmmM 
hope it tut a tbrtdm »fa wdking ma». Katt mla m 
ed^AUf4&«r ibottld frame ajM'<^for lumfel 
in the prifoiv and think to be ftvtd by #Atf 
would it not prove a mferdkcke/u pmupo 
MiAfeif ^ Does it not coocau even *»i ^bai 
fbre to eenfider, Vrbethec ^hftexPsnUm aa 
for^ivtueftbef fret4mfimt«,bffofG*iU£rtmkf 
or their etm fisming? whediec they Mve m 
tMranty oTPremi/e from God* Word chac tk 
^hfftv'd: Or whether they doooly>Kr«ii^ 

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ChKp.i 8. of the Duties efthe oU:' 5 1^ 

wfumi it^ without my faffidem gfcund. Oh 
i^hat l99[€ and fdndj founitdiions do maoy imtd 
hcipi&^« of Heaven upon? fuchdstbife^ 

n Their mwardfr^ejfton ofchri^UnHj^ and 
fcrmdl ferf(frm4iH€ 4f reli^Htis d§itiis. Bat as 
he jtf^file fpeaks , Jt^ar. a. iS« 29. Be k nrt 4 
^iw, liho ii one outwardlj {x0b$ ha$ dnetf the 
irff^mcifiM pfthfiefh) but he isa^ep^^ mhk 
fieinvMrdljy v/hoCt hcdrt is ciuumcijed. So he 
sa true ClfriJUanupon \vho(e heart tine favhg 
mk 9f €9rtwrf%$h hath paff'd-^ rvh<^ ksthfilttf: 
M^r rf Grace upw hk fml , reattj turning it ufko 
hd. The fair and bread leaves of an cuttpord 
fofeflion will nothing it;4i7, if the fruits off i^ 
/ h^Unef and fan^ifeatien be wanting. Gal.6. i $• 
tgr in Cbrifi ^efas^ niither drcumeifian avaiietb 
nj thing ) ner wcireumcijien , but' d »m Crea- 

3. Their meraiandeiwl depertment, their fair 
^hMejt cenverfation in the werld^ and freedom 
f^negr^efins. Now though outward rtghtecaf^ 
\iffi be not only excecxling commendable , bu t al^ 
3 soiioffary to Salvation , yet 'tis a dangerosss 
hing toreflppon% and bj that onljff we cannot 
oiKlsde any man to be in^goodfiate md con^ 
Htiaoo to God ward. For, i. You (bait find it 
}Odroy times ^iccomp^nied with ignorance^ or very 
inie favonry hisoi^edge of God , and fiiritnaH 
htn^i s« Socb perfbns ufuaBy fee no neceffity of 
e^en^dtitn^ and the nem births hot content 
^' . ' themfcivcfle 

$3o OfthcDOtiestftheQU. C^^A 

thcmfelvfs with a meer 9mraU6^ge (nr^^jriuliM 

frngn^fins y and the frA^ife oitom^mwd 

njertues\ ' no htt» nature being wrought tu cbeto, 

'b«t the oUnMttrc only v^mjkd 9vcr wkh m^i 

education. %. There ycu Ml not find/4^1^ 

fTfoJipartmygna^ frizifig qicMify orUhim' 

if^t^getm^'intertfi inlnmi, ,zn^ yctifche/«i 

be not rtdBj uniudto him^aoJHfifficaihn/MSt' 

ficatioffy oxjalvasion can i)e. expelled. 4, The 

^hitf CAU is ufualiy about m outward f^oTfiffcy 

. and unbloikeahkne^ of converiation ^ link cdrt 

abQUt m9r$ific4tm of i/ii^^r^ /nyfj , & ri^bt icm - 

f w;i^ r^^ affeiiisfis. True Gm^ prcflTech upoj^os 

burt-dutus^ as well as externsU phedicme,& pto. 

.hibit$. f«7fP4ri and htart-finst&s well as dulvird 

flthint^Cj % Cor. j.i*. /("^ifjf ;»4jv'i^^ i> Clri5, 

^^iir^ /itffp Creaturi^ old things are pjffe J mrtj, 

behold aU things are become new. 5. TheClorj^ 

God is not the chief aim and end ^ as it ihouldbc 

in whatever we do, i Cor i^.ju Whether je a 

ordrinit or whatfoever jedOy doA3tothcol&] 

4^fGod. 6. There is ufuaBj s^greaier care to per- 

iorra tiie Duti(s of the fecond Table, then ot tte 

/ri?. You (hall hzvc fome men vciyjufi in tbei 

dealings^ good neighbours, and ohcommeMdabk 

convtrjation as to the world, who yet ( niay bcj 

are very negligent and carele^'e of Gods Wmihif , 

of Familj duties , of the Lords day ^ 5cc. Kay, 

many times ate profe'Jed haters and enemies to the 

frrf(5?/V^ ^w^r o( feodliqeflc.- Soi that wcfct 

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Chap. iB. Of the Duties $f the Old. %\\ 

nore is requit'd than;!»f^r (livilisj^ and an out^ 
utd^ m^Tid nfrightnef to ground zhopeoHiisi 
'ation upon. r/'4iir/ before his convcrfion, wai^ 
Mcerning the rigkepttfnejf'e of the Law blamele^^ 
^hiL^.6^ Yet when God had favin^y enlighten- 
d bis foul, ' ivhat a doom doth he fdfi upon him- 
rlf ? and cals his felf rigbteonfneffe dung^ which 
c accounted G^/df before. 

5. Some reformation that i$ wrought in tbe9h\ 
^)^ty \\^it left fome fins they were toritferly ^/» 
e^fto. But 'cisnoc only the forbearing of fornix, 
Wy biM ztiif2v>ai'4lloMtbin^^ hating; MorringfK 
^d for f iking dU hniifih fiuSy ihziis.zgoode^i' 
Tncexiia gf^m\fi:4tt. There roUft l)eav4re to 
tortifi^ inward Infisy^md the: corrupti^ms ^Ethot 
fort^ as well as voybfiair^txom emtwarda^s of 
». To mortrfieiour fins^ i^ a Sncrifice weO'^pleaJ'^' 
g to God: lii 1 Sacrifice ^ thtit iwo things. 
cr^ required, i. "tbae it fhouldbeflainj notdie^ 
It felf: \( $hj lufisindfipsraihttlleaveiheCr 
tanphou then) *, or abate and die me£(ly through. 
r, or the decay oi' natural vigour^ this change 
wrought in thee , not by Gra^e^- but hyage. 
A Sacrifce w/osfo be offered to iJod. Itthoii 
% leave thy former fins^ anH do it^ot out of obe- 
eioretoCcAy butiotthy credit fakt^ ot profit, 
f^fwe temporal advantage^ this is not the Sa- 
ifice God delights in. 

4. The good opinion others have of them. O; 
ers think them good chriftiansi why fhould 

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not they thkik foot tbemfelres^ Bar let tbea 
CMfider, ddat irbich is stfkffcrenfgrmnsfhiii 
mtber co think weU of us > is not a fiffida 
^r0M»d{ov w to think tvei of mrfelves. A fm 
0tdW4rdJtfntmtntp JretfrdmfcMJaland effkwu 
is a fnffiaipt grmnd for mMher to think wti^ 
ur-, but w£ mu((fc&l ioine inwdrdfMwtignmi 
of (Jmc^ upon oar hearts, before we ^odgie oo 
Mv o«£ti0!ii tobe good. 
• 5. €§mfMtin^ thimfdvis Pfith #^/, /A^ 
finithcf MtnttntffkaJ as manfOihers. Bat'tis m 
yWrnrif^ t<Kiny maas &al toj^^ Artt<f tJlum^bcrSy 
exctiptiJisfeaheri be ia a j^< dgnditim. 

mitraiAkdntfidi, Confcieocc is iick ait jiiYtimif 
b^tfjfc condittoflu Soate pe/tciof ComcicKc 

;i^. ' Ti&^ne df Gods grate ft fud^mems to af* 
ford ». tmaliaa MtrimhUd CMfiievd^ in a j^ii^ 
CMr/r« To;be like ^pusk, rtMdj U htdtmii^ 
dnd Jit f aft Aftct^^ But m»9/ the ft0ce ^sgmk 
Cof^nec ufoaUy £ollowe$iipoii immitiaiiM and 
jj»T$w f$$i^ ^ cJcfing^ mti ChriH^ and /<i 
jtgtring tkpd uf tw^hm^ ftr fi»d» Mf^ ^rsKd 
Siteh a C9wftisntt does not GtAyn^MtCMfc (z 
%hic^Jkf9Arhg ^^nmfmnci t§A vriAtdmM mof d^ ] 
hi]£ sKqms^ and Jiffbmgu.^ aod cmfstis opoi 

So tttey may^ and /ei bam ail ikdrfartianiM 

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;^p.i$. oftheJOiittitttftitCld. 5^1 

iAlifty if they have no od(erA«i^^6£^i 

.Jl. dtd u mereifttl Md r(ddk/ tcif4rdp0, 'Xid 
ra«) theMMgoflit4ttMtth4mrfiifwtjSi)igfp4r^ 
\t»ii^iMi^»ity, trdnfgreffitn Mnffin* Bac ipDn 
ifcct /inrffubach he pfomtfcd p/trdm to finnen f 
1- Mr ilwf« of pardon maft havefome^/VMJ^i^ 
lie KfVWfbr usi«tfm md/miftUtfoUf ottmnfti 
obac i»r«r/)f i/«/«ir oar felvse^ Andwemoft 
Ifo ^iiow> thit Glut it jufiy as -wAldi mexc^» 
id wsiibrAtfM^j are the «£/^ of onr J^iif^, 
> weU as hk frmifis, try y osr btpu tbcrefotti 
sfore yoo tr»3 them. Ex/mtM and ^m» whe«> 
ler you are fiuh to whom God bath/rom^A^ 
irdon, ornof HasGodintfaeScripmres^ 
ared he wiU firdt»6aL taaity that^(> fi» io tbdjr 
RS, that r<|p«»r jf^r tfthem» nsKhttaktibtir 
«// /« Cj6r/J? for ptrdanzniGMu f But poffir 
^ moft Mcitnt people .wiU here tdl me, th^ 
i rtfenty they ^» ^/iiiv mi Cj^i^ wtdi itl their 
sarts, andj^^.tobefiR'dbymm. BstatasI 
Yft mftrtUf do laany dektUthaafthu botk 

the t»4ter« of KffentMce and J4f/i& /* sever 

ghcly onderftandiBg \iftm.tufmtki^fimttf 

art means, nor what it 'afiwifigllj/ ttMetve i9 

Wiji. I defice them therefore to read over 

to sadagMn thofe tw9 Ch^fUrs coocecotng Bi' 

ruame and F^iUh (which are xhcfemmind 

ird in tlus part of the Treaeife> and cocao- 

ine cbenliBlves thereby } that fo th^ may nor 


\ when indeed tbejare n$t. And let chemtiiB 

heed of botl^iog^Ar/r hpes of Heaven upon fd 
dntivw^fnf^HUiuns assbefaitow meattooed. 
..Jfl..iAhaa^ipct(o(^ Oi^uldrcdeemtbe tk 
fhatyetremattlcttVnipthem, /or thewwkhgik 
ift^eirf4nMil9£>\iChiy have bat a //w/e jt^luk t 
fgj kr€^ V^x)mf ^\Kc^^cat deal ofiamkuik 
iorefrd£i tkte jfo/ of a longJife, andto/fw 
ibeir imereB.mChriil. They (hoold oor coo 
tent cbemfdvei with a httle/^trm/ Jrottimm. 
ctieperformatKic tA{oititfewxeligi0iti Mn^ 1 
too maoy oldz-people are aptto doi They (hoQl 
Vi<if ihemjtlva of irirM; emplrfn^ents and^ 
T^^tfx^ and;tbe rirrr^ of this life, fas nrach: 
they can ) ehutifo they toay hive tlie mmttn 
to beftow upon thtir fifukr. Senurd (ai^ Th 
-Mre 4giu^ icmm&Jitf in fhH^ifit rtrrrr thcrt uli 
hdiigfjt. Oh bow orach woaldtheiMmr^S 
ioi a little iime^ wherein they might have tik 
iajt^ fewer to recover thcoifefaaes: out of rJ^f 
faljldte? How mdch then ilKMi^cf 4d^ #f*iMrb: 
Jf^«^^ and etd, fri\e mdimfre^e the time ft 
iltewed us xofi^tk tbcgreJftJ^a^s of our/«J 
]&ir/^f e we^i hence. and he feen ne m$re. 

'VII. Itcbcyhavenot.becftipr/f/>/?r*.^«fl 
fafe> they ihoe'd think it po difpara^emeti 
apf'ly' th^mfe'^MS to their Mimjler , or |i 
faithfitll, fpititad guide to be /bswed and r j^ 
wbattheymfide tobefaved^ If ztrAVilitr h 

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!^H^ 1 a« c^ foc iJMUts. oj we uia. ^^3 ^ 

mh part of the day beea ifd'OcSing-p^f^i^l^ 
iM)!, (tboogb ic msy. trouble aad «cx him Kt 
engch CO, utiderftand Ifi^erroMtzndwanJrh^) 
ffit} there is . oo rmidj for it, be ttinft ttiqmr^ 
jod labour to get ioto the r^k waj at laft. Lee 
liffirfonsxcxiCid^t, kmik^^^^ ihcy in.\ift ^^i/^j^ 
MTihcy will^V in a/4i, coodtcion ; And thcr^ 
pre let them aotJhnJ upon rfrir j^/w ^ . an4 
l^nk ififiruUiM only bdoog^ loji^upg^effU. 
f the oU}xi^n$rMt^ the ^i^ muft bs tiifiru^^ 
4 or jhey'will dU in their fi/^s.* Acid there* 
m it wiilbe wifMm in ail^^w^/ people* to i^- 
fidii i^mfeltres with the nvi^/f knMing and ex* 
rrUitceJ C^iJIuHs, that they may thereby i^ - 
ffit their foules, and daily '^r^i9^^/i& inkn0w- 
fjige and: Grsccj. 

VIII, theyfhouldjifi^^^^^'/if^jsM^ 
ulj^i0ryt4 God in their latter dates, Tit.2l 1,2. 
pr (peak^tfh^u the things wbi^h becom [e^nd i>0* 
rirse. 7ba$ the aged men hefiher^ ^^^^ '^^^^ 
rdtc ; fcnnd in Faith ^ in/Charitj > in foH" 

i«^ Tlvy (hould bc^exemftary ih f/(/f and 
»^//9^i contrary to other trees^ brioglogiarth 
j^ y^i^i* in their old age^^ PiiA.92. 14. Thei/ 
U it^ng forth frmtJn^ ^id^^f they ftiaiie fat 
i fiourifhing. they (houldUke oldKaah^ be 
\dfkers ofrighteoufnefto^ thefOMg^r iort , ex- 
rtingthem earnejthj to confeeratct\\6x%oti!ih^ 
ibef dMei to God. Mukitude of^jemfiokld 
' , Nn r/i^ii^ ^ 

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;j5 of the Dalits $f the 0U. €bi|^il 

, te^h mfdm» as tis, 5F«* j». 7* 

i..'thcy(fejttld he very chiurdMe accoidbf 
to the fnfortien of their eftatetf. Andooti 
tdo mkny «/^ eet/etostt mfert Aa^pveff^thewiM 
wifhudjinghsifd^ b90.4.»7. mireftH^tM 
{itmjee»n[e^he4eeeftMe imhtbee, he^efuj 
pis h] righeeitfiiefy /md thine ii^iritieshjfttemi{ 
mercy ti the feoty^c Lube it.4r. JnfrJif 
^in>e Mmesofpiih things gs yeu hdvey md i«U 
aU things m cleAn tnteyen. 

IX. And La(Hjr, They {hatAdhttfiettnte 
ditdtingon the fm' lefitMngs^. aad oe (^<i 
Mwe,. aad mike ktheirgrea In^^ufft tof*f* 
for their di/elntien, 

Tit^^T,. l»f j^e4i^ then the thhgs^ winch ktm 
. ftuni^ihint-j. 

V.J. 'tha the aged menbefckr, gNme^ » 
' ferine , y^i in Tnth^ in Charity, he ^ 

ence, "• ■ 

V.;. rbe^j^edwmen trhn^t ihu .titetk 

hehsvietirae becemetb holineffey net fiu^i 

<Mprtf tier given famnch winet teachers afflt 


V 4f that they may teaeh the'^ag waimem iv 

fiber t t$ Uve their hnshands , tt lave ifl 

V.5. TV he difcreet^ chafi^ heelers a$ km\ 
geody thedient t» their tmt hmkmds^ fJut 


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ififkftMdhtbe wt ^n^itewfnf§t,l\ 
job3a.7. lf4ul^»tUdfi9^A, tm-^-^^i- 
ttmelifyilirs lbniidt*Meh-mJmn» 

& . , .,,-.\ ■• •• V •• 

ftrfftlie me net when mjfirin^fiilftk - 

V.i8. Ji»^^ ilf0\ wbent4imM4ndpA}:hAi 

edt OGodftafiiktme^itjttt'^xx:, 
\kJi$ii, iMKnmit»mOJfoi^e^fMcdtf und 
iA the remama rf$6t Bnft »/ ifrMt vfhub 
iurehrn bj mefrtfiiikehify) mmbMretmrUA 
fml^tfkwMik .1 

V.4. j^t^eiiUpnrttia^Jamht^ Mde- 

ventthtrf imm tnS I C4rrfjj»y rhawrmde, 

sndlwilL^eat, ev^tmdtJtr^^ kndwiBdeli' 


ob rP.i I.- Hit hnes tire feO tf th fi^ifhis 

ytwth , wbick jh*i lie dmn with him j» Ihc 

faLi5.7« itfin*>dM*n0ttheli^0fmffent1i, nor 

ttfj trMnfff-ej^ns ^ Mcerding, tfi< tM mertj' re- 

ttntmbir tbm me , fm> tkfgeodnej^ fdte y O 

)b 1326. ttr thoumiteft hitter things -^jufi/i 

ffnty dndnMkeJi me t» ft^tQe the iniquities ofmj 


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»5j8 }Dytbei>^iestfthtOid, Cbap-iS. 

c ^Mn^tMl iifieaHiai»eengt0i*nd'eviU ca\^ 

^ fer'04ntt^ift.i^h»t'le€ttrpflut J drinks m} 

.x:h*r\smf .Awrr, Uu.viiet*ffittgiHf men , d 

ftngingwimenl rvbtreftre thenjbHiU tbjjft 
! SxvaiiW.jet simrieiHo tnj Ltrd the King. 
.A«4iuv'^« Tf^rt Mai with w sift certMi; 

the DifcifUsofCtfmA^ diulhiughimih^ 
^-rm C^n^ntf.€j^rfu, An •tiDifcifU, wk 

thejjidlliefnumlfinirijbing.' ' 

t. irAwJE* 6}trmit^AimMf4r^ jet tbtima 

y..-mMLifreniitet(J^ij^* ,. 

lfa.40.3 1 . But thej thtt kait nfim the iMdflu 

^' '.nneMtheifJhe^ , thtjfluB mprnf nf •« 

''.mngfdf^^fSythtjfbASran, dmJnttkm 

U zfi .ihej M »'»'*» ""^ natfdim. 

2 Tim.4.6. Fir I dm now resdj tc he efferel, 1 

. \ thermepfmi^»titn u st htni. 

■ •. V.-ju . / idveKtwgk 4gi0Jfight, I hdve f4 

mjcourfe^ ihive kept the Faitk 
X V 8i. HeneefQrth there is ItUnff&r medCn 
~ ■ if right*iv(af^ * pfhicb the Ltrd the rigkt 
. ^^e fhillgive^ m. irt tk^d^f^ mJ mtu 

tnlj ihut unit till \htm dft that Itve hit Mfp 
'. Jng.v. ■ •, . .: 

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:" ' CHAP. XIXV ■ •-••^'^i'c? 
Dktmm u\he ke*hh]ind t» the - > 

- ' ■■■'■ 5/^*; •■ '•■ ., • ". >'l v'b 

LE T fuch as enjoy hjsM tfboJj, th« r/|i5? 
if^e tf their Mderfiandiwi , eutfrtitfjlf if 
mih and fen fes, h\xAih]yilefft Cod ^neCo-^fim 
mo-c^. ^Few jp^dplif W«^ ttibir he4ftkm6ti^t 
tik 3ln kdetie Ayiiig , H« ii»«< it in hexm i» 
th, at$dkmfiisit mt. ir4W Ai^dtd nSeK^ 
i€if*rrA df rtterciw; Leti^ifthercfowe^^ 
ill ^«' w/W dnd cMjUer ho^ mUny Ji/tra^eJ} 
pdfed.mnhfUd, defirmtct^'^ tterear^ [n^ " 
le'wroifldj aiiJd' 'tis 'Gods ^winT/^r ^^fj^tU&r 
(f aM'fiot /If** , oeworfe\ Let 'thfecdn^deriii 
Ml \maktt\:i^»^himi$le,indthd»kfiilf±ip 
km be ofwi Tf^/w^ up their hem to lh*'*(Jfdil 
dftyidgy With hoTy X^thtiUlWhdtlhdff'rrett^ 
r#* /*e Ivrdftr aU hU Btfieps tomirdsm!^ 
at. ntf.-rt. jB/r/f the Letdomj /ciilyjm^^i 
uit vfithift meiteffe hit'h^J Ndme. Bkljetht 
¥^ O mfffftt, Mdftrgetnei oB his mtfii;. 
^.io^,i:;%.- NttwttP ut OLerd, n'ttunttm ;. 
1 004 thy f{miegive^lorj,Va}.iJS.i: And- 
their »MM'c4re be intimc6f health tofiPdrty 
their Salv^^itn, to (ecure their/4/^ in Gr/ue, 
i their title to Glorj^ and to lajagoodfoMdati^^qiQ 
"N 3 w ^ 

ffiagainAthetime of fiek/u/, 'Tis/ib/, exceed 
Ing /W, when a ^;;(^f n^ff is ^ to be iofinta 
cd in thofe Crsfef^ he iiavAd nfw exercife H 
that frtftres not iFor death before his Zff/?^&iw| 
( as onc.f9i$$ ^\ >. viUhi kmtkffb^iffs ufi 
ify PkiUffipij when he i/gfi^g tt di^tue fduda 
inthefMultj. InheMth^ while a man has a r^ 
Wdj?«>^»iV of |ji5w-i/^»# b«f«c tjiqi^^/c 
l^i$ il|Ki«FAfMviing.4«f 0»it4y^ f^hy or !« 

^Hfmmm , b« 0)p(4d 9pfi\^ Hm^ » Im 

^Jfi/imivg Dire0mf tb^tfomtlMtwpiv 
<oib«M b^WflftiUy f>tf04e4:^it^4r4id\i 

<|i«lce bc(o(« Hm v.fiQd KOrOQ «ll this oipti 
ilHkf^tif9s4(h«fi!irPm(^lw»toG*^d, mH 

^rt*rt\^«/ wa^jis. Whiwas *^ d 
^fSP^gf^M m4 ^<^< of ibeftt Hhiogs, m 
Qe«d« rimcbemrf )v9 ^^mfyf^Mf(t(r4t^k*a 
3Dd fucb gw(it me^i^^kh tb« »T»^«>da 


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Qbap^ip; DktSmt40thtSuk, ^41 

Jiire&iam to the ^ck, 

The|« \sh»dlj anything yi\)isiaa4Mtnifier 
\9iAgr(Mr Ujfty thm wnacM f^toj^kpet" 
ins : the (xmdkioo of m^ being fuck, that 
&rf f)^ -ifcriim swakenu^ and r9nzi»i p^ of 
be;diM]f(j^</of4:araal fecuncy, and tobe.madct 
npjfSIMtf of tbfi great V4K^«r they are iai, as/« 
^ fivtriMflingfidtt, fiatpkile ve Jt tbk^ 4he 
ckf4rii 9ad tbtft tlut mend, are ape to think 
r«]f«4»Mtf todnvethemto/<i^4^, not ondei- 
taodingthe/nM MTure thereof: VottodeffMr^ 
I tacm^ Mttrlj m/^fuuBy) is tbisywhtp 4 
iy|» flktUcfiiH^iethtt bifias Mre greater tbtm^eas 
HT^ve Uit f« <swi» t9 fet Umfelf ttrefent, cr 
ijimUebitfuil, wtmmf'pm bufim, ha ({ceiae 
k cQuMtitn it defftrste ) rtfilves t0 gotnw his 
fm» t^fiy t0 Mff tb* }lt^met ifj» ktrr^ 
bitebt mayb/ive tiem, faMg wbeat tbit UfeU 
me^ mthiiigrmMiisfirhimbKtartMndamnar. 
tt> .' Sttdi a rata as this may beiiW; faid to 
ifftiir. Bat for ton ferfm to be fo amMkened^ as 
\ {eehimfelf for tne prefent in. a i^ conditton, 
tdtaidtrtbimdtbdmlcMrJtsfGodhy reafincfhis 
pf Ufte hit $m utter ittibi^tj to helf bimfelf^ 
I be enquirixg M»d tdrnejlh JM&icitMS pfh^ hi 
mfi dp to bejtved, to hd-ve hit k-'ortfuS, ofdonkts 
9§f<^i 4»dtrffihles, conttrpfttl tnfiatt of hit , 

541 airt^tniiotkSiii^ CMpi.^f. 

(otds this is fqch z Jeff air as \spfk4lljt\xfm' 
'runner of a [Avii$g (fnverfioa. And therefore far 
pepple that \\vjt[fentt\)cittime inf/faad vm- 
iyiint^Mrance and worldH»^\ m Bvit^n 
fhei^pihfii^ and to .thc/r/J, and Wr nev&jA, 
4»)! WJt ef Grace nftnijheir he^is^-nsiv evcrtert 
beeiirr«/y fitfmUed under znapfreBcttfiimctde 
evH and </4»f«r of their fins 5 to expedaMt fljoujd fpcak gmfmxa tKenj, is to dlrfire 
iabcfatb'd and fatiereJ to mk evntdcfinOir 


' Th^ Direl^hitt thcr.cfbrc I think lieedfol fof 

fick feffdm^xc thefe fiB^ik^. . 

IV I«t them coofidcr that. ik5ja*>ii5(fi;i^«, 

or Wftf^feroi body comes hv ir^^Mncr, bfctl 
the infe indifrd&fy^»f^dffce\^ththaid ^Gti-j 
that ?tis hfs mejftjiger:,. and ^* by hips W» 
thptii. And therefore Ictthcml&tf^f *)&f>»i/,«rf 
phobstb 4ffti»ieditiy\ACS^ 6^9, * 

ll.'tpi th,etrifct t^cmfelvcs before the T»f 
fmn/doi Cj^i/l; before mWltieyiijay (fa 
ought they know) ihort]^ MpVtMt. Andh 
themcoofideTj he is a ^«^/inat cahnotbei^ 
(eived,notYfi\\hfimsckedi' That he»jttSt 
Weil as merciful, righie»$fs as well as^-w 
ai)d an thfii; fins #r;^»4/ and oBtislff'tmifk 
cofnmi^on,f^m^ihe Law and Hgain^the 
J^elf agahtjfmeraeff'igaiufi juJ^/^eatfy kgak 
frsmiftt /fttd 'inwes pf better tbedieuce, aU t\ 
^nfi^tboujfbts, "MdfhfiitU iiffelHvnsvxi mtti 

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tf:tlitit.hiM v-4/? thmfthfiil rhrdftiid fiftfpi. 

Ml. Let (hfeA l^rmfiy eitAmVe th«mfdv«,> 
and pM thefe/?*fjWy?/«,/ ^^^ttttfe^ Om^ 


s«fr/f y * What i**/<^*f /<r»/«f'th^ havebadnp;) 
ofi tbcir Arti;»/ tin the whoW «)drfe of tbm© 
liwes-; of thdf dwn wAaiijfif'aftd imetchtdfu^ 
hf vMitfi, iSe, hi)^fiup Mi dtfikmtra rfihm 
ftmiihekjupdeUHtfmithl tfkir nd»r4»^ 

W^eltiti the5^'.have evdr beea^eeffyftitfity ci 
the aOrW^^iM)- ttrittdii jfMtr»nefft.0ffhm 
mU^4tt(ihf»tn^'tfiheh- hetirti, imditnlBmtff 

If tbty A«s««,i =#hie ifAf^i bas i\icctnfide^4^tii{ 

fk»4iit^nfki(reA'm che(ii?'iWbsit«i»x/rh3fe 
it pttt thim ttp6n Iw fimiJf f. What, indtfirj. 
twe ■• tUty owt^^ xAm-fdini Ynfff tbey xakeai W 
H- iAr/Kwiiif/«tfew»f thlStnirerableeftaceA ^^ 

Wa), saAtoi^ iktetnthtmh,- t^beroer.evec' 
iftcy tim bi&\4feiffd{ift yitifmi^dtuAU tk^. 
Iftee} i^titktJ^ff'fhitigs6tno,^ '^ • .!• 

■ 'SteM'il'jy Whrtfctet t*tey 'emr/jr/Br/jr.<ifj»rr», 

\4»t^ the CtvHtmirtf Gr4fe, i4o& wiHi gjk^m 


$44 ^kfi(ii^t0$kSkk Cli2p.iA 

frm» 9ad incoajSa^nc i^/^^t)f»^t8fie of'.tbofe 

Mi»( about t))«ie.,;bn)gs« /U)«cf9r« la dM 
ask chetnfelves feriooily* whether cbev do Jo* 

tmf u 6m Mfy Vt^nmt^ )^ « p$ rAdmrn* 

fii$l^ vfii^tmitfffmrf^difimlkkt i9fmridf^ 
ferkit»s» and t^fMrmikH ii^Jmige.sfSmtt, 
Vt^hethsr cliey r^4tf/jr 4f>Pni^9d^d^u^^ i»- 
yift^ apd mi^i^m 4p&){ vA.^f^mtwt tf 

ntgMM, ttmfiih(4k.mde$iirfMi* Wbff!tb«r en 
they affftbttt^fdthwQwn dtffgmf^tf^ha^ 
0^ qrigifisi^ »d i| kngf muktr-of 4ltti4lfimi 
Whether thtreavtr baa benaiiif a^ in cb«a%49 
<fari ctntrHitH 0nd heaay {mm for dnnr fini 
aoavthac nfMy3»fni-gfnmd$ becaaic they ^ 
fi^totcetMwglf d^kmmd. <iuk fkreed mtr du 
£ird^S4vipm>,^ri(ftdtlf(hly Sfirif^ irt^^ 
a 0410 and de^lemeft' ttfm tkeirfitlkt* andnp' 
4ndthetulelvt$jpftlyUlAlit0ibfy»itb aod 
pfiSidi Whdther their ik«^ have been wa 
t0 a hitHdixAkitfhh^ of $0,; (tqdio 9/91/4 

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"Mf*i0f Vkf&kvi u the Skk, sa5 

itvtrfluihmfin^ taAvMncmttaUftui'itedun-' 
f Qtd i WbetiKr tbey have,«irrr/)i apd mthtUt 
mUtfffirit et»feffed& bHp^tdtMeirfmmifo 
\ti% their ftrusdMr humu^ fJirtiatl^tf; and 
Ufetrttt muHfowerai^ nwhtrnvu finswiiiharf'- 
tiTitf : tttafejfwi i ■ Afltd heie that .the pek 
vrp« may die hetto[.t»minebkAkliy«id sma- 
m hii Confciguje , and ^ay Mtukr^ed:{ Fa 
ban inearore)tbe«M^ of bis fiBS, xVttftve' 
'diauhdithtm,- and thtvMimr wdetoief^ 
"mirtf^Cod^ Ice htm e0»fidtr and ftndefjiri- 
mfiy tit :(he duties £immaadid mdfimfirkiddetf 
at^eX^iiP or tOfCitmiiumdmrmrs and thtj^e- 
lod/bis agaittft the C^jf^r/ .* Foe themore pamcu* 
lor bis repottaoceis, the more fBttgenr and j/^ 
pSive ic wUl be, .and (o the mocry^irro'^and 
rgkBiuL ...... 

:6f.thedKtus etf»»f4aded mdfim ^iiddeiti» 
^Lam'0ri0nCtmmmd»umtsi " 
: i'V'^^ fi^ Gomaaandmeoc reqnireth usto 
f<<'ownaddaiikri9«iedge Jehovah to be the on- 
'Sly trae God, iud our God, and to adore^ wot' 
'f iUp and glottic -bim accordingly^ . 
! *^ The fan agaiaft this CommandmeDC 

** I. Atfaeifm $ not believii^ there is aGod ; 
i or fo living as if ^here were no God in the 

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54^ Dire^msUfbt^skh ChapJj 

'^^thanbnev or aoy withotio fteadofibeiai 
fVGod/ prayings or giving »;r rdigioasfB 
•5ftiip to vSahits^ jftOTgcir, or any odJcrOs 
5^ ture. J. ^ Ailcocnpads, and cmiAw^ti 
^ f he Devil V all reforting to Wicches aodCa 
5^4urers , which i$ In cSaft to go to the Ds 
^^hlmfelf^lMaJdng men the Lords of our {«i^ 
f^ & Coofcieoces. %. Ignorance, mifapptttai 
*^.ons,mistielMconcertiing God ^nothbosa! 
^ after the tradknowlcdgc of God, DOrtsfa- 
^f vonringttd andcrftand mdtit iiis natoRi^ 
5? pertics^and warks« tfjnfidelity, not bdwi 
*'Jhi4 Word,Qriwt.i>elicving It dfeftajlly&p 
*^ Aically forarcGcHveaccording tooorbcfaM" 
?« belecving. W^ thrcatniQgsfa'astobcafi*^^ 
^^ fh^tn 5 norhispcomifes fo as to beionce^ 
^ them unto obedience, and newndfoxrftt 
*' 7. Diffidence and diftruft of his carcmdp« 
5* videcice^^ no^idepfading on^.himfordcfef 
^^plyofourv^antsr ncjtlookiii^ uptoto^f' 
^^ our lawful radcaizours ^ wfl?^ 
'^himby ufing unlawful means, in'ftcidtjl^ 
*^ing hislcifure.v Crcature-confidaicc, trd 
*' ing in wit^vwealch , friends,.^, andtbai 
'^withdrawing our bearts^didq>cndanccfta 
''God. 8- Want of love to God : Not cte 

ving to bim:w:ith a fervencrio^c,aj^ehciidfl! 

him the chief good 5 not loving himfbrb 

own infinite iKceHencics, and tor his goo^ 
^'neflc to usy not loyingl^auwitbaUoDti 



hijl JJin8hwH,tbt&HK 547 

ioos abd mighty but loving our feWes, ouc 
ifures^or praficS) or credit before him ^ in- 
bate fectiog otir minds anc} afie^oos on o« 
r chiogs befides. God. 9. Wane of zeal 

forwardneffe to promote his Glory.* 
xwarmoefle; iftditferency ia tbe chiogs of 
I; DOC forrpwing for tbbCe raigningfias 
reby his honour is edipfed. io« Hoc 
ng God fo as co keep from .aily wilfol of- 
i)g q£ him V timoronrneiTe^ tearing man 
r man God^ by commiteiilg fin co flMm 
r outward fumribg. ^riiwNot. rejoy- 
in Godi nor in his wdes and Wor(l»p % 
in% his vvaies grievous ahdburdenfomr 
kacizidg firotai him> forfakioghisW^r^ 
nd Service. 12. Pcefumtng ground'^ 

on his mercy, vrhil^ we goeninaoy 
£q'} or defpauring o£ic^ fot, astoMg^ 
my. 13. UmhankfolnelTe for cb<m 
mrcies he ha^h fo freely beftowed !iip« 

not acknowledging them % or letcJ9g 
fipby, withpuc any regard or notice^ 
00 ape ta afcribe Gods bleffings taoac 
or endeavoocs ^ facrificingco ear own 

our ovtm wit or pares, not afcribiDg 
ty to God^ . 14. IndGshfiblenoflS^uA- 

judgmeiits^ or difcohcept st hisdi(^ , 
>ns s Imp^tieocc aodcr his Fatherly 
nencs^ notacceptif^ihepuoifliii^c 
liquicics wothottt mBctnatlng or repi^ 

^4> ^Uikm Hih&skk. 'CkOfsH 
** toxics ^ atBendtng by Ms cont^domjaati 
'*thtfr£liQttrtgy de^cing^ tuid chvgiiKGo 
^^.fooWif* .1%. Hoc ycdidiog (ach ftn 
•^'and Bnivnfal obcdietice tb Um asweou^ 
**-bocii itt bean and life;. 1)$« Koc lunriog 
*<fai|^ awT^as aBtoringefteeatofGod, aacck 
•^filieamiq; oittfidves hamislv befocr hioi, « 
$*Mrdiag as^ aifeir wBensilcaao his infioitc mfi 
^ fiflg excelkncies do rei]Qin$ 
: «(Thefi)toodCoinniaiidin0KAeiP9fliejDiff 
f«Mr h(i# the tarn GaA TMho w mfl^ye d; 
"■:aitd rcqsfrestthe d>femtig 8adke^iB|^e 
^^otndti aUrQdiBeligioQsWorfltt))^^^!)!^ 
<hiQtica 2sA«i \mh ^cnnced in hit Woid. In 
^^"wiid tdsAzity h oppbfed to the fiiftCoa 
<^.alBiidniBnr) outward to this. The cme Ctoi 
f is CO be worftiippeki only ifl that way thtth 
4hi[nle}f katte ^'poinc^'^ TYsettktt iMi 
^^'CMus andirupcdtitlooB Wcnihtpfers <^h^ 
«*he cats haters, of him ^ dod eiprefltt s vf] 
^tktvtM 2«i for bis otrn Wonbip, sniaie 
,*<iMiigtMlmdi!gaadoaagaiiii(^aU Wodb^ 
^^ as iMinf rpman! Whoredonk 
• ** The fins agiinft tbi« Csimnuodfamt » 
^h All mU-vMfrfliipt faperftidaor orcocnpt 
** ing ttoe ' dtdiinhcqi of Cod) by-mans uIvck:- 
<'oiis* a. Misdcingany lAiiges foe anli^ 
r^ufe^ithevioftheiroeGod'oroffidfei 5. M> 
'^kiR^aflyrnjvefciiQaoii'of Godf of all, d 
<'«ny^the>XfaiSB:P«slciii»mtbe Ttmny^ « 

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Oajhf9» JiireBiim t$ the Sick. ^4j> 

■^ifaerihwttdlyiadurmind;, or outwardljrm 
^ 9^' Idnd Oft rms^ or likenefle of any cfe»> 
^vixxt wbat(cie<rer ; 6r wodhippin^ of it , or 
=* Oofl ih itund ^ife • 4. Worthippnig.of God 
■* aqy i^iy not anedible to his Hitore, «v) dot 
i^ warranted by m Word % wtiicb rMoires he 
'*QbsxM be worfliipped iti Spirit ana Trdtb, 
*with QtirigfatnejOfe and fincerity^ he beifi^a 
'^ fpiritou and moftpure Being,.withontany vi- 
'''fiblefiirfflor^ftape: Therefore^ fonmtity, 
'utt^tiitoalndl^, and meer bodily Worflnp^ 
"* that which fceciimdcawray with;. / 

^Thii third Commandtnenc requires we . 
'* (hoald honoar and reverence the mqft holy 
^ and glorious Na^nt of 6dd$ and that alibis 
*Tide8, Attribwtes, Ordiflances, or whate- 
^ver elfe he ispl^dto m^^e known himielf 
'by, behoiily and reverently nfed by us. This 
*- Cdmrnandment * fiems to have regard princT- 
< fiSbfti that wbicb wecall theconmon Wor- 
*iblp of God. ii e. the right carriage of our ' 
« felves for hisbbftdbr m aH the common af&iri 

* of our life ( as wieU as in theexercifes of Re- 
^figtott) fo fit &rth as we have any thing tp 
** do. with him therein* 

*** Thef fins agaihft this Commandment are, 
^ X X^tlc irreverent ufing & namii^ thename 

* of Ood>i>r«r.t8.58.Not fearing this ^riotu 
'* and fbarfsl Name, the Lord thy God. 1. Cii- 
^fSotMty ft^aring, and inorcKuaary communt' 


**qitiofi. 3. Swearing. ,f?lfly, or 
*5a6cfwie^iqg in crotb, jiidgipeac and righ 
"bafiiefre,.,;^<rv4.2. wtwo. Jawfiiiiy xa" 
«<^creant0r ^4^ -Hafphcmlogt, j. .Gwf 
V«($. QharaJSfBid'JExorcirmi. 7. Pcopti 
^jc^ii^g qH ScHptpre, rS.^Uolawfol aad\ 
^fiwArranuLbV, fOKros.. . ]p^.: Cailiag on G,. 
^' with ottff )iM. ivQep,,ou(r.bearts ate far bit 
rfam... :.■■. ! -;'. ..... 

.' ^"tkc feurtfi C^niatidment ttqwasA 
[*^kc(^iHjgrholycpGod rijchjettimeasbebad 
'** Appointed' in bis VSTocd-) ^xprefl/ onc^idiok 
<< diy ia (even to be 'a Sabbatb HMD &» 

"Lord:;.".':" •;■ ■■■,■.■,'.■' •."* . !• 

« l^e fins ag«o& this CpmrnandmrataK 
*!i* 1^<^ preparing 'for U by taking caceCbu 
<*dirpaccb and.difpoCe.osi: worldly; bofioefe 
>' t^c vric may be . more free and « foe the 4 
/^ ctesiofcbcf ay», 2. t^ot reeling from nodi 
<^ly -emptoyinents and fervile works ^ ejooq* 
.*^ log nieceiury HA chjirifableoifices fomeoa 

'/'of, or a utefeHe beiirtlefIe.parforauuicc d d 
i^yptivate and poblick^iitles.thac concern i 
<< fiuidlificacion of it. ^ .^og. weary of d 
** Sabbath, not delig^hcipg. in it^ ncnr tt^dud 
.'"ofic, bijtwiihingirweregcme. j« Propb 

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*^imida%%}n(xaa$fidiy of fports andrd* 
'ci;«auoa5{,w£ch atieoateche mtodtnorefroni 
.' God thaa cheordinary labours of one callings* 
'6. No( jEakif^ care chac chofe ander oor 
: charge do fanftt^e the day and Iceep U holy to 
the Lord, but by oor carelefleneuc, or con- 
'nivance, and ill example encoaragtng tbcfn id 
cbeprophanation of it«. 

So mach of the duties commanded and ^ 

irbiddcnin thefirftTafade. 

The/ercMf/TVi^/feDJoyns the JxtieufCh^ritf 

id ^»fiiee towards ou^ NfigU$mr. Againu 

ifvc da, tvhenir<i# 9«t l0ve0mnei^bMrs 

t dt got ft dttl vith them, m we defire tbey Pieuld 

** The fifth Commaiidment recjoires the gt- 
vidg of that honoar and performing thofe da-^ 
ties which bclor^ to every one in their feveral 
places, and which wte mutually owe in 09t 
feveral relations , as loferioors ^ Sapertours^ 
]E<|uals. By ¥ather and Mother are meaot « 
nKic only natural Parents^ but :^1 Saperiours i{i 
igc and gifts, and especially fuch as by Gods 
Drdinaoce are over us ia place of authority, 
pvhcthsf in Fainily , Churcb, or Common' 
ivealth. • , .^ 

*>* The Siiis pi Infcriotirs ag^(i Superiours , 
zre, I. Not paying, them doe reverence in 
leart, word and behaviour, i* The envy- 

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551 xfke^krUMheSifi. Otii^fj 

"log at, coritenming of,"br Irebelt hig ag aW 
•^tSir petfom, ^ices, feWW' catamatA 
»*coanfcls, orcorre^rons. 3. I'fjt^yiogfc 
^* them, not imitatiBg their Xstt^^tlad ^trt 
"4. Carfing» mocking, and 'alt fildi ^Sm 
**loa$ and refraftory carriage t6f«*{ird$ them. 

" The fins of Strpcrioors are, i. Neigfte^ 
«' the daties of their refpedtive places, j. Sd 
* ing therafelves and their owi* Otory. ^. Coo 
«« manding things unlawful. 4. 'Coirofe% 
*< encouraging or favouring that 1*hidi«$ err? 
«' and difcouraglng that which is good. 5. Oi 
<«dueGorreaitdh. S. Difliononring thefflfi4*« 
"andleffening their Authority, ekherbytJ 
"rigohjus, ortooremiffe abehawor. 

'* The fins of Equals, are andervaluii^t! 
«* worth , envying the gifts, gtit^iAg at d 
<^«advancemenr,-orprofperity, oreftecmooc 
** another^ an4 ufarping prehemiueBce one 
^*ver another. 

*« Thcfisth Conirtilndmeht requires atfb 
" foil eiideavoilts 16 preferve tiur own Ift, a 
«« the life of others. • 

<« The fiits againft this ComBftanidmenf a 
** K Mvdei-r"2. Striking, mainring or Innt 
« the bcjy of oar neighbour. 3* Sinful ooad 
•* ftd anger. 4. Hatred , envy , defire <rf 
•«venge. 5. RaiHng, reviling, contumcft 
«' rpeeches, quartefimg , threaltning, icorni 
•« and provoking. ^. Sowing ftrifc add con> 

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Oaf it p. • HircBioMS tatbt Skk. • f j^ 

.^tite ^nKH%:heighbi>um '•% Dmokenaeire , 
^^rQr£et(iog,'i](iidd20Qdl^ or drawing^jany* co 
^'thoietke^vtbitk ire &sA agakift the bodjr, 
^odm^bripg difieaTes afuidi»ili..8« faiordi* 
^^Mt^paffions^woddly grurf> ixnmoderate cuk* 
King and \cmk%^ or wkicGta A(^ tends tatbe 
^ ddaudioftcf tfaelife of mao, 

*^ The fCTCtttb Cocn indi iie pc requires cfet- 
^ftic];of body; oikldyoaffiQAionK vfords and 
' behavionc i^ and the. vttkt^zvaxi of it nintr 
^ Crimes and odscrs/ Ictbcbkltch) i. Locking, 
^ Of eneectainttig ift om isikids oocleon thdugbts 
and fancying uncleonroxiatters mth.detigtic, 
'a. Unclean dsfiQes^ afleftiona, and lofts^ 
thoo^li; they cooae 008 into a^y which la rh« 
adultery at the bsora* ..^ Wancon looksft 
4« Nor fhutdng ouc eares againft nncleaa . 
t^k. 9. Filthy &k(^\xifcy6. All imckaa 
sn^, andfinful poUiitions* 7. idieoeflc, iit^ 
tcmpccance , and. pfflafiering the body* 
K« Wanton immodeftaniring. 9. Light be* 
layiour, and feciecy v^itbt light perfons. 
ier« La&hmosgefiureS) tevellings, dancings, 
ilaies i pidarcs, amorous books^ fongs, or 
Hbatcf^reife-tends cofotnepcthefleflilycoQ- 
npifcencc » which wc ought to ktboox by 
II good means ^o quench and fop-- 

^ The- cig^ Commandment requires the 
I wf al .prbeittkig,^ and forchering the wealth 

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^94 Direiii9»t$ibtSiA, 

^ and OQCwatd eftace d[ out felvaai< 
** It forbids , I . Videnc caidng oc i 
^ ftom our ndghboar whac jouiy 1 
<< him. . 1. Fraaduleoc dealiog , 6^ «<i| 
**aQd meafures , .(»rer>readiiag la ^ 
**j. UiifaithfiiliMireininaaenQfaBtfC 
** vetoafneiTe , and inordinate km of lif 
** 5. Diiconimc at oor own efiates, JNi 
<<Gods Providence. ^. Not pavii|f^' 
« tx^row, and whac is jaftly due nn^ 
« liable.. 7. Exa^iiao, extorcioOjitPj 
"and not making reftitotioa of ifl gooaip 
.« where there isabfli^. 
. ''The ninth Coromandniem wf^ 
<< maintaining and {Mromotii^joftrDiiib^ 
"manandmao, andofonrowaaado^ 
«' boors good names ; efpecialiy ia ^ 
^bearing. It forbi(b.r i. Giving fallecfv' 
-** and fuborning faUe witoeile, zb&^^ 
** i. Wittingly appearing nod pleaii^^ 
f^evil caofe., ootcKing> and ovedm' 
<* trach. 3. Credality, finiOer foTpiooXi' 
." belief, a ready UftntHjg to tale-beatost ^ 
'* ving and countenancing ill rqxxts* d^' 
'* to the defaming of others; roifi^MI 
«* tendons, words and anions ^ and odOT^ 
*^ doobtfiU matters in the wocft feofe 1^^ 
" fpeaking untruth of any oun t a reaM 
*' rpeak ill, and fptead the faolts of oihcd, j 
'* it does no way concern oSj, oor is liketoH 

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Oiap.i9< Bire^hns t9theSkk, 555 
'< fit others. Slandering, raifing fitlferatnoDrs, 
^fcofllii^, reviling, ra(b, har(h, andparciall 
'*cen(uriiigi;andoncharitabiejadgiag. 5.Speak* 
^tng coo highly, ortoomedalyofour felvesor 
'others* tf.Undaefilence)WMaweooghtaad ■ 
^ may dddad the innocency of oar neighboar. 

** The tenth Commandtnent requires parity 
* and ihtqgrity of thoughts, defires, and wifties, 
^ cantcnanmc with our own eftate and conditi- 
'on, and the portion Godtiath^yenos, and 
'a right , charitable , wett-wifiitng frame of 
(piric towards our neighboar, and all that|is 
his. The fins againft this Gommandnaent 
ate , X* Difoontent with our own eftate, 
3. Haini^ and harbouring hi our minds evil 
fiuides, roving and ranging lufts^ andcovtc- 
ingi of that which is our neighbours, arifing 
Irom our cotnipted natures, and accompani- 
isd with delight and (deafufe, choagbonr wils 
dbnotcoofent tome accdmplifhtngofthem; 
Bcforein che«iiherOoiniQaadinents,the deed 
was condemned that was hurtful and injuri- 
ous to our neighbour, asalfo thefctled will 
and refbtved detcmunatran to;id it ; bat here 
evil tbov^ts and ftirrir^ in the foul, the 
fidft buUings of concopi/cence, the very de- 
Src and lau,and loofe hankering after any 
thii^ that is oor neighbours is forbidden, 
tbough there be no full conTcnt given thereto. 

Oo $ "3.Eavyaog[e 

^$6 ptreilifipf t^ibe Sitk, 

.** ^ 1^yu% w4 grievtpg ar liie good flii 
^^nei^bcxor > wai t/f^oycAV^ «c his ftftrf 
" 4. AU inordin w v^toas, afffl^kuni «* 
,"l&es pf bear^ 96^ mjf dt^ag due >'< 
**i;,. .3l<I« eadiBMroiiriug tohftKSt^ 
*^ fibov^ts and ohelirft tB<llionstD>6 $ te* 
'' voai:i»ig and «iaiBG9^flMg fibeo^ n«ti|;^ 
5' with cleUghfiiii ^r oairas $ Hoc Ub«Pi9j 
V lEOC^pur hojirts.wjucb^diUgcDce atf*^^ 
'* dee }a/l and concBjutfcoK*, TmNcfc* W 
,*< aad f^muuua ofiatUio. aadnnd^di^ 

•:•.'.. .V J • • i 

: . Tb^ ^t itg«ii# '^ (7^ ice nkfi^^ 

'. :^4*lhf, . \ '. .. .; 

*i»dirt«)»>yyKWiw iflpd fwiWgfl dwi 
5' tbdQgii is «c««iun« f b»Mf Mt«yiiS(*| 
<^ th6 qgt¥3t«ift conftqiMice s^:nS(Khit •< 
*•• jmflj;ined. ••"^ ' ij 

;<f ii. Hot dX^ttim%v}\%iofy9^nmw 
^SbaWli^ ^ctol)9>oir|rie4 ibobciviih^ 
^' triu^ (oi £lo<SfcHae> ivifb buy aaf«t«ii 
«' }5haQliic, aiid fe CQihwe «Br jnra^fioan' 
'^ ironn tlie finftfiiiiCtfir that .Uin 0xa^ ^ 
-■' prove un(a«iiKlrio the Faitfc,. 

xlh Not foloring, cfternqg andbf 



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\^*9» pir^SxMS tithe Sick. $57 

^4mng fiif Itw ^ vve iboald ; .not r^fficieoc- 
\^fjniT,\^^tnat miradeof Divioe boiuity; 
peln ttv^iove of God Was fo wooderM^r 
tfui^oi towards us, in fendiag^iiismly 
gottqi ipa^Jintotbe world, that wf mjghc 
^tbroi&'Jinw. . . ■• 

JV. ^laHio^^igbtofChr^ft, andooderya* 
iqg tbCj^cat Wc of oqc blc^Ted Rcdeei^er^ 
;3diiig iutdefjfoot the Met it^ qf tbejSpQ^:^ 
Pdf «ad|Rcpf>t»Qingtbe^oodofche<^OTc^ 
kt, and t|tertb)r laboiuiog to cender-ChrUls 
ifion of n9ne eft^fft j not (xuioting all th^^ 
i^anddang'ifl cpQWWifofi^the excellency 
^the knowledge ofChrift JeAis oarLq^t 
Tccoontinghimalltqall, Aotrejoyciag,^nd 
l^^ioi in hiio^ ^d bim cn)c|fi^d« by whoBH 
OQe we nqcive acooemenc^ opt efto^rakig 
is favour and loving kindnejQTe better thaa 
feitfelf. , >. 

^\ V. Not livwg by Faith in all e((aM$ sod 
bodltioQS, not embracing the pronufcs ;d: 
be Gofpel* with fo mach readioefic) and ^^ 
lerin^tothetn with fo much ftcdfaftaefi'e, as 
be excellency antf certainty of them do(S tfi* 
yiWi not improving nor applying iliisridi 
frpaibreof GolpeKpcotnifes, onto the vanoas 
ii^afioDS of this temporal life; notJookipg 
^pon them ^ our Heritage, and efteeniog 
them the joy of oar hearts. 
^^VLBei^aptto^elyonour ownrigbQeoaf- 
O o 4 ** nefle , 


5^8- DireffimtctheSicki t%ap.l| 

'^ ncife^ cor own fer vices or Grac^ ^ and dm 
T'by endeavooring (as much at ixiosUesJ tt 
^ deprivt Chrift of his Saviour (hip. 

^* VIL Not owniiig Chrift in all hisoffico 
'^oct being willing^to accept of him, aswd 
<^ for oQt Lord asoyr Saviour -,' fibr opr Prophe 
*^ to guide qs, as well as for pur Prfeft to malo 
/* atonement for its ; not being willing tobeo 
^^bedient to his f^awes and Precepts ^ tob 
^<fanAified by his Grace and iloly Spirit^ z 
u well as to be faved by his m Aits ^ & dusheait 
^oi unbelief does prove many times a rope oj 
^ apofta^y , ap^ tie^arture from the Hvi&i 
f God. 

which hath fevered ie^rtts alf$: " L Wta 
f notwithftanditig God hath in fome mesfon 
^< discovered to os our tniferable^ and loft cot 
f^dition by reaCpp qftheCoyeoantof work, 
**Cwhicli admitted of no repentance ) vre havt 
^^ not yet hamUed our Tel vc& in any proportka 
. jF^co the malticude and ^reatnciTe of oor fias 
•* though the Gofpel arid Covenant of Grao 
^call us to it, and require it of us, as that wttk 
f ^put Which we are nbt to expcft Mrdoal 

y II.; Not being inquilitive atrer our fin| 
f f fiqr endeavouring to e^tachine and find bot oi 
f' parciqdlar failiogs> but rather to hide and a 
f'^uffthem. . » . ^ 

f^lllf Not beifig huoibled and grtcvedft 

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^p>T9f l>ire£N»ifs tttke Sicki jy^ 

-!tbem> «onfider1ng the great injiaftice, folly, 
s^BukMneffcwehaveeKprefledby them. >• 
'v*«lV. Not fcfolving andftriving igntOt 
^ihem^ aoc, improving advantages for this 4-^ 
♦Voiding aod ifobdning of thcha. - ' 

■?*V/ Refofing to repent, though Qod 
^voathfafe time aod means, hardning th« 
^ tM^t by a cujflome and de}ight in fin, being 
'prone to maintain, juftifie, or extenoaic 

• And thus m^ch of thejSkf agiinft tittLam 
Ad agiinft tht<3«}}eL Upon tUMftfftMls notpn- 
|r jffit^ferlbns,: but foch as are 'mbe4bk aHb 
loold iBxanmie chemfdves , when they intend 
iott ftU^tHitbbmUe their foalcsbefixeth^ 
x)rd. And they may h^veittrtWhdptf here- 
t^from Br, wilkm^ difectow coinceming the 

Vfhenjklf pirfons thcrefiMrc-ttive adwnced 
>«f/4r, let them rti^n ii) the next phcei»k 
wmrdves, ; ■ * • • '^ .■'•'/' 

TBifdlii Whfcth'er they do indeed rigMfyM- 
•yfoMii indjMfMiive tkekyftryofti^C(*^ 
elf 'whiCiri^wMi wlni , limner' of per jtiH 
ha vftrt hk Offecs i hhaht iidtni Mffrtiii' 
r wbdt endi and fur fifes ht ihim intt the wtriM 
rhcther they «>fiA'/4Wthk&he came, not oi^ 
to /jv# amf «/!(lrv«rfrom Hell^ -and everU^g 
mfimtnt^ bat alio to dtfirtjfin, undo th »frks 

rf ' Digitized by CjiJlpQlC 

Ue mtt ftrve himU ri^f^fsttf mi bOimeL 
iWVCMr«:.^9ds inceceft in i»,. w4a> Mng « 
^aqluohuB^g^tli; And let tliem c<mf%Atf &v 
ttM^ic hea^ 4i^«^ tjce^ ^^«i/ wi«t) cMe 

Tmtblj, Whether tbeyi&jvr, ztniJt^mJtm 

{^9i «pC^/2, xormnr from lUQ xbtfem^ 

«#5«^/4i«^;^4/^^Ji)ftb9r they htwrWfe t9 

r;// them of thffir iijlemfers i WWbpr -t^ 
have rff «f W him as thcirPrif Ar * to guide them, 

:}fel^^«/.^d„^^9gemnitl^cm, -astwfi 
^.-[beu: ,Pf^^ :JtftiH?»se.^.tbeaii 
Whether they do not belUve'm hi^apdimtf 

p«Qpl£(^^ .only, xjf4)c4mfirf4^'9iaApt^ bam 

hm^^^JijturA^b^kMcc to jiirn^ ^j^dogw. 
/i^^«4f^/;rtoJb>e^git^ed»u^dgovq:qe4 byWiwA 
^rf» and to^^^,^$cd>bf: -hi$C«4«. 
, f^y^i^j Wheit«i[ xbcy^m^ruuve^ptmtr 
9pd ftrtfigt^£[im^J»ii&by #ice|(«ai«41^». 

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mv£V» holy ifikit to imrtiffthtjiU <«w\ 
it6i.4J^AtMk4,9fk»r<) X^.tirmifejbl fiijk, 

wr^^vUthh^mt:f^{'4»4J^'%Xy<it*'j^i'7* And 
boever Urns not the Spirit of Chrifl if none ofhit^ 
dmjS 9« irhej:tktfini aft^r th^ dotmnd the 
'ni^uf.tbefitfi>, ^Im^kfthatiiurt^triheSfirih, 
'u ,tbi0gi •«/. ii»i Sftri/.^ .V« S . 9«.i« CArtuitIf 
iMAeNtJkdtb^^htM he i^kitiM/bi m/M'Jt iifg 
»lpA«Vi y«&' iM^aaca coiihder tbetefoKe 

nut iifion.thtir. marts r. f mhuliv thi-SfirH ^ 
hMfMtve£mi1fiml\-mAitier hiflimfhemiiitm 
I ttm Wftf .^ s pffMhr.- kii GUry> b» thejr endi 
heib^ikdud tkf,0etJliv€ mdo-.tSodi .m^ 

h^i§i.4k frmLM'thfir defighf<i. loktharthf 
99ifi(ridnMl].f idtRgk^in t(ulimtm>ii mthG*d^ 
jUit'jmiuet 'MdWrn^f': vhtthtrUtej tbqAhft 
cerelft *i>d 9»A hpmUj iifort'kim i wheihtt 
ty hemr^^ffiiBiMSfAtifntijy fitfftrrefnMcbesjoy 

a^r > . '. .•.--,• V 

Sixtblj. Whethdr they (&4Vf for ./wfttnfidtj 

Digitzed by (Suckle 

fdU timetaidfi Jieligitn the ffta hfmft d 
dietr lives; tpftdxMiagtbtcUrfir^PiBeSii 
wuixoconmm retcmlUtkitf'itbCHlt fifh 
^fhy in-4^*^tus frame vfimmty $mc§m$mmm 
wtthGtJy and 4 fJthfti ftrvh^ ffimmf v^ 
imtr ^ley \xswifetiheir*ffe^m»tithiti^sdmit 
ihtve Au/- ^nWir ctttvertahn in HuvoTy Am 
freffeJ Mfiiefilf^ter tkevkn if the othenmU^ 
hevettidbtidMeterndtifey Ittveieetitre^mit^ 
iifftretenritfj hd^e imprvwd their Ttluiffir 
Wtfis biwtbeenfervieeme te fam h t h a t gt m rt' 

• If chdr Cmfeiences (vpMiarerioiisfciidi j 

ttAie4ririiHtgit^^tf,tbrHighGfMe) vtXxthm 

flmiia fime gifiJuuafwe ) wUb them, dm 

xbcyh^egnM^e^^on to encmigt their himtt 

in the t&d^ and to m^keitiMtbe fomrs^M 

JfM(fe» to hUffe bit htly Hdnu for working ioff*^ 

ei»»t4 fdme »/ hem in ttieni. And.tet then 

fttll feck to the fame/MW/itrM efOfiue, tbatk 

woald pleafe to ferfeif b$lituff*m9re mJ Mmtm 

fhimy till he bnag them, i^'ethe Citjf.fftieU 

kfWg'Cod, the Ifeavetity ^trufdem* t9umim^ 

"mtrMemt^Mij ffy^$igtU» tithe genersl %^ 

femhtj 4)td Chmhof thefrft'hf»y t9tbeffinn 

ifj$ifimeMm4Jeferfeifj 4ndt$fefiistbeMti' 

tttew iflhe tuvf C0veiM»t, Heb.13.a2. 

' jBatifiber^y^hasnot beenrA«f(in4g»]f^«^ 

eUrMe degree gnd meaJMre) with them, baco^ 

00 ijeri«iufe4reh they find they baire been igm 

Digitized by Google f4W 

ram and miflAtn 4^irf, or coo negligint and 
€0r€leffi of the grt4t r^iir^ that rM^rm tkeir fd^ 
^Jthfi^ thcDJet them ^efr^r/tbci^ fad cooditioo, 

iUkdsrj migl^h ^^ G^ ^® 8^^^ ^^^ ff*f ^f ^f^ 
rii^ to cin^kteB tbiirjninds^ tm. (9tPvin€t tbcm 
fbnmghl^^ tbtirfins^ of i\i^d4^tji^ f$U}^ and 
f$im9n ot th^ $ /# W^/ f i&nii 4 bt(Sirt t$ repettt 
ingHdtJrnefi ; H befiiw nfM tbm. A^r^ktM mi 
A cmititt Sfkii \ t$ diffche theiy0$»y Kkms imp 
tbaQodljforrw which warMetb rifentMCitifdr. 
wafian^ rcfented if^wd vfbich brings 
ethfmhfidts mutfir rtpentMcc \ to difcaver M 
themibeirgrfot ntedof ^S^m^ms 404tm their, 
fodes ifftSuoBj tmia himy thai tbffpuf chft $fith 
bimfiifceriljandref0lvtdljfir tb^etndsMdfmrr 
f0fesfir Mb be came rpfi $bf P9rld\ paoieiy, to 
pocwrejBwrfirdpnbjM Mtrits^ ^t^tofm^ifie 
v»r$t4tstr£S by bit.Grsee and bofySfirif % to nmti* 
fie our corrMftitffsM deliver nefymi^^MSforoer^ 
and to britf^ ye back ag4i0 nntoQfd* Andi^or ch« 
Ymux informsiion ot their minds' in i\it thiiigi 
fbeyJfOMtd kmm MdMievemovdet to their td* 
vation $ and to dinif theit fr40ifi^ I muft re- 
fer ihcoi to tht three, fr Si Cbif ten ei^t^rB 
fm of this Treaife y and the feeond and third 
Chapters of the feeond fart ; whi^ I defire cl^m 
btedjfuMj to miMin^foftdervL\fon* 

Befides tbefe Direifione $\xc2dy 'memio»ed\ 
theri» zttfme others alfo very re^ififite for jSpk 
pcrfonstoawWaftd f/'^^ri. As,:' ,- 

j^4 V^e^h)ist$tkSieh: Cbd^.i^. 

'; I. Tliey fttorifet fi/ttU t}mv ejkOff and ^Mi^ 
'tfkirs f'if thev have fk>s iAr«^ *jne it, «ii 
frtticf^e rhff jk$»U m thm sf hedfif') Co iht 

rxereiffi^Mid rtot 4/rj?«r^2v£ w'nh' ie»rhly ^«n 
^ bifinj^h A«d ihofe (tm 'fc^ «/f4*ef. Id 
^m noc; ferret' to^br^A^4Afir,' 3ad.tadi§$ft 
f»methh^t».pkm »f^t', Jciiowing ttiacirin&^ 
facti^ees fo^r'ii in 3 -in^*»f<iMMir aocf k> a 
right end ye^ is ve^'fJesfrJfy 
V R Iftbey rieifttnfttocr day iiiir«x^ ot«ff^0t 

l^ifemtk-w^thtyhmM'bfuddeAtii^ft lerdMm 
jW* tenfl^irt «>«ii?iw rhci^-cimftitnces. 

*h'of(f'tJk)tt>^k9t^k&-iiHmwH^, femeaiiirus 

God. " ■ 'i "_••"■■ ■ •' ■'• • •• 
-' I V. Let thc'rft ^fS g9tdi$i»fd to' tticsfir 4ito 
/^n», and tiixefiitifdf th^< come to tv^Sr tbea^ 
jind exGort tlWM tKtnefttf c» tnind the imri^iw 
^ their fih/i^ irt-time of'TfC/tbrh^ tad j$tt ttfi 
ihetr-hiarth-ok ^it'tpcti'iy Oft die fkdfwrs or /rr 
yf.'xofir, whicfl tvtll not 4114117 'ttiem in che ^ 
$/ death : ";Ltti^m idviTe th4n(»\jw» t» Uvi mr 
to bo J^' mm f^'Uf a gooAfimiimou *gM»ft tit 
time to ct/»:. Xfkr tsWiti of y^ and dfi0i per 

« • Digitized by ^. iORS 

fya» Qfe icf \Mmidi' kttM -Mdremfh* 
lr«>. * ,''"■•••:• ■■ ' ■ ■•-■■ 

took ^ver thdrli^sftV^^^i^i?<n^God$ vir(»)^ 
dMf^MUfs arid A&jf^^^beftmvted apon cheftii 
to/h' Hf ellBtf<"iii^4^4^ to- >r<«^ ted mapiipM 
lwfj^Nain«. HftWrttty arfeifteretbatiftfiey 
1«oakl resd #tw tlft? biftor^ tff ttidr fifb paft*^ 
rtay ifld mMtereHimgh-ti fnnjti airf to. fr«» 
v«if« them tofendnf (ome fach tBMf^ejaculM* 
tkni ^^ei Blejkdk th'Ltrd'itt *UnijUfe 
timt I ntv» ^tkt <• ^w, nevtrftU' into iB 
y^tft^Uietyi tuverhnopddkkfhme^ trmi* 
hOt .dijt^ti ' / *-«* *t*f ^SSl'diftJ Hrradt God 
r0ve mt A right pife rfMy j tbtrigl^ ffeof^f 
^Miffi^iiil^^ikrtfid^'dtioM tmms^.go(k 
Hid ttmmifitlf'iiiidf^ df^itm'thcitions dit* 
'fvited mt ^ fi^ MdfiiiMd danger y kt*fdmf 
Wlj/brs ittfit/^f/iHictddrpreJm'eiiofmfJ^rit^ Sec. 
31 Vvfiat (hall I retKfer to the Ldrd for all his be- 
itfitd tovAai^<ft?iM /■ 

' ^I. LetiXicjlRdie^e ( as tniich as they f an ) 
he-vifiit^oi viftfciiid mrlMj ferfonst who ("by 
^i^ ^dtrttd zndt jrottrf di^eurf^^ arehketo 
^0^i^ ftnd i&Mr them in ttieit prepurMitns for 
'«aieb,<^and ihoib ^iritudlnuditdfitns ftndexer' 
'fisiihey ftohW be employ*^d m. thofc 
Sa^ yifit jllf* perfins\ or */«»/ abduk them 
ibaW .%ot -td^to them ( as 'tis too common ) 
f"'6siot\ iftrtUfy netdleffg hjiffeffes', bnt of 

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f€6 sHre^kmtttSeSuk, CbquQ^ 

things that capcerii chle meljwre pf their ftJts. 
And CO tbit Hedd I may alfo refer chis mk ^ 
more, that ac ivudckzftrhitt time no vtigy Uk^ 
)^«f/^ books fliopld be reMltptlkinn, or f; thai 
^asisby «m«7 ufedto mak^tbeniMwrr^) h« 
fiKhTreatifa as may ^rf«r themcoGM-Mri, 
mdfmther tbenaio the way to Heaven. Toav 
irr4r< and ftmnfyf^ndtroik tbc/Mr l^tkup 
treated of in (he wxf Ci4/i«r wiQ aoc be«fr»> 

. VII. Lett^ea\«M|^/t9J»&, and t^tbe«^ 
aw^« af thejir Qiritudgddft^ while they tora 
fme firemth of body, and^r^l» «!/>o{A«f 
wt^rfiaad^s 5 beforecheir j:^fr»// ate fo fpoi 
that thereisao c»»verfii^ wi^ them. 

yilL Lee thqii coQ&ffr Gfi^ ^tm tuidt 
Ji^n io feodtog itcKneiTciapaQ^ilb^ -t Let fM 

fuU^HMfy ftr^dfM if» a™ conlidCT whit Gcam 
mtundtrpckn^t, btu cMs them CO : let them beirk 
w«r ,,^ «fc,r »p. ttiiotbevfiicetftbertd: Lfl 
cbem coofider what tf«mfi 
MKT tht) iore effeeinBf to merti^ejifk^ fifts t$ Ustk 
tvbdt dgtks ttferftrm^ vhtt Grates t§ exadft 
And ( though they may and oaghc toofe U^ 
means for ^he re.mvu^ of th^it hcknefTe, icol 
ing to the Lmi(ar his hUf/iiig thereapon ) )t 
lec ct^ra Aot ibcgec topr^; as esriMJilj to hfl 
their fickneffe JaxUfified-M removed, MSffeii 
the man whim t&tatorteifeji W testhtfi^ Pfi 

n;^;t;-,^cl by VjiJO ; 

Digitized b 

f^p.i9^ Diriifhns to the SicL $6f 

. AfflidioQs ddoi are not cMitgb to einitnce a 
nah to bcblcflred and in a h^^fj cotuUtkn^ma^t 
Etaey prove teiuhing , fanSHfjed affitHions. £- 
pidences oi Grase and thcfwoar of God confift 
ninmurd imfrcffions^ not iutward di^eptiUiMs. 
Tis not faid^ Blcpd is the mdtf il^hom thon cha^ 
}enefi and delivered dat $f tnubU % but t^hoiH 
h§B ccrcHeft Md teacheji. Wtien Cod cakes 
iMy the difeafe^ and does not take ap^ay the 
tdlt and dimimff ef ^n^ does not pardon and 
ttfiifiethej^irperfon, *ti$ not zcamplcdtdeii- 
ferdMi, but (m^zrefritvat from Prefent ext^ 
i$io9$. S^€ deliverdfMfe is not the ileffipig thou 
Kmldftdefire: The iUffifg ofafpSfion is Di^ 
$ne InfirwShn. Therefore thofe who are put 
Y God into the School ofafflUiUHQaov^A fen-; 
aily apply themfelves to leurn thofe U^oni 
hich in that School they ou^t to tcdrn. And 
icy zstfucb as tbefc^. 

I; oUdkttfisl [idmifft$n to the iPtB of God4 
/emoftnot diktat our Cr^e^ h\xttAke ituf. 
^str$n held hie pedcc,^j. We m^ ia^ 
wd and ongbt to feek unto the Lord , and to 
ie ia^oftd tMMs ( as I faid before ) for deliver* 
ceft6mafickf$ef^ or other 4^/^im*, batyec 
ith rififfik0$ojfoi our fdves to bis holy wilL 
icioice is not ifittpidity^ or infoB^Um^e oi 
ods hand J but a caimnejfc ofmindix^osimje 
d^^/y grounds: And .therefore>ifthe/fiir0]r|'er 
\ ftods upon tts^ prove either 'Ocrj Ungi or u* 

* * Digitized byTjOOQlC 

568 Dke0i*ifs ft the Sick, Cbap.i9. 

Mim and foit^id , y<c we muft cake heed of 
mmtming, or refimMng, otcbvptig C^Jfit 
im. RMrGodisfoi«yf,hei«oottobe^ 

(oftrMg, he K not tobere^td, InpacieHe 
therefore, wftl but 4tigfM»t omxfMih 9nd» 
cruCe mtguitf. 'Tis initecd a hgrdmmer who 
we are af&aed, i» fiikmn pftffttmfaJi. 
But we (hoald confider not fo rooch «&<# MryU 
as »*/!/ »« </<r/rtn«; Aoy . thing «• rAv^ HeB, 
is mercj^ and wiH fo appear to a ttriiy k^Mn^ 

thatVere w»f before ;oif#»rft)r themrclveswy 
^*W, jboirtt fikht, (Uepj^ fomst tkvttUm^ wH 
( >ai lanaifitd tif^^'mi ) learn to frmj forcr, 
more^edrtilynadfefveMlj, and to crynR^ 
onto God for ^4ri»i» and (;f4f<, fortadpaniit 

lief. -, 

AfBidioni fanSfijied difcover the M»jMMiwai 
/^o-ef cofrHfittoas of the heart, De«r.^.». 7i 
Lordth] G«dUdthti theft fenrPfjetrs iMtkwd 
dernefy^UbitmbUtbee sndtifrtvetke, ttkm 
vtha ifiMinikiite heart. ' 

4. Te under fisndtkeje three thhtrs mmt cfavj 
and experimtntdffy, i . the evil «m dsMger eff' 
a. The emftineQe^f the CreMme, j. Tfy^ 
itifnefft ef ChriH , and what a high vdm 
oQghc tofet a})Oin hi$/»^i/»2/* 

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Digitized b 

Chap.Tp. I^effiofH u the Sici. yg^ 

5. r» mhd and tfietm the frmifes cf God 
mre. Through difirOtions vithm (in tmt 
/)fhed(li) micinnfthtu within^ people (ina- 
jiy times; nts\e&io fittdj ^frmifes oi God, 
Sue in tim oijukneffty or pthtt difiref, there 
WKOOc^dislsMke ante them. 

6, r# ei$qMre imoy Mid ttcamnt Mr evidences 
fur nuven j hot to tHittme om JmUi on general 
MfigrMndedhopes^ finking fym^tions, 

7. TtUveij Faith, Faith takes the fottJ off 
irom creatnre-eanfdenges , and teaches itto/?<« 
kfdi on* G»d aiene. T)tic right etnrfe toobcain 
mercies from God,, is in the vf^ydiznhitmbie 
ifnff, Whaiwe fee and affrehendovaomkin' 
fuffciencj^ and Gods aU Sufficiency ^ andcaft 
our felves on bis wiftom^ ffwert and goointfi, 
eben he ufaally aftbrds help and faccoor to 
as. ' ; 

B. Tt>fri)ci cmmunifn with God mm^andt* be 
nere Heavenly- minded. In the glaring oifrtf^C' 
'it J we are too apt to forget God^ and to content 
mrMvavfkhCreatnre' enjoyments: Bat in the . 
^ght fff adverfitj^ and in fad di^enfations ^ Oh 
lovr detighffnl is a hea/ft- of ms love and fa^ 

»#«r ' 

p. tr* ^r WW* hnmhie.^y affiiSfions God takes 
own the Pride of the heart, and makes it hitm- 
le, andySfirand^/rrf^/rtohis will. 

10. r* ^ more thankful for the mercies m en- 
j. We fcldora ait/affidontii fenfioleoltbe 

^7 ^ Diretihns 1$ the Sick. Qq^ 

^0rth of our mercies ciil God begin to itf^ 
of ihcm. 

. .' 1 1, to fxt 4 high vdluc Mi frict ifff» 
Sickncfle ales ahuJ in our eares^ rUnmm^ 
O fidfem timCy for frayifig , for j»tttott|i" 
clearing our evidences for Heaven ^&c & 
tnanjix^ there, who when their ffMS^^ 
done^ have their ^^4^ toirkihsaiohe^ Oi 
what 4 fdJ condition are they .^ 

Thefe, and fuch like lejfons flK>iiKfei»' 
in the School of afflidiioo. Bot now «kj*» 
God (hall pleafe to bring forth oatd^e^ 
hits^ to ^^/ivfr from their ficknefle, ffli'^ 
the /^4/^ ot their iives^ibould be exhortfidc'^ 
fve things, 

I , Let them confider what they hof&i ksr* 
the School of afflii^ion: What the Sfiritf^ 
hath taught them f If they find they \an,^ 
ed ( in fomemeafare > t^>/i lemons hefoft^ 
oned, then let them find j to be tboML* 
them coftfider, God hath done imrr for ^ 
than if he had never brought thenr into j0^ 
He bath given them deliv€r4na^i$p^ 
both. He hath turned their waer into mm^ 

t. Let them take heed offorgettingthti^ 
thy have learned. Let them laboar to lDeep<^ 
rhc teachings of Gods Spirit nfon their fa 
Let them fiudy to maintain thu fweetygrae^ 
humble frame of fpiritinto vvhicbGodbco* 
them by their affiiilions. If tbcy be octi 

Digitized by CjOOQIC ^***' 

Cbap.ip* T^reftim utAtSiek. 571 
c^c&xi^witchfnly they will quickly find a^rf4f 
deal of dt£fereiice between their beirts undtr afw 
fliAioQS, and when the affliftion is t^tn $f^ 
There is much of a Fh^aohlikc dij^$fiti$nivk 
every man/ We are very prone coW^fm when 

$. Let them renew pftennftm their f0$tlstbtre^ . 
menArdnce$f the jhjrfnef md bitternej? of their 
^fftiltims. Let them call to mind their/4^ dif- 
cmrfes and renfinings, their/Mriiand trenAlingty 
the tmf'gifuihgs of heart and fad affrebenfinis 
they had mtime of their diftreye. Let them re-- 
member their aptneffe to imfatience and to bard 
\bptigbts of God« Let them recall how haffj 
they thought thafe that were firee from their 
traublis zttiifmnesi Thefe nmeff^brances kept 
$lh^e will make them humble and thankful* 

4. Xf/ li&rm remember thair voms and fro^ 
mifes made t§ God in time of their (icknejje anddi- 
Ireffe. Let them labour to be. fuch out of fick* 
lefTe, as they promifed^W, themfehes ^ and 
'poflibly) kbers^ they muld be^ when they 
vere in it. The Emperor Sigifmond demanded 
|f King Alfhnfm^ what was the direffeft courfe 
be baffj ^ Perform (faies he) when thou art weS, 
fhat thou fromtfedft whejf thou wertftck. ' lis very 
notdrkabU what is recorded of the mariners , 
toHdb 1. 15,16. And the Sea ceafed fromherra- 
ingy then the men feared the Lord exceedingly^ 
na offered a (acrifice unto the Lord^ and made 

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57^ DireStiom tf the Skh Cbxp^t^ 

nnm^es. Then when the Sea ceafid^ here is tkt 
mniieri Had they made v^wes iatbe utuljtdi 
the nrnftfl^ the mgiter had not beeo^ejf ^ but 
now, wheii the tempeft v^m w^> thco tcmk 
^ams^- \% worthy or oar ohfsrvaiony and wor. 
thy of our imitathn. One vow muk ;ttid kefi ^^ 
W ch(i t^mpeft*^ is m)rth a i4i]»/4W promiied 19 
the fame. 

5. Let ibem pity MJfrdjff& thofethM^nmh 
der affititisn s Lird tCMcb them m wdlsfcmnB 
fhem > fhdtthej mxj be Ueffed^ let ikem erne 
ftnrthcut ofaffii&Un MQeldfmripidfinfemumes ^ 
k^ them tefe n^ing in tbM$ fmnsce^ hm Aar 
dreffe^, let them he pmfied frim their fim, mi 
purged frem their iniqwities ^ jhengtbem fik^ 
pAtth dnd Patience^ Md {^inihfduttimu^ '^k 
beforthj Ghrj dnd their geid) wndffdfethtmi 
gracious delii»erMtce. 

Pfal.T 19.67. ief^e I ttm n^fliStedl wtm €ftn^ 

bfrt how I have keftthy Wtrd. 

that J might ledrnthfStst$ites. 
ira.^7 p. BJ this therefm fiuU.the immmnj ef 

^dcob he fudged ^ dnd this issAtheprmt^ » 

tahe aw4j hisfin^-- 
Zach. 15* uic« And t a^iB bring the thirst fsst 

thr ongh the fire ^ vnd triR refine them si filnmi^ 

reined, and mU try them ns Geld it tritd ^ tkf 

fhaSullsn my Tfsme^ and J mUhesr tbewt^ I 

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Chi|>.r> jyireifkMsutheSuk, $75 

; t^ ftfitis mj fetfUy iwlthejjhsBfgj^ the 
Ltrdis mj G9d* 

eti^tfihejtjtttSy htmevous^ M'OertMefe sf- 
urmarditjuUetk mftMeabli frmtpfrigke-, 
§»(n^eimt»themvfhiehiretxereifedtherebj, ' 
i> ifth§ttfmnfi»ihe.dii), tfsdver^tfi 

Rev.i^.io.— JSr^trc it the faience dndtheFdith 

Heb.6. 12. — Be jefiBfwers §f them wIm tMMgh 
F^hsmifOieiKe inhefit thefrmifes. 

P£, Aiidtbe<f$idtkMVt^NmetpiOjna 
tMrtrtifii»thety ftrthn iMdh^jt mtfvrf*- 
ken tbimthstfuk thee* . , 

lanKiM. Jt itgmdtha^mUffimid ^hhfipe, 
4mdqmetli vfMtfer ihefJvMiM ^the Lord, 

V>27. Itit nedfer smmthM hebe^theyke ' 

iP(al.i4tf»5../r4^jf it ht*h4tht$htheGtdof^4' 
t$bf«r hit helfy wbcfe befeit fit the Lfrd hit 

Pia[,$6.$: VfifO-tim 14m afraid, imStfuSin 

Pfiil. 112.7. BeftnAmtbedfrMd of evil tidirgt 

kit iu^Jt fixed^ tfBfiiiigintbeLtrd, 
% Or*5.6. Thereftre we »e dtnuet etnfdent , 

ktttvting^ thttwbilfiwe tre^tthm^inthebtdj 

we 4tre abfeittfrtm the Lttd, 
- v.?. ftr 0ew4lkbjFMthf tutbjftght, 

PP4 Jubflfe 

574 DkelfidttstfitieSieh 0x^1% 

John 1 f . I T . — - Tht cttf which mj Pother hsthp' 

vettme,JbaOln§t drhkit? 
ILokcii. 19. Jn JMT fstkfKe pcfieffe yejm 

Job.15.15, Thm^h he Jlay mij jetmBjtr»Bm 

him."—' , 

% Chron.i^;is. Jitd Aft in the nime MitUr 

tteth year tf hi$ reign -wm ^feAfedh biftet, 

0HtiBhis diftdfe watexeeeJitrggrest, yetimhk 

dife^e heftugkt tut te the Lerdy hmje tie Pfy- 

Pfal.41.4. J/ti/, Urihemtrcifidi$m0mi hed 

my f»ul» fer Ihi^eJSimed Ag/unfi thee. 
Pfal. 1 07.17. feUs^ hee4*fe ef their trsmfgrefm, 

Mdbecaufetf their kuqmtietdre if fli&ed, 
Neh.9.3^ Hetpheit theu mjitfl w4MthMth$ 

half hreMght0p0^ ut^ ftr theBhsfteltieer^^ 

hut m have dene mekedly. 

Pfal.i 19.75* Ik^*^, O Lord that thy fm^mem 
are right, and that the»iiifait/Sfiti»^e tag gf. 
jliBedm^, ^ 

M<cah 7.9. / wtBbear the indignatfM tftbe LerA 
beeaufe 1 have finned againif him. 

H2b,3.2. OLerdintrrath remember mercy, 

Job.H?». S^^'h-, it ttmeettekfatdnm^Cei, 
I have htm chafttfementy J mB net tffendtha 
any rnere. 

Vi3.9^.it,Ble([ed$fthemanwh»mthen chafiemf 
O Ltrdy aniteaehejl him tut tf thy LanrJ 

Job 34.3a. Th4fv>hi(hl fee net, teaehfAmmt. 

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0x^'t9^ 7>he&t»ns uthe Sick. yyj 

ift hive Jtne mumjt l mi it n» mtr<^. rw <imm tke Lwi kvtth he ehsfi- 
netb^ 4nd fctrngeth wery f«n whom he teeei- 
• wrk. 
Pnnr.3.12. Ttrwhmthe Urdltvethhecmed- 

ethy even M 4 Father ibepminf^ttmheie-' 

Rev.3.19. Js minMlUve, IrtMedndehA- 

fiia^kzeMUnttMreftre, dftJrefetit, 
3 Cor.4.itf. Ftf'iphichmfe we fdm not\ ha 
■• fhnigh W oHtwml mtn ferity jet the hwird 

mm ft retteweddfi'hyd^, 
\^:\%^WfMemMfn9tat the things which 4ri 

jeen, hm it the thitm which are tmfeen^fer 
\ the'4hittgswhtfh4refietiy »e temftral, butthit 

iUttgs which dre netfeen , Atttternd, 
1^^41.1. Bltj^edit hethM confidereththe fotr, 

the Lord will deliver him in time oftroiAlt^. 
I V^g. 7he Urd Witt frenphen him gfonthehed 

efhit Lmgrnflufigy thou wilt m^ke dU hit hedin 

bit pckn^t, 
9 Chron.3t.a4. Intbtfe d/des ffeukidh wstfieh 

t* the death, tutd framed unto tjre Lord, 4nit he 
. j^ike mtto bim^ and he gave him a f^n, 
V.35. Bi^ Hezekiahrembrednot again according 

to the benefit done Mto him ^ for hit heart was 

lifted up, therefore there wot wrath ufon him, 

and ufon ifudJi and ^erufdtm. 
Joaah Then bafi broi^ nf mj- life from ctf' 

rttftion, OLorJmjG^, * ^^ 

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57^ • Hifeflhiut^tkiSkk, CNlM^- 

V.7. WifMwyfmlfiiiirtfJpritbimmi, Iremm- 

V-9. J wiB fdcrifice tmtt thee with thevtiuif 


pral.50.14. offer nwtp God thsHk^iviitg, mlffj 
. jhj vei»s martht m»Ji Ofg/k. « 
pral.66.13. JifiSg0iiit0thfHii^tMi00ff- 
• feriiigtt ImifMjthuti^wmi 
V.I4« WbklfmfUfshMfvemmiiMmiwjmmk 

P6L5^.i»^ 7kf^hm4rgi^mtoamii ijril 
render frSfetmititth^, ■• - - ^ 

Pfal. u6.i%,.wkM PkUllremkr wM»tbel0i, 
ftr aO hkhentfit^ fwtrdtrm f < 
V.13. imUtuketbe cuf ef pikfdti^M, Wtfi 

nfwtht itam^tftheLtrdi 
.y.14. lmHfiKfmyv0wsfm»$heUtrJ^ mmk 
: $bef)(efKnefjf^hkf4tfle^» 



«1iap»»^.' qf'JUith. 57*^ 


"^ NE of the mdn bofiaefTes of our 1^9. 

In order hereaato obfeive tWe dkelfkm, . 

fk^t Medicace tfien aadfem»fy oo thy 
iath and dipUiUmvftn m time oi thy ^i«Er*. 
W'ff^ of K^rimmbcd made h0.Septi|cbrt in his 
«r</«« , that io the midft of his delights he 
vgbrchiitk of death. Often refire, aadtdke 
VffelfAlmiet and walk imth vdBtj ^ibe^udtm 
f death. Do not firt kom x!betbf$^ks qf it« 
^b^thyffitd, wjiiui thouffn^ftit/»)roffach 
9«(kmiUSt as we do by our k»[cs, that are p- 
CO ioitgglemdfimrt when we ride them, when 
htty.ftf tmki tmAftsrtn a tU»g in the way, we 
Io not yield to their/r«r, and go t>ack ( thac 
vill make them wode anotb^ time ) but we 
iAt them vfrcUfi to t}*t they are afraid of, and 
in time m^di them.of th^t ill quality* So do 
hoQ, bring i^ thy Wf, and mure it tobok 
ipon death, aad io handle thac Serftm. Con- 

fider ^' 


57* ofI>eitb. Gb^ 

fidct^ death is making its appraacfaesto^ 
and may be apon thee before thoo an awmj 
therefore, pttpare for it, that whcDicon 
and attaches thee, thon maiftbe fbondk*] 
dgrdciousftste^ trithfttd dfirsmcifSprifii 
walking in fitch a bolj wdj 0/ life that tbot^ 
bid it wttcom^ and be able cofay witbltf^ 
?dul^ I difirc U h dif$lved^ Mnit$kd 

The fcq^^ientrnditdfiM^fdeah ^icMCX- 
cellent means , ^ 

I. Tc quicUh thy foul to 4 deef bnmSm^^ 
reftntance ftn thif^Bfins. 

?. T^npreffe the eager and infdAikif^i 
fichesy snathe leve if tbuwirld. 

,$, Y^ antidote thee agMnJffin ferU/i^ 

4. fo,mhe thee imfrove time, dndeir^ 
mrk0nt thjjalvktien. Think often ofdeadtji 
it will keep worfe company from thee. 

Secpndij, Labour to takeaway fromt^' 
death tbtp0wer mdfirength thereof. ThcJ* 
lipms feeing Samfjen lo exceeding /riMfJ 
boated to know tvherein bis fitter mi jbt^ 
principally eenjified-y and when they ondflfc 
It to he in the ^^ir of his head^ tbcy coWi 
till it was cut. Coriflder therefore, wW 
the firength of death lies: The Spirit rfO 
teachcth us fhat, in i Cer. 15. ^6. fhefiq^ 
Jeatbifjin. ThefitvermifprceTtAftmgd^ 

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Chap.20. ofDutk 5V9 

ry tcas&f^icnltf ittthXwi io his 9»tifi0SklUMi 
caonothurtii$,bttt by the fme of #«r w» 
!&/. Amanmayfafely handle a Serpent when 
the fting is oat. If death be difarmed of its fting 
lodpoyron, it cannot hart as. It concerns as 
therefore to«/««|f«^«M/>M4«f that oar fins may 
ber«wtfve/and PorJtiutl, and to laboar before 
mdie^ to abolilh the /re«^ii& of death. Now 
tfcewayto</(»*W( is, 

I. rohmiU HrfMds mfeigneMjbeftft the 
tord^ t»dt»Tifem 0fdB§0rfins. 
« ». 1ofiiuCkifi4ndt96kfewUbhimf«rf4r' 
j0if MidGrMee, . 

3. In the Grm.te mend^iK ^ 
lives , and towaUc in the waics of holinefle. ' 
The ^ing of death is taken away by Chrift fejm 
IS to al) redtenvertSy and tr»e heUeverSi fo that 
i <;aqBOt imt them, nay, will be an Mdvtmage to 
tbcin: It will beoply a i»k zadlhft paffagctp a 
glorious Palace, to the bliflefalmanfioos above. 
Io that they may triomph as ?4»/did , ode^iiy 
vhefeUthjfiing? Owifue vhereittbj vi^trj? 
rhdnks be t» God , wU giveth ut vi&ery theagh 
iter Lwd^efut ChrWJhat now toall imfenttent^ 
wP^doned finners, havi deadly ^ how imtirMe 
s tjiejf#/^ of death i* DeatbisdeathirrtA^iw*- 
ftffe, and Wei i»t«thekirg^»u>Ji^fesa thatdU 
\» their JtMS. No fight ia the vyprld more dread- 
Fol than to fee a djingftnner ( with his Confci- 
mcc Mtiplj tffakened) t;wj6fftiD&. wkh dcsth^ 

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'5td o/ Dutk Cbap.iD. 

aadjKs lodche X«p, and Godi €«/< togtihs 
Okmm ftdt \xon imBerMy fid h it toiee; 
maathac bath Hone on ina /mi^ ^C0tl^,i 
fiiMte ixmrfe of fianiog, now ac die mmti 
^/ahto have his «ies fir/i §fmi, and to 6 
tiiinfelf on chtf btrok of t^KdrMdfdfit, oosri 
&b1y falling into the /^i^^ tf^e mUmfm 
Tix/kAa per(bn,vd«afb brings ksffW'WtfMi 
and execmes him with its venemm^. 
' rtlmrdij. Give *i dmgemey^^W, ViU 
ktU 9H eternal 7f/ir, i Tim. & is. fte '«, « 
tnttrifth^ipft Jegret tfUfettmA. \m 
life, may be look'd upon imder tkm mjki 
msi AslaHidi uF^rttMl, as Ftrfotfmi 

I. VMetermUfife mtUikAmvfiaAiiii 
ttincdui{his4if«, und is a*Mr)w^ofthatiM 
istofoUow. *tisi4w UfetfGfdee: Ofttea 
'S*Soar(pA», ^;&. 5.14. f?^^, w»j\\ 
-mmtyhti itihaheartth my Wtrd, tmliiBi* 
-01$ him that fern mt^ htth everlMfHtt^ lift , t 
fntSii^t»meiM0«mlem9at$M, htMfJjJtifi 
idu»h*9l^e,Aod^k.s.^g, tttthMkUtvtk 
'*Sf '5m Inmt tverl»fHii^A^. . 

*. The Ptrfial U/eetent^ Istbat whidi \ 
4o&gech (thoughtothci»d^)yetbatto»/ 
T*man, namely, to tbeSoaV The*aH«t 
if thir death, taAtbcfaflJay, is tUxiftrtidi 

• 3. The BtrfiSHmd life etmiMlis^tllat^ 

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Mli be conferred oa the Sdnts immMalj after 
the bleiTed remMm tftbtir f$di and i$tU€Sy and 
lYatfftMhtss fetttena pionounc'd^ tgme je hlefftd 
ffnpfP^ther^ reteivt the Kmgbm ptfMtd fut 
}Hfr9m.thtfmndMim tfthtwmH, ^ that we 
fix wctnaft iu tlm wfirUtatec inco the firB sk- 
rrte of eternal life, if ever we imend toiw parta- 
kers of the itlnr tm». We maft be raifed froffi 
fhedeatbof fin CO the life of grace; WemiB^ 
IS the Apoftle (peaks, c^i.13. ae JeUvereii 
^tmthepftMrtfd^ktu^e, 4ndtmifititedint$^ 
Kuigdm(A<m bkfled Saviour. We mttA 
with ?A«/beabIe to fay, GoLuut. j live, jet 
tttl<t ImtCbriJUivefkiifme, Le,B^ hit Sfiri$ 
HiidetZDdgtvenismjmBt dffeffUta, and aS the 
>»0ert htth «f mj ftd and htif. Whoever 
voold hefdved is dedJl mtft h^ift to 
tefirtftd while be ifr iMng. Wtoraft %l»tb 
ire that Utiftd and ttermif i^ before we 

F0artUjilaart thy felf toii» t»tkit wtrldmi. 
hit^tii»jtiki^$oV\K.. everyday, lupre as^ mtm 
*MUtt\sui,hedMdMly, 1 C^. 15.^1. If we 
rould learn to i»/0, it WGiUdiiot,befoi&Wto 
Ke, VfhtXkVfeoomttAithgwdem'niJt. l>e»U 
(not (9p*i^ tt^'bimwhore Aatnralilreiigcb 
as been waned, witb a i^tg. fining ficknefle, 
i to him who lies hatiifew odes (kic^ and hat 
rengthofnatwn to'inake refiftttc6. thAtChri* 
tMff, wbofd Uvt to bis life/ iuid thecoocenic<: 


5^2 Of seat* uv 

mentsof it, hath beta for maoy ye» a 
wifg and dpug, wHl more eafily |^ widi ik 
than Ar whofe Uife is ftrti^er to than ; Af 
Mevereml Mr. <?irM/excdIeotlyezpre&si 
}^CbrifiUnJmmr, WeihoiildaMifiJa^ 
are bat filgrims wA firdHgars here- Am 
iisthepr0perf#Mrtr([;ofhoIy Seals. Wefla 
therefore be pnmdii^ for. our rminidm 
Uta&pMgt (0mitrtj, We fhould /uk(^' 
itnAom^fitbii^s aforebattd,aamdKir^ 
mrbuvts, purMigits, Mr/«^^» ba&^ 
««r oar felvos for fhtfe He/mtulj mu^. 

Fifthly^ Copfider what^r^r rt^m^ 
are, that thofe that are trdf G*Sj (hori^ 
niacb/i;4r death. Icoafefleaotbii^aijb* 
death, afldmakeit4/«/&vc^taaChaffi)iik 
mil Mt h^t/t $» Chrift. Things that ^ 
their pwdtnative fern limflhuf^ will askd 
5i^4r'to make ttwm (Weet. Death, is « 
thofe things, that hath the moft hsrjh, zdi 
grttefffttm to a creatures pallat thatmfi 
Believe it, aoaao cannot think ( wabmf* 
f$rt ) of pottiag his be^ into aootbec td 
if he hath pi^ftiidgrtmid to hope cbriS wiB< 
bim i^erefoc«&«r. fiut.if heA^vr, tberearcfi 
re*^ , why he ihould aot draui dcanh. 

I. They that are mv/jr^f^;, fhaliitfktf 
le.zttatuTAldfdikoiAy't The wicked ^z*) 
not only a «fttr4/, bat a f^trituddgiA. "^ 
ndtmrsi ileith ftands in rhtfefw^im tfM 

■ ' ' "" ' /* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Cbap.)0. Cf SeMBi 583 

ftai^ht Hodj. The f^Mtud , in th^ fefar4tit9 
tfftildiulMjfrotiiGSJ, Rev. to 6. Slewed Md 
Wf ii He thai hdnHftrt in thtpafrtftrrtlihity $^ 
luhthefceoitd deatli kath H$fv»^. He that is 
wn but tMi, < oaAi'ely iiifiirifjp ) (KaH die twie^ 
tdtiirdUj ih4^ii'JtU4ffji Htthit is htrntirtce, 
. e. befideS hisiHaiurMHrtlfl^ hath been j^/>//«u 
BjregeuerOedpxd hri$ a^did^ ^all ir> ^/»^ #»^^^ 
saaelyy aif4Nt^*lde4tk : 

7. Dtith'isholidepit^Un't'WdiimMMiM 
therof/M/orWjr, but only m dltersthn 3ttd 
knge of the condition offW ^^, and that 
r the hettet to ill tfaofe that have aif intere^if 
hrifti Sach ttiiV fay mtbl»i»/i»i, Phil.i.^i; 
} nk t$ tive b-Ghrifi , u die ir ^4i». IPor ^ 
•thMigbdedtbftfardtefvid aridhdj, jetitiaH 
*Jr»te mil her »f them jf#» Ohrilfi As in 
grift's death, hi$/M/and ^^wfcrefeparated 
sS from wiJ<r,- Vet *«/i!!«* ot them from the 
iJtd ferjtn it$ the trinity » in which Mot 
ita did rub(ift at that time in thtferfiifdtUni' 
i (6 tho^h when the Saints die, fen! m^ be^ 
Wftf^rdeds yet afrer this (dparation » l>etk 
laiA ttmt€dt4 Cbrift in the wj/m/ K«/i|/is 
laufe their btdiet as well as their fods are ^4rir 
tie M^T^i^i/ body of Chrift, i»lid it/be AeJ 

SmHmr cfthe i»btli fe^fin s Cpn{?ftiDg of 
I and body. %^nd men Cbrif tpbtiitbelf 
m^U dffedTy tben.jhdll tbejdlff dppeat mth 
I in GUrjy Col.j;3,4. We fee theft thai 

CXq thod^. 


S84 of Jxah^ Qiap.iA. 

thpv^h^Jody 394 j^l befever'd eatifrnftlrtt 
at 4^ix\ii yet (as CO all t^fechac MtitiU 
Lviy MiVitrr of them afuftvtrit/ ctJisjifU 
fromOrift) ^c i^ gM^tnttiitnxviuth isbe 

«n in this .life^ nmh^t j*r^eri Which vxA 
ids be xa^xMtpitpectiM^}9%.3mdtmfmi 

jreed frtm 4S (icknepy_ md,p^t frMt mSiI 

puHt^ffn'i $fi<ire4f,iH thir l^t Uithtih. Sifl 
aad the c^^t^kt^f;to it, Hre sbcgicatgn 
v^jFtces a^d; t^dfa^s of the (frvants of Got 
xyhtph t,hcy|!^a5i;^qi \?t dri.ijiftged ££910. As) 
tla«rj;%je bct^f^^esh into OQrbodtcs, biu 
caryirs //r^o^ejof thpq^ - 4," tltt Miei ^1 

Iffdj^ to Uvt ^everit^ii^ Uf$ </^gUxy todk) 
pjnsfle w^th t^jn/, . . iJiK • . 

. V $Q{hat\v^e)(i)ijyiram heocccpBclode tkk 
Wikhe w lejtfr^ this cbsf^e. Nfichtf « 
thj^jj^V for ic^ will gain thif^t^id^id-wm 
^y th^iojr,, , • 

f^ It mS chdfgtits flaef , md he nrn 
fim^.pifou 40 A fdact^ from » TnhrtUfii 
(Ujx '' d Heavenly cJl/4«jl^. , 

2,.. Its Molities. Here ^jtt ihfefted wri^^ 
and «fWjr /-»j^^ and M/e(H»iu of si fa 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

which arct! gre* annoy irtenc toit : Buft there 
it fliall ht freed frm aS $hefe, and made perfcftly 

. i. Its nmf^Mf. \l leavtts the cM^p^ o£J$a- 
mts^ and games the compAm of S dims zkd^ An- 
gels: Yea, (hdll hxvtftBMJbip tl/itb thckUQei 
Trinity inii^ePreXenu tkre kfiUnfffe 4ff]of^ 
and as whoft rigot hand ^t ke phages f$r 
e^erind^^^ ^fsthSJuLa all fuch tbecef«ri 
as fiavie an ihienjl ih chrijf look (ipon i'eath » 
not lilt ike ght^ if the Lavf ^ bat tftbeGo^eL 
DtMtb in the Law is a ctsr^^ and a d^wMfal t0. the 
pa efdiflntBwti In tWGtff^l it ii an mtrdnce 
hto Heaven* Chrift bdth taken away the j?/W 
iml mifrkkf^ MAdefirnffivi fmer of dcjok. He 
hath alteredsii frapertyofit , and in fteadof be- 
mgndnr 66 UrM^ hatb mide ita^/i(e to Miffl 
mdl^pfineftfotcsi th^ft that are kis. Let the 
tmIj Godly mdferioMS Chripan therefore, hoc 
ix His mmd (a nattcH on the pMgs and iDrmetfts 
yfdeatb^ as upoit the ikfeaefiate^ that is to 
le enjoyed after it, andfafortifie hisbearca- 
jainft the fear of it. See the Reverlendmd M^r- 
by .Mr. jy^A^cobficfieracidns againft the fear of 
k/ath^ in> the 4* Part of ^ Saints everlasting 
lejly Chap. 1. 

Ieb.p.27« i/t is Jppmnted nato men oncttodie^ 

Snt after tfjiSj the judgment. 
^b 3 0.73.. tf'^ / knem that^ then wilt bring me to 

On a Digitized b^#» 

585 g}f lH/«h Chap.«o 

duih t Mi U the h$»[e Aff timed ftr gglk 

Job 17 14. Jhwefdudtt cirf»fiioH^ thntrntrnf 

T other ^ tt the Mm , tBtnat my mttberiU 

Jam.4. 1 4.— F*r whtt ifjnr life? hit eveas 

vAftw » tha dfftmth fwM UttUtime, ai 

theMVMuJbeth a0/Pf, 
Ifa. 40. 6. Tbeveiee jsid^ erj^ gmlbeftfd, 

wtmt fhailcrff ABfiefh upr^* . dad ^t tie 

gftHinef thereof it a the fiwer tfthti>U. 
V.7I The graf vithereth, the fUmer fMdeib^ 

htcaafe the Spirit of the LerihUwetbafnit: 

Surely the feefle isgr«f. 
Vh\.9o,it. Seteschuste number i»r d^iet , thd 

m mtj dpplj ear hearts aatt wtfdem. 
Pral.39.4. LordatakemetokntmmitKeted, eai 

tbemufarecffajiMety what it it; tkalm^ 

kn0r hem frail lam. 
V. . Behold thoa hafl mdde my dates m a»luai 

breadth, andndaeageitai notbitigbefarethtt^ 

vtrilj ever J man at bis befifiate y u altageAa 

Job 14.2. He cometh forth like afiamer , Madi 

cut down \ hefieeth alfe as afitadtw^ajedcamma 

eth not. 
Pral.M6.4. Hit breath goeth forth, he retm^ 

to hit earths in that very day hit tbng&tsft 


Jcbp.25. My dates arefwifter tb^t afaft^ ^ 

LizedbyVjOC A 

ypf^^y theffetnogc^d.' 
EccleQu ^- Mm g$ctb t0 bisUng homii 4nd 

the m§wtning§ aioiu tht ftrttts. . 
2 Pec. 1,1;. 7V4^ / think it meet^ oi Ung 4si 
40 in tbis T^krndcle^ ioHirj$unf^ hj fnt- 
ting yon in remembrance^ 
* V.14. Knemingy thM jhonlj I muji fnt efftba 
my TdbernscU, even ae cnt Lord ^tfns ehriJt, 
Pfal 37.37. Mark tbe ferfeSl man , and beheld 

the nfrighty fer tbe end $f that man is fence. 
Job 27.8. Bui what i$ tbe hefe $f the hypcertte , 
thongh he have gained ^ v^ben Ged taketh nofoy 

IL of ^ndgment. 

It \% mainly ncccffary in order toihefraififs 
fCadlinefj atid ordering enr canver fatten aright^ 
h^t-wc firmly believe ^ Bmlhwefreqnent^ deep^ 
nd feriane medicatioas of cbe a^y efjud^- 
hitre4higefwbichlGM\\ enqoire, 

I* Hop me majbeajfnred there U a judgment, 
P ۤmef 

%. who miUbe tbe ^ndge at that great Jf, 

3. irbat miB be the nature and manner of tb^; 
\digmenti What tbe judicial proceedings as that, 

4. Wh4t the CutfequMts pfU? 

TheScr\pcut^ rectnscohoIil.foFch amaqs] 

Firft, f*rmiilar^ vi\\\d» fpMmes smmeStA^ 
After death. Thus is ch^c U(iderAood^^«^lt.7. 
ShefjfiaS \h« Jufl'^rafmrw to thtet^^M it mm, atd 
tiie Spirit {bill rem» toGodvtha^^vtit^i.t. lobe 
judged hjhiat^zs the ChaUeeFar^fhr<0B4eA fvdl 
«(plaln ir. And that HiftarieaiP^^efBevgs 
and i-nzarm thews bow irmmdiat^ 'f^^hei 
were M, the we went to ffeS^ the *^l«r 10 i- 
hrahms {/ojom. Pbac ("I ft^^ -dorii ftew, 
/i&4t e<t;«r; 00/ fmicularlj , when he iiieUi> « 
fudged t and feceiveth citfepr ririf.«r^ or /w^ 

Secondly, 0eiier4i ^f^e ind gf the wmil 
The certainty of which may nppeartoosfiroa 
thefe ArgumenB, 

I. From the voke ^ nitmd cvut/^wavr, 
, which is very fenf^U of «. /^/4> iremtM, 
whetL^W preached of i«, ASt*'t.\*vi» Aad 
when he difcourfed to the AihextMs^ thofe gioi 
p^Ar/of the G«f//f world, J/fs ty^^t, Ttei 
Godhdth 4ff9iHteda dij in de wMch he miMjaSff 
the vf»rl4 in fighteaufne^^ h*^^. '"^ H'aiw k 
iuih ordaitiedy vhereaf'he.hat^ given offurmfctwf 
to all men i iit that be h/iti^ raijtdhim frtmlk 
dead J fovnu^fffwe- vyho meikied- whini citey besi 
oF the fefurreifiiin pftheete4d\ "ibftt again|lik{ 

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dtf thuigmim none w^vt4, .60 tritt it is which 
tbeyWv^^/<eirtwhetisraiie» otthtOmtilet, 
who had but efae light tfH4»me ( ^^ ^o 3 ''^ 
MfW Cm^ieiM) tm tkijjke*the work if the 
Xm>mit$en hi their htm^s , ■ their Cdtifekines 4- 
fihmi^ witneffe^ »nJ^ thtir ihimghts t^ tm^ 
whihMnfiitg^ tr eiAkJiitg tm Mother, Rom. 

%. From the ^^v/fw #^(7«^, which recites 
it. God bcmg the ^»^ ^ the world, as w«}| 
}s the Creator, we msy tflfaltib^y condode j&f 
miiptJgetbe mrUi» rigieeoi^ftefft.' Butosth« 
affairs of this prefent lite are ordered (though 
ihey He uoder the M^efitim of j^rividewo )• yet 
i)ne^&iKVful^otMi$mverfiU^0ftiee, O^ti- 
livoKtintwkktd fiowifh and p^^et, vkA\» th* 
^ktom aw fffiaetlmihtrtri{iry.'U thisKfe 
%dthiog more ontaiof , than ebac vewm^ are 
lot cm9^4Mkut to the «erl«#i , not P»niptm»ti»s 
)oesfm*i*nMe to tbe^iM of men. ncherefore 
rhfore be & ^Fm^^ of the worid ( and thit^fy^ 
*ejmfi} th«tt is tj^imoM to rMM iivanother 
w(odd, and the efiph thereof coacentMoihtr 
ift, I«thi^» day «iwM wtf ^ 4 revelMion^ihe 
tgkteemyudgmm^G^dt^im.i.'i. God will 
fcicn ihnv a f «r/r^ demtm^t^m^ ^ hit ^§^e \ 
ltd meoflnll difoam hotweett the fighter* smt 
irewidudy hetweenUmthMtfervethGodMdhim 
i^^firvetkkimmt, Malj.iS. 
' 3. From the desr and ii»*f»feft dteUtMitn $f 

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599 of ^tiig»enu Chap.i». 

^ th€ wiU «fG»d. We favt an ex|N«fle mutiftpA* 
fn^Gtds mU and purpoie cotnetrninfi 2']vii^ 
tamt^ocamet Ectkf,i2A4. F0r Gmifb/ithnai 
every Vf«rk inte. fm^lme»t\. itHb cverj fmt 
tidng^ tfhcthpr it ie gittd^ trirbether it knA, 
A<Ss 17. 30. s«r nm Gtd c$iim4»detb ti m§ 
ifveriveherettifftM, V 31. Btfanftbe kab^ 
feinted a tUj in the which be will judge the wtrliii 
^gbtMi^nep^ bjib^t mdn wbm beb4tbird4»U. 
\Aoli»^i$e moiteele^r sxkdfimijimeiitdiia tbt 
Word of God, than that ot Etermi jd^aKat ; 
ffeb0.t, Wtierein the ^ndge will fcotoKetQ 

^. From infrefe04fiM «fit to the aesd 
(ome of <j(Otls fctvancs io J>ivi»e vifitms. As 10 
J)4nitl^ Chap. 7.9.' / beheld tilt the Tkrtmts wot 
^fidem^ *9dtbeAnciem tfdjuadi^fiiy wkft 
mmtft vm iptof Mjnm^ tad the hair tfk 
Tieddiibe tbefm iw/ s bu Tbreae mm like tie ft- 
fffitme^ Mid hit wheels 4/ bifrmngfre, i 
fe*yfire4u» iffBeddpdcamefmh frm before iw: 
Th0»ift»dTh0»f4ndsminipred»pttbim, Mwdm 
tbeofMd times t^fitbeiifunl fitid befne iimf 3l 
Itufgmnfw^fitendthebepkstme efemui. Am 
likewiie to Sr. ^thity Rev. ao.u. AmJ ifm 
tbe dend fiu^U 49d gyedt fiditd iiefere God» m 
the b»^ were tfenedy. sndattethvbeekwmofeo 
ed, f^iih is the beet efU/e-, »»d Hfetleodnm 
judged flit ef the fe thft^s ^ which were writ itmk 
fbe bfebft 4CffrdliS^ t^ their v9rU The Tkru 

d by VjOG 

Digitized b 

Shai^aio; of fUgmenK 5^t 

:httetorc hach^beee afready fteit^ the ^tulge 
wda appeared fi- cin^ on it \ the B$$ks have been 
dready opened^ t)Mdt«d^ fmaB ind gredihnt 
been leco , (bindti^ before him. Thereftt" 
fmuaiw of it to tbseye, in thofe Divine vifioos, 
is a iasther aiTuracce of the ctrtMtj of it , than 
ifithadonlybeen/ir<r«/i/, iDdiort/^tftmedtct 

We fee' then there wiii ben day of jadg- 

2. In i\itfec§iidfUce^ let as enqiAre vAiothAt 
PerJM kwhtftui be tht ^ndge gt tbstnredt jtf- ' 
fusH,; wifpiAU^ ufM the rbrwe^ btjm »krfe 
Trihwiulwtfh4B4U4ffedr% frtm iph0fem0Mtb$H 
mtff exfe0 tar fenttnee. *The pulitiirf ftrntr'a 
the fimtf •f Gn,- The fmer and Mtmitfol 
judging is C9mm«n to-tfae ihe$ FnfNM , boag 
0IU and tie ftmiGetiy bat thetxeaainf of this 
judiciary pbwer is etmmitted jminUrtj to the 
Sm $ and fo the Ftther and the Jhij Ghtf will 
«^iM^ jadge the world no otherwife bot tj him. 
fitii trdtined tf cUto be tbejudge tf quick Mid 
desdy Ads 10.42. He mB JMt^e the wtrUbj 
th^inunwhembe hMhtrddined ^Su* ^^jiffsvj, 
32. 'The Fsthet. jiu^ttb w msM^ but hMbttm- 
mtted mB jwdgmtm t9 the Sn» He hMbgimen 
himMntlmitjUeKumeliiipmnt, John 5.22^27. 
There is therefore an ifir^M^/, fMfre»m, judici' 
jrffnter, and a juduigry fttMr delegated, de^ 
rimdfpvenbyeemmifieli* Cb:ift 4V(^hat^ 

• Digitized by VjXttfclC 

tbe pfk » t90et|ier iritlt the FirJur ari Jhb 
fl^if. CbnA jf wMiiatb timfamd, fm 
theJut/kr otpnfif^ flfomcfae A^&I^mm. 
MMNtff^. JotuiS*^7* Aipmrisgiiunbimk 
^i*4ivim md tMrti ) htdtffi^itSe Stmtfmm, 
The ii4rAnr (theicfere whois «i(jr Oii, aad » 
v«r Qoctk »|pQn him ejithflr tbe mttmrtol^mmot 
Angels , 'j«4frtA «« pim , ( and tbe/cwrm^ 
readKCife a^ lOJt^r ffotfOitfi) but Mtm- 
mltttJ dB judgmem to the $•», And Aettifm 
why be h»th <!Qauniued it iv*». him, is, kci^e 
ik^^MT ffl^ ^A< S^sfatd, i and fotnri^ GdI) 

I. \lfk^l/t»tfmM, mb^ filtered §iiw^ 
firfAtim«fmi»^ mhmUfdJtm^e^^ stik' 
Umt mdm/kHMt^ tvemtbtdtmhtfthtciify 
mbtnfmiQtJiluAhighijeietbsdhmfi sadpom 
kimd ^mtti nAfciit diWivenH^moex Iki 

th Msm^ ^fm wmf k^efunU km , ^ 
xAnjff i» litMUt, &tk$ng^ M emtky <M^ 
)minti»^t4tr^ A^fdthsH.-myt^agmflMmUm' 
f^tlm ^tfMt CkriA it Uai, tttke Glmjij 
0$d ^ Bm^ , Pbil^.8^,10,1 r. Soi JBiMiii 

1 Jt^ Sm. it\k vniMM, m I tin^ftitk the Lttiy 
imtefhutfhiMhmkUiiH, wtifmsi^ fluttm 
f^tt Gfdi ^oth ^tda fkiem haTeidfcvoa 
»ij/ f .b4aii^ ftmii bfw^ ftjf, thewmi 
tfgfmmiffifmyi.m^MifgbteHiftt^, 4ai 
fiaUittkKiimit , .HbM mtumtvuf kneefb^bm 

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iofhatiMr iv^^j^r rccsiMth'flotln fuR wAfK 
3hriA iti tiis Awmm* waitrt-mis^^^ jo^^ * 

irf of a fififwr ., li«f)Sv jimillukie tfjififiiipfk, 
ome as^^iie ^^tMFgvd 9f (nac- W«^aad ^4(w »' 

#«r<i/byGod the Father. 

3. bW^<W making a jf^»«>«//«d^mntf, 
fin have a vifitk jMht, whicb «l //^r^ wtdch 
laii be Mged am^ ^. Jdlm- f.tji And Am^ 
ivenhim Atithtritj t$ execMte juJgtiunt alff^ A^ 
mfebtis the Sm •/ m««, mifsntf ejepulLfte 
im. C^ \& invtf^U % she (Up 0M<]|Kh0re'>- 
)re w^ be ^jri^j^, ^(> v^^*ffem as tabe 
fMbot1»o^ijMjf»wbon»heA^«r#ii«r« andiiu^ySr 
>4iotxi he AnlliM»/(n^ 

The Son of mm therefore beiog reprefenifldt 
I- chej|<*^//^clr; aimaki4gtbe]^atJ(Ar^«ry 

kin fepafacing- the <«4mi (binctimes frond tiift 
^^ ^ foinetid!«^ ffom fhe <4rr/ $ is a fifberiumf 
atherift^ d)9^i|/i)l, caAtog fkeM away, » 
4ri^room recei>Mitg the »//« , e^tcl^Aotf <thcf 

ants of his Faiiuty> updrSng tbt fufpfd* h^, 
ifhhg tht MUfriJMh ', as i^fitepkerd^vrdmg' 
\sfifet^k[9M&«g$itSf fAsmgW-tm^tJgbti 

$^ Cf^gmtmi-^ Chap.* 

h&nd, tteftikiren cbe/(/r: It will frontAuc 
feUow, t^c the fMme S»n 0/iiMw (wboisaKi 
the SontfGtdf GtdM^mM >a the fame poioQl 
ir ^pointed ^^«^ of the world. Of OnA 
firS eming iadeeoits Ql\6, ^f(m }.i7. Gd^ 
9*1, iit f»fi imthe mridt»^»dtmit tbetmU 
iM^tkst the wmUtitftiigb Hm mgk heftwl Hi 
canefiot theo MAfnigCy biu<«r< RtJetme. 
but hifeewi fmmig will be to jndgttk qoA 
and tbt desi. 

, Webaye(eni«ifttf M k the ^t. 
'■ p Ufdl<ive$io thenextpbce* ito^t* 
qure iwf the jutme mimmrtter tfthk jii|p- 

• Aadherewfrdiallfpeak. 

I. qfthffrtf^r^ms t»it, 

• ». InwhdttKuantrit mihefetftrmed, 

\ I. The^</«r4ri#iwfocibe jpMJ^'s ^^rtti^ 
the Scripture fets down 'uk$he/f $$00 fmm 

I, The Arch AngtU trtmfef, by wincbd 

themorUih^lx (»kwexe)jfMmm0mdu>^ 

fCithttartChrifisTrihinkd, lTher.4.1^ Jt 

the lari Umfttf flhtS defte»Jjrsm Ht^vem m^ 

flMity vub^^tttfthe ArdfjUigdy sadwt 

the Tramp tf Ged\ dud the dud tn Chrift jU 

rifefrf, Ma1.a4.j1. AtidhefluSfeiuihif M 

gtltnithagrt^it femidtf* Tritmfety sndthejjki 

gather tegether hi EUfffiemthifem mmdt , /F» 

0k end^Huvaen. tithe ether* At the ^viogii 

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}IkLm» the vtkt «/iA«rfinMMiWasexceed« 
n^UMdi bat what a tenMe bUBmiA tbkki 
Such as fliail be beard 4i7i/iv »«rU0ver, ftaccn 
ingthe dead oat of their graves, mdfmmmaitig 
jhe whole world to come CO im^paenr. . . 

wt cannot eertml) cell , till.rjK;p(>-MJVC nunt*. 
eft it. lacerpreters probablyconjeaiiie, it 
villbe/tfflie migkj higbtntffe ,. fmrntftrtthmring 
^4tms •ia^^tfil And &try which ibaU itUri^ftv thft 
rr4r Lumitmries of the worid, nd ftrike a tear 
om into the hearts of meo. 

II. Ut OS confiderthe MmntnimMiuertf. 
bagrtaindgmwt. The Scripture repcelemsjb 
oas, under aftrmsl, jadid/ir/frtnlfe, whcrfr; 

n , . . •; 

I. The ^ndgt himfelf.imi dfftttf tictetAig 
Iwriiu , adornVl with Mt^tf^ * aad c}5a||M(l 
ritUmn^akeMUe Infiret HemStmumtbfmner 
ud^rtdttgUrfy lAu.t^jo.EvemtkfifUnt/tkk 
^4aher, MM, 16.S7. The Glory oii.ibttftnd 
mtn inade mto «m> will be nochiog to that 
'herein Chrift (ball appear in uMOSi nature aiL 
lat grea day. The hems of his Glory OmU iir. 
f!e the eyes of fiouers, and delight the eyesi^ 
aincs. Whin bk Cterj fluB be reitudii, the 
tints JbaS he gUuL nfith efceendit^ jej , I Pec» 

2« His ettenddnce wiSheverfgUripnf. The 
orioQs 4i^tls ihall be Chrifts attdidaiKS at 

Digitized bJBBMOgle 

S99 OffAJ^ekti anp.«: 

tttatday. if» ite tihi*offns9«^//« ua^ 

d% g«ve UmttMit ^iniito<r« brMrmad 

<*,^ ^.iOtthehl) u^gilt Uthkim km 

«ill be ficQeeding ^ta; and the it44» vnRbe 
OMWMUtts ^^MT. Wiis4 idiy^ Aj« te ■ 
chte t% ^hoittejfenrjDir/ of die Jtii^ Ml te 
j«»^«^ df :t)<h»tr ,' pwrjr »$e ftrongci lAten 
emUj Amis Angels « Hf/fiv/; cpMotaumum 
Hk»iigkMKgyitki m tndci csceodio GUn 
diegnMI JMfffjir ih. tfie wmW >« kh UM 

^rr^r, how iiiifirittu m\\ tbefkle/tJpm'ofAk 

4l#<I^Ilrcttnei)w^icotoied/ ' 

tHbet^tfriuir AnithMihitfh,imeis9fe» 
n6l Qk^^i^.M^eJtj ,. kut jiOUMtwri, may fr 

]uiie thj britber f tr why M thtmCet Mt mmM 

M»fchip, And i Cotiyach aTi^*^ 

Digitized by GoOgIC • I 

diiff(i^h4^^^k\.i«ltgmeinjkm ifckif^ that 
fverf tne may receive the tinngs itm m hit hedf , 
MriHtf^ ikthta he hah ikwt^ i^ihe^ it kgfi tr 
Udi- Clwift (hatlthetefdre appeal in >i&rfri;|Mr 
Urtu and C0»£ti0k»f4 ^•dgt , &mag apooa 
Throne of jadicatare. 

4« then trii. h • ferfm»l affmrmitt tf mB 
ma Ufere thtt fui. »f jadua/me^. iftn whkb 
Chrifijballfit. Votvftitiutt «if^Mr«r, andwe 
lMUdUyli«^ before thtt wdgtadD^^ Mev, 
lo.ix. 'J»d lfi» tie JetJfmtH lanlpvi^aiU 
nfi^t <J9d^dic. Mic« 1 5« $ u< i^nd hefite hiHt 
141 ^ gathered mB Hmints^ wndhe^itefime 
Jitih . iMt j^M»< itMther ; ite « fhefherdth^Mh hit ' 
htffrmthegiMtii, •'.■•.""'• 

. 5* Whett i^fe whi »e tp h^judgeJ are he^ghit 
^erethijitdifm^'/iMifCiri»^ sUfhtim^ 
ms fbatl Affear^ J.CQr.4.y.'. Thirefm pidffiti0i>- 
hiti^.hefwt. the Hme^ t^ the MricHtte^ wht 
HhwHibrh^ it'Ughiihe.hkUhit/iittgt rfdah- 
wffe, .m4 tnHwnkimamfejt the ^mtfelsef tht 
tartst fiocIcC t»i'i4k Fir Gedjhdiimt^eveff 
ftrk i/it9i}ik^pm^i^th imrffeifietihhg^ ^e*- 
^Mbt^ymiiAtthetithttvil, Tochboid 

«., ihtUtki )lliE«ie opened, ZXM.7^* AMn 
itc of Sfik ^9htt^ the heeks were vfeiiid , dudth 
ttdweniiiJ^dwtifthethhfs nid were mitten 
\ tbi heht -sumHng tt their imhf , Re?; 
>.ia. ■• ^ ■• 

5p8 off»igmfnt. -Cba^itJ 

-DhfvKi ^k of a tbrteftld iid^ tta wii 

tben be opened* 

i.tht ink «f Stdmtt 4 or tht MiiifGik 

Wtrdy whereto the L4V and (?#j{^r/ are wrinct) 

^urith all the dmits commanded z'oAfiHs foriai> 

den in them both. 
a; The hik'tf G»ds Ommfiuttee attdremtm- 

hsfUCi Mai.;. t6. And « Awib f^ rememirmt 

5. Ti^ bMktfC0»feienee. VfhkhGtdmiimaatt 
4K4M.tffflirm every ntMS hedfi^ Jer.17.1. Tit 
fatf^udthn. written w'di I fem $f irv^^idl 
•$utb the fwitt tf 4 DimfnUr, it itgrsvemtp 
■4n tk. t^U 0/ their he4n. Men mil choifaer 
wMtenedtt^vrfofe, 2nd sB tfmrfimt , withdK 
«2r4«4MArfk ^hem will he^intAeviemd 
*Sar CBHfiknces, Hiditn thinfts^fiuUUirmJf 

} 6. After the mMifefiatim tfM their 4&itmk 

the!J»dge willfrfgmite hiidefititivefeiitetKewf- 

«». M their ferlfom^ MftrJikg .t$ their ii&im. 

Ihs.femeMe/oi iifthti»» opon the Godly , ii 

tbe&viwdsiCehny^Ie{fed$fmfF4thery imkh 

the Kingdotn :prtpmdf9r ^rm,the fgetrndsim 

•f the werld^ Mac. 25. J4. The Seims oi Go4 

and the eUS mWfirft be eequittwi;^ tiefbre the «» 

^edij m fMN^ffum/, thatcheyittay ^ermmk 

joyn with Chrift vik)t$dging tbeieuUy accordi^ 

toxhat in the i Whose 'tisiaid , th 

SMiiitjJh4Uji^ethemerlJ,i.e» hjaeje^j^fn 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC Of ffuigment, 

lmi$n^ dpprcvijfg and n9a^nifjing Chriff\ jhH 
ff$aence on devils ^n^wickidMcn*^ giving fotne 
hchaj^prdatifff^ f in probibilicy ) as th« of the 
Alig«l/ Rcv.iA'i' ^^^^ "^^ mhtc^us Lord^ 
mhhh art^ and wafi^ • dnJ fiali be , becdufe th:t$ 
hdfl.^udgcdthm. Avt^ thus aB^ the Saints IhlU be 
(ud^es.;. ^Atfomepf theivt more tmineittlj as 
Mffi^ors^wilh iJitidy as is intimated cancer /ji^^g 
be Afcfiles, Mit^^ip. 2^., n alfo [haUftt $tf9t$^ 
mVve "Thrones , * ]ttdgihg the tmlyt Tribes of if* 
iuL^ •'.!'".'*■ 

. 'We bavcfli5wed what ihcfektenieofahfolHti* 
it^Wiilbe, which ftiail ^4/ upon the G^yi The , 
i^ienfeofcojtdemnafion followes, that wiU pa(Te 
pi^altbc.*vVi/J5 ^^hich wfe find recorded, 
/4/-i5.'4^ Then fhAR he faj difo unto them on th^ 
fthand^ de^nrtfiom me fe^Hrjedintoewd/^- 
^g fire: ^ prefdred for the Devil and h(S Arh 

• Y'* ^ft^ ^^^ promulgation of the fentence , fol^ 
rveth the exeemion ^ and fending of the perfons 
dgedtd their ever la/ling ft ate ^ 4S it is written ^ 
iar.25.^6. Andthe(e jhllgo atp\iyinto everjjj}- 
T punifbment j hut the righteoteo into life eter^ 

AVe havefeen what will be thc^udiaarjpro- 
dingt of thU great day. 

4. I c now foUowcsin \he fourth and U(l place 
ic we ffcak fomethlog oithe ccnfequeats thcre^ 

Rr i.chrUls 

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6oo of J^gnnm. Clia|^tD« 

I. cbrijlsrefignhg uf ha KingJamp (not his 
e^'entid , but thdt which headmnifiers m Mdh 
ator ) i0 the Father •, having fiAdmtd fin oJ 
death > and fnt all his enemies mukr hi fm^ 
iCor. i5» a 4« Then cpmeth the and^ n^:nk 
Jhill have delivered nf the Kingd9n$ t9 Gnd , ran 
the father^ tphen he pall havefnt d$nw all nk > 
and all anthmff and pwer. V.25. Farkmni 
Hign y sill he hath put all enemies under hi fteL 
V. 26.' The lafi 4newj that fhall he Jefir^ k 
death. V.27, Fprhehathfutallthingiwidnhk 
feei } hm v^hen he faith all things an }m mider 
him^ ilignianififithathtisexeefUd ^ w^h£i 
fut all things nnd» him. V. i8. Arfd when at 
things fhalllefuhdnidunte him, there fihdltU^ 
alfo himfetf heJuSje^f unto him that peedltmaf} 
under hin^ ^ that G4d tftaj he all in alt. 

' 4. The hnrningefthe werld^ efmhkb wend, 
2 Pc\c. ^.v. 12, Locking fer, andhafinengnM 
fheeomiAg of the d^efcod^ wherthi t^e Hem^ 
heing en fire /hallhe dtffelved^ ^ and the Elemaa 
Jhall melt trith fervent heat. By this fire 'tispn 
b.ible theiverld'WiW not be cenjfnm'd, bar renm 
edy clarified mAfnrged^ For 'tis conipar'd 10 

rndting fire^ V. 1 o. The Elements fball m 

mth fervent heat. And the ApofUe fji 

clfewhercL, The Creature fhall he delivered fa 
the bondage of cormftien^ Rom. 8. 2 r. la i 
cverlafting ft ate God vt^\haiveall things 
even the world it felfj The ufeofthis 

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Chap. 2oi of judgment. 60 1 

fP^Umay cither be, for an habitation for thejufl^ 

or that it may remain as ajlandingwonnmcnt of 

God s wifJom and poMr^ 

Thus we have fecn r . That there mil certain- 

PfU a day of judgment. 2. That Chrifl wllhe 

the^dge. j, Wh^ manner of proceedings ihere 

mil he in that da). 4, The Confequents there* 

What myw nmaines , bat that we cdrefullj 

frfvidi for this great and nitahle day of the Lord^ 
(as Vis catt*d ASfs 2.20.) By breaking offotir 
fins by true andferiom repentance ; and making 
Mr feaci with God ^ in andbj Chrifi, O let us la-< 
boor to fccttre ottr intereft in Chrifl, and ottr union 
nith him. He is the'^ndge : If he be onrjidvo* 
cate^ we need fear nothing. There is no condemn 
pation to them that are in Chrifl ^efns, Rom. 8. r\ 
The Head witl not condemn his own Mem- 

a. Lotus do good^ and commrtnicate\ ^ndbe 
fooercifttl toihe poor, while we have ability and op- 
fartmity,]nthQ2^ Mat. ^^^^6. Connpat'd with 
42^43. Chrift hath told qs aforehand iohatque- 
fiions he will ask when he cometh. Have yon fed^ 
have you wjited, have you cloathed? 'Tis good 
wc {hoald be prepared ior an anrwer. 

See tfie Scriptures concerning the laft Judg- 
ment in the firft part of this Trcatifc, p^g.j^ 

6oy, Of HtL Chapno. 

0/ mi. 

' We have..r«fi there wl^I be a i^^-i/^j^. 
mtrity and chat rhe 5^iy%r WiW juJge the tp$Hdm 
^tigMtouftttQi. We have feen there will bea/v^- 
fold [enttnce pronounced by him: Of stf^Utiia 
upon the G^Jly , M ft.i 5.54. Come ye Uefeiof 
W) Fat her f inherit the Kitigdom frefareJf^jH.^ 
OicoffJemrtati$HViponihttpiekeJ,t^.^u D<f«t 
Jrommcjccurfcd^ intoeverUfling fire^ frefesrU 
for the Drvil And his Angth. We (hall cheref (« 
here fpcak of ihtfiate of the meked, after the 
rigkeous ^uigt hach pronounced the {etxewt 
of condemnation Upon them .- and (hall /hew bow 
their bodies and fouls being re- netted , ibal I heft 
continued in that life for ever , to undergo ihc 
funijhment due unto their fins. Here tArec thing 
are to be takrn into conftderation, * 

! . The duration and eontinu^fice ^f their fa^ 
fons , tvitbom everdjimg or being de^^jedm- ash 

7, The duration of their fains y tohhout e ver be- 
i Kg taken $[f^ 

3, The dreadfutnefJ€ of thofe infernal f^iesnni 
torments. i 

!• The Scripture (pcik^ e^preflj that rtie wick- 
ed dfta thcdaj of judgment (hM not be cp^fmmd 
or anmhsUtid, but remain alive in foul moelMr^ 

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Cb3p.20, of HeB. 69; 

lotniurethiUrmentsioht infliAedupon them 
hy^tbt^ufti^e of God , faraB thefinscottitnk* 
ted by them rpbiie they were inthebddj The 
Wffrd 0fGod indeed fpeaks of the wicktdi^o^ 
fiichinttiiWbcdeftreyed^ 2x\6ftrifk, zn^dic^. 
fiut vre mud know chat a m?4ii may be faid to b? 
dep$jcd2iSk6firifh^ tobeU/lzndJedd ; who is 
rejeSedr fip^rated Md disj&ynd f^m God the 
fmum of glory and blefledneile. And /i^4^ 
ftffm may {till /i^y?/f , and ht what in his wn 994 • 
tmre he mai before , and live the life which deth 
€0nfifi in thcfvital unien #/ his fiuldnd bedj , and 
frfibfi/HngMudtrgo the mathoi God tor ever. 
1 he fame. Smftnre which fates the wicked ii\i\\ 
l>e deflrefd^ and f^r//ft and^V, fates alfothac 
hey fbaB\he termemed wish never-dying paines , 
)Au.2^.^u. Depart frem me ye ckrfed ( (hall the 
[odge fay to the Avtckedat thelaft day ). into 
wrlafUngfre. And leaft any fliould imagine 
hat the fire JbaB be everJafiing , bat not the ter^ 
$ents^ at the 46 v. it toUowes, and tbefe 
\nBgo arnofy htet everUjHngpnnfjbment. Now if 
Mjfre be everldfiing by which God puniAieth 
^atdmned^ znd the pnnifhment inflicted btaKo 
j^rUfiiMg^ then mu^ the damned everlaftingh 
bfifi to endnre thai fnnijbmtne f Otherwise 
ere will be a fnnijbment infiiifed, and nene en- 
\rcd\ ^\3Ac\\\iZcantradi£Hen. Indeed t he rfrr^ 
ff of that fire prepared for the Devil And his An* 
is is a fuiiicient demonfiration of the eternity 

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604: (^ Sell. Chap.2a 

of fudi ^sfaffer in h. And » tba fr€ is CCHlfld 
eterndl ^ ao ihAt eUrmt] is dcfcribcd ^ at^t^ 
. excluding all hmits and dtterfmnsthm* The ^«l 
of jehe ktrjiing of pe is by extingmi^wg ^ Ad 
^^it //r which cannot he extiMgmfbeJy cant 
v€f end : Bac [nth is the )Err which iliaU tor<» 
nvcoc the idmned. For Ar whoTc /4» «r ifiiik 
i^i/, P^ilL burn uf thiffhsfnfrhuzifnafekdiU 
pe^i Mark 5, II. Luke 3, 17, And he htcfatoU 
us plainly ) (md thei'd>y gimi m a fair wmmg ) 
M3MS.S. that ft abtttert^ enter imBbftUkm^ 
mdimed^ rather ihstn h^mng two hsmds §f tm 
fett^ to hi fofl int$ $v9rUfiing fire : ( Or «kis 
Mark 9 A^^ ) Ta ga im^HtU, iftt^tbefridd 
never jhatt be qnencheJ. And he iKith fardierfir- 
flained himielf by ^Ssmunqm^omabUddMiimj 
anil undeniable defcriftion 0ft he place ^fftmrmeMs, 
whore the ivorm dieth not , and tba jfre i «i 
quenched. And that we may be yet taither^ 
Jurd^ that this fire jhaS never be tMingmfhd, 
we read that the fmeak ef their $$rmemts sfctmdd 
uf for ever And en^r% Rev* 74^.1 1. Aod ika 
thofe who are cajlinto the lake sf fire OMdtri mfbm 
fifaHbe tormented djij and night far eirer sMdmm^ 
R^./Otio. If therefore d)e)foi in tvtnch ih 
damned zx^ to be cormeitted , be everl^^ewg ; i 
9y 4bjolutelj everlaftin^ , that H (^dl meverk 
quenched ^ if fo eertainh nivereo biqnewcieJ,^ 
^t fmoak theretffhall afeertdfor en^ amd€vef\ 
ifthd)e:thksitctt)\;^UftmoitJhdU bt 

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•Ch«p.2o; of HeB. 60$ 

tifm iver Mdever ( all which the Scriptures 
cxprefly teach ) then (hall the perfo»s if ttjc 
Jmnued pevir be dcfiroyd or dnnihil^tedi but 
fhkV^'fukfift for ever , and be coete^nal to the tor- 
medtkig flames. When therefore the Serif turc 
fpeaks, that the wkhd{ after the refurreSiion ) 
ftali be fmifbid with dcMh ^ and that dfeeond 
dmh^ it caoftoc htfonnderji^d^ that theyJbaJl 
hin$fime^ nor(in anyfenfe) be faidto/m^ 
crfuh^x ¥m the i0dtfrifjgef this jiff is thatverj 
deaths an4 they, are therefore faidf^^/V/i&f y<- 
CMd death , becayfc. thej endive eternal termtnts. 
He that wereonutb jhaB m he hurt by theftcond 
deaths Rtv«i.ii« It feemesri&f; which (hall ^/^ 
thai death y {ti^Wbthwrthyit^ whereas if it were 
annihiUtiMy and fo a ceHclisjien af their terments, 
it woald he ne PMf hurtful y or injurious ^ buc 
highlj beneficial to them, fiat iht lining tor* 
mems are the feeond de4th. For Mev, a 1.8, It 
was revealed to St. ^ohn^ that the fearful and 
tsnbelieving , and the abominable^ andmurdtrers^ 
nnd wheremmgers , and (orcerers, and idolaters^ 
sndaB liars fhall have their fart in the lake that 
hnrneth with fire and brimjlone , which is thefe^' 
fpnd death. Now if to have a fart in the lake 
be the fecond deaths Kthdt fart be a f erf etual con- 
tinuance and fermanfion in torment \ (as is be- 
fore proved ) then to fay that the wicked fhaB 
die thefecond deathy is not a confutation of their 
eternal being in miferj j bat an a^ertion of it \ 

io6 " of Hell. Cliap.tjlb 

bccaufe Uis tbi fame thing delivered in lAfcr 
Urms\ As is well obrcrVed by the Lcdrmeiit. 
pekrjon in his Exp$ftthn of the Creed. Neiiki 
WiW the f>hrafcs ot perMtha and defir»ai0n\skt 
in annihilation ef the ferfohs fifthejfamnedf it 
an ending of their tormencs. For eurmtj fifie- 
firuSfimin the Ungkage of theScripriire , Sur 
nx^zi a perpetuai perpef/t^'n MdJitrMiUm iamife- 
ry. As in the iTbef 1. 9^p. IvhenChrififidA 
cme to take ^vengeance on them that knpw 9HGoJ^ 
lind obey not the Gof^el of cur Lord^t\m GArijf ^ 
.'tis fiid , thejfbtB bepunijhedwith enfcrUftimg k* 
firu0ion^ from the pre fence cftbe Lord^ smiftm 
the cUry of his power. Wherefore fr$m vdm 
hath kenfaid ^ we may conclude . that tlbtdmh 
ried{\\\\\ continue hth in fod and My mifdertk 
fprath oj God^ And the torpteuts prcceedimg frm 
it^ never to bt if fitted of them by annshiUttm. 
Here they mighc have /i/c, hwt veoold ooc^ 
there they would hive //^-tfir , bdc canoor. 

IL As i\\t damned {[n\\ alwaies be cdntinmedia 
life and beings to endure the torments dec to 
their 'fins, lo ib^ ^uflice of God will meverfai 
to infi*d: thofe torments upon (heon/^ il^rrfim. 
Xht favour of God is not to be obtained ^ what 
ttiere is no means left to obtain it; bat in the 
. T^rorJd to coh^e there is n6 place for -F4/^ A , not 
yercuie in Repentance. As no perfon once re* 
ceived into the Heofvenly man^oifs (hill cverbj 
caft into outer ^rknc/^ (o certainly aoat , wbq 

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- ■ — PI 1^ .of Hell. Soj 

««(Jncc UH Wt0 the fre prefiiredfar the Dentil . ' 

sniifk %Angels^ fhall ever enter into their iif j- 
iterfjij. As the treafa&eth, fo it lietk There 
. is no tb49gf to be wrought m nun withinth^fc 
fmef-^ ao fitrg(itic» ofhisfiM^: no fanifificati^ 
&no{ his Nature , no JM/lificadMof hisperfba^ 
and therefore no falvathn for him* Without 
the meMdthft ef Christ , no man flilll ever enter 
into Heaven; And when be hath delivmduf, 
the Kingdom nntp God^ even the Father ^ then 
{ti^W^lie office of the tMediaior c«ife* The fondi- 
l/>if ;thea of ibc damned is unalterMe ^ their coih^ 
oUff^nation irretver^le , their tmrntttsremedilejl^^ 
thiit mif^riij eternal. c m »^ , , i 

*!,. ' / i_ r S^c W**' Mani9n\ excel* 

T|l? JLeafons hereot Km Comment on >rff, 

are cooceiv«l, by. Z)i- t^^i""' 
^inis to btf hefty 

1 . Becaufe off he great neff'e of the Majefiyagaiitfi 
fohmthej ha^e finned. We arc /fo//^ creatures > 
attd fo not fir to judge of the nature of 9n offncp 
ngainft an infinite God. The Lauhgiver hctk 
khowes the merit of fin , which is the tranjgrrf- 
fionofhis Law. 

2. With man fences of a qmck oxemiion , 4fo 
judged to deserve a long fnni/pment i and the con^ 
tinnance of the penalty is not miafuredhy the conti- 
nuance of the A£i ef finning 5 therefore no wpn^ . 
der if it befo with God. 

J* 7 he damned finned hero as long aa thef 

foifld*^ if they ^^dto eternity been allovred to 

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6o% ofHeS, OofoiS, 

livoy tbcy wontd \ivJeimfrovedhMufiik»m 
fin. They wooM have dAliki with GtSUagf^ 
grkvedhit Sfkit Icnger^ bad chey Uved^gioffs^ 
y^4ijMtiwlj2t(v\ in reCpeA of their ineiinth 
OBS i did ft. In Uetl the depe c^fimtiiignviL 
txtingmfiud^ nor m»riiftd. The damntd hm 
act their i&«4rfii^er« changed. 

4. 7^ d^ifed 4M eurntd inf^tr^, then- 
ftirt dfijufihf Mfer m eterntd ttrmenf. 

5. Tkth tiUgt^hm t» Gfi afe hfnittj md 
their fmi^mem mfetif according tatheptAwfy 
tf^hdrMigitimi ^rain/f whith they find. As dtt 
iSi/wife^l thccefere mall ROC be tidumfrtm tbek 
paoifhmeac by MmhilMi«i$fixdeftri$ffisn 0fthar 
ferfoas % fo their fumShmetit ftiall not be takfif 
jrtmtbem^by any compaffiiM (hewed omo dna 

III* We cooie to confider the J!rMi(^«&i^ 
tf tht ittfertbU iorments, ffeS is Cet fordi ant 
lis in the Scriptures m6trf0ndrf drudfrnlnmitm^ 
▼12. Bf the wtrmthtt never dietb, and the^ 
tha never geethtnt, hj alake cffirt mulhrimfitt^ 
hf enter darhefi and hlscknef if JdrkMffefm 
ever. That which is mi>Ji inteOigihle coocerniiS 
the wefntfiate of the damned , I coocehre may be 
ttdBCtdtothefefem' Heads. 

I. They (hall be tormented with cbefM 
tfU^Cy in being for ever banUhed from the pre- 
fence of God and the joyes of Heaves, » TAef.s. 
P. Being funijhed with everlajhng defirmSim 
f^mthefrefenee efthcterdf and fern tbeglm 
efhit fmer, ott,.e..,Goog[a . Wi4 

.-.t. With (be fdn «fjepft , iaflttSted Mvbcin 
by ^wrstb tfCtJ , which iAidithoittherH,xe 
pce'ented to us bj a Like tffrt* In tlus Hf< , j^ 
httdi^erk Imt kitUled aiittU , and tj^ark^fit 
fljF'iAto the Confeknee^ thepoorc'ieacarcisat 
bis wits end. But how JrtM^nl will thmt.f*rti»n 
be Jgaioft whom .be ftirreth up Or fierce m^hi 
Who Jcnowes the power of hisanger / P/.90 it; 
We thee cannot endure xhtgrifes tfpbe cMuk, 
the pataev of they?^f, or a vuteMt^ttth-Meln 
how can we think of tadmi^g Hm fskttsmA Mr* 

5. They ftialt be tormented mtktie ft$rm 4 
Ctn^atme, that is. ^vtith Afm*i%ftfitxitnnf' 
§0^ and fewffai^^^uoitbcix former ettjijmtms^ 
md tiy-paft pietftires, Luke itf.ft5* St^rtmrnf 
itr ihutin thftifi time bgdfithj gudthings ^ or 
when CMtfeiente ftiall repeat over the />4/(^» of 
thmV lives paft,an4 fi» before them fhtk frtskm 
time md/itd Md m^nt^ tpftrtwnifies if <JrMt 
fitighud^ tie ftSy&f their tmtclake^ their tMrth 
i0g their hack* «fM iUrndl life ^en^intheGc>- 
^«l ; their greffe negU&tf their feed* % their >*> 
^rf0^ffM^J^iff*(fio»*t their difieg»d' 
tng Admmtiiu , ft^g C9nw§hnt9t ^ttenehurg 
thenntkni *f the. Spirit efGed^ hMtttgteherer 
ftrmeds Othefews^hefidiwefiilfiul) remem- 
hMuei. The fetmgtt of Confcience we. mef t 
witti here , are t^o greM 4 frkey ion x^tfhtrt 
pleafure oi a W//J Inft: p then, wbat ar4* 

6io ^ of HeB.' Chip.10. 

ging fstm Will fuch nifltBhni as thefe caofe hel^ 

after ? What will they do that Art tmmmi 

^j 4ni mghtfpr ever and ever f 

•\ 4. As they will hzw^fbjrpfefffemdfedm^ 

tiitbtitfrefetif wofulftate, and z^nerdifMUM 

and vexaion that by their wenf^Oj they broo^ 

itDponchemfelres^ To they will be tormeoted 

:iTith de^dr of ever coming 9iiit of it. They wil 

fre they mnft continoeyiyr ever in this rtmeMU^^ 

coition ^ tinder if n everUfiingfMsfUfi^ bt* 

CM(e ther&isn$hepeef Hejive^^ noderancccr- 

ndpairt effefffe^ becaule there is m mesnts tiaf- 

feefethe mMHr$fGoi3 which dUdetb oo thens. 

And this devoir pfever umog a#/tstiiefcry 

JlellofBeBs. O] wo and /das I "tisfcrewr^fer 

ever they muft be tormented, Drexeiim a Um^ 

f^/ Anthour writingupon this Arguoicnc » hsdi 

this awakening p^age*. If God ( faith he) 

fboMld fie Ak thus to adstntted Jotd^ let the tM 

vwU befiUed Mthfdffd/hm theeMrtb t§ the Em^ 

fjreen Heaven^ Md then Ut m t^trgel cem 

evetj tboufand jear ^ end fetch only ptoe grek 

frtm thdt might j fandy moiiMein , And wJkem ths 

immeafftrdble heap itfojpent^ and fe msmf tk^ 

fond years expiredy Jwiildelii;erthte es^eftid^ 

andthi^eextream torments: ThetmefitS^feraUe 

forlorn wretch^ nottpithflanding that he were tek 

through that nn^onceiveable length oftinse in thoft 

intoBerable beMifh torments^ yet nponfnch Mfrp^ 

mife would infinitely rejeyce^ and Jkem humfe^ 

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^hap,to.^ of Hell. 6ii 

f^ts be damped. But' alas \ when aBthfejesrs 
\reg0»e , there are th^iifandfi. ufm'^ tmnfMit 
mre to he endttred , evenjbrfMgb dS Eter^ 
fitj. ' '^j i,.. \ » /• 

O fad and woful condklon'J'Q Eternity > 
iwrnity , Eccrnicy 1 This t<noi;d ever bceaks^ 
he heart, O Lord , to depart frffle thee for n^, 
olofe the fight Md fruition of thf flexed coMtae-i 
\ance, to oe hurled downamoitgdtnSUdjfddam^, 
led fiends into a Ukeoffin amhimfime^Jokfi 
\lw4ies tnrnin^y yet never tonfnme^ : everefyiftg ^ 
it never diffolpd, sltodies gmtmd^fofhht^ , 
^ormofConfcienee^ yet never devoured:^ Mv^aiei 
'nafhing the teeth ^ wepittg ^JfO^ling^ '^^.ingj 
\fithout anyglimffp tf^hofe^or Mtdrof.ojfcoonfort i^ 
v!?at heart CM think onihefe things tfitbei^tfpffty^ 
ing in pieces? Lord^ whaHvjtr thondenieji 
^e for this life, whatever fhdi bo jmy lot msslportwo, 
\€re^ yet deny me n9S ( I humify hefeecb thee) thf^ 
ffe^ual affiftance of thy Grace ^ to tnabU motet 
pork out my falvatipn , to enable mc nnfeignedly to. 
epent ofal( my fins, and forf idee the my Ma to^ive 
p my foul to Chrift ^efas for pardon andlife •, that 
y him Imafbejufiified andfanitifiedy andfaved 
ym this dreadful wrath to come. EvfnfoUtitbe 
> Heavenly Father ^ for thy rich mercy and my 
}paet Saviours merits fake. 

Khali conclude this difcourfe of HeU^ with a 
tvf feriosamedifaiions. Lee asconfider, 

I , How great , bow inexcufaUe is the foUy and 

fiupidity gle 

V •.■^■.- '^*^*- Clap* 

mf*vM4piitgi»miftil i^didvre looltdM 
hn with Serifture/^eaacks, wc fliould St 
Mirmrtpo^im beciveeit the^/^^/ir* and Ax 
fmm thiMWDf ; cbaa bctwwn a^^ rfbo«,, 

a»i ik^m&iimtadfQ^? wStboaO 
fiUfttr. ftr a Am)^ pteafiire he amemt toptym 
•W^^fBaag^MOaiaeat f Cd inco HA\wik- 

. Hi-whifimmB frcmmmtem hsw nv htk 

dt« fwMifjl f^kud. H«w flidbld we fpddSr 
A»^/^ «fc*Ww* befefftiiHrt for all owfti 
*idffie to his mwcyirtChftft foronrpardsi 
m»axei ^^-Hdtrnk Ndthtngcaobrinei 

NMbihgean fiwcAat manfromthe mver^ 
ptrnii'»tfydit»inhAfifis^ ^^ 

■ ^. if#W hig^yfh»nUmfri)i,t tht hvi 0fcMi 
httw^«* 4 t^iOfv^ ftouM we ftt «pon his hhd\ 
(Sow wttKngly flioiiW we embrace tbe#/m^ 
Gr4ce and recttuili4ti«» made to os «« i[6i? 
Hdw «*% aftd ehiifitltj (Jiould we?»wp «* oi 
felves toWfrt, refolving tb be bisfaftifmlM 
ctfks and /«vi/»rj, feeing he laidA^i bk^^ 

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laptsor of ma. ei^ \ 

^fUwr. m from, thefe evtrhpug ttrmats , ] 

\s With t» come f In one. tUtig^ tbefittof 
nraciitnit ckzmroMtt iiggr»vMtm than the fills 
WAngils'y iTbtft never fiha'da^ainft the«/- ^ 
ti»f*Sd>if$nr»%keMdo, . . 

4. HotkT readily fiiotuld wc /i^ orMptr^ fer» 
fm&c iNMlA^aBf thing, tkk i^ed JuAe* 
<ercaSs «f f«, who hathir/ir sMfi^li fomucb 
irottrftki*. • ' '...,. 

5. Ho«r AiottM iM fitj and fwl Iw^ fbofe 
rh<y i^e foBhg toirirdi the p^^nct ol 00^4/ 
re ? We may if»ffiUy > • Ai^thiein thereby, 
at we had , bvetet eadvuefmufcsUipg 4nft o£ 
neir wrath , than let theiiv/l«8v(if wrcan 
e^it by doiofg ovr ducy to adfloodiih tbenfi ) 
ito tto /Jil:r tffirezad brimfim^. 

6. How (bottld- the confideration of everUfi- 
tg ttmums after death , breed in otery- heart a 
fUr* and vovr of tfaejTe4» Gtdy and leacbns to 
'tmbUtitYA&Wtrd^ zsL^Viii Themes th»ait 
'moMKed againft aU .ifflpenicenrfinneKSk How 
ageriy (bould we embrace that ttdt^Mtd ad? 
Hce of OBT ^Mn^ £4«»ir, Lirke 12.5. f m'^ 
trnfiTM j^M WMW ^tjinA feiit^ jm him which 
fttr bt hath kiiid t bdthf»»er UcaJliitttfftM, 
ea , Jft^i mitt j«» , fear him. 

Ak» 25.41. 'Thek fkdS hi fsj untt them dtf^be 
itftbamd^ depart frnti me ucurfed, iiitofi>er' — 
l^pf^pe^ frefaredfer the jyevii and bit An" 

■gels, Dig,tzedbliG4l^[e 

.6t4 Of ffeB. Cbjfi*. 

V.4tf . 4m J ikfe fhsB ^o a»4j imp evtrU^i^ 

Mark 9.4^; AHdiftij hami tffitndfbet^t^n 

, tffti it u tetter f^ thee ttetua inta'I/femm- 
edi thanh4vitiitvnh4nif*tig».iMt» Htt^'tiii 
'. the^etbtP'neverfhaBh^dsnehtJ. 

-V.44. Wkri^iheir wvrm dmthwi^ juulthefrt 
: uptiqiuiteUd. v.[/.\- 

V.45. Aniifthjfut cf end thee out it^g^itk 

• Ifetterfir&nf^ U enttr int^iifeimU, ti*»hm'Mg 
\ t»»feetuie eafi i»tt fftlL, iata^fk frt tfut «f • 
.■• mer'^m^d. . • •. 

V.4iJ. Wktxetitwvmm.ditth «^, dxdtiefre 
I isntt que»ihed. • 

V47. Amlifihiweejetffaki thee^ fiackitm, 
it ii better f»r ike tt.euierhUtihe Ku^dmif 
G«d with cue qe, thd» hiving tmt eyestfht 

. <ajiintfi Htfl fire* 

V.43. where their prermdiethwtt^ dmdibt^ 

Re7«i;.8. B^tthefeirfnl, Mdunhelieving^ tu 

the ikmiiMhie* . ^Md vmderers , ajtd wbert- 

tnpngersi dadfkrcerets ^mtdidtUers^ smdd 
' Unrs^.^^hdvejheirfmtifkthedtketbittbmr*- 

etb mthfi/(JndhrimpJie, wbiihistJbeJetmd 

death. " v t- 

Rev.20. 10. And the devil that deceived them w$ 

t*fi iiitc the lake ffpeMdhrtrnfictte, mben 
tJuhcAfi 4pd the ftfe Prophet, iort , snd fbJ 
fetfirmntfd daj 4nd nighftr ever tnd ever. 

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T. 14. lOv TC-ht fame flmS dnnk if the witie 
ef the mdth »f GeJ , whkh it femrtd wf 
wUb^ mxtme info the CMfetfbk m^gj^tim^ 
tHibefffUuef eftbt-Mh ^'t'^i S0jJ»tJ^e 

> 1(1, 04Mihffi»i4k if tit V t0fmettt 'afeemt- 
tthMfjftreverMdeii&fifCi.^ > 
K4v.n.' i3« i]C^fdi4tUS^ng witf iitfir* 
vdnts, biidMm hifdktdfut, Mttdvdti km 
m'ni'-4ftdye^4dmikf9^'merdArktttf«.i tbttt 
ThtiU meting y Mdpt^^ifmh 
ttb.23j}. 7e Serfettts, je g'emrdth9^^ wl- 
*ert>, ihim *Ht ye.^fli*f«y»< dm9mn*i 

"^7Wt»vJ?»^ Jl« (i^ 4i\ tUik^t j^ {if 
vide kihe<g4^ ,: Mtd.hrfJkHtJhemttystnUiM-' 
th t$ defirtHHm mtdmuifibereh mhkkgtjM 
h^i^, '"' . .•-'.'.. I • "• .. '. .i '.. V 

'.2.1 il He thdt hdth d» eofy lephim'he» wbit 
hfSfirit^mhitiitSibeCbirthef^ hft^etdtr^, 
evA ^^nd the Jngels wbieb lupMdtkfir 
rJf ^fint*, Imt left .tmr w» btHfsti^ Jtc 
4tb K^M9{td in eveth/ht^: ebnitks ,.'Mtdtr 
^frhuf^ nnto the jn^ineM ,§/ .liA.^.e4t 

7. Even M Sedem dnd Goma-rab y.mdtit 
litiesdkmthem, intlkemanner gt'Oing^hem-' 
elves *ver f» f^mtdtiut^ and geitig sfter 

Sf jfr*«c , 

Digitized by ^OOQle 

2Ther.i.9. WbfiJhdB te.fim^\iikk'tvtrl4: 

veil, from whtm he r/ujedtbe desd^even ^n 

MjdHf.iw«t,^ Ui*rf.jftw^.«)*w. ftte||^>\)rilto» K 

rstherfear him which it die t» defrifM^ 

^^,^\^;it^\be-iriid\\^.j4ii, .FM^n- J| 

cool wf tongue , for I dm tormemed ki 

. {tiioiimthjiifetme rneive^ijgfMifiii^ 

tr Digitized by CjOOQIC 

V.»7. Thea beJ^dTfrJJ fieltiifef^ j^dt^\ 
•■'•tbA' fhiH^'^mlift fiiti'lMu mf When 

V.48. For I have ^'■Sfit^eM, thaf kmd) 
uMe untt^^H^^^kfifhefiiftcom liwtfihif 

Matth. 16.2 <?. P*r wi&;*1» •••# i»^i» >rtflfM/, i/^ 

''pS^^Sm^wk^6mr1i;*nihJ(his(»ul}^ or 

what JbaS d'Wdn -^t-ik ik'fxcSiiff^ f^ h^. 

fotU. \\^\Y-- .' .' " 

few/.' VVWdtoffie!n<Jwt6 ^eiiltot'thc */^ff</; 

ie,- • Afeir fe^li i»^^:srrte^iy Afr^el) to dHriftJ 
ieMDrltt»'f»eff«ftfcd' toGo^ tlie Father, 3sthe» 
^^^ dtbft'fuVfehJift. • - Sb ijifait they 3^&prefe)^m 

tfdy.v bdC'fttftl-be hhe'^ed-'dt ihejepiraf^ 
furtetfhn^ ^ \vherif foul' {{ndbfcjd^ beiAgreuni- ' 
•di the fw^^r^i tftrth Jt^h?sV.^*lr Wi/',^ 
mvir jlitt§eddfMf^at^^- i'lrk'rit'fhf 'tcin^ktt»^ 
"**■• Sfi frtfaredgie 

Si9i 0/ Hewt»\ 

cM4^/i&.25.;4. W^.doae, i/^7.^^JN| 

\n^ lif( tftfrnd^ as^ » is , v.t^\ 

X . The GUrr v^ ^I^tdtufle of tbisyl^tr, ne 

come now to enquire into, aod there ate tm 

ftvKingStwttereinie copfifts. 

-^ I. la4M4l nmUHiirf^ABnals^ 

2. /ff 4 coH^itence 9ftAgH4y mf^trjtotk 
Ifaftfhtffeyf the Gr64ttrc. 
. . Firfi» AUtviU dreremtnd. There uetiree 
^4j(,f<t/«/r we labour under liqrQi. . 

1. Ttic evihfjia, 

2. ofumptaihu. 

3. ofiffii^tM. None ofwhidi IhiD tm* 
ble the Saints ih Hf^en^. * 

1. The evihf ^9 is there removed. 5»i$ 
the ;rM{ r<M7 the (t>|}drea ofrGod 4»mfldnf 
lyichfc) aiuqh/u^[/V4n this.wof;kf, Hcretk 
Sfmtlfiftthagainfi: ihffiejk.difd^niefiejb £g^ 
iM Sprit i but in Id[ea«riii.tbci&OuU be mfi^ 
btfis to w/ur figMnpt^e foul, Pfi^ ^i not cfaac 

ihej/wojhis mini ; |slpf cc^.c/f^x^soh- mafermt 
mdnth4tl4mwh{h4ll dtliv»mtfr»m tkeU^ 
^iAit,4Mtk, Rorn.7.^ "^ere '{k4 be. MUimJmf 
mtheMitidi fertt^feptHf inthe'vfiU, diftrJam 
tle4ffeffitttis, no -ioiKupifaui^ Jff_ fhe memim , 
$io]reirUiof$htUjU^f tbe[fJ^4d4mis Uk'm 
tjhc grwe; neverUrife.; mort.. "J^ Jomimutai, 
U^ the soffits xe d^Hveced Arotp^in thh Hfe , ta j 

'*•■•,■: - - • Digitized by Google tDCf*! 

there the very heh^ of his rtmoved.' CraccJ 
vt^eifsfitty Gifiry qitite dtiifiethit. Into Hea- 
ven nrtl^ffg tnters thai Je files. There we fliall be 
inder 4» baffy mflffftbility 0/ tftiiMng 

1, The evil tftemf whit. tkAvfoM 
sa pXiceoffitdres^ av^eyoftemftdthnsy tie 
fevits dreuit. Whac abundance of tmftathns 
ire we affaiilted with hwecontinuaUy^ either 
rom the Devil, the vwUy ox $» ttftteirruft 
KMntes ? In TardJife there was a tempter, but 
:here is mm in ffedvett. No Serfetrt ca& creep 
n th^. /Tff^ we had need ^47 continually,* 
lird lesd m jur into tem^aim : There we ih^ll 
vtfulfy delivered frotnir. 

3. The evil fifgffliffitii. In Heaven, there 
f an tif»l$itejreea«m ftom all mfery / fdiit ^ l»^ 
tnr^ wdnty or whatever elfe m^bt a Ad us.. 
'iBj[orrti» fliail be done away, as wdlas aSfin, . 
fmv» is tbefiiic ofySir, and when the mf^is 
Uddjao more t/f-firin^ can be cxpeded. What- 
bever is pMnfiA^ and hmdeHJom to JV^fii^r isi^' . 
rtiic of/ff, and a^M^, and w4riir of our//^/* 
i0n againft God. Here we are fflbje^ roa^ 
tffmhertfneeeffties,hager, thirfi, cdd, vajfts 
ffeverdlfbrts. In Hesven the cbildrep of <^od' 
b^ enjoy ferfe^ feedm from wfaattbever is « 
rtMefim. Grief t fevl temftdtm , ft^pejfe ,* 
mnefMyi MgmJh»fm»d-» (hall bNC i^xn^of — 

10 mote fir ever. When the SM/itf are once 

^4(l,4tfthf they are..;(t^.%/<(4r.QtalJ n^^ 
Wb^ th?ir bpflicfm «"« 'tfi 9Pin ^hf ir •«* 
i^tm^^x ^ey we. p4ft 4^ hikiiJ^m,: Hw« 
isa i^iij^ 4j(r*, wh^fnqnp arc,fi,^k:-. ..Theifif 
no fiich thirig z% aguts,''fcavers\ gmtSt octk 

tlvfr?a5ipV»«^4r Htfeyft^^^ altppft conunpji-. 
{hail behove wMr'an3:4i'/«iiianriily^^ijb'€t&c. 

<^liW?tK 'ffV<(^4 ^'iZace ipiluc, r«e^KC(* firocdtbp 
j&IUif gf; 6fV ii),,t^« there i^/i&^e^ 
/iyjfW^Wiwf^- 1 M copclajdeithis,, . iKitb tic 
<;pqifcri;ihlc .place, ^fv, aiQ^.,.^iH< "Ci»if jM 
flifii^lfeMlit'tasfrotfk th^t tj^r, q^jbetifiufk 

\4i»n.j»sHeMm will Bf wefM. ., ' \ 
. W^M^rM«. ...... ^ • ... :. ,»'. . 

• • ■ . . C Digitized by Google J' ^' 

cfSff4»< hyik^lfxA ^Jm CiliHfimiiixitheL 

hifi pM'I^O. TteiiWAf of tbiei54|Ai[ftan& 

tht^et^miA thcretoreif<heybe«ftj»r9'^t 
fih«)((batU(K'Mi/«^ agfiiei . Ar^r^>ii^<^-. 

qiones t^ bftdies Timfkr") mtimi'rmffdtifi^ 
Chrififr.tktbedt$d, mMff^ffiiiduiniitplkffdi 

ami f*rmah it dgti». mo. aLcanj^teAllftiQR ^ 
S^iMt wt»e$k^Ai^'.afidyi|MM4rffi^ 

Sf4 thems'^ 

6%i, dfMfMfeg* Cha^rM; 

thetnatchelaft day^ aitdac their refim'^im * 
tbey ftialt be (^hmgM^ ntutbeir qndl^ks, tha^ 
tbtirfibfi/mce Ml^dc be altered. XhcJmai 
ChripUns wheo they rehearfed' r^^r Ar^(£- 
the Creed^ I hetit^tU refmtUim eftkfit^, 
vfen wont c6 «d<te , e^/ev tftb» mjjMt : Ts 
nectary the f^ ffi A»^<1 be «aM again, 
ior h cannot fta^witii Godtjufiiie^ that tm h- 
Jiff%iiaaliAfi»i nddfutkr MjXntisufmaL That 
tie that j^ffiM/ in imktdj^ wiaM}»fmf^ia 
4)mh»\ orhe thacj>leafed Ca^itthk iMJIifk, 
(hbold'Tee God with n^ejrcf. 'tis alto «Mfr4- 
r^ to the very »tfiir< 6F;he refrmiHn % fixa 
fefmi^w is'when the)^ body that diedi, 
fiftlh^iun. Othetwife it is ratbo: a jw» Otfi' 
«ithai»af</SKnir^Mt». As therefore «fcrAfiAi|f 
Ciff}? afcdr Wufitm&iHt was ^f4amtf»r]k 
jf^ntr^^diottgh Milw;^ MMre excellent and gkrioB, 
/GbOialNm UiktvSX^ sHidi be at their refr 
ifcAidn; IE any fiiall ask Am> srefmre^mk 
fi^kt I aamtt^' to jit^elf ornkendm tsm- 
pj^iUji ^itt»an tU'humtigGiid, wbofe af 
4Sm» is ifl&iit<) m&^&tm sbiUglmd^d, whoft 
Mwer!kiUfiiHled.;ri&tfiyv^^<^. ftfUi 
wdOrieii<r^«r/i^j!i^^>A«<<|»^jbjriMriM|f) uMf 
he^iaU'ft'JIMM4Mtlii^im0ifimf3f:i Astk 
Ap6fife=f^)Mk8,PM/;3*;»i;He by wbon the vo) 
lnBres^0ilrkf4Jt^ tndlHefiuuUiftffefiasred 
i lm dt i )(i^ 4n»oiweth ^JtJhtfimmdbuus^koxriiek 
ypim'^ b^^etfa to each body. . ioA asfas 

" ' •' • ~ ' r •' ^• Digit zed by Google' ^' 

Mi-feiitig f]f e'obfenrecb evaj fsrtUk 6( s^tlwd 

uHwhifteJmmi fodbchbealfd/i^f aodlmv 

tVLWMtes and meMtt by wbtcli tifife ff^terel 

f^jf£hon\d be mked ) by whidt tiit rM$»'df4'- 

Iritk flxMikl be ft^MmftfJ. Tbougb the fm* 

ofth^bodyofmafibe di/tlveJy :y9iitb«yffrijb 

not. They are l»d op io the pifkt: flaees , aad- 

lodged in tbe Chm/AcKS of Nacttre, . and 'tis na 

taoteat»)itrMliShm^^ that tbey ihoiiildb^ome 

/ikfiotf of chejQMwbody of inanagat9, tiywhish 

;tb^ did ^MCMloog; ' tUn tbtt after his death). 

tbqr^hOBlclheooflacthe^4rri of. any other btdjy, 

as we' fiee chey. do; '. And inorcoi^ejr we fee by 

^xpcsienceibatoaxiaoil cmimlgl/^fsAte made 

Vy«f,\even<ofvfyEKi^ Cannoctt^tbe-^iS^'ibMjr- 

V!^ dfid.OMM/kMM God> taUEb mens' bodies «i«r 

tf Ajhssf Tis« eaite for GodiD diftingu^. 

bec«reeni<tf aBd/i^»and to give.toevery n^an. 

bis mmditfy as it is lor a Gm^mr that hath di- 

veci/^ir in b^handto/r««r tbeiAy ^ad^kfiow. 

them one from anotheir. A skilbil Al4wfi caa« 

e:^^ one iQetal from anottor> roycl). more 

can G»d Atmgbtj difttngaifli and feparateone, 

daft from another. As it wais khereforef;f/7:4« 

Cmufntrnftmr^ .which conld mould tbe/^^^ 

JmS, of which m^ wai made^ imo. tm hmmim. 

Mft «nd htah'ima^ tke M0rih tfit tbe brmk tf 

life, fotbefamefmer can ftiU mike »/<&^^i^^ 

rftmniMgfrem the Mies efm» m9:the emh^ 

tiaiiMte .iW and fiit^,. Fp^ the A pirftie %if\. 

tf«4 .^Hew^. 

as la the pU^befeirpiiientfooed» thanipNrdffc 
tifiMiietfMMj^i mUi'Bmfelf^ And fiBchstk 
Smptlife idius; >tlm C'i^^'oSicvenoe oftbe^ 
i»/«l«)»heolxuh''d«hrarrjMMiff^^ tadbtigk 

cttereisW ^ipwffhit of«MJb4 but by a^ondi 
ifefmn^iin. ><:%nft t^rbtlmi^f titdui, lad 

c& life; irC^f. rr. 21. Fw.Min jUmmj/l^ 
«ftfenj9 iii Oi>rifiihdi»tibermuit.4itivt, \Wk 
Gonciii<it thiS'wi<^.thfl|re't«Oi Amoosffaa^ 
^9h» '),'i!9.'lt»wl'mifjt thh^fiin tbebmk 

kear^v9it9,!yf.t9. 'Aftd]b^:ulMfmh\ikf 
tlMd have JtUf'^ad, 'M»tkfMrtfmtSM»if 1^, 
dhi thej fktt'kMvt J$m /«d!^««» tbi refmrt&m 
<f efdtinnitiM: AAs u^if/ LUtUxLmK'km 
tm»ds 09d\ ytiiidHhtf4hmfikKS. Hif^attn, 

^ Well ihtiH Mtgtltere^wiU be » Refine- 
Aitin, ■■ ,•■' ■•'•'•■. ' ■ .f • ;y .•.'..-. : •, 
^•Mefe'pe(ffibly>AM(e mlitii^e\>mbKirm' 

ArtfrM of ehe'i^iiffffy at tfaelaft dayr 

m^m4ge tUf tetween c^iph andshisXjdaiy, he 
will endow (heir Mks vntb v^^nww«Mto»y, 
» vrett m^itfiHk : Forbe\^«wirfnfej»i,dto 

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» wcU as th^ f^ds,^ >i^^iftAf4ira$w<jl4l 

wel} 0$ tbfiirAfA.,.,, |ui( to(p«a|c-«orc^4<^<i!»: 
?4f^., tbeApoai9;;tc!s qs wkaK^Und^ek^. 
this ^«^l be- 1 |C>irpii5.4i. rAes»?<i «( tmGlny^ 

Gmofm St4rt, fit^ (me ^m^Atf^ihffm kim 
thtf.Sp^ifkGkKhx .V4».- ^«\dk^theHf»>r 

niur » it ittfiftdin^ : . // ttfammin wcdkaefl 
t it mjfi in Ptmx. . V«44. *' kfmiei^mtmd 
wdyititr/»liii4^iritn4heidj,\ . >. • , . 

jf^W mcarmftitff^ MM kr^ffdiUitutrri^ 
U$ih thjey now: yieWitp the <jrtAwf/of natiire, 
and areexerdfed with ^4/»« zn^ 4chtt% hit 
hct^Bf «;« they Mi l?S ^MkfifmUbimwtdiity \ 

icf^eds|^9Wtlv5 5</»ri, faehtok.«hdc there U 
9, tt9:}ecQiniQg w\^ t^- 0]sU'timer4 My witfat 
?»W^^'f »./^f>:J?n4 w.Uboot.:</rA«^, tha« 
(hall be aliyaies id the (pring§fyfuth. The rcftis 

a^j, pur bodjesjp\l.bejnia<ifcr^tf» bodi«6. 

^Ukj.- All deffrtfiit¥*'V'mdfdefia4 • ( which are 
tbefroi^ vi iiii) jJi^U bfc jrjwiKived As the bo- 
dy cAytA^^ ii^foiifi^if ,. was. kvcif add ^r4«^ 

, '. ' Digitized by (j^iWale 

ftS of BeM/en,, 

tifrl, compleae Ik all its f art s^ to {bsBmbe 
M the refmh^e^htu Tie fi^htCMf Jlkdl Jnt u 
the Suuin^kingthm if their Father^ llixi.i^ 
4j. If tM^ts*%fke hy ctmverfing with God 
but f»iirtj kdes did dune (b exceedio^ that 
thcywereg)adf0putav4y/oponics VtomgUrh 
lnu (hall 0«r htSes hey vrtien we (b Jibe ever 
wHbrhe Zerdf Chrifi in the Mmit wheo he 
was rr4«/^>/,Mat.i7,i. HitfMce^dJhms 
iinSM\^ dmihk t^metit wMtrmtesrftum. f^ 
f«r, ^taiut'^xA^^h* were not abte to beat tine 
{^c of tbe gioiy there manifefie^ , and yti 
this was faacva ghniit>fe of chatgltty he hah 
now in Heaven. By this you may gnefle afole 
at the fltrj of the body ; when it is Ukmiu 
{^fisjjrUriHitheif. Ifwewooldhave oorbo* 
dies eternMj hedHtiful^ let as laboor co be tnlf 

i. Oar bodies (hall be made /^>rif M^bodifi: 
thej mfmn nttwdhtdieSi hm^A&be rsifedf^ 
ritBdi htJies, When we come into the §m 
ttertd, thzitttrld«fBfirits\tvta mar Mia (hd 
he^iritiut j mt^irHitd kxfihJfdiice , but fa 
• qtudities, 

1. They ihaffhave no neeictimea^ JrMt 
JUefy^c, boc (hail be a/ the Angels 0f Gtit 
4/4^.12.30, If Jlfd^f^ opon theMoonc, iods 
ftae of mm»Htj , was opheld by the f§mrii 
Godfinrty tbdes , without mea^ and wicbont 
fitf'i how BMch more ftiiD we befoapbeU 

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Otiap^20. of Htimin^ ^iy 

^r rwer m the Kif^dom of H«avenf 

a. They (hall mve witbgreMt agiUtj andttm^U' 
n^. WeflitHnotber/<2^'</asiioi<r, batAiff' 
be able ( as tbeLeamed think) comoveup- 
vm6& and dowtmards./^r^, iike abird in the' 
aire..." •■."•.. - ' 

V 3. Or Laftly, Oar bodies 'stvsftkerefirfe^^ 
' ^fMTtnay be txxtaedjhirftiulj b0Caur<< they W^^ 

fy the enijimHas and CMpUymM$f^of'Or4ci^ "-"-^ 

4. Our bodies AuU be aadk^fMi^fiili ^r^ 
Mefmnm wealuu/, htfluBi^hftmer. im 
ffmiermd /htf^b that gkmfied bodies il^* 

, have, will be wnidtiful. In this lift theiy^ ^^ 
wl«d at the irigbtmffe ofthtSdnf btt thtiOi 

i (baa befirtngtbtaed to behold .^/mjf|hv';) 

I and not be daztUdattbem. The body (ha^l^ 
e04iied tioA firetigthetiedtiy XJbd^ tow» tSac 

, fKc^ittiMd«iert$Mkm^k'0f4ffii!^}tbsipMlihe 
altottedtbiti ..?.. T . i v.'ih 

5. Unto all thefe gltriim perfimMs^ Ifrfd* 
eiukpfmems, wemay add nh^.mrr mir^, jrtie 
^mfrtviledge aoAhtffimfiftVtuAX have td^-? 

T*iat.wefliali^fce#iB'J^^ifer/»^With /Ar/"* <r^/, 
^M'flainlyteftHBldSj gP#*r9.»$, Ftrlhwtbiu 
m^Xfdeemerlhiaky MtdtbtrhtjhsttftdndMt the- 
l^trJUpffm tie t^bM,%6.AHdtbimgh*fter my 
. shn^ wtrm deftrvf tbk btdj^ jet in mfiejbfbdit' 

*-•• • Digitized by Cj#WWIC 

eyes /ball hehtil4^fm4tt9t Mttinri^cc^ AaMm 
th^stiijgbf 4yiU'«iM(r/ mHtb to oarhappihefie, w 

wraitmh-hui n^ ^'^ .<» j*"* faith wrf; « 
s«»?jvaftPjJM(J jUh^fifpu rifin^ For cfae frf» 

lmMi^\^M. M H 190^ rafiSe tbtu^hhk 

j9^/y^^4«^4U(Ar 0>m»>' ii«Y^^ «#ir/^ai 

iu'l^r/^.i . . l<^t)C^<«A fOfttebtaiitmM.'theCftMm j 

their SouU. Xet us enquire whereia cfa»iik£' 
vim ^<fMK-i:iiM^>*ff>fti^i^^^>sH[ldiaklf, 

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Chip.-«b»' ofjittnnn, 619 

if^eifwe b»lifief{ei v»ith txaSf 'nMfihmfytf tht 

rme'i4giit4rity.\ ' iWc ^afl be ^tt^mctt^ 

w»h9ut. fiiiity W ' t^/itineffe. Het« are : many 
J^aiHifigi aJNt <o ihi;iArf4iw«f 5 bBtin ffftww 

te^^M-.-y^<l\-' : • - . . -■ 

^)M^:ciimimkn itith XS$d, tnd fmthft ^ 
Bi^,^ ' WWlft' ivt! krfe here m hmtintyUif\ 

J^<^;yi^; H«« cMX 'evihforts edif^ m by tli* 
HmM ofOt^i^SMiei:;' bQC tlJ&h-aViHriHhiii 

G^m'-pntl^'^^^dm^ti'^^^' mitiihtteim 

pfM mllhei:b^o'^/-i^ vi^^Wh^Uina 
to bring us thither? How witt the/r*/)r if;^^- 
'^««^#«eofB6Hs'> Thej^ delight' m the w^tf of 
ififtn. • Wbto'*w«»'vh8 created,^ ibweJkfw* 
Hhigtm$ fmg\t^b& ^ dtfd'fbiife i^ntofOti 
flmt^fitrj^tr^kii^l. Wheft chrifiemeA 


rtdtem mfi^ aii. Huvenlj h»B tfihew$^tw^ 
epd^ lMkei,i^, Whsa tfuM^is em/ertd% 
there is joiy in Heavea among thofe bleffed Sp^ 
r'iCS, Luke tf.xo^ HowmtKkmatraoyoa^ wB 

,Hwy ynUL jbp k^tJ Ssf/iu yf^otoe us f Ou? 
MdiqumHnee, with v^.bom jve have/Ti^c/* 
{i^tfUi fmHi»h<>^«Vprfi4, , ^«Aflr7 is nqe 
Mt, ifiWM inhb ^Ufi(ei\s\H<^fuen fas oncoly-^ 
Scniwn at Mri. fervcij baiferftScJ, Tberv- 

'"'tr'^ Funeral, ft^ /Ay^^vhottl V» fal«r 

^r<, .fVffliBll know ag^' ,;^. JkC^KJ|{«r ftuUjce 
^isCFQWfH-jtAtKt^fraWQfhis.laboars, i Tir/: 
*.i^. T^pfe that have feqpft;C«lipvedhfr«, 
ih^l vi^ICQtpe us.iQ(() Heaven ) «m \htixfm Mt 
fMd (a?qp«lipg to,foinebw#R{»re«frs> tort- 

^W^y 4lfe js it made a ^4(rr ^f »ff,frivi^dg» 
f$tdfii^fM4$MbM^ jf$^^^4fd§iiia^f: Aiat. 
j?^ii«,IiHhe «ra(Kfiguraiiofty:i?<r<r im^ ^ 

SofluU we .| as 'tis moi^ tha»piqhaW« A*oon 
oacanbtbv. .n;P;wh3^,:l?fefiW compaay ibjB 
'.^j?? <;oi?^^^<f,.'*f.ith in .4k^ ; Ocyrth?*, » > 

have. >/, '•••• ' ;' s/ •, •• ■ • 

k}lef[€difthk^ Tbrifk4tih0m. th€ferMm4lar 

9fttbm*n.f^4r,ff:tvtrljf^i^, »htu^dt^ 
y ' ■ ■ J^rfved 

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T^ ofHeivtn. 6$i 

mveiofiu The Smts i^iW never fai ojfjhdt 
glorious robes, after they have once f /ir them 
m. Their ftate is zfure ttcrndfiate of a(aaal 
leUghts-Tfiougb there btfeyeral degrees of ^h-^ 
y in Heaven, yet he thatenjoycs the lea/l de- 
pree, isfi$Bj fatisfied with what he enjoyes. 
iedefires not one degree of Glory above what 
icpoffcffes. . ' 

What now remaincs, but that we prejfe this 
fgtj upon cor felves , frequentlj t9 meditate on 
hii ccelefiid Chry. Many great benefits will 
ccrue tons thereby. 

I . tbk mil dhMte our thirfi after earthly things. 
)nfi hoaxes Jeriotu mttfin^ on the glory that is 
bov6 wonld caofe the fool to be as a maned 
hiU^o the glory that is here below. 

7. Itwiil make (iiffering^ light, Rom.S.ii. 
y J reckon ( faies the Apoftle J that the fufer- 
tgs ofthis frefenttif^e^ an not v^orth) to k cem^ 
trtd\ ^ wHb the Glory which JbaU be revealed 
ius.^ . ' 

3. 7/ will mdke usferious in Duties. It will 
iflke u& fray earnefilyy hear attentively^ walk 
rcnm^cGfJy. Serious thoughts of Heaven will 
akcusfhzkeoStlazinejfiy znd floih^ and with 
rvetfcy of Spirit to fervc the Lord. 

4. 'It will ftirre bs up to an earned ^(?/?r^ of 
4t righieoufneffe to which fuch a Glory apper- 
ine$^ and to a carefuUnd conftant performance 
" tkofe commands to which fuch a reward is fo 

T t gracioufly 



6^1. of mvtif. (3f25p,«i 5 

graciooay prornired,. Withnf hHnrfff uwA * 
P)4l jce the Lvri. Mea do but 4pcave dstoJ 
felves, who think to pai{eiiBme4i^y firom« 
ftmof cmupltn^ loaftaieofG^. WabW' | 
we enter iocoGiory, lee us labour tofuvtm 
ftatiin Grace. Grape apd.Glojrv do^JUKfifia 
^tci^caQj , but jgr4<Wj(. Whea a fi^lij 
brought into z^au offtving Grace^ itiscntredj 
intoa/itf* afchrj: For as God^bpreparedj 
Heaven for hif (hil4re)$, fo he preparer Ue^y, 
4re»for Heaven. Grace is the itf#r|«rj ci*GioJ 
ry.- As the f>/4»« */rjr^for^»|^/grow BiEoi: 
Hmvw, tb^srer^pw'tf^^lipHeawQ, aiidfhal! 
be /tfr ever mh the f^4, Q £«•</, frefsftai 
ft mj foul for thif mtp ^jff^lem^ ifttfivbiAi 
mcUdn thing. C4n enter, Gfnif me tnifc rftaumi 
ftr.a8 mjJiHs, andmjb mf,j the guljt^ Amrni 
the hUoi: of tbl de^r Sojf^ tt^ Lord and StfumA 
^4nW^e me thre/t^ho^rMttJ^^iitddf^J^i^ti ' 
Crofe Md holy Spkif, A^ltifiit^ :fi^Jtgl9ti^ 
thee in this Ife, that J may hereafter ' enter i«ta tk 
pn^dom^ into thate((rn4 f^attojcUry, kij 
and furMj. let nfenot h4ve mf f^iifm smtk 
Iffe^ bMfvhentB0Mfe9.iefi,f(>rmie»tpfilm. 
h death, Lffjrd re(i4(vejn%mi ^ iM^hf-^< j 
andmj Saviown me'rjk (aU^lt^A^M* H^d,^^ 
manfionfy rvhere there i(f nine ffe %"(Q, 'ju^i ^« 

fohn i-j,^4^ Fatbfr, Ltfi^tb^t % '^/Jk s^U 

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. *^» bsfigpvert mt^ -ht vfith rkt tihire I itot^ that 
the^ihgft/eMdnt'fGlotf which theithafi given 
*^ Jw thlht hvedfimi beferU thefMnJatioH of 

fCOrk^.- Biit4iitiitmfteh, ejihdthndifeen, 

, iHr ii& ^df-tt, neithtr hai/i ehttedimo ike Hfeart 
. ifpiiw m ihinp itbich God hath trevrndfitr 

ihM ihit hve tjirft: ' 

^Cox.s,i. Perm knov^, thatifenreitnbli^fe 

*ftmtdmMehediff»ived, wehaveMid* 
I ing^^od^'jiiShitifimtmademthhdtrdt^ efer- 
' ndinthetieayens, 
CoU. 11. Gi^ag ihankes unto the Father^ whicB 

M Madt' m met it he paridkirs of the inhtri- 

tMce of the Saints in light. 
Heb. 10.^4; for fe^ took joj/faSy the jpeifling of 

pur goods ^ kiiov^in^ injowrfehes, tM ye hdve 

inffeavenydhetter^ and an enduring fnhfiMnee: 
Heb. 13.22. inije are eome unto Mon^Sion^dnd 

unto the City pfthe living God, the heavenly ^e- 

rnfdeniydndto dn inntm&able company ofAn^ 

gels, '■ .'. 

V.23. To the general d^emhly andChmchofthe 

fir fi horny which are mitten in Heaven^ and to 

God the ^udge of ally and to the Spirits of juH 

men made peifeSr. 

I Thef.4.17. — i^ndfofhallm ever be with 

the Lor dy Which hope we have as an anchor of 
the foul, both fure and fiedfafiy and which en- 

Tt 2 • xrrt*S'^ 

^34 pj ptw§n. vufJ^ 

trcth int0 thst tpithin the vaiU 
V.tol Whithtr thefirerunner isfw us emi^ 


the order of Mckhizidck. 
MaM5.23. Hit Lord faidMftto him ^ weidntj 

good and faithful jervant J thou bafiheM faith' 

ful over aferp tldffgs , I wiBmat< iheerJer 

over manj things j enter tbott into tke joj §j 

thy Lord. 
2 Cof:i24. ffm that be wm cattf^ttfin^ra- 

radife, and heard unf^eakabU wofh^ ^khitu 

not /awful for a man to utter. , 
Luke 1^.2 2. Audit came to f/^e that the he^at 
- diedy and vtds carried bj the Angels into Mrs- 

hamsbofom. - ^ 

Heb. 1 1 . 1 o. For be looked for a Citj which hati 

foundations^ iphojc builder and maker is God, 
lPec.T«4. To an inheritance incorruptiblt ^ and 

undefiled^ ar^d thatfadefh not awsj^ rtfcn/idrta 

Heaven for jou. 
l'Pet.y.4. And ivhen the chief Sfjt f bard ^sMsf^ 

pear ^je [halt receive a CrofPnofGUrftbMtfa 

delh notawaj. 

Glory be to God in the bigheft. 

On earth peace/ 

Good will cowards men* 


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Bo«Kt trinttififf sml jre tt ie fiU hj Joiii» 


Mr. A /^i^orfi^AitowagtfioftlddUtryiii/a/.&a 

Jl\ Dr. e//«pr/ Cafes oCvoofdence. EngL 

Marr0wofl>iviiiicy.4 OQF'eter.4 

D. t^rro^/mithTdaica Sacra ji'^iM SUkiffirkudli 

fngnHntt, Vincntte t^ TriHmphdn^ci* • » 
Aooouciom on tbeBible by the T^tttch Mioiilers, faL 
AiTembly Confef. CaccctHff&larpand fmall to 4 wicb 
Sdipciir^stc large. 

B. . ■■' - 
M. VrMMf^ Sinagihift tbe H. Qboft il 
M. ITriw/^f/ Baby Ions dowcribl 4 
M. Bohemtu on 1 00 Scripcnrei oprbed • . . S 
M. Jfr^^ArJ^ronPerkixuSisPdncipk^- 8. 
M. Bnckfers htSL-uSttmon ^ 

M. ^Wri/MifcefanmofdieAaribiitciofGod '! 
.The Creatures orGo4. 4 
Good mans Treafory 12 
Of E jacuiadons 11 * • 

His Golden Sayings 12 
Pocket companion 12 
M. CWt/fnyfiSI> Light of natnre 4 
White ftonc ( alone ) 8 
M. ^/4ri^OfPerfecacion and Lives of Mimftcn: folk: 
ML Cravens Catechifme 8 
M. O^r^^offingingofPCilmes 4 
Cacechifing and Conference by the Mtafledofthe 
lUeoi pright. Tt J Dig t zed by I 14^ 

M. ^alisSintpherdiiiagof Umhi 8' 

•'r/=-'Ofcfi»nfc»«at ;4. ^' , 

^ .!> - iAhtiJ forilrorfit SaiDtt.4 ' 
Cacechifiaji v'Oa tfav Ckccdt 

Davids Government 8; '*' "^ "««««»« 
His Ottecttftrflgaiaft ehf Apebtptift, 

t?<rffiM»7LiAienl)Mi«98>, - 


Funeral 7ck«J.H >.; " 

Parltameac f!*°*^/<-. ., , 
M. Hw^Ncw.Englands i'«ars7 , 

New-EBgIafl4$S«rf^H , 

M. H*»ofUniverfal RwJemptioo 4 

Pagan P|eacb«rfiknctd 4 
M. HMtusGanntDif.^ f 

h ' ■ ' . 

t ; Ccj«te«<o»^»f .GbwdriStot • 

.ft Diicovcryo^Sintfcrity 8 . ^ .QKve 

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'""*^" *' V. 

OlivcLcafc 8 .. > :r--- ^ vr •• 

ParliamcBt-Sci^raoii ^ ^' r. . : . : 

Jnglan^s Wpw?ds 4 , .. . ^ ^ . m , . > 
' I>^, Grace with itsdiffcrcpt ffegrfff? f ^ 

Zpal9UiiCV>ftiW4' . :. . ■ .m 

HcannsGlosy and Hels Torrot 4 - o 

Effcaual Calling 4 '' ' ^ ' ' - '. 

Com^ ?>f twen t^ie, )?icfti' ^hd $pipt 4 '" 
Birc^ory of a Qiriftao 4^ i 

The Penitent Pardonod 4 1 > . 
The Dejea«|8i»l$ Cure \ 
. AdtsAimftratton of Angeli 4 * ' ' / 
GodsOrppi-prcffncc ... , 

X^^ $inn^rs l«gacy to tMr pciikrity 4 ' ^ ^ 
rCaidrnj ^ •-' •' 

■ By Mr. ' ^^iJ^^"^ 

l^ngUndOnthcfour laft things. Deatb^ Judgmeiat^ 
Hell and Heaven la 
. M 
M. cJWkV^tf^HisReafonpfChufch-Ggverwncnt 4* 

A^logy for Sm€SjmMMU4 . 
Ni. cJWtffA^rjCatechifm & 

Reply to M. Rutherford 4 . ' , 

\tf . P^(7/ His Anfwer to.if/^/ Pf tiial of the RGh^ft 

CO be God 1 2 His ViDdication of the Miniftry 4 

^.V^cificatiod between the Lpthcraa and Reformed 

Churches 8 .. , . 

^A. Pfrrct Thf Scri^^wre ^ability 

R ' 

^P' ^^^rjfon his choice Obfervations on the Old 

irftmcic, as a fupplement to the large Annot./<>/-, 

M ^o^rnr^ igh againft Goodwin about Juttification 4"^ 


M. JUUtims Scrtwtt before tbc t«rd Mtyec 

SmOjmkm ndifivus firftaiidfcc»ndPins*lK«t£f&w 

tniPresbyccry ,4 , ' r. . 

M. Sfe^Acrrf on the Sabbath, withCrfcsrfConfcdictl 

Of SubjcdioB to Chrift S Qnihc Ptcab. of Ac i^M ^ 
D. Sifrfa Miracle of Miracles 4 „. ^' ,^ ^ ] 

Gldri0Mtfcal>oftheGofpel4 ^ Hi$GW»fHciwu - 

Spirkuil mans aim ix ^His Charter of t OuUbii u 

Confcf encc between Chrift ani Mwy after his Rc6n«a. " 

On X Epift. Car. Chap.4. 4 
D. %toughionf Senpoos in his youi«or years 4 

His form of found wrds, wiih the righwMsflttttiffc* 
true Happinellc 4 

Hetfcnlj conTcrfation, Two Sermons ii 
5>. Sfiwiil» of Ordination 4 His Soiomoiis choice 4 

Held ofthe Church 4 Gkfleforthe times* 

Mrs. Scflff exemplary life tild death drawn upby fctcralltaft 

rb4fdUYus Vatcm i% I>. Trtcfcr^Balm for GiW u 

Death diiarmed : A Sermon at D HMs Funeral 1 1 
None W Chrift xt ~ 

M. T»«jr Funeral Sermon . ... 

M. ^^«»awg Orthodox .Parbdoxcs • t^. ' . w 

New Command ^ "^ '^ : ' 

Myftcrici&Rcvclat. I j 

Milk and Honey \pottav9 J 

Second P^rt. j • < 

Warning to Backflid.Y'^ -.* , 

, Way to Heaven \ J % 

Sermon on the jdi. otNovembec , * L 

M. irm9ck and M ilcitoWi Funeral Sermon of tta^ii^ 

... . t 

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